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Road Dream Symbol Meaning

road dream meaning
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We often see roads in our dreams, and the experiences you have in dreams about a road can have a lot of meaning in your life. Understanding what this dream means can help you with your path in life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Roads?

road dream meaning

A road is often a sign of where we are headed in life and our current direction and path we are on. Dreams about roads are indicators of your current life path. Are you on the right track?

Your overall mood in the dream and the tone of the setting will give you a lot of information. Did you feel confident and able to go anywhere? Or did you feel like you were lost or unable to stay on the right path?

Roads can lead us to new opportunities – or they can lead us into trouble. Sometimes a road can be a symbol for temptations or the fear of missing out, especially if you are faced with choosing one road over another in a dream.

If you are driving in a car in your dream, it is helpful to also look up the meaning of automobiles, cars, and other vehicles. Often times, driving or being a passenger in a car relates to how much in control you feel.

Types of Roads We May Encounter in Our Dreams

There are many different types of roadways in our physical lives – and naturally this means there are also many different types of roads and passage ways in our dreams! Was it a busy 6 lane highway? Or were you driving on a gravel country road in the middle of nowhere?

Identifying the types of road you were on will help you understand more deeply into what the dream means.

Here are some common examples:

Busy City Highway: A busy highway that is hard to drive on can mean that you are on a very busy and fast paced path in life. You may have too many things coming at you at once and it is time to let some things go.

This dream may be suggesting that you would like to slow down. Being stuck in traffic might mean you are aware of feeling like you need to make some changes, but are unsure of how to actually do them.

The Open Road for Adventure: Do you see a wide open road like the one pictured above? This can mean you are seeking new opportunities. You may even see something promising in the distance, such as a brightly lit city. This can mean that you should pursue any new opportunities that are presented to you.

Driving Into a Storm: If you see a storm ahead or a large mountain in the distance on the road, this could mean you are concerned about upcoming problems or that you do not have a very bright outlook for the future. You may have anxiety about an upcoming challenge in your life.

Driving backwards: Driving in reverse on a road can mean one of two things. It can mean that you are affected by something that may have happened in the past, or it can mean that you are needing to go back and look at something that happened a little more carefully.

Walking on a Road: Walking on a road symbolizes that you are looking for the right path for you to be on in your life. If you are walking with other cars speeding by, it could mean you are putting too much energy on comparing yourself to others.

Street With Houses: If you dream of a street with many houses or perhaps a street in a city or town, it can be helpful to understand what houses mean in our dreams. Often times, a house represents ourselves, and so it may mean you are looking for where you belong in life.

Other Common Types of Dreams With Roads

If the road is foggy and difficult to to navigate this indicates you may be lacking direction or security with your current life path. You may be feeling uncertain about where your life is headed.

If the road is uneven, dark, or difficult to drive on, this could symbolize that you may need to make changes in your waking life to get back on the right path.

When you dream of a road that is scary or spooky, it could mean you need to face and confront your fears in order to navigate through life easier.

If the road is smooth and easy to navigate this portends to your ability to navigate through your life with ease and that you are currently on the right path.

If there is a split in the path, this is typically symbolic of a life changing choice that you are considering or that you will need to make in the near future.

Did you have a dream about being on a road? What do you think it meant? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. I dreamed that I was the passenger in a car where the road went straight up into the clouds. I didn’t feel scared. It went up and around. I do know that you had to have the windows up so the car wouldn’t fall of the highway. The road eventually turned into a cartoon. I don’t remember where it led me, but I know I needed to take that road. I do remember I do need to show my kids, but I needed to make sure the safety locks were on the doors. My kids are 14 n 21. I do remember thinking I need to drive back. Fear was never a feeling in my dream. I was more surprised about it. Felt happy. What does it mean? Thank you.

  2. My regular dream is set in a real place. In fact, I dreamed it last night.
    I’m re-enacting a journey I did many times as a child, going from my house to the shops to a newsagents to buy a comic book.
    Only in the dream it’s night.
    The shops are lit up and open but the goods for sale are faded and hard to see and there is no one real, just like lit up shadows, moving about and murmuring. Same with the cars, just shadowy moving but without substance and with no headlamps lit.
    The comic book isn’t available, even though I search and go into rooms in the newsagents that were out of bounds in real life, upstairs and right through what would have been a back yard.
    I’m standing outside the next shop down feeling a bit fed up like I would in real life if the comic book wasn’t there, then I wake up.
    In reality, the comic book hasn’t been published for years and the newsagents is no longer a newsagents, although the shop block is still there.
    I get a feeling that if I went back and acted out the dream and bought something it would somehow make everything complete.

