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Fire Dream Symbol Meaning

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Did you have a dream about fire or flames? Fire can happen in our dreams in a number of different forms and can be a very powerful symbol. Learning about the dream meaning of fire can help you better understand what your dream means.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Fire?

Fire and Transformation

When we dream of something destructive, such as fire, it often is a symbol of change and transformation. When something is burned in a fire, it is no longer in its original form, often completely unrecognizable.

When you dream of something being on fire, or even yourself on fire, it can mean that you are experiencing a significant event in your life that will ultimately change you.

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Passion: Having Strong Feelings Towards Something or Someone

We often also associate fire with passion. The saying and expression “really fires one up” can mean that someone has very intense feelings about something.

We also sometimes associate passionate feelings with love and relationships. You may wish to explore what it means to dream about people.

Strength and Force

Dreaming about fire could also be a symbol of Strength and Force. Just as it can mean strong feelings about something, it can also mean there is a force in your life that seems difficult to overcome, or a strong force may even be working along with you to help you reach your goals and aspirations.

fire dream meaning

Release of Energy & Emotions

Just as flames in a fire can mean transformation, it can also be a release. Many people practice release ceremonies using fire in order to symbolize a final transformation and change from what was. If you are releasing a lot of emotions, or holding a lot of feelings which may need released, this is often the meaning of this symbol in your dream.

Spiritual Teachings About Fire

Fire is often also associated with a number of spiritual meanings. Ironically, it can be the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Catholic teachings – or a symbol of the fire & brimstone of the hot home the devil.

As a symbol for the Holy Spirit, it reminds us to think of the burning bush on Mount Sinai from which God spoke to Moses – this is a symbol to draw into the power and strength of faith and a higher power.

Common Dreams of Fire Meanings

To Dream of Your House Being on Fire:

A house in our dreams often symbolizes ourselves. You may have very intense feelings towards something or there is something in your waking life that is bringing out something you are very passionate about.

Pay attention to how you feel in the dream – do you feel as if things are out of control in your life, or do you feel as if there is a sense of excitement and transformation?

Dreaming You Are on Fire

To dream of being on fire can be a scary experience! Often times this means you are feeling overwhelmed by something – whether it’s anger or feeling like you can’t control the events currently happening in your life.

This can sometimes symbolize you feel “burnt” by something – someone could have hurt your feelings or betrayed you.

It can also mean that you are putting too much effort into something without seeing results. It might be time to re-evaluate whether a project is worth pursuing.

Dreaming About a Wildfire or Forest Fire:

A wildfire can symbolize one’s feelings being very intense and out of control, or it can mean one fears being out of control.

If you are watching a wildfire in your dreams, think about how you feel – if you are scared, you are likely afraid of external events happening in your life and how they might effect you. If you feel indifferent, it can be a sign that you are able to “withstand the heat” so to speak of whatever may come your way.

Fire in an Apocalypse:

Sometimes we may dream of fire being severely destructive in our lives. See the meaning of an apocalypse to understand this dream further.

Candle Flames in Dreams:

If you dream of a candle being lit, this could mean you are honoring something or someone from the past and grateful for the experiences or lessons learned. A candle can often be a sign of release. The color of the candle could also have some significance, as candles are often used in spell work and other types of meditative activities.

A Small Flame, Such as a Match Being Lit:

If you see a small flame, such as a single match being lit, this could be a symbol for finding your inner spark – do you recognize your true passions in life? You may be looking for a sign of hope in your waking life.

Dreaming of a Campfire:

Campfires are a place for social gathering and to unwind. If you dream of a fire with a group of friends, it could mean that you feel a spiritual connection with these people or others in your life.

It can also mean that you are seeking others to join you in a cause you are passionate about or you have an idea for a way to benefit your community to bring people closer to each other.

Dreaming of Being Burnt by Fire:

To dream you are being burnt could mean that you are in the process of exploring new things and are worried about disappointment or loss from upcoming changes happening.

Walking Over Coals:

You may feel like you are being tested by someone in your life. This may be a sign from your higher self to remind you that you have what it takes to achieve your goals and overcome things that may seem impossible to others.

Cooking Over a Fire:

Cooking over a fire most definitely is a sign that you are in the process of creation. You may be thinking about the type of work that is necessary to achieve an outcome which you are passionate about.

Do you have a dream about fire that you would like to share? Tell us your dreams involving fire in the comments below!

