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Bear Dream Symbol Meaning

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Did you dream of a bear? Bears in your dreams can have many different meanings. To understand what a bear means in your dream, it helps to understand bears and to think carefully about the context of the bear in your dream.

bear dream meaning symbol


Common Dream Symbols and Interpretations for Bears in Dreams:

Bears are large animals that primarily live in forests, known well for their solitary lifestyle and hibernation habits.

Solitude: Bears are solitary in nature, and to dream of one may represent your own solitude or loneliness. Have you been spending a lot of time alone or have you recently had a break-up?

Aggression: Bears are aggressive animals and so it can also symbolize your aggression, or aggression someone else has been showing towards you.

Unbearable Situation: Dreaming of a bear can also symbolize something which has become unbearable to you. Perhaps your work, a relationship with someone that has turned sour, or a self destructive habit.

Running Away: Running away or being chased by a bear symbolizes you are running away from your own fears and emotions.

Family: To dream of three or more bears may symbolize your family. Pay attention to the characteristics of the bears – do they remind you of family members or friends that are close?

Dreaming of a Bear with Cub: Bears are extremely protective mothers, and to dream of a bear of cub may symbolize you are over protective of your own children, or you feel as if your mother has been over protective of you.

Hibernation: Much like running away from problems, a hibernating bear can also symbolize not dealing with problems as they arise or it could mean you are being overwhelmed with problems.

Spirit Animals: Many people believe in spirit animals, which is an animal which provides a special message and guidance to you. Spirit animals often communicate through dreams. A bear may very well be a spirit animal providing you with guidance and information for relating with family and in your life.

bear dream meaning symbols

Tips to Help You Interpret Your Dream About Bears

What context is the bear in? Is the bear in the woods? On a mountain? In a stream? In a field? All of these things will help you better understand the meaning of your dream. For example, if the bear is standing in water, you would know the bear is closely tied with emotions. If the bear is on a mountain, it could mean you are facing problems that are overwhelming or an obstacle that seems impossible to overcome.

What are your own associations with bears? When you think of bears, what are 5 words that you think of? Defining your own words to describe bears will help you better understand the personal meaning of the dream.

What were your emotions during the dream? Were you afraid of the bear or were you merely observing it? Did you feel excited or happy to see the bear?

Do you have any additional dream interpretation symbol meanings for bears we may have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I have recurring nightmares of a bear chasing me around houses or camping trailers or parks. I’m trying to get away from the bear catching me, the doors are always half off or no glass in windows. I’ve taught myself how to always get up high in a attic or on roof of a camping trailer. So that’s what I have to do to survive my nightmare with bears. It’s such a race for survival that I’m even more tired after I wake up. I’ve had dreams pretty much every day of my 51 years of life. Most are good. Alot are terrifying and some are such profound sadness that the ache is felt for a couple days before it dissolves.On some of my dreams they are like a book. I pick up where it left off the previous night. And can continue for couple days straight. On some my dreams that I have often, bad ones, I remember what happens and I will change it around to where the bear will turn into a dog or it turns sexual. Yes I have a phobia of bears. Scared to death of them. I’ve had dreams of the sky filled with war planes with parachute jumpers jumping out. The sky is dark and brooding. The soldiers tell me I have to find shelter. I hear the wine of missels coming in and I’m trying to gage where it’s going to land so I go other way. Sometimes I have same dream every other 8 or 9 years down the road. Usually a bad one. Most other dreams are played out regularly. One is a skydivers chute did not open and I see him falling and know what’s next. So I turn away but still hear that sound the body makes , like a big watermelon dropped from a roof top. Another one is I’m in a house that is being shown, and I feel an earthquake, small, so I tell everyone we need to get out, as the house is on a steep slope where a river is below it. No one listens to me, I’m outside and another quake, and house starts slipping down the hill. All people are yelling and screaming in house. Still savable, panic and terror in their yells for help, the house has slipped down to bottom of embankment, but before people can get down there another quake happens, and people are louder in their cry’s for help trapped in the house, when the dirt from the house sliding down, that dirt fell in a avalanche pile down over the house and screaming people. Then it was deathly quiet. No sound . Nothing. They got buried alive. It is such a profound sadness to witness and hear. Most my dreams are from my fears in reality. Another is when I am going to go on trip somewheres on a plane , after I get on the plane I make myself go to sleep until the trip is over , the plane back on ground. I will not ever fly in plane . Anywheres. So that’s where the plane dream comes in play. I have so much to tell that it can’t be done on here lol. I love to read the stories of other people’s dreams and how it affects them. All my life I was always tired. Slept alot. People say I’m sleeping my life away. I say I’m tired. They say what’s wrong with you. I believe that since I’m so active in my dreams that I can’t get rest even while Im asleep. I’m tired when I go to bed and just as tired when I wake up. A person does not get rest when they are so active in their sleeping. I’ve told and told people about this they just laugh. I’m living proof that I know this to be true. Sounds weird and sounds like that is not the case, has be something else going on. But no. It’s no rest when sleeping, no rest in real life . I do on very rare occasions wake up so refreshed that it’s a treat for me when it happens. About once or twice a year. If. Dreams can be a controlling factor in ones life. Can be such a mental depression disease also. Thank you for reading some of my life.

