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Teeth Dream Meaning and Symbol

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One of the most common dreams people experience is to dream about teeth falling out.

It can be such a vivid and realistic dream that you feel like it is really happening. Because our teeth are such a vital part of our survival (how would we eat without teeth?), there is usually an important message that accompanies a dream about teeth.

While teeth falling out is the most common dream, there are actually many different types of dreams about teeth that can happen and different meanings as to what it means when you dream about teeth.

In this post, we’ll do our best to explain the different meanings of teeth in dreams, and how you can use these dream interpretations to help you unlock the meaning of your dreams.

Here are some of the common types of teeth dreams and their meanings:

Teeth Falling Out: Since this is the most common type of teeth dream, we decided to cover it first. While it may be common, it does not always mean the same thing for everybody.

Dreaming about your teeth falling out can mean several different things. Usually when you dream about teeth falling out, you have anxiety over something. Maybe you are worried about getting older, saying something you shouldn’t have, your appearance to others, or being embarrassed in front of others.

Since teeth are used for survival, teeth falling out can also be a loss of sense of independence or powerlessness. Pay close attention to the other parts of your dream – who else was with you, what were you doing, how did you feel?

Broken Teeth: Dreaming of teeth breaking often symbolizes something else that is breaking in your life. It is often a symbol that means something important to you is literally falling apart. It can also mean that something needs your attention. Pay careful attention to the other symbols in the dream, as it will provide more clues as to what you may feel is falling apart.

False Teeth: Dreaming of false teeth is often a symbol of lying or deceit. It can mean you are trying to cover something up, or you are not being your true self. Think carefully about what you have done and said in the past few days. Were you dishonest? Did you say something you shouldn’t have? Did you break a promise or reveal a secret? Events in your waking life often have an important role in why you may dream about false teeth.

Healthy Teeth: Dreaming of white, straight, healthy teeth can mean you are confident or have recently done (or will do) something successfully. You may be feeling proud of an accomplishment or recent achievement.

Losing Teeth: If in your dream you have lost a tooth and are searching for it, it means you are afraid of losing something you love, or have possibly already lost something of value or importance to you.

Loose Tooth: Dreaming of having a loose or wiggly tooth often means you are fearful of something. You may be afraid of saying the wrong thing, or you may be afraid of losing something or someone of importance or value to you. Think carefully about what you feel anxious about lately and pay attention to other dream symbols in the dream, as they can provide clues as to what you may be anxious about losing.

Pulling Teeth: Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s like pulling teeth”? This means that you are facing something very difficult to do. Pay attention to whether it is hard to pull the teeth or it is easy – this will help you better understand the meaning of the dream. If you are pulling teeth effortlessly, then it could mean you may not have to work too hard to get something you want. If it’s a struggle or painful for the teeth to be pulled, you may be facing a difficult situation that is hard for you to deal with or overcome.

Rotting Teeth: When something is rotting, it is going bad, which generally is not a good symbol to have in our dreams. To have rotting teeth means that something is going badly for you. Pay careful attention in the dream to who was with you when your teeth started rotting, what you were doing, or other symbols in conjunction with the dream of rotting teeth. Also think about your waking life – is there anything going on that has the potential to go bad? Rotting teeth can also be a sign of neglect – is there something you have been neglecting lately?

Other Meanings of Teeth Dreams

Lying: It is a common belief to dream of teeth falling out that it means you are lying or have been lied to. This is especially true if you dream of false teeth, but not always the case in every dream. Again, it is very important to think about the context of the dream!

Money: Teeth can sometimes be associated with money for some people. This may seem strange, but not when you consider the tooth fairy, who leaves money for teeth beneath a pillow. Losing a tooth could mean you may find money or you may be rewarded for making a sacrifice.

Regret: Did you recently say or do something you regret or had mixed feelings about? Dreaming of losing your teeth or teeth falling out after an argument or disagreement with someone is very common.

Sickness: Many cultures believe that dreaming of teeth can mean a very serious illness or even death to a loved one. While there is no absolute evidence to support this, it still is highly believed in many cultures. If you suspect you are ill or someone you know is ill, of course seeing a doctor is a good idea – a regular check-up certainly won’t hurt and can help alleviate some of your fears if you hold this belief.

