Apocalypse Dream Meaning

Are you dreaming of the world ending? It might seem scary, but an apocalypse in a dream is not as strange or unusual as it might seem. Many people dream of apocalyptic types of events in dreams when a sudden change or shift in their life is happening.

apocalypse dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream of an Apocalypse?

If you are dreaming of the world coming to an end, don’t panic! Most of the times these are not prophetic types of dreams that predict the future! For most of us, dreaming these things means that we are changing and are ready to face a new way of life.

Are You Currently Experiencing Any Stressful Events?

Apocalypse dreams are often triggered by real life events that are stressful. These types of events include things such as growing into adulthood, starting a new job, getting married, going through a divorce, or even saying goodbye to a loved one who has died.

Many times it may suggest a significant event that may transform your entire life is happening and everything at you know is coming to an end.

These events are known to be extremely stressful and so it makes sense that these emotions and feelings would become present in our dreams.

The emotions you feel during an apocalypse in your dream can often be manifestations of the emotions you feel in your present life right now. For example, you may feel anxious, frightened, alone, stressed out, and upset.

Fortunately, most of these changes while stressful are all a natural part of life. Being aware of your dreams and their meaning can help you take care of your own well-being throughout these difficult moments in life.

Fear of the Unknown

Much of the emotions are created by our natural fear of the unknown and that we do not know what will happen next in our lives.

The mysteries of life can be frightening when you are not sure what is about to happen.

It’s not unusual to have a dream about an apocalypse when you are not sure whether the outcome of this new transformation/change will be a positive or negative experience.

Feeling Unprepared

Being prepared for an emergency or disaster is always a good idea, and a lot of people do many things to stock up on supplies and prepare for unexpected problems, such as storing food, water and having other survival supplies ready in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

For this reason, it’s not uncommon that you might have these types of dreams when you are feeling unprepared for a situation. You might be afraid that something that is going to happen in the future will not go well.

For example, maybe you are supposed to do a presentation in front of a large group. If you’re not comfortable with public speaking or you are afraid you will not do a good job on the presentation, it is likely you will have these types of world ending kind of dreams.

While preparation is important, it’s also important and healthy to recognize that we can’t possibly prepare for everything that happens in life – some things are just beyond our control. Surrendering to this radical acceptance can help bring more joy in your life when you realize you can’t control everything or change the outcome of a situation.

Examples of Common Apocalypse Dreams

Now that we’ve talked about some of the common themes that relate to dreams of the world ending, let’s talk about different examples of apocalypse dreams and what they can mean.

Dreaming of Being Killed in an Apocalypse

If you dream that you are killed or injured during an apocalypse, it could mean that you are subconsciously afraid of things coming to an end. You may be unsure of the future and feeling as if you are out of control in a situation in your life. This could pertain to career or relationships.

Dreaming of Saving the World From Certain Destruction

In some apocalypse dreams, you are the hero who must save the world. In this case, the dream often symbolizes a need to feel recognized or to take action in some part of your life.

If you are able to successfully save the world, this means that you are confident in your ability to handle stress and to take control of a situation.

If you are not able to save the world, it can mean that you have too high of expectations for yourself. Saving the world is a big task and nothing that you can do alone – it takes all of us to collectively work together. In this case, the dream could mean that you need to consider teamwork to better complete a project or reach a goal.

Dreaming of Seeing Fire in an Apocalypse

If you see fire in a dream, whether it’s coming from missiles or buildings on fire, it can mean that you are going through a transformation in your life. You may feel that all is lost or that you may never be able to return to what you once knew. See dream meaning of fire for more details.

Dreaming of a Zombie Apocalypse

While the notion of a zombie apocalypses in dreams no doubt became more of a thing after the introduction of popular TV shows and movies, there is still a lot of meaning that could pertain to your everyday regular life.

If you dream of a zombie apocalypse it could mean that you are not ready to let go of things in your life or that you have a fear of things ending. See our dream interpretation for zombies for more info on what the dream symbol zombie means.

Dreaming of Planets or Outer Space in an Apocalypse

Many of the example dreams we see with an apocalypse theme pertain to planets. You may be leaving Earth to live somewhere else or an asteroid may be crashing to Earth, causing massive destruction and chaos.

To dream of leaving the planet during an apocalypse means that you wish to escape some sort of situation in your life. Maybe you need a vacation – maybe you need to make changes in your health or in your career or even your relationships.

To dream of asteroids destroying the earth can mean that you are not feeling in control of a situation in your life. You may be experiencing external conflict caused by others in your life or need an adjustment to your environment.

See our dream meaning about planets to help you better understand the meaning of this dream.

