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Demon Dream Meaning

demon dream meaning
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Dreaming of demons can be a very frightening and scary experience! If you are having dreams about demons, it’s important to understand what might be an underlying cause to the dream.

demon dream meaning

What Does a Demon Mean in a Dream?

Demons are most commonly described as evil entities that are thought to cause fear, misery, and guilt. Many people believe that a demon purposely intends to torment people for its own enjoyment.

Symbolic Meaning of Demons

In most cases, a dream of a demon is not necessarily a dream where an evil spirit is coming after you. For most people, seeing a demon in a dream is merely a manifestation of your own self trying to communicate an important message.

dreams of good vs. bad

Conflict & Distress

Often times when we think of demons we picture a “good side” vs. a “bad side”. The “good side” encourages us to do one thing, while the “bad side” encourages another. 

Rarely do our conflicts and struggles in our daily lives have such a clear path for what to do. You might be conflicted over a decision and wrestling your logical side vs. what your heart wants to do.

Sometimes in life we are pressured to do the wrong thing. A friend might be pressuring you to take not tell a secret that is harming them, and you are conflicted. Do you stay loyal to your friend? Or do you tell their secret because ultimately it is what will be best for them and lead them to getting help? 

When we dream of demons there are not usually clear answers for what we should do when faced with difficult situations. The only thing that stops a demon in its tracks is unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance – when we approach our problems with a higher mind of love, we can typically overcome any forces which do not act in love.

fighting with demons quote

Addiction, Vices & Temptation

Demons are often used as a symbol for something which is troubling us or causing us great distress. A devil or demon may be associated with many vices and temptations. 

Sometimes the biggest threats to our happiness and conscious our own inner conflicts and struggles. Many times we struggle with problems of addiction, temptation, and other conscious decisions that weigh heavy on our hearts. 

Demons in dreams often indicate it is time for us to take some time to search deep down at what our own “inner demons” may be. It’s not comfortable to look at your faults or weaknesses, but being able to look at these problems can help us to better understand what we should do to improve ourselves and our situation.

All of us are capable of radical self-change and improvement. Sometimes when you are the darkest place in life that is where the light becomes clear and you are able to reinvent yourself as a smarter, wiser, and more loving person ready to move forward from the past. 

quote about facing demons

Example Demon Dream Interpretation

When dreaming about demons, it is important to remember that they are not real, but more of a way of your subconscious dealing with your own fears, worries, and concerns.

There may be things troubling you at home, especially if you are struggling with co-dependency or other problems.

If you dream of demons or other evil entities:

This is typically symbolic of guilt you are harboring over past actions that were dishonest or hurtful to others and serves as a call to change your behavior.

If you dream of being chased by a demon:

This could indicate that you are having fear or anxiety in some waking part of your life that relates to your past. Try to identify what event from your past could still be causing you upset and work to resolve it. You may also wish to look at our dream meaning for being chased.

If you dream you are demon possessed:

When someone becomes demon possessed they loose all control over their words and actions. Their life is no longer their own but is lived by the demon within.

If you dream you are demon possessed this is a strong indicator that you are feeling helpless and out of control of your own ability to live your life.

If you dream of battling a demon:

If you are engaged in battle with a demon in your dream this suggests that you are taking steps to overcome some major challenge in your life, perhaps and addiction or a pattern of negative behavior.

If you dream of defeating a demon:

Dreaming of beating a demon means that you have overcome some great challenge that was causing you fear, upset or guilt in your waking life. You will notice in the days that follow that you feel stronger, freer and have more joy than prior to this dream.

Are Demons Real?

There is no way for us to prove whether demons are real or not real. However, it is very important to consider at what level a dream about a demon may be affecting you in your waking life.

If you believe that your dream was not really a dream and that demons are present and interfering with your life, it can be wise to talk to a doctor to rule out any potential underlying causes.

Many different medications or even medical conditions can produce illusions of a demonic presence. If a demon in a dream or other type of vision is urging you to hurt yourself or others, it is critical to seek help immediately. You can call a crisis hotline number. 

It is also very possible for highly spiritual and intuitive people to be able to sense negative entities. If you are a highly spiritual and intuitive person who can sense a demon, you also have the wisdom to know how to cleanse and remove the entity from the energy around you.

Most of all, it is important to be able to recognize when a dream is just a dream or if it is an illusion or a symbol for an actual evil presence invading your life.

Have you recently dreamt of a demon? What do you think it means as it pertains to your life? Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. I dreamed that me and my boy friend was in a dark forest, we came upon a large deep dark hole in the ground. I looked down the hole I saw several demons trying to climb up the sides reaching for me. I slipped and grabbed ahold of a rope hanging above the demons still reaching for me, I was screaming for my boyfriend to shoot them, he just stood there, didn’t move or try to save me. He woke me up from my nightmare said I was mumbling and fighting something. I was grateful it was only a dream.

    1. Dream loop, going deeper & deeper, and deeper into unknown parts of town… one bad area after another, one Demond group materializing into another. All laughing at me with no way out.. no cab to call with a driver knowing the way to safety

  2. This late night my partner dream about demon. And this demon pretend to be like me. The demon who are pretending to be like me is kissing my partner in his dream, apparently my partner is struggling to stop this demon to kiss him. I was shocked when my partner is full of sweat and have a tears in his eyes while sleeping.. and also he’s shouting my name but I didn’t hear anything. I start to wake him up. And he suddenly hugged me and cry and tell about his dream.

    I hope someone can tell me what is the meaning of this demon pretending to be someone in dreams.

  3. I had a dream of being in my house and I can see myself walking around my house screaming so loud with so much anger at these demons I couldn’t see but in my mind I knew they were there and Im yelling with all my might that my god is stronger and this is no place for them to be, i was screaming they need to leave my house and it was like god was with me fighting these demons, I felt so strong against the demons and felt them leave and i guess i woke up. what can that mean?

    1. My mother had a dream ,
      She dreamt a cat like figure was on top of her ,trying to suck the life out of her . She woke up screaming.
      Any advice of what this represent would be of great help?
      Thank you

  4. Hello does anybody here experiencing like the demon protecting you from another evil people? last night i just had a dreams that some strange guy wanted to be friend with me we became close not until i found out that he was a vampire and during that time my mom become so strange. She offered me something like gift but i refuse to take it and we started fighting my father just standing and looking on us fighting some time passed then some strange guy wearing a black cloak come to our house asking me if my mother named like this then he told me that my father was not my real father i asked him what is he trying to say then he took my phone and put something on it like magic i threw that phone then some demon appeared and i called him diablo he’s using fire he take me with him flying and he immediately blow up the whole place 😶 idk what it was trying to say. Please anybody can answer me 🥺

  5. I had a dream that a friend (I don’t know) and I were being chased by evil spirits outside in a town I don’t recognize the two spirits were very fast and could find us quickly…at one point I see the one evil spirit and he is of Asian descent in a store…I remember being terrified in the dream. I’ve just started a new job at a building where nuns used to live, they say that the nuns spirits are present and they rattle pots and people have seen the ghosts of nuns and it’s really creepy…could I be nervous of that deep down inside or what? I’m confused about it

  6. I had a dream the demon was a tornado first idk it’s weird then he comes out and introduces his self and for some reason in my dream there was a book or movie and I called on him and didn’t realize it and the mother of the demon planned to do that but in the beginning the demon as a tornado shocked my mom and I started crying because it felt she was dying in the dream I kept waking up and I was Conscience of my dream but I couldn’t move or talk it felt real and I didn’t know what to do but let the dream play out and he said he was my friend can’t really describe the face all of a sudden the mother of the demon says that was her plan and the grandfather would of picked the plan it would’ve never worked and all of a sudden I woke up told my sister this dream and yeah this felt so real and vivid .

  7. Dream of a demon was pulling me and my son from bed tried to take control of my body but didn’t then got my son and was trying to rebuke it in a circle with family and was putting my hand in my sons mouth!!? I seen the demon after it grabbed my son!

  8. I had a dream last night a devil looking person calling me and offering me everything i could want in the world i refused i even tried to call out in Jesus name but i couldn’t can someone help me understand

  9. My reoccurring demon dream is a red devilish looking male classic cartoon looking he is enticing me, fighting and pestering me. We are in a house battling from room to room as I try to escape. He wants my attention. I have had this nightmare twice and each time I am battling my own darkness from over taking me leaving me restless. Only through facing it in this way helps me find the light and peace I am fighting for.

  10. I had a dream that I was walking in the mall with my best friend(we no longer speak) and it seemed so real and something we always did then I notice I have a belly and I’m pregnant and then I start having painful like crazy pain in my stomach I drop down to the floor and my best friend bends down to help me and I start pushing because the babies coming and when it pops out it’s a demon baby. Scary scary looking baby and I look at my best friend and she picks it up and starts to walk away with it… I woke up after that…. not sure what it means but it was not something I’ve ever dreamt about!! Please help me understand!!

  11. I had a dream about being at a lake on the dock and all of a sudden, the lake bubbled up like it was boiling hot and turned to blood. Then a demon made of lava arose from the lake and spoke to me but I couldn’t understand what it said. Then it charged at me and almost bit my left breast off. At that moment someone pulled me back and I let out a scream as I woke up.

  12. I recently dreamt that me and a group of people were walking down a street and passing train tracks. Near the train tracks was a girl and everyone else was scared, covering their eyes, but I didn’t cover my eyes. The girl told us to look in her eyes, and that doing so wouldn’t turn us to stone. The people who were scared told me not to do it. I ignored their warnings and walked closer to her, looking her dead in the eyes. She smiled and showed her true form and probably expected me to be terrified, but I hugged her and she was confused.
    She got so confused that she actually shed a tear, hugged me back and started crying completely.

