Snakes Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about snakes can be scary. It is not uncommon to be afraid of snakes! This is why when we dream of snakes, it is very important to look at the context of the snake in the dream and how it relates to our waking life.

Your own personal experiences and beliefs about snakes will greatly depend on what dreaming about a snake means.

To Interpret a Dream About Snakes, Ask Yourself These Questions

The best way to understand what your dream about snakes means is to ask yourself some questions about your own personal associations with snakes.

How did the snake make you feel? Were you scared and anxious about the snake or were you feeling relaxed? The way the snake made you feel signifies your own feelings about a situation in your life.

What type of snake was it? There are many different types of snakes – dreaming of a boa constrictor for example would have a different meaning than dreaming about a rattlesnake or garter snake.

Researching the snake and its common characteristics can help provide further insight to the dream.

For example, if it’s a boa constrictor – something may be “choking you” – whereas, with a rattlesnake, something may be “rattling” you.

And if it’s a garter snake? Well, chances are whatever it is that may be bothering you is probably a lot less threatening than it appears.

What Color Were the Snakes? The colors of a snake can have great meaning also. A green snake might have a different meaning than a red snake. Learn more about color meanings here.

Once you answer these questions, it will help make it easier for you to decide what the snake means in your dream.

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Symbolism of Snakes

Holding a snake in your hand can be a symbol for overcoming obstacles and fears.

Understanding the symbolism of snakes can help you interpret your dream. Often times we will experience these different themes that are currently happening in our lives, whether it is through our relationships, our career, or current life circumstances.

Hidden Fears:

Since snakes are one of the most feared animals in society, dreaming of a snake can often symbolize other things you are afraid of. Think carefully about the context of the snake in the dream and what fears you may have that are holding you back.

Snakes as a Symbol of Betrayal:

Snakes have long been a symbol of betrayal, going all the way back to the first stories of mankind and in the garden of Eden. Is there someone in your life who you feel like you cannot trust or has wronged you recently?

Reminder to Be Flexible:

These creatures are quite flexible, and can go almost anywhere! Without legs or any rigid structure, they are able to easily adapt for a number of different types of situations. Seeing a snake in a dream may be reminding you to remain calm and stay flexible in whatever situation you are currently dealing with.

A Symbol For Feeling Intimidated

Many people are afraid of most reptiles, because it can seem they are very powerful or sneaky. Dreaming of a snake can sometimes mean you feel overpowered, intimidated or manipulated.

Snakes as a Symbol For Temptations

Snakes can also sometimes be a symbol of temptation. Think back to the story in the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve are tempted by the snake to eat the forbidden apples in the garden. Your dream about a snake could mean that you are feeling tempted to do something you know you should not do.


In some cultures, snakes are revered and can be seen as a great source of wisdom. This symbolism of wisdom may date back to the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Snakes are also sometimes thought to be very clever creatures who can quickly adapt to their surroundings.

Common Examples of Snake Dreams And What They Mean

Sometimes, it is helpful to look at some common snake dreams to better understand the context of the symbolism that appears.

Dreaming of Baby Snakes:

Baby snakes can be a symbol for feeling lost or confused in life. You may feel like your current situation is overwhelming, or you may be looking for some sort of external guidance in making your next steps in life.

Being Bitten by a Snake:

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake can mean you need to be more aware of what is happening to you or that you need a “wake up call” in your life and serves as a warning that you need to pay attention to what threatens you in waking life. Dreaming of a snake bite could also mean you are undergoing a painful transformation in your life.

Fighting a Snake:

Dreaming of fighting a snake could mean your resistance to change or your need to overcome fears.

Killing a Snake:

To dream of killing a snake in your dreams, can symbolize overcoming your fears. It can also mean overcoming betrayal or temptation in your daily waking life.

Dreaming of Having a Pet Snake:

If you have had pet snakes in the past, or currently have a pet snake, then the dream could represent your need for companionship. If you have never had a pet snake (and would probably never have one) – it could mean you have a hard time trusting new friends.

