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Doors Dream Meaning

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When we dream about doors, this can give us some good insight into how we are currently feeling. Like most things we dream about, seeing a door in our dream tells us about how we feel about our lives and how things are going for us.

How you interpret your dream about doors will be very specific to you because you have your own preconceived notions about doors and what they mean to you, even if only subconsciously.

However, there are many universal ideas about doors and their symbolism, and this is where we will start.

open bedroom door

What it Means to Dream About a Door

Here are some common interpretations and themes for what it means to see a door in your dream.

Opportunities + New Beginnings

courtyard door

We’ve likely all heard a number of sayings about doors. Don’t “close the door” on an opportunity. Leave the door open for love. When one door shuts, another one opens. Each of these is about being open and available to something.

When you dream about an open door, or walking through a doorway, this could be about moving forward into a new opportunity in your life. It could be about something you are currently going through, or about something you are looking forward to, something you yearn for.

Whatever it is, it is likely a positive symbol in your dream that you are being presented with the option to move freely and that you are not blocked in your path.

Mystery + Potential

mystery door

Doors can represent mystery in our lives, both good and bad. Doors create a barrier, and the unknown lies behind the closed door. Doors can protect secrets. A closed door may require a key, password or some sort of credentials to gain access. Or it can be as easy as turning the knob or knocking and asking for access. Until you open the door, you don’t know what is behind it.

In your dreams being presented with a mysterious door can suggest excitement or fear about something on the horizon. This can also suggest you have a choice in something and are unsure how to proceed.

You will need to consider how you feel in the dream as well as what else is happening in the dream to really understand what it means for you.

Feeling Trapped or Stuck

A locked door barring your way can be an indication you feel like you are trapped. You can be stuck on the inside or the outside of a door, and in life this can be true as well. Dreams of being trapped are common and can give you insight on what is blocking you on your path in life.

You may feel trapped within a situation, longing to get out, but feel you have no say or control of the situation. Conversely, you could feel locked outside of something you desire.

You could desperately want to be let into a club, a school, to get a particular new job, or to begin a relationship with someone, yet you feel stuck on the outside of the one door that could allow you access to what you desire.

Do you simply need to knock on the door and ask? Or is there some concealed key you need to seek?

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

― Helen Keller

Types of doors you may encounter in your dreams

An open door
An open door represents opportunities and choices being available to us.

A closed door or locked door
A closed door represents opportunities being closed off, or that we feel that they are unreachable.

A New Door – Could point to new opportunities

A Familiar Door – Can suggest moving forward on something you are already working on.

Garage Door – Opportunities. For more, check out our article on Garage Dream Meaning.

Trap Door – Points to mysterious unknown.

Glass Door – Reflective of your inner emotions. See related: Dream Symbol Meaning for Glass.

Revolving Door – Can be about the feeling of going around in circles, being stuck.

Attic Door – About the higher self. For more, check out the article on attics dream meaning.

Car Door – Could represent a journey or travel. See related dream symbols Vehicles, Driving, and Car Accidents.

You may also wish to explore the meaning of a gate symbol in your dreams.

Now that we’ve covered some common themes and types of doors, let’s take a look at a few dreams scenarios involving a door or doors.

Dreams Where a Door Opens

A door opening suggests new opportunities and potential change. This could reflect a personal journey you are already on, or one you are hoping to begin. An unblocked door is a good sign.

A Door Closes

A door closing can mean you feel like options are inaccessible to you. It can also mean you have a choice to make. Open the door, or walk away? A closed door doesn’t have to be bad, but likely means you feel frustrated or torn about something.

Dreaming About a Locked Door

A locked door can suggest you feel trapped or blocked from something in life. It can also represent you as a person. Are you unwilling to let people in? Do you tend to keep people from getting close to you?

Many Doors to Choose From

Fittingly, to be presented with many doors in your dream points to having many choices in your life. You may feel overwhelmed because there are so many to choose from. Or you may be pleased to have so many options.

Another thing to consider is the color of the door.

