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The Color Green Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The color green is everywhere in nature and not surprisingly often manifests into our dreams. In this post we will explore the symbolism of seeing green and how it relates to our physical life, emotional needs and spirituality.

What it means to dream about dreams

The color green symbolizes new growth and renewal; new beginnings, forgiveness, generosity, abundance and a loving heart. It is a color indicative of peace and harmony. Let’s explore these themes in more depth.

Growth and Renewal

When we experience the color green in a dream, it often means we are currently growing in our lives. You may be starting a new project or business venture. You may be concentrating on personal growth and working to become the best you.

The color green often represents the inner being; our imagination and what we imagine as possible in life. By the color green appearing before you in your dreams it may mean that you are currently going through a period of growth and renewal in your life. You are currently re-evaluating the way you think about yourself, how you interact with others and how this looks in your daily life.

Green Popsicles

New Beginnings

In the world of dreams, green represents new beginnings and change. If you see the color green regularly in your dreams, it means you are realizing your potential or taking on new projects in life.

The color green also symbolizes new beginnings. It is a time to start fresh, come up with new ideas, and try out new things; free from any restrictions or limitations that may have been holding you back.

Sometimes we see green when we are starting over in life after a difficult time. Just as we plant seeds and hope they turn into lush, leafy green plants, we are often going through cycles in life where new beginnings are on the horizon.

You may have recently ended things with a partner and you are ready to heal your heart and move on to the next chapter in your life.

Green dreams suggest we are moving forward in our lives by resolving past issues, enriching ourselves or starting an important new endeavor.

Abundance: Money and Finance

We often see the color green when we are thinking about money and finance. Many banks and other financial institutions use the color green in their logos and websites.

Dreams about money are common, but you do not have to see money in your dream for the color green to appear. You might dream about plants growing or dream about someone wearing green clothes.

It is important for us to think about the generous nature of the heart and how it relates to money. If we hoard it, possess it or use it for mean purposes then we are not using money in a way that can truly serve us and others. “You get what you give” is a common saying that reminds us it’s important to give more than we take in life.

In order to experience abundance in our lives, it’s important to be clear on what you need or want for yourself. You can have what your heart desires when you are able to release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Green golf course

Health and Healing

Green is also a healing color. This should not be too surprising when we consider green is the color of the heart chakra and the heart is the center of our health – without a heart all of our other organs in the body fail.

As the saying goes, love heals all wounds. For this reason, the color green is often associated with forgiveness. When you forgive, you heal your heart.

When “someone is turning green” it means they feel sick. Like the color yellow, green can sometimes indicate illness or disgust with a situation.

Healing comes in various forms. Sometimes we need to heal our hearts so we can move forward with our lives. We may need to heal our mind if we are having negative thoughts about ourselves or others.

Sometimes healing is physical and sometimes it is mental. Regardless of the situation, green helps us with this process and reminds us that with love, all things are possible.

Acceptance and Self-Worth

In order to feel loved, we must be willing to accept the love and care others show us. Sometimes we do not feel worthy of love or we push away those who are trying to be close to us.

If you struggle with negative feelings of self worth, repeating positive affirmations can help. Here are some positive affirmations for acceptance:

“I accept myself no matter what shape I am in today.”

“I accept myself no matter what others think of me today.”

“I give love and acceptance to those who give it to me, even if they don’t deserve it.”

Green is the Color of the Heart Chakra

It is often surprising for many people to learn that green is the color of the heart chakra. After all, we usually associate the color red with all matters of the heart. However, the heart chakra is all about what is central to our life.

The heart chakra is located at the center of the body and is all about love, compassion, relationships, emotions and forgiveness.

Ways to support your heart chakra include eating green leafy foods, wearing the color green and spending time surrounded in nature. Go for a meditative walk in the woods or even just lay down in the grass to allow the healing energy of nature into your life.

Think about who and what you love in life. Are you including yourself in this list? Self-love is not narcissistic – it is a lesson in learning how to love unconditionally. Loving unconditionally means you are willing to accept yourself just as you are and not wish you were different.

Be sure to incorporate the color green into your life in a way that is beneficial for your heart chakra. Whether it be through food, clothing or natural supplies, surround yourself with trees and plants that give off the color green.

Green Fern

What It Means to Dream About the Color Green

You may have a number of different dreams where green is a prominient color.

To dream of green objects denotes prosperous and happy days in your future, but if you dream of green leaves it is a sign of sickness to come.

To see the grass in your dream signifies pleasant surroundings, but a morbid green color denotes disappointment.

To see grasshoppers in your dream is a sign of abundance and pleasure.

To dream of green lightning or a green flame means quarrels and disagreements are ahead. To see the sky turn a vivid green means impending sickness, especially if it is growing darker on all sides as well.

Green foods in dreams mean that you need to nurture yourself and take care of your health.

Wearing clothes that are green in a dream can mean that you are ready to show your true feelings about something to someone. You are ready to express forgiveness and unconditional love.

Different Shades of Green Symbolism

Green comes in a number of different hues and shades. Think about the characteristics of the color you saw in your dream: Was it light or dark? Vivid and rich or dreary and dull?

Sage green is a cool, soft shade that can be encouraging, relaxing or even soothing. It can remind you that you need to reconnect with nature and follow your intuition.

Lime green is vibrant and bright. This color can show us the future of happiness if we use our resources wisely in our lives. It can also indicate anxiety if it appears in dreams.

Bright green can signify a new excitement or joy, especially if you are surrounded by lush plants growing through your dreams.

Yellow Green can be a symbol of your health and emotional well-being. If you see plants where the leaves are wilting and turning a shade of yellow green, it can mean that you are neglecting some aspect of your life.

Dark green in a dream is a sign that you are trying to control your emotions. It can also mean that you long to express yourself to another person but feel intimidated or fearful to do so.

More Tips on Understanding Your Dreams of the Color Green

If you are not sure what the dream means, think about what is happening in your life at the time you dream. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I personally feel about the color green?
What items in my everyday life are green?
Do I feel like I need to start over?
How am I working on myself to become a better person?
Am I Open to Receiving Abundance in My Life?

Have you had a dream about the color green? What does green symbolize for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. My dream saw me decorating, wallpapering the ceiling with a green floral wallpaper, there was a quote on another wallpaper I said had to go in the middle of the ceiling, I was having help with others not entirely sure of every detail in the dream

  2. I’ve had 2 dreams lately with a vivid green color in them. The first was 2 men were wearing green suits kind of like what doctors wear and they were giving me instructions on what to do and I was trying to do what they were telling me and not understanding all of it and asking questions. A few days later I dreamed of 2 older cars the same vivid dream color as the 2 men wore in the first dream and they were close to each other and it looked like one had come to close to the other and slightly bumped and bent the front fender and I was looking at it and assessing the damage. What stood out the most in the dreams was the color green and how vivid it was.

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