Snake Charming

To dream of charming a snake, or having control of a snake, can signify that you have control over your fears. You may also be wondering if you should “use your charm” in order to get your way in a situation. To dream of someone else snake charming, it could mean that person is a great source of wisdom or mystery in your life.

Two-Headed Snake Dream:

Dreaming of a two-headed snake can mean you that are have conflicting views about something in your life, or you feel pulled in two different directions. Snakes with more than two snakes could signify the number of fears you have that are holding you back in life.

Venomous Snakes and Poisonous Snakes:

To dream of a venomous/poisonous snake in your dream means that something is threatening you or you are feeling threatened in your life.

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Multiple Snakes: Seeing multiple snakes can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation or that you are afraid you cannot handle the stress from current events in your life. There may be several sources of stress or people that are currently influencing your mood in waking life.

Snakes as a Spirit Animal

black madagascar snake

Yes, even though many people are afraid of snakes, snakes can be messengers of spirit in our dream! There is a lot of wisdom we can learn from snakes.

As a spirit animal or dream messenger, snakes are here to remind us to confront our fears. It does not serve us well in life to be afraid of making changes or to avoid confrontation when necessary.

Snakes are also able to adapt and move as necessary – they can often fit through tight spaces and into places we as humans could never imagine fitting into. The message from the snake is this: Be flexible!

This flexibility can be very helpful no matter what you are going through in your current daily waking life, whether it is a message for dealing with career changes or difficult coworkers or learning new ways to communicate in your relationships.

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Do you have any questions about dreaming about snakes? Any additional snake dream interpretation meanings we may have missed? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!

232 thoughts on “Snakes Dream Meaning and Symbolism”

  1. I had a dream i was in front of the house, So i heard a strange sound coming from the backyard.. I could not figure what it is until i move closer and saw it was a big green snake trying to crawl inside out kitchen through the roof but the snake was very big and long so it was not easier for it to enter, I decided not to shout so that the snake won’t attack me, So i decided to rush outside to call my dad, As my dad was rushing in to come and kill the snake, the snake started changing back its color into a black snake with different white spots, my dad tried to kill the snake but the snake was faster and rush back into the bush toward the backyard..

  2. I dream of about two to three snakes in one place why about two cat was fighting them i stood and i was watching later the snake later change to chameleon and run away at were i was standing

  3. I had a dream of a snake coming out of my boyfriends mouth when he was trying to kiss me. It was coming towards me. I had a beautiful, non-threatening feeling about the snake. It wasn’t trying to bite me. The dream was in black and white so I don’t know the color or type of snake. Any thoughts on an interpretation?

  4. I dreamed about me walking by a huge black snake which was still waiting for me and my cousin to eat but I go hit it and went inside my cousin ‘s home from the verandha I could c the snake mating with the pergent snake.

  5. I dreamed a big black snake was in a striking position to me. I grabbed the snake and was trying to get it behind its head so it couldn’t bite me as I saw it in shock. I realized the snake was not poisonous as I fought with it. It managed to bite my arm where it seemed from all the fighting that its head was left severed from its body and fangs still inserted into my arm. The arm seemed to be getting infected and I was told it would need some attention. That snakes have dirty mouths etc..

    Side Note: I’m also aware that Dreams, Thoughts and more can be pushed on a person as well. Hence any dream might be a message to you rather than your own. It might also be an attempt for you to accept the aspects of the dream as who you are. Then to consider if it is for or against you via the source. Example: I was not trying to kill the snake grabbing for its neck nor would I really want to kill anything, yet the Dream would imply I killed the snake during the heat of the fighting. I’m also not even sure how someone would simply pull the snakes head off its body with its fangs inserted into their arm. Positive and Insightful Feedback Welcome

  6. I dreamed I was in the backyard with another person don’t know whose yard or who the person was. She yelled looking over I saw a short fat thorny two tone brown snake slide under card board under the house. What seemed like moments later the picture change to a long cobra appearing with my daughters pet cat in its mouth. I was screaming for help running around no one came. I was stressed I think, upset I couldn’t do anything to save him. I woke up worrying about my family. First time I’ve had this dream but I’ve had dreams come true before.