Analyzing Your Teeth Dream: Applying Your Own Personal Interpretation

Because dreams are a deeply personal experience, you will always be the best interpreter of your own dreams. That is why we decided to include some extra tips for helping you to decode what your dream about teeth really means to you on a personal level.

Here are some tips for interpreting your dream about teeth:

How did the dream make you feel? Were you scared or frightened that your teeth fell out? Embarrassed? Were you proud of beautiful, healthy teeth? The way you feel in a dream will help you determine whether your dream was a positive or negative one.

What was the context of the dream? Pay close attention to what else happened in the dream. Who were you with? What were you doing? What other objects or dream symbols appeared in the dream? By thinking about the context and combining the symbol of teeth with other dream symbols it can help you to better understand the meaning of the dream.

What events are going on in your life right now? It’s not uncommon to have dreams of teeth falling out when you have an argument, did something you recently regretted, or have anxiety about problems in your waking life. Carefully thinking about what is going on in your life will definitely help you to better understand the dream meaning.

Compare the Dream to Other Dreams: If you have been keeping a dream journal (as you should be!) then you will likely be able to compare the dream to other dreams you’ve had recently and see some underlying trends and themes with your dreams.

Hopefully this post will help give you some insight as to what it means to dream about teeth. While it can be very frightening to dream of your teeth falling out, usually it can be resolved once you face your problems and anxieties and deal with them accordingly.

Do you have any experiences dreaming about teeth? Have any interpretations or dream meanings you’d like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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  1. In my dream, im laying in my bed, turn over to find a tooth, maybe a wisdom tooth, on a pillow next to me. I remember frantically checking my mouth, but it wasn’t my tooth, then I was relaxed, set the tooth on my nightstand and that was it. I think I actually woke up.

    1. I had a dream that my tooth was lose when l touched it it fell out and I was looking for it found it picked it up and saw that the root was still attached l had no pain and was by my self ?

  2. Hi
    In my dream I was walking alone all of exactly I saw my teeth falling in my hand
    With out any pain
    Thanks you hope to hear from you

  3. I dreamt that a group of men where laughing at me and saying my teeth were all crooked and stained. I overheard them but ignored them but made me feel awful. Hat does this mean?

  4. Today is August 30th 2020 I dreamed that I was in a lobby in a city hospital. I was standing there showing this psychic I use to know this black dresser with a mirror it had a candle on it and crystals all of the dresser and all the stuff on if was owned by me I was showing her the candle and crystals I seen some purple and black stones on the dresser, all of a sudden this other psychic came and told me never to burn the candle the was I was letting it burn on the dresser then I asked should I blow out the candle she said yes when I went to blow out the candle the fire was out already. As I started to walk away from the dresser a different lady came up to the dresser and asked could she buy the dresser a coworker of minds stated that the dresser will cost her $600 then she pointed to me and told the lady to pay me when, the lady came up to me and told me that she will like to pay me half of the money I told her sure then when she went to pay me she paid me with 25 teeth she placed them all in the palm of my hand then all of a sudden it was a lot of people started running in the hospital lobby I ran out the hospital because the security stayed that it’s a lot of men in here with guns so me and the lady ran out together and in the dream everyone outside was running I saw many men with shot guns shooting at random people. I told the lady we will run towards 5th Avenue this dream took place in NYC. I don’t know what this means but it’s weird.

  5. Hi , my dream was about myself going to a female dentist , after the whitening of my teeth Which I remembered feeling good about the great job she had just done . After the session , I stayed a bit longer because it seems her and I Know eachother romantically as well and we starred to foul around in her office ,when suddenly her assistant kind of came in to warn us that her ex husband had showed up in the clinic . I remember the awkward part because she left me inside to go speak to the guy out.

  6. I had a dream that i was cleaning my 4 pieces front false teeth im cleaning very because there is a big dirty stuff that was in there.

  7. So mine was one of those where you wake up and you actually frantically check that it wasn’t real. In this car I was frantically checking I didn’t have cracking decaying teeth.

