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Bleachers & Grandstands Dream Meaning

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Bleachers and Grandstands are something we commonly associate with sporting events. These long benches are usually raised on a tier to allow for spectators of the event to see what is happening. We frequently see them next to baseball diamonds, high school football teams, and soccer fields.

“And the crowd roared from the stands…” is a common phrase we might hear in different sports events. When people stand up from their seated position, it can be a sign that they are ready to take action or very excited about something.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Bleachers?

bleacher dream meaning

If you dream about bleachers, it is often a symbol that you or the people you surround yourself with are not actively participating in something in your every day life.

To watch a sport means you are merely a spectator – you are not on the field or active, simply just sitting by to watch the action happen in front of you. 

Author Chelsey Philpot said it best: “You can’t write about what it means to dance by watching from the bleachers.”

Chelsey Philpot quote about bleachers

 Sometimes we will dream about bleachers or a grandstand if we feel like we are doing a lot of work but other people in our lives are not participating equally. 

In one recent dream, I dreamt that I was standing and walking up and down all of the stairs of the grandstand while someone I knew just sat there and watched me. In my current life, I was feeling as if I was doing all of the planning and work while the other people were not getting involved. 

A Crowd Uprising

Most of the time when we see bleachers in an arena or sports stadium, there is often a large crowd. Dreaming of a crowd standing and cheering can mean that you are feeling a sense of accomplishment or you feel as if you have achieved great things with the help of others. 

Many times it can be a symbol for unity – connecting with others with a common goal and “being part of the crowd”. It can mean that you feel a great sense of belonging and contentment. 

Empty Bleachers Dream Meaning

If you dream of empty bleachers, it can mean that you feel disappointed or that you need the approval of others. You might feel as if you are alone or do not belong. 

You may also feel like it is difficult to reach your goals. It can be very discouraging to see that no one comes to an event, and so this can be a symbol for your own disappointment in life.

Are You a Good Sport?

Most of the time, fans sitting on bleachers are cheerful and excited. They love to cheer and root for their favorite team and players. However sometimes there will be fans who are angry and will yell or criticize the coaches, players, and referees.

If you’ve ever been to a baseball game where people get angry at an umpire for a bad call you are probably familiar with the type of negative shouting, cursing and grumbling that is common.

In this case, the dream can be a metaphor for whether or not you are a good sport in real life. Are you a sore loser? Do you get mad if you don’t win all the time? The sense of winning is not just applicable for games, it can be something we experience in our career, relationships, and other goals. 

Life Isn’t Always Fair

If you notice angry crowds standing and shouting in bleachers, you may want to think about your own feelings and what happens when things do not go your way. Do you feel as if this anger is justified? Is there something that happened in your life recently that seemed unfair?

Life is not always fair, but how we deal with bad calls and mistakes can make all the difference in our overall happiness and enjoyment.

A Visit to The Past

One thing to consider when interpreting your dream is what previous experiences you might have had with bleachers in your life. For example, when I was in high school I was in marching band, and so we often sat in the bleachers and stands for a number of sporting events, especially for Friday night football games. 

As a parent, I also find myself occasionally sitting on these uncomfortable sports benches to watch my own kids at different school and sports events, such as baseball, soccer, and even assemblies. 

If you have experience with bleachers or grand stands from being in school yourself, it’s helpful to look at the meaning of school in dreams – especially because it could be a symbol that the feelings you experienced in the dream are somehow related to your past or life lessons being learned.

Tips to Understand the Meaning of a Grandstand, Bleachers, or Sports Bench

If you noticed this dream symbol, it’s a good idea to do some journaling about it your dream journal. Keeping a dream journal is easy to do and will help you understand more about what it means to see a grandstand or crowd on bleachers in your dream.

What Features Do You Notice About the Stands?

There are many features that may influence what you remember about the dream. What are the bleacher seats made of? Are they wood? Metal? Plastic? Concrete?

aluminum bleachers at baseball game example

Typically the ones at baseball fields and in sports arenas are made of aluminum. Aluminum is an insulating material that does not rust, so this can be helpful in describing some of your feelings. Do you feel as if you are shielding yourself from sort of action?

Wood bleachers typically begin to look very worn out after time, especially when the sun and rain and snow beat down on them. They may even appear to be rickety or unstable.

If you see rickety bleachers falling down, this can be a sign that you are feeling uncertain about whether you should participate in something in your daily regular life or if you should stand back and not get involved. 

Plastic stadium style seats can often be of different colors, and usually will correspond with the color of the home team where the game is being played. For example, if the football and baseball teams in your city have the colors of blue and yellow gold, it’s quite possible the seats will be yellow gold. 

It can also be useful to think about the colors of the sports teams on the field if you notice a sporting event happening during the dream. Colors in our dreams have several different meanings, and it can be interesting to take note of whether the opposing team has colors such as red which might be a sign for you to use caution. 

Additional Symbols to Explore

Rarely do we dream about only one symbol, and so if you noticed bleachers or grandstands in your dream it can be helpful to explore other symbols in the dream and what they might mean.

Have you had a dream about bleachers? What are your thoughts? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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