    Can you explain what this means?

  13. I recently dreamt that me and a group of people were walking down a street and passing train tracks. Near the train tracks was a girl and everyone else was scared, covering their eyes, but I didn’t cover my eyes. The girl told us to look in her eyes, and that doing so wouldn’t turn us to stone. The people who were scared told me not to do it. I ignored their warnings and walked closer to her, looking her dead in the eyes. She smiled and showed her true form and probably expected me to be terrified, but I actually hugged her and she was confused.

    1. You faced a test to see whether conditional fear or unconditional love would win out and you picked unconditional compassionate love. There is a story of the buddha, I can’t recall the story’s name, where the buddha was walking through a forest and encountered a man-eating demon. Instead of being afraid when the demon had him in his grasp, he gave him unconditional love and compassion. The demon transformed back to its true buddha-nature and freed from its suffering. Your dream reminded me of that, and seems to have parallels in archetypical meaning. Your subconscious is teaching to you your own inner wisdom and nurturing you with the love you are giving to it. May you continue to be well on your path.

  14. Hi I keep haveing these dreams of being inside a house and being chase by demons and other times it be in diffrient places but same thing

  15. Hi,

    Last night I had a dream of being attacked by a demon. I was at an entertainment place playing arcade games. Whilst playing the game I looked around and saw that I’m in the middle of a dark street and the entertainment place is further down the road. I then see a man, who seems to be very tired or drunk saying “I need a cigarette, cigarette, I need a cigarette”. Further up I see a short old lady who is hunched. She is coming closer and closer. As soon as she is right in front of me she removes her hood and attacks with large claws. I was able to dodge and that’s when I woke up terrified. The old hag looks extremely frightening with very long teeth. She stared at me for a couple seconds before attacking.

    I’m the type of person who takes dreams very seriously due to past experiences. Would you please explain to me what this means?

  16. I have many scary dreams that I don’t get too scared of but this one made me sleep with my mum for the first time in years.

    I write down every dream I have that I can remember.

    Me and my mum were back at our old rental house and we were walking around but it was dark . We were talking about this thing that my mum saw that scared her it was like a demon thing . I told her she would be ok and that I would get rid of it , I noticed that there was this strange doll sitting next to my door and I wa s really scared of it . My mum told me it’s name was “ni~“ , she then asked me if I was scared but I said no then my phone got a phone call but when I looked at it there was no phone call it was just a loud noise combing from my phone in my dream . It scared me so I just told my mum it was an alarm . The demon girl who passed the doll left the doll and was just around the house doing different things tormenting me .

    When I woke up I felt a lot more emotion which I normally do from my dreams ( they are not really ever happy) but this one made my feel like my heart had been ripped out of my chest . I did not sleep the rest of the night .

    Could you please help me understand ?

  17. I’m a male and I had a dream I was pregnant and everyone was congratulating me. there were all kinds of people coming to the house where I was at and they were telling me how beautiful my baby was gonna be at the end I lifted up my shirt and instead of it looking like a normal belly it was like the baby was visible in every detail through my skin with hooves and horns and yet human hands. Like I was carrying a faun. I was panicking but everyone else was calm saying that nothing looked abnormal and then I went into labor then I woke up before the “baby” was born.

  18. Can you please help me ?

    I have dreamt that a demon who was killed by me he came again. I was in a family party and talking to a relative, he came into his body and tried to chase me but I ran among the group of people then he was trying to harm me and he wants to kill me. He was also harming my family members.
    I was very scared because he could come into the body of any relative to kill me.

    Can you please help me to understand the meaning of this pleasee?

  19. Hey, I’ve been having this weird dream lately (like every other night) where my mom makes a deal with a demon named Sophia. and she gives us Sonic slushies and says that if we drink them they will change us, that it will help us be a happier family. I get really scared and say mom, I don’t think we should do this, she said it will change us. She says that it will make us a happier family and shut up now just take my drink and go to the car. (sometimes it’s a plane, sometimes it’s a helicopter.) Well we go home, but not after we get in a crash and my mom yells at me and says that it’s my fault we got in the crash because my bro and I were joking around and we distracted her. Then I apologize and she rolls her eyes and gets back in the car. I don’t talk to bro for the rest of the ride but when we get home, we go out into the back yard and drink like half of our drinks, we want to save some to drink with mom and dad, and we start playing star wars outside. We laugh so hard that we fall asleep on the tramp and my dad comes outside and starts mowing the lawn and yells at me, my bros already inside playing with his cars, to get inside. When I get inside my mom yells at me that we drank the drink. I tell her we only drank half and she rolls her eyes and says whatever, colin has agreed to drink the rest when dad finishes mowing the lawn and every one will drink their drinks. I say fine (I am usually a little mad but lately I have been struggling not to punch her I know that sounds evil but like it’s true) so we drink our drinks but mine wears off fast I can feel it so I say ima go take a nap. I go upstairs and I read for a little bit until my mom comes charging into my room pretty fast kinda scary. She says doesn’t look like your sleeping and starts looking more like sophia by the second. I say I’m sorry the potion was wearing off I could feel it (Tonight, I tried not to say it but I did and I really didn’t mean to because I know what happens and I want to change it. I know it sounds weird, but I can decide what i’m going to do next in my dreams and I feel pain and it’s kind of like I’m playing a role playing video game except with way more options and I feel feelings) She teleports over, and I mean like one second she’s at the door the next the door is shut and locked and she’s standing right over me. She says that’s your fault for drinking the potion so soon without asking my permission. Then she proceeds to tell me everything I’ve done wrong in my life including the fact that I was adopted. I tell her that that is not my fault and she slaps me. I look in the mirror across my bedroom and see that it is starting to turn black and it’s spreading which makes no sense but if you saw my dream it would make sense. Then the doorbell rings and she goes oh finally i can finally stop talking to this monster. She goes to answer the door and answers it. It’s my aunt but as soon as my aunt sees my mom she walks away. My mom comes upstairs and gets mad at me for something a different thing every night and locks the door. I get super confused and put my hair in a ponytail holder and sit on my bed and say Hey, Sophia, I don’t know how to do this and if i’m doing it wrong i’m sorry but i really need to talk to you and I get like transported into demon snake land. She’s like you’re wondering about you’re mother. yes. ok, well, she’s turning into a demon. In order to save her you must pass my test, try that and fail and you still want to save your mom then you will have to pay to pay the ultimate price. She takes me into a classroom with one desk full of textbooks not one computer anywhere and a nice clean crisp sheet of paper on the desk with a perfectly sharp pencil and then she says you have three days and she closes the door apparently it’s on the demon version of shakespeare and i’m so confused (this part just skips if that makes sense) and I failed and she says no the ultimate price is not dying but you will go back to the real world and nobody that you know and are friends with and stuff are going to recognise you but my mom won’t be a demon anymore and she’ll be happy and I say yes because you know, she’s my mom and then I wake up. Same thing every night except for the parts I specified and I need to know what this means and how to make it go away and also if anyone else has super vivid dreams like this. also sorry for all the details but I need to tell someone and I’m scared to tell my mom because she might get mad. Also my mom is nothing like this I don’t want anyone to get confused that she is. I just really need to know what this is about. Help please this is going to drive me crazy!

  20. I keep having dreams of the same demon showing up in my dreams as family member. Twice and my dad and once as my son. It keeps talking about coming to get me and is always with a menacing twisted grin and laughing at me. I tell it that it won’t because I won’t let it and that it doesn’t have the power to come get me. It wants to hurt me, or even kill me and I’m scared but I don’t show It fear, but it still is unphased and insists, sometimes it’s angry when I deny it’s power when I call it weak, and it tries to prove its power by showing me it’s stronger than my son, able to lift me when I pinned it down. But even though it could lift me it still doesn’t try to hurt me in these forms just tell me that’s it’s gonna get me one day. I have no idea what any of it means.

  21. I as a dream last night I was in bed talking to my cousin and mom and we were all smoking together and ordering food. As soon as I left the bed and went to get something to eat I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and the light wouldn’t turn on. I kept trying it a couple more times but I noticed there was definitely something wrong with the bathroom light. Soon after I even noticed small hint of gas and even a flame coming from the bulb so I backed out of the room but the next thing I knew the door slammed shut behind me and the light turned on. Then I was stuck and I could feel something grab me and pick up. At first I wasn’t just scared but interested and I thought it was ghost messing with me and I flipped it off. Immediately I started fear this entity more and more the higher it lifted me in the bathroom and the only thing I could think of was that I could die alone and nobody would hear me. I started banging on the walls and the damn thing started spin me away but I just kept going at it to get someone’s attention. The entity grabbed my arms to silence me but my mom finally burst in and I dropped on to the floor. She saw I had bruises on my arms and asked me what happened.

  22. Hey
    well my dream was like this but a little diffrent if you can please tell me meaning I will be very happy
    So I was witth someone who I didnt know and he had a angel that follewd him everywere and I ask his angel that how can I have a angel like he has you
    and he sad you should ask the lord and then I see a angel with dark wings goining somewhere and i follower her cuz she was a girl and as I was following here she got in into a old place and that place has a circle I went in and got close to here
    Then she turn into a devil and I was fighting here and I win
    the the friend with his angel come there and the deamon sad he int what you really think in that moment the angel kill the deamon
    and then the angel of my friend truned into a devil to
    hid skin beacome black
    his armor black
    his wings black
    then I wake up

  23. I don’t exactly remember this dream but I KNOW it happened, I was laying in bed and I had to use the reastroom and I went to my door and coming down the halway was a creature with the body of a big spider the head of a woman but the face is pointed at the cealing with ling stringy black hair hanging down dragging on the ground, she has glowing red eyes and a mouth full of extremely sharp teeth and no nose, just an indent where her nose should be, she saw me and started moving twards me, I was so scared, I froze and just as she reached me I woke up, and since then I have had nighmares with her in them, this was my second one last night, I was laying in bed and she crawled into my room and up the side of my bed and started to crawl across my bed with her chin pointed at my fan but her eyes were looking right into mine, and then I woke up.

