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Earthquake Dream Meaning

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Did you have a dream about an earthquake? Learning what an earthquake means in your dreams can help you understand your current thoughts and feelings about a situation in your life.

earthquake dream meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Earthquake?

An earthquake is a natural event that happens when the earth shakes. Earth quakes happen in our physical world as a result of shifts in the earth’s crust or when there is volcanic activity. Understanding why earthquakes happen in real life can help us understand what earthquakes can symbolize in dreams.

Here are some common themes that are present in dreams about an earthquake.

Sudden Shifts & Changes

An earth quake happens often suddenly and without warning. If you are going through rapid changes in your life, it can seem quite literally like the whole world is falling apart.

Dreaming about an earthquake can mean that you are uncertain about going through new changes in your life.

If your current life seems pretty routine, it can possibly mean that something significantly earth shattering happened in your past. It could also mean you are harboring feelings about something that may surface unexpectedly.

Changing Routines & Finding Variety

An earthquake quite literally “shakes things up”. If you feel like your life has become very routine and boring, then this dream might be a subtle message to try something new.

It may be an indication that you are afraid of making changes. You might have concerns that making changes in your current life would have devastating effects instead of being a change for the better.

This dream may especially be about changing if you see other common dream symbols that suggest changes and transformation. For example, dreaming about people dying in an earthquake or even an apocalypse situation can suggest change and transformation in a dream.

Resilience and Recovery

Sometimes an earth quake in a dream means that everything might be difficult for a short time, but you will be able to get through it. This is especially true if you dream about an earthquake and survive through it with no harm to yourself or your personal property.

If you escape harm when an earthquake happens in a dream, your higher self is sending you a message that although you are upset, everything with be alright and that recovery will be easy for you.

If you are rebuilding or cleaning up after an earth quake in a dream, this means you are able to recover and bounce back from difficult situations easily.

Can Dreaming of an Earthquake Predict One Happening in Real Life?

Dreaming of an earthquake can also possibly be a very literal dream. However, just because you dream of an earthquake, this does not necessarily mean one is going to happen as a result of the dream.

Most often, especially if you live in an earthquake prone area, you may be having this dream as a subconscious way to express fear and anxiety about an earthquake happening.

If you live in a place that is prone to earthquakes, it is quite probable that an earth quake might happen in the future – even if you had not dreamed about one!

Other Earthquake Dream Meanings

If harm comes to you during the dream this indicates that you are afraid if something bad happens you may not be able to quickly recover your losses. Sometimes an earth quake in a dream can happen in conjunction with symbols related to wealth, finance and business.

If you dream of property damage or dream about losing money as a result of the earthquake, it is very likely that you are afraid of experiencing losses.

Understanding The People in Dreams Where an Earthquake Happens

Earth quakes can also be a natural dream to have when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Often times when someone we love dies, we feel as if our whole life is turned upside down, especially if the person is someone you were close to.

If in your dream you have visions of something that reminds you someone who has passed on recently, this very likely could be a release type of dream to help you process these feelings and emotions of grief.

If you dream that someone is killed as a result of an earthquake, this can mean that a part of yourself or the relationship with the person you dreamed about is changing.

If the person is a symbol of part of yourself, it could mean that you may make a quick and rapid change to your appearance or how you feel about something in your life.

If this is a dream where the person is a symbol for themselves or someone else in your life, it could mean your relationship with each other is undergoing changes you feel uncertain about.

Have you had a dream about an earthquake? What details were vivid and memorable for you? What was happening in your current everyday life that might explain why you dreamt of an earth quake happening? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. In my dream I was just sleeping when I felt everything shake. I shook, and I could also feel my bed shaking. I sort of woke up and was able to see one of my floating shelf, but I then proceeded to just try and go back to sleep. It almost felt kind of comforting though. Like I wasn’t scared.

  2. I had two dream about an earthquake. They happened one night after the other. I don’t understand what they mean, but the first dream was my boyfriend and I playing around and just hanging out in my bedroom. Then all of a sudden the room started shaking so we went to the hall way. Nobody was hurt at all and I woke up fine and went start back to bed.
    The second one was my old classmates and I were in a classroom that I’ve never seen before (at least in this life) and then again very suddenly the room started to shake and shake hard so we got under the table. But like before nothing was broken and nobody got hurt and I was able to sleep again.
    Why would I have two dreams about earth quakes two nights in a row.

  3. It’s a positive sign.
    Family going through major change or challenge but will likely be ok.
    The change might be scary.

  4. I very seldom dream, but last night I dreamt that there were several huge earthquakes in our area. I live in Marion, Illinois which is on a fault line (New Madrid fault line) .. but I only remember having my phone and showing someone how big the earthquake was when another one hit. Then I woke up!

  5. I dreamt my family and I were at my grandmother’s house at a family dinner and it began shaking. I asked, “Is this an earthquake?” My cousin replied, “Yes!” We all went to one area of the house and the next thing the house was removed from the foundation. The house was moving around town and we were all terrified. The house finally hit a brick building and we ran out of the house. I remember crying and praising God that we made it out safely.

    I am currently going through a divorce and it has been really difficult and frightening (he’s very aggressive). I took this dream to mean it will be difficult and scary, but I will be ok and without harm in the end. #Confirmation

    P.S. I have NEVER dreamt about an earthquake before.