  3. i can’t remember where i parked my car , i keep looking for it but can never find it, and my children get mad at me because i can;t remember

  4. I have a dream I was traveling and suddenly a big river appears in the road which is not suppose to be there, I don’t know if I fall Inside or not, but I was about to fall inside the water. I did not see my self inside the river but I think I was falling inside

  5. My dream jus last night, a man told me the rivers are dying. We walked miles but it only felt like seconds on the road, I had my skateboard but I looked down on the road and only realized how bad it looked and it was wet I couldn’t ride my skateboard, Nd I looked up to see the man was still walking up ahead, but in front of him there were a forest i I thought to myself the river must be ahead. I looked back and saw a group of people still behind us, in my dream that group of people was my class (back in elementary) she yelled at us to wait bc we were far ahead. Nd we did, when the group caught up I looked back at the man and he was gone, I woke up after and fell back to sleep, I dreamt of being in a river and this man showed me a fish with bones on the outside Of it’s body, I automatically felt Fear of being in the water, but he made me watch him, and as he dug up something in the water, he showed me this ball as tiny as a pearl, it had blood inside and I looked up at my surroundings the night sky was dark and foggy I got out the water and realized how dark it was, the man was gone but I had a fishers net in my hand and i completely felt shame

  6. Dream where I drove to a t-junction with my wife and she went to the right and I drove to the left

    1. this dream is self explanatory. An issue might arise where your opinion will be very different from your wife’s. Don’t let it lead to emotional then marital breakup

  7. in my dream it was all in colour at 1st. I was being driven in a car to some destination. and I was given a motorbike as a gift and I had to ride home. and didn’t know were I was going I came apon old street that had no cobbles or foot paths just ruff ground that I had to ride over but did with ease. it was getting dark at this point. at the end of the street was another smother road going into two different directions one was hilly the other not so much but going either left or right with the left being the more hiller side I stopped and asked a man to find out were I was only to be told they didn’t know and I had to chose which road to take in the background that over shadowed the roads was a tower block of flats so i pushed my bike to the entrance
    were somebody told me to come in as it was getting dark I tried to ask how to get home and were I was the dream wasn’t bad in any way it felt so real that I could feel the wind on my head the person said to me just stay here and ill try and help you but they disappeared it seemed to take ages for them to come back when the lifts in the building opened and the person said come with me you cant stay here come with me into the lift then I woke up like I said the dream wasn’t disturbing in any way but idd love to know what it means I know it could mean you need to choose a direction in life but it seemed to be more than that

  8. I have had a dream so many times throughout my life about driving a car straight up and was so afraid that it was going to fall backwards. Other times, I’ve been driving straight down and was afraid the rear end was going to flip over the front end. Horrible, horrible dreams. What do those mean?

  9. I had a dream that there were people walking next to me on an empty highway but I was riding like a basket/ little car type thing.

  10. In my dream I was on a highway, A highway that I Felt familiar with, that was very wide about four lanes wide I could see all the lines on the highway vividly and I was walking. There were tall Jersey barriers on each side, very similar to the beltway where I live. What struck me the most is how peaceful the road was. The cars were not racing they were very peaceful and taking their time….moving slowly. They’re were tall trees on each side and the sky was getting dark almost like right before night time. But the sky was almost a little bit eerie, the darkness. Like when a storm is about to come, a calm Erie look and feel.

  11. I am with my family in car. Husband is driving but we are stuck in some place. I take over and drive out of it, but when we move ahead, we get stuck again. I am driving into the same spot over and over again and we are unable to come out of it. it’s a spooky street with houses, with no lights. I am trying to navigate out but we get into same spot again. and we are running low on gas. kids fall asleep in car.

  12. I was driving on a highway with my husband in the passenger seat, and my oldest two kids in the back seat, and I saw this curb coming, and because my car has been giving me actual problems lately; I told him “omg i don’t think i can make this turn” and It was too late to move to the next lane, so I drove on the bump in the highway which through me over the highway; felt a sudden rush in my stomach (as if you’re on a downhill rollercoaster) and we finally land, but everyone survived. This dream keeps happening to me every couple of days, and today I woke up crying in my sleep.