  24. I just woke up from a disturbing dream. All I can remember is that I was laying in a giant bed with my mom . I was outside of my body looking above at everything that was happening, but was able to bounce between prespecive between first & third person . My mom was asleep but her eyes were open . Something was holding me in my dream . It felt “comfortable” until I realized what it looked like. It was a spitting imagine of the creature Schmegle from Lord of the Rings & once it realized I saw it’s face it shoved its long disgusting fingers in my mouth chocking me & making me suck & lick it’s fingers . When it started laughing it’s incredibly creepy laugh I was aware that I was able to channel its laugh into reality & actual living world . My husband then woke me up saying I was moaning & laughing extremely creepily & made sure I was okay .

  25. I had a nightmare about my old house this thing idk what it was kept dragging me deeper into darkness My the thing in my dream went from looking a demon to. Looking like my brothers wife she then told me to do Whatever she said she had a snake tongue I refused I tried to defend myself by trying to snap its neck then it bit My thumb I just woke up and theres now a mark on my thumb where it bit me and it hurts

    Can someone plz explain to me what happened to me?

  26. i have been having dreams of my death idk whats happening i had a dream where a demon mocks me i had a dream where a little girl pushes a car what im driving into a forrest she said for someone i forgot the name of the person’s name it was strange the demon picked my sister up like 4 feet in the air and dropped her headfirst on the ground and she says it wasnt a dream!

  27. I had a dream where I went down into my basement and I saw my “dog” who was actually an evil demon in the form of my dog. When we brought the dog upstairs I saw my real dog and I said to my brother “wait, if our dog is over there, then who is this dog?” We let my dog in and the demon dog killed my dog. Then my friend was about to die by the dog and I started to protect her. But for some reason I was pushed aside and she was brought outside and died. And in real life I had these neighbors who moved away and in the dream they were there. And I told them “This dog is evil, IT KILLED PEOPlE!” But then they didn’t believe me and I woke up petrified of the dream. I realized that I was late for my school call, and later in the day I was still scared, I’m still scared today, and this just happened last night. And I noticed my dog is stronger than yesterday. Or it’s probably just me.

  28. Hi last night I had a nightmare and it was about a demon that was wearing a mask he kept killing everyone around and inside my house then I was left with my cousin only but then I already knew that he was going to kill her but later on after every one everyone else was dead . For some unknown reason I was sitting on my bed with him he had removed his mask then u asked him if I could put my head on his shoulder , he accepted. After something like 5 seconds he received a phone call and I asked him if he was also asked to kill me. He responds that he couldn’t do that. For some really unknown reason I fell in love with him then he took me to a place where the building was fully black with very big gates and bats on the roof. He later on presented me to his master. I stayed there for quite a long time I was later on told to come back to my house but it didn’t even take 3 days I had gone there again. And I really seemed to like that place

    If someone could help me understand what I dreamt I would be really grateful

    1. he trys to make you not fear him thats when he attacks i had a dream when i was like 6 maybe and it was about santa he had no face he killed everyone but me so maybe thats the same for your dream btw im 12 now

  29. I had a dream a demon lil girl tried to take my girls from me and i kept saying i abide all demons back into the pitts of hell. Right… So before i went to bed i had a couple drinks and me and my dude fought

  30. I keep having the same dream about a house, it started out as just a room and slowly turned into a house after several dreams. The first time I was maliciously attacked by an unseen entity that literally threw me around the room, shook the rooms and violently threw things around. I never left the house but as dreams passed I found that the house has 2 stories to it. The one where I live is in is the top floor and in shambles but I am left alone. The lower half is absolutely gorgeous but if I go down there I am attacked. My last dream I was selling the house but couldn’t go down to show it.

  31. Last night I had a dream that I had taken my 2 kids to an event where more children were present. Most parents were gathered in their groups talking. Being a single Dad and not knowing the other parents I was sitting on a bench alone. A kid who seemed to be just under 10 years of age walked past me singing. I smiled and he kept walking. Then be walked back by me and was singing the same song. I said, “is there another verse”. He said, “yes would you like to hear it”. I told him yes so he sat beside me and starting singing another verse. After I woke up I could remember it word for word but now I just remember the jest of it but he was singing something along the lines of “you’re walking alone and it’s just you, you’re trying to go home but nothing you can do” then his eyes changed and a tongue at least a foot long came toward me and into my mouth. I was choking and could breath. I grabbed him and was trying to get away but I couldn’t. I couldn’t breathe. In my dream I bit down and bit his tongue into and he disappeared. I woke up crying and in a panic. I could taste blood. I soon realized I had bitten the inside of my cheek. I lay there in a panic for a few minutes and then started to doze off. I kept myself from going back to sleep because I didn’t want the dream to continue. I finally went back to sleep a couple hours later.

  32. I had a dream that a demon was hurting a little girl and no adults around her could see it. She was letting out these horrifying screams and it was then that I woke.

  33. Hello. I had a dream last night involving a demon. I was camping with my old Girl Scout troop (I am well into my twenties) but we were all grown up. We were sleeping in what looked like a barn in sleeping bags. I kept trying to tell everyone there was a dark force in the barn. No one would listen. Then when we were sleeping a demon grabbed my foot and dragged me and the sleeping bag across the floor crashing into another girl. But she wouldn’t believe me that i didn’t do it on purpose. Then the demon shows itself to everyone. I ask it why it’s there. It points to my sister and says “because of who she shares a tattoo with, (and two other reasons I can’t remember). Then my sister says “well I’m getting that tattoo removed”. Then we are in our parents house (where I’ve been stuck with her since quarantine started). I’m talking to her in the hallway and we are getting along. Then she gets this sinister smile and starts coming for me. I slap her and she’s normal again. Then she again gets that smile and chases me into the kitchen. I spray her with holy water and then the demon leaves her body and enters my dads. Then I woke up.

    I like to think of myself as “intuitive” of energies. But I think this was more symbolic. My sister and I have always butted heads but it has gone from sisterly bickering to a full blown hatred of each other in recent weeks. I’ve also been butting heads with my dad because of our difference in politics. No matter how many olive branches I extend to her she is always mean always narcissistic. So I have finally put my foot down and I’ve stopped forgiving her and trying again and I have started to stand up for myself. I have even gone as far as telling her not to talk to me. I am just completely avoiding her. I think the dream was symbolic of me missing the old days when she was pleasant sometimes and whatever is making her constantly miserable and insufferable needs to go.

  34. I had a dream the other night that was so intense my wife actually woke me up cause I was screaming.
    I was in an old White House with 70’s style furniture it wasn’t my house had no idea why I was there. As I walked around the downstairs of the house I could hear my one sons voice somewhere in the house he was laughing, I went looking for him and couldn’t find him, I ended up in the sitting room that had a door way to the kitchen but no door, that’s when I saw a shadow move quickly past th doorway, I went and looked and there was no one there I turned around and my oldest daughter was standing there, but it wasn’t my daughter her eyes were not the same color, I said “holy shit, Bella” and she lunges at me I moved and she fell but when she got up she was my oldest son and he grabbed my arm, ( woke up with a small bruise on my forearm where he grabbed me in the dream) i grabbed his should and said “you’re not Aiden, tell me your name” he replied Aiden, again I said “tell me your name” he twitched and squeezed my arm harder, and I said a third time “tell me your name” and he smiled and that’s when my wife woke me up.
    It was 2:27 am and a full moon freaked me out especially since I had a bruise where he grabbed me in my dream.
    Is this just my hyper active imagination or was this real?
    There was a lot more that happened in my dream but this was the meat of it. What does this mean

    1. there might be someone close to you that is not who they seem to be, or it might be that your kids are hiding something.

  35. I had a dream last night where I was being chased by a demon it was black with lava lines all over his body it was 8ft tall I was running from him and I realize that I’m in the street I live on. I run until I’m tired the i ended up next to a trailer, and I turn around to see where the demon was and he was behind me and I cut his head off. And I look at the trailer and a old lady came out and look at me. Then I turned in to a demon then walked up to the lady and I had the demonic weapon, and the old lady opened the screen door and peaked out and I tried to chop her head off with the weapon and I missed and she closed the screen door the started speaking like a a different language and she made a cross with her fingers and I got scared and started running towards my house. I didn’t wanna kill that old lady and I couldn’t control my body then as I was running I realized I was more scared of the old lady then I was with the demon

  36. I had several nightmare dreams in a row (i woke and fell back asleep to dream the same thing in a different setting).
    In my dream I was asleep and dreaming as well (I know this because I kept shouting that “this isn’t real, it’s only a dream”). In this dream there was a black force/ghost/mass/entity that was trying to take me. It was pulling me and trapping me in whatever room I was in. I kept fighting it and telling it it would never take me. I also kept shouting for my father to help me and I was telling this evil that my father would save and not let this happen. I kept shouting for my father and pulling away from the “demon”
    (I should note that my father passed away a little over a year ago).
    I can’t figure out what it all means, especially since I had three versions of this dream in a row.