  6. I dreamed that I was with a group of girls that I am in rehab with and we were, I believe in California and the entire middle of the city collapsed, and only a few of us survived, and afterwards I was kidnapped by a couple girls and a guy, and I was severely raped and stabbed. I am in recovery for cocaine and going back to the rehab on Wednesday. I had to come home for something. I am scared about going back and terrified of making changes.

  7. I’ve dreamed how I’m with my GF from my early 20s (now I’m 41) and two other people (a guy and a girl), we’re going home walking in the early morning hours through our town, when all of a sudden, we start walking back, we’re very upset, and when we arrive only some part of the way back we stop and realize why we’re so scared – we suddenly become aware that there will be an earthquake, so we start running back, as if we’re trying to get away from the danger, which we do after getting back through labyrinth of allies, from where we began returning. Then we stop, turn around and watch as buildings start to collapse in the center of the town, right behind us. We manage to recover and get inside some tunnels in series of buildings, for which we think are safe. As we get to a place where we can see outside again, we see nearby buildings start to collapse as well. Then, when it calms down, I get a phone (old mobile phone, Nokia) and call my parents to see if they’re alright. My mom answers, still sleeping (it’s very early morning, or still late), I tell her what happened, she can hardly believe, she’s panicked, but both she & my dad are Okay – I tell them what to do and let them know I’m fine. Soon we close, after I know they’re both still fine, knowing I’ll be meeting them soon (no idea how),
    I’m again with the same 3 people, and we start going through tunnels beneath huge buildings, or maybe just underground, and suddenly we run upon a pig, abandoned, I suggest we take it with us, cuz it has much better smell than dogs & might help us. We do, the pig truly starts smelling the road/path in front of us, we eventually get to the other side, where we see other fallen down buildings and people who’ve survived start coming out. We’re looking at the sky for help from helicopters and other aircrafts, then, certain soldier-like individuals begin appearing, but very few, armed, I’m having an argument with some of them, and for some reason, I start running again, trying to find a safe space once again….
    Soon, I wake up!

  8. Saya memimpikan gempa terjadi didesaku yang akhirnya dengan didatangi banjir sampai2 bisa kumpul kembali dengan selamat dengan keluarga,apa rahasia dari mimpi ini

  9. I and my husband are walking then suddenly we felt the earthquake. The building we are into is starting to crack when i looked up. And I was calling for my husband, as if we were suddenly apart and didn’t know where he is. I tried to composed and woke myself up. I was then relieved it was only a dream. But recalling it, i’m not sure if it’s anhospital building that we were into

  10. I dreamt that I was in a deep sleep when suddenly my room shakes and I couldn’t move a muscle to get up from my bed. What could it possibly mean?

    1. 🤦🏿 I had those happen to me.
      It’s called outer body experiences aka sleep paralysis.
      Sometimes one sees himself/herself in the air looking over ones body. Also the person has a heavy weighted feel of can’t lift ones body up or even get out of bed. Shaking and other things may happen.
      If it happens too often it means make a serious change in your life.

    2. I dreamed I was in a huge earth quake a girl friend and I I was falling off this cliff and a ring was coming off and I caught it the girl and I survived with nothing happened to us but very scarry

  11. I was at a grocery store with my mom and sister, then my mom and I got into an argument which I cant remember. (we usually argue). Then I move on separately to buy whatever I have to witbout them. I am in an aisle where all of a sudden i see everything shaking and feel it too but nobody seems to be reacting to it. It happens the second time and nobody reacts. Then i leave the aisle to go find my mom and sister, i only Found my sister. She said that my mom is going to wait inside the car when all the sudden I felt the third earthquake and she was reacting to the earthquake to where I’m like this is actually real! So the grocery store that we were at announced that they’re going to lock down the store and the parking lot. But in time my sister and I escaped out the grocery store…found my mom parked inside the parking lot and we ended up leaving. But then at the end nobody was reacting anymore like it didn’t happen. It felt like I wasn’t being heard or nobody was getting what I saw and felt. I just broke down… then zapped out and all of a sudden I’m up and I’m crying.

  12. My dream was about an earthquake. I was with my mom. We ran to an open ground when the earthquake happened. But neother my mom nor me was scared.

  13. I dreamed of me and my family being a part of earth quake but we survived .but we were very scared and running to save ourselves. What does that means ? Right after waking from a nap and sleeping again?

    1. If you and family survived…
      It means your going through or might experience a sudden change or challenge. The result will be very likely positive.
      Especially if you’re able to nap again without fear.

      1. I dreamt of me carrying my youngest son, then a light earthquake began and i started to call and give my eldest instructions on what to do. Nothing happened to us in that dream of mine.

  14. My dream was me and my sister wete standing outside in the dark standing by this older year comvertable red i looked up at the sky it was like it was light out and saw a image of a sun in the middle was a lions face smiling with his eyes closed in the clouds we were try to take piks but it was gone by the time i got mine out

    1. My dream was me and my sister was in a one bedroom and my cousin when the whole place started to shake my cousin was the one who run outs don’t choose the house we are my mom just passed away but my sister and IWe are still in their room when it was shaking it shook for a very long time but I learned the following morning but which shop in Jamaica

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