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Apocalypse Dream Meaning

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Are you dreaming of the world ending? It might seem scary, but an apocalypse in a dream is not as strange or unusual as it might seem. Many people dream of apocalyptic types of events in dreams when a sudden change or shift in their life is happening.

apocalypse dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Apocalypse?

If you are dreaming of the world coming to an end, don’t panic! Most of the times these are not prophetic types of dreams that predict the future! For most of us, dreaming these things means that we are changing and are ready to face a new way of life.

Are You Currently Experiencing Any Stressful Events?

Apocalypse dreams are often triggered by real life events that are stressful. These types of events include things such as growing into adulthood, starting a new job, getting married, going through a divorce, or even saying goodbye to a loved one who has died.

Many times it may suggest a significant event that may transform your entire life is happening and everything at you know is coming to an end.

These events are known to be extremely stressful and so it makes sense that these emotions and feelings would become present in our dreams.

The emotions you feel during an apocalypse in your dream can often be manifestations of the emotions you feel in your present life right now. For example, you may feel anxious, frightened, alone, stressed out, and upset.

Fortunately, most of these changes while stressful are all a natural part of life. Being aware of your dreams and their meaning can help you take care of your own well-being throughout these difficult moments in life.

Fear of the Unknown

Much of the emotions are created by our natural fear of the unknown and that we do not know what will happen next in our lives.

The mysteries of life can be frightening when you are not sure what is about to happen.

It’s not unusual to have a dream about an apocalypse when you are not sure whether the outcome of this new transformation/change will be a positive or negative experience.

Feeling Unprepared

Being prepared for an emergency or disaster is always a good idea, and a lot of people do many things to stock up on supplies and prepare for unexpected problems, such as storing food, water and having other survival supplies ready in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

For this reason, it’s not uncommon that you might have these types of dreams when you are feeling unprepared for a situation. You might be afraid that something that is going to happen in the future will not go well.

For example, maybe you are supposed to do a presentation in front of a large group. If you’re not comfortable with public speaking or you are afraid you will not do a good job on the presentation, it is likely you will have these types of world ending kind of dreams.

While preparation is important, it’s also important and healthy to recognize that we can’t possibly prepare for everything that happens in life – some things are just beyond our control. Surrendering to this radical acceptance can help bring more joy in your life when you realize you can’t control everything or change the outcome of a situation.

Examples of Common Apocalypse Dreams

Now that we’ve talked about some of the common themes that relate to dreams of the world ending, let’s talk about different examples of apocalypse dreams and what they can mean.

Dreaming of Being Killed in an Apocalypse

If you dream that you are killed or injured during an apocalypse, it could mean that you are subconsciously afraid of things coming to an end. You may be unsure of the future and feeling as if you are out of control in a situation in your life. This could pertain to career or relationships.

Dreaming of Saving the World From Certain Destruction

In some apocalypse dreams, you are the hero who must save the world. In this case, the dream often symbolizes a need to feel recognized or to take action in some part of your life.

If you are able to successfully save the world, this means that you are confident in your ability to handle stress and to take control of a situation.

If you are not able to save the world, it can mean that you have too high of expectations for yourself. Saving the world is a big task and nothing that you can do alone – it takes all of us to collectively work together. In this case, the dream could mean that you need to consider teamwork to better complete a project or reach a goal.

Dreaming of Seeing Fire in an Apocalypse

If you see fire in a dream, whether it’s coming from missiles or buildings on fire, it can mean that you are going through a transformation in your life. You may feel that all is lost or that you may never be able to return to what you once knew. See dream meaning of fire for more details.

Dreaming of a Zombie Apocalypse

While the notion of a zombie apocalypses in dreams no doubt became more of a thing after the introduction of popular TV shows and movies, there is still a lot of meaning that could pertain to your everyday regular life.

If you dream of a zombie apocalypse it could mean that you are not ready to let go of things in your life or that you have a fear of things ending. See our dream interpretation for zombies for more info on what the dream symbol zombie means.

Dreaming of Planets or Outer Space in an Apocalypse

Many of the example dreams we see with an apocalypse theme pertain to planets. You may be leaving Earth to live somewhere else or an asteroid may be crashing to Earth, causing massive destruction and chaos.

To dream of leaving the planet during an apocalypse means that you wish to escape some sort of situation in your life. Maybe you need a vacation – maybe you need to make changes in your health or in your career or even your relationships.

To dream of asteroids destroying the earth can mean that you are not feeling in control of a situation in your life. You may be experiencing external conflict caused by others in your life or need an adjustment to your environment.

See our dream meaning about planets to help you better understand the meaning of this dream.

Have any Apocalypse dreams you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. I had a dream last night that my husband shot a rocket at the moon and a big piece broke off and fell to Earth and everyone was sitting in chairs just watching the world end. The sky was red and the air was so hazy and thick with dust and pieces of debris kept falling. I felt so scared. Now that I just looked up this dream, I see that it represents fear of loss/change and I understand because my mom is having a test today as her Dr found a large mass inside so seeing if it’s cancer (which they think it is). This dream was so vivid and real.

  2. Last night i dreamt that a large meteor hit earth and earth started rumbling. I said goodbye to my children and felt sorry for them and hoped that they are not scared, i said goodbye to my family. Two ladies in my dream were so afraid, we ended on the floor of a building and i held them both in my arms telling them to not be afraid, telling them we try so hard to be perfect and now we dont have to anymore. I felt such a great sense of relieve that all the bad is now coming to and end. People were screaming and hysterical but i was completely calm and relieved that its happened at last.

  3. I have had many dreams throughout life. This one is new. I dreamed I went back to the city I was born & raised in . The city was crime ridden. The main avenue runs east to west and is one a ridge line. There is a view of one of the Great Lakes along this road which travels across the whole state. In my dream , instead of a clear sky and view of the lake which is several miles north of this avenue , the sky is chaos , very dark and stormy clouds , bookoo lightning and tornadoes moving all over the place.(this is not in “tornadoe alley” so tornadoes are uncommon there….not impossible , but 3 -4 tornadoes clumped together here and there…strange to say the least) There are people , but many of them are running about stealing and of no help to me . Actually I was looking for my truck which I felt had been stolen. There was water everywhere except the avenue was still clear. While dreaming this I felt dread and woke up feeling dreadful. This was not a late night eating binge either .I did not eat much at all the evening before. I’ve been having other strange dreams as well.

  4. The Moon was falling towards Earth. The total extinction was upon us and it was going fast. When we look up, the moon was getting bigger on the sky, every time. I was first trying to handle the panic and trying to find solutions/escapes to the problem, but had to give in and accept our fate. Wondering what the collision would be like and that I would finally experience my own death. It was comming fast.

  5. My dream is of a volcano erupting and everyone is dying. I am in my house with my 4 children and I am asking them to go upstairs . I am asked why and I say we are all going to die. 2 of my children decided to go outside and go to attend to their horses while my other two curl up on the bed with me and wait to die

  6. My dream is about a zombie apocalypse, well- I didint even see one but it was wnscripted in my brain already. So basically it starts with my whole family tree going on a big bus to go to safety, there was no zombies that approached us luckily. Then we just went off, my dream isn’t that scary. There was like- a first class in a BUS- but then I found the key to it and opened it for everyone else, my sister went outside to get some supplies and my mom was beside me the whole time, and for the first time, I actually realized how much I loved my mom.
    Then there was this part of my Dream
    Where the walls of the bus came off??? And I had ro hang on for dear life because I’m being sucked in and if I let go I will trample down the road and I’m gonna die, and no one helped me, not even my mkm- she just laughed at me BUT she showed me that I should put on a seatbelt, well- i was the only one being sucked infor some reason.
    Then when I got the key for 1st class, I went there and there was a lot of food, but I didint eat anything. Also
    The layout of the bus keeps changing everytime I move from 1st class to regular

    1. We were still not reaching safety, and I woke up after my mom stopped me from getting up bc I still haven’t ate anything
      We were safe in the bus, but it’s almost like the trip is far too long, the road was wide, open, and it was a smooth ride, no obstacles, but still no sign of the place we were supposed to go

  7. I dreamt the world had been destroyed by some kind of black gue like substance that came from outa space I was on space craft when It landed on earth.I came back to earth after it, the planet /scenery was desalate everything was covered in black suit like substance there where people I was trying to help they where dressed like old Victorians in rags , my team left me in a pub there where people coming in and sat there all looking soul destroyed..something didn’t feel right I was layed with my head down on the table when I sa up I took a big breath a gasping breath ..it felt was like it was all staged I was on a movie set I could see people surprised getting nervous I new this? I was getting more and more suspicious of this to the point I stood up walked to front of the pub where an old man sat ,I sit down opposite him and ask so what’s next for this scene…he can’t lie to me he has what seems contract on the table he starts talking to me to explain what’s happening…I wake up!?

  8. I dreamt that all humans were being vaporized. I was one of the last, so I was watching people die everywhere. Right before I woke up, in my dream I was huddled with two other people, one unknown, one a “ neighbor” (only in the dream, I do not know who it was), clenching my eyes shut, and thinking about what’s it going to be like to die. I told the neighbor thank you for being such a good neighbor, as we waited to die. I was hearing zapping and sizzling noises as people were being disintegrated around me. The fear was level 10. Then I woke up before I died.

  9. I had a dream when it started out normal but all of a sudden A news alert said a zombie apocalypse was coming so I went out side but I flew and I landed in a field but I rolled super far so I had to run back before I got back to the house I saw two teenagers and two kids on top but one teenager pretended to act as a zombie and I freaked out. But the kid whacked him and they burst out in laughter. That was it it was traumatic and I had to sit and watch tv for a little before I went back too bed. Scary right? Not for you. You should have been there

  10. Ok i got one what about. Fall out shelter with a retractable rof yet when i open the oof a weird dragon apears tying to kill me and after i kill it 2 more show up and take its place. Meaner faster ad more aggressive

  11. Last night I have a very vivid dream of the world ending. I was with a few girls and I looked at the sky and saw 3 shooting stars. I pointed it out to them and as soon as I did bunches of stars started falling, like all of the stars. I remember thinking it was cool at first but then something felt extremely wrong. I said “the world is ending, I always knew it would happen but I didn’t think it’d be now”. We all went to run inside the house and opposite of where the stars were I saw a big red flaming ball coming towards us. I remember trying to call my mom one last time, I was sad I wasn’t with her. The call didn’t go through it was just playing some sort of song. We all sat in the living room facing a big window. It wasn’t really like we were watching but more so waiting for what we knew was about to happen. I saw the ball of fire coming closer and closer, everything outside of the house was demolished in flames and I saw the girl next to me catch on fire but she wasn’t freaking out she was just sitting there. I knew I was next so I closed my eyes and all I thought in my head was “I really hope heaven is real, please be real” then I felt really hot and everything went dark but within minutes I woke up.

  12. i decided to make a search online to see if i was sort of paranoid with my dreams but after going through the comments i think i am not alone, although my dreams don’t exactly fall in any of the three categories and i have been dreaming of this end of the world scenarios like since i was a child, its like the only thing i dream of and i am not the person who dreams alot.

    i had one yesterday about people walking in extremely long lines yesterday inside some of volcanic wasteland where they were been thrown randomly inside pits of volcanic larva by some scary people, i was among those walking, gosh i was so scared when it got to my turn but i wasn’t picked instead the another was picked and thrown inside and then i woke up in side that dream , so this was a dream inside a dream.

    some weeks back i dreamt about the world ending in 2026, i say 2026 because i saw some guy telling me we missed the signs like there were some things we looked over during the past years leading up to that year, it was terrifying .

    i am constantly dreaming of the world ending and its freaking me out somehow i just tend not to share them any more cos well i don’t wanna sound crazy or something

  13. I have a dream that the earth is out of balance, day and night evolving so fast. I cant move because of the fast movement of the earth. The earth fall in the sun. Its like a roller coaster ride because the movement was slow then become fast. So the whole thing become unknown.Then one day I woke up in side of the ocean with my family. The surroundings is silence. But one thing I found, we are happy together in this place. Then I woke up back to real life, that ends my dream.

  14. Hi my name is Serena , i had a dream or a vision that there was fire almost everywhere and i was running out of my house , people start running and screaming , and than i woke up

  15. Everything was closed, but finally I found an atm. I had a new debit card but it wouldn’t work, it was too big. So I used another one. The other card literally kept flipping out of my hand across the room. My cat was with me and flipping out. When we got outside she ran. As I’m walking, to the left of me there are ppl outside eating. I recognize a few ppl at a table. I walk towards them. As I get closer I can hear their mother saying awful things about me. She is sitting at a different table directly in front of me now. I walk straight up to her and loudly call her a fucking bitch. I walk away quickly to look for my cat. My friend from the other table walks over to me. We start to talk, but get distracted. Something has fallen from the sky and hit him. We both look up and the sky ahead is half dark, filled with something I can’t yet make out. I turn to run, knowing full well that there will be no way to get away from this. As I turn to run, my friend gets a wooden stake thru his shoulder and is thrown to the ground from the force. When I see this I feel a stake seer through my leg and I collapse to the floor. I look up and realize the entire sky is filled with wooden spikes just falling from the sky and I was certainly going to die rt then and there. Moments later I feel my body pummeled and I feel my life end. Everything goes dark. I don’t feel anything. I can’t see anything. There’s nothing….
    All of a sudden I can open my eyes. I can’t move, but I hear some one talking to me and I realize that I have been reincarnated into a baby. Then I wake up, for real.

  16. I had a dream that there was a worm outbreak. The worm, when toched, caused people to grow unusually, like a normal sized person’s arms turned into gigantic hands with unusual nails, and his legs sized like a pea. And when the people transformed, they were biting other people, and at last i was caught by a baby who had one big, bulbous arm and white pointy nails, and one white eye and one black eye. I did’ntwant to know wat happened next so i woke up.

    It was terrifying.

    I was terrified.

