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Money Dream Meaning

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Don’t we all want to dream of having lots of money? While dreaming about money may not always be about your financial situation, learning the meaning of money in a dream can help you create the life you want. money dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream of Money?

Dreaming about money typically surrounds our feelings towards self-worth, value of something, and abundance.

Here are some common meanings for money:

Self Worth:

Money can be very symbolic of your self-worth. You may have feelings about not being worthy of something, or maybe you DO feel worthy of something and are not being appreciated for it.

Money can also symbolize your feelings about what something is costing you. Does it cost you your happiness? Are you losing your joy about a certain situation in your life?

To be lacking in money can suggest that your self-worth is very low at this point in time. We often feel worthless when we are dealing with certain situations, so it is helpful to look at the other symbols in the dream and their meanings for clues to provide more detail.


Abundance means you are getting the most out of a situation. To have an abundance of money suggests that you believe yourself or someone else to be someone of great value.


Money is a form of energy. It is not surprising that money can often be seen as a source of power. If you have a lot of money, you are often able to be in the position where you have power to change things.

If you are dreaming about money you may be feeling powerless over a situation, or wish that you were able to change something that is out of your control.

If you are dreaming about money, it can mean that you are spending too much or too little energy on something. Do you feel like your life is well balanced or does it seem like one certain thing is getting all of your time and attention?

Finances & The Future

Often times money is something we associate with the future. If you are the kind of person who is often thinking, “Someday we’ll have the money to do XYZ…” – it could be a sign in your dream that you are spending more time thinking about the future than living in and enjoying the present moment!

Dreaming about money may also be a literal symbol for finances. Anxiety about money problems in your everyday life can sometimes manifest in your dreams in a very obvious way. Are you worried about upcoming expenses or challenges that may cost you financially?

Balance and Fairness

We often associate money with paying the bills and balancing the budget. Do you have a situation in your life that requires you to find a balance?

You might also want to think carefully about whether you are treating others fairly or if others are treating you fairly. Money can sometimes be associated with debts – and in dreams these debts can be both signs of physical exchanges or emotional ones.

Business & Career

Most of us go to work to get money to pay the bills. Dreaming about money could mean you are interested in new business opportunities or you are thinking about an upcoming career change.

How to Interpret Dreams About Money

To understand what you dream means, it is helpful to think about your own personal feelings about money at this time. Do you think of money as a good thing? Or, do you think of money as the root of all evil?

Everyone has different feelings about money, and being in tune with your own personal feelings towards money will help you connect with your true feelings that are manifesting in the dream.

Here are some other things to look for to help you understand your dream:

What kind of money did you see in the dream? Do you see giant stacks of dollar bills? Or is it a jar of pocket change? Do you find a penny on the ground? Or, do you see a giant bank safe? As you can imagine, the context in which money appears in your dream is very important!

Were There Any Significant Numbers in the Dream? Numbers can often deliver very important messages in our dreams. If there was a specific dollar amount, you should make a note of these numbers involved.

What Was the Tone of the Dream? Did the dream make you feel happy? Sad? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Scared? The overall mood of the dream can help give you some insight on what your true underlying feelings about a situation might be.

What Action Was Involved With Money? Understanding the different actions in your dream can make a big difference in what a dream might mean. For example, if you dream of using money while shopping, then it would be helpful to understand the dream meaning of shopping.

Learning how to interpret your dreams can give you a lot of insight on what dreaming about money might mean. By paying attention to these dreams, we can help ourselves create the life we truly want!

Do you have any memorable dreams about money you would like to share? What do you think the dream was about? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. In reality I have an app on my phone that lets me know what rewards I have from potowatomi bingo and casino, in my dream though, I dreamt I checked my balance I believe unless it was a text alert on my phone and it read a hearty amount I still remember the exact amount just wondered what it meant

  2. I dreamed of having 75,000. And I was very happy because I have bills debt and debt with people. I just want to be debt free.

  3. I was walking and spotted a silver coin on the ground. And then a bronze one. A R2 coin and a 2c coin.
    I alread had my own R5 coin.

  4. I had a dream where my niece left all her gold coins on the ground. I was walking along with my sister and asked who’s is this money and my niece said it was hers. I told her to come and pick up her money then I asked her why she spilled all her money out and went and played, she said it was so everyone can look at it. I said I don’t think they would just look at it but maybe steal it. It was a big pile of gold coins which I helped her put back in her purse and told her to look after it before she carried on playing.

  5. I had aDream of my deceased husband I did not see him but we were talking on the phone and that I needed money then I remembered that I was received a check in the mail and I checked my mail box and there were 3 checks and I tried to cash one of the 3 checks but the man was charging to much money to cash the check so I didn’t do it and then I woke up

  6. I had 2 dreams about money on different days. In first dream I was waiting to board a bus but when the bus was approaching I checked my wallet. I did not have enough coins though I had 2×2£ notes.
    In the second dream I was trying to get change for bus fare since I had a $20 note.I left the shop without getting any conis because a pick pocket targeted me.

  7. Dreamt that I was behind a person at an ATM inside the bank, once the customer finished his transaction I had my card ready to insert into the ATM when the machine started spitting out thousands of dollars. I quickly took all the money and walked out of the bank. Then I woke up.

  8. Dreamed of paying money to someone 10,000 at the end of my dresm I had to get up don’t remember for what and. I literally got out of bed. Feeling confused,very tired but something telling me to check my sugars even tho I kept telling myself I didn’t need to. Check myself and found my sugar levels were dropping which I usually can tell but wasn’t able to this night. My sugar levels were 88.

    1. dreamed my daughter and i was going down this road we saw a dresser and some one had set out we was going to take it home so we started to empty the draws she pulled out two and i had two when i empty my them there were lots of brand new 1 dollar bill i counted only 13 some call my # so i just put all in my pocket but when i went throw the door a buzz went off i did not know what to do.

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