  2. In my dream, I was on the front porch (not my current front porch, but it seemed like I was pretty comfortable, like it was my house) I was laying down on a long hanging swing. I looked down at my foot and there was a big cream colored bear laying down, w/it’s head, right underneath the swing.
    I thought I should probably move my foot, w/the bears head right underneath it. I was trying to move my foot towards the back, just as the bear started to nuzzle and lick my foot. It was nuzzling my foot, through the slats in the wood, and it tickled. lol For some reason I was having a hard time moving my foot, even though I was trying. I moved it a bit, but was struggling to get it up over the back of the swing. I wasn’t afraid at all though. I looked out into the yard and saw another big cream colored bear, laying under a tree, and it seemed to be sleeping. As I was trying to move my foot over the back of the swing, I woke up.
    I smiled about the dream as I thought about it. I would’ve liked to have-dreamed that, a little bit longer.

  3. So In My Dream I Dreamt Last Night I Was In The Wood’s And I Looked Down To Watch Where I Was Walking And I Saw Baby Bear Pawprints And Big Bear Pawprints And I Got Scared Afraid And So I Just Kept Walking And All Of A Sudden I See Alot Of Black And I Was Like I’m Walking Very Slowly Past Them And The Babies And I Did And They Never Once Attacked Or Chased Me At All I Was Just Minding My Own Business When I Slowly Walked Past Them Yes I Looked At Them But That Was It And I Was Praying I Wouldn’t Get Attacked By Them Or Worse Killed Because Back At The Cabin Was My Daughter Who Is 3 And My Fiance And They Need Me On Earth To Care For Them Not To Be Killed Or Attacked Badly Enough By A Bear Where I Could’ve Died ! So Yes I Was Scared Of The Bear’s !
    What Does This Mean ?

  4. My dream was about a brown bear and her cub, they were in a fenced area and I was frantically trying to find a big bowl to feed them my dogs dried dog food, we were at a rodeo and I was afraid someone would see the bears and frighten them , I knew she was hungry. I was not afraid of her.

  5. I had a dream about a teen bear 🐻 we were nothing going home and he was like my best friend it was winter and he would let me ride on him back we stopped half way and his feet were cold I dusted off his feet and warmed them up in my jacket, I fell asleep and woke up to him licking me on the forehead kinda felt like I knew what he was trying to say like he was licking my head to wake up. Anyways I jumped on his back and we continue our Journey home. That’s all I remember of the dream. Does anyone know what it means?

  6. I’ve had a dream where I was walking down my driveway and then I see a huge black bear chained up and has a muzzle.It was trying to escape I felt more fear than I ever had before so I ran back and ended up at a random persons house and for some reason i started playing checkers.can anyone tell me what it means?

  7. I had A dream where I’m in a closed space that felt like a cage but there are no bars. and I was locked in arms with a grizzly bear trying to restrain it so I can escape. I had knowledge that the last person was able to do that and escape. and I could feel what abdaunting task that was. although I didn’t know who that was in the dream. it was really kind of scary because I knew in the dream this animal had such immense power and I was literally at my limit of trying to restrain it and wondering how am I ever gonna be able to escape? It was a feel like things were escelating yet I was at my near limit already! and I kept wondering how was the last person able to escape? ( back story, I am currently facing two very tough sitautions! I am estranged with my father & brother after a fight with my Dads new wife. And my Dad is very stubborn and ive thought of my dad as a black bear before. But in a good way. Even calling him a bear fondly. But this was a grizzly. 2nd tough situation is I have a clinically diagnosed Malignant Narcisssist ex who has been stalking me with death threats, trolling, havked into my email accounts and face book and has been smearing me and ruining all my friendships with lies and horrible accusations. We broke up 3 years ago and they are still waging an onslaught against me)