  17. I literally just woke up in tears. I had a dream that me and my s/o were going to visit a teacher at a grave site that didn’t even look somewhat familiar to me, and then all of a sudden we see a lot of figures in the sky and you just hear a loud “attention, please stay in your houses, if you’re not on your house get home or try to take cover” with a loud siren 😭 it literally scared me so much and when I woke up my heart was pounding and in tears/: I recently lost my god dad a few weeks ago, and went to his funeral about two weeks ago, I had also quit my job before that and I’m starting a new job today/:

  18. The dreaded flood, I dreamed about a big wave hitting us we devised a plan to get the top of a mountain i was fearful for family and planned precisely who would go in what car and what we’d take the only problem is my ex was with us? My child dad. He helped and we got to high ground… can you explain this?

  19. I just had the most unpleasant nightmare. Me and my family were at like a las Vegas amusement park that had a lot of steps. And people were running and scatterring in different directions like rats. A heavy set maintenance man was looking for his Girlfriend? Wife? (Side note) I don’t recall knowing these people. But he got knocked out by someone and when he awoken his intestines were being torn out and eaten by the undead. He tried to fight them off as their hands went back for more. Idk I guess something or someone had distracted the fetid attackers.. They were extremely strong. He got up and tried to stumble away after reaching the door out of there another undead popped out from behind a box and bit out his throat killing him. I couldn’t take it anymore and woke up.

  20. I’ve just had a dream the world was ending!! A massive green aircraft rolled up above our house and connected a long walk way down and onto our roof. I looked out the window and started to cry saying they were coming and I said to my 3 year old daughter that they might seperate us :’( wondering if I had this dream due to being pregnant again and the change that’s coming???

    1. I had like a dream that the world was ending to. It was ab this big alien ship COVERING the whole sky and( also it was at night time but we could ACUALLY see the clouds but it was night time ? So idk)there where these red lights in the ship anyways we where at this like shipping containers place and somehow there was a house and when they all saw the ship everyone screamed in every direction. I was with a group of people I so called my friends keep in mind I never knew them. Anyways. Me and my friends where apart from each other and ima and THIS one girl where together and we where running always from people killing us with like screw drivers and we got trapped and I got stabbed with one. But some how I was telling my brother not to trust anyone bc he was going with these people that where so called helping him and I got stabbed. And then I woke up it’s my heart racing.! Please tell me if this means anything?

  21. Hii! so My life has been perfect lately but I had this dream last night. I was sitting in my two story apartment and my best friend came over and needed to tell me something urgent, so I followed her outside she had her backpack with her. It started getting cloudy out and so we went inside, all of my close relatives were over and so we opened a window and Me and my best friend were watching it as it started raining. The wind picked up and this sharp repeated ringing noise started and the wind and everything outside started going in a pattern but it seemed I was the only one hearing it so I ran to the bathroom cause It hurt so bad , but then a bright like flashed and we were all killed. I woke up and my ears ring and sill painfully hurt so i checked online to see if it meant something, and again nothing bad has happened lately.

  22. i had a dream about me and family except my older brother all being in a bunker then a nuclear holocaust happens and brings in a tsunami which brings in giant ships that usually carry shipping containers and they start to break the bunker apart from the outside and it is starting to leak and then it kills my little brothers first because their small then my dad and step mother, then i die after trying to survive drowning. please tell me what this means or something because i cant find it on the internet and it made me cry which has not happened in a long time and i cant fall back asleep now

  23. In my dream it was a summer night and I was on a beach with a few friends looking out at the ocean. I saw one shooting star in the sky and pointed it out to the others. Then I saw another and another. I was alarmed at how many were shooting across the sky. It was crazy! Then, the “shooting stars” started falling into the ocean. They had thin black tails of smoke behind them and I realized they were not shooting stars at all! We all freaked out and I was saying “what is that? what’s going on?” We started to run off the beach and I woke up.
    I had this dream a week ago. There is a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in my life right now. I lost my job and am worried I won’t get another. The Presidential election is coming up here in the USA. Crazy times!

    1. Had one similar last night. Saw one shooting star and pointed out to my brother and three friends in a jacuzzi. We then saw another, and another and then hundreds all at the same time. They got so close(or there was so many) that we could literally feel the heat from them. The sky also looked crazy. Huge bright purple and blue clouds. Me and my brother then went to our dads house and didn’t know whether we should wake him up and tell him. We packed some bags and I remember asking my brother if it was the end of the world. He said “yeah I think so”. We came out of our room and my dad was bringing his suitcases downstairs. Not sure where we were planning on going. Me and my brother then got into our car and there were missiles all over the sky and huge clouds of smoke(looked like nuclear mushrooms). We then tried to drive to my moms house but the roads were closed so we drove around the roadblocks, through a building. I remember getting shot in the side by some sort of military people who were blocking the road but eventually made it past. Next thing I remember is everyone being forced to stay inside wherever they were. Some of my family was in the mall so we went there but they wouldn’t let us in. Someone from my family knew the owner of the mall so we eventually got in but we never met up with our family. I don’t really remember how it ended but I didn’t feel scared. I’ve had plenty of nightmares and it didn’t really feel like one. But it was extremely vivid and I can still see the sky and shooting stars when I close my eyes. Crazy.

  24. I experienced this for the first time last year when I was still with my ex fiancée. We were driving along the highway and I was in the backseat for some reason , cars in front of us began driving very fast and all over the road. I noticed the road was collapsing into sink holes in some areas, cars fell into these fiery holes as everything began to change. My ex started crying out to be saved, I jumped in front grabbing hold of the wheel and took us off the road dodging holes and debris. We went over an edge and I noticed we were about to be engulfed in the flames, a bright light took over and everything evaporated.
    Found out my ex was cheating on me a week later.
    Second time was last week finishing a 90 day drug rehab. My ex was there and we stood inside an apartment building watching probably 300 ft tidal waves approaching the building. Everyone screaming and crying I could only imagine it was how someone in almost a 9/11 predicament may have felt-helpless on the top floor with no where to go. First wave didn’t take the building down but several more waves came, the ocean was totally drained after and I somehow survived in the debris. In the now empty ocean floor I watched things fall from the sky and start bringing everything else down that the water did not.
    I graduated the rehab and have relocated cities , changed housing , friends, job and everything. Still sober as well. I thought these were bad signs for my future but I now believe they may have been showing me that thy old self was no longer going to be a problem. Never have I remembered so many details about any other dreams.

  25. This may kind of seem like a silly dream and I doubt anyone will see this but i just woke up about 15 mins ago when this dream occurred…

    i had a dream the apocalypse happened but seemingly, it only happened in my state. i was with a friend and we were held up at home when everything had just happened. we were like terrified to go out. i remember like 2 people coming to save us but only to find out that they took us to some evil place. it felt so real. Anyways to summarize the rest up, there were other people there and when you when it was almost time to go to bed, they gave you a shot in your hand which made you almost instantly fall asleep.
    In order to be woken up they gave you another shot which was in your forehead for some reason. that’s what i remember.. If you were caught on your phone then you would get disciplined… I couldn’t help but think about my loved ones and pets back at home. i was terrified, i woke up shaking and not knowing what was actually going on. it’s crazy of how real it felt. almost like i actually felt the physical pain. i woke up in the most weirdest position..

  26. My daughter just passed away, it was ruled Suicide. I don’t believe that. The night before I dreamed of the end of the world. The earth was opening and lava was killing all human life.
    I saw my daughter’s face playing with her sister, step-dad and me. . The rest I don’t recall.
    The following day, I was informed she got shot and dead.
    I went to see her for last time, drove over 14 hrs just to see her body. Today she was cremated, though last night I felt a hand caress my feet when no one was there.
    I can feel her and I want her in peace but I can’t let her go!

  27. So in my dream I was taking a shower and saw some type of bug in the shower(now this isn’t gonna go how you’re thinking it will). So I step out of the shower and everything is really bright to the point where I can barely see. I don’t know whether it was a nuke or the sun exploding, but I remember going to the window and asking if someone could turn the sun off for a second. And then everything goes orange, red, and yellow and was really hot. But just before I died, I heard this massive explosion and prayed to God as I still had my consciousness. So, very weird dream, and I woke up in a really bad sweat so yeah.

  28. My apocalypse dream felt so real it’s almost like I went to the future to see it all happening. As a Christian we are told that it will happen in our life time and we are told to not be afraid. Though there is a parylizing fear that over comes me. I either see the ‘ozone layer’ burning up like the edges of a burnt paper or tissue dissolving into an ember and and falling to the earth. Or the bright orbs of light I see hurling down either man made weapons or meteors. They do look beautiful but I know it’s the end. I close my eyes and pray or I hug my family. I feel like it’s both a dream and a vision of what’s to come based on the other comments I am not alone. Sometimes there is water too. I have been having recurring dreams of crocodiles. Mostly I am on a small boat and they are near me thrashing.

  29. My dream I was floating above this underwater hell and there were 4 holes above an underwater valley where there were sea monsters in them and I had to look for the empty one and when I swam into the empty one it lead to a massive underwater lake and everything was bright red and I’m floating above the lake where there were a plethora of people in the lake when all of a sudden this massive Viking ship comes sailing towards them and there was no one on the boat, when the boat went reached the people floating in the lake it SUCKED THE SOULS out of the bodies leaving their skeletons floating in the lake I was so scared I had to force myself to wake up I literally was soaking wet from sweat, I’ve never had a dream like that and just want to know what it meant. Felt very apocalyptic.

  30. My apocalypse dream wasnt scary I was actually very calm like it was normal and it was like post apocalypse I have had many dreams in the past come to fruition exact details I am able to choose to stick to the dream or change it. I’d love to think that this was just a crazy random dream. But in light of recent events I’m thinking it might be a prophetic situation.

  31. That is interesting because I read this somewhere in the Quran. That people will cross a bridge to hell. The other two dreams I don’t know about.

  32. Looked this up since I was sort of curious about my dream last night. It’s not super uncommon for me to have apocalyptic dreams, but I can’t seem to remember most of them at the moment. The deeam I had last night was weird.

    I was hiding and living in a building with other survivors. The world was being taken over by bouncing slime monsters that would transform humans into other slime balls. The building was large but I still felt sort of trapped inside of it, and would just wander around until the slimes infiltrated and started transforming people. I think by the end of it my dream turned sort of lucid. At some point I was infected, but still had my sense of mind and could turn back into a humanoid shape. After that is sort of just went around and tossed out the slime monsters.

    To be honest I felt like this dream was more silly than scary. It was also only around the end of my dream that it turned apocalyptic.

  33. I have been having apocalyptic dreams since I was 8. They seriously freak me out. They either consist of fire (meteors or nuclear) or they are religious (music playing and a light shining down from the heavens) I don’t know why I always have apocalyptic dreams but if you have any idea why this is recurrent in my life please let me know. It’s not really fear that I feel it’s just a feeling of not being ready like I didn’t get to have children or even live out the rest of my life or spend enough time with my family and now I’m being ripped from the earth when I didn’t have enough time. Even since I was 8 that’s been my thoughts in my dreams. And there is always a family member present that I’m holding onto for dear life saying “goodbye, I love you.” I know a dream can represent a current situation in your life but why do I have these dreams over and over again for over a decade now? I don’t know if this is relevant but I feel like it might be important information but the dreams started around the time I started being sexually abused. But that might just be coincidence not sure.

  34. I had a dream that care bears had cameras in them… next thing I know they are being shipped in masses to all the locations I know like neighborhoods, houses etc. Its like they were trying to take over. I had knives and a gun protecting my daughter. It was a very weird dream.

    Then there was another dream where I was protecting my daughter from some man… I shot him idk just weird stuff. Guy tried following her into the bathroom…

  35. My dream started out as my entire class started school back up, even though I graduated this year. We were all in the class learning about our teachers when one of them said that something was seen in the sky. We all went out to look and we had this thing that showed us objects in the sky, and there were three of them. They fell to the ground and right before they impacted they sent back up, and we all thought we were saved when suddenly the fell again and impacted. We all went back inside, and I turned around to talk to a few of my friends and when I turned back around everyone was gone, and I turned to ask my friends what was going on and they too were gone, but my ex was standing in their spot, staring out the window. I asked what she was looking at, and she said, “Come and see for yourself.” I went to see and what I saw terrified me. Everyone that I knew was running in one direction, almost from something that I nor my ex could see. We waited and then the thing became visible. It was a red opaque wall of dust or gas or something moving incredibly fast, and following the destructive wall were these zombified people, running towards us. Luckily they didn’t see us, so after we were sure they passed we went outside and there was nothing left but burning buildings, burning trees, and a combination of burning and alive people. The alive people were in groups, so we joined the largest one and started walking down the ruins if our town. We stopped somewhere, I can’t remember what for, when our entire group started running. I turned to see why and there was another wave of the red wall coming at us. I grabbed my ex’s hand and we ran, eventually being partially consumed by the burning substance, when we spotted a possible way out. It was an alleyway with stairs going up to doors, and we squeezed through the rubble to get up the stairs. When we reached them, we scurried our way up and bursted through one of the doors, only to find three children, around the age of 12, relaxing inside. They invited us in and told us what was happening, that the earth was struck by something huge and it had shifted a tectonic plate. Then, as the nightmare was developing, I wokeMy dream started out as my entire class started school back up, even though I graduated this year. We were all in the class learning about our teachers when one of them said that something was seen in the sky. We all went out to look and we had this thing that showed us objects in the sky, and there were three of them. They fell to the ground and right before they impacted they sent back up, and we all thought we were saved when suddenly the fell again and impacted. We all went back inside, and I turned around to talk to a few of my friends and when I turned back around everyone was gone, and I turned to ask my friends what was going on and they too were gone, but my ex was standing in their spot, staring out the window. I asked what she was looking at, and she said, “Come and see for yourself.” I went to see and what I saw terrified me. Everyone that I knew was running in one direction, almost from something that I nor my ex could see. We waited and then the thing became visible. It was a red opaque wall of dust or gas or something moving incredibly fast, and following the destructive wall were these zombified people, running towards us. Luckily they didn’t see us, so after we were sure they passed we went outside and there was nothing left but burning buildings, burning trees, and a combination of burning and alive people. The alive people were in groups, so we joined the largest one and started walking down the ruins if our town. We stopped somewhere, I can’t remember what for, when our entire group started running. I turned to see why and there was another wave of the red wall coming at us. I grabbed my ex’s hand and we ran, eventually being partially consumed by the burning substance, when we spotted a possible way out. It was an alleyway with stairs going up to doors, and we squeezed through the rubble to get up the stairs. When we reached them, we scurried our way up and bursted through one of the doors, only to find three children, around the age of 12, relaxing inside. They invited us in and told us what was happening, that the earth was struck by something huge and it had shifted a tectonic plate. Then, as the nightmare was developing, I woke.

