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Buildings & Architecture Dream Symbol Meaning

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Architecture often refers to the design and characteristics of buildings and construction related projects. As a dream symbol, architecture can often have much to do with how we design our lives and our creativity.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Buildings and Architecture?

architecture in dreams

Creative Expression

To build something is certainly an expression of our creative selves! We often associate building with creation. What do you wish to create in your life?

Dreaming of building something can often mean you have the power to create anything in your life. This dream symbol can be a significant reminder to step into your own divine creative power.

If you dream of a house or other similar type of building, this could be an indication about some aspect of yourself. You may be looking for a way to fully express your true feelings or you are feeling like you need to concern yourself with how you appear to others.

Design and Function

The blueprints of a building give us the framework and plan for a design. Dreaming of blueprints often symbolizes planning and thinking ideas all the way through.

What are you currently planning in your life? It is not uncommon to dream about building details and architectural features when a major life change is happening. For example, maybe you are currently planning a wedding in real life – the details of the building in the dream can provide you with more insight on what to focus and concentrate on.

Creating a Strong Foundation

Having a strong foundation and support system in life is important. If you are dreaming about the structural aspects of a building, it can mean you need more support in life, or that you feel supported by those around you in spirit and in the physical world.

Architecture may also refer to the structure of your daily routine or whether you feel you are on a solid foundation to move forward.

This can also suggest it may be time to expand your current projects. Is there something recently you have been thinking about doing?

Seeing All Parts as a Whole

Blueprints and models give us a map of all of the working parts of a building so we can see the entire design. Dreaming of different architectural features in a building can mean that it is important for us to look at the big picture.

Are you feeling caught up in minor details? Are you ignoring the larger and more important things in life? Or, are you only looking at the big picture and not paying enough attention to the intricate details of something?

For many of us, this suggests a need for balance. In the ideal scenario, we are able to see all parts on an individual level and how they connect together in the whole creation.

If you are dreaming of buildings and design details, you may also want to consider looking at the dream as a whole. Is the building a skyscraper in a city? The dream symbolism of a city may give you additional insight into what the dream might mean.

Are you driving on a road in the dream when you notice the architectural details? You may wish to also look up the meanings of vehicles in dreams and what roads mean.

architecture dream meaning

Here are some ways we can interpret architecture as a dream symbol:

Type of Building & Purpose: It can be helpful to pay attention to the type of building and the purpose the building serves. For example, dreaming about a majestic castle could mean something very different than dreaming about a cottage in the woods. If you dream about a library, this could be similar but different from the dream meaning of a school. Think about your own personal associations with the type of building and what purpose the building might serve in real life.

Building Characteristics: The style of the building will tell you a lot about your current outlook on the situations in your life. Ancient architecture vs. modern architecture can mean different things. Take note of the different details of the structure you are dreaming about, and think about how this may relate to your current feelings and thoughts about what is happening in your life.

Building Materials and Parts: It is also useful to think about the symbolism of the different building materials and parts. For example, dreaming of a gate could mean that you are open to new opportunities or are seeking to protect something or someone.

Interior or Exterior? Are you noticing the details on the exterior of a building or are these details in the inside of a building? If you are dreaming about the outside of a building, this may be an indication the dream is about external forces or outside appearances. If you dream of the inside of the building, it could be in relation to some aspect of your own self that needs to be brought to your attention.

Buildings currently under the process of construction or remodeling could symbolize some aspect of yourself that is being created or transformed.

To see buildings in ruins, this could mean that you are feeling negative towards yourself and that you may be fixated on the smaller details instead of the big picture. You may also want to look at related dream meanings for apocalypse and earthquake.

What are your thoughts about dreaming about different architectural features in a building or landmark? Have you ever had a dream about architecture or design? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamed my brother was driving in a town in Mexico and were trying to get home when I saw an old baroque old church made with stone. The church was tilted and leaning and sunken in a ridge. There were other architectural structures colliding with the church. I remember we stopped to idmire the bizarre placement. And nature of the building, I remember trying to devour every detail of the church and started walking all over the structure taking pictures on every angle to capture the view and the essence of the building. I remember the building decaying. I also remember a huge plaque on the building with the name of the architect and the year it was built. Don’t recall the name of the architect but I do for the year of the building 1620.

  2. There is an area near my place of work that contains lots of historical homes and I love to walk around and appreciate them. But this dream had me walking in this same area but now had beautiful buildings that I was admiring as I walked the streets one after another. It was a beautiful experience. I have had other similar dreams which I enjoy very much but too few and far in between such. I would like to have an inkling as to the meaning of such enjoyable experiences. Thank You.

  3. I had a dream where I was in a park, a place I don’t think I recognized with people that I am close to. I looked down the alley and I saw that everything on the street at the end of the alley was Horizontal( Buildings and trees, I didn’t see people. I pointed it out in my dream but I don’t remember what happened after.

  4. I had a dream that I returned to a large house that I had framed. The floor plan was a palace. Which was extremely tall and still had sections of roof decking that wasn’t complete. Some of the mechanical components were in place. It was completely wood framed. I remember trying to visualize the view after the windows and sheetrock were installed. The house was built on a river.

  5. Dream about discovering an underground ancient Egyptian palace beautifully preserved with 100’s of foot high ceiling decorated with stunning paintings. I was so amazed and peaceful. What does this mean?

  6. Dreamt finding and helping a brother in law construct a small cattle corral next to a big concrete house. The were other people present, but they stood around chatting. I’m the only who gave a hand to help.

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