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  1. In a dream, i saw my body being cooked in a pot and the firewood seemed to be less….. immediately i wokeup, again after I had slept for a short period of time , i saw myself again lighting fire using firewood and after a short struggle to light the fire, the fire boomed to be so big and i didnt see what I was cooking in the pot. Then i woke up.

  2. Last night i dreamed about being in compleat darkness the only thing i could see is my hands as i looked up from my hands there was a glimering light serounding me but it was no light it was me copleatly on fire icould feal it like it was actually real like i was seriously on fire. Then iwoke up and my skin was literally burning up my whole body was tingleing like all my nerves were being burnt i had to put afan directly on my skin to stop it. I need to know what it ment pleas.

  3. my dream was about a forest fire it was very crazy I didn’t have my friend Jamie in it my my little friend in it Annie and their mom and that was very Tammy and I was very scary for me and for the rest of us something has died inside my dream

  4. I had a dream where I put a big iron pot on fire to cook the fire was burning heavily, the pot is very big, but I was surprised when I opened the pot it was empty

  5. I dream I lived in a third floor
    apartment in Germany with my husband and 3 son’s I was in the balcony filming the view sow beautiful whe spot a fire in the distance I yield to my husband to come and see when the fire continues intensifying and becomes a forest fire I summing the Camara notes a men looking at me I felt scare suddenly he give a signal aiming at me them a group of other men start running tour me with weapon I thought the are coming to kill us because I have record the fire they started them I wake up scare and crying.

  6. I dreamt of being fire. Fire was flaming off of me, I remember just being intensely hot. I’m not sure if I was on fire or was actually just fire. Two days prior I dreamt of being the ocean. I would like some insight as to why I’m dreaming of being an element

  7. My drea was the fire was burning around my property. The flames were a deep yellow with orange and red. And all of a sudden it went out. All my property was never touched and saved.

  8. I had a dream that the house I grew up in was on fire. I was an adult and I rescued my mom (who has been deceased for 4 years now) and 2 cats.

  9. My dad had a dream he was a fire fighter with my brother who passed when he was 17 do to an industrial accident was electrocuted. They were working together to put house house fires and found out who was setting them

  10. I had a dream that I was driving and got stuck in the ditch. I felt myself moving my car out with like a power of force . As I got back on the road, I saw the road like floating with lava, orange and black. And when I look up I saw trees from a distance on fire coming straight to me. My first thought was to call my mother. Turn around, but then I though this is a fear. I had stopped all traffic and yell that we will face this.

  11. My dream was crazy it was so real it was of a lot of things but mostly of this wild fire coming through this resort where a lot of families were living in the mountains. We were trying to escape and i looked up on the mountain and saw hundreds of people rushing to get out and pushing over one another. There were children and kids with just a head no bodies and there was a place that we had to go to rescue our dogs and we found a car a little 3 banger car that a bunch of us crammed inside of with our huge pit bulls on our laps. When i look up at the mountain side there were people on fire burning. It was so scary and painful to watch. I had my little girl with me and she was safe but i woke up still screaming for her. I couldnt escape the dream after i woke up i went back to sleep and the dream continued where it left off at. I cant stop seeing all them people burning. It was so scary.

  12. I had a dream last night that I was at an unrecognized, unknown house and as a brush fire approached I began to run trying to escape the fire the fire was coming towards me very quickly then once I was out side the house I had realized my oldest child 16yrs. had not yet exited the home. So I immediately ran back in the house and by this time the house had already caught fire. I am running through flame when I finally find my son, and he does not want to exit the burning home. Then I woke up as I’m tryin to to pull him out of the home

  13. I had a dream that a flame was lit for me by??? Maybe my spirit guides. It was like I was somewhere icy and flat, I walked up to a big metal plate in the ground, there were two other beings there, the one on the left just stood by the plate and the one on the right said this is for you and a giant flame came up. I wasn’t scared at all I was in awe. Awesome dream

  14. I was in my house old house and understanding that there’s a fire outside the door in the streets and there was the fire which is pleasing and as I’m in the house I turn around indoor just blew off with the flames just from the fire from the outside and around the frame of the door it’s just fire on fire in the porch is on fire and I called the fire department in the one never came but when I went to the door Des Plaines was gone indoor was off the hinges what do that means

  15. I dreamed that a room in my house burned and the fire was huge. I didn’t recognize it as my house and it wasn’t my house in real life. When I was able to see the room, it was like nothing happened. Then in my back yard a man that works on my heat and air system in real life, started another fire and was burning Cases and cases of eggs and Used But clean underwear. No one wanted them so he burned them. Then I started dreaming of my deceased husband who was cheating on me with a younger girl and no one could reach him but his boss to tell him about the house. He never showed up in my dream.