  37. I had a dream I was a teenager again living with my Mom and Step Dad and step brother and sister. The house we lived in was different I had a living room set up in one part of the house and I came home from somewhere and my Step Dad had moved the living room to a different area of the house. I was so upset about it in my dream and walked to the part of the house where the living room used to be. I was suddenly attacked by a demon that lifted me off the ground and started to throw me around the house. I had to get out of the house for the demon to leave me alone. I wasn’t that afraid of it and would continue to go back into the house. Soon the demon could know if I even stepped foot in the house and would immediately attack me. The funny thing about this powerful demon was I was reading about blessings from God just before I had fallen asleep that night. It read, to be blessed you must be a peacemaker and forgive those of your past. I immediately after being awoken from the dream prayed and forgave my Step Dad from amy past issues or asked for mercy for any grief I may have caused. I feel God was helping me to forgive. I actually believed for the longest time my Step Dad tried to poison me when I was a child. I forgive all who have trespassed against my being or soul. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  38. I had a dream where i was on the phone and the person on the other line asked for help and as i said “what?” a demon was lurking around the corner of a dark house and it was speeding towards me and caught me by the ribs and i woke up screaming throwing my arms as i threw the phone in the dream. I don’t know what this means.

  39. I had a dream before it was dark outside I was with my dad and brother we were walking back to the Family shelter there was this black thing following us it was tall it had a shape of a Male person my dad told me to take my little brother and run it Attacked my dad me and my brother ran behind a building it was looking for us when it was gone I mad sure it was gone it was gone so we ran to the Family shelter we were in front of the building then I woke up and I was scared and then I couldn’t sleep. It was my dream that happened way before 5th grade but now I’m 13 years old and also I’m in 7th grade I hope someone can help me understand my dream.

  40. I had a dream last night where I saw an ex lover, we made eye contact more than once, it was always him walking into a room looking around before closing the door with him inside, the eye contact we made was weird, I could hear crowds of people around me yelling, I was sitting at my grandma’s old dining room, and when him and I made eye contact everything around me faded for vision but got louder for hearing, and we were about a good 100 ft apart but when we locked eyes it’s like we were two feet apart.
    Then when he closes the door my dream shifted, I was in a bedroom with his sister and I walked to the bathroom, where I heard a noise, and when I reached the bathroom it was a old bathroom stall with two stalls, I walked into one stall and it the door wouldn’t open, the stall next to me, flushed, and water was overflowing and on the floor, and a pair of black, high heal/ combat boots slowly moved to the floor, putting the heal down first then toe.
    The door wouldn’t come unlocked, and when my back was turned there was a shadow above me that I could see on the door. When I turned around and looked up, a demonic creature was on top of the stall, stretched across the opening looking at me. Without any fear I jumped on the toilet and stabbed it, but when I did it smiled and it’s face changed and it was my ex lovers sister. And then I woke up…….
    I think I need some help trying to interpret this dream.. I’m at a loss.

  41. i keep having this dream that a demon is chasing me in this big
    house but i have some how fun in it that i hide and the demon is
    trying to fined me and if he fined me i just do something silly
    (like giving a boop on the nose or just smiles and giggles)
    and he is like comfused and let me go and a start running again

    what do this mean?

  42. I had a dream last night of a deer type of animal (it’s repetitive) and you can tell it’s a very dark entity. I’m highly spiritual and intuitive, I would say I’m the closest I’ve ever been to the Divine right now. I have lucid dreams every single night but lately they have been super dark. Some of the dreams I have had in the past have came true in my walking life. I had a dream last year that my grandma passed away and 5 hours later she actually did. But anyway, last night the “deer” in my dream had this very powerful and overwhelming voice say; “I am Jesus Christ and I order you to kill them!” And I could not wake up but I finally did and I felt so dark. I have 3 mirrors in my room facing towards each other and one of the mirrors is facing towards my bed and I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and see people staring at me in the mirror. I don’t know what to do because the dreams won’t go away

    1. pay attention to the faces in the mirror, it might be a sighn to what is going on, they might be people you know and will hurt you or someone you love, or people you meet that will hurt you or someone you love.

  43. Like I had a dream where this spirit(not even a demon) was my lover, like we really loved each other,but I couldn’t see him because it was just a spirit but I could feel his presence bcs of that energy, like I could feel the energy of him when he sat beside me, but I couldn’t see him or touch him. When I woke up I didn’t feel scared but actually weird..

  44. I had a dream about a demonic car. This car was given to me as a gift by a mysterious old man who said because of the car, he had won millions of dollars in the business of racing. I didn’t know it was demonic until I got inside after this man encouraged me to “give it a try.”
    Once inside the car, I was trapped and in the dark. I kept trying to turn on my cell phone light, but each time I did, the light went out.
    The car asked me where I wanted to go with this AI sounding voice and I said the movie theater.
    The car then lit up and I could see that there was no escape door to get out and in front of me I saw the road, the steering wheel, and the gas and brake pedals below me, the passenger seat next to me etc.
    The car proceeded to drive on its own and at one point I bumped the wheel a little bit having the thought that I’d try driving even though I didn’t know how. The car started to steer out of control and hit several people in the process. Each person that it hit it proceeded to absorb into itself (the people screamed). After this absorption, the car improved on it’s visual appearance in several ways and became very advances looking on the inside, then it regained control but was still on autopilot and moving quickly toward it’s destination.
    An escape door suddenly appeared, and though the car was still moving, I wanted to get out because I was really scared.
    I got out and suddenly, I became a child and there were two other children with me who resembled two characters from the anime Higurashi no naku Koro ni. We just walked around for awhile anxiously talking to each other about what happened. One girl wanted to totally ignore and avoid the situation. Myself and one of the girls just wanted to find the car and stop it and then go home.
    In the process of trying to find the car and discussing what happened, an officer overhead us and we felt like we needed to say we were talking about a videogame. He said young girls like us needed to get home before sunset.
    While walking, we saw several unique looking cars that looked like they were gathering for a race. We questioned what this was all about and then I woke up.

  45. I dreamt that I was told by Alastor that I was his daughter. Then I saw myself with powers. What those that mean? It’s not the first time I dream him.

  46. I recently had a dream where when I saw a specific photo my vision started to shake and then I looked at the demon and it started to run at me but I woke up before it got to me

  47. I had a dream that I was kidnapped by a demon. I then tried to escape but the demon caught me again. I don’t remember the rest but I woke up feeling really scared and trapped. Does anyone know what this means?

  48. I dreamt about a demon that was manifesting as my living grandma, in the dream we were at her house and this demon that looked like her would appear , and would chase us. She had like a needle and wanted to inject me with it.so my biggest fear in the world is paranormal things, so I was TERRIFIED. As the chase went on the setting changed to a different and bigger home. But there were still some of the rooms from the original house. In the dream I’m telling my grandma that i can’t stay here, but I get worried about her, as I walk around the bed my breath becomes visible as it gets cold, if I back up my breath returned normal til I stepped back forward, Then we are in the living room and the demon appears out of thin air, but then something happens, the manifestation of my grandpa appears,(he recently passed away and the manifestation of him Was younger) Then other people and the whole vibe changes. It wasn’t scary anymore. But then I woke up.

  49. I had a dream that a devils face was coming towards me. I knew the only way to get rid of it was to fill myself up with love energy and it would disappear!! Will that’s exactly what I did no words were needed just love!! And phoof he was gone!! I felt afterwards the power of love is awesome!! Can get you through anything!!

  50. I literally just woke up from my dream my dream was about this demon being in my house it looked like a tall skinny pale blue person and it’s eyes where always looking up even when looking at me it was trying to kill me and the people in the house but we escaped well apart from me I was left in my room scared outta my mind then I tried to get out but as I walked to the hallway I noticed him in a room drinking loads of alcohol and he had changed the whole room into what he wanted then he noticed me and I ran to get out and I did I got outside and went to my neighbours house phoned the police they came but weirdly in my dream a car came that said demon killers on it and they all went in and I was allowed to follow them they opened the front door and we could see the demon standing in this dark room and the “demon killer guy” said to me that he’s turned the whole house into his and especially that room

  51. I dreamt of wandering in an isolated house and there was an orange tree and i was swinging to pluck orange but i failed but someone else idk who was he touched the tree and he got possessed by a demon and he was chasing me ..i ran and saw some saints but he killed two saints and finally reached a hut where two saints were living and they helped me in getting rid of the demon .but i could feel the pain he gave me..

  52. Hi

    I had a dream that I was locked in a dark room and chain with a woman demon. I was running away from this woman demon trying to look for work but I was just running in circles, it’s as 8f she was telling me she has my life in something and I can’t find a job . Later she was laying in bed and I wanted to catch her I was so Afriad of it when I wanted to touch her face it fanished but her body and hair i could see, and i decided to beat her up then she dissapeared cause I could not touch her…… i woke up and had a very bad bad pain in my leg and the pain is realy there

    Cause a few yrs back I had a dream that a friend of mine turned into a demon and bite me between my thighs and that thing still pains sometime

    I don’t what it is

  53. I had a dream that I was a demon who wanted to kill everyone who looked at me weird and who laughed at me, but there was this one guy who I saw that I didn’t wanna kill, I don’t know why I didn’t wanna kill him, but for some reason I didn’t

    1. if you have this dream again then see what he looks like and if you see him in real life it might be a sighn that you will have a close relationship with him.

  54. I had a dream where i came face to face with my demon and i just froze and let it “attack” me or engulf me and i wasn’t trying to fight, i kind of just gave up. I’ve been trying to figure out what this means but i’m very unsure.

  55. I had a dream about a baby (it wasn’t mines) it was the child of my favorite music artist that died almost two years ago.

    I bathed the baby then the mother walked in and we talked about how much the baby looked like his father.

    Then me and the mother (her name is genesis) I told her that it’s ok to be sad about the lost of the love of your life and father to their child. She was numb and I cried on her.

    Me and her got dressed in blue, I guess we were going to his grave site.

    It was a demon chasing me and her and the baby, the baby had something in him that the demons wanted.