    Can someone help please. 😭😢

  13. I have a dream I waa driving on a road that had missing part in it and when I hit it I couldn’t slow down to go around the curve. Went off the road and was falling I could see my son in the backseat sleeping but when I reached out for my husband I couldn’t touch him. Woke up before hitting the ground. What do my dream mean?

  14. I saw a dream about cars, planes and stork (birds). I am speaking to my family and facing the highway. I show them how the cars and birds zoom past and make us scary. The vehicles in the dream are moving towards our direction. I also see planes flying past a little above the highway. Storks, cars and planes all zooming past us…. and I tell them this is the reason I hate to take this highway. The way they move is very scary.

  15. I have dreams of driving some type of vehicle on a road that was made for air travel. Made of some sort of beams. Seemed to be kinda busy and we were able to see a grand entrance to the destination that still seemed so far away. I’d also have a series of dreams of traveling on some type of floating pad, probably an air mattress, floating in dirty flood water. Also, I’d dream of driving up a longggg ass empty rural road and would have to turn around go all the way back get what ever I had forgotten and then go back up thag lonnnggg ass empry street again

  16. I had a recent dream, that I was on this curved road. I had driven on it a few times before during the day time. One night I was driving with a back seat passenger why he was in the back seat o I don’t know. Anyway my lights went out it was extremely hard to see. To make a long story short, the car never went off the road,my car did not get hit. I remember letting go of the steering wheel a d telling my friend this is it there’s nothing I can do this is our last day on other and all of a sudden the lights came on. What does that mean?

    1. I dream of seeing my self in on nowhere road I miss the road where I can not rocorgnize where IAM I beagining to stop a car to take me to my location in dream but the motor that I stop look like a tororist people I now go away from the area asking for people around the area to help me show me a location where I can see a house to sleep untill the next morning then I wake you please tell me the meaning

  17. what does it mean if you are in the backseat and ur driving up a roading that goes up in the sky kind of then u feel like ur falling and scared

    1. The backseat means you are not in control or that someone or something is “steering” you. Try to remember who or what was in the driver’s seat and you’ll have your answer. Upwards in any dream means achievement it could be academic or financial success or both or something along those lines. Your fear in the dream is more direct of your uneasy feelings towards this. I would say this is about someone or something pressuring you or trying to lead you to succeed in academics or sports or finance but you don’t trust them or are unsure of it but feel little to no control over it despite this person wanting to involve you or mentor you. Hope this helps!

  18. i had a dream i was driving downhill on a spiral road in the fog & I kept telling my husband I couldn’t see & asked him to drive & he kept telling me you can do it. When I got to the bottom of the road the fog cleared & I woke up.

  19. I dream of been walking on a highway and I branch to market all strange people except one even someone wanna accuse me if that that I steal then I went back on the highway

  20. I dreamt that I was in a haste looking for a missed road and the road was not a smooth road it has ups and down and also rough with bushes and stones but there are houses around and it got a point where I saw a man sitting and asked for the road leading to my destination and he showed me and I began the journey again …please I need translation

  21. I had two road dream recently : in the first, I came at a junction and took the left road in which my elder brother marked me and took my blood away . In the second dream I came at the junction and went the left. In Both dreams I was with people .what you do think

  22. It is a confirmation that both of you will have a closer relationship and eventually you will invite her to your home.

  23. So this girl that im probably going into a relationship with apparently had a dream and when she described it to be she said that she was walking down a road with me and there were trees on either side and you couldnt see the sky through the leaves but thats the exact road in all detail that can acctually be found outside my house which she has never been too


  24. I think this is a revelation.

    You would experience stumbling blocks in life, never relent, never give up .. a helping hand is always there for you

  25. I dreamt that i got into a one way lane going the opposite direction. I felt the fear. What does that mean?

  26. I recently changed my life path and dicided to pursue becoming a PT and holistic nutritionist. Yesterday, i signed up to a course to work towards that. I have never felt so confident in something. My intuition was beaming with desire. Lastnight, that night i dreamt that i was walking on a highway, and there were many cars around however at some sort of stand still? Yet moving. I was walking straight, and this playful tiger was running towards me. After doing abit of online reaserch, i feel ive interpreted my dream well. It seems being on the busy road, yet open for me to freely walk, shows i am on the right path, and the tiger being present running towards me reveals the challenges that i will encounter before sucess. I am absolutely more confident in my path since dreaming of the tiger. In the dream i felt confidence, strength, playful, uncertain if this tiger was good haha but it was. I remember staring right into the tigers eyes in my dream conciously telling myself. “This is a tiger interpret its meaning when you wake” which could mean im returning to my ability to lucid dream.