    In my dream I have to attend this huge party, massive, outside and everyone is going. I don’t want to go but I have to add all my friends are. In driving down the road and I have some dull pain in the side of my two first molars. In the dream they’ve always been a little discoloured but I was looking after them. I remember this pain so went to give one a little wiggle and then it started to move and crack bits of teeth started coming off and it was just brittle. I was spitting out bits of teeth.

    I was so upset and then it got weird I rang the dentist and heard the receptionist say that people who worked at my place of work were on a waitlist for ten weeks! I explained and I got an appointment. I then walked away from the party (I was on my phone) to a tunnel that accessed another place and I was gone. Very surreal!

  8. I dreamed my toddler was loosing his teeth, they were beautiful healthy teeth and I was telling him about the tooth fairy giving money for teeth and he was growing new teeth quickly

  9. I had a weird dream all my teeth were very tight to an extent I that I wasn’t able to open my mouth and I woke up and i could still feel it .I tried looking for the meaning to no avail

  10. In my dream….it felt like I lost all of my teeth, but when I smiled I still had the 4 top and the 4 bottom front teeth. The strangest thing was that I was holding the rest of the teeth on my hangs, I could see all the parts of the teeth…..they were so many! I was scares, sad, I couldn’t believe it!

  11. I had a dream where my false teeth, new ones – a new look-good for me. I was trying to talk to a man about something but my teeth kept falling down in my mouth; they were not well fitted. So finally, I simply took them out so I could talk and was okay with them being out. I suspect when I’m on camera (I make a lot of videos, teaching about Bible topics, and always make sure my teeth are in because I think I look a lot better. And this may be part of the problem, therefore the tooth dream. Maybe I worry too much about my look-good and what I’m saying.

  12. I had a dream I was in high school again and I ran into a bathroom to sneak out through the air vent that was. Clogged and in that process I kept hurting my tongue I had one extremely sharp tooth. So I kept pushing my teeth and they got looser and looser and looser. Then I had extreme pain and kept pulling a metal peice that got longer and longer each time from the tooth that was really sharp. Towards the end I tell a teacher who says I’m fine, in fact everyone does. So I show my mom and boyfriend and no one notices. Me and my boyfriend try to board a plane but it’s a make it your own plane, and I can’t get it built right so I try to fly and it takes off but I’m stuck in a air vent. So my great grandmother calls who is still alive but very older and tells me to go to the front desk there’s a huge line but I just get right behind a mom who has a bunch of kids she’s putting one in a stroller and it winds up balancing on top of my foot so I tell her and she doesn’t laugh so I’m surprised. But the woman can’t have a flashlight so she has a very old candle holder so her daughter can see when there’s no lights on the plane. Front desk woman sells me another ticket and I’m about to board plane then I wake up. It was crazy.

  13. I had a dream where I’m with a group of people just enjoying a get together when my jaw locks. Then when I try to close my mouth, I can feel and hear some of my back teeth cracking. The bones in my jaw feel tight like they can’t relax(in my dream). I haven’t had a dream like this in months. What does it mean?

  14. I had a dream that someone accidentally knocked into my jaw…it didn’t even hurt. When I felt my tooth in the back it wriggled out and I pulled it out from the nerves still attached. When I saw the tooth, there was a crack in the middle, blood was leaking out, and the tooth itself was BADLY bruised. Have you ever had a fingernail jammed so bad it was Black bruised? That’s the exact color of the tooth that had fell out.

  15. In my dream im competing a bodybuilding workout to a guy. First, he struggles but then when its my turn there are sharp teeth biting me and pulling my feet down but i manage and give all my strenth to do the workout

  16. In my dream i was competing a guy to a body building workout. the guy do the workout first and he is struggling for it but then when its my turn there are sharp teeth biting me on my teeth try to pull me down and not to do the workout but i manage to do workout easy and then i woke up

  17. I had a dream that I was in a mall then I hopped and my front tooth came out then I told my father and he laughed and I was worried that I had to put false teeth then I woke up. It wasn’t painful at all

  18. I had a dream that I was pulling my teeth out with pliers, I pulled four out altogether. First one of the back ones, then one near the front. Then I repeated the same on the other side. It seemed they came out quite easy with no blood. Does anyone know what this could mean?

