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Car Accident Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about a car accident can be a scary and frightening experience. If you are wondering what it means to dream about crashing your car, this post will help you interpret and understand the car accident dream interpretation and meaning.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Car Accident?

car accident dream meaning

The first thing to figure out after you have a dream involving a car accident is to determine the type of dream. If you are unsure what type of dream you had, understanding the different types of dreams can be helpful.

In most cases, a dream of a car accident is not necessarily prophetic. While these dreams may feel like nightmares, many times these dreams are release types of dreams where the car is a symbol for thoughts, feelings, or emotions your mind is processing.

Dreaming of a car accident does not necessarily mean you or someone you know will be in.

While it is technically possible to dream of a car crash and then learn someone you know was in one, or even dream of a car crash and be in one later, this is not typical.

Car accidents in dreams most often are NOT warning message types of dreams. These dreams do not necessarily reflect the actual physical events that are happening in your life, but instead the car serves as a symbol for something else.

Occasionally, these things happen in a dream to serve as a warning message that there is something out of control in our lives. Learning to develop and trust your intuition can help you better understand when you have dreams which serve as a message.

what does it mean to dream about a car accident?

When you dream of a car crash, there can be a lot of different possible scenarios for the actual events of the dream. The first thing to do to understand what the dream pertains to is to identify some key people and themes in the dream.

Questions to ask about your car crash dream:

  • What people are in the dream?
  • Who is driving?
  • What types of vehicles are involved? A luxury sports car? A mini-van? A truck?
  • What is the overall mood and tone of the dream?
  • What is the weather? Is it clear and sunny or is it raining and storming?
  • What type of road were we driving on? Dreaming of an accident on a busy highway is different from wrecking on a back country road in a desolate area.

When you write down your dream in a dream journal and then answer these questions above, you will have a better understanding of what the dream might be trying to communicate to you.

car dashboard

It’s important to think about how the dream may be a symbol or metaphor for events happening in your waking life. In many cases, there are central themes that are present in car crash dreams.

Cars and driving generally have a lot to do with control, and how much in control we may be feeling in life. To wreck a car in a dream could mean that you feel like something is out of control in your life. Ask yourself, is there anything in my waking life that gives me anxiety?

Often times our fears are related to feeling a loss of control. In a dream, a car accident typically does not represent an actual problem while driving, but often symbolize some aspect in our life where we feel out of control or feel like something is about to change drastically.

road to success under construction quote

“The road to success is always under construction.”

– Lily Tomlin

Dream Interpretation for Car Accident

This dream may occur to give you a message in any of these common situations:

Your career or work environment:

Driving is action, and often times cars can be a symbol for our actions in everyday life. You may be feeling out of control about a situation in your career or work.

This is especially likely if there are any parts of the dream related to your workplaces or co-workers in the dream.

Relationships With Others:

A car accident that involves other people can often signify a collision of interests with another person, especially if one person seems to be trying to control the relationship or if there are conflicting personalities at odds with each other.

Romantic relationships: You may feel like your relationship is out of control, or that you are having problems with communicating with a partner, spouse, or other romantic interest.

Other Relationships: Often times dreams of a car crash involve other people. It is important to understand the role of people as characters in our dreams.

You may dream of family members, friends, or others who in real life you may be having issues with pertaining to control or direction.

These dreams can happen often for parents of children, because as parents it is very difficult to control your children, especially as they begin to grow up and become more and more independent!

A Symbol for Your Financial Situation:

fancy car

Car accidents cause a lot of property damage, and it can often be a symbol in your dreams about your concerns and fears relating to your financial situation.

If it seems in the dream that you are particularly worried about things like the cost of repairs or insurance claims, it could be your financial worries surfacing from your subconscious.

Dreaming of wrecking a very expensive car could be another example of how the dream is related to your finances. You may feel as if you can’t control your financial situation.

Your Aspirations in Life:

veering off path
Ask yourself: Are you veering off your path in life?

Driving is often associated with our path on our lives. Sometimes in our dreams this can mean we are not exactly where we want to be in our life, or that there are environmental or societal influences that seem to be out of control.

You may feel like you are veering off course from your own life goals. It might be time to reconsider whether you are on the right track. Are you going where you want to be?

Feelings of Regret:

Do you feel as if you have “ruined” something in your life? This symbol can sometimes occur in a dream as a way for us to understand feelings of guilt, regret and remorse.

Dealing with the aftermath of decisions in our life can sometimes leave us feeling powerless. In this case, the dream is a symbol of your own feelings of regret and guilt for not being able to control things that are not your fault.

