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Alligator or Crocodile Dream Meaning

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A dream about alligators or crocodiles might be scary, but it can mean a sense of adventure, confronting your fears, and being able to recover quickly from setbacks in your life. Let’s dive in deeper on what it means to dream about an alligator or a crocodile.

Alligators Vs. Crocodiles in Dreams

Before we get too much farther into the dream interpretation for alligators and crocodiles, it’s important that we note that we do know that alligators and crocodiles are not the same!

However, they are closely related animals and many people often confuse alligators and crocodiles with one another. For these reasons, we decided it only made sense to cover them both at the same time.

For most people, the symbolism is going to be the same, whether you dream of one or the other. The key difference to consider is if your life might have specific personal meaning.

For example, you work with crocodiles at a zoo, or you live in a place where alligators are in your backyard, or you are on a sports team where your team mascot is a Gator. 

Still, you are going to notice most of these things are all very common for either type of animal. The key to helping you understand the most about this dream is the context in which the alligator appears.

alligator or crocodile

This is why it is important to first write down all of the details and the things you remember about it. The next thing to do is really think about how you feel about the dream and how you felt during the dream.

Are you afraid of alligators? Are you excited and happy about seeing a crocodile? Were you in a peaceful river, or were you in a strange place where reptiles are not to be expected, like on a subway train in the middle of the city?

Paying attention to your feelings and other symbols in the dream will give you a good start in interpreting the meaning of alligators and crocodiles.

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Alligator or a Crocodile?

crocodile dream meaning

In most cases, dreaming about a crocodile or dreaming about an alligator will have a similar meaning. While the two animals are different from one another, they both share a lot of the same characteristics and symbolism.

Alligators typically have a broader, rounded and U-shaped snout, whereas crocodiles have a skinnier and V-shaped head.

These large reptiles are well known for living in swampy areas as well as along places where there is water and tall grasses. They are very good at blending in with the environment to hide while hunting.

These animals can be quite aggressive and dangerous in the wild or even when held in captivity.

Research done by Dr. Gregory M. Erickson shows these large reptilian creatures could even be possibly more dangerous and threatening than a T-rex if a T-rex were to still exist today. How crazy is that?

Needless to say, for many people, dreaming of these animals can be a frightening and worrisome experience. If you have feelings of worry or fear when you see one in a dream, be assured that is definitely a very normal response!

Most of us who live in the cities and suburbs do not typically encounter a gator or croc while we are out and about in our regular daily routines, though we may occasionally see them at zoos, theme parks or even in different areas where we travel where the creatures are native to the environment.

Confronting Fears

I would say that 98% of people I talk to who dream about a crocodile are quite scared when one appears in a dream. Often times these animals come out of nowhere, have some very ferocious looking teeth, and they may even chase you in the dream.

If you have feelings of fear while you are dreaming with crocodiles, it often means there is something lurking in your daily life that you are afraid of confronting and dealing with.

It may be something you are not aware of – or you may be afraid of unexpected news or uncertain outcomes.

While it can be scary to face our fears, the message of this animal is to remind you to be vigilant and to not ignore any potential warning signals. Ignoring your intuition could mean not getting the results you want to achieve.

Many common nightmares involve these animals – and even I on occasion will see these animals in my dreams, especially when I am well aware there are things I’d rather not deal with emotionally or have a lot of challenges going on in life.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways to stop and prevent nightmares if you have a lot of dreams about these scary situations.

what does it mean to dream about a crocodile or alligator

A Longing for Adventure

If you associate crocodiles with risk and the unknown, it is quite likely that it may appear as a symbol in a dream when you are faced with making new choices or if your life has become a little bit too routine.

Alligators and crocodiles can symbolize a need for adventure and excitement in our lives. Think about popular adventure and action films and tv shows – often times a crocodile makes an appearance!

Pay attention to your overall dream mood and feelings – did you feel a rush of excitement when you saw the crocodile/alligator? Were you filled with wonder or awe? If you did, it could mean you are looking for something new or interesting to do.

A Symbol for Resilience

Often times we associate the skin of an alligator and crocodile to have very rough, scaly, dry and thick texture. (I’ve fortunately never touched one to find out!)

While this could mean that you are ignoring your emotions in some instances depending on the context of the other dream events, in many cases this is a symbol for resiliency. This means that you are able to deal with challenges, even though it may not be a pleasant experience.

The phrase “thick skinned” means that you are able to easily handle criticism and complaints. It is not easy to hurt your feelings. You don’t take things too personally and are able to understand that you can’t control others, but you can control yourself and your own thoughts and feelings.

However – keep in mind sometimes our dreams mean the exact opposite! Occasionally, this can also mean that are you being insensitive to what others might think or feel.

Insincerity: Not Being True to Yourself or Others

The phrase “crocodile tears” means to cry falsely. Sometimes when you dream of a crocodile it can mean that you are not being true to yourself.

You may act one way or pretend one thing when your true subconscious feelings are opposite of what you want to believe.

This could indicate you are not really being honest with yourself, or you are denying yourself from your true emotions about a situation in your current life.

Sometimes this symbol when appear when people are dealing with business matters and are not sure whether or not to trust someone.

Not too many people would willingly trust a crocodile or alligator, and it could mean that you are unsure about whether to trust yourself or someone else, especially in business dealings.

See related dream symbols: Dreaming of Being at Work

Hiding, Surprise and Concealment 

alligator water dream

Alligators and crocodiles often hide in the water, waiting for their prey. You never know what may be lurking beneath the surface!

Therefore, it is logical that your dreams may mean concealment or hiding of something. As mentioned earlier, this could mean that you are not sure if you can trust someone or something in your life. It might seem like someone is hiding the truth from you.

Are you Hiding from Yourself?

Sometimes, we tend to cover up our own feelings. It’s easy to bury these old emotions down deep and hope they never resurface – but that is typically not the case of what happens.

Usually these repressed emotions end up quite literally “snapping up” to the surface at the worst possible times.

However, not all surprises are bad ones. Sometimes this could be a sign that you are ready for something new or are willing to leap into new opportunities.

We also have many hidden talents and skills that we don’t always acknowledge or celebrate. The alligator and crocodile are often assigned as power animals in spiritual healing sessions because they are quite strong and mighty.

They may be there to help you feel more confident and resilient in your life and to take advantage of your own inner power and wisdom.

Example Dream Interpretations and Possible Meanings of Dreaming About a Crocodile or Alligator

There are a lot of possible scenarios where you might encounter this in a dream at night while you are sleeping. It is most helpful to see different dream examples and dream interpretations to best understand in context what different things might mean.

In our post on how to mind map your dreams for dream interpretation, we share this simple example of a dream involving alligators, as well as how we used a mind map to determine the significance of the dream.

alligator dream mind map

Doing this mind map shown here helped us understand what could have been a terrifying dream and how it related to the current events happening in life.

On our website, we have many different examples and tips for learning how to interpret your dreams successfully and use these interpretations for personal development and spiritual growth.

Using different dream interpretation techniques and tools, such as mind maps or even drawing a picture can help you understand a little bit more about what a dream might be about – not just for this dream symbol, but other dream symbols in the future!

Dreaming of Being Attacked, Bitten or Fighting

alligator and crocodile nightmares

To dream you are being bitten by a crocodile or alligator can mean that you are being warned about a looming threat or danger. It could also mean that you need to be more aware of possible problems.

Ask yourself: Are you ignoring something you should pay better attention to?

Snapping Alligator/Crocodile: If the alligator or crocodile is snapping at you, it may mean that something you have been ignoring needs your attention, or it could signify that you or someone you know has been irritable and easily agitated.

Fighting an Alligator: Fighting an alligator or crocodile in your dream can mean that you are facing and confronting your fears, or that you are not afraid of danger. It can also symbolize that your are having an inner struggle of some sorts.

Being Attacked: Dreaming of an attack can be a very scary thing! If you feel like you are being attacked, it could mean that you are unsure about whether or not you can trust someone or something in your life.

Remember what we said about crocodiles being thick skinned earlier? In these cases, dreaming of being attacked could mean that you are developing resiliency and being challenged in some way in your waking life.

Dreaming of Killing a Crocodile or Alligator

If you dream of being killed by one of these large reptile creatures, this could sometimes signify that you feel out of control about a situation. You may feel like you do not have the ability to escape or change the situation.

Death in our dreams often relates as a symbol for transformation and change – and sometimes when this happens in a dream it can also mean we feel reluctant about changes coming up in our lives.

You could also possibly be scared that maybe you are in some sort of danger. Fortunately, most types of these dreams are not prophetic in nature, which means they do not predict the future.

In most cases, learning the symbols for the dream meaning of death will usually help calm your worry.

On the other hand, if you dream that you kill an alligator or crocodile, this could potentially mean that you feel like you are able to handle any type of challenge that may come your way. You may have confidence that even if something is difficult, you will succeed in the end.

If you feel relief or gladness, it may also mean that you recently overcame something difficult, and now you are feeling the accomplishment and satisfaction of knowing you were able to get through the challenge. Think of the slang term, “killing it” – this means to achieve success.

See Related: Dream Meaning for Killing.

Seeing an Alligator or Crocodile in or Near Water

Water in our dreams is almost always associated with emotions. If you see an alligator swimming in the water, it could mean that you are afraid of dealing with emotions or confronting fears.

If you see the crocodile or alligator is on the edge of the water, such as on a riverbank, this could symbolize that you are not sure of your feelings in regard to a decision.

To Be Swimming With an Alligator or Crocodile: 

To dream of swimming with an alligator or crocodile could mean your emotional needs are not being met, that you are afraid of expressing your emotions to someone, or are not acknowledging how you really feel about a situation.

Sometimes, this could also mean that you have feelings of being afraid of whether or not you can trust someone. You may feel like someone could sneak up on you or surprise you with unexpected news. You may also be afraid of facing the truth about a situation. Are you being honest with yourself and others?

Ask Yourself: What Are the Characteristics of the Water?

The type of water you notice can make a difference in what this dream could possibly mean.

For example, if you dream you are in a swimming pool and doing synchronized dives together, this is a big difference that what it means to swim with an alligator in a muddy river!

Muddy water could mean confusion or uncertainty. Crystal clear blue water could mean that you are allowing repressed emotions to finally come to the surface and you are ready and able to confront these fears and deal with the difficult feelings you may have been avoiding in the past.

Running Away From a Crocodile/Alligator and Being Chased

To dream you are running away from a crocodile or alligator means you are afraid of confronting a fear or you may want to try to escape a difficult situation you are experiencing.

Being chased in a dream is a very common theme that many of us experience.

What fear you are afraid of confronting will greatly depend on what events might be happening in your current life and other parts of the dream.

Feeling Trapped

You also may sometimes dream of a whirlpool or being dragged underwater in these types of dreams. This is especially true if you feel like your responsibilities are currently overwhelming. Maybe things at work or your home and personal life are starting to wear down on you.

Maybe you feel like you have no way to improve a situation. Maybe you are not seeing the type of progress you want to achieve with your current goals.

Understanding what it means to be dreaming of being trapped can give you a lot more insight on what it could possibly symbolize if this is a mood that you notice.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like you are stuck in a situation and are unsure of how to get out of it?

What it Means to See Baby or Mother Reptiles

Alligators and Crocodiles are extremely protective of their young. In ancient Egypt, these animals were once believed to be a symbol of fertility. Dreaming of eggs could potentially mean that you are excited about new beginnings or have some hidden worries about new changes happening in your life.

For some, an alligator or crocodile could represent being overprotective of a child, or it could mean something to signify your role as a mother in your life.

Related Posts: You may wish to look at What it Means to Dream of Babies and Dreaming of Pregnancy.

Sometimes, this could also be a sign that you are in need to get in touch with your own playful self. Are you spending too much time wrapped up in responsibilities? Do you need some time for self care? Could it mean that you are not having enough fun in your current daily life.

Sometimes, this could also indicate an element of surprise in your life. Maybe things are too predictable and you need a change.

Questions to ask yourself about the dream:

How did you feel?

Identifying our feelings and the tone of the dream is so very, very important. Often times feelings are all you need to begin to truly understand what underlying meaning could be. What we feel during our daily waking lives, even if subconscious, will usually manifest in some way in what we experience at night while sleeping.

Think about any thoughts and feelings that occurred. Were you frightened? Did you run away? Did you try to fight the things that were scaring you? Did you face it head on?

Being in tune to your feelings about the alligator can help you better understand what it means in your dream.

What Colors Were Present in the Dream?

Most alligators and crocodiles are brown, gray and green, but in dreams they can be a number of different colors. It’s not unusual to dream of something in a completely different color than what might be expected or normal!

In other instances, the color of the animal might not be all that important, but perhaps there is a color of something else that is extremely vivid. You might notice a bright red ball bouncing in the water for example, or you might remember seeing a big yellow sun in the sky.

Learning the symbolism of these different colors can give you a lot of insight on how it all may relate to your current daily waking life. See Color Symbolism and Meanings to understand colors in your dream.

What Are Some Words You Would Use to Describe the Crocodile/Alligator?

Try to describe the alligator or crocodile as much as possible. Was it big or small? Was it ferocious or calm? Did it snap at you or was it just there minding its own business?

Think carefully about what actions were taking place in your dream. These actions will often give you some important clues to interpreting what the dream could mean.

Is there anything happening in your current life?

Often times our dreams are a way to process our current feelings and all the things we encounter in our daily waking lives. Was there anything recent that made you feel insecure, afraid, anxious, uncertain, or challenged recently?

What are Your Thoughts?

It is always interesting to learn about what others might experience in their dreams. If you have had a dream about an alligator or crocodile, feel free to share what you might recall about the event in the comments section below.