  36. I had a dream where I was at the beach, and all of a sudden, black portals appeared and tentacles came out, pulling people in by the masses, and I had to drive as fast as I could away. It was the very first real lucid dream that I had. Anyone got any ideas on what it means?

  37. I had a short dream a couple of days ago, I’m not a dreamer really but Im sure I remember dreaming this, like my brain didn’t want me to forget this dream. I remember dreaming that I was somewhere outside and there were people also that I didn’t know, but everyone started to look towards the sky and I wanted to see what they were looking at too. As I look up we see this light/meteoroid I’m not sure what it was, but when it was falling and soon hit the ground I saw the black dust coming towards us. I was scared/nervous because I think i knew what was going on. Everyone’s faces looked confused and scared too, but I yelled at them almost warning them to please repent before it’s too late because God is coming and it ended and I woke up!! I’m a Christian by the way… just concerned about what the meaning behind this dream is??

  38. I dream’t that the everyone is at war, thousands of people running towards each other. I am on my horse leading my war party when suddenly balls of fire is raining down onto everyone and the earth breaks open. I am memorized by this and just go and sit ontop of a hill to look at the eath’s crust as it lifts up from the ground. The Balls of fire rain down on everyone around me but does not hit me. Millions died and laid dead covering the desert floor like a blanket.

  39. In my dream the moon was falling apart piece by piece, like it was dying. Each piece falling into the earth like a meteor shower. The sun was going dark as well and the earth wasn’t getting enough light anymore. Scientists started to predict that the world was gonna fall apart soon and everyone had to evacuate. It was horrible coz we all had to go into deep space without knowing if we would find another home planet, or how long we were gonna be floating around for. It felt as real as me typing this right now. And I’ve had the same dream more than once.

  40. I Had a strange dream. it looked like there was no house around, that i was in the desert. i wanted to known what time it is, i checked my watch and phone but it had no time in it. as if the time stopped.

  41. I had a dream in which my school was holding city wide a tag team competition. All the schools from the city were competing as well as a few teams from the army (just for fun). My team consisted of a few soldiers, a commander and my brother (he’s 5 years younger than me). There was a night scene where I was helping a nurse who was checking a pregnant woman… The women had a history of still born children (dead at birth) and she was quite depressed because of it but my neighbor/nurse assured her that everything will be fine this time, I comforted her and she left happily.
    Back to the competition, my team was sub divided and I was with my brother and another girl going towards our target . Suddenly we get to know that there’s a zombie apocalypse. The girl takes a frantic civillian to another supposedly safe location. Me and my brother are attacked by a zombie… I hold the zombie by his neck (cause I don’t wanna be bitten), my brother attacks him with a bottle while I blind the zombie with my fingers. The zombie doesn’t die but it runs away from us. We come in contact with an army general, a few soldiers and other people who had been fighting the zombies as well and join them. After running for a while because we were being pursued by zombies, we loose them. Then we scale a 3 storey tall bungalow and perch on roof. At this point all I care about is that my brother and I are safe. I’m not necessarily scared or anything. I’m feeling a little nervous but determined and I know that my brother and I can survive on our own but staying with this general increases those chances. Back to the story, we’re again attacked by a horde of zombies but we are fighting them off successfully. One zombie manages to pull me, we tumble down the roof, I somehow land on grass unhurt, kill the zombie, do some kind of cool parkour and scale the building again. The general looks proud of me and all of us continue fighting. There was a civilian that tried to climb up to the roof by a ladder and some of the soldiers tried to help him but unfortunately the ladder broke, he fell down and died. I fell bad for him but continued fighting. The last zombie was The pregnant women… her stomach was a bit shredded so her unborn developing foetus could be seen. She somehow recognized me, smiled at me (i was shocked and stilled here) and tried to hug me but was killed by another soldier. She died with a smile on her face.

    This is when I woke up and I need to know what all this means please.

    The thing is I’ve never seen a zombie movie before even if they are a common theme. I’ve been getting such (not zombie related) bad nightmares for a long time now and I’m sick of them. This zombie dream is actually quite fun compared to my other dream.
    I would be really grateful if someone could help me.

  42. On the beach and looking up at the sky,I see ships ,everyone starts to panic and run,because we didn’t know what they were, then I looked up again and saw smaller ships but they all had flags on the bottom side of them,it was all the flags of the world battling the big ships….that’s all I can remember

  43. I have these type of dreams 3-4 times a month for the last 7 years. Either fireballs or metal or something shooting from the sky onto the earth and everyone running around in panic. Now I started having dreams of other types of ships or vessels in the sky shooting at us and I do not watch or research or even look for things like that I don’t want these dreams I just cannot stop having them. And I also have dreams of levitating not flying but levitating weekly it’s horrible I hate sleep I’m afraid

  44. I am not religious but for good or stress like other people call when you have this kinda dreams one thing I know I want to share dreams the weird thing is I been have the same dream twice exactly the same dream i do not know how to call because I am not asleep, I am falling asleep, I am between asleep and awake, but I can tell you very clearly where the world is a chaos where we fight for food, water, I see at people screaming crying, i see a lot of destruction where there is no food is something very solemn just people screams suffering, I do not know what my dream means but I have had it 2 times and I wake up and I tell my husband that we should prepare ourselves with food because for some reason my mind tells me that something more terrible is coming, Will be no money or gold to stop it, only god I am a sinner just like everyone else in this world but something very terrible is coming pray and ask God to protect us from all danger evil and storm, because only God will protect the whole world but w have to have faith and trust him.

  45. I just had two nightmares, the second one was way worse. I don’t remember exactly where I started, but it was daytime, and I was with my mom, my least favorite brother whom I have a really rocky relationship with, my auntie, and her daughter in law. We were in some parking lot and there were dozens of people being chased and killed by zombies, and there’s was blood everywhere. I remember running, and turning around, seeing my mom bent over, huffing and puffing, because she’s not physically fit at all. My aunt somehow managed to find a car and we all get in it. I remember being petrified, and crying my eyes out, because I didn’t want to leave my mom, and scared she wasn’t gonna make it. We found this random small two story building behind a gas station, and hid there. Hours in my dream past, and me and my auntie looked out the window, and saw chaos. For some reason even tho we were only two stories high, looking out of the window it appeared we were in some sort of skyscraper, because it we could see a whole city. It was beautiful, but horrific, there were small cracks in the ground, and there was so much smoke coming out of the ground, that it made covered the entire sky, it looked like it was a volcano eruption almost. There were more people screaming, and there were these tall, maybe three story tall monsters. The had exoskeletons, skin likes shells, they had three eyes, that glowed bright green, and they were slaughtering people. I stopped peaking out of the blinds, and looked to my left, and saw my auntie balling. I remember thinking the was the Armageddon, and we were all going to hell. I woke up, terrified, more than a usual nightmare would make me feel, I honestly think this is the most scared I’ve been from a nightmare. Sorry if this was really long but, it’s one of the weirdest/scariest nightmares I’ve ever had. I often question if God is real, sometimes I make decisions based off the idea that he isn’t, so I don’t feel bad abt them, and I’m not gonna lie, in the dream, and right after waking up, I was begging for forgiveness in my head. Because I felt like it was a premonition or something. Now that I’ve had time to cool off, I’m less worries abt it, but this is really bizarre and has never happened to me. Stay blessed, stay safe, and have an amazing day.

  46. 2 days ago i had one of the craziest dreams of my life and i remember almost everything.

    I saw my whole family in that dream, all of us had guns, actually every single person had guns
    We were in our house my mom showed me what we had stock up food food wise in our cabinets (i even remember the ramen pacet, that was in there)
    There were lot of people killing and fighting and trying to get into our house and hurt us.

    All the people were divided into groups (gangs) and were trying to survive a some kind of apocalypse.
    And since one group were trying to get into our house i had to flank them so i climbed on top of our house and i saw a older women and i knew she was the leader of that group,
    I knew i had to kill her i managed to get into 1vs1 fight with her and i won, its was unbelievably hard to kill her as she always stood up even after shooting her like 5 times point plank.
    Military was everywhere, next i know i was running away after killing that women and was hiding behind a military hummer, bullets flying explosions and fire everywhere and i saw my Uncle , THEN SOMETHING CRAZY HAPPENS.
    he told me to grab his hand and i will wake up from the dream, so i did, and some crazy flashing happened, it seemed like i woke up in my room but still kinda feeling like i was holding his hand, it was like dream inception because i didn’t really wake up so i let go of his hand and i was instantly back there exactly the same place behind the Hummer, the hand grabbing thing all happened in like 5-10 sec.
    Then i really woke up sweating like crazy literally soked the whole bed.
    That was a “short” description what i saw , but there was much more happening.

  47. I have been having the same dream for the past four nights. In my dream, there has been fire balls falling from the sky, then you see ships with white lights beaming people up into them. I really don’t think these are good ships. The only way you are beamed up though is if you are in plain sight. Then they leave, they are gone for a couple months then they return. But when they return they have little ships this time as well. We have to then defend ourselves if we want to stay on earth. Later on in my dream, I look in the sky and you see what looks like 3 other planets that are closer to our earth, or they could be moons. What does this mean?

  48. I had the most bizarre dream last night. I could probably turn it into a book or movie 😂 winged zombie like creatures that couldn’t see in the dark. I was driving a zoo tram of some sort with people through tunnels. We had to be quiet when out. Traveled by day in tunnels and night without headlights. Stayed in houses boarded up to let no lights escape. Then I had to drive a semi Bc they trashed my tram. Getting gas was a nightmare and I’m not that great of a semi truck driver.

    Seriously. It was life like. And trying to get everyone to stay calm and quiet when traveling so we wouldn’t attract attention. Then out of nowhere these winged zombie things would descend down and snatch people up and eat them. It was super creepy!

    I have a vague recollection of arguing with some lady who took the last car by butting in line and that’s how I ended up driving a tram or something. It wasn’t a tram necessarily but it was scary. Driving down a ditch to take a tunnel under the highway and hearing cars crashing above us.

    1. I have a dream where an I’m in a city near a beach an unusual kind of thunderstorm was happening the thunders where trap in a mushroom cloud position and i can see the lightning tryng to hit the ground but theres something
      thats stopping the lightning and the sea below was glowing the waves are glowing green whoever was touch by the waves starts crying and running and their bodies became transparent. My position in that dream was i was in a helicopter flying over the green waves and over to where the other people that was touched by the waves where heading the center of the ocean,but before I arrive i have another dream more like a continuation of the dream, I”woke up” in my own house but outside were cats getting killed to be eaten by those people who became apparently mindless after they touch the green waves, apparently me in the dream was so casual seeing hundreds or maybe thousands of people in a 1 single line and a pyramid piled dead bodies of cat. Me in the dream was having a conversation about how those people are crazy and the cats that was killed was being eaten by them. Before my dream end I hear why did you let them kill our cat by my ‘mom’ in the dream and woke up real time shaken

      I dunno if this have a meaning but it creeps me out

  49. I had a dream last night that my family was having a night party in our backyard. My sister and I were looking up at the sky and I saw the moon but it was bigger than I’d ever seen before. Unnaturally big. At first I thought it was just a super full moon or something, but something seemed off. The moon turned into a shadowed object with a ring around it, kind of like a solar eclipse. Black with a ring of yellowish red. It was getting bigger. I noticed another celestial body appear. It was mars and it was getting bigger too. Saturn and Jupiter appeared. I looked at the stars and they started streaking like they were moving, but the paths were irregular. I ran inside to tell my parents what I thought was happening. Earth’s orbit had been disturbed by what I theorized was a black hole that had entered our solar system. Every orbit was thrown off and we were headed for doom. I felt the ground begin to vibrate and I got a strong sense of inertia like the Earth was picking up speed. Jupiter filled the sky, we were caught in its gravity and getting pulled in. I stared in horror as I tried to hold on to something as the Earth moved towards its complete annihilation and the weight of the situation dawned on me. Everyone was going to die in less than a minute and there was nothing anyone could do. I started into the eye of Jupiter and gasped awake.

  50. Hi there,
    I dreamt that I was walking down the street with a friend and suddenly as we’re walking a bright yellow light was coming to us like an object that’s burning flames. It came closer and closer then an explosion occurred everyone in the world was separated if maybe not dead and everything was floating in the air, pieces of the earth and material things. Then we were transported in a vehicle and we were in space, I knew no one, I was alone on my own surrounded by strangers in that same vehicle with me. There were planets and there were clouds. Then we stopped on a planet which had been built on. It was a white building like a complex with different rooms and you’re surrounded by space and weird clouds. The clouds were dark grey/black with a light shining in it it was different colours such as blue, yellow, green, red. I was taken to my room I can’t recall if it was people who took me to my room but I think there were some people in charge in controlling what we do. There were rules set out and if you did not follow them one of the weird clouds sucks you up and you die. All I was thinking was if we’re all separated from our families how is my little brother handling it having no parents, no guidance all alone listening to the sky telling him what and what not to do how is he coping. I went into one room and found my uncle and aunt I was so surprised that in everything that happened they survived and they found each other. I was thinking of my brothers I knew us grown ups will be able to adapt but how will a kid take it. We were able to go outside which looked like land there were trees and bushes growing it was daylight and I just met a few people who were walking the same direction I was, then we saw the cloud and we all ran for safety hiding behind a bush and luckily we were safe. If you also walked in certain parts of the building you were restricted if you went beyond where you weren’t supposed to be you can be punished too. I was almost caught in a hallway where I wasn’t supposed to be and I ran away so fast being so afraid off my life.

