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Hand Dream Meaning

hand dream meaning
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hand dream meaningSeeing hands in a dream can have several different meanings

In our waking lives we use our hands for many different things: accomplish work, create things, do our favorite hobbies and to connect with other people.

If your hands are tied up in a dream: This represents your feelings of helplessness in a situation during waking life.

If you dream of washing your hands: Your subconscious may be trying to tell you that you may need to rid yourself of a negative influence in your life. Alternately it could mean that you are attempting to wash away guilt you are experiencing.

If you dream of holding someone’s hand: This suggests that you are trying to connect more deeply with another person, or aspect of yourself. For example, if you dream of holding your boyfriend or husband’s hand this implies that you want to feel closer to him and more deeply connected. If you dream of holding the hand of a nameless character in your dream that you do not recognize, you are probably trying to reconnect with some aspect of yourself. So if you are holding a child’s hand you are trying to connect better with your inner child.

If you look at your hands in your dream you can enter into lucid dreaming and have more control over your dreams.

What type of hand dream have you had? And what do you think it means. Remember, you are the best interpreter of your dreams. We would love to hear about it. Please share in the comments below.

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  1. I dreamed my hands had poop on them. I was in a bathroom holding up my hands and I wanted to wash them. Before I slept I was thinking about a little girl that I use to change as a toddler and how her plop really stinked and maybe thats why I had that dream.

  2. hey i had a dream were i walked into my class . So here is how it went

    I walked into my homeroom class , and we had a sub , she said not to look at the desk behind me . I looked and i saw BLOODY hands of all sizes , like old hands , baby hands , paws , it was horrible . Then I look over and no one is doing anything about it , so i call the sub out and say ” Hello are you not going to do anything?” she answered ” oh sweetheart i have done something , I did this” as she points to the hands . then i get reports about students going missing and being murdered , all from this one person !

  3. I dreamed my hands was sore,burning like feeling and skin was breaking off don’t understand what this means but wow they were sore

  4. My dream was I saw a hand above me I was lying in my bed . I saw the hand, looked up and it was my husband hanging upside with his hand reaching for me. I grabbed his hand and called his name and woke up. The dream was so real

  5. Recently since I started dreaming about a particularly person I have been seeing hands (his hands not hands in general). Prior to this I can’t remember hands ever being a significant feature in my dreams. His hands are perfect/as they should be and solid so I can feel them without passing through them. I have had various dreams where I recall noticing his hands or where he touched my hands in some way. In one dream he reached out to me with his hand. The image is still very clear and vivid in my mind. Which is surprising as my vision in dreams tends to be pretty diffuse (everything is hazy and too soft). In more than one dream I have watched him draw. Sometimes we hold hands or he guides me by the hand. I have dreamed of sitting in front of him holding his hands and stroking his knuckles. I have dreamed of him kissing and sucking my fingers. The first dream I remember of him having a solid human form he kept reaching for and trying to stroke my hand.

  6. My sister in law was killed on October 30 ,2014 along with three other people when a air plane hit the building she worked in. She left behind two daughters and a husband .my brother in law is lost with her and to be honest would took his own life if it wasn’t for their 11 year old daughter. He often visits his wife’s grave ,and Saturday he was their with a few friends and as they were leaving he turned and told his wife “good bye sweetheart I wish you were coming with ” l love you . that night his mother “my mother in law , had a dream .this is what she told us” I was standing in my front room and looked at the front door and someone was there ,when she opened up the door there was my sister in law ,she told her ” come in ” my sister in law said she couldn’t and my mother in wanted to hug her, hold her just her, my sister in law made clear “do not touch me” you can not touch me. My mother in law said , she looked good and told us what my sister in law was wearing and that she looked good. My sister in law wanted to give her husband message,and the message was ,tell him I am not there in that grave, I’m in a “huge” place it’s beautiful there . with all that said my mother in law just wanted too hug her,again she said don’t touch me , you can’t touch me ,after that she was gone. My mother in gave the message to her son the next day ,not knowing her son had been visiting his wife’s grave almost everyday . my mother in law is 87 and was born in Germany and I’ve never heard her use the word huge in all the years I’ve known her.I know this was a true visit from my dead sister in law, and the message was plain and clear maybe the message was for us all when she said” I’m in a huge beautiful place . this part of the dream just stays with me ,why did she not want my mother in law to touch her, why couldn’t she touch her? Makes me wonder …

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