City Dream Symbol Meaning

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Did you have a dream that took place in a city? Cities are very symbolic and can have a lot of different meanings in a dream. Paying attention to the details can help you understand what it means to dream about a city and what cities and other large metropolitan areas can mean as a dream symbol.

city dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About a City?

Dreaming of a city can have a wide variety of different meanings. To help you understand what the city in your dreams means, it’s important to pay attention to details, such as colors, and an overall mood and tone of the dream.

All of these things can help you understand how dreaming about a city might relate to your everyday life!

Here are some questions to ask to help you get the details:

What City Did You Dream About?

Where is the city located? Is this a city you have visited before or live in? What are your personal feelings about this particular location?

If you dream about a specific city, it is extremely important consider exactly what the certain city suggests to you on a personal level. For example, dreaming of New York City may mean one thing to you, while dreaming of another city such as Chicago may mean something entirely different.

What Details of The Dream Stand Out Most?

Are there any other notable symbols or characteristics of the dream? For example, did you dream of a certain color sign, road or building? You may want to also look at color meanings in dreams. It can also be helpful to search for other possible symbols in our dream dictionary.

Common City Dream Symbol Meanings

Cities are very complex places – many people, many buildings, traffic, etc. etc. All of these moving parts work together. Therefore, one possible dream meaning of a city is that you are thinking about a very complex problem or situation in your life.

Rapid Changes & Fast Paced Lifestyle

Dreaming of a city could represent a lively and quick paced lifestyle. Perhaps situations in your life are changing rapidly and you’re not able to stay up to date with all of the day-to-day events.


Many people associate going to a city with the goal of looking for new opportunities. It is very possible that dreaming of a city could mean you have a optimistic and positive outlook for things to change for the better.

Work & Business

Cities are often associated with work and business. Most major companies do their business in large metropolitan areas. If you are dreaming of working in a city, it could mean you are looking to either find a new career opportunity or you are struggling to find a balance between work and your personal life.

Other City Dream Meanings

To imagine the city is destroyed indicates that you are neglecting your social connections and permitting them to diminish. If you are in a deserted city, this may indicate that you really feel loneliness or detachment from friends or family. You may be looking for ways to enjoy your life outside of the usual routines.

To envision an undersea or below ground city signifies your subconscious as well as how you relate to others. These types of cities often show you have emotions or feelings about a situation, especially one relating to others in your life.

Do you have a dream about a city you would like to share? Comments are always welcome below!

18 thoughts on “City Dream Symbol Meaning”

  1. I just had a weird dream. I was lost in a vertical city where you entered places by going through the windows. There was no end to it. I was picked up by the DEA in the first part of the dream with a small bag of white powder, which they then analyzed and found no drugs present, so they let me go. Even gave me the powder back. Then I was on these large granite steps and walked down a little lane and climbed a staircase. The place was one giant complex. It seemed to be in the future, because I’d ask about things, and people had no idea what I was talking about, although we spoke the same language.

  2. I just had a weird dream.I was lost in a vertical city where you entered places by going through the windows. There was no end to it. I was picked up by the DEA in the first part of the dream with a bag of white powder, which they then analyzed and found no drugs present, so they let me go. Even gave me the powder back. Then I was on these large granite steps and walked down a little lane and climbed a staircase. The place was one giant complex. It seemed to be in the future, because I’d ask about things, and people had no idea what I was talking about, although we spoke the same language.

  3. I dream of going to an old part of spain, wearing a pale blue dress, i am always happy and there are lots of happy people, i am isually lost and get help to where i want to be . Sometimes i am successful and find it myself. The buildings are old and made from stone like in medieval times and there is always a a large magnificent church there.

  4. I dreamt about being in a city where all the people, some I know, where dressed in white and gold. I couldn’t find my way out even tho I knew the city. I would be walking around and come across an old friend who wanted me to go with them as they said they would help me find my way home or wanted to have sex with me. I wasn’t scared but just wanted to go home as I had enough of the party but could find my way out.

  5. I have dreamt about a perfect city, all in white, there was a huge sqaure in the middle and all the majestic tall building were surrounding them.. On the sqaure there were majestic fountains and all the people were hanging around them, the feeling was exciting and i wanted to have fun and hang with my friends on that sqaure as well 🙁 in real life cities are so boring and depresing that we dont hang anymore outside… The building in Dreams were so majestic, like temples, zigurats and skyscraper but all in white and marble, i even remeber lion sculptures all around the city….

  6. I’ve built an entire city in my dreams. There’s a high school, university with dorms, a downtown, a neighborhood with the rich side and the other side of the tracks. I even have an out of town and a vacation spot, mall, parking lot, and more. Every time I dream, it happens in this city I built.