  51. I dream that the sun goes supernova, everything is blasted and dead. The sun is searing white and it’s so hot you can barely breathe. Then the dream cuts to a square made of light with endless darkness inside which turns into a door and I hear a voice but I have no idea what it’s saying only that it’s important.

  52. – [ ] I woke up from this dream gasping and my heart racing, it was truly terrifying. Idk if it was apocalyptic necessarily but it started with a riot like situation over the Epstein stuff, people screaming and yelling then they all started dying. I was with some girl and it turned into a like round of war zone/ call of duty it was weird and she was like you can stay back so I did and when I looked over there was blood everywhere but my parents sound asleep on the bloody couch. Five minutes later my oldest brother comes in terrified and tears in his eyes saying to keep myself safe bc people were about to come our way and it was dangerous. I panicked and said we need to get mom and dad and leave right now so I rush downstairs trying to explain to my parents we need to go then two seconds later the neighborhood was flooding with screaming people banging at our door to let them on. The last thing happening before I woke up was planning on how to get my little brothers. This by far has been my most terrifying dream

  53. Had a dream the the worlds Ozone layer had complete broken and you could now see the rest of the world with the naked eye almost like your own country. Took a few photos and then all power in the world had gone even cell phone service.
    Somehow I was left with someone else’s baby and tried to find her parents. Wrapped her in loads of blankets and found some food she could eat and ventured around trying to find her parents. Eventually I did.
    I then found a house and the people already living there let me live with them. Would often take clothes from neighbouring houses that were abandoned.

  54. i went into town to get a few things, and everything was just gone. when i drove by, the signs for dollar general, great wall, everything in that shopping center was taken down and GONE. the stores were locked and completely empty. no shelves, no merchandise, nothing. there were NO other cars driving through downtown either. i drove through the neighborhoods behind circle k, and nobody was outside in their yards. i pulled in to somebody’s driveway and knocked on the door and asked to come inside (apparently they were a friend of mine??). i was like “uh hey wtf is going on? it looks like a wasteland on main Street. every building is gutted out and all the signs are taken down. nobody’s even out in public, i was the only car driving” and they were like “wtf?? idk dude did we miss something??? cause i literally just went to the store last night and everything was normal” and i said “idk turn on the news” and we tried, but their cable wasnt working. all the tv said was no signal. we were like wtf ok lets google it. nothing on our phones would work. no data signal to use the internet and no cell service to text anyone.
    I dont remember exactly what happened after that but I know that we found out there was an apocalypse happening because martial law was declared or something.
    then somehow it turned into me finding out i was a ghost this whole time & i died in my best friend kylie’s house and she hid my body?? like i was trying to find my dead body after finding out i was a ghost, but apparently Kylie did something with my body, like she hid it?? also apparently I had a trash bag full of clothes at her house that I wanted her to hold onto when I was alive because I didnt have any space at home to keep them in my closet, so when my ghost went back to her house to find the body and the bag of clothes, she apparently hid the clothes too and was super suspicious about it?!?!?!
    then i woke up????? it was really weird and im still freaked out by it!?!?!?! i neeeeeed answers!!!!

  55. Below are some of the dreams i had. Let me know if it means something, or means nothing. Not sure!! Just confused.
    Have been dreaming about different ways the world ends. It could be either on a particular area or the entire world.

    From my childhood days, one dream kept repeating for few years:
    Very big cyclone/hurricane, only thing i could describe it as a child was “a whilrdwind of water” higher than any buildings/towers. Eating up all in its path. Am standing on top of my apartments terrace. Not sure if will describe it as scared, but just standing. Then am also being sucked it in the water and it keep raising me higher. When i reach the top and about to enter the eye of the Vortex, i wake up from the dream because of the hightened fear/anxiety.

    Yesterday had a dream 6-June-2020:
    Its kind of world dominated or separated, not by human but something unknown.
    The entire world was split into 2, 1 a smaller region and another a bigger one. My family stuck in the bigger one, i got pulled into the smaller region.
    Then there were sequence of events that happened during the course i tried to reach my family.
    But what is wierd is the way the world got separated. A big cup or hemisphere encompassing the smaller region. The sky looks dark and clouds, like it grew tentacles, trying to strengthen the hemisphere. It kept generating electricity which did not allow the 2 regions to interact. Somehow we as human did not cooeprate within the bigger region. But people started cooperating in the smaller region. Many intricate details am not willing to dive into it, as it had too much of an impact of the over course of 1 night.

  56. Preoccupation with earthly endeavors steals people’s focus, so that the Voice of Truth they truly need to hear is diminished, most of the time, to mere whispers. Sadly, the voice people hear the most is their own voice, which has inhaled the voice of the cultural environment around them, leading them to perceive truth from these resounding voices which are vying for attention daily. However, the biased truth people are absorbing on a regular basis is not from The One Who is Truth.

  57. Waking up this is now Sixth night of dreaming I’m driving in my car my daughter is 22 she is always in the front passenger seat my two youngest sons are in the back one is 11 the other is 5 there is a white truck behind us and we see water coming my daughter is screaming which makes my autistic son scream I’m driving up hill towards a school we get out and run the water is comin fast we get separated my youngest is on my shoulders I’m running up stairs I turn my car is taken by the flood of water I’m on the second level other people are there I hug my son it’s too late the water hits and I wake

  58. It started off normal, and ended in a strange way.

    Since it’s a dream, I was hanging with my family. You see, my grandpa passed and I missed him.
    News of a meteor hitting the moon and breaking it in half, causing it to hit the earth. Killing everyone and everything, I felt like it hit me first.

    Strangely enough, I woke up in the afterlife or another life with everyone who passed or died in my dream. I felt happy and painless but in the background, you could see reminders of the old world floating like the half moon or the old wounds of those who already passed.

    Then I woke up in real life.

  59. I just woke up from a dream. It freaked me out a bit. I just said bye to my sister who went to go somewhere. So I was home alone. I heard a dark loud deep voice i went out side to check it out. A dark figure was in the sky with red light all around. He said he will use our sins against us. Then the red light got brighter and seared holes into the ground. I quickly got my phone to call my sister. She answers a sigh of relief. I scream at her to get home now. Shes worried about someone owning her money for some reason. I tell her who cares get home now. She is so we hung up. I the looked back at the sky at what looked like an alien spaceship tumbling out of the sky. It lands a couple streets over. I see cops on their radios. I was running toward the crash. Then I wake up.

  60. I was doing some yard work in the back yard when it began to grow darker, almost as if an eclipse was happening. When I looked towards the sun, it was being covered by what appeared to be a explosion of stars. It remained dark and this explosion began to form into a large Meteor that started to make its way towards the earth. My husband had been outside with me and said that it was going to collide with the earth and that it was the end. I am upstairs to wake up my grown sons, because now it appeared to be early morning. I went in and gave them a kiss and told them I loved them. I was calling my third son on the phone also telling him to look outside and that I loved him. I tried to turn on the TV to see any news reports but the stations were all in commercials! I kept looking outside the window to see if I could see the meteor because now it was pouring down rain and hailing. I asked if the end would be immediate, and if we would perish quickly, I don‘t remember a response. I remember thinking that this is what was happening due to the pandemic and the demise in humanity towards each other and our environment. I sat waiting for the impact and wondering what others were doing and thinking during this time. I felt frightened and calm at the same time and wasn’t panicking. And then I woke up.

  61. I had one of the most saddest dreams that the world was ending and falling in pieces. You were able to see outer space closer and that all the people i knew and some of family were dead and my mom was going to die next. I could only think of who will remember my mom if i die next and who take care of my 3 year old daughter will she survive? Will i be able to live to see her grow ? I had to wake up to believe it wasn’t real. Its not my first i dream of the world ending but this was the saddest one because i could see my loved ones passing away and no one left in the world.

  62. I had a dream that was post apocalyptic, I was standing on my own in central London staring at all the ruins. There was no one around, no sound, no animals, not even any wind or smoke! There was absolutely nothing, just the ruins It was as if there as a massive disaster. Whether it was nuclear or not, I’m not sure. The sky was a yellow colour and I was just standing there… alone. I felt in that dream that I couldn’t take in what I was seeing. I didn’t move, I just stared out to these ruins of the tall buildings.

  63. Well this is definitely going to sound weird. I read a few dreams and none of them compare to what I had. Me, some friends and quite a bit of family were all gathered in a church. I guess my sister wanted a picture with her grandparents. In the dream idk if it was her grandparents on her dads side or what (we have different dads). Anyway, her grandmother had already passed but there was an open casket with the grandmother in it. She looked like she just recently passed. Not like years ago but like a week if that. My sister put her face up against her grandmother and a lot of us got videos and pictures. Then she got pictures take with the grandfather. I heard a voice say do not disturb the dead. We all left the church and watched as the church collapsed before our eyes. It was really scary. Then it became night time. It was so cloudy and a little foggy. Me, my kids, and a bunch of other people gathered in what looked like the remains of the church or somewhere else. I’m not sure. Out of the blue, what sounded like an airplane flying too close and felt like an earthquake, started happening. I looked outside and seen a huge ship coming out of the sky. I knew it was the end of the world right there.

  64. i had a dream where i was doing a test and once we had finnished the test we went to sleep , once i woke up in the dreammy family wasnt their but my dog was and she had a giant cut on the back of her neck.then i found a foun when i picked it up it began to ring ,it was not someone i knew and it wasnt a privert number it said apocaliptic cronavirus in your area,i looked out the window to see every one trying to leave the town and i relised i was left alone ,i then woke up vomiting : (

  65. I had 2 dreams in which i was with a man who loved me and i also loved him but i have never seen that man before. We together were saving the world from some kind of disease which was spreading. We were helping people to evacuate from earth to go on another planet. We were like in a situation where we can even die but we helped people and cried together in fear of losing each other. And i am not a movie fan too. So what this dream means?

  66. I keep having dreams. I’ve had them for months and they change but it’s the same thing. Either I find my fiancée cheating on me. Or he abandons me & my daughter during an apocalypse. Does anyone know why I might be having these messed up dreams.

    1. Hi Maddie, these dreams might be surfacing subconscious feelings of fear of commitment, insecurity and anxiety or they could be a result from events that may cause you to question the relationship. Exploring whether you are simply worried about this relationship will work out {especially if previous ones ended with a person leaving} or whether there is a valid reason to have these feelings {the person is verbally or physically abusive at times} can give a lot of insight into what it may mean.

      To add a further layer of confusion to understanding what a dream means, sometimes the people we dream about aren’t actually that person at all but instead are like actors in our dream representing someone or something else. {For example, your current partner can be an actor to actually play the role of a previous partner, or could even represent some aspect of yourself – are you being kind and loving to yourself?}. Our post on characters in dreams can explain a bit more about this.

      I hope this gives you a bit of insight, but because of the highly personal nature of dreams you of course are the best person to truly know what it means. Keeping a dream journal and exploring a few of our different dream interpretation techniques can be a great way to explore this in more detail. Often times once you understand the meaning of a dream and apply that wisdom in your waking daily life it can help stop them from recurring.

  67. I basically had a dream about the apocalypse starting. I don’t know which one, but something was happening to the world and was destroying it. There were 3 people present in this dream. Me, from my own perspective, my older brother and my mom.
    We had heard something on the television warning us about the end coming or something. We also had 2 cats, their the same cats that we have in real life. Frodo and Tabitha.
    My mom wanted to get in the car and leave them behind, but I had screamed at her until she decided to take them. After getting in and almost pulling out, we stopped the car and my brother an I ran into our home to grab a few things we forgot, and as we were leaving, we took one last long look, and a few photos taken from me on my phone, of the home we lived in for so long.
    We walked out the door, got back into the car and I asked my mom to take me to my dad. He loves cats so he’s be willing to take in our 2, and he loves my brother and I, even though we don’t see him very often. After that, my mom nodded, and as soon as the car started the dream ended.

    I don’t know what this symbolizes, but it’s been eating away at me ever since I woke up. It’s scaring me.

  68. Just had this terrifying apocalyptic dream last night. It was one of those rare dreams which was scarily distinct and realistic. Was in my hometown of NYC and off to work, waiting for the A Train at the 200/Dyckman stop, and the train came into the station but crashed right through the gate (which doesn’t exist in real life) situated there to stop it. It signaled to me, “this is different, very different.” So I rush up the stairs out of the subway onto the street, but just in time to see a whole subway train in the air, coming down and crashing horrifically into the street, even though that doesn’t make any logical sense. Then I saw a car flip and turn over, then another one. It was somehow clear to me that this was the beginning of the end of the world. So I called the gf at work and told her I had to tell her something really important. She said no, it would have to wait, she had to go into a meeting. I was like, no, I have to tell you this, I think the world’s coming to an end. She said no, not now, she had to go into her meeting. This whole time cars were flipping and crashing into things. I told her the world is coming to an end, and cars are crashing all around me, and I just think it would be a shame that we didn’t at least try to make a break for it because you had a meeting. No response. I exerted my will and cut off the dream there. Woke up in a sweat, heart racing, spooked…

  69. I had a dream about how the world was ending and these things that called ‘Leaders’ that were attracted to noise were killing humans. I was in a house with a few people I knew and some I didn’t. Everyone started to rush and started following one guy becuase those things were coming. I got my little brother up to go with them and my mom. I waited for two people that were behind and the rest went ahead. We, the three of us, had to be quiet because they showed up out front. We snuck out side door and barely escaped. I almost got killed by ending up throwing down the backpack. We escaped and ran to catch up to the other group.