Common Car Accident Dreams & Their Meanings

car accident dream meanings

There are many ways a car accident may manifest in our dream space. By exploring the context of our dream, we are able to better interpret and understand what a dream may mean.

Some common scenarios of a car crash in dreams include:

Crashing into a body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean: If you dream of driving into a body of water, this can often signify emotions which are overwhelming and hard to manage. See meaning of water in dreams to understand more.

Crashing into a tree or the woods: The forest in our dreams often symbolize our call for adventure and wilderness. This could be a symbol for feeling as if you are wasting your adventurous spirit or that you feel as if some aspect of your life has become wildly out of control.

Dreaming of Someone Else Crashing: If you dream of another person crashing their car in the dream, you may want to think about what personal associations you may have for this person. For example, if you dream of a co-worker, this could represent a part of your career. If you dream of an old friend, there may be some quality about that friend that relates to some aspect in your waking life that is currently unmanageable.

Crashing Into a House: In dreams, a house often represents different parts of yourself. See dream meaning of house to understand how this may pertain to the specific details of your dream. Often times this reflects that there is some part of yourself that you feel is out of control or you unable to effectively deal with.

Saving Someone From a Car Accident: If you dream you are saving someone from the wreckage, this could mean that you are feeling like it is your responsibility to fix something that has become unmanageable. It could potentially signify co-dependence in your waking life, or that you are putting others’ needs ahead of your own.

Crashing an Expensive Luxury Vehicle: If you dream of wrecking a sports car, this could potentially mean that you do not trust yourself with your own finances or feel like you are taking something for granted in your waking life.

Dreaming of Drunk Driving and Car Accidents: If you dream of an accident related to alcohol use or intoxication of the driver, it can be helpful to understand what it means for alcohol in dreams.

Often times this can point to an existing addiction {which may not necessarily be alcohol, but a different substance}. This can also again further tie into events on your own personal life circumstances and life history.

Understanding Dreams Related to Trauma

wrecking truck

Dreaming of a car accident can sometimes also be related to past trauma you have experienced in life. For example, if you experienced an actual accident in your waking life, it is possible you will have dreams afterwards for some time.

It is a traumatic experience, and so it makes sense that our brains must sort a way to deal with these issues. Often times even prolonged stress can result in emotional and mental trauma.

Sometimes a car accident can surface in dreams as a result of other types of trauma you may experience in your life. For example, issues such as addiction or issues of violence can sometimes trigger similar emotions of fear and recklessness.

If you wish to stop recurring nightmares about an accident, it can be helpful to allow yourself to fully explore your emotions, concerns and fears in a safe way.

In most cases, our dreams our only passing and they serve to give us a deeper insight into our own selves. By learning how to effectively interpret our dreams, we are able to better use these dreams as tools to help us develop into better people and ultimately enjoy happier and more fulfilling lives.

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We cover many different common dreaming symbols and what they mean. Often times learning about other symbols that were present in the dream can help you make more sense of what a dream might mean.

Have you had a dream about a car accident that you would like to share? What do you think the dream may mean? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

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28 thoughts on “Car Accident Dream Meaning”

  1. I had a dream that I was walking on the road that I grew up on and I couldn’t get anywhere because everywhere I went there was a car accident. I tried to get past one of them and the car reversed and wedged me in between the car and a wall. I was looking for my daughter at the time who is 13 and ended up turning up on a motorbike with her friend. I have recently started a new relationship which has bought up a lot of feelings involving my control over things such as the relationship between my partner and my daughter. I wonder if this is what the dream could have been expressing to me.

  2. I have this dream every other month:
    I’m always in a Gold 4 door sedan type car(which I now own scarily enough) and it’s nothing but fluffy clouds and sunshine. However, I’m never the one driving, in fact I can barley see the person driving. I can always look in the mirror and see myself looking back at me and I would roll down the window and stick my hand out the window. We are always on the highway and always 2-3 miles from our exit when it happens. We drive over a large bridge with either a river or the ocean beneath us. The person comments how the water looks beautiful their voiced sort of going in and out but, I agree (even though I have a fear of being over large bodies of water). I put my hand back in the car just as a large vehicle (be it a truck or an SUV) slams into us from the driver’s side and send us crashing , breaking the barrier on the side of the bridge, my head slams the barrier as we break it and I black out. I always wake up after I black out. I have no idea what this means…..The last time I had this dream a couple of days later my Godmother had gotten into a terrible accident and it almost took her life; She was also on a bridge.