We’d also love to hear if you have any of your own person associations for dream interpretation symbols for alligators and crocodiles. Is there anything we might have missed? Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed!

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  1. I had a dream where I was chilling in the pool with a bunch of alligators, and they didn’t seem to mind me, after which I promptly proceeeded to throw them in the nearby lake, which – also – surprisingly they didn’t mind.

  2. Dreamt that there was a fat alligator with tentacle like tongues in my house, it had about four tongues which it wrapped around its victims. In the dream, this strange creature attacked me and my family.

  3. I had a dream last night in which I had a yard that sloped down toward a fast-flowing river (moving leftward) with a line of trees along the bank, and between those trees and the house were a dirty old pool and a pond, side by side. I suddenly found myself holding a frozen block of ice about the size of a cinder block, full of tiny frozen baby crocodiles. I tried to throw it into the river, but came up short and it landed in the pool. So I went for help, and got a little buddy (some random young boy) to go in after it before it melted. He went to the pond and started fishing around for it with a pool strainer as I stood on the rock bed keeping an eye out. Then I remembered it was not in the pond, but the pool and told him to change course. When we got to the pool, the ice had already melted and the baby crocodiles were already growing in size and filling the pool, so there was no catching them and tossing them in to the river anymore. And then I woke up. Not necessarily the scariest dream, but definitely creepy. Menacing was the overall sensation, with surreal undertones.

  4. Dreamt about a small alligator in the house and I opened up the door and let it go free, then a gigantic alligator about 50ft long through the little alligator up in the air and swallowed it and just disappeared into the bushes

  5. I have dream of my dead dad is saving me from crocodile and I am running everywhere it about to bite me only and there are other people out there but want to attack me when ever I go to higher place to save myself

  6. I dreamt of a crocodile🐊 around 3am. I dreamt of a crocodile inside the house of my parents. In my dream the crocodile was being trapped underground for a long time then suddenly it shows up. My Papa wanted to keep it in our underground since it is not a wild crocodile. The crocodile is very quiet and behave. What do you think the meaning of this dream of mine?

  7. I dreamt that I sensed a huge alligator under the water where I was standing or trying to step in that water. The lake or pond water was greenish. So I stepped back up the stairs of that lake or pond and saw the silhouette of a huge alligator. It was little bit under the water so no one can see it clearly. Then it started to swim away from me along with some other smaller sizes of alligators.

  8. I had a dream last night.
    I was sitting next to a bunch of people that we were seem in trouble and being questioned by a person who walking back and forth I was front of us and then a person next to me pointed me and I felt betrayed so the person who questioning us is going to punished me. This person made me wear a red-orange T-shirt and put me to a place where there are water surrounded us and there is a dark medium size crocodile swimming near to the edge of the light brown water and I was in fear that I have to die and I have been ordered by this person to go closer to the crocodile so that the crocodile can eat me.

  9. Last night, I dreamt of seeing an alligator in a top view only seeing the head and I was looking at it calmly. It was dark almost black the water is normal river color. And it was just a few seconds then I woke up. When I woke up I was calm but I am curious about why I saw that in my dreams. I wish I could know what it means.

  10. 3 crocodile were in an open water, water was calm, colours were dark,; grey green, they were calm minding their own business. I was calm, observing them.
    next scene , I was in my grandparents place tried to clime up on the fence by the stairs, I was thinking I will be safe there and the crocodiles cannot reach me there.

  11. My dream was different i was on a high place which is kind of buliding and when I climb up there i saw water on floor then I saw Navy Blue Ocean at back of it where i saw 4-5crocodiles but one of them is so huge that I can’t believe, it’s big as whale, and i was running towards it I was fascinated by him i want see them I feel happy they were submerged in water not doing anything Just still.but then I saw my phone in dream and time was 1:11 and when I wake up I saw time it was 1:11 and I am also seeing this number alot

  12. I dreamt of a baby alligator which is very brown in color and has golden eyes….
    It’s on a dining table pushing all the things on dining table to fall down.. Like trying to clear the table.
    It’s size is reducing from medium size to small size(small enough to lift)….
    I’m not much afraid… I’m confused and little in awe… In the dream
    That’s it….
    I read the article and I can relate myself this to some personal decision I wanted to make…..
    Can you please make this interpret better….
    Thank you

  13. I had a dream that the crocodile/alligator (covered up with mud and cannot distinguish on which is which) in an underground dug up basement. It is a size of longer than a pickup truck. One was staying still and the other passed by my side and went to the other gtor/croc’s side. Just calm and staring at me.

  14. I dreamed that I was at my old house with my brother and daughter and we were watching tv! Until I saw from under the cabinet on the left side of us something black moving ! In my mind , I thought it was a snake but it turned out being a black alligator! I jumped and ran in my room but as I was running I looked behind me it was running fast but didn’t catch up to me . So I made it to the room peeked out the door , I was yelling at my brother don’t touch and he started playing with it like it was a pet ! But, it scared the mess out of me.

  15. Hi. I hope there is someone who can help me to interpret the meaning of my dream yesterday.
    -Few steps away from our house. I saw a Golden-Yellow Alligator in fact it was big and its color was so bright. Chased me. What i do that time is to get him inside our house. So i can lock him and run outside the house. When i get the chance to go outside of the house. I also got chased and bark by some puppies and dogs. Its like theyre not go nna passed me by and not gonna get out of the house. The last thing i remembered is that i cut the meat of the alligator. And just trying to cook it.

  16. Hi friends, I dreamt of an alligator big sized stood straight and was showing its white coloured down body…it was very fleshy and lines were there..I was coming out of his stomach..not through mouth…but directly tearing its skin and came out.. walking with a proud face like a very brave young man wearing a tight dress as in bull taming game…but I am a female. Once I came out, the alligator went back to the was a dark sea water.. The place was very crowded and noisy. I never feel scary in my dream. Can anyone interpret this ? Thanks.

  17. I dreamed I was in a lake. Water was calm. There where tons of large rocks and boulders. I was with my children. I was teaching them how to use a jetski. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. The crocodile came out the water, hid behind rocks. Somehow I become stuck unable to move. I yell at my oldest to grab the baby. He doesn’t see the danger. I keep yelling to grab the baby. The crocodile comes behind my baby and tries to bite his bead. Somehow misses. I am still stuck looking for some sort of weapon or rock. The crocodile makes a 2nd attempt to bite my baby I lunge at its eyes and woke up.

  18. In my dream, which was about 4-5 diff parts, one part that (to me) none were related.

    I was trying to get across the water into the boat – water was sea color, blue, my brother was sitting right at the “board walk” or the bridge to the other side, then a croc cralled out the sea water with a big ugly head, he was short and then instead of a tail it was another head. A 2 headed croc, I wasnt scared, I just couldnt pass, maybe a lil reaction but not strong. Any thoughts?

  19. I dreamed I was buying a house and there was an ex coworker with me and my husband some reason? Anyways she showed us the side of the house which had a pond with two alligators. At first I thought it was cool and then feared for my kids and hoped they wouldn’t go near the pond. Some neighbors were playing basketball and it has fallen in a couple times and my ex co worker retrieved it – prior to seeing the alligators. Then as we were going back in she turned around and returned to the pond, and I told her to get back but the alligator instantly pulled her under. One of the men who was playing basketball worked the pull the alligator forward to the point that I was the. Able to get on top of it and open its mouth to try and pull her out of its mouth. She was already fully in and by opening its jaws I was trying to get her head out but I couldn’t keep the mouth open and pull her out at the same time, then I woke up. Feeling afraid and not sure if I was able to save her or not.
    Then I woke up.
    Not sure if the dream wAs about me or if I should call her?

  20. Hello

    During my meditation/hypnosis I met with my angels. I was sitting on a stone bench in a beautiful garden looking up at my angels. I then recieved an alligator. He was pretty big, but I was holding him across my lap. I then received a ring that had a star on it from my guardian angel. All of the things Im reading about alligator dreams are negative. I would really like my dream interpreted. I believe everything in it was good. I just can’t find anything about my friendly alligator! 🙂

  21. I had a dream that I was on a field trip to a huge green waterfall. Then this girl pushed me into it and when I was at the bottom of the waterfall i saw a alligator/crocodile. It didn’t try to attack me nor was it snapping at me, it was just submerged in the water watching me and i tried to get away and was running from it because i was scared. Does anyone know what this means?

  22. We were in a house with a sliding back door. Apparently there were Aligators by that door and my daughter kept teasing them by way her foot across the glas. One of the gators would snap everytime. And it’s like I blink in the dream and when I open my eyes the gator grabbed her. And it was like I was moving slow motion and couldn’t save her in time cause. No matter how fast I tried to get to her by the time I get the door unlocked. The gator nipped her main artery and she went limp and was bleeding heavy.

  23. I dreamed that I was in a Rushing River riding on top of a crocodile’s back and in the river was hundreds of other crocodiles and at the end of the river was a huge Pond full of crocodiles.. At first I felt really really frightened but then I learned to trust my crocodile that I was riding and none of the other crocodiles tried to attack me I woke up as soon as we hit the pond

  24. I always dream of a crocodile that is as big as ferocious and as formidable as godzilla, its always like that whenever im experiencing emotional turmoil in my life. Dream of it so much that i was able to interpret my own dreams. 6 yrs ago i dreamt of killing it coz it got too small, but after 6yrs it came to hunt me again, my reality is.. im in a situation which is really worrisome that i hope to escape from… I hope to have a life without ever dreaming of that crocodile again….coz itll mean for me a happy life and trusted people around.

  25. My dream was a crocodile amusement park…first me and my sister was excited bec we saw people swimming with them, then when we entered it was scary bec we had to do obstacle where they were in the green water and some fear came.

  26. I dreamt about having 3 crocodiles (maybe about a meter long, because I could carry one at the time.), as pets, and took care of them, one got taken, but I got it back, and later one other got killed, and eaten. What does this mean?

  27. I dreamt that my mother was drug into a cave by an alligator (i know the difference) I retrieved my younger brother for help but we couldn’t save her. A little while after the dream she was diagnosed with cancer. Then three years later she died.

  28. I was on top of a truck with a bunch of police guys getting ready to release the alligators/crocodiles. To feed them I was excited but also scared of being bitten so I move from in front of the wood that was keeping the aligators in and move to the side of the truck and wrapped my legs around something so I would not fall. They released the alligators and immediately the came out on guy was yelling at the other guys to hurry and get out of i the way because these were very hungry small/big alligators. The alligators immediately started to attack and eat they guys that were left on the ground. Some alligators went up stairs and I was afraid they might get my sister so I started scream for her for a while then finally she came down she looked a bit confused until I told her what happened I saw my mom. On the ground and I yelled and told her to get on top of something she climbed into something with a police officer. My brother raned down the stairs and hopped on top of a table near a window. The window was half opened so I told them to hurry up and climb out the window before the big alligator/crocodiles come brandy slid out the window my brother on the other hand almost fell of the table backwards his head was dangling of the table so I frantically started to lift him up because I could feel the crocodile/alligator coming. I finally got my brother in the position o finally get in out the window but her could not fit and the croc/ alligators was getting closer. The window was either to small or to narrow as I kept sliding the window up and down. Finalljy I got it to where I can pull him out. So me my brother and sister are out in the truck my mom and the police officer are on the ground discussing how to get away we were in some small old town very windy and lots of brown dirt. The office and another lady were talking about spirts and I heard the lady say the alligators/crocodiles are noting going to stop feeling hungry until we pray for the lost spurts that had been attacked by them years ago. What had lookes to be a bar/ restaurant. The lady started to pray and it got really quiet I did not hear anything coming towards us. And then I woke up

  29. It is 2am, and I just woke up from a Crocodile dream. It was a foreign setting, from what it felt like (and the swampy, hot, yet beautiful environment around me) maybe Cambodia, or Thailand, and I was with a group of people. We were at a demonstration…almost as if it were a facility raising the creatures or an crocodile reserve that held group “show and tell” presentations. Anyways, we all gathered in a semi-circle around the two speakers, a man and a woman, but for some reason, it was too crowded so I stood on the part of the deck that was slightly submerged in the water around us. I stood there, in my sandals looking down in the water at several small, baby crocodiles. They were deep greyish green, one with a spotty skin … probably 4 or 5 small ones that were “nipping” at me…I didn’t seem to upset at first, I stayed in the water moving about to avoid being bitten. But then, there were just too many at one time and soon I found myself jumping about in place,
    Yet still in the crystal clear water, asking for help! Then a large crocodile sprung up and tried to get ahold of me! My reaction in the dream was to ask for help from the two people holding the demonstration and do my best to fight off the crocodile. I was fearful but for some reason didn’t move until the very end of my dream, when I finally got on the dock with the two people whom were having the demonstration. I was safe, away from the crocodiles, but even they were messing with me and I didn’t feel safe around them, as if they were going to throw a crocodile at me or push me back in?. my adrenaline spiked and as they kept offering more experience with these animals I kept saying “no”…. finally, I was able to feel relief in the dream when I removed myself away from the two people holding the demonstration, the shallow broken deck submerged in the water with the crocodiles is when i leaped onto the dock which was stable and out of the water with the other people , that was when the two people tried to scare the group by tossing some sort of limp crocodile, dead? At the crowd… it was listless and a joke, but after what I had just Felt, cruel!!… I woke up… heart racing and irritated!

    1. Hi Allison,
      I can definitely understand waking up irritated after a dream like that! If it were my dream, I would probably ask myself whether there are people in my life I’m not fully able to trust and explore more on why that might be. Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

  30. Last night i dream i was going to buy food at this Chinese restaurant and after leaving and having a seat out side a crocodile/alligator came out of no where and was chasing me, i climbed up onto of a pole and was looking down at it . I remember sliding down the pole and kicking the alligator/crocodile on it’s jaw .In the dream it look as if it had bit me and there was blood, but when i closed my eyes and opened it back there was no blood and it didn’t seem as if i got bit the alligator was not even there any longer in the dream. But when it was there i remembered screaming for my dearest life. Can someone help me please ,what does this mean ?

