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Ashes Dream Meaning Symbol

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If you have a dream about ashes, you may be wondering what it means to see ashes in a dream. Learning to understand what this means when it comes up in a dream or other instance in life can give you a lot of insight on different things that may be happening.

Ashes Dream Symbol & Meaning

When you dream about ashes, the first thing to pay attention to is the context in which you are viewing the ashes. For example, if you are seeing ashes from a campfire, this could be very different than seeing ashes in place where a house or other building once stood.

The item that burned can also provide clues. For example, if you dreamed of a house burning and all that remained were the ashes, you would want to understand the different meanings of a house to know what it could symbolize in your life.

If you experience ash in your dream, it’s also important to understand that while it may be upsetting or sad, it does not necessarily mean a bad omen. Learning about the different types of dreams can be very helpful for you to know whether this dream is precognitive or simply a release dream to help you process your thoughts and emotions from everyday life events.

Ashes and Feeling Disappointment

Observing ashes in your dream could symbolize that you are feeling disappointed concerning some change or transformation that has taken place in your life. Maybe this is a change you did not want to take place or that you felt was brought on by an external force.

Feeling a Loss of Control or Power

When we see ashes on the ground, we know that a powerful force such as a fire has happened. Because of this, it is very possible that a pile of ash could be a symbol that you are feeling as if you have lost control or lost power in a situation.

You may have felt as if you had zero control and that you gad to do some sort of action you did not really want to do. You may be contemplating too much about how your life was going well, until the change and now you are feeling depressed and upset.

Grieving a Loss

We often associate ashes with loss – loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, loss of possessions, or even loss of a part of ourselves.

You may feel that the great times are over and now you are left with only the memories of the good old days.

Being Stuck in The Past

Ashes often are a symbol of the past events that may have happened in our lives. This dream symbol often shows that you are focusing a great deal on the past. It may be time for you to start considering about the present moment and letting go of the events that happened in the past.

If you are dreaming about ashes, it often implies that you need to begin looking towards the future and stop concentrating so much on the events that took place in the past. The ashes show it is time to move forward from the changes that happened in your life. Once you are able to move forward, you will soon be on the path to experiencing more peace and joy on a daily basis.

Cleaning Up Ashes

If you are cleaning up ashes in your dream, this could represent you are really feeling unhappy with various details of your life. You may feel like there is some aspect in your life is messy and neglected.

You might feel as if you are trapped. Cleaning in a dream often means you wish to improve a situation, but are not sure how to make it better.

Dreaming of an Ash Tray

An ash tray is where the ashes from cigarettes and smoking are collected. An ash tray could be a symbol of needing to come clean or to give up a bad habit you might have in your life. If you are not currently a smoker, it could be a representation of something that you do not like that is present in your waking life.

dream meaning for ashes

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Have you had a dream about ashes? What were your thoughts on what the dream might mean? If you have any dream experiences about ashes you would like to share, please tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. I had a dream that my friend bring me a bowl ash ? but in the dream it like like it was a guy ashes. was do that mean

  2. I dreamt I came across a multiple car accident that already took place and all that was left was seven heaps of ash on the road where each car was?

  3. I was in the dream, saw myself in the church, then I saw white ashes, and I started packing the ashes, to use it and pray before I woke up.

    1. I dreamt that I was point at the white ashes which were on the ground to an unknown woman she was a Netball coach I said to her we are using white ashes to draw the field lines

  4. My ex-friend appeared in my dream with his wife’s Ashes stored in the jar and wanted to give them to me. In the past, I had conflicts with him about his wife and after this, I had to break our friendship. I haven’t talked with my friend for a long time. I don’t know, does it mean bad or good?

  5. I saw a bronze pot of ash and my mother told me to throw it in the river. so i booked a cab and started to research about it and saw that i have to submerge the bronze pot inside the river and leave the pot there. i called up my mom and told her about this and she said do whatever they tell you. it was night when i reached the river. i went towards the river and found out that the water is deep. i cant swim and i have thalassophobia so i cant go inside the water but then i saw some indian priests (im an indian) and they told me that they will submerge it for me. they called their swimmers and they took my pot and left it at the bottom of the river. then i left that place and i dont remember what happened next

  6. My wife and I have spent a week apart and, it was my choice to separate simply because, we have had the same fights over the years and never seems to get better, in fact, we are both miserable and so are my 2 stepsons. I have been battling thoughts of whether I am a good person and, I just can’t seem to change the way she wants me to and rise to whatever level she needs me to be at so, with that said, I had a dream in the middle of last week and, a little context, my mom passed away last year from covid and, I dreamed she was waking up out of a bed in my house (her house, mine now) but, she was beautiful and well and, I was showing her around the house and apologizing for changing so much but, I suddenly thought to myself in the dream “but, who’s ashes do I have in that urn over there?” and then I woke up, it was powerful to me and, I’ve tried to figure out what those old ashes meant, does it mean that there’s new life with the same person and the old life is dead or, is it a new life ajd the old life is ashes? I just don’t know and not sure yall will know either but, it was a very special dream at the least

  7. Hi I had a dream that dropped my late husband’s ashes on the floor and I was devastated then we I woke up from my dream I interpreted this dream that he was telling me to let him go and he would be all atone around me everywhere I went.

  8. What does buying ashes that is put in a container mean? There were two containers filled with ashes and i bought one container of ashes from an old woman. What does that mean?

  9. I had a dream that my friends and I applied vibuthi and dancing together devotionally .. under the supervision of gurugaru with some Hope’s and the person was teaching us something.

  10. I had a dDream about my grandfather’s funeral who is alive. The bone Ash, I am handing over to my father who is already sitting in a graveyard with anxiety.