  3. Had a dream that I was in my friend car he was taking me home before taking me home the police stop him but he kept goin and he also hit some signs after that the cop with away and it turned left to take me home after that he took a other left before I could get home I remember seeing a white light and waking up can you help me an tell me what this dream means

  4. Last night, I had a dream about a car accident, but I didn’t witness it happen only heard the impact of it, the impact shook me,but when I went out to look the car that was in the accident was not there, this all happening as my family and I are getting situated into a Victorian type of house, where my room has two entry ways, which one is the front door that wasn’t apparently used, this door was always blocked. Also, my friend had a baby, whom I had grown attached too very much.
    So much going in this dream

  5. I had a car dream were I was the driver in my own vehicle it was a normal sunny day in the city I had a passenger In the front seat who was my ex’s daughter. When all of a sudden it felt like a tyre had come off we jolted down but then the car flipped on the drivers side my side. I was up in mid air to the side of the car and wasn’t able to get out. She managed to climb out and there were people on looking. What could that relate to?

  6. Hi I was having this Car crash dream about my family we had a black van . we were shopping;All of a sudden there was this lady and her daughter who was crying near there car; But the mom was mourning, crying with tears down on the road. I was with my whole family that day. I saw with my two little eyes that the little girl was left unattended. my father did not see anything so he accidentally reversed his car backwards. But in my mind I was thinking of helping but it was too late so we drove off quickly knowing that no accident had happened that day. next day we went for a drive, turn on the radio & listen to music. Instead of music we heard that the news about a woman who was testifying about the incident that had occur. She was saying that the van that night had “ Thousands of children , lady, man late 50’s & black van.
    so we went for a walk to this fancy park to play at, out of nowhere we see this woman who happens to look the exactly the same that day. So we talked with each other and played. Suddenly they shut the gate for the park so I jump of the side to get out and told my other sibling to jump and us two made it through the gate. But my other sibling was locked inside.

  7. Dream of car accident in freak blizzard. I was passenger. Don’t recognize driver. We serve. He says: ” here we go” and we flip into ditch. I’m pinned. He’s not answering my calls to him. No name. I just say: ” hey. U ok?” Can’t reach phone yell for serie. Calls 911. I’m ok. Just bruised and sore. Driver dead. No idea who driver is. Just male

  8. I had a dream that I was talking in a shop and outside there was about 3 separate car crashes that I witnessed. I didn’t know any of the people. The last one had a child in it. No one died that I could see. It was on a main road. When I drove off there was a woman driving a big expensive car and the bonnet was all smashed up. She looked embarrassed. What does this all mean?

  9. Only this very morning I woke from a dream where I was the passenger chatting away with my fiancé in our car drivin slightly downhill in the leafy countryside and suddenly we came upon about four motor bike riders dressed in green biking gear stood alongside their bikes chatting when a car headed towards us and them and ploughed into them. I remember feeling horrified for them and afraid for us as everything went black aand I realised our car had turned upside down
    Next thing I knew my fiancé was climbing out his side and I could see daylight as he tried to open my side. I was then able to climb out through the narrow window opening and we were at the roadside by a metal barrier . I tried to look back to see how the others were but couldn’t see anything. It was all obscured somehow. Our car was a large beige almost American looking saloon 1970s type which I didn’t recognise at all. I then found myself sliding our upside down car along the road a few metres onto a thin green tarpaulin to protect the roof even though I was imagining the scratches
    Next thing I knew we were arriving in some sort of vehicle at an army institution where a man looking like che Guevara greeted us casually and began writing on a clipboard
    I said “don’t worry I used ya to be in the RAF” (which I was) and then saying ouch and looking at my left wrist which was bruised and scraped and misshapen
    He asked if I was ok and there was a vague presence of a female nurse, my fiancé being close by …… then I woke up!!!!
    Very vivid indeed

  10. I have.just.woke from the most awful dream where i had a car crash and rolled my car. My car was flattened in the the car was me and my 3 dogs i was able to push the car after the accident and did so on the path but then ended up in a town that in real life is 40 miles from where i live but i left the dogs tied up with the car i walked around the town and met my sister my mum who is dead and my sisternin law and then met a girl i used to work with i lost everyone in the crowd and when i came out of a shop i was shot on my left hand by a woman i did not recognise with a paintball gun i met up with the old worknfriend again who drove me to where i had left the car i then woke up. Omg it was all so real. Today is my 52nd birthday