  70. I had a dream where I was on a tour group in what looked like Israel except it kind of looked like the city in the Movie scorch trials, Our group came into an open cave with big holes and all the sudden you could hear people screaming from a nearby town when I looked up I saw the city in flames and flaming meteorites falling from the sky as I looked one fell right on me and I knew it was the end. Then I immediately woke up but I can still hear the screams.

  71. So in my dream, it’s really quite a complicated one I never have any dream like this before. So, in my dream I believe that there was a government experiment all over the world to create what would they called ‘ a perfect world ‘, but by doing that they have to kill and experiment with so many people, yes, so many people have died by the processes. By the end of the experiment everyone was changing, actually everyone is nicer, no more fighting, no killing one and other but nobody was the same anymore, all of their memories and all their thought are all changing not really in a good way, it’s really creepy. Anyhow, I have become the only one in the world who could remember all of the things that happened, not including those governments of course. By the end of my dream or my story I saw myself sitting alone in a dark, gloomy but somehow comfortable? cave away from those crazy things that happen outside. I think all of this reflect something about me, somehow, please give some thought about it. Thank you very much.

  72. Last night I dreamed of a post-apocalyptic world. I treated everything much like the end of the world but instead, I was in a closed off area with strangers. I had both of my brothers but I forgot the rest of my family. Then I meet someone from real life that links me to an old dream I have of having a third brother slightly younger than me. I cry for a while on their shoulder then decide to look for him. I WAKE UP noooooo

  73. It was like a radiation, from aliens, most probably from ancient egyptians, they were saying a text of unclear message, i believe they wanted us to stay safe and close the curtains but at the same time they cant gaurantee our safety if we are exposed to the radiation.
    I kept on running, having my important stuff with me, but i lost them all.
    I kept searching on my mum, i found her then i lost her in the crowd.
    I didnt find my partner, decided to have a New one to hold me while the radiation is passing, couldnt find him by the time.
    The radiation is near.
    i have to lay down on the floor with complete strangers, they kept shouting to lay down while i was overwhelmed searching for my stuff and my people.
    The radiation has passed, i lost my conscious, waked up on a headache and started to cry.
    Someone i didnt know started to tap on my Shoulder and tell me to relax.. The radiation has passed and now everything is ok and that im safe.
    I searched for my mum, i found her happy with the people she met, and the same with the New partner.
    So i went to get my stuff and thought about that i didnt lose my people at the apocalypse but i still lost them.

  74. Hello,
    This morning I woke up from a really strange end of the world dream. The world was ending and my sister and I found each other. We were worried about the rest of the family but we could not find them. We finally started to head to some place that everyone kept talking about where we would be safe. We got in a car and started driving as fast as we could we saw how the world was coming to an end people were dying and all animals were turning against humans. The entire time we are keeping a clear mind because we are trying to reach this mountain top where all was safe. We almost died but we made it to this halfway shelter and meet up with other people and these men who seem to be part of this “new army” so they protected us. The next day we continue onto the mountain top. With lots of struggles along the way. A dog chased us and almost bit one of the people but someone shot him. My sister and I were holding tight to one another and we finally get to the mountain top I turned to look at my sister and we just hug and start crying uncontrollably and I just kept thinking of everyone I loved that we lost but how thankful I was that she was alive with me. I woke up crying ! This felt so real!

  75. Good Morning!
    Does anyone here dream everyday, all the time? I dream every single day. I can’t remember a time where I slept peacefully without dreaming. I feel like God shows me stuff in dreams, hidden messages and premonitions. I’m usually aware that I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming. I can tell myself to “Wake Up!” , if it’s a dream I desperately want to end. There was a time where I wanted to go back into a dream to change something a few days later I did. My Father has this gift as well. He told me to write down all of my dreams. I have journals full of fascinating dreams! Can anyone here relate?

    *P.S. I had an apocalyptic dream about the human race turning into these creatures because of a airborne virus. This is what brought me to this discussion board.

    Thanks for letting me share!

    1. Hi Mariam, you might want to check our posts on Lucid Dreaming and also the Different Types of Dreams. Many people have very vivid dreams {that is why we made this website!}

  76. So I have a dream last night that there was great storms and destruction of the area I live in. What made it even more weird was it was a dream inside of a dream. No joke. At first I was dreaming that storms with tornadoes and lighting was happening around me as I was in my house then I woke up on my couch and thought thank god that was a dream but then I apparently was still dreaming and it all started again. But this time I saw the destruction and everybody I loved around me I was trying to save. Then all these people started to come to me hundreds people I didn’t even know. Then I heard a loud trumpet and I saw fire and eruptions start happening all around me in the mountains where I live. Then I remembered saying that this is it and it’s really happening and I started to ask for forgiveness then I woke up suddenly breathing hard and sweating. I was really scared. I hope this isn’t bad thing.

    1. I have had many dreams inside of a dream – and often times when you start having those sort of dreams where you wonder if you are dreaming or not is the beginning of learning how to lucid dream, where you are able to completely influence the dream experience. You can learn more about lucid dreaming on our website here: What is lucid dreaming? – Hopefully that will help you learn how to start exploring your dreams.

  77. My apocalypse dream was with zombies but I never actually visually saw them. I was sheltered in my own home with my family but some were missing but we didnt seem to mind. It was the constant paranoia and the fact that we had seen so mang movies like this we couldnt wrap our heads around the idea that this was truly happening. It was frightening having to run from something you didnt know about and to have to take certain brutal steps to survive like not trusting a bleeding person knocking at your doorstep. Truly the most vivid and terrifying dreams I have ever had.

  78. Ok so my dreams of the apocalypse are always weird in the sense that I and the others in the dream just don’t care about it. One of my dreams I was in an anger management class thing but it was the apocalypse. Kinda like those things where you just know it’s a think even thought there’s little evidence for it. The only thing that was weird about the meetings (and the only thing that actually hinted about the apocalypse) was where we meet, that place being an underground bunker. I’m just so confused as to what it means. The only thing I think it might mean is that I’m super stressed or something like that but I just don’t care irl?

    1. If it were my dream, I might wonder if it comes to acceptance of a difficult situation, or perhaps even an indifference/apathy to a situation in real life coming to an end. Underground in a bunker could have possibly similar meaning as a basement in a house would have. {See our post on meaning of houses in dreams}. May also want to pay attention to other dreams you are having lately – sometimes a dream that seems completely unrelated can tie into dreams that you are not sure what they are about. Hope that helps and thanks for sharing your dream question with us!

  79. Can you help get a better understanding of my dream went a humanoid hand firing a giant black beam at something the beam is larger than him then cuts to me on earth as a giant white beam destroying everything and anything the cuts to a pure black eye opening and starts crying out black liquid and that was the end of it

    1. Hi Anthony,

      If it were my dream, I would consider if there is anything in my current waking life that might relate to how you felt during the dream.

      You can learn some ways on how you can learn to interpret your own dreams here:
      How to Interpret Dreams

      You may also want to look into these additional dream symbols:

    2. Eyes Dream Meaning
    3. Killing in Dreams Meaning
    4. Hope that helps and if you have any other dreams you would like to ask about just let us know anytime!

  80. I don’t understand this dream that I have had! The whole dream is sticking to me I can’t forget it!
    I even woke up for an hour and went straight back to this dream when I feel asleep .
    It was like a huge university campus, as though I was going to school there, all of a sudden we all get called to this kitchen where we are given anything that can be used as weapons, I took a wine glass!
    Anyway I am running down this hallway and I here the commotion start, it’s as though all these people were possessed and wanted to find everyone who wasn’t and kill them, I am running and finding places to hide, I find my room and try to lock the door in time and I was being chased. I find a girl in my sort of like dorm room, we then stick together for a while, the possessed people found a way in, so we run then we confront a possessed person as we had be chased to the roof, I gave the person my iPhone and she left us alone.
    We then make our way back inside and there is this classroom with a huge Cubbord we hid in there for a bit, I then come out and look up the hallway to find a huge military presence down this one hallway they are all lined up down this hallway with weapons and its seems as though something apocalyptic is happening down that hallway. We then go to a court yard where I meet 2 police men covered in blood crying, I gave them a hug for their great work.
    I then entered a news agency in this court yard and a man with a gun comes in screaming and shoots at the ceiling asking why people don’t have guns! We then start running out the back of the store as though there are weapons there! I HAVE NOW WOKEN UP!
    then feel back to sleep and this dream continues, somehow everyone has come back to normal and everyone had been called for an asembly in this hall where the military and government are everyone is cheering as we survived but then all of a sudden the government starts doing this evil thing a possessing people again. The campus has been locked up completely and the military are gaurding the entire campus, I have lost my friend I found along the way after running away I went to my dorm room and locked it all up. To wait out this weird event. I am then listening to music and half communicating with 2 black men who are in a dorm room all the way across so we could see each other through the windows. Minutes later they disappear and show up at my room with 2 skate boards.
    We then wait it out for hours,
    Later I check the hall way and everything has gone silent. It seems to have all ended and we are allowed out of the campus. I’m now stuck as the campus cannot be lived in I have no where to live so I get a hotel room, meanwhile I’m still looking to recover my iPhone? And I find it in my hotel room but no charger so I start frantically trying to find a charger or turn the ph on as I needed to let my partner know I wasn’t dead.
    And that’s that!!!!
    WTH is going through my mind to come up with something as elaborate as this and to remember all of it!!!!!!

  81. My dream last night was about the zombie apocalypse. But not in a good or amusing way . Very intense , really felt I lived it. Were a few zombies to deal with and that was scary , but the rest was about the people. Firstly the government got involved and started shooting at people. We had to hide with zombies .I went back to my house alone , after a while and sun going down , felt the fear and loneliness. I went in search of my family ,we had packed a lot .there were numerous cars , and I went looking for the one we agreed to sleep in. The people there were not too happy I had turned up. In fact later in dream they sell my phone. It seems my father is doing some illicit work for the government in the dream. It seems those who comply were allied access to a buffet of luxurious food . My sister (no sister in real life) is against the government, I go to find her . She is in rags , dirty and starving. I give her an apple which she partially devours , and then goes crazy , ranting that this is the product of evil . My house gets flooded (the image is of real house in real life that’s just been done up ) we plan to take an apartment in a high story building. The floor above us is a workshop, but I see people stealing valuable material. The floor below us will be the government. Another sister of mine says she is leaving to go to London . I ask her to send news (how and she says she knows she will die there ) also implied I was in a foreign country .this was the weirdest dream ever and I was not watching zombie shows . Even when I have done a marathon of zombie shows , I have never had such a dream. Feel very weird even now .

  82. I had a dream in a dream last night. I woke up in my dream thinking about some movie i watched (kinda like mad max style, but i couldnt remember any details) and everything in the world had gone to shit and a few people were taking refuge in a basement (i had the sense i cared for these people, but i could only put faces to my wife and son). my friend had went to get parts for a piece of equipment from some other survivors. they decided to go back on the deal and come and kill everyone and take our stuff. so when they attack, my other friend and i got away and they chased my first friend up a water tower. we observed them thru a scope and fired on them with a rifle, killing 2/10+ people. After the second shot we got off we had to run into the woods and led them into a trap we set with poison gas and they all died although i never saw any of their faces. then i woke up

  83. My entire life I’ve had sleep paralysis. I’ve had constant dreams of something or someone talking to me. It’s weird because one night something or someone was talking to me about my parents, asking me who is that talking?. The problem was that my parents had left and when I had woke from the dream they had just returned and was talking in the hallway on their way in their bedroom. But that’s just 1 of maybe 10,000 dreams I’ve had dealing with what they call sleep paralysis. Recently I’ve been having dreams of the end of the world. I see tornadoes covering the streets, Space ships risen up out the water and, planes falling from the sky…
    One thing I’ve notice lately is everything I say or read comes up twice. Some one, the t.v., billboards and other things around me brings up them exact words…
    Idk what’s going on but it’s really happening.. and everyday it continues to happen

  84. I live in Kentucky and some of my most terrifying dreams involved tsunamis.

    I have this particular dream often basically I hear knees of a tsunami while on vacation and we all try to rush to the top of our skyscraper hotel which doesn’t go well since the wave knocks it down after hitting its base.

    My second dream is I was at my old house (which is pretty much one of the only locations I ever dream about but instead of like my bed room there will be a new location but it is still set up as like my old house) and everything aS fine we just got home from the other half of the dream I had and all of the sudden there was an unbelievable flooding raging thoroughbred kentucky. My mom and I were heading into the cellar but I kept saying let’s go to the new basement (talking about our other house) but every time I tell a family member to do something to save their self in my dream they always go against me. So maybe it symbolizes me trying to protect everyone because I always think about the future consequences of things etc. anyways the cellar we entered was similar but not entirely similar to our actual cellar since I’m my dream the cellar had a huge walkway to outside. I know totally random right? I kept telling my mom we have to go we have to go and then a huge wave came from nowhere and swept her away. It was absolutely terrifying and I don’t understand why my dreams are so vivid.

    Lastly I had a dream about my hold house and we were going to hide in that cellar and as we look up we see things floating in the sky.. but we had the feeling that these floating things were being seen throughout the entire world at he same time. So everyone was looking up and we started realizing it was the return of Christ and I started to panic because I had repented but I wasn’t the best person I could be and now was the time I was to face my consequences. I was worried I would not go to heaven.