  11. I had a dream that I was flying and just above the hills and then I look up and saw the night sky full of stars. So I try to fly high and soar I reach the sky and grab a portion of it with my right hand. The sky in my hand felt like ash in texture but it’s not really ash. It was kind of grey and still intact in my hand. Just wondering what it means.

    1. I dreamt of me returning to a place through the road that led to my secondary School years back and with no knowledge that people are no longer Grant access to pass through root I know, I was asked to go seek permission from a man but when I reached there it was an elderly woman that answered me so after explaining myself to her she gave me Ashe’s in a plate ( a kind of she grant me access to move ahead) please what does this mean

  12. I dreamt about ashes full of a yard whilst I was with a pastor and my formal director told me that so the place is dirty like this and I will not clean and I said am not living there. After that I went with the pastor and he added 2 people and we went to under a particular and the place was full of faeses, we sat and the faeses was lying infront of us and I mistakenly use my left hand and touched it so the pastor change a place and we went and he counsel us

  13. Early hours of this morning7/7/2020 in the dream of a night someone made this statement to me.Not anyone can handle the crystal ash.What’s the meaning of Crystal Ash

  14. My husband and I are following a friend of his moms and her daughter in her car When she throws a coffee can of Billies ashes out along a corn field on side of road!! This was upsetting we stopped picking up the van small bit of ashes and shirt that was so small and a$5 bill? So that the little sister would have them some day.

  15. My dream is: i was in a ward hospital with my colleagues at work, after attending to a patient, we sat down and chatted. One of my colleagues gave me a prescription. The prescription was like this:
    3. Ash
    1 & 2 was blank. And the 3rd is ash. I asked her ash for what. She replied me for your soul. Then we left. Then we went somewhere and got trapped in a big building. We were locked by bad people. So we tried to escape by climbing into the windows but all were locked. One window was forcefully opened by my 2 guy companions and successfully one went out the window and open the doors in each floor. So my other colleagues were anle to get out. I was the one rescued last by my guy friend. So i was so scared of heights and i was trembling. He asked me to jumped over him, which i managed to do and did not fall.
    We all went home. No one injured.

    Whats the ash meaning and the heights n fear of fall in my dream? Thanks

  16. I had a dream where my family gathered with my nieces and nephews. One of my uncles started pronouncing words of blessing using ashes to sign cross on the forehead of all those present in that occasion. I keep wondering what this means .Chibuzo

  17. I had a dream that my daughter is holding a big bag of ash & she has pocked some in her hand & blowing it & also saw little of that on her cheeks

  18. I dreamt of ashes was sweeping the ashes at my mom’s friends house I swept the ashes to anoint that they dented my clothes

  19. I had a dream I was in a glass jar or some sort of dome/transparent glass over me and outside of that was all ashes. I felt protected but many years later when I think of it I fell like I’ve or had been caged.

  20. I dreamt of a big shared yard. Someone had drawn a large (about 25ft each side) triangle in the golden sand. There was a fire pit at each of the three points, out, from the night before. Someone had placed clean ivory carvings in the ash, mostly masked heads. I was curious, suspicious, calm but cautious. When I went inside there was a weird feeling from the people sitting around the living room. The neighbors. I kneeled on the couch between the couple to “look for something” (?) behind the sofa. I was wearing a hospital gown and was exposed at the back. Next thing… the three of us were flying through the streets on this couch, racing, escaping, or looking. Suddenly they were gone. I made it back and then they walked in, awkward as ever. I looked out back again at the ashes and the triangle to figure out what was going on.

  21. I HAD A DREAM ON EARLY MORNING HRS OF 15 TH MAY 2019, I saw volcano burning black burning ashes on my office washroom white tiles floor which was little wet..

    1. A volcano would make me think anger or feelings that are being bottled in – are you or your co-workers experiencing any extra pressure at work?

      1. I dreamt my deceased sister sent me the ashes of my deceased brother, as a parcel delivered by a courier. My sisters name was on parcel as sender

  22. I had a dream that my family home set on fire and my children were crying saying its all ashes and me and my partner were telling them it’s OK. Interpretations?

  23. I dreamt that I was in a street full of people and there were huge sacks – 2or 3 with huge dragons inside. I was feeling happy to see the dragons and wanted to free them. The head of one of them was sticking out of the sack so I went and patted his head and put my finger in his mouth with was full of ashes – in an effort to clear it out. The people were scared of the dragons and i was sad because I wanted to see them fly. the colour of the dragons was dark and they were very scaly.

    1. Wow, I’m sure that was a very intense dream! Dragons are very powerful creatures indeed, and I will have to add that symbol to our dream dictionary next! Something that may help you understand what the dream means is to think about your feelings of wanting to see the dragons fly while others were afraid of them. Could you be exploring some sort of new opportunity while others are afraid of failure?

      I’m sure in time the dream will certainly make some sense for you and thank you for sharing it with us! I’ll get to work on adding dragons to our site next! 🙂

  24. I had a dream I had a handful of ashes from a fire in my left hand . My cat was eatingthe ashes out of my hand. Thoughts ? Interpretations?

  25. I had a dream I had a handful of ashesfr a fire in my left hand . My cat was eatingthe ashes out of my hand. Thoughts ? Interpretations?

    1. I just had a dream about a pub or bar and i needed to make a phonecall because i got lost after getting kicked out of a hotel because someone had stole my stuff.
      And the owner of a bar was a real dick and gave me arcade tickets and 2 coins to gamble on his bar.
      And i never got the call but then other people started helping me out by giving me the tickets and i had bags full of tickets but they all turned into ashes
      And i got mad about it and took the owners drinking glass and i urinated on the floor and the tickets got wet and i put his glass in and it turned black from the wet ash and i walked away AND I WOKE UP.

      Weird dream

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