  8. My dream began with my grandson who I haven’t seen for a few months and miss very much. Anyhow, I couldn’t make out where we were at but there was a sewer type and my grandson who is 4 years old was being playful as if he was going to fall into this sewer. Obviously, this was a dream because if it were real I wouldn’t have him near anything that could be a potential danger. Then, to save him from falling down into this sewer I was the one that fell and landed in water like what appeared to be a cave. I saw light coming from the left side so began walking towards that direction and suddenly it began to look like a forest but I didn’t travel in the sewer long so not sure what that was about. I heard a growl and behind some trees I spotted a big brown bear standing on two. At this time is when I became really scared. The bear didn’t see me so I made my way back to where I came from an thought maybe there was a way out to the right of the cave so I began crossing through the water when suddenly I see a bear and a cub. This time they both saw me and I immediately turned around and ran. The bear began to chase me and soon caught up to me. At this point I turn around raising my hands up high and make a loud roaring sound and this is when I woke up. It felt so real and I was truly frightened and my heart was accelerated.

  9. I have been dreaming of a Black Bear trying to get into my house for the past 3 days. I feel scared during the dream

  10. I’m not one to dream, or I at least don’t remember having dreamt to repeat them often. Although when I’m able to recall a dream they’re usually very vivid. In this particular, bizarre dream, I could see my mom in her backyard from the side of her house, but it was being flooded with wild animals that were pouring in from underneath the neighbors yard. They were so aggressive that my mom started running inside the house, and I ran inside to help her. I’m inside running to shut the door behind her and as I do a huge black bear bursts through the door and grabs me by my arm with its mouth and without fear/hesitation I calmly tell my mother to run to save herself and the bear tossed me to the side, letting me free, and I woke up.

  11. Had a dream last night I was walking up town somewhere up north and saw a large Bear walk onto the path in front of me roar and I thought give chase, but it ran around a machine shed at first. Stupid me I stopped tried to see about were it went to help me avoid it better and turned around almost face first I had a cane and quickly shoved the end of it up his nose. And and my dream changed to something else dealing with people from my past

  12. Thanks for the interesting reading material… I had a recurring BEAR dream element in my past couple of sleeps; which is NOT typical for my dreams. I cannot find a similar example from anyone else’s notes, even tho I read through them ALL! There were only a handful of above examples which were set outside of a bear’s natural, out-of-doors environment. Not sure how significant setting is, but it seemed to help define MY dreams: dark-colored, fairly large bear(s) were trying to get into the man-made enclosure where I was (one a motor vehicle, the other a warehouse/barn with many hallways) — each bear seemingly seeking food, being eaten by other humans around or with me, altho I also wanted to eat the sandwiches and whatnot myself. (I went to sleep hungry, so the food portion of the dream seems obvious, lol.) In addition to fleeing from the bear (not easily or effectively I might add — drat those ill-working legs during dreams anyway!), I recall being quite frantic to put the food in a airtight container, to prevent the bear from continuing to seek the food from smell. Although I *did* want to eat in my dream, I was FAR MORE concerned the food was not enough to satisfy the bear, which would then turn on myself & the other humans involved — and eat US. (In most cases, said humans were blurry-faced Nobody Specials but, at one point, one of the humans with me was supposed to be one of my beloved nieces.) The bears seemed different in each setting (one was almost certainly a black bear, the other looked more grizzly-like); both were amazingly dexterous, using the handle of the car door to open it easily; working the slide-bolt of the warehouse door to do the same. Other than tenaciously lumbering about, the manual dexterity shown by the bears was the most aggressive or evolved trait they expressed. I am unsure they made any noises and I know they never roared… I’m fascinated by dreams, interpretations thereof, and personally hope to have more dreams about animals. Generally, humans represent 98% of my recalled dreams, and they are almost always represent the same one dimensional BORING characters. ;0) #PowerOfTheTotem

  13. I dreamed that I was looking out the window & noticed a Panda bear in my eventually made its way to my porch..& laid down to rest right beside my eindow..I was a little frightened mainly for the outside pets running around because I was safe inside..neighbors & people passing by somehow moved it for me..I’m not sure if they tranquilized it or killed it..what does this dream mean??

  14. I dreamt I was in a purple room with no windows and there was two bears one baby blue and the other pink. They both were floating around the room until they noticed me and then floated towards me. I then realized I was dreaming and when I went to wake up something was clawing at the back of my head preventing me to get up. I reached around to check my head and nothing was there but my head felt so heavy. I then forced myself to wake up and the dream ended.

  15. In a dream I was climbing a small mountain and when I was almost to the top a bear was standing there looking down at me. In the dark recesses of its mouth which was slightly open there was an eyeball. The bear walks past me down the mountainside and walked calmly by my friends at the bottom.