    Anyways I feel better after typing it but the scary dream I had tonight was the huge floods washing away my mom 🙁 kinda traumatizing to envision

  85. I was at a party with a lot of people at night. A band was playing and people were enjoying themselves and having a good time. After about 2 hours into the party, everything goes dead silent. Everyone is in shock because the first thing they realize is that the band members have totally vanished. Everyone stands still for a good few minutes wondering what’s going on. I peek my head outside the door of the bar and realize that it is quiet everywhere else outside, too. Then I hear someone from the bar. They are outside in the back of the bar on their phone with family. As I overhear what they are saying, the conversation is not pleasant. They are talking about the apocalypse/great tribulation. I start to realize that’s what’s happening. I rush back into the bar and try to explain to people what’s going on, but they don’t really believe me. I go back outside and start to pray as I’m crying. All of a sudden…as I pull my phone out to try to call my family…my phone goes up in flames. I scream really loud in terror. Then…I start to catch fire! I start praying out loud VERY LOUD and apologize for my sins. The fire goes out and I feel so thankful and blessed. From there on out…myself and the other “few” remaining people from the party all meet up at the back of the bar outside. When I ask them “What are we going to do?!”…they respond…..”Try and survive.”

  86. the only times i dream are when i have apocalypse dreams. which is atleast 3 times a week now for about 4 months straight. they are almost always 100% different apocalypse dreams. Had one dream where the Earth was getting flooded and i was somehow in New York (ig anyways) and was in a helicopter with my fiance’ and we was flying away from the city while watching the city drown and i remember watching my sister and friends and family drown in front of me.
    I just woke up from one about 5 minutes ago, the sky was dark and it was cold, and a giant robot(like taller than skyscrapers) was marching around crushing everything in it way, and there were hurricanes happening everywhere. its crazy. idk what can be causing such crazy dreams. i mean i thought maybe cos i jus moved to cali, but ive been here for almost a whole 5 months already and ive been having these dreams almost daily for almost a whole year. and yes, i wish they would stop.

  87. Had the scariest dream .. ne and someone where at this outdoor concert and people had camping stuff outside. All of a sudden the sky turned grey like really dark grey. I looked up at the sky and these big blobs of water came shooting from the sky. When tjose blobs of water hit the ground it was lightning and fire. These big blobs took down whole buildings upon impact. I told who i was with what was happening. He dodnt believe me before then he saw it. He told me he had to get somethings. He told me to run and takr cover. Many people were running as well and hiding in buildings. I tried to call you guys but no answer. I tried to go to a church but there were people thete before but not now. There clothes and bags and shoes were only left. I ended up running to a convenient store and the ladt told me to lock the door. I told her what happend she saos u can take my car keys. Then at the door there were these 4 woman with scary looking eyes. I went to her car her son was sitting in there saying oh we r goinf to die. I tried to get him to snap out of it rhen i woke up. I dont know if my dream was an exageration or if im crazy or it means something. It felt soo real. It was like an apocolypse. It was.

  88. It’s sort of weird.
    One night I tried to commit suicide by over dosing
    But instead I had a dream where where was this Apocalypse going down and I’m trying to bring my family together so we can leave from the town we were hiding in since it didn’t seem safe.
    I found the “choice” of the dream’s plot was interesting and I feel like I understand what my mind was trying to say??

  89. Last night I had a weird dream. I can’t say it was exactly an apocalypse, but it’s the best thing I can describe it as. I remember it being a good dream, and then I had to say goodbye to some friends, who were leaving on a plane to go on a trip. Then, my youngest sister, another person, (can’t remember who, but they were older than me)and I were driving to my house. The person saw a truck and said “oh no, not now. please not now” or something like that. Then, the truck crashed into another car, I believe. We had to get away, since we knew the crash could create a gas explosion and fire. We got closer to it, somehow, and an explosion happened. It was a small explosion, and the other person dragged my sister and I away from the explosion, and we wound up on the street that I live. We rushed to our house to get inside, and we were getting the keys, but there was a familiar man on a motorcycle with a British accent who I thought I had seen before, but can’t recognize where. He had long blond hair and a scrubby and stubby beard. His eyes were blue and he was tan. He was that type of person who taunts people in a cat-calling way? He left and we went inside the house. Later, we went outside the house and I called my mom, saying “there was a crash and an explosion. it’s on our street” or something like that. We then ended up at my school, since my mom worked there. My mom, a few other people, and I locked ourselves in her office since everyone was gone for some reason. It was very hot in that room, and everyone wanted to relax a little, but I was stressed and wanted everyone to be safe. I walked into a bathroom to wash my hands, which was attached to my mom’s office in the dream. There was a floor-to-ceiling window in the bathroom. I decided to creep carefully against the wall with the window on it, incase there was any body who wanted to kill us outside. There the head of a snake that looked like a statue, but then it moved. I knew that the snake was a look out for someone who wanted to kill us. I ran back into the office and told everybody to lie low, turn off the lights and put the shades on, as well as lock the door in order to not be seen. I peeked out, and the killer was a man. He decided to enter the school, and I knew we were going to be dead. The next thing I remember was being outside with one of the people in our group attached to a wheel (the type of wheel you spin at a carnival) because she did something wrong, while the rest of us were in a cage. The man that had the snake appeared, and I knew he would want to kill us, and I got scared, and woke myself up. That’s all I remember, and it sort of shook me up. Does it mean something? It was sort of like evil killers took over the world and we were trying to survive.

  90. Well my dreams are extremely vivid, usually involving people I don’t recognize. Last night I continuously woke up do to the fact that I was having dreams back to back about an apocalypse involving zombies. Weirdest part about it all, no matter how many times I woke and fell back into a deep sleep, I found myself exactly where I left off in my dream. Every time I felt conferable and save in a spot and I felt that I had saved the strangers that surrounded me, it was shortly intrupped by a mass amount of zombies. I had swam throw thick water upstream, climes mountains and even made myself a very exclusive underwater metal shealter, that had gotten breached. I fount hard but everyone eventually died. By the time morning had come, I had awoken and fallen bad asleep four times at least. I can’t seem to let the dreams slip my mind.

  91. Every three months or so I have the same dream. I am calming preparing to leave my house and taking essentials – clothes and food For me and my husband. It so real. At the end I pour dog food all over the house and say we can’t take them with us. They will get us killed. Zombies or need of the world. It horrifying and I wake guilty and sad that I killed my dogs. In one recent dream I shot all three of them. They are sweet little dogs and I am horrified by these realistic dreams.

  92. My dreams are odd, every night I dream of some sort of end of world event, every dream contains the only girl I ever felt attracted to usually in different situations, my most recent one was a zombie outbreak took place leaving me trying to find this girl because I couldn’t live without her and never actually finding her, but the dream that reaccures a lot is me living on a space station that has gravity and very high tech designs when suddenly the station gets attacked and starts being pulled into the earths atmosphere and I get out on an escape pod only to watch the station crumble as it hits the surface of the planet around me.

  93. I have recurrent dreams, loosely based around the same idea:
    I am scrabbling along a floor strewn with decomposing bodies, trying to help my family to a higher platform and safety (apparently). I often encounter cousins or school friends who I have not had any (real life) contact with for decades. There is always some impending threat either from Aliens or Zombies or Vampires, and there is a time limit associated with getting to safety.
    Strangely, despite the horrific nature of the dream, I am not unduly threatened by unfolding events, but almost see it as a challenge that I must complete.

  94. I dreamed that I was with some people in a house, I feel like they were my family but I am only positive that one of the people was my mother. Anyway, we heard a really loud noise outside so a few of us went to check it out. The air outside was weirdly hot and cold…U saw smoke in the distance and flashes of light. Thought maybe a bomb or something. Suddenly there was airplanes and people diving out in pairs…my mom seemed to think it was an air show until these people started running all over the place…going into houses and looking for someone….the last thing I remembered was laying down in the hallway of the house, with my hands up so I could show that I didn’t pose as a threat and then I felt myself fading and then I woke up

  95. Dman me another dream about the apocalypse, i had a couple of nihhts ago. i was a Korean guy, in Korea. and there was a virus, everyone had the virus but they hadn’t yet turned into zombies. the zombies also ran very fast. but they couldn’t get you even if they tried their best. then starts my dream,i was in a building, it was at morning of a Damned Monday (God i hate Mondays ) and i was with my boss waiting for the employees to trun. i dunno how but it was my boss’s duty to keep me alive. i was being held in a room with a big door (very big) made of bulletproof glass ,my boss told me that the employees will trun in an hour.i hit the button that cpuld close the door. byt. it was very very slow. i waited and the employees began to attack me, and the door wasn’t secured but they couldn’t come in because the boss was still there. then i woke up sweated like hell. another dream about the apocalypse was that we hsd a new house at the beach and i returned home form school. my mother forgot to tell me about the zombies and one way door to my room. i arrived full of hopes then i saw someone knocking liek hell on the front door. i sneaked to backyard and entered my room ( from a ladder ). then came my sister and the rest of my dream was me trying to shout to warn ger but couldn’t ( i dunno why but i can nwver shout in my dreams,i try hard but my voice doesn’t come out.)… i was so scary. another dream that i had was me and a pal running from a horde of zombies to a tall half built building in London, it was very very cold but not snowy, and without winds at all. there were also a very big stairway. we reached the top and locked a door behind us, then i realized he truned into a walker (zombie) and i decided to jump from the building not to be bitten but for a quick death. later i searched om google for the last dream, i found out it was related with my final entrance exam to university that took me a year to study for. ( in Iran, u can’t just study two months for an entrance exam and take another one if u fail in less than two months. u only have the chance to take the exam once a year and if u fail it’s a Thug life and everyone and everything will get on your nerve. and worse, it’s the only way to make easy money, u know, There’s no Amercian Dream here.)

  96. damn u won’t believe. i saw a nightmare that looked not bad at first. in my dream, the half of earth had been hit by a meteor. but nothing had happened to other half. my country was also safe. in the mean time a realtiv of mine was selling house wares not needed but with a 70%off. i remembered that he was still trying to make some money. there was also a new college in the town where people cpuld learn more about sports! and it was called Michael college. the most important thing about this nightmare was that everyone knew that the fu**ing judgement day has come but wanted to pretend like nothing happened and i had stress all over the time. the las scene i saw was sittung beside my mom when she was driving. my sister was at the back seat as well, it was a dark but clear night. then another meteor just passed the atmosphere (though the atmosphere was called something else in my dream, i don’t remember) and it hit the surface at the longeat distant we could’ve seen. then the worst part began. the earth was divided by two and the both sides were falling into the core . then we hugged each other in the car and my mom said ” o God! we can’t be here right now, we can’t be ended”. and the the car was falling to earth’s core to be boiled like other cars as we held hands… after i woke up. I was going to post it on instagram but then i remembered i had a class i needed to intend! believe me.people it was the most horrible thing i won’t forget till i actually die in the real life!

  97. I am about to enter a new phase of my life and i am really stressed about it… Recently i had this dream of world ending.. i even saw me saying goodbye to my parents and the destruction too… But the very next second i saw me sitting with my parents and laughing and talking… I don’t really know what it means

  98. This was my dream of 5/11:

    I was standing on a pine tree lined hill, the undergrowth cut way, pine needles littering the ground like a red carpet. Houses were dotted here and there, but there were no roads into this place, no cars – just country. There were no fences. Water surrounded this area on 3 sides, and the fourth faced a fog shrouded area. The sky was cloudy.
    People wondered about and I was having a conversation about something I can’t remember when I saw something streak across the sky, darkness, followed by no smoke trail. Then I saw another. And another. Seven in all they were – billowing smoke clouds, getting darker, and darker. The stars faded and the heavens were black. Black smoke, folding in onto itself without dissipating. Folding, becoming bigger like the eruption of a volcano in the sky. I saw the first cloud became as fire, folding into itself. The darkness replaced by the fires of hell. At the top of this fire was in the shape of a horse head, with the beak of a hawk. The beak spat fire into the land, a fire that would consume everything, both the living and the dead. Before the fire reached the land, people disappeared. Not everyone, not all at once, but it was as if you saw them and then they were gone – nothing but an after image that soon faded. My thoughts turned to family, and why I was there to witness this event. Why had I not been taken? When the beak of the hawk hit the land, all was consumed. Nothing of the earth remained but a ball of fire. Seven times over.
    Then I found myself on a dock on the water, in a place I did not know. On the dock were 5 metal sheets, curved in the shape of a half moon. Someone said these were found a long time ago, and had the ability to destroy worlds. The five became one, and the one became seven. Seven that came to earth that day. A voice rang out saying these sheets on the dock were without power, inert. But seven of these were set upon the earth when one was enough. Seven to ensure complete obviation. Seven times over.
    The thought of being in this new place, not of the earth, and not of the heavens, contemplating the destiny of my family, while realizing I was not taken. What did I do? What did I not do?
    Then I awoke.

    It still bothers me.

    1. Nicholas, when you woke up from your dream, did you notice about any date the things in your dream happened?
      Can you tell me more story?

  99. Well I saw that I was a soldier and my boss was yelling at me and saying; “It’s not time for something like this! This is War World 3 not a Summer Camp!”

    And I was furious with him and someone else but not myself then as he left in looked at my hands and saw a pregnancy test and it was positive then I cursed and marched angrily to my right where another soldier around my age (18 years old) was standing with his hands in his pockets and I punched him then threw the pregnancy test at them and said;
    “I’m leaving.”
    Then I was somehow transferrd to an airport and I was looking for my flight then I felt someone next to me and it was the same boy in civilian clothes this time. He smiled and held my hand and i allowed him to that! Then I woke up. What does it mean? I haven’t met the boy in my dream but when I woke up in subconsciously touched my belly and the rest day I was feeling sad for not being pregnant and I even missed the unborn baby! Why do I feel that?

  100. I dreamed last night that I was in a large dump yard … huge. I think there were other people like me who were there but I cannot remember them nor did I feel I was connected to them … just that I knew they were there. We were all trying to survive a sort of apocalyptic scene where other humans were inhuman … somewhat looking to feed upon me/us as well as animals – dogs were dangerous I remember seeing one and climbing up a pile of rubble to escape it. I remember thinking to watch out for flying birds/bats etc as they might try to eat me and infect me. It was scary and I felt extreme stress knowing that whatever I do is critical to survival. And i woke up … feeling tired and realised that oh that was just a dream but in reality – that dream is much better than my reality. I’m post break-up where my now ex – just left me with little or no explanation except to say that ‘I want to be free and see other people and not be tied down or weighed down’. SO I get it … I’m coming to terms with the loss of someone who I’ve been in love with for 8+ years … makes sense sub-conscious … that I’d rather be in an apocalyptic dream than reality. thanks.

