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Orange Color Symbolism and Dream Meaning

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The color orange is a bright, cheerful color we often associate with the idea of happiness. Even the most mundane items start to seem enjoyable when they’re wrapped, packed or covered in orange color.

Orange is made when you combine red and yellow, so as such it brings with it some of the characteristics we find in red {passion} and yellow {cheerfulness and attention}.

Orange is the color of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra deals with everything involving our happiness and enjoyment in life. It is also the chakra for creativity and imagination.

What it Means to See the Color Orange in Dreams

color orange dream meaning

Orange is the Color of Happiness and Optimism

To dream of orange means that you have a positive and optimistic outlook on life. You might be feeling very happy or excited about a recent event.

Dreaming of orange means you are looking on the bright side of life. It also indicates that you are being more open-minded and receptive to seeing the positive side of things.

For some people, orange indicates a fresh outlook on life and the desire to try new things.

Orange Symbolizes Creativity

Orange signifies a desire for a more productive and creative life. You might be looking to take on new challenges in your work or personal life.

Being creative and playful can evoke a positive feeling of energy. Orange can be a very uplifting color that makes you feel inspired and refreshed.

The sacral chakra deals with our basic drives and desires for fulfillment. You may be feeling more motivated, happy or upbeat to start a new project or hobby.

Orange is also linked to our desire to remain open-minded and receptive to new ideas and experiences.


Many people are surprised that orange is a color for fertility. You may dream of orange if you are thinking about having children. The sacral chakra is connected to our procreative drive and the desire to create new life.

Even if children are not in the picture, orange can appear in our dreams when we want to recreate our own lives. You may thinking of ways to fuse your passion with your career.

Orange as a Symbol of Great Success

orange basketballs

Orange is the color for high aspirations. It indicates that you have lofty goals and big plans for your future.

You may be looking to make a big splash in a new career or pursue a big project with great success. Orange often shows up when we want to reach our goals or attain new heights of success.

The color orange is all about what we desire in life. Seeing it in your dreams can mean that you are setting new goals that will bring you more enjoyment. You are seeking fulfillment by creating the life you want.

Getting in Touch With Your Feelings

Being in tune with your feelings is important for your happiness. When we see the color orange, it often reminds us to think about how we really feel.

We often ignore our feelings and this can negatively affect our happiness. The color orange tells us to look within and really connect with ourselves and what we want in life. When we know what we want in life, we are better able to understand why we feel the way we do.

Orange and The Sacral Chakra

orange flower

The sacral chakra is the chakra at the base of our spines that deals with our basic drives and desires for fulfillment.

To balance the sacral chakra, consider eating orange foods such as tangerines, peaches, and orange peppers. Wearing orange can help support your desires in life. The sacral chakra is a sensual one, so be sure to get in touch with all 5 of your senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell, and Sound.

Because orange is a color that helps you tune into how you really feel, crystals like orange calcite or carnelian might help you get in touch with feelings that you have been ignoring.

Different Shades of Orange Meanings

different shades of orange

There is more than one shade of orange, from the light and cheerful oranges, oranges with a hint of red in them (like Halloween pumpkins), and even some deep purples that are almost the same color as violet.

Here are what the different shades of orange mean:

Peach: The color peach is a light orange that makes us think of a warm sunny day. It is associated with cheerfulness and happiness, which makes it the perfect shade to use for food packaging to entice us to buy!

Tangerine: The color tangerine is a deeper, more muted orange. It evokes a feeling of warmth and security, the type of feeling you’d get from staying in close physical contact with someone you love.

Yellow Orange: Yellow orange means the light orange color of a ripe fruit. It makes us think of the warmth of summer and its long days, which is a sign that we need to relax in order to enjoy those days all the more. The color yellow orange is also associated with nature and life.

Deep Orange: Deep orange means a deep orange color that makes us think of autumn, before the leaves fall off the trees. The color deep orange can be associated with seriousness and seriousness in work or life.

Salmon: Salmon is a color that is almost the same as orange, but lighter and less saturated with red. Seeing the color salmon can mean that you have a light-hearted approach to life.

Red Orange: Red orange suggests finding your passion – a purpose that brings you joy in life. Red orange makes us feel like we are on fire to accomplish whatever it is that we are passionate about. It brings with it a feeling of passion and intensity that inspires us to achieve success and greatness.

Safety Orange: Safety orange is the color you might see on things like traffic cones or warning signs. This is a bright color that brings our attention to potential pitfalls in our life.

Neon Orange: Some might think that neon orange is an obnoxious color, but there is actually a lot of meaning associated with it. It is used to promote items that are attention-worthy due to their uniqueness or because they are made with exciting new technologies.

Gold: Gold isn’t technically orange, but we’ve included it here because of its close association with the color orange. The symbolism behind gold has always been associated with wealth; as a result, orange in combination with gold can suggest decadence and desire for wealth.

Rust: Rust is a very dark shade of orange that means we might feel neglected in life. We might not be living to our full potential, or we are not doing what brings us joy.

Things That Are Orange in Our Dreams

We often see the color orange many different ways in our dreams. Here are some dream symbols to explore more that can appear as orange in our dreams.

Remember – you are always the best interpreter of what your dreams mean! Think about your own personal associations with the color orange and what it may mean for you and how it might apply to current events happening in your life.

What are your thoughts on the symbolism of the color orange? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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