  16. I had a dream last night that I was swimming in a body of water when out of no where 2 bears and their cub appeared they both cornered me someone else was swimming along as well and they where attacked before me that’s when I turned to swim the next way and saw the second bear swimming towards me I tried to maneuver around him but couldn’t so I turned to go back the other way that’s when the bear tossed his cub over my head and the cubbed landed infront me the other bear started swimming towards me from the side now I was trapped with no where to go as they closed in on me that’s when I woked up can someone please tell me what does this mean

  17. How did you know I was at the mall with you family and friends this was nobody nobody really knew but my dreams they symbolize my family or friends then all of a sudden Russell was in my dream he was like my uncle. And all of a sudden I’m mutilated bear with big teeth Justice in the stores people were like locking the gates in the mall and the stores we never could get into the gates so we go hide in these rooms on the side they look like office like very high class offices we would hide in those and then he coming through the door we go to another one he comes to the door he comes to another one he comes to that door he goes find us no matter what we hide under things he find us I finally got out of the mall and went to like a street with like dairy Queen and stores and service centers and stuff so we try to hide in them but he find us. At the end of my dream when it was all over nobody’s ever kill the bear. At the end of my dream it’s like really nice office with really nice furniture you know like shiny mahogany wood and desk and tables and stuff I look up in the ceiling and I see bees bumblebees like honey Hive like a honeycomb like four of them up in the ceiling and they’re just sitting around and then I wake up

  18. I had a dream I was in the bed of a truck when a dog started barking. I loked down a dirt road to see a massive, oversized bear. He was large enough to almost take up the full one lane dirt road. I was excited to see the bear. I quickly stayed calm and told my mother, to my right in a field, to look. Looking closer I noticed the bear was all white with light tan spots. Long hair. Not normal. Something like a mammoth would have. The bear stayed still for about two minutes in the sitting position. Locking eyes with me the bear stood, turned to its left and walked away. On its back rode a beautiful Indian in all dress matching the bear exactly. It was had to tell them apart. But the Indian sat high on its back like riding an elephant. I watched it walk away peacefully unknowing of what I should do.

  19. I have a re-occurring dream of being chased by a very aggressive HUGE bear in the woods. The woods change each time, sometimes a light wood, sometimes an evergreen dark forest. I know in the dream that there are multiple bears and they’re all huge and often coming out of hibernation. In my dreams I’m often aware that I’ve been in that situation and I need to climb the trees to get away from these bears, sometimes I can get a fair way through the woods before I’m spotted by a bear. The bears also seem to get smarter though, they know to push the trees and break the branches to make me fall out the tree. I always wake up before I’m caught! Someone please tell me what this means!!

    1. Keep having same repeated dreams similar to yours! In wooded area, see big brown bear, it spots me and come running toward me. Last dream, ended up in abandoned house, bear tries to get in thru window, thinking I outsmart it, but it found way to get in, then I distract it. Seemed like a repeated process. Had many dreams similar to this past few months.

  20. I dreamt of a Bear walking towards me growling…so I growled back only Louder…the Bear got scared and ran off!
    Probably means I’m not going out up with people who try to intimidate me!

  21. My dreams always tell me alot but I’ve never dreamt of bears before.i had a dream I was laying in shallow stream water when to bears came up to me .one of the bears lean closely to my face .I lose my eyes tightly trying to remain calm.the other bear just stood their.neither one was aggressive. It was also strange how brave I felt.please help me understand this dream.

  22. Last night and multiple other nights I have dreamed about a cub falling into the water pushing him to the ocean where my family and I are relaxing. I see the cub and dive in because his momma bear wasn’t doing anything. The current was strong. I got to the cub and sometimes I am able to get ahold of him and drag him back to shore but sometime I miss and I get hit by big waves keeping me from getting to him again. What does this mean

  23. I dreamed that I saw a brown bear with two cubs trying to open a window to someone’s home I know. The bears were scared away. I went to check the windows after the bears left; and I could smell the bear scent distinctly in my dream.

  24. The bear I dreamed of was making really loud roaring noises and walked passed my window and had his back toward me not standing up but I was really scared and hid under that window so it couldn’t see me and then a heard a loud gun and I got up to look for the bear but it was gone and I was wondering if it was killed or not.

  25. In my dream my grandma was teaching me how to cook a black bear. She told me to cover it with flour , so I put the miniature two headed bear on the kitchen counter and he was running only one head was dead. The bear was running away from my flour dragging the dead part of himself. And I was trying to catch it to cook it .can someone please help me interpreting this dream for me? Thank u I’m looking forward to know what this means.