  31. Dreamt about a giant gator wrapped in what appeared to be sack cloth. It was being kept in the vehicle. Yet it was alive. I didn’t seem to have fear but the gator was still wrapped in the vehicle when I woke up

  32. I had a dream that there were many different alligators and of different sizes and i was terrified even tho they did nothing to me and were roaming around my house and as there were many of them some were in the rest room however there was a white colour baby alligator and that was the most weird thing and a family member even killed the two but they didn’t die

    1. I had a dream that my sisters and I went to the sea, and the water was incredibly clear. We strolled along the seashore, capturing pictures and videos along the way. When I returned home and reviewed our footage, I suddenly noticed a video that revealed snakes and alligators on the very shore we had passed by. I immediately shared this discovery with my sisters, and they found it hard to believe as well. Furthermore, I saw another video showing people throwing garbage onto the shore, leading us to speculate that the presence of snakes and alligators was a direct result of the littering.

  33. I had a dream small size alligator in our home was attacking me and I was fighting against holding his jaws and pulling apart throwing on floor but it keeps on attacking me. All my family was there mom dad and brother
    At last I hold his jaw close and asked Mom to tie it with rope . Due to alarm I was awake .

  34. I had a dream the night before last that a crocodile was doing a headstand. It was smiling at me and kind of chuffing like chuckling, and I remember thinking “this is kind of strange,” but the dream was musing and easy so I thought, “good job, keep it up.” Last night I had another dream that I saw a crocodile on a swing set and it was smiling at me. I didn’t feel anything but relaxed. So I am having trouble finding anything related to a crocodile doing a headstand while smiling and chuckling or a crocodile smiling at you while swinging on a swingset. – Are these just odd and incredibly vivid dreams of an overactive mind?

    1. Hi Lou, It seems like the dream is centered around a theme of playfulness/amusement. Reading about the crocodile smiling in your dream makes me think of the song from the Peter Pan movie, “Never Smile at a Crocodile”, which is really a very silly song. Because you feel relaxed and amused in the dream, I would think maybe it means that difficulties in life are now coming to an end, or it could be a dream to remind you to embrace a little more playfulness in your life or use humor to get through any conflicts you may face. I don’t think any dreams are odd, sometimes it’s just a matter of how we interpret them! I hope that gives you some ideas on what these dreams mean and thank you for sharing them with us!

  35. Hey, aumm so I have been having dreams of crocodiles for about five months now. I used to live in Tropics where they are but I very recently moved to Canada. To be honest the dreams lessened in frequency when I came to Canada. I had maybe one or two before I had my most recent….a while ago.

    I have a major fear of crocodiles sometimes when I wake up I am so terrified I can’t move. I am really scared of them. In my dreams they are so vivid and large I always wake up with a raced heartbeat.

    Some of the dreams they are in the water watching me, one of them my friends and I entered a dam which turned out to be a nesting ground. They began chasing us and I survived. Some of them didn’t make it. Another one the crocodile had spoken to me, attacked me, however in all my dreams I was never bitten. This morning dream I was stranded on a famous beach in my country with three of my friends. It was a late afternoon and we were left behind by someone, supposingly that person was out transportation home. We rush across the banks of the beach seeing crocodiles in the water and at some points some of them were swimming closer to come out and attack. We realize we are going the wrong direction and turn back but it’s too late. Several of them are already sunbathing on the bank mouth open and a few even fighting aggressively. We continue doing our best to keep close to some beaten down shacks on the banks that separate us from the beach of crocodile where we come up to a tower. We go up and see an extremely close village but we have to go far down on the other side where they is a single crocodile lurking below in the water. In the tower crocodiles pass to get to the other side to mate with that one crocodile and we have to hide when they are passing. In the dream we climb to this dresser furniture. In the last event after we have decided to take a go at it and chance descending to tower on the side of the single crocodile and win to the village the last crocodile is coming up the tower to get back to the beach. As the last crocodile is coming back from the water below to go back to the sea, the dresser tilts over and meets the adjacent door that the crocodiles passes through. It’s a weak single hinged door so they usually push on it to get out but this crocodile fights and moves the door with his body strength and we feel the dresser lift slightly as he passes. None of my friends die and I woke up immediately petrified to even get out of bed to just switch on the room lights.

    I really hate these dreams, friends are always there. Not always friends I know in real life but sometimes these friends are celebrities. Dreams can be weird I understand. But with the recent change in my life the crocodile dreams keep coming up and I can’t stand it. I am so scared. I am almost always being chased. The crocodiles are not humane they are natural and run like the life threatening demons they are. In my dreams I can hear them hiss. The definition of the unconscious illustration of them is on point. What can I do so it stops? I miss the normal dreams: falling off buildings, drowning and stuff.

  36. My dream was a green alagator in a pond we fell into and they touched our backs but didn’t attack and we came out the water and when we got out by son went into a house I went into the one next door and I heard my son call me from a distance when I came outside he was being beaten up and I grabbed my son and begged God to help me and not to take him

  37. I dreamed that I was in the water with crocodiles and alligators. I was with people helping preserve them. They were being tagged and we all swam together. They were all named too. I can remember one name which was one of the alligators called Serpentine. It was at night time but the water was so clear I could see the dark green animals clearly. They weren’t trying to harm me. I just remember making sure that I swam with my feet up so they could swim under me if they needed to get passed. Kept arms and legs in close. The water was a river and haf a steady current.

  38. I dreamed of a crocodile in a swamp that came out of the green dark water standing up grabbed me took me under the water and started spinning. This dream happed months ago and it was so real I’m still trying too get over it but it never bite me and I can’t understand why it was doing the death roll but never bit at me super scary

  39. My wife had a dream of her and I at a Picknick table. The Alligator attacked us, my wife got away, but the Aligaror took a big chuck out of my body, at the hip area. She described me being ok, as she remember me with bandages on my side.

    1. That definitely doesn’t sound like a very fun picnic! If it were my dream, I would think it maybe means keeping a positive outlook on an unexpected challenge – sort of how alligators are associated with being “thick skinned” – being resilient in facing challenges and surviving through them.

  40. I had a dream last night involving aligotors/crocodiles .. I was frightened i was trying to fight them off one by one as soon as they were coming up out of the water therr was at least 3 and they were a really dark green colour. They were super close to me to one was snapping at me when i had that one done the next one came up and stared at me and when i was about to attack it i woke up. It didnt feel like the body of water was that big either almost felt like i was in a pool but in my dream i remember thinking i should be in a lake or a swamp wtf are aligators here for.

  41. I just had dream that the crocodiles came out of the water. I saw many of relatives with me at that time.What does it mean.

  42. I just had a dream. I was at my job and saw a crocodile/alligator I couldn’t tell but it was like when a baby was in a womb. It also looked like it had some kind of sauce as if it were cooked. What can it possibly mean?

  43. I dreamed that the alligator protected me and i treated it like a pet, and it would attach anyone around me.

  44. I recently had a dream of a grey alligator. I was holding it on my lower part of my palm amd it couldn’t be bigger than one inch. It bit into outer skin of my palm and went inside of it. At that very moment I felt fear. For a second I wanted to believe it was an illusion as I shook my hand. But when I looked at my palm I could see the grey alligator moving inside my palm, then I awoke. Pleasy try to analyze this dream for me, thank you

  45. Ive been having several dreams of alligators. The one i remember most is there was a swimming pool with small boards and paddle boats. They wer all over in the water but not attacking any one. My youngest daughter was on a board and i saw her go under water but came back up. I asked her are you scared do you want me to get you out she sed yes. I jumped in the pool and still thealligators were all arpund but did nothing but swim.

  46. I had a dream that I was at a lake that had a ranch style gate (kind of like a swamp in Louisiana) and my son was playing. A baby crocodile came up from the lake and was about a few feet away from my son. His mouth was open. I ran and got my son. It kept following him. Does anyone know or could help me figure out what this means. Thank you 🙂

  47. I dreamt I was trying to cross a Creek and there was a crocodile swimming below. Surprisingly I didn’t feel afraid or run I was determined to cross. I took a dive into the creeak swimming as fast as I could then as I was about to get to the other side it bit my arm I fought it off and killed it dunno how that happened

  48. i dreamed that i was swimming in a strong current ( river or a sea) with a man, and we got there safety. the i saw 3 crocodiles, i wasn’t frightened at all. then i swim back alone and still i safety did it… what does it mean please?

  49. I had a dream twice within the past month about a small or baby crocodile. Each time it was in the house. I don’t remember what happen the first time,but last night it was in the house running through like it wS trying to get away. Then it saw me looking at it from over the balcony and starting jumping up to get me. It was jumping pretty high. I don’t if they have the ability to up about 10 feet or more. That’s all I remember. It didn’t get to me.

  50. So my dream included several of these factors and I’m in the dark as to if it meant anything.
    I was bitten across my torso in my dream by a alligator or croc, woke up in a hospital with stitches and I ripped them. Watched a video of myself getting bitten, I was on the side of a road, in Oregon, and gater came out of the bushes and I tried to run and it bit me and it was shot. In my dream, I was in a lot of pain.
    When I woke up, for real, I had the worst migraine I’ve had all month.

  51. WEIRD DREAM where I fell on my back, and there was a lot of blood on the ground.

    This it was going to leave scarring on my back in a pattern of crocodile skin. I felt quite afraid of having ugly scars all over my back.

    Could this mean that I’m changing to become a stronger person? I have no idea. Just wondering if it’s a bad thing.

  52. I had a dream that my son was in a room where 2 very large dark crocodiles were in there . One was under his bed and the other was just in the room . I was feeling fear and concern and was thinking I needed to try and get the crocodiles out of the room before he was aware of them or I was thinking that maybe the crocodiles were unaware of my son . I think I can remember my son then waking and trying to tell me it was ok but I was unsure as one of the crocodiles was starting to look hostile and opened his mouth to show his very large teeth … I woke at this time

  53. I dreamt that I was looking on at a scene in my backyard from my pouch, I was fascinated by it. Generally the yard looked swampy. There was a bigger snake fighting with another but smaller snake, and another large, long snake (yellow and black) crawled over my red brick wall to join the fight.
    In another section of the yard there was a black crocodile just under the surface of the water. It swallowed another but smaller croc. There were these two types of animals fighting continuously, but not with each other.
    A type of lizard dashed past and the crocodile snatched him up too. Eventually the excitement died down. I can’t remember what happened to the snakes. But the black crocodile in my dream went though a drain, on the side of the house and back to a swamp in a neighbour’s yard, when I looked for it, I could see it was a pretty green. Two smaller ones went through the passage too (one was yellow and black). The brick wall was not there when I looked again, there was just a space in the barrier. I remember thinking the green croc was waiting for the other two in order to leave. I remember the scene being exciting and wondering what these animals were doing here. I went inside my house to wash my hands and saying out loud, ‘that was a war’. I could not see myself in the mirror above the face basin, it seemed to be positioned too high and too much off to the left.

    I know all this might sound pretty weird.. but it was just too weird.

  54. In my dream I was swimming in a river when I realized there were alligators everywhere, all swimming the same direction, along with me. It was scary only for a moment until I realized that they weren’t threatened by me. Looking back on it, it feels empowering.

  55. My dream seems to be impossible to interpret. I’ve had the dream twice now and it’s been only a little different. The first one, the crocodile was small and he was my pet, but he kept trying to escape from me. The second one the crocodile was again small and what seemed to be multicolored and was friendly, but we were all afraid of it. It seemed like it wanted to play but we would run from it.

    Interesting to say the least

  56. I keep having this reoccurring dream of a very large lake that I need to cross which has long windy a bridge/path floating on the top of it. It seems safe enough but the as I walk down it, crocodiles emerge from the water and snap at my feet, some almost getting me if I don’t dodge. They seem very aggressive and more so as I continue down the path. Sometimes I lose my balance and fall into the water to be eaten by them, and other times I just keep walking and dodging until I wake up.