    1. Reminds me of when my sister asked me about my anger toward mom and she said ‘mom may never change’ was i always going to be angry. So I decided to show my mother love instead. Doing that was like pulling my own teeth or my tonsils out with pliers, but it got me over the anger as I learned to lover her and in the end, received her love back. She had simply never learned to show love as a child. Now we both could.

  19. I have dream about going home when i hear my teeth cracking after that i watch it in the mirror and i see it cracking a set of upper teeth vertically. I fell the pain and noises made by the teeth. I have no idea on how i dream like this.

  20. Just last night, I had a dream that ended up being lucid. I was in the bathroom with my mother. She was cleaning the tub and I was looking in the mirror. My teeth began to rot and I was messing with them and trying to figure out what was going on. Then they began to fall out. I asked my mom about it. She replied
    “Maybe you’re just dreaming.” When I came to that realization, my teeth went back to normal. I’ve never had someone else suggest I was dreaming in a lucid dream! It’s always me that figures it out. What can it all mean? It was all a bit unsettling.

    1. Maybe somethings you coming from your mouth you see as rotten or not nice and your mother, authority figure, is simply reminding you it’s all a dream, or not real or true in other words.

  21. I just dreamt of all of my teeth and dental work started falling out on a trip to Mexico with coworkers. They were rotting and falling out in my mouth. I had to keep spitting out loose pieces of glass, teeth, and wires. Only a baby/small child stood by me as these horrors unraveled.

  22. in my case what I saw was my father hit me(not intentionally) & after sometimes I just figured out that I got 2 sets (bottom line) broken down.& those were like dirty & rest of them turned into yellow cloudy…I cried a lot as if I actually feel the pain.

  23. I have dreamed for two nights that I have 3 sets of teeth; my normal set and then two sets behind that attached to the roof of my mouth. My first set is perfectly normal, the other two are rotted, breaking half-way off and crumbling out of my mouth. The second dream was as though it was a sequel to my first because I remember the events of the first dream during the second and remember saying, “see I told you they were doing this.” During the dreams I feel confused, scared and at a loss of what to do while no one seems to believe me.

  24. OK so I was dreaming that I was brushing my teeth and I felt something falling out. The more I brushed the bigger the pieces got, so I look up into the mirror with my mouth wide open and I see pieces of my left molar in my left hand. I got scared in my mind I was like how can this be I just got it fixed. I had my left molar well all the pieces of my molar with what seems to be a crown shaped and a cherry shaped thing in my hand. ( I hate cherries). What does this mean?

  25. I’ve had multiple dreams of like all my teeth falling off & like I feel them one by one come off. Today I dreamt of being in another environment & my wisdom teeth came off so easily & I felt like I released something. I don’t know but every time I have these dreams a bunch of teeth fall out & I actually like how it feels. It’s crazy because its like continuous amounts of teeth that fall out!

    1. hey..suziee.
      I also see the same dream many times n I too feel that they r breaking into pieces n cum out one by one.not only in dreams but smtyms in conscious mind I feel lyk one day all my teeth will cum out as I see in my dream..its quite diff.today I searched dat what it symbolises as d same dream repeats.

  26. I’ve had reoccurring dreams with my teeth falling out. Which on multiple occasions many bad things have happened. I didn’t quite correlate the events happening in my life to my dreams until my sister had gave me a dream definitions book. My best friends grand father had passed away, my grandfather had passed away, I had other personal issues going on, my great-grandmother passed away, all after I had the same reoccurring dream. After my great-grandmother passed away, I stopped having the dream. Then one day it just got worse, I would have it almost weekly to almost every other day.

    In the dream:

    I would be standing in my bedroom all by myself. As I went about my usual stuff, cleaning my room, picking up clothes, and getting ready for my day, I start to feel pain in my teeth. Like they were tightened and as soon as I would reach to feel them they would be extremely loose. As I would try to ignore it, they would just pop out or fall onto whatever surface.

    I’d wake up in pain and afraid of what was going to happen afterwards.