  26. I dreamt I was in my room when I looked out my blinds and saw a huge black bear sitting at the edge where the grass and the trees/woods meet facing my apartment watching our door. I called for my daughter to come see and then i woke up. What does that mean?

  27. I had a dream where I was walking around my house and the bear was outside. I ran inside to be with my son while he was asleep in his crib and I called the police to come check it out. And they didnt believe me. So I was trying to take pictures of the bear. And I kept opening the door so the bear would stay close. The whole time I was nervous and felt scared. But couldnt get enough of the bear.

  28. I had a dream that I was in a van with my dog I was sitting in the passenger seat I heard my dog snarling like I have never heard him so I looked back and there was a huge brown bear who seemed curious I was very fearful that my dogs snarling would upset the bear so I pulled my dog by his leash and we exited the van and the bear followed then he stood up and brushed his snout up against my head sniffing me I felt so fearful at this point making sure to remain as still as possible to not provoke the bear then he went back down to all fours and calmly walked off. Wow it felt so real woke up in a sweat. I have read many interpretations on bear dreams but none are really like mine so not sure what it means I could even smell the bear while he brushed his snout up against my head felt so real.

  29. Hi
    Last night I was dreaming I was driving to work as I reached the main gate my vehicles lights just died as I was driving on a dirt road towards the workshop as I turn right I was driving up hill and there was these two bears walking in front of me and my one light of the vehicle came on the one bear started fighting with the other one it wasn’t a cub just I little smaller then the one pishing and fighting then the two bears fight ended up right in front of my vehicle and the turned his towards me like it was looking me in my eyes whilst look at me the bear just kept pushing the other one my heart beat started to rise and I was full of fear in the dream I tried to drive of but the vehicle didn’t want to move at all no matter what I did then the dream jumped to a different location that seem to look like near a lake side or water front this time the bears were in fighting more aggressively than before and I was standing in front of them about 3 feet away I could feel the vibrations as they stomp the ground near me and my fear just got more and I wanted to walk away bit couldn’t move at all not even my fingers or toe every time I want to scream and yel for help not one word or sound came out then I woke up what is the meaning

  30. In my dream I was in a small apartment. This apartment was not recognizable by me. At first the bear was a small sun bear. The familiar yellow tummy and long tongue. As the bear began to get closer is became a grizzly bear however it’s fur was a shinny grey. My reactions was aggressive toward the bear but it seemed to not phase him at all. I say him because this bear spoke to me and was very kind and polite with me even after I tried to keep him out of the apartment. The bear said, “I’m only here to guide you and your fear only worries me”. Any ideas?

  31. In my dreams I had 3 ???? cubs, coming out of a friends flat, I was excited and so were they, they came running up to play with me. It was beautiful. I didn’t want the dream to end. I was sad when they left me.

  32. Hi my name is chantelle and I 2as wondering if you can help me with this dream. I was going to a park with a girl I think was my best friend and I think 2 children. And each time we went to this park a bear would chase only me and I would run back to the school she chased me 3 times but on the third I was riding another bear and ran in the school. But also each time except for the last when I would run into the school and stay to look out the window the last time I went up the stairs and did school work.

  33. i had a dream that i was a bear, walking through the forest feeling peaceful looking at birds and deer sunlight coming through the trees, i went to a stream and looked down at my reflexion i was and old grizzley bear.

  34. Last night I had a dream that a big brown bear (not sure what kind) was inside of my home and I was trying to guide it out of my house down the stairs through the living area and out the back door. I feel like there’s a hidden meaning/message but I have no idea what it is.

  35. I had I dream I was by myself in the mountains. Beautiful scenery was surrounding 1 bear and myself. I felt no fear, nor excitement. I was simply calm. Staring at the bear as it slowly walked by, it didn’t even look my way. It walked at a decent distance away from me, and seemed peaceful. What does this indicate for me?

  36. I had a dream that I just woke up from. I was at my house with my brother and my cousins and my aunt. It was winter and snowing in the dream (its currently April rn) and for some reason mt old comforter along with some clothes was outside all dirty in the snow. So I went out to get it and when I was coming back I saw a little bear cub curled upon our front porch. I look at the top of my drive way and saw my cousins returning from town, but I also saw the mom bear see me next to her cub and she took off to get me. I had to hurry my cousins inside and lock the door behind us and hope and pray the bear didn’t break down the door while the rest of my family just went about their usually stuff inside the house. The mom bear can back for her cub but then she just sat outside in our front yard. I woke up after that. (Don’t know if this matters but I actually know where the bear and her cub came from. My brother explained it to me in my dream. Some lady couldn’t have the bear on her property and so when we heard we offered to take the bear from her. So the lady caught the cub and drove in her truck with the cub hanging out the window so the mom would follow and then she threw it out when she got to our property.)