  57. Last night, I dreamed I was on a large canoe shaped inflated boat with a group of people. We were on a large body of water. I noticed a glowing sphere ofc tot he side and then I noticed an animal, which distracted me. I think it was a sheep. I started worrying about it drowning when the sphere moved and became the eye of an obvious reptile. It ducked deeper under the water and then came back right underneath with it’s jaws wide open. We saw the entire length of its body (it was an enormous crocodile) as it chased the sheep through the air. The force of it coming up seemed to blast the sheep I to the air, and I’d hoped the sheep might still escape because it seemed to try to hop out of its jaws, but then the crodoile sucked/vacuumed it into its mouth. I was still on the boat, and we were scared but still hoped that it hadn’t seen us. It did. It swam beneath us and then came back into view in front of us, creeping forward toward the nose of th canoe boat. It then suddenly did a body flip, coming down on the opposite end of the canoe boat. At this point, it seemed just as long as the boat. We still foolished hoped it wouldn’t bother us. It was an animal after all. Well then it clasped one in of the boat into its jaws and started dragging us. We thought we had outsmarted it when we all jumped off while it still dragged the boat. We ran down a long wooden deck and then into some rocks because it started chasing us. We went further back into the rocks until it stopped pursuing us. The further back we went, we realized we were in some caves. We walked a little further and looked down the ledge, and there was a city. We were trying to figure out how to get down there when the crocodile’s head came into view. It was now walking on land, standing upright, and it was 10-20 times larger than when we first saw it. It first turned toward us, so we retreated, but it clawed again at the rocks trying to get us. It gave up quickly and turned back to the city, where we watched animals and people scatter as it chased them and ate them. I knew suddenly that this happened all the time. I noticed then some kind of human uniformed guards or soldiers were forcing people out of their hiding places so they could be eaten. Including some hiding in the rocks/cliff further away from us. They didn’t notice or find us, but after everything calmed down and the crocodile left, I stil knew it’d come back so was only a matter of time before we we’re found. Suddenly now the caves were finished rooms, with walls, and we were afraid the crocodile would come after us again specifically when it inevitably returned. We first decided to hide in the ceiling. I checked and the board seemed thin and flimsy, like it wouldn’t support us all, and I worried the crocodile would gut the entire area next time because it was clearly determined to get us. Before I went down I noticed a hole. I went down to tell the others that I’d found an opening. I told them I’d entered it and it lead to more caves. I suddenly remembered doing this. And I remembered that I’d started struggling to breathe but suddenly it got easier, so that was proof that it was OK to go that way. I shared all of this with them. We somehow were then at some doctor’s clinic that was also hidden in the cliff. I debated telling her (the doctor) because I thought she should and should come with us, plus I wanted her to give us some oxygen cylinders. But I stopped because I suddenly knew it wasn’t safe to tell her, so I didn’t. I left and suddenly had oxygen cylinders with me, so I must’ve stole them somehow. Then we were up in the ceiling and started going down the tunnel. We walked a long way, using the oxygen periodically, until we reached a large cavern. I knew the place where we’d hid had been attacked and destroyed. Then my mind started thinking too much about what was next, including finding someone who knew how to destroy the crocodile. I was too lucid, so I finally woke up.i consider this a nightmare. The crocodile looked like a typical crocodile, with rough dark green, almost black, scaly skin.

  58. I had a dream about this too. I was being kidnapped by some mafia guys, as if this wasn’t scary enough, they told to to get in their car. In the back seat, there was a big crocodile and I was supposed to sit where its head was (in the right seat). First I thought the croc was under control, but then the croc turn around showing me their big jaw/teeth, and obviously, I was very scared, wishing it was only a dream, and luckily, it was. I don’t remember having dreams with crocodiles before, so I’m very curious about it’s meaning.

  59. I had a dream that I was in a house, one that seemed familiar and the alligator was there as an attraction or something. But the next thing I know it jumps up and in one motion completely consumes my oldest female cousin, who I am very close to. Everyone freezes and then I grab a knife and jump on it and start trying to cut her out of the alligator. But when I do, it is too late and she has passed away already. I’m terrified and crying, and I keep asking is she gone, and the other people there, who I do not seem to know, just matter of factly, keep telling me, that yes she is dead. And that is all I remember.

  60. I had a dream about a black crocodile / alligator that was given to me as a present I wasn’t scared I was more surprised and Confused. But I kept him like he was my pet. one day he had my nephew and his mouth but he didn’t chew him or snap him. I yelled stop it and hit him and he went under the house my nephew was telling me that they were just playing. Then I woke up but I was like terrified. So that same day I took a nap…. and I dreamed about the same alligator except he had a friend and they were both huge my house was flooded except my porch they found a baby cow and then started chasing it except they weren’t trying to eat them they were just playing. I yelled stop it and they just came to lay down in the porch. Am I dream it was like I wasn’t scared but it’s weird cuz when I wake up my heart was pounding and I couldn’t go back to sleep again because I was scared I would dream about the same alligator because in real life I am terrified of alligators/crocodiles what does it mean?

  61. I have had a series of dreams. They all had alligators. The first one the alligators were hiding in the algae on top of the water. I saw them and noticed and walked away. The second dream the alligators were aggressive towards me, but I wasn’t afraid. But then it attacked some small kids. It was doing the death roll while having two small kids in its mouth. I pulled out my pocket knife and stabbed it in the eye. It released the kids. The little girl, about 2 years old walked away. The young boy was about 4 or 5, was totally disoriented. And right when I was rushing to grab him I woke up.

  62. I had a dream, I was going home I saw 2 crocodile fighting the big crocodile was under the smaller crocodile. Then one more crocodile appear (baby crocodile) it runs towards me and I run but it reach me. Then I faced towards it and it ran away from me and attack my mother so i ran to it and stub it with knife. What is the meaning of my dream

  63. I had a dream lastnight, I was with a group of friends co workers we were in a park a lot of trees around. We had to cross a bridge surrounded by a lake and we saw a 10 foot crocodile I felt scared of it and did not want to cross.

  64. I keep having recurring dreams of crocodiles/alligators in a feeding frenzy. In one, my kids father fell in. In another my moms dog was eaten. In all, I’m away from them and can see them. In all its always night time. What does this mean? I’m concerned.

  65. I dreampt I was out with 3girls , one was someone I knew because she knew my bf from his past, but had intentions to be with him. I cut off that relationship to avoid problems, but I bumped into her in my dream and we spoke and hung out, my bf father was at a table across from us listening but pretending to be asleep, his mother was in the house next to the restaurant where we were but could see everything. Two other girls joined us and we’re friends of her but liked me so I enjoyed their company, I did feel worried they were going to try something with my bf whom I was waiting for but I didn’t freak out I still acted as if it was fine and they were trying to build a relationship with me. My bf never showed and we began to ride home on a child’s trisicle while the whole ride home another girl was attacking the girl I knew saying how she had interests in her boyfriend and I was fending her off saying back off it was your own fault…. I finally arrived at my old childhood home and it began to rain and the pointed out crocodiles, I’m not sure who opened the door but one snuck in and I closed the door because a bunch were going to follow, but the other crocodiles thought I hurt it or killed it and the began to try to bite me so that to leave a scent on me that would tell the other crocodiles to kill me for hurting the crocodile that snuck in. I was fighting them off like crazy they were trying to bite me one by one but leaping at me one after the other, I was stabbing them with a pen but not to kill them just to stop them ,it was only knocking them out, i had to make a plan to get into the house to show the the crocodile was ok, but after I did that with the help of the girls I was hanging with, they still kept attacking me like they forgot the reason they were in the first place, like my proof wasn’t enough, I proved I didn’t harm the crocodile but the kept trying to come at me even though I was safe in the house and the crocodile was shown to be okay. I was thinking they were angry because how I fought off all their crocodiles they felt like I hurt the crocodiles I was fending off and now I was having with them cause of that. I had to escape the house to make them chase me to get them away from my home to save the people in my home ,which was my children and the girls who helped me, their was a way out but I risked letting more crocodiles in and it sempt nothing was going to be enough to get them off my trail. I was still going to try it but woke up before I did. What does this dream mean?

  66. What it means that I dreamed crocodile sleeping in my bed between me, my wife and my son? He didn’t harm us, we were not scared but I asked someone to remove him from the bed in the morning.

  67. I had a dream last night, I saw 5 crocodiles, they are not chasing on me, but their tails are wiggling furiously, but all I did was walk fast through them. What may be the interpretation about that? Thank you!

  68. I dreamt I was I. A go-cart in the evening in the city, there were no other vehicles around and I passed a hissing alligator and more on either side, finally still in the cart I ran into 6-8 more who were laying around together hissing. I wasn’t scared, did not run, just felt like oh crap, what do I do and then calmly woke up…I just stared a new somewhat prestigious position at work, making more money, could it be some of some of my co-workers are jealous and hating? I have a I can attitude as long as I learn, it was weird.

  69. In my dream I was riding as the front seat passenger in a car. We were driving at dusk on a 4 lane highway with a grass median, woods on both sides of highway. The alligator walked out of the woods, crossed right in front of the car, not bothering to look at us, and came to rest in the grassy median. The alligator was of normal color and slightly longer than the width of the median. I remember feeling surprised/taken aback by swing him and warning the driver to watch out and not hit him.

  70. My dad loves wild animals so he usually bought some and hunt some times with a friend that can handle a gun and shots well. And sometimes we keep mostlythe croc or gator in a big tank for sometime before eating. He called on me to get more water on a sunny afternoons to fill our croc tank as he had gotten one from is outing (Not a big one though and its already in the tank. I judt need to fill it up. While coming with a bucket of water with excitement, I heard a crowd voice at our gate so I rushed out with the water on getting there I saw a big one brown sandycolor(wide snout) llaying down half dead.Someone that knows my dad well brought it for him. The half dead croc or gator got hold of a guy trying to push it inside my compound at the buttock and tear it out!… I was so afraid that I woke up immediately.

  71. I dreamt that I was sitting on the deck waiting for my mom to come back. My daughter was down by the muddy Creek playing in the water. The the alligator. Started swimming towards her. A voice told me the alligator won’t hurt anyone. So I was on edge still then it snapped at my daughter is ran and grabbed it started screaming for help. I drug it out of the water away front my child. I grabbed it’s bottom jaw and pinned his mouth open with my arm. I was screaming still then my step dad came calm as can be. I flipped it around so the alligator was on its back. I screamed kill it. Then he slowly plunges pruning shears into its heart. I stepped back and watched it take its last breath.

    Not sure how to interpret my dream.

  72. I had a dream I was at a park. Out of sudden there is a crocodile swimming in the lake. He jumped up and bit a man’s arm ferociously. He dragged him into the water and continued the attack. I reached in grabbed his other arm and tried picking him up. It felt like I was about to rescue him…and then I woke up. I heard my sister yelling and woke up.

  73. I dreamt I was walking around a park with my family and I found a baby crocodile. I picked it up and carried it around while holding the mouth shut so it wouldn’t bite me or anyone else. I wasn’t scared. I was just looking for other people from my group.

  74. I had a dream that an alligator/ crocodile was swimming in a pound in front of my dad n I it was huge n brown almost like a bagie in color. Then all of a sudden it jumped out of d water and spun in d air n landed back in d water. It was amazing n beautiful. I was so amazed Caz it was like d animal was performing for me.

  75. I was dreaming that I was outside playing with my childrenAnd I saw an alligator swimming in the water right in front of my son so I reached over and grabbed him up and swim to shoreAs I made sure my son was Safe I realized my daughter was still out playing at the river and as I turned around open the door there was alligators all over the place and my daughter was screaming and then I woke up hi

  76. I had a dream that I was at a lake during night time. Someone pointed the crocodile out to me shouting. I looked over it had glowing green eyes and was black in colour. It was huge in size not just length but mass as well. When I looked at it, it jumped from the water and snapped at me biting me but it was more like a pinch bite then a bite. I did nothing to fight it off but someone shot at it and it fled. I wasn’t frightened during the dream more shocked or surprised when it jumped out. Any help would be nice if possible I’ve been thinking about it all day.

  77. I dremp that while going to what looked like “home” my family and I spotted another family walking next to a family of crocs. The crocodile begin to chew and toss the little girl like a rag. When I saw this is began to yell, and started praying for the baby. The crocodile stops, and immediately runs my way. I along with my BF, my son and his and our two dogs were with us. The crocodile was completely red in color, quick moving but not in a real aggressive manner. I don’t recall being afraid because I managed to get upstairs to our apartment, get some boiling water and proceeded to try and burn the crocodile??? The little girl wasn’t dead either and we all made it inside except my BF before I woke up.

  78. I had an extended dream in which I was given two friendly young (small) crocs who were perfectly happy being walked on leashes and were great company. The larger was male, the smaller female, and I had no definite idea how old they were or how large they would become. I was traveling w/them toward the nearest ocean beach I could find, feeling a profound need to walk on warm sand and be close to the sea. I wanted to swim (despite being convinced sharks might inhabit those waters) but expected the crocs would sun themselves on the beach rather than swim. I was trying to work out how to do all of this when an animal-control officer scolded me for having acquired young crocs that would eventually become aggressive and unmanageable. I explained that this wasn’t the case but realized I’d probably have to give them up in some way as they “grew teeth” and became a threat. They were friendly and tame; at one point I was worried that small young wild crocs might harm my pair, and I separated them. I’m intrigued by my intense pull toward the sea (rather than the crocs freshwater environment) and my sense of companionship with them, along w/the knowledge they might become dangerous. Am trying to figure out how these themes tie together.

  79. In mine I was so excited to see a crocodile in this river and then I saw it’s mate and I was even more excited. My first thought was to tell my mom. I think maybe it really is about my relationship with my mom, as this article suggests.

  80. I had a dream that I was on a bridge with a bunch of gators of all sizes just like chillin with me on a bridge in the everglades.

  81. Dreamt that “I” was a croc at least 10 to 12 feet long, and greenish/brown, I was in a pond with many other crocs, but I left with one other, we decided it would safer to leave for some reason, man was coming, we left the pond and began walking on our hind legs, up-right like men, we literally hid among the men, but it was difficult because we were so big. We had a long journey but we finally found men that would trust us and protect us against the masses. We climbed aboard a helicopter like ship, it was “not” a helicopter, and were transported to a safe place, I am not sure where or why, but I remember the men helping us telling me if we felt thertened to simply growle at whom ever was frightening us, and they would leave me alone. We began a journey to a distant place, which I awoke before arriving too, but I had a feeling we arrived safely and would finally be safe. One of the strangest dreams I’ve ever had.

  82. Actually it’s a mixed up dream, I was at my dead grandmother’s house (may her soul RIP) that is now in an exclusive Volcanic Zone. I could not find my son who’s in his mid to late 30’s but was a child in the dream. I was in the kitchen which was turned in the opposite direction and what appeared to be the hatchling of a crocodile came at me. I fought it off somehow, then the mother I presumed it to be the mother, for it came at me as if mad and want to protect the other one. I poked it in the eye twice. I was not scared I was defending myself. no one else was around then I was locking up the house making sure that there was food in the cupboards It may have been a storm/flood for the place was surrounded by water. Then people started coming around. Seems as if nothing was working, if you touched anything it would just fall over. very weird. Did not see my son.