  7. I was passenger in a moving car, I was looking out the window to the left of me and I saw a black and neon green snake, it was on the footpath, I glanced over again and it was up on the other side of the window which was closed,
    Staring at me, then it lunges towards me hitting the car window, next second the glass has smashed and the snake had bitten me but I was unsure where exactly it bit me, on the neck or face, it startled me that much I instantly woke up from my dream.

  8. I was walking in a veld and so many snakes of different sizes were crawling, had to jump over them. Managed with the help of family to catch them all into one container and they entangled themselves into a big ball.

  9. I was carrying a big, lengthy black snake on a fishing rod on my hands from one street and i dropped it on another street. The snake was little unconscious at the end. What does it mean ??

  10. Every time i dream a snake i kill them all.. in my dream when i was walking in the street i cannot pass the street becouse in my left side wall 3feet high plenty snake waiting for somebody to pass they will bite them but when i pass i get a wood stick for my protection and when i pass the street every snake i will kill them all both because the snake try to bite me i kill them with my stick holding in my hands big and small deferent kind of snake i kill.. this is the two times i already dream like this can you give me the meaning of my dream..
    The first of my dream i go street that under repair lot of whole when i tried to pass lots of snake in my way i kill them all with my fit and other i kill with my wood stick one by one.. can you help what is the meaning of that…

  11. I had a dream that I was visiting another state. A female friend and I was walking down the side walk when we heard a group of people gathered around screaming. There was a brown or black snake surrounded by people. The snake was frightened, so I went over and picked up the snake and rescued the snake. I went to the side of a bridge with water under it and threw the snake over the bridge and watched the snake swim away happy. What does this mean please?

  12. i dreamed of 2 snakes outside my house by my moms nd brothers car the snakes barley moved i told my mom but she didn’t listen to me in the dream

  13. What does it mean if you’re in the woods and you see several baby rattlesnakes and you chase them back in their hole

  14. I had a dream last night my fur baby was walking with me & a friend down the road. Next thing I know a moccasin comes out & I’m yelling at my dog no, obviously tons of anxiety, the moccasin bites him & wraps around him. I’m yelling why is he holding on to him so long & my dog is crying & then I woke up.

  15. Hi. I had a dream about 2 huge pythons coiled on the ceiling watching me. I don’t think I was scared of seeing those snakes but more of a total shock. I just stood there in place and stared at the two.

    Can you please tell me what this dream of mine mean?

  16. I had a dream where I was watching a snake come in then I was unaware where it was I was sitting on something I looked down couldn’t tell if this next head was coming out of the dollhouse or not been slowly came up kept getting closer and closer I couldn’t back up anymore it looked at me I slowly went back down but before its head went back in I looked at me again I believe it was Gray

  17. I dreamt about a black snake crawling twice to my direction and missing twice when hitting it…the third time I missed too but instead it came flying to head and neck and attacking me woke from the dream…..

  18. This was a dream of a huge pyramid-headed black snake. This snake was coming for me. I was very afraid.

    In the same dream, I dreamt of a small dog. Starving and wanted to bring it home to help get him healthy again…

    Woke up and then right back into the same dream.

    What should I determine about this dream?

  19. In my dream, there were three snakes, two large ones and a smaller one. They were in an indoor place, I stumbled upon them , picked each and threw them out.

  20. I was in bed and this snake was in bed too,its light brown in colour and small,I’m afraid of snakes so I was scared in the dream as well ,before I knew it the snake was in my head not biting me just there so I threw it on the floor and woke the person whom I was sleeping with that seemed like my aunt. She got up and looked for the snake and brought it to me in a plate with banana.i woke up screaming

  21. I had dream in which I saw a black cobra snake, in alert position and in my house. Snake n I were looking at eachother and nobody is harming anyone, but in all this that snake is hidden in some part of my home.

    Could you please help me understand as past few days have been dreaming about it and I am horrified of snakes.