    Something about red and blue it was two circles that were intertwined and in the middle shown a light.

  56. Hoping to get some insight on a dream or nightmare I had just last night..

    I’ll give some context. I am male. The age i felt in the dream could of easily been 15 (which suits the setting of the dream) but at the same time I could’ve just been my current age (21). My Father doesn’t live in this house and there are no quarrels with that whole situation, he just happens to not be apart of this dream.

    Apologies in advance for the awkward story telling as although it felt unbelievably real i’m still trying to make sense of it.

    It started off with myself in my childhood home (mums). I was out the front and there was my mothers dog (he’s still alive). He had white bright pale lifeless eyes staring at me? and next to him also staring at me was a tall, skinny, bipedal, definitely not human creature with piercing deep black eyes that hurt to look at and a mouth that scared the life out of me. It was the kind of thing that seemed to manifest perfectly into something that just freaked me out, and usually i’m pretty good at looking through this stuff but it’s just gotten to me.

    A moment later I was suddenly inside and I had somehow had it all captured on a digital camera. Because it all felt so real I couldn’t believe that i had caught it on film and went straight to my mother and asked her to watch it and tell me if she saw what I saw. I couldn’t watch her watch it as I was afraid to look at it again. She seemed worried and simply said “ask your sister if she knows what it is”. Which scared and surprised me at the same time.

    As your standard dream (nightmare) goes, it skipped to the next part where I was somewhere possibly in the house lying on the ground by myself. Eyes closed and in darkness. This was where I felt it (what i’m assuming is a demon) try to take control over my body mind and memories. I could feel it in my bones moving up through me to my face slowly dulling me out? I did what you would expect and would scream at it and fight it and tell it that it won’t take control over me. It happened about three times where It seemed it had me before I would regain something back through my thoughts, and I would be able to fight it out of me.

    I’m unsure whether I managed to keep it out in my dreams but after the third time of fighting it out of me I woke up at around 4am.

    I don’t live a particularly stressful life, I live with mates and I have a solid job and an amazing partner, and keep in contact with my family. In this dream however keeping that demon out just seemed like the hardest thing in my life.

  57. What if I had a dream about a woman? This woman was likewise a demon but i couldn’t really tell. She would only attack by running into a window, like, as a warning. Then she would break in and chase me through the house, apparently, due to the other people in my dream, she cuts people and stabs them, leaving them marked with different symbols. It seems like she only attacks people who are either alone, or already have fear in them. The woman wasn’t affected by a cross, or salt, or any type of thing that typically, i guess, people say work on a demon. That is why i can’t call her one. I am deeply intrigued and terrified by this dream. No idea what it means, but it seems like I have a problem.

  58. I constantly have a feeling that something negative is in my room at night before i go to sleep. I always ask for it to go away and say it is not welcome here but that doesn’t stop the dreams. I have dreams of sort of demons getting in my face and lying on me. I share a room with my sister and she wakes up to me screaming in my sleep ‘get off, leave me alone’. It is really starting to scare me now, I don’t know what to do.

  59. I had a dream where I had a kid(I don’t have any children in real life) who’s half demon. His father was a demon and I was the mom. I was raising the kid on my own, without his demon dad. Although I did take care of the child, I did not show him love and affection directly or stated it to him clearly. I was hiding my love for him. He grew up with human traits and even kindness. Though when he turned about 17(just a guess but he was at least in his teens or college). His father(the demon) came and took him. I am not sure whether it was to kill him or just take him but at first I was like I don’t care but after a few seconds I found myself crying in the dream, begging not to take the kid. I was crying and I could feel my heart ache. It was a very weird dream and I just want to ask if it means anything.

  60. last night i had a dream that i died and i was viewing my own funeral up on the alter was my casket, my family was there, everything was how a mass before a funeral would normally be. behind the stand on the wall was glass. suddenly the back doors get kicked open, everyone turned around to look but there was nothing there when everyone turned back forward through the mirror they could see the devil walking through the middle of all the chairs, he was like we’d all expect him to look. goat legs, tall, claws, and a goat skull with horns, the closer he got to my casket he started to transform into human form, he was beautiful, like he was carved from marble. he opened my casket and picked me up gently and that was when i woke up. i wasnt scared at all and have no idea what this means.

  61. Last night I had this nightmare were I was just in my room minding my own business and playing games. My mom comes into the room to put my clothes on the bed then walks back out to the laundry room. She then comes back and asks me if I brought back the jackets she washed. I told her no then she sits on the bed and started talking as if some spirit was trying to tell her that she left my jackets in my room. Then I get up and look down the hall and see this dark tall phenomenon and I freak out cause it was just outside my door way. My mom gets up and goes look because it disappeared around the corner of the wall and I start to follow my mom. Next thing I know the phenomenon comes back around the corner and has the demonic scream and rushes towards me and picks me up and takes me into the closet to where I’m slammed aha against my clothes and it went fully dark. I then woke up breathing heavy and heart rate was high. I almost started crying. Is there a certain meaning to that ? As to the phenomenon doing what it did and sounding demonic about it v

  62. I had a dream that i was coming out of my room and saw this girl standing at my back door she had long black hair and black eyes and a grey jacket on with her hood on she just looking at me just standing in the back door with it wide open and did not know how she opened it and so that’s when i realized i need to run so i tried to go back to my room she came after me but she crawled under the table but i could not go back to my room for some reason so i turned around and got on the table and i went on top of the table and then she tried to go the other way i was going to get me but i took the vase that was on my table and smashed it on her back and she just layed there and then i turned her around to see if she was still breathing but she was not so i just stood there relieved that she was dead.

  63. I had a dream about a creature or a demon I cant describe it completely it had the appearance of a man and it was on a building in fire and was laughing crazily thinking about it gives me chills anyone know about this?

  64. Yes i believe an evil entity is reinvading my life and has actually been present for many years now. In my dream it took me back to my childhood home where it all started ……….i now fear for myself once again

  65. My boyfriend had a dream twice of a demon in the mirror. Once trying to grab him and pull him in and another where it stepped out and he was trying to feed or something. Not sure what that’s supposed to symbolise

  66. I had a dream of a demon blowing his breath from his mouth into my own mouth(the demon was so scary i cant open my eyes to see its face).pls what does it mean.

  67. I need answers to this dream. I was standing or probably flying on top with demons below that we’re walking and doing nothing. They were not agressive. None were fighting. They were talking and sitting

    1. Hi Ivy, when I read your dream, there are two sayings that come to mind. The first is the proverb, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” and the second is the Edmund Burke quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” For this reason, if it were my dream, I would probably see the demons as a symbol for people who do not take any sort of action.

      Without knowing more, another possibility is perhaps in waking life you have your own “metaphorical demons” {could be illness, a vice, old habit, etc.} and you are finally feeling like you are seeing some success with managing it – the dream being more of a symbol for radical acceptance with different problems in your life.

      You are always the best person to interpret the dream, but I hope this at least gives you some ideas to explore. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  68. So I had a dream last night that I traveled from New Mexico to San Diego (I live in San Diego) by car in like an hour and 8 minutes (that drive would be over 10 hours…). Then, my dad, at his house (which is not really his house because there are like pools and crazy expensive things everywhere-it’s like a 20 million dollar house) tells me that he wants me to conjure a demon. Which is weird because HE IS TOTALLY AGAINST CONJURING EVIL SPIRITS. Anyways, he gives me all of these crystals on a bed and tells me to do it. And I don’t really know how to conjure a demon so I just start yelling and telling it to find me. My dad leaves and my mom is there in the room and this really ripped handsome guy appears. He is only wearing socks. And I don’t get a bad feeling about him. Like, he doesn’t seem evil, but he is super attractive. And then I decide to call my friend to tell her that I already drove to San Diego and I can’t meet her for the Lyft to the airport that we are supposed to get together in New Mexico. Also his name was [something]tonies.

  69. I recently had a dream that a dark figure low to the ground kept trying to wake me up in my dream….I woke scared. Not sure that this means…I hope I don’t dream it again. Does anyone have any experiences with a demon like thing? Dread and fear is what it made me feel. -Keri

    1. Hi Keri,
      This certainly sounds like a frightening dream experience! Many times in our dreams these types of symbols are things we fear or dread in waking life. Often times, taking some time to really explore what we are afraid of and what we are feeling can cause these dreams to dissipate naturally on their own.

      In addition to exploring any possible waking life scenarios you are dreading, it can often help to pray in accordance to your own personal spiritual beliefs.

  70. A little background- I never have any control, whatsoever. It’s more like a first-person movie, where I’m just watching the things I do.

    I just woke up from probably the most intense, disturbing dream of my life. A friend and I went out to some old country antique store, and bought a big chest. Inside was a really old, dusty book written all in what looked like some kind of Cyrillic. It turned out we were looking for something like that, because we left the chest, took the book, and left. As we were walking out the door, there was some ethereal, hard-to-see presence just outside. I reached out to it, and could physically touch it, and could tell it was delighted. Instantly, my friend and I’s Perceptions shifted, I assume he saw the same things I did. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but my vision got drawn out, kind of like a tunnel vision, but instead of black all around the focus, it was sort of like everything was further away? I’m not sure exactly how I would describe it. Also, there was just… Color, churning all over my vision, as well as the entity communicating to us through fiery text floating mid-air in the same kind-of-Cyrillic as the book, but either of us could translate it if we focused really hard. The whole dream was nothing but driving around, communicating with the entity, but it’s been almost an hour and I’m so unfocused it took me like a half an hour to write this, and my heart won’t stop racing

  71. Here is my dream , I found myself with my pregnant wife and a sorcerer. He was telling me that i had to kill an entity to relieve myself of a blockage ….so i grab the entity took a ????and cut it head off the arms and legs then the sorcerer ask that i throw all the body parts in the ocean to purify my soul….can someone explain that to me this crazy dream ….straight from a hollywood movie!!!!