  83. I dreamed I was near water walking from rock to rock with my kids and beloved dogs. First just one alligator and we seemed to be able to dodge it as we headed back to safety of our car but slowly more arrived one at a time popping their heads out of the water. I’m screaming for my dogs to come to me instead of run towards gators trying to protect me and kids but they don’t listen and I watch them each get eaten one at a time. I can literally see their paws hanging out of gators mouth. Me and kids make it back to the car safely. What could that mean?

  84. There was a crocodile/aliigator(approx 6/7ft long) that appeared and was walking away from me towards a groups of people and a toddler. I shouted to warn them but no-one heard and the toddler went to pet it and it struck biting down on her head, blood gushing everywhere

  85. I had a dream of a black and green colour crocodile a giant one,
    Coming out of a wooden plank which took 3 steps towards my kitchen and I am quietly just looking at it, he didn’t attack or anything. Neither I was scared of it ,just patiently looking at it and when it looked at me he took the steps back and I woke up , what does it mean?

  86. I had a dream I was floating threw a swamp with my whole family. We found a little dock and all laid down on it…I think we were lost or something. All of a sudden a crocodile jumped outta the water and snapped at us. Climbed up on the dock then suddenly it turned into my grandpa. I beat it with a stick and it turned back into a crocodile and slithered back into the water. When I looked down there was a woman with dark hair and she was holding a sharpie and she had colored in her ring finger black she looked up and smiled at me man

  87. I dreamt that my brother,dad and I were in a jungle. There was a huge lake, one house and many many trees. My brother and I walked up the lake, following it. I don’t know where my dad went. As we travelled up the lake, I remember feeling like we were being watched. I turned and saw the biggest (and I mean big!) darkest brown crocodile I’ve ever seen. My brother was about to jump in, but I stopped him because the crocodile was slowly moving towards us, it was very sly. It kept its eyes on us the whole time. It kept moving closer, so my brother and I ran, we ran so fast, trying to get back and find my dad. We turned around and it was following us! We kept running until we made it to the odd house on the hill. We walked inside and found dad, talking to a weird old man. He had an axe in his hands. We followed him outside, and saw the largest snake, I’d say about 7 metres. He walked along side it, and started cutting it into small parts. I woke up then. I find this dream very odd for me to have as my uncle went missing about a year ago, and we have suspicions that it was a crocodile who took his life. I really need help with this so, any one? Please help me.

  88. I dreamed lastnight that I was on this rowboat on creek that leads to the Ohio River just behind my great grandmothers house in Irvine,Ky I had this cooler pouch thing around me to put the fish I caught in so I rowing back towards my great grandmas old house to call it a day of fishing but I looked further up the creek noticed this green and white alligator just looking at me chilling at first then I look around there were more spaced out but they look like the standard colors of green I thought this is the strangest thing considering this doesn’t seem like there sort of habitat in Irvine,ky then fear just came over me because I seen the bigger one getting closer to me and the smaller ones were doing the same luckily there was this big tree in front of me so with all my strength jumped and leaped on this big branch of the tree to get out of harms way good thing I did because about the same time I was jumping on to the branch the big one was trying to make me as its meal I ended up giving the gators all my fish I had caught to get them to back off a bit to climb further up the tree so I can get back on solid ground where great grandmother lived after that it woke me straight up and still feeling that fear of the gator about made me it’s lunch What does this all mean??????

  89. I dreamed alligators were lounging in my backyard. I wasn’t afraid. I actually walked beside them. They were calm as if they were my pets. Please explain.

  90. I had a dream this morning that my neighbor and I are going to use the exit fire stairs because the elevator is not working and my neighbor’s flight is coming she will be late. So we decided to used the stairs and at the very end on the ground I saw this big Grey crocodile or alligator waiting for his prey,and we run quickly going back upstairs cuz we there’s no way for us to step on the floor because the alligator is on the floor with a lot of mud that is color orange. The last thing I remember I saw a Iron bar and o try to kill the alligator I poked his both eyes using the Iron bar and then he cried and bammmm!…he died

  91. I had a dream last night, may 13th 2016, and all that i remember from memory and my dream journal is that i was in my house and it was getting dark outside. My parents and my little brother were also inside. My parents wanted me to drive to a town that is an hour away from home to pick up my sister from something. My brother and I walked outside and i had a hard time finding my car because it was so dark and so I followed my little brother into the yard and we looked over to the mountain to the right of our house, we I noticed little white dots, that were obviously eyes. Then, all of the sudden, the eyes start to swarm up to the top of the mountain and I can see them flying up into the sky above me, making it completely black. Then, it suddenly started to rain and i heard cliche thunder sounds and saw crocodiles falling from the sky and landing. i darted for the house and opened the door. Then I jumped through it as the crocodiles fell in my way, squirming around but not attacking. Then i run to the back door because I know my brother wont be able to fit through the front anymore, and I call him from the back and see him run up and as he gets to the door a big one lands right in the way, but it seemed unconcious. Je steped over it and we pulled the door shut on it. I ran to my parents bedroom and asked them if they saw the crocodile rain, and they calmly said yes and that was it. I went to the window to look at the falling and wasnt really scared anymore. Then, I realized that I was dreaming and accidentally woke up. What do you think it means?

  92. I had a dream that i pushed my dad,sister and other sister into a lake of alligators.And i don’t know what it means,help???

  93. I had this dream about several big alligators on the street. When I saw them I had a child with me or I grabbed her hand and ran to a shop to seek shelter. The shop was closing the doors but I managed to get in.

  94. i dreamed that i was like an animal trainer and i was inside of this crocodile’s mouth open it , the crocodile was a green one , very huge. But, a comrade in my dream shoot the crocodile all of a sudden, she said it was because the crocodile was still alive. He was just deceiving me to eat me. Eventually, when the crocodile was shot i got out of it’s mouth fast and the crocodile rapidly went swimming towards a rock and stayed still. What can this dream mean?! I would really appreciate if someone helped me decipher this dream.

  95. I had a dream where i was in my bedroom and there was this tiny crocodile with a knife straight through his head, just lying in a gap where all my junk goes. I wasn’t scared but more annoyed, as whenever i tried to get it out of my room it just didnt want to leave and tried to hide itself. What does this mean?

  96. I dreamed about a baby croc my aunt buy it for a pet yes i was afraid but it was a couple of minutes then we are okay i feed it and I can see it changing from croc to a little girl and I was playing with it. But they tell me that seeing the croc being a girl was just in my mind and we need to give ti the authority when the crocodile gets older.

  97. I ad a dream tat i am near a pond or pool, and many unknown animals and some people and some cildren were playin in te pond, suddenly 7 or 8 crocodiles appeared in the pool, as if they were left from an underground cage, as soon as people realzed tey started running out of te pool, but some people and animals were eaten by the crocodiles, and iwas just watching all this outside te pool, and i was shoutin to aware the people inside the pool about the release of the crocodiles,i was also shouting to the authorities present there that why they have reased them when they knew that there were eeople in the lake.the crocodiles were of bluish color and the time was around 9am to 11:30am

  98. Last night (Dec 14, 2015), i dreamed about a crocodile. To start with, My girl officemate and me were trapped in water, upon reaching a long rounded shape tool we ride on top of it and placed us in an elevated area. Then when we looked back on the site where we left the tool, I saw a big black crocodile surface in the water and grab the big fat carabao. Then i woke up and wondering what was my dream.

  99. I usually forget most dreams seconds after waking up, but there is one particular one that I still remember very clearly. I was six years old and I fell asleep and woke up in a shock. The dream was that I was in a boat with a group of what seemed like researches. The year seemed from the 20’s because I remember seeing one of the group member had one of them big ass cameras. We were on a boat rowing through a river and a really dense jungle. I remember I was staring at the water and slowly let my hand caress the water. Seconds later a crocodile bit my hand and pulled me off the boat and into the river. The feeling was so realistic I could even taste the muddy water. That’s where I woke up in shock… I felt every thing in that dream… Any mystic guru out there knows what it could possibly mean, holla at me!

    1. The croc was covered in mud so I have no clue what it’s real colour might be, but I did see traces of grey and most crocs I’ve seen are grey. It definitely killed me since I also know that crocs kill their pray by dragging them into the water and drown them, but I’m not sure since I woke up in shock.. and since then I’ve been very afraid of deep water.. Is it a warning? Was this a recollection of my past life? I’m not usually a spiritual person and nor do I believe in most of it, but literally tasting the water from some river that I haven’t even seen before kinda creeps me out.. It was more like a fading memory rather than a dream actually. I remember seeing the bottom of the boat and the everything got gradually darker as I was being pulled deeper and deeper. Boom I woke up. Pls any one lemme hear your theories. 🙂 Thanks!

  100. I dreamed about Gabby gator trap me Albert and will get baked in a pie and gabby gator rolls out my pie dough into my home made blanket picks up 3 fingers both hands after rolling it out the right size looking at me in the baking pan then plug in the plug to pan sing a song of six pence pocket full of rye four a twenty Albert baked in a pie I hate to correct you sir don’t you mean black bird now who’s baking this pie too many cooks spoil a pie now snuggle down four a twenty Albert baked in a pie cramer zooms out of pie when the pie was open the gator began to ear um um um wow listing to that boy sizzle and start to get baked into the pie dough umum at last time to eat my pie and Albert will be in my stomach for ever gabby gator in my dreams

  101. I have been dreaming of crocodiles for the past month or so… Every dream is different though. In some, they r just in the way of my crossing a river to get where i need to be. In others i am having to save small children from being snatched up and last night i had thisawful dream that i was being attacked by a bunch of them while my family just watched. The dreams just never end…

  102. Today I had a dream that i was in a park that had a lake and that I was in the edge of the river and i saw about 3 or less crocodiles or alligators that where swimming thords me and that my dad told me several time that there was nothing in the lake and that I could swim in the lake but I was to scared to get in and that then later on we left but I went back to the lake with my class, and the crocadile was eating someone but i couldn’t see who it was. Some of the questions I could answer is that the crocodile or alligator was kinda big, and I was scared because it was right in front of me, but didnt do much but swim, and lastly it looked black and looked like it had thick skin thats another thing why i was scared. Can u answer asap plz?

  103. I have 3 boys. I have been having this same dream several different times for years now and it is always only about my middle child who is 7 now. We are at the river and out of no where my son is attacked by a crocodile many times he pulls him into the water and starts to barrel roll attempting to drown my son. I know i have only seconds to do something or he will die but the fear just paralyzed me. The fear hits me so hard through my whole body i just wake up. I am breathing hard and sometimes crying. What could this mean? Why is it i only have these dreams about one of my children is he in some kind of danger?

  104. I dreamed 3 crocodile with volcanic color skin. Also i see some booklet in my dream. it show crocodile name such as ibava,unknown,autobahn. All crocodile in land. the booklet show in my dream nearly 446.3 ft size of crocodile.

  105. I dreamt that i was in Cuba (where my family lives) and so we have like this pool in the back of the house. But in my dream the pool was in the center, it was bigger, and the water was dark almost dirty kinda, and there were alligators/crocodiles walking/swimming around. The feeling I was experiencing was weird…It wasn’t fear…but at the same time it was. I dont know how to say it. It was like if they were family I guess you can say but I had a little fear or maybe its because i have never experienced that before. So I was far away from the “pool” and then I saw one of my cousins (she’s 16 and she lives there also) she was walking around there like if she was used to it ,she was just feeding them. I asked her something but I forgot what it was. But they looked so real and they were calm but u felt like if someone else who they don’t know gets near them they would maybe attack. I dont know this dream was weird and funniest part is that every time I dream about something forget about it, but this dream didn’t.

  106. “What about seeing an alligator/crocodile attacking something/someone else, not at you and at the same time, you don’t want to watch this animal devouring its prey? So it is not directly to you, but you look away trying to cover your child’s eyes from the awful sight.”

    This was someone else’s post but mine was very similar to this. Only it started out with me bring on adventure watching some sort of cultural swimming game or something where outsiders could participate in the activity. But to get the water where everyone was you had to get past crocodiles. I was just watching but I saw one man mistep and not take the direction the tour person advised him to and he was eaten alive and in watching it all happen I was terrified! Upon waking I felt quezy because it was so scary and nasty how the had been eaten. But I noticed I had no emotion for the man being eaten. I was indifferent to his death but grossed out at him being eaten alive…any thoughts?

  107. My dream( morning.. Almost waking up)
    I was even thinking it was real.. Because i could the nouce in the house that people r awake..
    I was in bed talking on the phone when i saw i thought its a big lizzard and my friend told me to get out of the room, might be simething else.. I was even laughing and telling her it looks quiet and harmless, but of course it looks scary.. Then before i knew it, it jumped and bit my whole hands and i fought to take my hands off him and he drag and took off my skin on my hands but i was take it off.. That was a small black crocodile, it wasnt just a lizard .then i woke up.. Can u please twll me what it means? Thank u

  108. In my dream, I was trying to save a duck herd from mud and at that time I noticed a croc nearby lake and started running when it started chasing me. throughout the dream I could feel my presence of mind as I tried to escape the croc by running,driving a car and improvising whatever i can but i was not afraid rather felt riding a roller coster. but the croc never stopped chasing me and I woke up.

  109. i had a dream i fell or was pushed into deep waters. and i saw hundreds of them swiming about pushing me around but not snapping at me the ones at the top were all fighting over an animal. once i hit the bottom of the water on my back the ground started moving, i was on a bed of crocodiles. they all started moving and using theire bodies to rolls me forward. i saw some of them biting at nothing all missing me, but they kept me rolling forward. then i kicked off one to swim to the top to get away but one really big one ended up swimming fast right by me hittting me i grabbed onto his stomach and flicked me off near the top of the water. and i came up on a sandy beach and then i transitioned into a new dream… i then came to a large empty house. and unlocked a box with a necklace in it, and toke it to a man. then i turned into this fair skinned woman playing with two children. i wonder what all that was. more specificlly what the bed of crocodiles ment.