  101. I have this dream for already more than several times. It only differs how it happens. The place is sonewhere high in the sky. Sometimes there are some of the people i know with me. If there are, they are getting on the obly plane that there is there and fly away while having a goodbye with me. If nit, than there is no plane. However, it ends always the same: platform up in the sky and i am sitting on the swings waiting for the explosion. It seems that the source of the explosion is somewhere really close to me. Afterwards i wake up and i cant sleep anymore and just feel really depressed.

  102. So this dream really messed me up…. I have a lot of apocalypse dreams but this one got to me.

    It started with a normal day the house looked a lot bigger though…. all of a sudden huge clouds come rolling in with a mixture of colors, such as red, purple, dark green, blue, gray, and black. As they rolled in all I heard was one huge clap of thunder that shook the trailer. I’m terrified of storms mind you, so what happened next didn’t help anything…. So my uncle come walking in and he says, and I quote. “The storms coming, the end is near.” My boyfriend sat beside me on the couch laughing when all of a sudden the wind picked up and about a billion balloons starting flowing in the sky. Some entering the open window and staying in the house, all the ones that flowed in were red…. Next thing I knew my uncle opened the freezer and laughed as he said ‘I have the devils advocate feeling about this…’ and I sat there confused for just a moment. Then I started to scream because the house began to fill with balloons. And suddenly a thought came to me and it said. ‘I need to get my life on track.’

    I snapped back to reality terrified…. I swore I was in the dream.

  103. I never actually dream OF the apacalypse happening. My dream always starts with me knowing that it’s happening. Then I’m always with some of my family- not all, and throughout my dream we always have to try to survive and find safety and I’m always worried about the other members of my family, but I’m not sure that we’re going to try to find them. Last night, I was with my little sister and brother, so we WERE trying to find the rest of my family.
    Please help me stop these dreams. Almost every night I have these kind of dreams, or a robber comes in, or we have to flee somewhere. I always wake up really anxious and uncertain.
    I don’t want it to keep happening, please help.

  104. I don’t remember my dreams often. But for the last month or two once or twice a week I remember one and they all have the same basic theme I guess you would say. First the world ending for one reason or another whether it be nukes, aliens, the latest an act of god. Second I always see the same girl that I haven’t seen in three years since I graduated high school. I don’t know much about dreams but I do know that I’m not going through anything life changing at least I don’t think I am.

  105. I was outside in my yard all the sudden out of no where a plane crashes and a few minutes later these red things started going off from this long tube of the plane it was like red fire crackers but set fire to houses and everything then as everyone was trying to set it out a fire truck passed and all the sudden everyone started shouting wave two of seven not that I know what that means as we was running inside our houses as these things just starting to fly from out of the sky like small rocks of fire probably about the size of a fridge then as I was walking around in my house I noticed no one knew what was happening my whole family seems as if they all appear in this dream at different times and all out the sudden the stuff stops falling and all you can hear outside is the sound of everything then all of the sudden it turns really dark as if there was no light left and these big giant wasp type things started buzzing around stinging people and it wasn’t killing them it was more so just making them lay there twitching next thing I know i I was watching a tank fire 20 mms at one of the wasps and it done nothing while the tanks where reversing running people over and everything soon after that this robotic type thing with tank tracks and mini guns as arms came zipping through shooting then the tanks all ran out of fear in some kind of big ditch and had to walk towards this gigantic hill with the remaining tanks the all the sudden I wake

  106. I’ve been having a couple of apocalyptic dreams lately. One of them was of the four horsemen. I remember that you had to close your windows, lock the doors and make sure whenever the horsemen passed by your house, they don’t see you or hear you. I’m at my cousins house, and we all lock the doors close the windows and shades and hide. I remember the Horseman that visited us was green and so was the horse, but he had the head of a bunny. But then for some reason, one of my cousins start making noises and jumping up and down. The scene cuts to my father who is in a truck, with a large pyramid object with him. I believe he somehow captured one of the Horsemen and was looking for my family and I. However, I woke up.

    Today, as I slept, I dreamed I was at my cousins house. Then, my dad, sister and I look up to the night sky and see planets. Then as we continued to walk to out car, we saw more planets. This worried me, so I got in the car. The next day in my dream, I was doing some research and I saw that the world would be ending. Then, I remember talking with a seer. She told me the future, and I would close my eyes and see words, however, for the last question I asked, which was, “Will the world crash and burn?” When I closed my eyes, the words were all jumbled and afterwards, one of my cousins came in to punch the seer, but the seer bit them with teeth that were sharp. I remember trying to evacuate all of my cousins (because in real life I’m close to them) but saw they were already gone. (Coincidentaly, in real life they are moving to California, but anyways) I then remember seeing a child with the head of a dog, and then afterwards seeing another child. For some reason, I started asking them if they were a seer. The child just said, “Go.” And suddenly everyone else did. I woke up from there.

  107. I had a nightmare last night that in the city where I live everybody that walked where getting run over. So I just moved a few months ago and for some reason I went to the grocery store in that old neighborhood,anyways, I finished grocery shopping with my mom (because I’m 12 years old) and then where driving a bunch of people that look like zombies are coming towards the car and me because I’m retarted I start locking the doors of the cars and closing the windows and for some reason my mom said let’s go for a walk and usually my mom is super scared so I found that really strange so she gets out I stay in the car then she dies 🙁
    Does this mean anything I also get more weird dreams or it’s because I’m going threw puberty ?
    Please get back to me
    Thank you so much .

  108. I just woke up from a dream where myself, my sister and my boyfriend were riding around in my car and idk how it started, but everyone started freaking out and getting supplies from stores. Over every tv and radio station we heard “this is a warning to all”. Wherever I went there were red lights flashing, probably meaning “warning”. We went around to different stores, grabbing tpilet paoer, pens and paper to write, and other stupid things we didnt need. We got in my car and drove to to my house where i saw three kittens we never had before but i put one on a leash to take wirh us.

  109. I keep having reoccurring dreams of an apocalypse but each dream is different.
    Every time I have this dream I wake up around 130 and am soaking is sweat so much to where I though I peed the bed.
    The first one was a dream where chunks of snow were falling out of the sky but they didn’t hurt they were made of acid and I watched as people flesh burned.
    The second I was inside my house and it was like an aquarium and the whole world flooded and I watched as people drowned outside my window.
    Another is when I dreamed of climbing up a building in my town that I’ve always talked about going to if there was a natural disaster. And I climbed up it and the water enveloped me and I woke up.
    I keep having dreams of everything burning alive as well.
    These dreams are really freaking me out, if anyone knows anything let me know please.

  110. i had a dream last night and woke up this morning not knowing whether or not it was an event that literally happened last night.

    the earths core was expanding, causing the floors to crack and open, filling the world with pits of fire. A giant being made up of only fire and molten rock was chasing me around, trying to catch me and do who knows what with me. i was much younger in this dream. Eventually i found land that was untamed by the chaos and a girl who was helping me figure things out. i had to face me fear of heights and losing everything. eventually the beast was a friend of mine.
    the other details of this dream are a bit foggy now but it made an impact on my mind and emotions.

  111. I had a dream last night where I caused an apocalyptic disaster. It was quite terrifying!

    It started off I was in an underground bunker where boys were being produced, I accidentally set one off which in turn caused a Tsunami. It was slow at first and we knew that disaster was imminent but we had until 2am before it would hit land. There was mass hysteria while everyone did what they could to save themselves and loved ones.

    It was all my fault, this was the scariest part to the dream. I was responsible for end of the world. The dream felt like it went on for hours, and was extremely vivid. Like watching a movie.

  112. I have been having too many scary dreams lately.. first I see a flying casket, then I see weird planes flying.. but this nightmare just woke me up. I saw a space shuttle fly kinda crasy.. the lights were so bright that u could feel the heat and it had smoke all over it. then someguys say hey wats dat and am like its gonna crash.. I remember praying it doesn’t crash cos its so close to our home but it does crash.. and suddenly everything changes.. an earthquake occurs immediately. people die, some get drowned into the waters coming from the ground.. I can’t see my family just mum and I.. its scares me the most when a girl carrying a baby falls into the deep waters and I can’t safe her.. damn the water is deep.. this dreams ain’t funny anymore..

  113. I keep having dreams of being in an apocalypse with a bunch of people running around gathering supplies, looking for shelter, and boarding up houses we stay in over night. The dreams are so real that I wake up and remember the house’s structure and the furniture that’s inside along with what the neighborhoods look like or streets. (though I could never find a street name)

    Other dreams I have are of a war apocalypse but I’m not dreaming of the chaos and calamity that is outside, I’m dreaming of where I’m staying for shelter.
    One of the dreams like that I had found myself in a large house with a single soldier telling me to stay off the second story. He was weak in body and voice.
    Even though he warned me not to go upstairs, I did anyways and found a lot of his belongings. I still remember the pool table being the only lit up area in that whole dream. The rest of my surroundings were filled with dust and ember filled smoke from the fires and explosions outside the house.

    1. Mine are like that too! I never remember the reason for the apocalypse, but I’m always with a group of people staying somewhere. Usually my kids are with me, but my son is always a younger version. And it’s usually some version of my parents house, just sometimes is way bigger on the inside.

      1. None of the dreams seems to capture what I dreamt which involved tsunamis and at least 10 nuclear bombs going off on the horizon. Still freaks me out

    2. I have the same type of dreams I’m trying to find a place that has food and is able to be border up and is hard to get to and I’m trying to keep my infant and toddler daughter quiet so “they” don’t find us. I know I don’t want to be with a group of people cus people are unpredictable and can ruin your hideout or turn on you and this is about surviving. It’s always night time or dusk. I feel like it’s coming to and end it’s just a matter of time and “they” might find us or we might starve.

  114. I have a lot of dreams of my childhood home in this dream I was an adult it was a beautiful day and all the sudden there was a huge earthquake grumbling and the skies got really dark and lots of damage to the house and buildings my mother who is now deceased was in my dream we were running around the house trying to find people to help, it was the end of the world… I felt very frightened. Then woke.

  115. So in my dream I think I am living in Cali but I am not so sure. I received and alert via text saying that was an earthquake somewhere in the ocean and there was a huge tsunami wave coming straight for me and then there was an active volcano that could blow at any second. I was standing in my room and the next thing I know there is water at my feet. I scrambled around trying to fill a bag with important things and for the life of me could not find my social security card and my birth certificate. Then the water started to retreat and the volcano erupted. Then I wake up. So in total 3 natural disasters. Volcano, Earthquake and Tsunami. What does this mean?

  116. This morning I woke up from a very strange dream .. there were multiple parts but I can remember very vividly being in Florida at a relatives home .. there was news of flooding and huge waves that was predicted to rise above sea level and cover Florida . I remember everyone taking things as a joke I remember calling out the name of Jesus Christ and being mocked and laughed at for asking for mercy by the ppl that were in the house with me .. the flooding began and every one went up to the attic bc the water was so high we knew staying down stairs would be a bad idea . Every one day in the attic watching the water get higher and higher it finally reached the attics window I remember asking everyone if they had accepted JESUS Christ as their lord and savior everyone began to repent and Askin for forgiveness.. as I prepared myself mentally for death suddenly the sun came out shining so bright the water began to evaporate and when it all went away it was beautiful!! Flowers were blooming every where and everyone was happy it was the strangest turn around .. this isn’t the only dream of the end of the world that I’ve every blue moon I have one and each time the event change most recent was a big storm, big waves and flooding , another I had was war and Caos all around and my very first dream was as if the sun left and the world was pitch black for days before the lords arrival .. scary

  117. I dreamt last night that the moon was coming closer and closer to the earth. Some days later (in the dream) just a huge piece of the moon was left. I was all worried like “where did the other parts go?”, “Is it coming towards us?”. Everyone around me didn’t seem to be as worried as I was, and it made me quite frustrated.

    I’m not going through real lifechanges or some period of my life, but the day before this dream I was ridiculously bored and so depressed because I didn’t want to do the stuff I usually do. Depressed because I didn’t have any other alternatives – like “wtf, is this the only stuff you do all day?”. Maybe deep down I was afraid that I began to be sick of my hobbies, and would never turn back doing them ever again. THAT sounds like a huge lifechanging factor to me.

    1. Hey Katharina! I had the exact same dream as you, about the moon getting closer and closer to the Earth and no one was worried about it but me. What a coincidence!

    2. Hi! I’ve had this dream as well. This was a year ago when I dreamt that the moon was getting closer but in my dream there were like 5. They were all different sizes and coming closer and closer. I wasn’t the only one who saw it. I was rallying people together to find shelter. No one was really freaking out but we were all curious what as to what that meant. I also don’t know if it was really planets or moons. Interesting…

    3. I just had this dream last night.. but everyone survived and was on different pieces. I was stuck on a different piece. But yes I was watching the moon also and I just kept seeing it get closer and closer that it hit. It was horrifying and chaotic.