  72. When i was a child I had the same nightmare many times. I would be in a football field and would always go by myself down to the locker rooms were it was very dark and scary. in the center of one of the rooms was a light that terrified me deeply. i would always wake up before i could see what was in it, but there was something there. Years after that I would get visions that came to me like memories about begging for another chance.

  73. I had a dreem about a demon who chasing me and pushed me into a deep hole in a dark forest.. I tried very hard and save myself from falling in to that hole.. I stand up and see a verry tall man he tried to kill me.. But suddenly i have seen myself as a demon and had long teeth and nails.. And i directly jump to that demon and take a bite on his neck … .. After that I don’t remember what happened

  74. I had a horrific dream last night. I dreamed I was having an asthma attack we couldn’t find my inhalers in my purse. My husband and I were in our bedroom and I started feeling like I was getting ready to pass out and I jumped out of bed and crawled on the floor like a baby but super fast to get to the top drawer in the bathroom. I couldn’t find my inhaler in the drawer and I fall on my back in the middle of the bathroom as I feel like I’m passing out or dying from not being able to breathe. My face starts contorting because I think I’m dying. Only this horrible demon comes out of my body as I lay on the ground with my real body discarded like dirty laundry. The demon is looking at my husband who looks shocked and surprised at this new form, then my husband smiles funny and says “That’s impressive!” I can see the silhouette of the demon from my peripheral vision but don’t turn to fully look at the demon in the bathroom mirror. Because the demon is me. I feel so empowered and evil and I all the sudden I woke up. I can’t shake this nightmare. I feel like I must be a horrible person and my heart must not be right. I am a born again Christian and don’t understand what this could mean.

    1. this can mean that you feel that you are trying to tell your husband something about yourself, whether it is something from your past or not. You are not sure if he will accept your ” new form”. you feel that you cant accept what your holding back and you refuse to look at it or face it. Your gasping for air probably means that someone or something is “choking” or blocking you from something else. Try thinking about anything you need to say to your husband, maybe it’s a past guilt that you cannot seem to shake so face it and try to resolve the issue. Dont let your inner demons reach the surface. You’ll be letting them win.

  75. I recently had a week full of dreams about one demon, it was spiderlike, and the last day I had one it involved some lady that accidentally braught the demon I had been dreaming of into this world, it ended up killing her husband and me, I ended up in this strange realm with this tunnel of books that would open up holes and suck people in, I walked into it and I fought the spider demon and before I pushed it into one of the holes it took on the lady’s face as its own and told me what she did, after it fell into the hole I woke up. I was not afraid in any of these dreams tho.

  76. I just woke from a dream that I was possessed. It told me it was Satan but I didn’t believe it, so I went to talk to a priest. At that point the priest left and the demon followed him and killed him in a restroom stall. There was blood, flies, and filth everywhere in the stall. I ran out into the street, like I came from inside a cathedral, a priest followed me out. He was then lifted off the ground and disappeared in a thick fog that hung above the street. He came falling on to the street with blood splashing from the impact. The people on the street started screaming in chaos. I ran back in to the cathedral, the whole time praying in my mind, where I was suddenly in a bedroom with a rabbi and a priest praying the prayer in the exorcist. The demon in the bed was unrecognizable. The demon then threw the priest and rabbi back from the bed. Then attacked me, which is when I woke up. My body felt drained, I’m scared and depressed. I have been an addict since I was 13 and abused since I was 5 or 6. Got clean for 6yrs then in 2015 relapsed, got clean again at the end of 2015 and have stayed clean. I have not left my home in 6 months or more, too scared to leave the house. Started reading the Bible again, haven’t since I was 11. Dreams of demons and hell have been reoccurring for years. What do I do to help myself?

  77. What if I dream that I break both of my arms and people and things are possessed and I can’t do anything and then there’s a car crash outside my house and both cars are on fire and someone I know is in that car. Then I tell my mom and she doesn’t seem to care. Then some friends come over with wine, beer and start to drink, I tell them no because there’s demos inside he house and they don’t stop and then some people possessed by demons break into the house trying to get me.

  78. I had a dream that I was outside my house late at night smoking a cig. And then these 3 beings come up to me they look very human like but they had big black eyes. They asked me what kind of demon I was and tried to abduct me. But I had powers so I destroyed one and then I woke up. It felt very real

  79. Ever since i was 13 i have had a nightmare of something trying to capture me. For 16 years i got the same thing comming in my nightmares tryibg to get me.. strangling me and throwing me around. But everyti.e i tried to get a look at it, it would dossapear. Last night though, after 2years of nothing, it came back. But it was inside me. I was running around amazingly quick frantically shouting help me to my daughters but only it was comming out in a deep scary voice when i woke up i was sweating and felt nauseous and dizzy. I was extremely faint.

  80. I have a reoccurring dream that when I lay down to go to sleep and I actually fall asleep but I can still see myself lying in the bed and something is trying to enter into my body I try to fight it by saying what I have always said to try to protect myself against things like this and it has recently started to enable me to speak. Since this has started happening I have been hearing noises throughout the house and today a music box even went off by itself.

    1. I have the same dreams but this is like the 4th time and it’s so scary i don’t want to fall asleep when I’m myself. The worst thing about this is my husband thinks I’m overreacting or I’m thinking about it too much 🙁

  81. Hi I recently dreamed that me and my son where driving my dad’s car and all the lights blacked out and the car cut out of power ‘ a man then jumped in the car and started throwing my stuff in the car on the road… We then had power in the car and the man was ish crazy but more human form… I then ended up at a random house with myself and my friends an I could feel something strange wasn’t right with me and my son : it showed the most scary scenes I don’t want to say but.. I was getting rid of this demonized figure in myself and realized it was in both myself and my son and all these churches formed a circle and started praying to God and singing happy songs from then on I don’t want to say what happened but the demon left my son but I don’t no about me in my dream 🙁

  82. My fiancée and I are extremely, extremely close to one another. Our energies are in perfect sync, they flow together effortlessly and have undoubtable strength within each other. We have come to the only logical yet oblivious conclusion of why we are so intertwined in every possible way and so on and so forth of being one another’s “other half or soulmate”. In a nutshell I hope you understand how close we are with each other in my brief explanation that I still feel doesn’t even feel anywear near justifiable to how we feel. It is almost absolutely indescribable. To move on to our curiosity and reason of contact, we believe his demon tried to attack me while we were asleep. Not to mention him and I were experiencing the same dream with minor differences but none that didn’t have a reason or simply just didn’t have reason. In the hours prior to us falling asleep I violently vomited four separate times (my body emitting more than I consumed that day multiplied by three). Other than the immediate nausea that came right as I was about to vomit I felt perfectly fine and in normal-for-me health. We brushed it off and disregarded it as possible food disagreeance or stress related due to employment and living situations. Around three to four AM comes around and my fiancée (who mind you is not a light sleeper and has pretty heavy grogginess most days) bolts into an upright sitting position and hurled his arm and upper body over mine shielding me. Seeing as how that is what woke me, I questioned what was wrong and what he was doing immediately. Knowing he obviously felt an over-bearing need to protect me (which isn’t at all out of the ordinary but circumstances never have validating a good reason to raise action) alarmed me. It alarmed me because I knew something was trying to harm me in some way. When he came out of this horrifying realistic hallucinogenic night terror we began to discuss what made him shield me so abruptly, accurately and out of a complete sleep. As we began talking this is when we realized we were having a sychronized dream. He asked me “did you not see that man standing over you with that crossbow?” I answered him with concern that I didn’t see who he saw. We went back to sleep. Come morning time after we wake up I go into the bathroom and reach for my toothbrush. As I extended my arm there are three fresh, stinging, bright red what appeared to look like claw marks down my entire inner arm that were not present prior to going to sleep that night. Both of us start questioning our dream. Searching for answers a friend said that it could have been his demon trying to attack me because I’m what seems to be his voice of reason. if you would please give us a response with your perspective, reasoning, anything to give us a little closure with this.

    Thank you from us both, we look forward to your answers and input.

  83. I dreamed I was protecting a little boy from an evil spirit but I was not afraid. The demon tried to change faces constantly to find a form to frighten me. It stopped and i walked up to it shouting for it to be gone then I grabbed at it and I managed to grab its forehead. It screamed and slowly sank to the floor… I let go and it tried to get up to attack me but it couldn’t and said so this is what it feels like to have my energy drained. I walked away with the little boy. I wasn’t afraid at all.

    1. I had a dream like that but I was a little girl and people opened a crate and a bad luck demon came out and haunt me

  84. I dreamt last night that I inadvertently summoned a demon at the crossroad but I didn’t mean to and it was as if he had cheated his way into my presence. He then told me I was his and told me his name. I ran and ended up in the company of a group of guys that were demon fighters. That’s when they told me that they fight demons on another plain, which I understood as in sleep and they told me that the person that sent me made a big mistake sending me. Meanwhile the demon never stopped chasing the school bus like vehicle we were traveling in. I woke with the Demon’s name and the dream fresh in my mind.

  85. I was just about asleep when a dark figure grabbed me and pulled me into my dream I was myself for a second the it stepped inside of me and I turned all black and was floating above the floor and looked at my best friend and tried to kill her my brain was still me but it was controlling my body functions and whispering to me to kill the people I love the most then it switched to me floating over a crowd of people and I laughed and killed all of them and made the lights blow out I tried to wake up and couldn’t but when I finally did wake up I still felt the most powerful evilest demon still inside me suffocating me until I walked outside and then had a mild panic attack but as soon as I walked outside it left me and I felt it step out of my body.