Have any Apocalypse dreams you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. My dream is about a zombie apocalypse, well- I didint even see one but it was wnscripted in my brain already. So basically it starts with my whole family tree going on a big bus to go to safety, there was no zombies that approached us luckily. Then we just went off, my dream isn’t that scary. There was like- a first class in a BUS- but then I found the key to it and opened it for everyone else, my sister went outside to get some supplies and my mom was beside me the whole time, and for the first time, I actually realized how much I loved my mom.
    Then there was this part of my Dream
    Where the walls of the bus came off??? And I had ro hang on for dear life because I’m being sucked in and if I let go I will trample down the road and I’m gonna die, and no one helped me, not even my mkm- she just laughed at me BUT she showed me that I should put on a seatbelt, well- i was the only one being sucked infor some reason.
    Then when I got the key for 1st class, I went there and there was a lot of food, but I didint eat anything. Also
    The layout of the bus keeps changing everytime I move from 1st class to regular

    • We were still not reaching safety, and I woke up after my mom stopped me from getting up bc I still haven’t ate anything
      We were safe in the bus, but it’s almost like the trip is far too long, the road was wide, open, and it was a smooth ride, no obstacles, but still no sign of the place we were supposed to go

  2. I dreamt the world had been destroyed by some kind of black gue like substance that came from outa space I was on space craft when It landed on earth.I came back to earth after it, the planet /scenery was desalate everything was covered in black suit like substance there where people I was trying to help they where dressed like old Victorians in rags , my team left me in a pub there where people coming in and sat there all looking soul destroyed..something didn’t feel right I was layed with my head down on the table when I sa up I took a big breath a gasping breath ..it felt was like it was all staged I was on a movie set I could see people surprised getting nervous I new this? I was getting more and more suspicious of this to the point I stood up walked to front of the pub where an old man sat ,I sit down opposite him and ask so what’s next for this scene…he can’t lie to me he has what seems contract on the table he starts talking to me to explain what’s happening…I wake up!?

  3. I dreamt that all humans were being vaporized. I was one of the last, so I was watching people die everywhere. Right before I woke up, in my dream I was huddled with two other people, one unknown, one a “ neighbor” (only in the dream, I do not know who it was), clenching my eyes shut, and thinking about what’s it going to be like to die. I told the neighbor thank you for being such a good neighbor, as we waited to die. I was hearing zapping and sizzling noises as people were being disintegrated around me. The fear was level 10. Then I woke up before I died.

  4. I had a dream when it started out normal but all of a sudden A news alert said a zombie apocalypse was coming so I went out side but I flew and I landed in a field but I rolled super far so I had to run back before I got back to the house I saw two teenagers and two kids on top but one teenager pretended to act as a zombie and I freaked out. But the kid whacked him and they burst out in laughter. That was it it was traumatic and I had to sit and watch tv for a little before I went back too bed. Scary right? Not for you. You should have been there

  5. Ok i got one what about. Fall out shelter with a retractable rof yet when i open the oof a weird dragon apears tying to kill me and after i kill it 2 more show up and take its place. Meaner faster ad more aggressive

  6. Last night I have a very vivid dream of the world ending. I was with a few girls and I looked at the sky and saw 3 shooting stars. I pointed it out to them and as soon as I did bunches of stars started falling, like all of the stars. I remember thinking it was cool at first but then something felt extremely wrong. I said “the world is ending, I always knew it would happen but I didn’t think it’d be now”. We all went to run inside the house and opposite of where the stars were I saw a big red flaming ball coming towards us. I remember trying to call my mom one last time, I was sad I wasn’t with her. The call didn’t go through it was just playing some sort of song. We all sat in the living room facing a big window. It wasn’t really like we were watching but more so waiting for what we knew was about to happen. I saw the ball of fire coming closer and closer, everything outside of the house was demolished in flames and I saw the girl next to me catch on fire but she wasn’t freaking out she was just sitting there. I knew I was next so I closed my eyes and all I thought in my head was “I really hope heaven is real, please be real” then I felt really hot and everything went dark but within minutes I woke up.

  7. i decided to make a search online to see if i was sort of paranoid with my dreams but after going through the comments i think i am not alone, although my dreams don’t exactly fall in any of the three categories and i have been dreaming of this end of the world scenarios like since i was a child, its like the only thing i dream of and i am not the person who dreams alot.

    i had one yesterday about people walking in extremely long lines yesterday inside some of volcanic wasteland where they were been thrown randomly inside pits of volcanic larva by some scary people, i was among those walking, gosh i was so scared when it got to my turn but i wasn’t picked instead the another was picked and thrown inside and then i woke up in side that dream , so this was a dream inside a dream.

    some weeks back i dreamt about the world ending in 2026, i say 2026 because i saw some guy telling me we missed the signs like there were some things we looked over during the past years leading up to that year, it was terrifying .

    i am constantly dreaming of the world ending and its freaking me out somehow i just tend not to share them any more cos well i don’t wanna sound crazy or something

  8. I have a dream that the earth is out of balance, day and night evolving so fast. I cant move because of the fast movement of the earth. The earth fall in the sun. Its like a roller coaster ride because the movement was slow then become fast. So the whole thing become unknown.Then one day I woke up in side of the ocean with my family. The surroundings is silence. But one thing I found, we are happy together in this place. Then I woke up back to real life, that ends my dream.