  110. I had a dream a alligator chased me home. He never tried to bite me or cause me any harm. But the alligator went into my kitchen and had a baby. Then the baby ran and jump in my couch and buried itself there, like it wasn’t trying to leave. Then the alligator left my kitchen and my son open the door for it and it left. I remember feel scared that it was coming back.

  111. I had a dream about crocodiles, a pond there was people on the other side of the pond talking s**t to me, crocodiles in the pond, all of a sudden crocodiles started attacking the people hitting one of the girls head off and showed it to me………
    . What does that mean?

  112. I had a dream I was in a museum, there was a special room for alligators/crocodiles(not sure which of the two it was). The floor was water with the density of the red sea, where so much salt you float. Now as I am walking around the room I didn’t know this was the alligator/crocodiles room, and I noticed the reptiles right under me I about 7 ft of water !!! I was very scared when I seen them and was walking on this weird water, trying to run actually but couldn’t. Then as I’m trying to walk out the room an alligator/croc takes a snap atmy for missing me and I was even more frightened, I’m struggling to leave the room the door seemed so far. As I make it to the door another alligator takes a snap at me but he misses and grand onto the bottom of the door and didn’t let , I pulled the door a little more open and jumped out that room. * the alligators/crocodiles weren’t attacking anyone else. Just me*

    Anyone know what this can mean? Perhaps danger ahead?

  113. I had a dream where I saw a guy wrestling with a small crocodile and I was like that looks fun so I jumped in and started swimming (it was really really deep water) the guy finally ran out of strength so I switched places with him and I was throwing that croc around like a toy finally I left the water the croc retreating I saw a weird gorilla with 6 arms and sharp teeth and it was about 8 feet tall I told it “you run or die” then I gave it a smirk and it ran away to a foggy forest (by the way I’m 5 feet 9)

  114. My dream…
    I was travelling on sea towards a port with speed boats. The tour guide told us be careful there’ll be crocodiles in the water. Just as we reached the port as I looked into the water, there’re more than thousands of crocodiles lying on each other hibernating along the shores. I’m not sure what does it mean… but I’m afraid of reptiles all the time.

  115. Another CRAZY dream (I’ve had a few others ion wanna share) ????
    I was fishing with my family…dad, MOM (deceased) and either my wife or my sister. (In my dreams I don’t (directly) LOOK at people but I still kinda know who they are most of the time) it was night and we had our lights pointed at the water…nothing abnormal. Then MOM calls me over to the side of the boat and points to the water. There was this HUGE ALLIGATOR! (I looked the difference between an alligator and a croc…it wasn’t a croc) IT….WAS….HUGE!!! Like the size of a LARGE BUS!! At least tWENTY feet WIDE! (Wide as the 2 car drive way I’m sitting in now) It’s HEAD was the size of our entire boat! (Wider) I began to PANIC!! I kept telling my dad lets go!! LETS GO! In my dream I didn’t want to tell him what I saw because I didn’t want to spread my FEAR! But he agreed and began to turn the boat to head for land. As he turned the boat, I heard what I thought was fish jumping out of the water to get away….but it wasn’t. ???? as we pulled away….I saw what the sound was…..IT WAS ANOTHER ALLIGATOR!! One that I didn’t seen at first! This one was smaller than the other one but still bigger than the normal species naturally grow. (Maybe the size of a station wagon or utility van) as we slowly drive away, the HUGE one CALMLY followed, the smaller one started to splash the water and give chase. That’s when I noticed….they were all around us. Most of them paying us little attention….I FREAKING PANICKED!!(can u blame me?) They were all smaller than the first two but still larger than normal size. I don’t quiet remember the COLOR of the small ones like I did the the others….BTW…the 1st larger two were BEIGE!! Not white or the normal dark green. Kinda like that light brown cammo that I’m wearing RIGHT NOW!! I couldn’t go back to sleep. LOL!!

  116. I dreamt of a crocodile attacking someone and I rush in to save her without thinking.The crocodile has her leg in its mouth and I try to pull her away but I remember too late that I have no weapon to aid me. I hesitate but then I reach forward without any plan. Initially in the dream I had been avoiding getting hurt but the woman’s screaming makes me rash and I reach out aiming to do something with my fists and the croc attacks me with its claws. At this point I wake up.
    I should mention the following. I dreamt this while depressed. I cried myself to sleep that day. The woman in the dream was a complete stranger. The crocodile seemed to appear out of nowhere. The woman is closing a gate of some sort when sudden she screams and I run to see the crocodile. The crocodile is in water not out side. Half in half out. And the crocodile was scary looking. Brownish as far as I can remember
    Can you help me here?

  117. Its not one time but around 40-50 times i dream about alligators since 2009. Everytime i saw them, they are of huge size around 20ft grey or black colour. In my dreams they will be always near to me. Looking, gazing at me. But never try to attack me. Still i try to avoid them by running away from them and they didn’t chase me as well. But in some dreams they try to attack my friends or family . I will return to save them. And i do save them by helping them run but i had never hurt or killed any alligator while fighting.

  118. I’ve had the same dream about twice now , but last night it just ended badly . First time I dreamt that my 2 brothers were swimming in a pond with cocodriles , they liked the exciment and adrenaline that came with , I saw them and demanded for them to get out of the water . Apparently they they . Last night , I dreamt the same path , the same water , the same cocodriles , the same thing . They were swimming with them again ! Except this time my father was in my dream and I was carrying my baby (a baby that right now I’m trying to conceive) , in my dream I tried to get them out . I was panicking , they wouldn’t move , finally my 12 year old brother managed to get out with my help , but my 6 year old brother was stuck . I turned around to tell my father and when we both looked over the water the only thing showing now was blood , a cocodriles and now a black leopard were eating him . I woke up crying , the scenery were a lot of earthy tones . Brown and greens . I don’t know what all this means :/

  119. I had a dream I was standing somewhere &’ I saw a croodicle/alligator swimming. The water was like that dirty water color but the crocodiles / alligators wasn’t aggressive at at. Somebody that I know in the dream whom I can’t remember at the moment stepped in the area that the animal was in but the moment it did it , the animal disappeared . It was has if it wasn’t there at all. What can that possibly mean ?

  120. I dreamed I was in a bed, somebody in another bed & he was fighting crocodiles while I got away, then they ate him…

  121. I saw a pure white shining crocodile…. It was standing at the b entrance of my gate.. N was searching n alert … I took it n moved to the sea …I could easily carry it in my arms… Then I realised the animal in sea

  122. I had a dream of my dad as the crocodile (i dont remember the color it was light though), and was chasing some kind of lizard (i wasn’t scared but amazed) he was eating it and then later on he was burning the bones in human form and was attacked by another crocodile and i was holding him back but I had taken the form of a crocodile myself. the backgroung was dark like an evening grey. What does this mean

  123. I had a dream that my foot was in an alligators mouth. It wasn’t a big alligator. I don’t remember what color it was, but the background of the dream was yellow to yellow green. But I’m guessing it might be a green to black/brown alligator.

  124. had a dream last night
    I was either raising crocodiles or I was on a farm where they were raised details are kind of
    .blurry , I wasn’t scared though . in the end one jumped up and bit into my
    . head , then I woke up
    in panic , went back to sleep .

  125. I had a dream that an alligator was trying to get me and I was flying to get away from it. I kept lowering and it was getting closer to me. It was jumping higher and higher and snapping at me. I was struggling to stay in the air.

  126. I had a dream that me and my fiancé were stood there when a line of baby alligators walking past us, usually this sort of thing freaks me out but in my dream I found them cute and wanted to pick one up what does this mean?

  127. I just had a dream I got the fighting with some dude but didn’t remember what happen but every one in my dream told me I won then for some old reason we was at a store a crocodile jump out of the class window store and ate my cousin witch is like a brother to me !! Then me and this girl took of running we went inside the store cuz it was dark outside and the store had light we then it was another one inside the store already but some how we killed it I think it was the child of the other one but it was still big enough to eat us whole and we split up and started hiding I went in bout 3 different freezers the girl died I didn’t see what happen then i woke up !!

  128. I dreamed the crocodile was charging at my family everyone was running to hide. I have a brother who’s disabled and can’t walk normal. He came out of his bedroom and the crocodile charged at him snapping I was scared but I tried chasing it away but it would turn around and chase us back into a room. My brother walked out again and I knew he couldn’t out run it so I ran twards it to kill it I remember kicking it and punching it and taking a fork and stabing it when my brother tied the fork to something and turned on a switch while I pushed the fork in it and it died and disinagraded

  129. Last night and almost every other night I have a nightmare of alligators and snakes usually both at the same time. Last night I dreamed that moved to a small house in the woods secluded from everything. As I yelled for my kid and her friends to come in side because it was getting late I herd a scream she came running in a panic she told me that her friend feel on a pond and alligators were everywhere. We ran to the pond and it was already to late the alligators had eaten them. As I turned around in shock I was surrounded by ponds , ponds everywhere as far as I can see and very narrow dirt paths between and around the ponds. I picked up my kid and started to run alligators came from everywhere hundreds swimming to land and more going into the ponds then snakes started coming out from everywhere also I was stepping on snake after snake trying to get away. Then once again things changed my kid was no longer in my dream and I had falling n into one of the ponds I could not get out and there was alligators swimming violently towards to I clawed and grabbed at the sides of the pond trying to get out of the water but could not escape my fingernails were broken off and my fingers bleeding from grasping at whatever I could to get out of there then right when I was bout to get eaten I woke up!!!!! Ugh I dream the craziest dreams sometime i feel like I should write horror movies lol but for real

    1. Tht means you have been surrounded by danger be cautious abt wht u do, think and only take right lane now ,otherwise u will b facing problems in ur life, let this time go by , stay positive & keep ur heart strong thts the best solution to face those circumstances

  130. I had a dream where I was visiting my parents home and there were aligators everywhere! Big ones and small ones. They where the normal color, and mostly just laying around relaxing. They would only snap at people when you tried to move them. There was someone hired to get rid of them, but I was still terrified. Everyone else seemed only mildly worried.
    To verify some of the alligators were about 6 foot while the others were so small a child could hold them in thier hand. I had thought the small ones were babies in my dream. Though even those terrified me.

  131. I had a dream where I was visiting my parents home and there were aligators everywhere! Big ones and small ones. They where the normal color, and mostly just laying around relaxing. They would only snap at people when you tried to move them. There was someone there hired to get rid of them, but I was still terrified. Everyone else seemed only mildly worried.

  132. At first I dreamed about the crocodile/alligator attacking another person and I was only watching. second is I was walking on a hanging bridge and below it is a river and there were many crocs swimming in it. I was not afraid, the color of the crocs were black. what could that possibly mean? I would really appreciate your reply 🙂 Because today me and my family is really facing a big problem related to financial matters. Like really BIG problem 🙁

  133. I dreamt that a small alligator was foaming at the mouth and next I was washing scratch marks very feaverously from my hands and arm while my (deceased) mother kept saying it will be alright

  134. So this enormous Croc (maybe the size of a trailer truck) comes up to me, speaks English and tell me the only way i can go back home to a fam jam is that I must tag him 50 times with these dart things, which he then hands to me, with a special watch that kept track. If I get caught he’ll devour me. It was pretty scary because I would be running around a neighborhood or forest jumping fences, hiding behind things like rocks/trees/cars. This huge Croc could swim through the road like it was water and at parts of the neighborhood there was a blizzard so his back became covered in snow and he was heavily camouflaged. I remember I was able to get him about 30 times but soon lost track cuz the watch broke from the snow. I was terrified running from this huge thing and eventually snuck into my house, so shocked and scared I could barely tell all my family members what was happening through gasps of air. I then fortified the house in case the thing noticed I went home and he soon did but I woke up. Didn’t wake up scared or anything just weirded out at such an intense dream. insight??

    1. And just to add!!!!!!
      yesterday I also dreamt about crocodiles lol wtf?? I was walking on a dock to board a cruise when the dock suddenly just exploded and broke so everyone fell in the water, except for some reason the dock was very long so we were in the middle of this really deep river, FILLED with crocs/gators. I saw a baby floating so I was swimming viciously trying to dodge crocs to get to him. I finally did and was swimming with him in my arms (he was alive) and I saw a small blow up boat and swam hard to hit, placed the Lil guy in it and I was swimming pushing it but then got attacked by gators/crocs and woke up! wtf is this!! why do I keep dreaming about these animals lol

  135. i dream i was in a small pond and i was surrounded by 5 white crocodiles streing at me and another 5 brown or black,the brown or black bit me on the stomach and it stopped like looking at me and but my stomach was still stuck on his mouth on the right side,i felt like more shocked than fear,some how i got liberated and walked away.What means ?

  136. i dream i was in a small pond and i was surrounded by 5 white crocodiles staring at me and another 5 brown or black,the brown or black bit me on the stomach and it stopped like looking at me and but my stomach was still stuck on his mouth on the right side,i felt like more shocked than fear,some how i got liberated and walked away.What means ?

  137. I was peacefully enjoying swimming in the ocean and suddenly I saw a big crocodile at the bottom, near me. The ocean was so clean and blue that I saw it vividly. My foot even touched its back, so creepy. And then when it touched my foot, my eyes followed where it was headed to. I was so afraid it would eat me and my family. And then I swam away and headed to the large rocks where everyone lands. And after a while my cousin landed too and then I told her I saw a huge alligator that fortunately did not attack us. Seconds later, I saw it attacked his prey in the very landing place where we are 20 meters away from. I believe it ate the victim from the water and jumped out. So scary.