  86. I have dreamt numerous times that I am possessed by a demon. I can see myself in the dream. So it’s like 3rd person view. I’m not myself, I have a different voice and evil in my eyes. My body will be all contorted as the demon talks through me. I think it’s my parents, holding me down in the dream. The latest dream was last night, a priest tried to rid me of this demon but it’s like it would lie dormant in me. Then come back full force. As I watch this happen, I know that it’s not truly gone, just a trick. The dreams bother me for days, it’s an uneasy not good feeling. What is this all about??

  87. I recently dreamed that my husband Patrick and I were at a church. I’m not sure which denomination, but apparently the devil came out of me during a ceremony. I could feel my eyes roll back into my head, a strange sound came out of my mouth, and I was levitating. I’m not sure if “I” uttered any words, but the rest of the dream was a blur. Shortly after the dream, I did wake up at around 2 am, somewhat startled. My dogs were in bed with me, so I knew I was safe and went back to sleep. My husband and I aren’t very religious, but we will go to church functions to appease the father-in-law (he attends a Lutheran church). And, even though we’re not religious, we don’t necessarily condemn God (at least I don’t anymore, long story) nor acknowledge whether there is one. But, we’re not Satanists either. I guess my dream could mean that I’m battling some inner demons and having trouble confronting them lately. I had an anxiety attack yesterday and I don’t normally get that way. At least, not for a while. Hopefully this dream never occurs again, because it felt surreal and rocked me to my core..

  88. i I had a dream where iam living in a old childhood house where the police wake us up and telling us to get out then it starts raining then as we leave the house i can see there eyes changing from black to normal and as i pass my old room you can see the demons running around

  89. Every night I dream I am being chased by demons and I can’t fight them off me. Last night same dream except I was fighting them off me as they were trying to take my daughter. When I wake up I am shaking and crying. I can’t deal with another night….

    1. I’m so sorry..I literally just woke up from a dream where someone took my baby from me for a year because supposedly my boyfriend and I were unfit parents. It was complete bogus of course but we couldn’t do anything to stop it. It tore my boyfriend and I apart and the devastation of the loss broke us up. I was trying to explain to someone that the people taking my baby were demons..no one believed me and of course it only made the situation of us being unfit even worse. A year later a video had surfaced of the commotion that was made when they took my baby. In the far background of me screaming for them not to take my child was the image of one of the agents all bubbling and foaming and possessed. I guess they decided with the video to give me back my baby. That was the only good feeling of the entire dream. I met someone to pick up the baby at the very same place they took him. The first hug was marvelous and all my friends and family were so happy for me..but I happen to look up over my baby’s shoulder in the same distance from the video..a small demon child was staring at us angrily. Like he was upset I got my baby back. I was so terrified but I didn’t say a word because I was afraid it would start the whine mess again and someone would take the baby away again. After that there was no where I could go with out seeing a demon. The car, going for a walk, the store. To make it worse other people didn’t seem to notice them..except for my baby..they would even mess with me by trying to make me look bad in public. If I walked into the store holding my son in my arms I would look to him to talk to him and he would be gone replaced by books or a bag..then I would here him crying some distance away and I would run to him and everyone would look at me funny like I wasn’t watching my child. A couple times I tried to tell people and my best friend blew me off and the random person I told became possessed and ran off. In the end I woke up feeling so depressed and out if control. It was literally the worst dream I’ve had in my entire life.

  90. Recently, or say last week, I watched The Conjuring 2. I’m a thriller fan, so after watching it, I didn’t took time to think about it any longer. Just last night, I dreamt of the demonic nun, Valak, and it had possessed me several times in one dream. I didn’t think of it before I slept or any time of the day. It was really a nightmare. I was looking at the mirror and saw its reflection instead of mine. Everytime the demon possessed me, all my muscles hardened and I barely can move. I recited Loraine’s words from the, “I condemned you back to hell” whilst praying in my mind. Like I said, it happened several times in one dream. It kept on coming back after “condemning”. Until I woke up nearly 3am. What can this be mean? I go to church at least 4 times a month, and lit a candle almost everyday. It scares me, actually. Cos that was the first time it had happened to me.

    1. If you watch movies about being attacked by a demon, don’t be surprised if you get attacked by a demon. Did you see lighting a candle in a movie? You need to close this door before the attacks intensify. Read the Bible and pray rather than watch horror movies. You may attend church 4 times a month, but if you watch horror movies 10 times a month, how can you advance?

      1. You don’t have to watch horror movies to dream about demons,you can live in horror which is just called life. I dream about demons because of this and if you have had an easy-going life be grateful but don’t blame people these nightmares are from a made up Hollywood movie.

    2. I have never seen that movie, I refuse to watch those kind of movies because they really get to me but I have had a similar dream to yours. In my dream I had been possessed by a demon at first no one noticed because once it was in it hid itself and then on day I was talking to my grandma (who is a Christian) and she saw it through my eyes. Once she realized that it wasn’t me she was talking to she automatically started saying “I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ” and although I myself couldn’t speak I was praying to God the whole time it was in me, well I finally got it out but it just kept coming back. I would literally watch it come right back to me… The more it came back the weaker I got and the harder it was to kick it back out. Finally I woke up and I was so freaked out all I could do was cry.

    3. Im replying super late but I just had a dream of the demonic nun too for Conjuring 2! Im a huge horror movie fanatic, and the only time I’ve EVER had a bad dream from a horror film was from Saw V when I was 9. Other than that, horror movies just don’t bother me. However, last night in my dream the demon was disguised as my friend until I took out a cross on my necklace and shouted “show me who you are!”, then it popped up laughing and all of that scary sh!t. Later in my dream it popped up again and I pulled out my cross and said “i demand you to leave me alone! And I commend you back to hell!” And everything was solved. I woke up super spooked though and still am! Im wondering if this was “just a dream”, or an actual attack.

    4. Hello all!
      As an FYI… I am 100% certain as a spiritualist (google the ISA) psychic medium, that these movies that have actual physical presence and images of demons are near exact image made of them. How? Good question! Possibly, they pooled results from other psychics. Either way, Demons are powerless to people as long as you control your emotions. Negative emotions empower them. Emotions and feeling derive from perception. Like fear vs courage. It’s all a choice. Good luck all!

        1. I keep having these vivid nightmares that the world is ending. Either by aliens or the sun burning it up. My children are always with me but they are always so much younger in these dreams. They are all over 20 now. Basements with staircase going farther and farther down as I feel we need to follow to stay safe during thie destruction going on all around. Destruction Fear Survival. I wake up crying looking out the window to see if its real or a dream. Sometimes after I calm down to go back to sleep…I start where my dream left off. Its leaves me thinking about it all day. There’s usually a house in the distance that I try to walk past it and this dark force of some sort always tries to suck me in but never does because I manage to pull myself out of its grip. I cant see anything but I can feel it pull on me and I am aware its dark. The house is white with two black windows and a black roof just always hovering somewhere random in each dream. These constant dreams of Apocalypse are starting to affect my psyche. Please help me understand why this is happening to me. Please.
          thank you.

  91. I dreamt of seeing a demon that tried to attack me and some of my family and at first I was scared but then I just went berserk and killed the demon, but when he was killed I saw that there were 2 of my family members lying dead in front of me and I didnt know if it was me who did that. Afterwards I killed more and more demons but the weird part is in the dream it was revealed that I was actually a demon killing other demons to absorb their power. What can this mean?

  92. What about a dream where you and a demon fall in love?
    see I dreamt I was at my grandmothers old home in the country and the abandoned farm house that was were our neighbours lived (only house that was close, was to the left about fifty feet?) but attached to the old farm house was this old castle looking tower, that went up and down underground as well and I wandered in it, first wanting to go to the basement, which looked like an old dungeon but then I heard a voice of a man saying not too, and when I looked up, there was this handsome, tall, pale man who looked about in his 20’s with thick black hair, and he brought me up stairs, he had a lot of cats, and gave me this box, that supposedly belong to my grandfather and that was the box I was looking for in my dream, that had books on demons, and these two needle like totems, one that had a woman on top that sorta looked like me, and the other with a man that looked like the man I just encountered. He then took my hand and stared into my eyes, his eyes were red, and he told me his name was Lucian and we then spent days together in his tower, and fell in love and he left the next day saying he can’t be with a human, but I spent weeks trying to find a way to bring him back to the tower (summon him back I guess? ) then these two female demons showed up looking for some relics in the tower, and asked who I was, and I told them, and they tried to help me find him. when I woke up, I wasn’t scared or confused, but felt…odd? I felt as if I actually did fall in love with someone in my dream?

    1. I got the same question as it’s about 4 time I fell in love with demons in my dreams and they are so real like I’m lucid dreaming

  93. I have had 3 seperate dreams the first was about a little girl possessed and I was telling the demon the get out I woke myself and my husband up screaming get out and I work up with a bruise in the shape of a thumb print on my wrist my second dream came a few nights later I dreamed I was in the shower and the light went out and something grabbed my mouth to keep me from yelling.. I jumped out the shower and something grabbed me from behind.. I woke up gasping for air I had a sharp pain in my back like the air had been knocked out of me.. once I caught my breath I realized I had two red marks on me one going straight across my chest like and arm and a hand print on my side as if I had actually been grabbed from behind.. a couple a days later I got a call from my sister jan telling me to go check on my sister cyndi.. when I got there she was crying freaking out she had a seizure and during her seizure she had seen our grandmother who has been deceased for twenty years now. She told my sister to tell me she would see me on wednesday.. which wednesday has passed thankfully but last night I had another dream in the dream it was me and my husband and a girl I knew a long time ago she was possessed however im not certain about that but what I remember mostly from the dream is my husband told me he heard the devil knocking and he heard me tell him to come in. I woke up in all of my dreams I have woke up terrified I have never had dreams like this before I am a little freaked out I have never seen the demon or spoke to it but I know it there in my dream what does this mean

    1. I also had a dream about a little girl, that was pale with black eyes. She followed me around the house as I stalked her try to defeat her. No matter where I went she always re appeared behind me. The dream felt so real then I jolted awake. Another dream I had took place in my bedroom. I was laying in bed and got an uneasy feeling from my closet ( I am not afraid of the dark nor dark places) I got up to investigate but there was nothing. I went back to lay down and again I got an uneasy feeling. I then got up, walked to my closet and saw the demon. It had a transparent body so being they guy I am I began hitting it. I jolted awake covered in sweat, my heart racing and I could feel my eyes dilated.

