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Junk and Junkyard Dream Meaning

junkyard dream meaning
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Did you have a dream about junk or a junkyard? Read on to learn the meaning of this dream.

Junk is a word that conjures up a lot of imagery. Initially, the inherent feeling might be something negative. However, we’re going to explore the many facets of the word and how it applies to the dream world and everyday life.

For most people the term “junk” refers to clutter and things that are no longer useful. These things in our lives are now in the way since they no longer serve a function. That’s the essence of what junk is.

Perhaps we consider it to be trash. It’s going out to the curb with the rest of our garbage. It is garbage, refuse, clutter, excess, useless, damaged, and having no purpose any more. We use the word junk to sum up all of these things.

We could even use the word “Junky” to describe something that had been outworn its lifespan or has taken a beating.

We’ll explore the theme of the junkyard shortly, but that is a place where a car that has been totaled or wrecked, or has been in disrepair will end up. These words may come across with a negative connotation. We’re going explore both the positive and negative meanings of this symbol in a dream.

What It Means to Dream About Junk and Junkyards

Now that we’ve covered what our associations with junk may be, let’s look at some common themes that occur in a dream about junk.


When we dream about a messy work place or home environment, it may make us anxious. The walls may be closing in a way. Rooms filled with things that we may never find a use for ever again, yet there may be a sense of holding on to these things.

Clutter often times can have sentimental value. Perhaps we lost a loved one and don’t want to let go of some of the belongings they gave us. It can be hard to let go of that sentimentality. However, it can also be the proverbial burden.

How many of us have a junk drawer in our homes? We sometimes have places in our houses where we will throw our random artifacts that we think we may find a use for later. Old batteries, nails/screws, toys, pens, coupons, old notebooks, etc. We’ll find a use for it someday, right?

The dream may be alluding to trying to find a use for something that might have long outlived its purpose.

Do you have a box or booklet full of old format music? CD’s and cassette tapes? VHS? Vinyl records are coming back! You may be searching for something useful with this imagery.

All too often we may hold onto these things thinking we will find a use for them, but in reality they are just taking up space and they end up serving no purpose. The last thing is that acknowledging this clutter (we could even refer to it as a “mess”), is the idea that we could eventually let it go.

Maybe you’re thinking about doing a little Spring Cleaning? It is symbolic that every spring we go through our junk and get rid of things. It can be cleansing. The dream could be signifying a liberating feeling of shedding the unnecessary.


There is a saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. In there we have to decide if something is “trash” and if it is “treasure”.

When we see something that’s broken or discarded, sometimes we think of how we might reuse it, or discard it. It could offer you some purpose. This inanimate object has given you something to do. Take it apart and learn how it works. Maybe you might never get it to work again, but now you know how it works.

There is an element of discovery; deconstruction. The dream may give you a mixed feeling of trying to find a purpose in something that others might have deemed useless. This is why we visit garage sales, flea markets, estate sales, etc. We want to breathe new life into an object.

The imagery here might bring you to think about using something called a found object. It’s something that is used for something other than its original intended purpose.

This interpretation could allude to trying to find a solution to a problem; possibly there’s a square peg you’re trying to fit into a round hole. This theme has a lot to do with problem solving. Something is broken or doesn’t fit and a solution is needed. This is a time to think unconventionally and outside of the box, so to speak.

Moving on From the Past

Another common theme that occurs in a dream about junk is a sign that it is time to move forward from the past. It’s time to let go and begin looking for new things in life.

The image of the junkyard often brings to mind acres and acres of old, rusty automobiles that are rotting away in the sun. Cars that have been totaled or in accidents and can no longer drive. It sounds kind of dismal. However, to the right person it could be a veritable gold mine! Although a particular vehicle might not be drivable anymore it could still be home to some valuable and useful parts, and usually at a discount.

Think about events happening in your current life – is there anything that is broken, neglected or dismal? It could be time to let go of these things and move on, whether they be related to toxic relationships or your career.

Finding Creative Solutions

Dreaming of a junkyard could portend to repairing something in our lives that we still have a use for. Maybe the handle broke off of a door or the cars mirror was broken. A person could go to the junkyard and find a replacement part and do it themselves. This again repeats the theme of one person’s trash being another person’s treasure.

Perhaps even in our own daily lives and relationships we can work to find solutions by unconventional means. Thinking outside the box, so to speak. Another thing to consider is that when searching for something in a junkyard, we often need our own set of tools to work with.

We will need to take something apart in order to reuse it for our own needs; putting something back together. The toolset is a metaphor for finding the “right tool for the job”. Maybe you need a bigger hammer? Do you have the right screwdriver to get out that stubborn part? It conjures up the idea of ingenuity and critical thinking.

A junkyard’s sole purpose is to serve as a place to find functionality for things that don’t fully serve their purpose anymore. And there’s a sense of accomplishment for fixing a problem and giving new life to something that would otherwise be discarded.

Common Examples of Junk/Junkyard Dreams

Now that we’ve gone over some of the common themes that occur in dreams about junk, let’s look at some dream interpretations of specific examples and what they mean.

Dreaming About Clutter or Junkyard

Dreaming about junk and clutter can signify a certain area of your life that needs some attention. Cleaning up after yourself, and being tidy.
Are you the kind of person that collects things and eventually those things take up too much space? These cab eventually become a source of anxiety; possibly depression. Do you want to minimize an overabundance of things you may never use?

Driving a Junk Car

Dreaming about a car that is junk can be a symbol of how in control you feel of your current life’s circumstances. If the car is not running, it can be a symbol for feeling that you do not have the ability to fix what you want to change in life. If you are repairing the junk car, it can be a symbol that you will be able to find creative solutions to challenges you are currently facing.

Fixing and Repairing a Piece of Junk

Does your dream revolve around finding a solution to a problem? Or is something broken in your life that needs a repair? It could be physical or internal.

This is a dream that means you are looking for ways to resolve a current conflict in your life. Is there some aspect of your daily waking life you wish to improve? This could range from your relationships to career to home environment.

Getting Rid of Junk

To dream about getting rid of junk means that you are ready for big changes in your life. You may be ready to eat healthier, exercise, move somewhere new or even start a new relationship or career path.

Questions to Ask Yourself About This Dream

When having a dream about junkyards or junk, it’s important to ask yourself questions pertaining to the dream that will better help you understand what it means.

Here are some things to ask:

  • How do you feel in the dream?
  • Is there anything in your current life that is broken or neglected?
  • Are you starting new projects and looking to move forward?
  • What are your personal associations with junk? Do you see it as an opportunity to repurpose or does it cause you stress and anxiety?

Asking yourself these questions can help you better understand the meaning of the dream.

Did you have a dream about Junk or Junkyards? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

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  1. My dream was about being with other people ( I’m not social) we were wandering through a car junk yard looking for a vehicle for our mission/ adventure. All of them rusty and missing parts.. then the lot owner came up to us and said we should take this old blue van, it didn’t have doors on one side or a hood on the front. But he had us get in and told us we should get it because.. it runs! He took us on a drive over uneven ground, I was on the doorless side clinging to the seat, kinda terrified that I’d fall out and die but I didn’t. When we stopped he asked us if we wanted the van. The others said ok but I wanted to be sure we got doors for it, they asked why we needed doors. The van was ugly and I just drove a long way clinging on in the wind so as not to fall off. I was explaining how that was dangerous and we should get doors Then I woke up.

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