  138. I had a dream where I was walking on sand, which gave way to mud, then water with crocodiles under the surface. This was next to a very tall building with straight sides which I started to climb but did not get very high off the water. I then was thrown a rope which I climbed. The crocodiles where jumping out of the water and trying to eat me. The whole dream was so terrifying as my arms got fatigued near top of rope and I could not pull myself over top of building edge.

  139. In my dream it had flooded around my neighborhood…….and waater went all the way across some areas of the road. and i had to cross many of these wate paths and they were filled with crocodiles some small some a little bigger like 5 – 6 feet but none much bigger. it was super scary

    1. I was walking through a shallow swamp and there were dead crocodiles floaiting on their side. I wasn’t afraid, I just acknowledged their bodies and kept moving

  140. I had a dream where I was on a kayak with some of my family squished on in a swampy area.
    The whole time I was afraid of getting hurt by a croc. Near the end, one snapped at me, but didnt bite me.

    Also, when we got back to the dock (where we started) one of my cousins who went on a different kayak exclaimed she had gotten scraped by one, but the injury was very tiny. She seemed like she was over reacting.

  141. I had dream that my little sister and the guy i don’t know fall into the river with full of crocodile and it was huge.My little sister got eaten by crocodile alive and the guy that fall with her manage to save his self by climbing the tree.I keep calling my parent for help and they ignore me then i woke up from sleep.

    I wonder what does it mean.

  142. I had a dream. In that I saw single small 3 to 4 feet sized crocodile swimming inside a tank. At that time I thought that it should’nt cause any danger to my uncle. Then I saw the crock came out of water and ran out of my house’s compound and my sight.
    During the dream and after that I had a calm state of mind i.e. without any panic or fear. But I did concerned about my uncle’s safety.
    Any one Kindly explain me about this dream and it’s message.

    Thanks in advance.

  143. Its dark cold and raining as always. I’m in what looks like a large black river in witch i have to cross. there will be a bridge but the water is high and its almost washing over .The black in color Croc seems to be lying next to or under the bridge..waiting for me to cross. Even if i can’t see it.. i know its there!!! so i always hop over the bridge and thats when the massive Black Croc stirkes. Snapping and chasing me, though the Croc never actually bites or catches me it comes very close.

  144. Had a dream this morning I don’t know why I was in this spot but I woke up and I was walking on green grass, then I was balancing my self on the edge of these really old looking bricks that just was above the water. I realized to the left of me there was a long piece of slanted rock with a bunch of debris stuck in it like the ones you see at the beach. I looked at it closely and saw water under it with baby crocodiles all huddled together. It didn’t bother me. If I remember they were greyish green. I notice the water coming up. I looked back behind me getting ready to head back and noticed it was flooded. There were alligators everywhere. They were just minding there own business. It only freaked me out to be this close and thought I had seen one coming closer to me. I noticed a dead baby alligator laying on top of the rock and threw it towards him and he ate it….Ewww. …I realized this was a dream for just a sec enough to know that I can fly above the water to the house we were at and then I woke up. The water was pretty clear, and brownish green for the most part and blue at the beginning when it was under the rock. The dream was vivid and pretty clear. The building was white and modern.

  145. To dream about an alligator Someone that is in your circle of friends or family is not acting in a correct manner. You will recognize that the person is an enemy, and he or she seeks to trick you into thinking that you are a friend.
    To have this dream also means the release of the power in us called Jungian, an archetype known as the ‘Shadow.’ This is a dark power associated with enemies and conspiracies. This shadow casts itself as the heroic victim (martyr) of dark and stupendous forces. The shadow inside us is dangerous. Have you been having bad thoughts? Are you struggling to come to terms with a situation?
    The alligator is symbolic of someone who is ruthless, insensitive and treacherous. This person has a strong hold on you
    despite your efforts to break free from the unhealthy relationship.

  146. I had a dream where I bought a baby alligator or Croc not sure, as a pet. As soon as I got it home it grew big so we put it in the back garden. It didn’t snap at me and very often it was sat on the grass one eye open and one shut. But we had to keep rescuing two of my dogs (which were my old real dogs in the dream). It eventually got our border collie, not quickly and me and my sister were trying to stop it. She was outside hitting the alligator and I was inside with the patio doors shut. Opening them occasionally to pass her things to hit alligator with, like a broom. To try and rescue our dog. But we couldn’t. What does it mean?

  147. I was dreamin. About a big crocodile And shark in dark water me my mom and my youngest child 4 year old was watch in the front of the water the big crocodile my dad started walking towards it and the crocodile bite my father left foot off then we were all screaming in fear and my 4 year old just started to walk toward the water when the shark was bite little chuck of her skin off me n my mother were in the water trying to help them i was beating the crocodile with a stick on his face till he release my father legs his left legs was gone but its was bloody for some reason the big crocodile was face on his back dead and my mom drag my dad out the water and i was hold my little girl in my hands crying and tell her she gonna be okay she was bleeding light not much but she had a lot of open skin wounds I woke crying and scared can i get some answers please this is freacking me out cause some of my dream i have come true not sure if family memebers that past are trying to warning me or something can i get some answers

  148. I dream of big beige color crocodile that is hopping in our bed or some kind of stage that me and my bf was in to save our lives and we feed it with something I cnt remember and it snap and snap it until it’s almost at my bf arms and it falls down and disappear but I saw its head its hiding under our bed ? And I try to find it to face it coz I’m scared if we get off from where we are it will chase us but can’t find it anymore instead we saw a lot of people dead and I assume bitten by that crocodile because of their wounds and broken bodies..that bothers me a lot.I don’t know what it means.

  149. The alligator in my dream was calm and smaller or medium sized and it was in my yard like next to a pool and I think I was taming it. I was cautious but not afraid of it. I’m not sure if it has to do with my worry over my son’s addiction or my relationships with the hurt/scared men I attract and spend years taming.

  150. Almost the same dream. In my dream, my uncle was almost bitten by this huge crocodile, after that, my uncle swam with the crocodiles for no particular reason and he got eaten.

  151. I rarely dream but my daughter has just died and I had a shocking dream where I was in a fairly smal room with 2 ,4 level bunk beds ….all occupied . There were these crocodiles who viciously attack all the men in the room ….very bloody . I managed to get out and seal the room . There was a woman I warned about not going in . Then there were these huge snakes …maybe pythons …that kept appearing and coiling round people including this woman and maybe me at one time . Mean while the crocodiles had figured by using one of them as a ladder they could get up to the men on the top bunk ( one crocodile seemed to be very intelligent and the leader) .By the top bunk there was a window which they could get through to the main large hall………..can’t remember any more but I was consumed with fear.

  152. I had a dream that there was a crocodile in my attic I reached in grabbed him by the nose beat him up and threw him out doors he then had a fight with my dog who got injured then I came in my house and there was a ton of spiderwebs – recruits spider eggs like maybe 300 of them. And my car was dropped off at the body shop for some scratches and scrapes that it had a friend took me there. My dog needed to go to the vet he lost a lot of blood from the alligator bite. Little boy came to my bedroom and started knocking down the spider eggs and I pushed him out of my room and started vacuuming them all up… Then I woke up. Craziest dream I ever had

  153. I dreamed that my 16 year old son had a baby brownish greenish alligator or crocodile and he allowed it to sleeping partially in his mouth. The alligator bit the back of his throat and I panicked but he was fine and in no pain although a chunk was bitten out. There was no blood but I wanted him to go to the hospital because I was afraid of an infection setting in but he said he was okay and I let it go and woke up.
    My son is athletic, popular and well liked at school.
    I thought the dream was against me because I have a very deceitful, ruthless enemy at work and it seems like her goal is always to watch me and do everything possible to make me look bad or she wants everything I achieve whether it’s a new office, promotion, etc. Everything she does always seems to backfire on her but I ALWAYS have to watch my back. I don’t talk to her. I’ll speak and all business communications are by email which is good for me. I don’t trust her because she talks behind my back and two years ago tried to get me fired but i got a promotion instead. In the past she would always get her way as far as getting people moved out of our department but it didn’t work with me. My promotion took us from being equals and now her boss and I are equals. I know she does not want me to have a say in anything. I can see it in her eyes that she hates me.
    Please advise your thoughts on my dream. Thanks

  154. What if you saved someone else from an alligator but you were terrified of it? And they were baby alligators , and the other people in my dream were not afraid of the alligators at all. Dream was placed at a beach house in Florida.

  155. i had a dream were i was with my family and friends im my house and a crocadile got in my back yard and started to suround my mom the crocadile or gator was thick with realy dark green skin color and it was really big and it started to bite one of my moms feet but someone came toock the gator away and started to kick the gator in the face so i joined that pearson and started to kick the gator in the face to but i never find out who is the pearson.

  156. i had a dream i was in a swamp surrounded by a plethora of albino crocodiles. they were jus laying there as if sun bathing. then i ventured to the water where my older brother jumped in and was almost eaten by an alligator. he kept encouraging me not to be afraid and to come in the water. as soon as i walked in the water a crocodile bit me on the arm and i forcefully threw it off and it jus disappeared from the dream and i awoke.

    1. I had a dream of needing to get to the other side of the pool i new there were alligators in the water,as i swam none were paying attention to me when i got to the wall of the pool to get out there was no steps to step out of the pool..I knew i had to hoist myself up i turned around and there was a alligator behind me floating still mouth closed just looking right into my eyes we stared each other down.something in my mind told me to keep my mouth closed and make a deep moaning sound i did make these sounds the alligator keep staring at me but then Quickly turn away and left then i woke up. I felt scared but in control of that fear,felt confident that the moaning would work i knew i had to stand my ground.or I would have been attacked.

  157. I dreamed that I was in the jungle with my mother, on top of this cascade with no water just rocks and as I looked down I saw him he was huge, I was surprised that he was there still, as I threw a rock, he launched himself at me without bitting me, then Suddenly we came down at a swamp and looked for a gun (rifle) and as soon as I did, I told my mom to shoot it, she shot it twice but it just moaned and opened its eyes and left. Then I went to get more ammunition as soon as possible but the alligator was behind me and I started to swim underwater so he couldn’t notice me , after a while he did and I was suddenly with my brother who had no clue on what was going on and (making up jokes as always). It came after us and I was laughing in my head saying I’m not going to get eaten you are and that’s were it ended.


  159. Well my my dream was we went to an old friends of my dads..i ended flirting with her son and she screamed at me telling me i fall in love to easy…well later on in the dream we are somewhere else trying to run to the place we were just at ( my two brotherrs and i, one whom i havent seen in years ) my dad falls behind to stall his friend.. we decide to take a shortcut and ccut through the water in the woods..i see a black head pop up and my brother screams “brittany don’t move” but the gator goes in on my leg and i just sit there it didn’t bite down completely but i felt the pressure…then i wake up

  160. I dreamed I had a laundry size bucket full of various sizes of alligators, mostly Palm size, all laying on top of each other. I was trying to keep them warm and kept having to move the bucket to where the Sun Was shining in the house. Some where laying on their backs, and when they stopped moving It was because of the sun light and I moved them all again. One about the size of my hand got out of the bucket and fell off the table. I tried to catch him but wasn’t fast enough. I think there may have been bigger ones outside but never really saw them.

  161. I have a reoccurring dream for many years. I live near a waterhole, it is a dam from property when I was a child. A huge, very huge old crocodile lives there and is soundless, and watches for me, and hides in the water but can appear when I least expect it to do so on land not far from me. I am conscious all the time to watch for the position of this giant creature, and we live amicably side by side, as long as it doesn’t be near me. it is my responsibility to ensure my own safety from the beast I accept is part of my life. What is it. The crocodile will and wants to hurt me, with one bite I would be gone it is so large, we are very familiar to one another, and it is a dark grey, it is wise, old and super large and no sound is ever made from this beast, as though it is a constant silent threat I know is in my life, what do you think it is?

      1. I dreamt on seeing 3 lizard outside in the bin,later on in came in the kitchen is see splatter of blood,then I see one of the lizard so I ran into the living room he followed me in,by the time he get there he turn into a crocodile/alligator with a black bin liner over his head.what sort of dream is that

    1. I had a similar dream, I was in a house elevated to a second level right over a pond and small crocodiles / aligators occassionally came from it to the land but we were all aware of them so we did not have a problem but one day while in the house I happened to see something very large move outside the windows and as I looked out and down I saw this gigantic crocodile that tried to look in the window elevating himself up with his tale then when he saw me in there he quickly sank back to the bottom of the pond but his body and tail had grown to the while size of the pond, like prehistoric size. I got the feeling he was waiting to attack me, his anger was clear and he had been getting stronger and bigger in the bottom of the pond without anyone knowing he was there. I think it may represent someone that I know that is waiting (for something), while growing in strength to attack, they have a clear distane for me and I may be in the way of something they want. So Grace’s dream may have a similar meaning, perhaps an inheritance would be an obvious factor. Unless we have done something so terrible to someone that they would have this kind of anger and vengance which I can’t think of, the obvious would be we have something or will have something they want. It wanted to strike but something stopped it, like it knew it was not time yet for it to strike, something was stopping it like a family member had not passed away yet for an inheritance to be given and I could be in the way of them receiving it or some of it. The crocodile / aligator in this case represents – Sneaky, Mean, Jealous, Vengeful, Greedy and even to a Narcisistic Personality. We need to be aware and take precautions, while praying God protect us, dreams can be warnings of things to come.