Black: Mystery, Isolation, Depression, Fear, Career Goals
Blue: Tranquility, Relaxation, Sadness
Green: Peace, Progress, Abundance, Hope
Red: Love, Warning, Danger, Anger
White: Acceptance, Purity, Knowledge, Mourning

These are just a few possible associations that the color of the door can mean.
To dig deeper and find even more ideas related to colors, check out the article on Colors in Dreams.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel about doors in everyday life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with doors?
  • What kind of door was it?
  • Was the door in good shape or disrepair?
  • What purpose did the door serve?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Do you have any big choices to make?
  • Are you hoping for a new opportunity?

Did you have a dream about a door? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream where I was at a flea market, walking around. I came to a part of the market where there were large, concrete steps along a metal fence. At the top of these steps were several doors for sale. All of them very bright and colorful. One door in particular caught my eye. It was a basic door but the colors on it were different shades of purple. The colors looked as if they were dripping or melting. The guy who was selling them was rearranging them and for some reason, I had to walk away and head somewhere else. A lot of other things happened, but that door stuck out.

  2. I dreamed that my Great Pyrenees woke me at my bedside. I was frightened because he is an outside dog and has no way to get inside. In the dream I got my gun and looked for an intruder. My doors were closed and locked except for the sliding door, it was closed but I could open it. Then I woke up. I keep a stop bar in that door, you cannot open it without removing the bar. It would have to be opened from the inside. I don’t know why this dream has bothered me so much but it has. I have this feeling it means something important but I don’t understand it.


  4. Someone who is close to me told me a dream he had.
    He said, he opened the door, which was a familiar house to him and entered the hallway. There was a door to his right that he said had a dead body inside. He diddnt say if he recognized them or it was a feeling that there was a deceased body there.
    As he turned and continued straight, there was another door that entered the lounge of the familiar house. The woman that was standing there was someone he currently cannot get his mind off, he’s in love with her. And the first thing the woman did was gave him a long romantic kiss.
    In his waking life, he is currently in a relationship with a woman he no longer has feelings for that he has been with for a number of years, but cannot find a path for breaking up with her. But admits he is in love with another woman. He’s a very hard working man, and he was bought up a strict Catholic.

    Looking into the details of the dream and considering his waking life, I think the dream suggests, the first door suggesting new beginnings and positivity. The deceased body suggesting new beginnings or not dealing with a problem that needs to be resolved. The next door again new beginnings and positivity. And the woman who he is in love with representing of passion, love, acceptence, romance which is all he really wants. To me it sounds like hurdles to get to where he wants to be.

  5. I had a dream about not being able to secure a door. Outside, about 100 feet away from me, were Native American warriors. Only they were more like silhouettes. No features could be made out on them. They were holding rifles at their sides.

    Suddenly a strong wind began to blow. I became alarmed and ran into the garage of the home where I grew up. My mother’s house. The wind kept blowing and I could not shut the door. It was too fierce. The silhouettes began to move closer to me. Not walking. Just materializing closer and closer each time. I couldn’t secure the door no matter how hard I tried. The wind was too strong.

    Eventually I retreated into the garage. The silhouettes kept getting closer. They materialized in the garage. I backed up, but soon they were right on me. I was surrounded. They kept materializing around me. The wind still blowing through the garage door. Then I woke up.

    I’m not sure what this dream means. I was afraid of the silhouettes in the dream. The wind seemed to start when I decided to hide in the garage. It never let me shut the door so I could lock it. I’m also not sure why it took place at my childhood home. I spent a lot of time in the garage while growing up. It was converted into a room.

    The warriors basically started in the backyard, at the base of the hill, at the end of the house. I recognized the location. It was the side of my mother’s house.

    If I had to guess, this dream had something to do with an unresolved issue from my past, or possibly my present. I tried to retreat to a place of safety from my childhood, but it was no use. Something was coming for me and I couldn’t stop it. It surrounded me. A strong wind was involved.