  27. I dreamt I was driving on a road that had been repaved and it was really smooth I saw the flashing lights with signs up stating road work ahead.

  28. I dreamt I was on a road and I was not so scared but allitle confused it was easy to navigate but I wasn’t 100% sure I was going the right way. I met a friend who had a twin and he got to his destination.

    I later saw a familiar house I greeted the people coming out and they asked who I was I said I was a relative then I woke up please someone tell me what it means

  29. I dreamed I was driving down a rough dirt road and I couldn’t hardly see the road. A friend was riding with me then it changed and my daughter was with me instead. Next I was at a stop sign and beside the road was a pot of tropical flowers and a overpass was in front of me- I was now on my way to meet with my deceased mother and my father whom is alive at a hotel.

  30. Last week I went to do assignment for dump truck and I made a mistake .they asked me why I didn’t do it the other way around and I was told to step out of the truck but they didn’t erase my name or anything ..then I woke up with a dream where there was blocked road buh I went through then when I got back there was flowing of water in the road and the road was steep .it wasn’t hard to drive through to the top but I received a call and woke up before going up .. what does it mean ?

  31. I dreamt about wide, concrete and newly constructed road in the middle of forest. Nobody were there, road is surrounded by big big tress and I saw that road lead to the mountain. I was just walking and from a distance I watched that mountain.

  32. A trailer was packed blocking the road and one of the doorway flanked open to the direction I was heading to pass. At a point I couldn’t walk through the space because it was rough and cracky. And the driver who was inside the truck advised me not to push further or else I will fall inside a ditch. As I wanted to turned back the leftover part cracked again and not long two men came to my rescue and lifted me out.

  33. My dream.gray road with high dry looking tall grass on both sides moving like curves feeling so open

  34. My dream i was driving my truck and people where shooting cars in the McDonald’s parking lot. Then it jumped to night time me riding a mountain bike down a dark road and I know the road and decided to cut through and my rear break was broke so i had to use my foot on the rear tire to stop. Then I kept changing down this path i know to get to my sister’s house but the road changed and I was in my girlfriends village and there was kids i know talking who play with my oldest daughter. It was extremely dark but i was easily getting around, my anxious fear went away after I had to use my foot coming down the hill after that it was just darkness and I didn’t bother me. Especially when i heard the kids I knew. But I told myself in the dreams the roads changing from all these towns dont make sense wake up and i did.

  35. I’ve had 2 road dreams since I was a kid. 1. Very narrow road that is floating high up in sky (like a bridge but not a bridge), one wrong turn and you fall off. 2. A road that had a very steep upward hill that was hard to get up, and at times would fall backwards or feel like car would flip backwards… Both instances I was the driver…

    1. I have had the latter dream many times. The ocean could be seen to the left, sometimes and to the right, sometimes. I was also the driver and feared slowing down, for fear the car would fall off the road.

    2. I had the same dream last night. High up and narrow like a bridge. Then I carefully navigated down. It was harrowing. What do you think it means

  36. I dreamt about walking on a road, it was road was a bit small and narrow, and funny enough i was with four guys, two and my front and two with me, the two at the front was holding a goat and the two at the back was also holding a gaot, we where all walking on dat road, i couldn’t finish it because my younger sister woke me up

  37. My dream was trying to cross a road with many cars coming from different roads & this happened many times in this dream

  38. You dream where you are working with a two hammers and two dogs were trying to attack you and you change the two dog I will looking for a road and you saw someone and the person directed you to an Express Road what does that mean

  39. I have had dreams about roads that Go straight up or straight down. Can you please show an explanation of what it means?

  40. What does it mean when you’re driving up a hilly wet road after a rain pressing the pedal and the accelerator doesn’t work the road is slightly at a curve and it goes backwards loses grip and falls of the side with me as the driver – I free fall into the air in the car knowing it’s the end –

    1. I was standing on one side to cross to the other side of the house, it was too dark and scary but a man hold my hand to help but I couldn’t move my legs.
      After a strangle I managed to cross it with the help of the man.

  41. I have dreamt about roads few times which gives me a strange feeling. But After reading this article, I am feeling some what better

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