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dream about a map meaning
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What does it mean to dream about a map? In this post we’ll explore the dream meaning of maps and what it means for you in your daily waking life.

When we dream about a map it can suggest that we may feel lost on life’s journey, unsure how to get where we want to go, or like we need outside help or directions to get to our destination.

It can be related to plans we have or even ones we need to make. Generally speaking though, a map in your dream will have to do with your feelings about your life and it’s direction.

Maps can show up in a lot of different forms in our dreams including old fashioned paper maps, globes, atlases, GPS directions on our phones or other device, a treasure map, a road map, subway map, a continent map, a world map, etc.

Many of these will have similar meanings but some can have some extra symbolism along for the ride. Let’s dig into it below and see what your dream is telling you.

What it Means to Dream About Maps

Feeling Lost

When do you typically find yourself reaching for a map? When we find ourselves somewhere unfamiliar and are unsure of where to go next, that is when a map is most useful to us.

Consider how you felt in your dream when you encountered the map. Where you lost? Did you know where you were or where you were going?

If the map in your dream was difficult to read or decipher this strongly suggests you are feeling unsure of something in your life and don’t know where to turn. Are you grappling with a confusing relationship, a big career change, or just feeling stuck/lost in some area of your life?

A map can symbolize the outside help we sometimes need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or directions if you need them.

A variation of this dream could be that you feel lost and don’t have a map. If you find yourself aware of your lack of map and therefore directions in the dream, this can make you feel quite helpless. Maybe you need to create your own map.

Sitting down and making a plan may be all you need, but always know there are outside resources available for you if you need them.

Finding Direction, Navigating Challenges

Maps and directions are what we use to navigate how to get from one point to the next. If you find yourself following a map without issue in your dream, this could suggest that you are well on your way to finding your way through the challenges you are experiencing in your waking life.

You feel confident, and are ready to make the necessary changes to get you where you want to go. Another indication of this confidence in your dream is if the map you are following has a bold path marked on it. This suggests you know exactly what to do and where to go and this is a great sign!

Making Changes, Making Choices

Maps give us choices. To be able to zoom out to such a high level and see every single road allows us to plot whatever path we may want, even if it is not the most logical, efficient or straight forward route.

Is there some area in your life you are working towards changing? Are you ready to make some big choices to achieve your goals?

Remember that choices have consequences, and sometimes they don’t always pan out the way we want them to… but to have a choice is still an immense privilege. It is incredibly freeing to know you can always make a new, different choice if the first one doesn’t work out.

We can see this symbolism through the map in your dream. Maps often don’t show you where temporary road blocks, road closings, or detours occur, but they do show all the options you have to get around them when they show up.

If you find yourself hitting on road blocks in your daily life, try zooming out to see the other routes you can choose. You may need to “stop and ask for directions” by seeking out information from an outside source, but know that there is a way to move forward.

Sometimes we need to take a detour from what we expected to overcome our challenges and achieve our goals. This dream may simply be a reminder that you have many choices, and if you think outside of the box you may find yourself on the right path soon.

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.”

― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

Now that we’ve covered some common themes regarding maps, let’s take a look at a few dreams scenarios.

Common Dreams About Maps and What They Mean

You are looking at a clear, easy to read map

A clear and easy to read map in your dream can symbolize you own confidence in your choices and your life’s journey. You can see everything you need to on the map, and there is no ambiguity in what you need to do or where you need to turn. This is likely a good dream!

Having a clear map in your dream can also symbolize the start of a new journey. This could be anticipation of a literal physical journey you are looking forward to as well as a personal journey of growth.

You are looking at a hard to read map

A difficult to read map also speaks to the confidence you have in your choices, but suggests you are lacking and can even be a symbol of insecurities you have.

You probably feel confused or unsure about something in your life. Maybe even frustrated, as you would be with a hard to read map. You have places you want to go and ways you want to grow, but find yourself unable to get where you want because you lack the proper information, support or resources.

This dream will likely leave you feeling lost and like you need help. This is your sign to ask for help.

You Are Lost Without a Map

Similar to the hard to read map, not having a map can leave you feeling helpless and like you don’t know where to turn. Particularly if you recall feeling lost in the dream. This could be a sign that you need to consider the areas in your life that you are struggling and see if there is anything you can change to improve things.

Alternatively this dream could be a sign you are looking for more excitement and adventure. You could be “lost” without a map, but maybe it doesn’t bother you at all. You know you are 100% in control of where you go and what happens.

Consider how you feel in the dream and if it feels like freedom to not have a map, this dream could be a symbol of your own yearning for more excitement, adventure and exploration in your life. What choices could you make in your life that would lead to more of these exciting feelings?

You have or are making a hand drawn map

A dream about a hand drawn map is likely about your own life plans and choices. You are still working on making a plan for some area of your life, or you know that you need to buckle down and make one.

This dream could be an indicator of new beginnings, transformations and big changes in your life. If the map includes a marked path, or milestone markers on it, this suggests you already have stated goals that you are working towards.

If the map is very complex this could be a sign you need to find a new approach to something in your life. You may be overcomplicating things, and need to reconsider the way you are thinking about something.

You Dream About a Treasure Map

Dreaming about a treasure map shows you that you are indeed searching and hoping for something. The implication of a treasure map is that it will very much be something valuable to you when you finally reach your destination.

A treasure map in your dreams can relate to a search for yourself, or some aspect of yourself. Treasure can also symbolize money and financial abundance, and that may well be what you are searching for, but that is not always the case.

This dream can also be indicative that something feels missing from your life.

Did you reach your destination in your dream?

This can be a satisfying end to your journey. Reaching your desired location suggests good things like finding solutions to your problems, reaching your goals, making good choices and feeling confident and capable.

If you didn’t reach your destination…

This isn’t always bad, after all sometimes we are woken up before our dreams fully play out, but If your dream is filled with frustration and confusion that keeps you lost and prevents you from arriving, this could indicate any number of negative emotions you are hanging onto.

Fear, worry, anxiety, confusion, anger and so on… any of these emotions can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from seeing clearly what we need to see, so that we can overcome our life’s challenges and accomplish our dreams.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel about maps in everyday life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with maps?
  • Did you feel lost in your dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • How did you feel inside the dream?
  • Do you feel lost or frustrated in any area of your life?

Did you have a dream about a map? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

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  1. We moved to a new house I went to pick up my grandson from school got to his school wasn’t time for him to get out so I went back home or I tried to go home all right seeing this big houses houses couldn’t find my way home with praying to let me see something I recognize if I keep going down street after street with big old houses and I woke up scared

  2. Three times now I have felt about being lost and in unusual situations with my husband either being not willing/unable to help xx

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