  16. I dreamt that the house I used to live in with my mum, she is still there but is wanting to move to a bungalow, and she has most things packed, but has not got a bungalow yet! Anyways I dreamt the whole row went into raging flames was making sure my mum sis and bro were out, could see old faces of old friends and basically anyone that used to call to that house wen I was there. Very strange as I I havnt been there for 17 years now! People have past, moved on, and grew up now. I wonder what it meant ? :-/

  17. Dream of wedding rings on fire that were mine and my spouses but didn’t look like ours. The fire wasn’t fierce just a small calm fire with the rings in it.

  18. I had a dream of my home village on fire,houses on fire but I was in the house we used to live with my family and it was not catching fire.The flames were violent and moving very fast.

  19. I keep having a recurring dream of a power plant blowing up. My entire family is with me and some times even my coworkers. Its been happening about 2 to 3 times a week.

  20. Someone made something in a container that if I opened it, it would catch fire and burn but as I was about to open it something spoke to me not to open it and tell the person to open it, immediately the person opened it, it caught fire on him and started running away with fire on him and I was shocked in the dream. What does it mean please?

  21. What does it mean if the fire wouldn’t go out? The people I was with we’d put it out but then a few seconds later you’d see it rise up again?

  22. The name of a particular country was on fire over a person like an arch but the person (who was native of that said country) was not consumed. The word of the country did not burn or turn to ashes. It just stay lit. Like the burning bush of Moses example.

  23. I dreamed of a wild fire. My family and I were sitting at a river. It happened quickly and spread really fast. My husband, myself and small children were running away from it. We were running past elderly woman. I was worried about them but kept running for safety. The whole forest was engulfed in flames pretty quickly. We were running in sand.

    1. I had a similar dream, but with buildings on fire, like 9-11. I feel it means a situation or feeling we don’t want to confront, and when we do, the terror will be lifted.

    1. Hi Daniel, fire requires air to thrive, so it could mean that you are looking for ways to fuel your passion or are trying to better feed the fire for warmth, comfort, etc. Hope that helps!

  24. I was burning the grasses at my place with my sister it had a lot of flames so I told her to reduce its flame and she did

  25. My dream was like a movie, I could see myself. I was holding a baby (in the dream it was my baby but it was not one of my children that I have in real life.). Army-like men came to everyone’s house and made the occupants leave, they would then search the house and burn it down as they left.

    1. Dreamt seeing a burned Forest and someone was like, they wanted timber and it was burnt in that forest.

      1. I had a very similar dream last night. Except I was trying to extinguish the forest fire and I couldn’t. Also there were animals that does due to the fire.

      2. I had a dream this night, we’re I couldn’t sleep at night. And u can see through out the window what’s going on. So I saw bushes and a forest that was on fire. It soon begin to get all on fire, so I was like I had to tell my parents who was in the living room and we’re watching tv. I ran to them, and there was fire in our fireplace which is normal, but than the fire began to get on the floor. My parents clearly dident give any fucks abt me telling them that there’s fire and we don’t have time etc. than the dream literally stopped in the middle. I had dreams before that one and after. Idk if it’s abt my feelings. But idk.

    2. I had this fire dream twice. The first time it was in my town and I was looking up at a tower people were jumping off the tower to kill themselves to escape the flames (i never have nightmares but these fire dreams shook me to my core seeing people die like that it felt real). I was born April 11th btw exactly 5 months later 911 would happen. This dream was in 2021 November or October maybe. However just this morning i had a dream that i seen smoke in the sky in my town i live in central washington state. (Same way the other dream started) Anyway i looked and seen the sky was very bright then I seen my childhood apartments were burning in huge inferno i was scared thinking if people burned up knowing surely they did for some reason i started filming with my phone. Thinking something like how cliche someone filming a tragedy what am I doing? Then I heard a little girl cry out in a sheepish fearful tone “mommy mommy the fire” I was very afraid not for myself but scared of what i was witnessed such a horror. Then i started walking away. And my dream cut like a movie to a shot of the young girl and her sisters on the balcony she jumped from them it was only second story like 14 feet or less but then it zoomed in to her in the rubble and said that little girl was the only survivor (it was a news report) only i didn’t exist but I was seeing it like a camera and their was a voice like a new caster saying only she lived. I know these dreams have a many maybe with my future. ~Remember Sethaniel AKA Set9

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