    2. I’m hoping g you are doing well. I am a sprirtualist (google the ISA) psychic medium.
      Whatever you do, walking your daily life. Just know all of your negative emotions empower this entity. Especially fear. All emotion is a choice through perception. When you command the entity to go away, command it. You have more power than it does. And this “thing” doesn’t want you to know that. <3
      Love light and blessings.

      1. Can you help me?? I dreamed tonight and it shows that a black demon chased me.
        All around me getting darker and darker.

        I’ve been awake this time and I’m calling for help but my voice? doesn’t have sound
        after, how many minutes,
        I’m still shouting and crying

        the Last thing I remember is that when I woke up, I’m tired and scared

      2. that’s exactly what I did!! I used the power of FAITH and LOVE can commanded that it leave my house and I was protected by the Lord!! 🙂

        1. i was stuck somewhere with a bunch of rooms ? don’t exactly know where and i was with my friends and family? someone contacted me on a phone that was there in one of the rooms and for some reason i started responding to their messages by picking up the phone. apparently they were a demon that my aunt knows about that wants me to play along in their game. so of course i play along and i chose something i shouldn’t have, my aunt comes rushing to save me and she did. she types as me and continues talking to the demon that thinks i’m the one typing. suddenly i was awake. what does it mean? what is going on ?

      3. Okay so I recently had a near death experience and I’ve been seeing ghost in my dreams and when I’m awake. I don’t know what to do, and the thing that is following me in real life, I already killed it in a dream but after I almost died two weeks ago it started showing up when I’m awake.

    3. In my life I have seen up to 6 demons in any places I go and I am only 9.It doesn’t care if I am with people it is nice to me and people I am with it’s like god trapped it and it’s my angle I have made friends with it 2 days ago it never let’s me see it most of the time it comes out rarely I name him well not really it told me it’s name Ja Ja was actually one of my friends who died he is always with me.

    4. i had a dream where i was being dragged by a demon i think, and i could see my loved ones fade away slowly and i was feeling death i think i kept having that feeling whenever a fast car runs past u closely kinda. i was having that feeling and i could see my parents, friends and all fade away but i was happy? which got me confusing

    5. I saw a demon in my dreams . It started at me and smiled in that dream I pointed the middle finger at the demon just before I woke up from the dream . Saw a cloud of flames in my eyes then I woke up when I looked at the wall I saw a shadow of a head with long horns . I was so damn scared I had goosebumps. When I was awake I could feel his presence in the room . I could feel him move around it was just a terrifying experience

  94. What does it mean if we had a dream about actually being a demon and not being demon possessed? I had a weird dream in which I wanted to escape the demon world so I took a human contract and then my master made me kill other demons and I didn’t mind. What would that mean?

    1. I had a dream there was an angel and a demon the angel killed the demon and I was told that I was to inherit the demon power next while another person was to inherit the angel power

      1. These are symbolic. It’s positive and negative energy existing within us all. Yin and yang, night and day, male and female, sun and moon two opposites. Hell and heaven is actually within. They are complementary forces. It’s about balance the middle way. That’s why the angel can be the demon and the demon can be the angel. It can’t be one without the other. They are both. It’s symbolic of the the positive and negative energies in us just like the masculine and feminine energies within us all.

  95. I recently had a dream in which I successfully defeated and “banished” an evil entity that had taken over a former friend and lover. In the dream, this former friend’s “changing” character was revealed, and I was able to see her “illness” clearly (she is a borderline sociopath, but I believe she is/was also inhabited by an evil entity). In the dream, I found my friend in a rented apartment, sitting on a bed. She was getting ready to seduce a new victim. I looked at her changing form on the bed, raised my hands and formed a cross (typical but it worked!), and the evil entity within this former friend recoiled, blackened and died right in front of me.

    Over the last year, this former friend has tried to trick me into falling in love with her, but I was immediately aware of her illness and did not fall for her very sophisticated lies, brainwashing and seductive games. I used the power of prayer and set my intentions on high in order to “defeat” her evil energy.

      1. I had a dream where my brothers baby mama (who’s no longer involved with my side of the family) was at my house and she looked very normal at first. The only thing was that she looked like she was crying and as the day went on in my dream she got more tired and rugged looking. And by the end of the day she was acting different and saying weird things and I called her out on being evil and she turned into something else and she didn’t look like herself same anymore and I tried to call someone and when I did it was loud groaning and another demon and then i threw her out and she said something along the lines of “If we pray to god we must fall asleep” and then left in her truck and I ran inside and hung up the phone and I woke up and there was tapping on my window.

        1. And she got away? Oh no, In my dream that I had last night, I was investigating an old house and I knew as soon as I stepped foot into that house that was it I’m in for a ride, a couple days after that I woke up in the dream and there was a lady standing in front of me for a few seconds then walked out of the room, so I followed her down into the basement, she pointed down the hall of the basement and said “look down there” so I did and then she was gone, so I shrugged it off like ehh oh well so then the next day I was walking around the house and there she was again, this time she led me outside there was a cemetery and she made the spirits from the graves rise up, they all surrounded me and were stabbing me with swords, now at this point I was going through a whole paranormal battle, I said to myself “she wants me dead” now at this point I’m getting stabbed in my back my sides all over! Then I thought to myself, “I’m fighting against 11 demons by myself, (including her) she starts walking towards me as I’m still get jabbed and such she smirks at me grabs a little knife and she starts coming at me with it then boom I woke up in reality, but here is the creepy part, I woke up my head hurts, my back and sides hurt and I have chills and goosebumps! Like I was really in battle

    1. Hi! I had a dream where my step mother was a demon all she did was stare at me in a hallway when i was sleeping she has horns and red eyes and fire around her…

      1. Hello! last night I dream like I’m in the church seems like it was in a funeral ceremony because I saw a dead body lying down without a casket and there’s a lot people as I already remember and on that scene it seems like there is a chaos who have a gun firing us in every corner of church. The only thing we can do is to hid the seats behind to escape those bullets, I saw the entities like demon. After those insident, we hurriedly go to the door which it seems locked but there’s one lady who’d unlock the door and we started to go outside, but when I attempt to step forward to the door the devil there near trying to attack other person who’ll trying to get rid. I saw few people get outside next to the lady who had a key then I grab the chance to get rid of it, when I am already in the door the devil notice me and I hurriedly open the gate. And after that I wake-up living with a question what is it mean?

    2. I had a dream that I was with my “friends” and we come upon a creature that was tied to a wall with its chest blown out. We were freaked out but for some reason kept exploring, every time I took a step it felt like a heavy darkness took over the room. After looking through some old debris we started to leave, but each step we took out of the room it got hotter and darker. I heard a growl or a voice and it was a 10 foot skinny person with long arms and a large head. We ran for out life’s Running up a flight of stairs Without the creature knowing it zoomed past me, ending up chasing my friends. I ran down to the first level and realised I’m at my high school. Then I see a entity eating freshly killed bodies then without thinking I walking up to creature and ask it “what are you” he replied with “yes” I asked “will you hurt me” without replying he growls with a smile on his his face. Noticing he is trying to lure me to his Lear. I lift his large dead claws off my shoulder and run to a crowd of people I point to him and yell leave me alone 3 times then noticing he left and I drowned in humiliation I then woke up in fear of what just happened. I was hot and confused I’ve had this dream before but this was more intense. Before any of this I wanted to learn how to Lucid dream. Did i?

      1. Hi Kylieah, this sounds more like a nightmare/release type of dream than a lucid dream. Demons in dreams are typically only symbolic of our fears and worries. If it were my dream, I would probably interpret it as feeling embarrassed or left out by friends when times get tough. Learning to lucid dream can often help prevent and stop these types of dreams in their tracks. Hope that helps and thanks for sharing your dream with us!

        1. I had a dream I was sleeping in my bed and I felt and heard a demon or some sort breathing down my back, I actually felt it, breathing in my ear, & it went on for a long minute, it was so loud. The worst part was I couldn’t move, I cant explain it but I felt every bone in my body being held down. I woke up, still hesitant to call it a dream as I was facing the same way as I was, and it was slightly light out just like my dream.

        2. @Kay, Look into sleep paralysis, I had this issue since I was 19 all the way to 40yrs of age. I’ve had that same experience u shared, I felt like something was covering my mouth and holding me down. The feeling was awful as I had my eyes open and could see my room. Some ppl and this stems from different cultures think that this is indeed a demonic entity. Sleep paralysis seems to be the best answer if u ask me. Oh, and my issue got resolved when I changed my diet, I know it sounds crazy, but the keto diet has saved my life. Beast of luck to ya 🤗

    3. I had a dream where I was looking at my self in the middle of nothingness and suddenly the other version of me got closer in the blink of an eye he got right next to my ear and whispered “There’s no god here” After that everything went black and I don’t remember anything else

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