  37. My 6 year old has recently had a dream about being rescued by a big brown bear he said. He said he saved him. Said he was scared at first but then he realised he was saving him. My son has recently learnt his dad isn’t as good a dad as he first thought. And I fear this dream is one of many to come. I expect it will reoccur. And I will post again if it does.

  38. Dreamed i was in the woods, car was stuck got out bear came out staright towards me, big black bear. Didnt have time to react, the bear was behind me and I said thats it,Im dead. Then I woke up.

  39. Momma bear with two baby bears were. Chasing us but in a non aggresivey way just trying to keep weher we weher.we had to get in to my car that became a problem due to others not partiapting properly like they should. Be… But no one died oa was attact just intimidated more then anything
    As if the bears were but not really a problem. I got into my car amost had us than ended backup in the tree me the highest place that made me scared of the highth.. My father did show who helped me off tree and holding me high but the bear still came again. My dad told me he couldnt co tinue to hold me his shoulder or neck was in pain? I got to my car and ended back to tree i was up so high i woke up from this do to the height of the tree i was in And didnt want to go throuh it again and woke my self up..
    My dad is dead he was i. It his brother just got comunication any more with him my dad has died 11 years ago my greanfather 12 my brother 10 i just went through break up firt time all on my own but thought i was finally good on. My own
    what.does this mean?

  40. I had a dream I was in a new home and someone came with a bear to hurt me I ran and got away I called to my husband and he shot the bear it happened again and my husband had me run into a barn get up into the loft and he came up and shot the bear from the loft door

  41. I looked out my bedroom window and there was a black bear also I seen was his rear end and there was snow on him and I turned around and told my husband there’s a bear in our backyard and the next thing I knew it was at my window I stop thought did he let the dog out as I stared at the bear in the window and before I could say anything my granddaughter was standing by the bear and it took her down and I woke up and told my husband that was the biggest bear ever seen in my life and went back to sleep

  42. I have reoccurring dreams of myself walking in the woods in Oregon. I come upon a beautiful stream. On the bed of the stream is a mother bear and 2 cubs feeding on fish. I am 500 feet away photographing them quietly. A feeling I never felt before.

  43. My first dream was my family and I were out camping. We were eating and a Grizzly bear burst through the camp the starts slashing and attacking my brother. The same thing happened a little later with my sister. The bear wasn’t as aggressive that time, he just hit her a couple times. After this I woke up, about 10 minutes later I fell back asleep. I was dreaming for a while than it was my whole family again. We were all walking back to a restaurant/cabin and we see the bear in the distance. Most of my family gets away, but my mom and I run for the door of the cabin. My mom shoves me inside, but she stays out. I hear the bear attacking her, ripping her apart. She is screaming and yelping and gurgling; it’s horrible. I’m trying to get back out to her by slamming into the door and pulling as hard as I can on the handle. It only opens a crack and I see the bear about to hit her, than slams shut again, thats when I wake up.

    This is the first time I have ever had this kind of dream before; it was horrifying

  44. I had a dream I had a black bear as a sort of pet. I lived in the woods and he was inside having a snack and a rest then he went outside carrying a black blanket in his mouth, just like my puppy does. I scolded him but he was playful. My mom, who in real life is deathly afraid of dogs, was coming up the hill when I was scolding the bear and she walked right past it without a care in the world. Cutest big black bear ever. I don’t believe I’ve ever dreamed of a bear before.

  45. I’m was taking a nap before work and had a dreamed I was looking out side a house (not my own) with a grey wood porch and about 50 yards away was this thick Black Forest, and there were large gray clouds indicating that a storm was coming. I can see the trees on the right side of the forest begin to move, and out came one black bear and then another, I believe there were a total of three bears that came out of the forest. A little fear came over me but I realized I was in the house so I felt protected. There were neighbors coming over to the house I was in when they saw the bear. Then we all sat and ate dinner, the next time I looked out the door outside it was pitch black with no lights on out side you could see a little bit pass the porch because of the lights that were on in the house. A small white and gray dog came to the porch and ate from a dog dish that was outside. Some how a little boy that was just eating at the table was outside, I gestured for him to come back inside but he was trying to tell me something was outside with him. Then he left with the dog. And I woke up! I don’t know what kind of dream that was! I dream all the time and I decided to see what the Internet had to say about this dream I just had.