  11. This morning I woke up to a very scary dream. My father was driving our family car with me, my mom, my brothers, some other family members and a weird baby I happen to have been more attached to either she was we were off to a wedding out of town. My niece or daughter that is still confusing. So we were driving and all of a sudden my dad start losing control of the car and at a crossroad, he tried to get back on track but instead, he was ejected outside and was left there watching us alone in the car but we managed to stop the car ourselves. Then we had him join us but asked our mom to drive but before we could take off someone hit her and she hit her head against the front glass and was bleeding. I lost it and asked everyone who does not carry my father’s last name to get out and go and at that moment it was just me and my parents left behind because my brothers are adopted and have other names. But for them, I called them back to return with the particular baby girl that I was being so protective about and telling her everything will be fine. I then proceeded to ask my brothers if one of them should drive but lowkey felt like the car was cursed because we seemed to only have bad events happening or maybe calling a taxi or ambulance because even though my mom was stable I believe both my parents needed medical assistance asap but O woke up before the decision was made.

  12. Last night I dreamt my senile mother was driving a car in which I was a passenger at the stop sign she didn’t stop or even attempt to even though I was saying stop. Stop so a car man drove into her and damaged his car and he went bezzurk trying to pull things out of our car like papers. Etc
    Next we were in a place where mum didn’t undemanding a thing of what happened and was being comforted by her brother whilst the rest of us were left to pick up the pieces and deal with the nightmare the accident was totally her fault as she didn’t stop
    In real life my mum hasn’t driven a car for almost 8 years such a weird dream

  13. I had a dream I was driving and all of a sudden saw a house right in my path, the house didn’t just appear but I’m not sure of what caused me to end up there, I tried to avoid it and ended up crashing right into it. The first thing I thought was “please tell me I didn’t hurt anyone in the house” everyone was fine and there were no familiar faces. Somehow I ended up getting back into the car and drove off the shoulder where it was a large drop. I was falling and falling and rolled a bit then falling and falling and hit the ground. I could hear someone that I registered as a close acquaintance of mine and was trying to say help but couldn’t speak so I waved my arms. I had Crashed into someone’s back yard. I’m not sure how I was invited into their home but the next thing I know I was sitting in their kitchen telling them what happened. The car I wrecked was an old car of mine from about 6 years ago.

  14. Last night I dreamt that I saw a car accident. I was walking down the road and there was a car under the front passenger wheel of a semi. I have no idea who the driver was, but as I got closer, I could see the tire of the semi had gone through the driver side and had completely crushed the driver who was push across the seat. All I could see was the drivers crushed head on the passenger seat. After that, I just started running away from it.

  15. My friend had a dream that her and I were driving on a highway and turning off on an exit but she couldn’t slow down and we rolled over (this was on her car) And a few weeks later I had a dream her and I were driving on a different highway and we were driving at a normal speed but I did not see that it was a “corner” so we like went off the corner, rolled down a hill onto another highway and I don’t even remember the car which bugs me. Anyway we never have dreams like this. We both safe drivers and both the highways having close to no meaning to us

  16. I just now had a dream where I am driving alone on a sunny day (presumably in my own car although I can’t see it but I’m definitely in a car) and I am going up onto an overpass turning left in the direction of the sun shining so it’s starting to make this horrible glare and it’s hard for me to see. At the beginning of the overpass (at the bottom) I look to my right at a lady who is about to go up and onto the right overpass. When I am at the top of the overpass with the sun making it hard to see I slam onto my brakes because the cars in front of me have stopped and I almost have nowhere to go since overpass lanes are single lanes. In the dream I either go through the right side wall barrier to the highway down below and I bounce to the left and eventually fall off the left side to down below. As I’m going down (and as I am waking up) my only thought is “I love my kids”.

  17. I have one a few times not in sane month that I was abroad and I went to some fishing place but there was a winding road full of traffic. I walked up to the top where there was a car park and a shop to meet some friends. Then all a sudden a bus went crazy went back and forth in front of us then it just drive of the road and then another car when crazy on the road. Then all the cars did and some went of the edge of the road landed in the sea some went towards us and was rearing up I told my friends to stay back one didn’t tried to stop a car he got out the way when the car got another car and well it didn’t end well on the road we was like what happened after got picked up by police.

  18. I had a dream that I was driving with my disease mother in the seat next to me. I was in the same car she crashed and passed away in and she looked drunk. I was angry and I was just driving down the same backroad that she crashed on. That next day my father got into an accident with my stepmothers car. He is thankfully ok and the car is still drive able.