    Lately I’ve just been stressing more than usual. Other people’s experiences say that stress and anxiety could be the reason for the dreams. Which I hope is why I’ve been having them recently, and not because something is just building.

    I don’t want to think so negatively, because that brings bad vibes your way like a magnet. But it’s really hard when this is happening almost every night or every other night.

  27. This is a recurring dream, it has happened a few times now. All I can remember out of my dream world, is that my front left tooth was in pain and my bottom teeth kept pushing on it like it was trying to push my front tooth out of my mouth and no matter what I did I couldn’t stop pushing on my tooth I have no idea what this could mean any ideas?

    1. I’ve had this dream 2-3 times the last month or so. I hate it. It’s painful in my dream and I can’t stop my bottom teeth from like tearing my top left front tooth out.

  28. I have experienced dreming of falling out teeth several times. Those times were before the death ofthe people I know. In my dreams I was with the persons related to those who died. I am really wondering about these dreams! Goosebumps! :,( i’ll hope those were just a coincidence.

    1. This is not a coincidence. I had two dreams in the past with falling molars. One on either side. I have read in some cultures the molars are death and depending on which side is a male or female. We had two deaths in my husband’s side of the family, his uncle and grandmother. I also believe the front teeth are an indication of the self image and therefore represent a different issue (not death but perhaps self esteem issues).

  29. in my dream, i felt a loose tooth. Then it started to fall out and i pulled it out. Then i saw it was rotted around it and i set it down on a table.

    1. Wow! I just had this same dream. Except I kept trying to put the fake tooth over the rotten tooth and then the rest of my teeth on the right side fell out.

  30. In my dream I remember having car issues with my truck.It ran out of gas. I didn’t have any cash on me so I asked and group of 3 older ladies for a couple of bucks to go in the truck. I can’t remember exactly but I know they helped me.I think it must have not been enough gas money or I must have broken down again because they had to end up helping me again. The 2nd they helped me one of the ladies somehow gave me like a propane gas container and told me to put it in the truck..then it so happened the gas man who drives the gas truck was at the actual gas station we were at was there and she told him to put gas in my truck also and fill it up. but the really weird thing about it was the whole time my teeth were extremely cold. They did not fall out.it wasn’t cold outside.. it was actually very warm but my teeth were extremely cold. Any ideas???

  31. In my dream it was so real I could literally feel my teeth vibrate as they fell out like. A water fall they were falling out in large Numbers there was so many so fast in my dream I could barley talk without choking off of them

    1. Hi April,

      I’ve had a similar dream twice, it felt like there was no end to all my teeth tumbling out of my mouth. No stopping it. Felt like I was choking and there was no room in my mouth, I was scared and frantic.
      Terrible feeling

  32. I’ve had several dreams of my teeth falling out, all have been so weird. Last night I dreamed 2 teeth fell out along with my gums making it very hard to talk, it was strange…lol…my grandfather just passed away and his funeral was on my birthday, my guess is that had something to do with my dream.

  33. In my case, I was standing in front of a bathroom mirror and my teeth were peeling apart so that I could see the inside, then they started falling out. At the end, I was holding them all in my hands and I was terrified. Woke up in a cold sweat and was unable to move for a few seconds.

    1. This was the same thing that happened to me. So,dude tell me what happened to you after the dream? Did anything bad happen? After the next few days?

    1. Hi

      So did anything significant happen in your life since that dream?
      I just saw one loose tooth ready to fall half:(

  34. I just want to know what my dream means. What I remember was, I was having dinner and my teeth were hurting like if I got food stuck in them, so I checked and while I was trying to check my front tooth fell out like if I knock it off. And what I noticed was that I already had a missing front tooth so now I had 2 front teeth missing. I told my boyfriend sitting across from that my tooth fell out, so I then got up to go to the restroom and locked the door behind me, my boyfriend was knocking on the door to come in and see but I said to hold on a d he kept trying to find a way in because he wanted to see what was going on, I was in front of the mirror trying to see what I could do, then I noticed I had my baby teeth where the 2 missing teeth were. And that’s when I should my boyfriend my teeth.

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