    4. Hey I’ve had the same dream too! Exept the moon was HURDLING towards the earth but a little slow. Everyone was totally fine with it though. And I was like, ‘does anyone else feel really concerned that there is a moon/meteorite? ‘

    5. I keep dreaming of cosmic catastrophe. And I can’t find anything about what it means.
      First, Saturn was knocked off orbit by something and was hurdled into earth but only destroyed half of it causing a massive apocalypse complete with gangs of people chasing me and my loved ones with weapons for food. ( and I found a baby and carried it with me)
      Then tonight I dreamed i was at my sister’s house drinking and her cousin was a super nerd who had a massive light laser and really wanted to blow up a star that she thought was in the way. I begged her NOT to do to it. But as soon as we left their house I saw the light shoot into space and explode into the star. The star then came barreling through the sky getting bigger and bigger, eventually it looked as though it was going to smash right into us, it lingered above earth for a little while causing my skin to burn in the heat it was massive in size and so bright my eyes hurt but it slowly passed, then all kinds of crazy shit happens, stars were exploding everywhere like gravity was about to collapse. If that wasnt crazy enough a fucking “angel” or alien flew down with giant wings and infected everyone with something similar to ” the happening or bird box” but instead of people killing themselves they were trying to get everyone who wasnt infected. The dream ended with us stealing a car and racing back to my sisters house. The amount of anxiety and fear I felt in that dream was excruciating and exhausting!!

    6. My dream was kind of similar. So for me it was the EARTH coming closer and closer to me. I know i was on earth to because some stranger in my dream said ” Another earth ?” And she wasnt even worried about it. Nobody in my dream was worried but me.

  118. Last night I dreamed I was in an open field in the middle of a forest. The sky had all kinds of firy yellow and red colours, like it actually was on fire, and all the birds fled from the trees and flew away. I was just standing there in the field, and in my dream I just knew this was the end of the world.

    The explanation was very accurate for me. I am going through a break-up right now and all of those feelings of stress, not knowing the future and loneliness are certainly there. Crazy enough though, I did actually feel better this morning after this dream than the day before.

      1. Couple of days ago I had a dream that airplanes were falling from the sky right over me missing me and crashing couple of miles away from me and then Bombs started blowing up everywhere In a small village in Cyprus were my mother is from It was so crazy that it’s still bothering me I recently had a heart attack but doing much better now

    1. I feel you. I’m going through one to. My ex and I have only been split up for 5 months and he is already getting married and having a baby

  119. yesterday night I hade a dream in which I was sleeping and I heard a loud noise, like a bomb. I got up and looked out of the window and saw a ball of yellow light flying past my house and than another loud bang, it was another bomb. Than I saw a military like spacecraft, not sure if it was a ufo, flyded passed me. I woke my my brohter and told him we had to leave the house and get in our cars, to drive away. I ran inot someone in the street who said I know these kinds of situations, and told me to drive to the north river, I got in my car, but I was almost out of gas and got afraid, Then I woke up.

    1. So my dream was that I was in a zombie apocalypse with my family and my nephews, I don’t remember any of my other relatives around all I remember was that I had a gun and there was zombies trying to come at me. And then when we got attacked we all got in the van and started driving and we ended up in a beautiful green forest, and we came in as humans and we were running from people shooting at us and we came to a cliff and the decision was you would either jump off and take your own life or let them kill you so I jumped off, at this point my family disappeared and I all of a sudden appeared by the cliff again running with another friend that has turned into a Lion I wasn’t sure what I was but I was grey and I had claws. I don’t know why but we were running to somewhere and all I knew was that he was with me and once we got through it I got to the van and everyone was in it, and I just felt safe and it was victory for me, and my story ends at that.

    2. My dream started off with me looking on the news, the big words breaking news just appeared on the screen. NASA was saying how the world was coming to an end I rushed to get everything out but as soon as I looked outside the trees were on fire and a huge wave of water was crashing towards us me and my family just sat there hugging each other then I woke up. The thing is my dreams mostly consists of apocalyptic events.

      1. My dream (had this about 15 yrs ago and think of it several times a year since) had “NASA” tapestry draped over an Elephant in an apocalyptic environment. There was a huge dust storm, there was desert where there used to be houses, the sky was red/orange. There was a scary desolate feeling in the air, a previous earthquake had happened (I live in CO, we don’t get earthquakes) in the same dream. Everyone was looking up at the sky and there was like another mom or planet very close to the earth, orangish/red glowing color. People were saying it was the end of the world. Another similar dream I had was again the”feeling” in this dream was apocalyptic, went outside to bbq on the grill and the sky got dark, we tried to run into the house, but were frozen as we stepped into the back sliding door. Was still alive for a few seconds, just frozen in my body. 🤔

        1. I dreamed that the world was coming to an end and everyone was preparing to start a new life in space on a spaceship. Time was running out and I hadn’t packed etc

    3. I had a similar dream, the roads were blocked off by alien military and a war of the worlds type machine was walking around shining its light looking for people. And they had giant vicious dog like creature everywhere. We had to walk and it was so dark you couldnt see anything unless the alien ship shined their light on us.

      1. I always dream about an alien military going around looking for people. In the dream I always try and run away or try find a good hiding place

  120. i dont know what my dreams are up to,but its freaking me out. i don’t watch too much scifi movies or horror films so i dont know were it’s commin from…

    first i saw a bridge and all humans trying to reach the cross in the mountain while crying and screamin for mercy.

    second,a beautiful day then suddenly a bright light and a deep voice commin from heaven just appear and surround the world,everyone screming “please save us” “pls not now”

    and third i had a dream last may 30 i’ve seen a man played with two moons in his hand and accidentally dropped the other moon, suddenly the world turns dark and people were screaming “no”…

    1. Regina I am interested by these dreams. Did you have any more? Have you experienced any big changes since having them?

      1. My dream there were 3 giant ships in the sky that were at least a mile long each. One dropped down something with a parachute with green smoke which made me think right away those ships were human ships because of the parachute attached. This fell maybe a half mile away from me and so I started to run as fast as I can directly the opposite direction of this thing that dropped. As I was running I noticed the sky changed to a foggy red sky and the car that was in front of my bursted in flames and the lady in front started to change in appearance from the thing that was dropped from the sky and so I knew my appearance must be changing like her but I couldn’t see myself, but I could only imagine and the I couldn’t breath anymore and so I knew I only had maybe 5 seconds left then I would be gone forever and then 2 seconds past and I woke up. It was the realest dream I had ever had. It felt so real.

        1. So i have had two but the last was so real i was driving on the highway and all the sudden a black feathered looking flying demon appeared in the sky he way pulling cars up like they were floating taking people out and up. Then dropping the cars making tons on accidents all the roads structures around were cracking falling apart tumbling down only some of us were left i was with my mom we thought we were left for hell starting praying to god to forgive our sins i woke up shaking crying it felt so real. He the one in the sky felt so real i could feel my dream.

          1. I had a very similar dream to yours especially about the demon in the sky… Above it was a giant ring made of light(which i believe is a portal). People were fighting amongst each other. The people i was with were helping me defending me at all costs even dying for me… Before i new it they were trying to capture me. It was like something took control of them. In my dream i was running away from them but eventually they get to me, and they bring me to the demon in the sky and they said to me that i was the only that could stop him. As i gazed upon i started to awaken from my dream but before that happened i started seeing weird symbols/hieroglyphics in my mind (i felt as if it was a message or code)

      2. I just dreamed of this today. So basically I’m in my apartment when I turned to the door and see my home becoming dark. I ran to my balcony and see a dark red and blue sky cover the world, I see explosives and small white box coming from up high. I suddenly being to cry and say that we had to pray to our Lord, as we’re praying an earthquake beings to happen. The apartment next to mine collapse with a people inside, and it happened to some homes near us but mine was only shaking. When my roommate said something was telling something and everything went black with some Chinese words but I never got the chance to know what happen since my roommate woke me up. It was a really weird and scary experience I had in a dream.

        1. When u say scary, did it like actually feel like u was there and it was happening cos I swear to god I was crying when I woke up…I no its a sign for me in a way…but why do we have these dreams as individuals?

      3. I saw in a dream that I’m facing a zombie apocalypse. I was the survivor. Defending from the attacks of the zombie. This make me freak out .

        1. I had many zombie apocalypse dreams and they always include people I know in real life like my friends and family. But I also dream a lot about airports, sometime shalf the airport other times the whole airport. I’m confused and both terrified. Every time I wake up from these kinds of dreams I’m algonna was sweating

      1. I remember having a dream about 2 different things. Yesterday I remember there was an apocalypse of animals biting humans and turning them into animals. I remember I kept getting stuck with one smart guy, and a ton of other random idiots. There was a turtle showering and one of those idiots in particular held a knife up and said, “Stab it in the butt!” As everyone kind of just stared at him terrified except me and the smart guy who just said, “Yeah…sure..”

    2. I had a similar dream a couple of years ago except the moon just dropped from the sky and I poked it with a stick and everything went white like a bright light, and I had a similar one a few years later. And this is when I was only a kid not knowing much about science and gravity and the moon.

    3. I had the weirdest dream last night. This isn’t the first time I have this dream. I believe it was about two times now. It was really scary but towards the end it wasn’t that bad I was just aware of everything around me. I had a dream that the sky was different color and I’m not talking colorful they were like a red orange type fire looking.. nothing and nobody was on fire that was just the color. The clouds were huge like they were stuck together likes it look very scary. Now I’m not trying to sound crazy but I did notice this during my dream.. as you walked outside it felt like air sucking you in so basically you had to stay inside but there people that just let it do that to them and I don’t know why .. I remember I was on this bus and I seen a friend of mine and she was talking about going to it and I just looked at her funny… bc like why? So I went with her knowing how afraid I was next thing you know I look up and the clouds are super low. Like I feel like I could touch them if I jumped then out of nowhere we need up on the dirt path but like it looked like the sky was right in front of us. It wasn’t that scary but I was still afraid. I also asked people what was going on and there was a lady that stood in front of me and said it’s just the dust from the cannon balls or sum like that.. and I said now I understand that there dusty air left over from all the shooting but there is no way that cannon balls and all the shooting may have caused the sky to look like this plus ppl getting sucked in the air like it’s nothing. That’s when is a slushed down by a different girl on to the ground and that’s when I woke up. It also stormed during that dream. All I know is I never want to experience that dream ever again.

    4. So I just woke from this dream but me and my sister went to a hair salon to get our hair done and a bunch of people I know showed up sporadically to get there’s done and then the salon people started slowly leaving but wouldn’t let any customers leave saying they needed more time and the last lady that worked there said she’d be right back but she ended up not coming back and soon it turned to night and everyone was confused on what was going on and I told them that she isn’t coming back so they don’t have to sit anymore, but everyone stayed at the salon cause nobody felt as if it was safe to leave, I looked out the window to see the moon which was way closer and it’s craters we’re like mountains and it was a darker grey and it looked almost video game like to me and I started freaking out and telling everyone about it then as the dream went on multiple guys came by and shot at the building and then would leave, when it turned morning you could still see the moon and the sun was 2 earths, I went outside to receive my best friend but his house was blown up, nobody was around but this lady who was his neighbor, I asked if she’d seen them and she told me they where inside her house but she looked as if she was gonna eat me so I ran away crying, on my way back to the salon this man who no longer looked fully human chased me but I managed to get away and when I got back I talked to my sister about how what we were gonna do now that the world is changed and she said that she’d still be my big sister and take care of me and I told her how confused I was that everything was changing so suddenly and she told me that she thinks everything will be okay because it feels safe to her

    5. I had a realistic world ending dream. In my dream I was in my house ,my family look at a news programme , it said tommorow is the end of world since it was constantly raining, in the news it was said due to constantly raining world will end. So the next day me and my sister went to look outside through window and we saw whole area was flooded and there was so many lighting that I could feel. After some time the rain slowly went down and we thought the news was hoax and there is no end of the world. After the rain was stop me and my sister saw a cloudy mist forming around our house so we were afraid and close the doors. My sister said I would look something there and went , after that suddenly I saw small fist size glowing golden colour stars and half moon shape star penetrate from the walls come toward me when those shapes pass through my body I feel numbness , short breathless and mind was darkening and ultimately fall to the ground and my dream ends.

    6. I’ve dreamed fire balls falling from the sky in my back yard and I was panicking seeing how the houses and trees set fire I then was watering my back yard to try to save my home I also prayed for mercy and I actually spoke to God and was asking him to forgive me for my sins and protect my family and he seid look at me in the eyes and I did and plead for forgiveness this is my first talking to God other times I just see fire falling from the sky in my other dreams but what does it mean ??

    7. I had a very weird dream last night. I was riding in the back of my grandparent’s car, with my cousin in the back with me. Then the ground started cracking and there was an earthquake. Between the cracks, you could see hot red lava. I hugged my cousin as hard as I could. My dream had several cuts, like me and my dog trapped in my house, then me seeing my sister, then me asking “How was your December 13th?” This dream took place during December 13 2020, or some further year. All I know is that it scares me.

    8. I had a dream last night that there were 2 floating metal stone like objects and once the 3 one was discovered it would form into a line and burn the earth and scientists thought that the 3 stone was in the moon and the moon was slowly decaying and everyone was riding around in airplanes and boats

    9. I just had a dream where I was in a foreign place and my husband and myself and some strangers were together for some reason. Everything just stopped working and there was no power anywhere apparently. We had to leave to try to survive and I don’t remember how but we got word that this was the end.
      I was scared and running and before we left I was looking for things to take and was so panicked I didn’t take hardly anything.
      I was sad on leaving my family mementos and photos.
      When we were walking we saw strange things in the sky. It lit up with bright colors and fireworks started going off. For a moment we
      we’re all in awe and wonder but when that stopped I saw what was like a tv or newspaper reports in front of me but did not read but beard a voice say tonight was the end and we all were freaking out that tonight everything was going to end. I cried and broke down because I could not reach my son who I knew was with his Dad. Then I woke up feeling strange and a bit nervous.

    10. My apocalyptic dream had some things to do with zombie but it’s more of a demon apocalypse. I am in my apartments looking outside my 4rth floor window when suddenly I see people getting crushed by demons that look really terrifying. My family and I decided to board up the windows and everything to get ready to stay put but before my dream ended, a little blue butterfly floated towards my face and sat there but then to realise it was a demon and then my face started swelling up as I looked towards the mirror to look at my face. I started to tear up and then My dream stopped

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