    Thank you

  22. Hi. I dreamed of snakes last night. It was so vivid. There’s this one snake (orange then its belly was white) it started small, it ate other snakes (dark colored ones) and then when its big already, it went to me. I tried removing it from me but its so strong and it was sticking on to my left arm. I was panicking in my dream but then I woke up.

  23. I had a dream that I was walking into someone’s home, where I’d never been before, and there are snakes outside everywhere, of all kinds. The only one I was scared of was a bigger yellow snake, looking ready to bite me. We kept walking and the home owner let me take a very small black snake, which was the most venomous snake in the world, and I carried her and talked to her. I was afraid but for some reason, did it anyway. I felt compassion for the snake’s captivity and let her feel the grass.

  24. I had a dream that I was surrounded and attacked by rattlesnakes.
    I was behind my house in an open field. For some reason I needed to get towards the house/road. But the path in the field was littered with rattlesnakes. I just kept running as they a tried to strike. At some point I was on an ATV still trying to reach my destination. Still dodging snakes. I ran over some, avoided others. I was bitten at least once or twice. I think there was someone else with me but I can’t remember. This isn’t my first snake dream. Lately, I’ve had quite a few… All very similar.
    I think it’s a representation of the stress of the world right now. Everywhere I turn, I feel like I’m expecting an attack. Like I’m bracing for the next catastrophe. I think this is the likely source of my dream. Any thoughts?

  25. I saw two Kobra snakes in my dream who we came accross a jungle and they were about to bit my mum and aunt I came to their rescue and on of the snake bit me on my ankle. At the pain of biting I woke up suddenly.. what does it mean ..

    • I dreamed of a big snake, it looks like a Boa constrictor and a smaller green snake wrapped around the body of that big snake. It entered our house and went over to my daughter who was sleeping then. Afraid that it might bite her, i silently told my husband and he bravely beheaded the big snake. But i found a snake skin and concluded that it shed its skin before it was killed.

  26. I had a dream about a two headed snake
    I was in a room where i suddenly woke up and saw 2 snakes which are both two headed and they were quickly roaming around in the room here and there and i was very terrified and i saw a scicssors and then i grabbed the scissors and went after them and i almost cut the head of one snake with both hands shivering and barely managed to cut it from its both head bottom then i was going after the other but suddenly i woke up

  27. I was driving down my driveway an seen a very big fat brown earthy snake an decided to try an run over it an did so but the snake didn’t die we all got out of the car an looked at it an was talking about it but it crawled away.. Nothing happened to anyone it just slithered away into the grass.

  28. I had a dream of a gold rattlesnake that went underneath my bed, when I jumped off to look under the bed, I found freshly molted skin on the floor and saw the golden rattlesnake pinned against the wall with nowhere to go.

    What could that mean?

  29. I had a dream last night that I was watering plants, one plant I went to water was in a big flower pot that was on the ground, I noticed I kept stepping on something swishy, when I looked it the flower pot, I noticed a huge snake, at first it was brown, but then I began to walk away and the snake woke up and started moving. When the snake was on the ground I was standing by a bayou and some stairs. A guy was in front of me but I cant remember who he was but the snake looked at me, it turned to several colors and it ran right pass me like a speeding dog and ran into the bayou

  30. I was running or going somewhere along the road with one or two other guy, then there on the road it was like zebra crossing made for snakes to cross the road one side to other on which the snakes were crossing there, however the crossing was not like zebra crossing, there was the structure of a snake on the road and at a distance of 2-3 meters there were many of structures on which only they all were crossing one side to other side of road and it was a surprise for me in the dream that every of snake was crossing only where there was a stuctural crossing made for them to cross and they were following the rules there, I was not very scared but yes in mind there yes it’s a snake and I must have to run or walk carefully along with the road and then I crossed every of crossing made for the snakes one by one carefully and even I wait after crossing for that other guys to cross who was running with me.
    One last thing that the snakes were not in same colour, they all had having different colours and most of them were colourful like they were having yellow red and mix-up of several colours.
    But in all that I didn’t get what it really means to me or it was just a dream.