    There’s a hotel I visit, and I love the buffet, and they have a casino and a Waterpark. I get excited when I dream I’m there because I love the buffet so much.

    I don’t know why I’ve built this city in my dreams, but I’m always there. Good dreams. Bad dreams. Always the same made up city.

  7. The cities I dream of are always suddenly at a coastline. Some had giant brown cliffs, others had Titanic like harbors, in other it was like the center of London was suddenly on the edge of the water. Other times it would just be a sunny French village. Last night I dreamt of taking a Eurostar to London and from a far I saw half of the city’s high buildings in the ocean sticking out. The details are always spectacular. I didn’t care about the water. In real life I hate cities but I can tolerate the ones I dream off (mixes of london, paris, vienna, french towns, but usually london). However I am from a small town in belgium… and I have no idea why this recurring dream. I have some batophobia and dreams of big buildings might be from stress. Like an obstacle. Or maybe my dislike for cities makes me dream of them drowning.

  8. The other night I dreamt I was in a canoe paddling away from someone or a group of people coming after me and a huge mass of land came into view with huge huge huge detailed monuments and buildings and something in my mind told me that it was China…. I have no idea what this could be related to in my everyday life but this isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream about stumbling across another country or place. Seeing it in the distance and it being so detailed and big left me feeling overwhelmed knowing I was on the other side of the world and it just looked so beautiful! so strange. I also had a dream shortly after that I was in a tall skyscraper with tall buildings surrounding me, very close to my building. Helicopters and planes were passing by the windows almost as if they were the flying cars you see in futuristic examples of cities. It was normal in my dream.

  9. I had a dream that my village turned and developed into a big city when I visited it after some many years. What could that mean?

  10. I dreamt about this name R.S.C few days ago and on that same dream I saw the word ‘Refrast’ or refract ,really don’t know the meaning but when I googled I saw r.s.c as a chemistry organization. Thought it won’t be there on Google but it was.

    I have also dreamt about an hospital in Korea few month ago forgotten all the spellings but there was a lot of ‘ll’ in the spelling and it start with “J” back then when I googled I saw it was an hospital, picture of the building was same in my dream..

    Before the pandemic started I dreamt about white men with black suit in space outside the planet holding a meeting and they were experimenting on bodies, I saw I alot of dead white people in the space ship but not one black dead Bodies…it was a heavy conspiracy affecting only white people.. yesterday I saw another disaster coming from a foreign country Korea or China.. funny story but this was my dreams, I’m from Nigeria never traveled outside my country but I keep seeing things of foreign countries

  11. I had a dream of a city that looked very celestial and beautiful. It was full of gold and reflective glass of different shades of blues. The buildings were tall and many had accents on them such as stars or moons. To move around the city I had to find my way through beautifully woven tapestries that were almost like giant curtains. some of these curtains were just teardrop shaped beads that were different shades of yellow I seemed to be the only one in this city, all was quiet, except for the sound of clinking glass as I took a step. To my sadness, when I turned a corner, It turned out I was not in a city at all! I was in a store full of rugs, it was a very ugly store and the lights were florescent and dreary. I turned back to go back into the peaceful “city”, but it was gone. I was very sad. what does this mean?

  12. I keep on dreaming skyscrapers and am not comfortable with the dream at all. This might be that, I had never lived in a place with scrysrapers . In the dream I keep on seeing skyscrapers with vivid architectural elements…… please help what could be the possible meaning of this?

  13. It was a cloudy day in the city of New York. I was chatting with two famous you tubers, laughing and being happy despite the fact that there was thunder striking in the sky, I then hugged them both and said goodbye. ~The End~

  14. I dream of cities all the time. Always a different, unfamiliar city. It’s always night-time and i’m either running away from someone who is chasing me down, or i’m looking for someone who i lost. There is almost always a feeling of either fear or panic.

  15. I recently saw a dream about a stunning cityscape. It was a beautiful view from a higher place but not full of compact buildings upto the horizon. Maybe there was a hill behind. And I was also walking down a long wide staircase possibly on a building’s rooftop, leading to one of the exits of the building. Anyways the view was not what I recognise in the waking life but felt like I live/work in that city in the dream. There was no much rush, just business-as-usual and the time was of a clear blue sky afternoon as some of the high buildings had an yellow light falling on them. Overall a well lit and calm scene. It filled me with vastness and beauty. I usually don’t have such dreams.

  16. I have had several dreams of different cities.They are during the day I am alone and these are places that I have never been to or seen before. The latest one I was standing in front of a beautiful building and again not knowing were I was, but not feeling lost at all. I had assumed that maybe it was something from my past life but I just don’t know.


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