  6. I’m not very skilled at describing things I see in my dreams, and this one was a little wacky…

    So, I’m my dream, there was a doorway in a cave, and the door was basically two doors or archways perpendicular and combined together, from an aerial view, it was in the shape of a plus sign. It felt like a four-way doorway, and had a golden frame, no doors, and looking through it was like a milky portal. I didn’t walk through the doorway, but I had to pull the ends of a rainbow through two entrances of the cave, to touch them on the frame of the fourway doorway. Once I completed the rainbow circuit with the milky portal four-way doorway, the protector of humanity would have the energy and will to continue protecting us.

  7. I’ve had this a few times.. I can’t remember much about this dream, but it definitely has a fallen white door. (Maybe two! ) I’m in the middle of it. I hope if I have this again I can wake myself up and write it down.

  8. I went through an open doorway where my family was sitting around the table talking. I started to hover slightly and then I was levitating. They all saw it and started talking about it. Two interpretations
    1. I have cancer – going to another realm?
    2. A new experience, going through a new door for me, I’m going to be a grandmother. Levitating because I’m lighthearted & happy.

  9. I dreamed I was trying to get outside the house and the doorway was blocked by 5 big sized women with kewpie doll faces. They had yellow blond curly wigs on with raggedy Ann type dresses. They all looked the same. The door was white and was open but these women would not allow me to leave. At first I was ticked off, then their taunts started getting to me where I was going from frustrated to scared. I kept trying to get out the door and they kept blocking me from leaving yet the door was open. I tried head butting the chest of one to push her out the door so I could leave. Still trying to figure out what it all means. It made a big impression on me.

  10. I dreamed I woke up in my room and all looked different, it didn’t seemed like my room, also the bed was burnt. So I reached for the door to escape the room but behind it was only a wall. I felt trapped in something like a wounded room.

  11. I was with several people I did not know and we were trying to find some sort of conference. some people opened one door and I opened another. The handle was small and unusual and when I opened the door there was another just like it but when I opened that one I saw it was the correct conference and i told the others this was the door. I held it open and someone told me to go in but I said no I will hold it there was several other people who needed to get in and I was waiting for them. The door was tan in color and a bit beat up. All the people in my dream were women.

  12. I dreamt I was in a home I grew up in visiting family who still lived there and all of a sudden someone starts ringing the doorbell and its sound was unusually very loud. I kept yelling Who is it? but nobody answered. They just kept ringing the doorbell and it was too dark to see anything outside and it was so loud. In my dream I got mad at first thinking Stop playing but I couldn’t see anyone outside then I was just standing across from the door looking at it and still yelling Who is it? over the loudness and trying to hear someone yelling back and it seemed who ever it was that they were really close up on the door and I got scared and thought I’d better get my gun.. I was so frightened in my dream I woke up jumping out of bed with such fear in my heart that it was pounding so hard and I couldn’t go back to sleep. The next morning after checking on everybody on the down low just to assure myself that everyone is okay, I got a call from an attorney who wanted to help me get my disability claim done. Now that I’ve read the possible interpretations of dreaming about a door, I’m thinking it was an oportunity to move forward BUT I still haven’t shaken the fear it made me feel yet.

  13. I had the same dream twice now, I had friends over and once they were leaving I decided to walk them out. I made sure I locked my house door. When I was done saying my goodbye to them, I came back and my house door was wide open and there was a couple inside. I also noticed there was a piece of glass that was chipped on its side, in front of my door with my running shoes. In that dream I felt worried, scared, and confused. The door kept opening even though I had locked it. ???

    1. I dreamt I was running from something. I was frantic and afraid. I went into a room and tried to open a wooden light brown door with scratches all over. I opened it, but behind that door was another exactly the same, then another, then another, then another..I started banging and scratching at the door in desperation. I could not get out. What does this mean?

  14. I dreamt I was in my house it was a lovely sunny day I left my house through a large glass sliding patio door. The house backed onto field full of children with parents and I saw a teacher. The teacher showed me some flowers, I saw my cat playing in the flower bed. I suggested she came and saw my garden filled with flowers and vegetables as my house was not far. We walked a little way back but the large glass sliding door was closed. I said we’ll just go through the front door. However hard I searched I couldn’t find it. I peered in windows and went into other doors. A man in one of the houses said, ‘Yes I know the house you mean, it’s down a long drive at the end of the street!’ He gave me directions. I followed them found a long drive and garages. It was now getting cold and dark, the other teacher who also heard the directions went a little way ahead and turned a corner. She disappeared out of sight. I never found my house and I list the teacher.