  19. I have had the same dream for 3 nights now I am driving home from work and got in a bad car accident and wake up to paramedics talking to me and them calling my ex mother in law. And telling her that I’m hurt really bad and they are taking me to the hospital to meet us there. Then I wake up. I’m not sure what this means but I am honestly kinda worried and scared.

  20. I had a dream that my 5 year old daughter was asleep in the passenger seat of my Altima. I remember questioning myself for a moment why wasn’t she in the back in her car seat and if I should buckle her . I remember feeling tired. I looked back up. I was on a back road that was very open and had. A turn coming up. I remember just black for a moment and when the dream came back or I could see things again I was sitting o. The road and people were around and paramedics. I could see a black door sticking up but not the whole car. Just the door. And I realized I was in an accident. I started screaming asking where my daughter was. The officer was trying to calm me and avoid what I was asking . Telling me I was in a accident. And i asked repeatedly over him where is my daughter. He said she is gone. They had to chose and saved the driver of the other vehicle. Some people came over and I was crying and screaming and asking why and what happened and who hit us. They said they saw and I was coming towards the other vehicle and that I was the one who hit the other vehicle. I said I mist have fallen asleep. Omg omg I killed my daughter. It jumped to a little in the future and was just weird. I was devastated and it seemed like no one knew that anything had happened. I didn’t know the people around me . I remember seeing a little girl that resembled my daughter and it was not her. I tried to go to another room as I was breaking down at the realization that my daughter is gone and saying I won’t her to hear her say I love you mommy anymore to the lady who was following me . What does this dream mean… help


  22. On the way to a casino this truck in front of me was traveling too fast for the load and the board of plywood became dislodged and a wheelbarrow and the board fell off the truck in front of me , I swerved and avoided both. That night I dreamed I was almost in a sideswipe accident and another car blocked me in & I couldn’t get out. I think the dream was telling me I am out of control with my gambling and should not have gone. Put myself in debt

  23. I was driving my car and a bigger vehicle tore off the top of my car. I was at the side of the road laying across the front seat facing up seeing blue sky. It seems as best I remember to be feeing ok. Just looking at the situation. My car is a a reddish brown and it was in the dream also. I’m blind was in the dream blind also.

  24. I dreamed of a Co-worker and Political opponent at work, crashing a Waste-removal truck on the side of my car when he was reversing and I was moving out of my yard.

    I cannot determine whether he saw me, or was aware that I was driving out, or was this an ambush.

    The car was crashed to a pulp in the ground, but I saw that I shifted to the far side of the door and was not hurt.

  25. My dream is of a crash with no driver. My husband parks the car, that he was working on for someone else… It starts to roll away, but he can’t stop it. It speeds down the road and over a hill… We can no longer see it, but hear the crash and see dust and smoke. We have no idea if it hit another car… He’s afraid it killed someone and I’m worrying about how we are going to pay for it! The road it crashed on never has other drivers on it… It’s a dead end road, so I don’t think it hit another car.

  26. I live in a very busy city and in my dream I was originally riding with a good friend when a mysterious car began to follow us. We veered onto a side street to elude the car. I then got out of my friends car and began to walk to work on a busy freeway with the intention of finding the next subway stop. I walked pass multiple car crashes in route to subway station. The cars were so damaged that I couldn’t determine the type. The passengers were standing on the side of the freeway dazed. I felt extremely sad for them as I walked around the crashes to find a clear path. As I got pass the accidents I started singing “with each beat of my heart ” by Stevie Wonder. I continued to walk through a poorer part of town . Originally I was a little scared until A passer by smiled and said hello. I continued to sing loudly as I walked. I saw my office building in distance as I continued to walk toward it knowing that I wouldn’t find a subway before getting to work.

  27. Last night, I had a dream that me (the driver) and my grandmother (she was in the passenger seat) was going down this street. It was partly cloudy but sunny outside and there was a big pothole (that I thought) was in the street but it turned out to be a “big hole” and we both went straight down into it. The car crashed but we survived with little to no cuts. Of course this is my car that I have now (4 door Chevy Malibu), that crashed in my dream. The next scene in my dream my mom was driving her car and my grandmother was in the passenger seat and I was in the backseat. There was a billboard sitting on the left side of me (I was the only one that seen this “strangely”. The message on the billboard said “Don’t worry Jerrica everything is going to be alright!” Then I woke up. Is this confirmation from God or am I overthinking this?


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