  162. dreamt I was with my sister-in-law and her youngest son 5 years old in a soft black sandy and muddy area. On my left there are black sand hills and down hills are muddy. All in sudden my sister-in-law dragging his son running through the muddy area although tried to stop her. About 100meter away she has gone, suddenly a very huge and large black crocodile with long tail appearing to above mud level and chasing forward my sister-in-law and her son. I’m shouting telling my sister-in-law on the crocodile, she keep running holding up her son and tried to climb the hill of black soil but sliding her down because the sands are too soft. The speedy crocodile climb up the hill and catch both my sister-in-law and her son by its large mouth and slide down hill and disappear into the muddy. I was not able to do anything and it had happen too fast. I wake up suddenly (about 6.00am) found it was just a dream and thank to God cause it was not real one. But I felt it was so real in dream and until now I can able to recall it very well. I am confuse of finding for it’s meaning of the dream. Hope you able to help me to clarify the meaning of the dream.
    Thank you

  163. I had a dream that i lived next to alligators/crocodiles and they were calm and blue but i didnt want my sisters or nieces near them

  164. I had a dream that I was excited that was playing around with the alligators food. They were small and dark green. They kept snapping their mouth wide open and closing them trying to bite me. But I kept moving and trying to get away from them. I was sitting by a pond and there was a fence in front of me. They couldn’t catch me but I knew there was a open to the fence where they had spot it and were being vicious towards me. I ended up fighting back grabbing their mouth and holding them and pushing them back off but they kept coming back. Please email me. I need to know what it means I had the dream twice already!

  165. What about seeing an alligator/crocodile attacking something/someone else, not at you and at the same time, you don’t want to watch this animal devouring its prey? So it is not directly to you, but you look away trying to cover your child’s eyes from the awful sight.

    1. Perhaps there is an injustice that you are witnessing and are turning a blind eye on. (?) Someone else might be in danger and you are afraid to involve yourself. My thoughts.

  166. I can not find relevant information to this anywhere. A little insight, please?

    I dreamed that I was holding a baby crocodile in my hands as I waded through a murky desert river looking for a safe place to return the crocodile to the wild. I passed at least three tributaries and asked three people where to put the croc. At the end of the dream, I could not find a safe place to put the croc because I was concerned with the chaos the croc might later bring to people.

  167. I had stopped at a park with my son. It was this big old and broken water fountain. The moment I thought my son would fall in he did. I ran to him to help him out when I noticed small alligators sitting calm in the water with colored streaks. As I helped him out and started to walk away I started to notice more alligators and snakes frozen and almost the color of stone. My son and I where both calm and proceeded to walk away as I gave him much caution to watch his step

  168. One dream Felt Like A Bunch My Dream Started Off With Me Going Home…
    I Was On An Elevator To Find The Walkways Filled With Water. I Surprised My Self Because I First Walked Right in it Not Thinking About What Could Be in it…. I Was With A Friend When We Notice The Alligator Coming Up From Down The Hall At First I Was Kinda Scared Because it Was An Alligator Until My Friend And I Started Swimming And I Had To Talk To Keep Her From Being Scared. As We Swam the Alligator Latched On To The Back Of My Right Arm With its Mouth With out Hurting Me Unless I Started To Over react With Fear Then it Would Clinch Tighter But Still Not Hurt Me Like When im Scared it Was Scared But i Was More So Anxious Curious And Shocked Than Anything Towards The End Of My Dream I was With Who Presumed To Be My Mother And Grandmother Sitting By A Swamp Like Body Of Water An Alligator Was Coming Towards Us Me And My Mother Stood Up As My Grandmother Took Her Time When I Got Up The Gator Slowly Went Under water And Rolled Over

  169. My dream I was calm and the alligator or crocodile was just slowly swimming and I seemed to be looking at it but it seemed calm as it swam towards me in murky muddy water with somewhat green trees in the background on top of a muddy bank

    1. I’ve had the same dream many times, they are never outright aggressive but they always get closer and closer and I am usually backing away but not exactly fleeing. I think it means I have been avoiding, which is true.

  170. I had seen crocodile in my dream tht i was tied up his mouth with wire nd trying to rescue my self ..Wt does tht mean

  171. I dreamt that I went for a run (jog) thinking of the exercise ahead…keeping my head down as I ran…looking at me feet I noticed my running shoes are pure white. I did not feel tired or even breathed heavy…in my dream I was surprised at how energized and “fit” I was. I reached a certain point where I had to decide to go around or thru crocodile invested area…I decided to go thru….crocodiles of various sizes and color (some bright green, others more dull green and others a brownish color) where all over the place…natural area, with loose sand and dunes, canal water and trees, grass and some bushes. Once I entered the area the crocodiles started moving off in different directions – some towards me, others away from me. I did not feel scared or threatened in any way…in fact I felt energized and confident. Half-way thru the area I realized that I was being chased by a snapping smaller sized bright green alligator. Still I was not scared or anxious (No negative feelings) but decided to be careful (rather safe than sorry) and changed course and went thru a bushed area…with this smaller medium sized bright green alligator chasing and snapping behind me…(I still did not feel threatened, scared or tired) I reached the “safety” of a game rangers small, barely there property with this smaller alligator still behind me. I entered this small house and the alligator followed me in. The game ranger was in his house at that moment – looked at me and the alligator and carried on with his task that he was busy with. Once inside I realized that this alligator was “tamed” I turned around looked at it, pointed my finger at it and said “No, No, NO”! In turn the alligator looked up at me and gave me the biggest, brightest smile I have ever seen. Any thought of what this might mean or represent.

  172. dreamed i was swimming in a river with crystal clear blue water and then an alligator/croc jump in and i swam after it it was neon green not regular dark green color. I could see him swimming because of crystal clear water and then he swam away and I woke up

  173. I have been dreaming of crocodiles,yesterday it was different..The crocodile was hidden in a sealing in my sisters house,when I saw it I told my brother about it and we were all afraid of it..My mother then came and I told her that there is a crocodile in the sealing and I asked her where it might have come from..She answered me that it might have come from the village..Every body was afraid of it and I decided not to spend the night at my sisters place because of the fear I had for the animal so I opted to spend it at my mothers place.. What could this dream mean?

    1. A crocodile is often a protecter. But if you were frighted in the dream, it’s a fear in life your haven’t faced.

    2. I had a dream i was @ the beach, and the beach was seperated by a bridge, and one half of the beach was a alligator enclosure, but to access that protion of the beach one had to descend down a ladder. So i saw sum flotation devices and i went to get them, i had a beach towel in my hand and it was dragging the ground. Something told me to turn around and look behind me and i lifted my towel to find a gator walking behind me. I grabbed the floats and was heading back to the ladder when i see a dozen or so gators surrounding the ladder. I began to jump over their backs and heads to reach the ladder and right when i got close enough to the ladder i stepped on a gators head and it bit (nipped) my pinky toe (lol). I then had a tingling sensation in my foot and was woken up by a phone call

    3. This is the first post Ive seen involving familly and simmilar to a dream I just had. I was on a boat talking to my husband who was on the other side of the shore and he was trying to hurry me along so we could go somewhere. But when I looked back at the shoreline as I pulled the boat up on it I noticed that the huge log pocking out of the mud was an alligator and it attacked me. All of a sudden my little brother was there (hes 22) and he was trying to wrestle it down and close its mouth so I could kill it. But the only way to vlose its mouth was to make it bite. He shoved his arm into its mouth and it rolled, snapping his arm above the elbow. I screamed and viciousely tore out the animals throte with a small knife and my fingernails. I woke up when I was helping my sobbing brother to a nearby car to go to the hospital, his arm flopping uselessly and causing him extreme pain

  174. I have had two dreams about crocodiles and alligators.The first one was a few months ago and there was a house that had stairs that went down and onto a sandy beach. They all got in a line and wrnt into the water. I watched them as they swam out thinking how strange it was that they were all in a line. My second dream there was one under my bed but it wasnt threatening in any way but I was still afraid because of what it was. Then my dream chnged to me seeing my deceased father and communicating with spirits. Any input on this?????

    1. Mine was similar to yours!
      It started out with me standing in the water on a log with some friends against a concrete wall. All of these alligators were trying to get my feet but I kept stepping on their noses. My friends told me they wouldnt bite me but I didnt trust them. Then I left and suddenly I was in a house and the basement stairs led down to this weird water front with more alligators. but instead of them swimming away, I found out that they were the pets of the person who owned the house and I watched them feast on dead cows. The people told me they used the alligators for shooting target practic. I ran away because everyone was laughing and it made me so sad for the animals.

      1. there is a huge difference betweenan alligator (skinny snout) and crocodile (think snout) in dreams. Just wanted to clarify so your looking into the correct dream interpretation.

        1. Honey its the other way around. Gators got the thick snouts and crocs got the narrow noses. Not trying to be a know it all, just dont want people being mislead.

          1. So, if the dreamer doesn’t know the difference between a gator and a croc, or has never really seen both, how does it matter which it is in the dream? That’s like someone dreaming about Nigerian Dwarf goats as opposed to any other type.

          2. To clarify even more. Alligators and saltwater crocs (the dangerous ones) both have thick snouts and darker colour. Freshwater crocs have thin, longer snouts and lighter in colour. They will more than likely run from you rather than attack (but don’t take any chances in case they are protecting young etc)

  175. I had a dream about I was flouting on some raft with crocodiles in a lake and the swimming meaning matched mine perfectly. And I think its right, I have not come out with my feelings about someone

  176. I had a dream that a family member of mine was shot and his body landed in a lake with alligators/crocodiles and they ate him up

    1. I had a dream that i was running with a child(female) and then i got to a river and crocodile lined up and i stepped on them to cross the river. Then i woke up. What does this mean?

      1. Are they as big as trains? Lengthwise I mean, and itll be a wide long river, and they’re multiple of the crocodiles? Oddly enough your description sounds familiar

      2. A child may represent the valnability that you may be feeling in a situation. If you assosiate clocodiles with fear then what your mind is saying is that, you should face your fears as they may prove to be the gateway to what you need.

        1. I also dreamt of crocodiles and a child. It was just a bunch of us on a small beach when alligators began to appear. They started attacking people. In my instinct, I saw a child by himself, grabbed him, and began to run. I told him I will reunite him with his parents when this is all over. None of the alligators managed to get me as I was running. Then I woke up. What does it mean?

      3. I had the same dream in some sort. In my dream though I ran across their back’s not with child but I was trying to get away from something and they were all snapping at me, DO you have any idea what this means?

    2. I had a dream that i was running with others and passing a little river we’re there is crocodiles and wen we reach there those who i was with run ,and wen I was about to run i head a voice saying “don’t run it will not harm you” and then crocodile came and touch me like a dog wen its happy to see its owner,plz help ways the meaning of that.

    3. I dreamed gabby gator was wanting for me in Florida and used one hand took me in through window sign my name gabby gator read mr Albert man a cel rolled out red carpet used one hand put me in tub then oven soap chips said ya I’m gonna eat him then said I have t take bridle sweets 350 and brought me a pitcher of ice water I was sitting in my but in side ice on my head lowered temp gabby gator said know I show u to your bed cut soap chips looked at me started rolling out my home made pie dough blanket placed dough on my nude body then sing a song of six pence full of rye four a twenty Albert baked in a pie I hate to correct you don’t you mean blackbird now who’s baking this pie too many cooks spoil a pie now snuggle down four a twenty Albert baked in a pie when the pie was open the gator began to eat wow listin to that boy sizzle um umum delices at last time to eat my pie in gabby gators stomach I go in the pie the end

    4. The very light green alligator had my foot in its mouth. But I didn’t bite me nor did I feel afraid it seems

      1. Gabby gator baked me in a pie in my dreams rolled out pie dough in to my home made blanket placed dough on my body sang about me getting baked in a pie ate for dinner

      2. Xactly As mine.. But the alligator was bit dark green in color in my dream.and I was not afraid of it. Please tell me the meaning of my dream.

    5. I also dreamt of a family member – my son who was swimming on a pontoon that was kind of a cage, my partner and I were either on the beach or on another pontoon, I looked to the left and saw a huge croc, at first I wasnt scared but then it swam around towards him and I started getting frantic and screaming at him to stay on the pontoon and in the cage, he was getting scared and confused and started to try to swim to us and then I woke up. Later in the night I dreamt again of warning a guy as I sped past on some kind of boat that there was a croc underneath him and he should get to safety. I wasnt scared for my safety at that point. It was a huge saltwater croc and quite dark in colour – more like an alligator in colour and very scaly, and determined.

    6. I had a dream about an alligator and I had managed to save students I encounter as a security guard at my job. Also the alligator was having it’s head ripped off by birds and taken further from us…any clues?

      1. I had a dream i was entering a maize with another person I think it was a female they kept getting close to the water inside the maize and almost getting bit they never got hurt but towards the end I felt fear because they fell in the dark water and they hadn’t come out yet but I could see the alligator approach. Then the dream turned out to be a game set near the beach and it was like a jungle gym maize but it was near the ocean and sharks were approaching but never saw any shark.

    7. I had a dream about being under a deck with my sister and someone else I did not recognize, we climbed on top… the person I didn’t recognize tried to swim to the grass as I could see all the alligators going towards her she disappeared then my sister was trying to climb up but couldn’t and I could see the alligators really close to her legs/feet and she almost fell in but then I Pulled her on top of the deck with me. The deck was like it was in the middle of a lake and we were stuck there and there was alligator infested water… I tried doing research on what it could all mean but not really much luck… any help please??

    8. I had a dream that we were at the springs and my baby was playing in the water close to me when all of a sudden she’s sucked under the water and we see the alligator rolling where she was at. We tried to save her but it was too late. What does this mean? Please tell me because I woke up and can’t go back to sleep.

    9. There was an average sized crocodile underneath my bed i was laying on. I could sense it there initially. Got outside my room then it came out. Tried to take a photo of it. Eventually it disappeared. It was a calm croc and i wasnt too frightened of it. I then looked out onto the yard of my house and the grass was filled with snakes and massive anacondas. Interesting dream, any interpretation?

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