  46. I had a dream last night where one of my boys was with me driving in my grandparents old neighborhood (from my younger years) we saw a bear getting into someone’s garbage and hurried around the corner to my grandparents house and as we were getting out a bear cub tried getting into the side where my 13 year old was trying to get out so I panicked and told him to get him away and helped him by pushing/kicking it in the face so we could shut the door asap because Mama bear isn’t far away and we’ve got to leave now. Somehow, all of the sudden, I was in the passenger seat telling my son to go now and he sped away driving us and I woke up.

  47. For the past few nice I’ve had dreams of a brown bear holding me captive at my house . It would not attempt to come in the house, but it would watch me through all the windows and attempt to attack me when o would leave the house tying to escape. In the first dream I was alone and the bear stayed the whole time. In the second dream I had my and o think little brother with me. The bear would come and go, but my mother and brother were to scared to take the risk and run to the car. I was all ready to run but stopped because I could not leave them alone. What does this mean?

  48. I’ve actually had two bear related dreams in the past week. The first was where I was enjoying being outside and then I saw a fun and I started to run cuz I know where there’s a fun there’s a mother. And sure enough there was the mother. I got inside but my mom was outside too and when I tried to help her get inside she saw the bear and she turned into a bear and roared at it. The second dream is a bit more aggressive. I’m on the back of a truck going through the woods with my mom and dad and we get to this house and there’s this bear and it’s angry and I’m beating it off with a 2×4 and a baseball bat and I’m scared cuz it just keeps chasing us and I’m used as hate in the house and I’m running from the bear and hitting it with the bat and when I make it back my parents are fighting and they have two cubs with them and we drive away and I really don’t know what’s up with that.

  49. MY bear dream was nice.. I was walking and there were lots of people and I saw the bear and walked up to it, I wasn’t afraid and sat down and the bear was very gentle like my pet doggie. I petted it and it yawned and I was just happy there petting my friendly bear friend. I love animals in general. Does anyone have an interpretation because all I see is negative dream interpretations about seeing a bear in a dream and I was not afraid, he was my friend.

    1. I was not afraid in my bear dream either. I suppose that means we are gentle animal lovers, & since we don’t mean any harm to them, they don’t mean any harm to us.
      It’s nice and made me smile when I thought about it as I woke up…

      In my dream, I was outside either reading or sleeping on a front porch (Not my front porch, but I was very comfortable, so it seemed like it was my house)
      I noticed that there was a bear lying by the front of the little sofa or hanging swing, I was laying on. I moved my foot so it wouldn’t be by the Bears head, but the bear followed my foot. The bear was nuzzling and licking my foot.. It kinda tickled, so I was trying to move my foot up along the back of the seat, but I was having a hard time doing it. I looked out into the yard, (from the porch) and saw another bear sleeping under a big tree. These were big, cream colored bears. It’s interesting that I was totally not afraid. They seemed like they were mates or ‘together’, to me. What a beautiful dream – I wish I could go back to it…

  50. I’ve had this dream multiple times now and it’s by an important persons house. I”m not sure who it is, but it seems like Elizabeth Taylor or Liza Minnelli, maybe. The estate is covered in grass and there is this bridge that goes over the circular driveway and this black bear roams the estate. My dream always starts where I am flying (gliding) on a carpet or leaf. I’m sort of in control of the flight, but the bear notices me every time and I try to find a place to land where the bear isn’t close. This time, there was a blind woman sitting by the fence, so I landed there and the bear was running towards me. She told me to climb the fence. Just as I was to the top of the wooden fence, the bear was at my feet. I went to push the bear away and instantly woke up because I ended up pushing my Chihuahua off of the bed.

  51. Last night I dreamt I was having a picnic in my yard with my family when a bear walked by looking at us we just watched walk by I remember feeling startled then we were all inside and my brother who recently moved states showed up with money and women problems and he was incredibly upset and angry

  52. I dreamt last night that my mom, daughter and i went to a beautiful swimming hole surrounded by rock formations. There were two Brown bears swimming in the water and i was very excited and happy to see this as bears are my favorite animal. The bears were being kind and interacting with us as we swam with them but after awhile they started to become a little aggressive and we got out of the water. The bears followed us out and one of them approached me standing on it’s two hind legs. I felt my daughter and i were being threatened and held my daughter in my arms as i began to stare the bear down face to face. I remember looking into it’s eyes and it was very significant…it was like the bear knew exactly what i was feeling. I began to yell at the bear but was unable to yell very loudly. I remember the bear looking at me as if to say, is that all you’ve got? Is that the loudest you can yell? I was able to then get some distance away from the bears and threw some rocks into the water which distracted the bears, they jumped back into the water as if to catch the rocks and at that moment my mom, daughter and i were able to safely get away. What does this mean? I didn’t feel extremely threatened by the bears, only as if i needed to show that i was as big and powerful as they were. What does this mean?