  31. My dream was a snake trying to snuggle up to me and sleep with me. The other was a snake on top of my covers and I was trying to kick it off my bed. It wasn’t trying to hurt me. I just don’t like snakes and they scare me.

  32. Before my divorce, I dreamed of snake about to attack my sons. I grabbed the snake by the head and grabbed both side of its mouth ripped it open. This happens twice.

  33. In my dream last night, I kept finding beautiful (frightening but beautiful) rattlesnakes most darker in color. First in my home and there were a few non venomous green snakes but mostly rattlesnakes. I kept finding them well.. I think they kept finding me. And the only one I killed was a rattlesnake bc my children were nearby and I grabbed it by the head and squeezed as hard as I could a beautiful blue blood went everywhere (sorry for the graphics) and I went on to call someone to help get the snakes away and we were out in a field but this time it was hundreds maybe even thousands of baby snakes (rattlesnakes) and I had on flip flops and I kept getting bit over and over but I remember it only stung a little bit almost like bee stings. Sorry for so much info but I’m worrying what this could possibly mean

  34. i dreamt about other things but i know snakes usually have a significant meaning when you dream about them. i had a dream of a bunch of really big green snakes in my backyard and they were in my lemon tree i remember feeling scared of the snakes but i knew i had to be brave and save my pets (2 dogs, 1 rooster, (1 chicken who had died back in june) 1 bunny 3 little caged birds) the snakes didn’t seem to be attacking anyone but i remember feeling scared and this strong urge to save my pets and there was a female authority figure (i don’t remember who she was) and i remember she said she didn’t have time to help me and i kept asking her to call animal control and she left in a rush (there’s more to this dream i just can’t remember the details anymore. i did research as soon as i woke up from this dream) could anyone tell me what this could mean??

  35. I had a dream that I was running down a heavily wooded pathway, alone, on top of snakes. They were all along the path. I was not scared and they did not strike. But I was running over/ontop of the snakes. It was a very odd dream. Does it have meaning?

  36. Hi,
    Last night I had this strange dream !

    I saw 2 black snakes coming towards me with their hoods on in a shabby dark place . When I saw them coming I took the form of a black snake and was going to kill them, however there was something that was holding me back . I was very angry was hissing like crazy and spraying venom towards those two snakes and all around…. Then suddenly I woke up !

  37. Hello, I had a dream of being in a room and saw 2 small snakes a black one and a brown one. They saw me looking at them and I got startled and they hid in a shell.

  38. My dream was that I had pooped a snake color yellow and that it did not fit in the toilet. I had cut it and it was still alive and I saw trying to get my mothers attention do she could see what I had pooped yet she never turned . My mother passed away 14 years ago

  39. I have seen snakes many times in my dream. Let me share with you the recent one which was last night. Although dream never started from seeing snakes butet me just start from where I started seeing snakes. I was like running in a place flooded with water but the water is not deep. As I was running i was seeing so many snakes in that flooded area, and is like those snakes were swimming, i was jumping some of the snakes, and somehow i matched some of the snakes. At a time one of my slippers I wore in that dream fell out from my foot, I was now running on the flooded place with one foot with slippers and the other foot without slippers.
    Then I now reach a point I saw a snake on land(this particular was not in water like the other ones). But non of these snakes i saw harm me.

  40. I just woke from a dream that has me wondering. At first I was in what seemed to be an over grown abandoned room. As I walked threw the door, to my left in the broken out wall was an andiconda sized pale yellow and white (like an albino boa) rattle snake. It had huge rattles but did not shake them. Then for some reason I thought of my dogs and feared they’d be eaten so the place changed into my home and me getting my dogs out safely. The snake struck with no warning of its tail and I woke up.
    I have been told I have abilities but am not in tuned. Not sure if that makes a difference in meanings.

  41. i had a dream about all kinds of snakes but what i saw is a rattle snake with different other snakes in a hole. i was walking and someone told me to not go there but i did go and saw those snakes in a hole, i only saw their tales and i ran. later, than i suddenly was in a house or somewhere with a person and there i saw a giant anaconda and i ran too and end up in a city surrounded by people and than i woke up.
    what could this mean?


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