  15. I keep having different dreams where I end up in a similar situation I don’t want to open my houses front because I’m scared I see someone on the other side and I’m hearing my mom warning me about the opening door. this night it looked like a demon was outside I could see him on the ceiling threw the top glass of the door. it kept turning the locks to open the door and I kept turning them back to lock it. Eventually I ran from the door in the end and ran into my dad who poked and picked at me for getting scared then I woke up on my bed seeing a sheer/ clear man on top of me holding me down by my wrists. I thought in that moment “something is holding me down, get off” I twisted away and managed to fully wake up. My interpretation is that I’m afraid to face what’s on the other side of that door. At the same time I feel trapped by my parents expectations. I’m also facing a lot of mixed emotions about my previous relationship and how being with that person effected me. The sheer man being on top of me scared me the most because I associated it with a demon controlling me. but that demon is my fear holding me down and I pretend like it’s against my will.

  16. I had a dream i was walking into a house opened a door , walked through into a different house this happened about 4 times

  17. My weird short dream,

    What could this mean?
    Within my dream on a certain scenario, I was at a friends house, her husband had went to go check or speak to whoever was at the door, her husband held the door a tad closed still, but speaking with someone. I didn’t know who it was. My second part of the dream I was in my car, parked and returning to it. As I returned I notice the front window broken. And then touching my hair to see if I had broken glass and then felt it as well before waking up.

  18. I had a dream I was going into my parents home in a house they haven’t lived in for over 10 years. There were 4 doors to get into the house. I was able to open 3 of the doors but the 4th door was locked. Interestingly and weirdly enough the Human Resources lady from my work was with me trying to help me get in but when the 4th and final door was locked she asked another lady from work to get the keys. As she was getting the keys from the car I woke up. What could this mean?? I felt this was very symbolic but not sure how.

  19. I often dream that I am in a house I have previously lived in, and I’m moving back in, but every time I open a door to a room, there is another door to another room, and then there will be stairs either up or down, and then another door, and so it continues, some are big rooms some are small, it has lots of room & stairs, the house itself is 3 bedroom, it’s so confusing, please help x

  20. I have recurring dreams about the doors in my house being locked.

    Then, someone and sometimes family can walk right in.

    I don’t know how they are able to get in.

  21. I had a wierd dream about walking through a obstacle line (EX:as you would at an amusement park). It was with someone I knew before but the place I was in was dark but had lights. We almost got to the front and the person said they had to go back out real fast but I caught glimpse of a door that was trimmed with colorful lighting words that read something like “ Enter for real vision” and I wasn’t necessarily scared I felt very indifferent and unsure and especially since now that I had been left alone I managed to exit the area as well and that’s all I can remember from my dream. I wonder what was behind the door ahead of me. Hope this helps anyone and if anyone has had this dream let me know

  22. First I sleep with all the doors closed in my house and lights are off but in my dream I awoke all the doors but one were open and the main door that I was just exist and enter was unlock when I reach it. I was walked through my house wondering who was in there b sides me I notice all the lights were on in each room. Than I woke up with my heart racing in fear.

  23. I dreamed about a white door with red numbers. The was very bright white and the numbers were a bright crimson red. I don’t remember entering – but I found myself on the other side immediately! Also there were several doors of the same make-up side by side.

  24. The door was a wooden hotel door a lady pointed to the door I knocked on the door and when it opened a man welcome in I knew this man from when we were teenagers he seemed nervous and happy to see me

  25. My wife and I had an argument 4 months ago and she took her kids and moved out! I dreamt and saw I was sleeping in the house and she came with my step daughter and opened the front door with keys I heard. I came to my surprise and saw my wife with kid inside the house feeling lost and unsecure. In real life my girlfriend has currently moved in with me after my wife left. Please tell me what my dream mean?

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