  9. Hi my name is Serena , i had a dream or a vision that there was fire almost everywhere and i was running out of my house , people start running and screaming , and than i woke up

  10. Everything was closed, but finally I found an atm. I had a new debit card but it wouldn’t work, it was too big. So I used another one. The other card literally kept flipping out of my hand across the room. My cat was with me and flipping out. When we got outside she ran. As I’m walking, to the left of me there are ppl outside eating. I recognize a few ppl at a table. I walk towards them. As I get closer I can hear their mother saying awful things about me. She is sitting at a different table directly in front of me now. I walk straight up to her and loudly call her a fucking bitch. I walk away quickly to look for my cat. My friend from the other table walks over to me. We start to talk, but get distracted. Something has fallen from the sky and hit him. We both look up and the sky ahead is half dark, filled with something I can’t yet make out. I turn to run, knowing full well that there will be no way to get away from this. As I turn to run, my friend gets a wooden stake thru his shoulder and is thrown to the ground from the force. When I see this I feel a stake seer through my leg and I collapse to the floor. I look up and realize the entire sky is filled with wooden spikes just falling from the sky and I was certainly going to die rt then and there. Moments later I feel my body pummeled and I feel my life end. Everything goes dark. I don’t feel anything. I can’t see anything. There’s nothing….
    All of a sudden I can open my eyes. I can’t move, but I hear some one talking to me and I realize that I have been reincarnated into a baby. Then I wake up, for real.

  11. I had a dream that there was a worm outbreak. The worm, when toched, caused people to grow unusually, like a normal sized person’s arms turned into gigantic hands with unusual nails, and his legs sized like a pea. And when the people transformed, they were biting other people, and at last i was caught by a baby who had one big, bulbous arm and white pointy nails, and one white eye and one black eye. I did’ntwant to know wat happened next so i woke up.

    It was terrifying.

    I was terrified.

  12. I literally just woke up in tears. I had a dream that me and my s/o were going to visit a teacher at a grave site that didn’t even look somewhat familiar to me, and then all of a sudden we see a lot of figures in the sky and you just hear a loud “attention, please stay in your houses, if you’re not on your house get home or try to take cover” with a loud siren 😭 it literally scared me so much and when I woke up my heart was pounding and in tears/: I recently lost my god dad a few weeks ago, and went to his funeral about two weeks ago, I had also quit my job before that and I’m starting a new job today/:

  13. The dreaded flood, I dreamed about a big wave hitting us we devised a plan to get the top of a mountain i was fearful for family and planned precisely who would go in what car and what we’d take the only problem is my ex was with us? My child dad. He helped and we got to high ground… can you explain this?

  14. I just had the most unpleasant nightmare. Me and my family were at like a las Vegas amusement park that had a lot of steps. And people were running and scatterring in different directions like rats. A heavy set maintenance man was looking for his Girlfriend? Wife? (Side note) I don’t recall knowing these people. But he got knocked out by someone and when he awoken his intestines were being torn out and eaten by the undead. He tried to fight them off as their hands went back for more. Idk I guess something or someone had distracted the fetid attackers.. They were extremely strong. He got up and tried to stumble away after reaching the door out of there another undead popped out from behind a box and bit out his throat killing him. I couldn’t take it anymore and woke up.

  15. I’ve just had a dream the world was ending!! A massive green aircraft rolled up above our house and connected a long walk way down and onto our roof. I looked out the window and started to cry saying they were coming and I said to my 3 year old daughter that they might seperate us :’( wondering if I had this dream due to being pregnant again and the change that’s coming???

    • I had like a dream that the world was ending to. It was ab this big alien ship COVERING the whole sky and( also it was at night time but we could ACUALLY see the clouds but it was night time ? So idk)there where these red lights in the ship anyways we where at this like shipping containers place and somehow there was a house and when they all saw the ship everyone screamed in every direction. I was with a group of people I so called my friends keep in mind I never knew them. Anyways. Me and my friends where apart from each other and ima and THIS one girl where together and we where running always from people killing us with like screw drivers and we got trapped and I got stabbed with one. But some how I was telling my brother not to trust anyone bc he was going with these people that where so called helping him and I got stabbed. And then I woke up it’s my heart racing.! Please tell me if this means anything?


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