  53. I had a dream I was driving in the snow down an icy winding road. Inlost control, and my truck sank in water- the next thing I remember is looking to my left and seeing a black bear look at me and took of running. I wasn’t scared, I just kinda watched it then I woke up. I feel like the bear was some kind of symbol but I’m not sure

  54. I dreamt I was out in the wild when a bear approached me.I was on my knees fearing the attack I thought was going to come.. In stead it licked my forehead nuzzles me and wandered off.. Any idea what that means?

  55. I’ve had the same dream for the past 3 weeks of a Mother Bear ( I’m guessing its the mother) And two of her cubs, walking past my house, up into the woods. I basically just follow them, then i wake up before anything happens. Really starting to confuse me to why I have this dream so often.

  56. I had a dream that there was a Cabin on the left of me, and the woods around me and my ex, right now were trying to work things out. I was on a picnic table and he was standing aways in front of me. I heard a mother bear groan but could not see her, a brown cub showed up behind my ex and in fear warned him that there were bears. Next the groan of the mother bear from the right of me in the trees a distant aways happened again, she was warning us she isn’t coming but she is watching her cubs. I felt at ease and when I looked behind me there was a cub behind me walking up. They ended up at the picnic table and only I was interacting and playing with them, they were very playful. Then my dream switched.

  57. Last night was the first time ever I had a dream about a bear. I remember driving on an ATV and when I was driving up the hill I couldn’t tell it was a bear at first but then I got a better look at it. It was chasing me at first found someone else and then came back to chase me I was scared for my life. And I think at one point I think I was bleeding

  58. I had a dream that there were several bears up the street. They noticed me and a few other people, including children. They started (slowly) coming in our direction. Everyone was frantic but calmly found shelter. All except one little girl. The minute I panicked and became worried that she was going to get mauled by the bears, she panicked too. She started running and I screamed, “Someone help her!” As soon as she started running so did the bears. They started chasing her and right before the first bear’s paw made contact with the little girl I woke up! :-/

  59. i keep dreaming that im a cub alone in a field. im just sitting there looking at my surroundings and i can see two wolves n their baby coming closer. im not afraid though. its like i know them, like their family.

  60. I dreamt my daughter was in a stream and a bear came from the woods towards her, I was nearby with one of her younger sisters, (they are not young anymore in real life). I shouted at her to lie down and not move..then the bear came towards us, we hid behind a grassy mound. Not sure if a train track was on top of the hill or not.

  61. I dreamed about me in a glass cube eatting and all of sudden I was appeared in wood and a brown bear was right next to me. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do but all of sudden I have a long knif and I started to keep the bear away from me so I knived it 3 times and it still charged at me and bit me on my waist. When I woke up I felt pain on the same spot the bear bit me. Should I worry about it… I need some answer, please help me.

    1. Hi
      I had a dream about my little child was playing the long grass with me. Suddenly brown bear comes and picks him up. I pleading her to give me my baby. Bear is standing upright holding my baby and saying no to me.

  62. I never have dreams anything like this. But today I had a dream where I was sitting in the living room of the couch. In the dream, Myself thought I was in a dream. If that makes any sense? So, like a dream in a dream kinda thing. Anyway, so I was just sitting there, and looking out the window. As I was looking out there were two bears in my driveway. So I was like, ah it’s not real. This is just a dream. So I didn’t move. Then the Bears broke into my house and I could feel myself getting fearful however, I still believed I was in a dream. Part of me felt like this was all too real though. Eventually the Bears made it into the house and came up to me. Just because I’m me, I was thinking, SEEEE! It is a dream, and touched it. Dear god, it scared the fuck outta me in my dream and in real life. Which obviously resulted in me screaming and running away. This was in my house. So I ran into the dining room with my mother and that’s where my dream ended. I woke up feeling weird about it though.

    I had a fight the previous night with my boyfriend of 2 years if that gives any help? I really want to have some understanding about why I had this dream if anybody is able to give me some feedback. It was just odd for me to have. Still don’t know where I stand with my boyfriend but he was ignoring me so maybe that triggered the dream? Not really sure.

  63. Had a dream me my younger brother and younger sister got chased by a bear at a local river, I made an attempt to scare the bear but it only stopped for a moment then continued to chase us, after hiding for a brief second the bear was gone

    1. I keep having a reoccurring dream that a bear is chasing me outside, trying to attack me, and me hiding underneath my trampoline out back of my house. The most current one had my 6 year old son who was outside with me but I was prepared and knew what to do and where to go hide to be safe as it was the same EXACT dream except my son was with me this time.

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