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Queen Dream Meaning & Interpretation

what does a queen mean in dreams
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A queen is a person of royalty, and it’s not unusual to dream of queens and kings or even princesses and knights in our dreams. Understanding the meaning of a queen in our dreams can help us discover quite a lot about ourselves and how it applies to our current waking life.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Queen?

A queen in our dreams often signifies feelings of power and being in charge. We often see queens as majestic leaders of a nation or empire. Royalty in our dreams can be a sign of feeling like we are deserving better in our own lives or it can mean that we are feeling like we are on top of the world.

Power & Leadership

The queen is a symbol of strength and power. If you dream of this symbol, it could mean that you are preparing to lead the way into victory in some aspect of your life.

Are you kind and benevolent in your leadership of others, or do you behave like a cruel dictator? Do you feel as if you are a worthy leader? Sometimes this dream symbol will appear when you may feel like you are not as fully in control as you would like to be.

A queen can also often be a character archetype in our dreams – see types of people in dreams to understand more about dream archetypes.

A Role Model for a Better World

In this dream meaning, You may feel as if others look up to you, or that you have a responsibility to do what is right for all people, not just yourself. You may feel an unexplainable urge to help others and to help them see the big picture of where they are in life.

You may be involved in a number of humanitarian causes, such as equal rights for all and the fair and humane treatment of animals or people.

A Symbol for The Queen of God

Many people associate Mary as the Queen of God, and it can be a symbol for some to tap into their spiritual gifts or explore their spirituality in more depth.

Often times, we see this manifesting as miracles in our own lives, and we hold a great sense of nurturing, respect for life and a feminine aspect to ourselves.

Common Examples of Queens in Dreams: Dreams Interpreted

Dreaming You are a Queen: This could mean that you have a desire to be in charge. It can mean that you feel called to be a leader and to lead others into victory or a better situation in the world.

Dreaming of Being a Servant to a Queen: You may feel like your talents are going unused or that you are not fully appreciated for who you are. You may feel as if you are serving others in some aspect of your life.

Running Away from a Queen: Dreams of being chased are common, and often are a symbol of being afraid of something. You may be worried about taking on new responsibilities or stepping into a leadership position in your career or other event in your life.

Beheading by A Queen: If you dream of being beheaded by a queen, or a queen shouting, “Off With Their Heads!”, it could potentially mean that you feel as if you are being treated injustly or that you are being punished. You may not be fully seeing the truth in a situation.

Queen of Hearts: If you see a queen of hearts playing card, it could mean that you are feeling in power and are trying to decide what is just and fair for all. You may be unsure of whether to show the truth to others.

Tips to Understand What This Dream Means

In order to best understand what this dream means, it is helpful to pay attention to all of the details of the dream. These little details can give you subtle suggestions for the true meaning of this dream and help you learn to interpret dreams effectively.

Where did the dream take place? Did it happen at a large majestic castle full of intricate architecture? Or were you in a large arena? Did the setting of the dream take place at night or in the daytime? Did you see clouds in the dream?  Take into account all of the details of the setting, such as time and place.

Who was in the dream? The people in the dream can mean many different things. Sometimes these people we dream about may actually may be actors or actresses starring as ourselves!

What Other Symbols Stand Out? For example, if you dream of the queen riding a horse, or you riding a horse to run away from a queen, you may want to look at the meaning of horses in dreams. The more you pay attention to these other details, the clearer the dream interpretation will be!

What was your mood? Often times our overall feelings and mood while we are dreaming can give us a lot of information. If you feel happy and peaceful in the dream, this of course is a very good indication of feeling happy and peaceful in life. On the contrast, if the dream is a nightmare and you have feelings of fear or sadness it can mean that there is something in your waking life that is troubling you.

Have you had a dream about queens or other dreams that involve royalty? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. I have never had a dream about Royalty before, but I did last night!
    What I recall is seeing a young Queen Elizabeth, no crown or pretense, we were just talking, laughing, dancing and singing! It was a very happy dream! Then I woke up? I was befuddled because I wasn’t thinking of her or anything?

  2. I have n e ve!r dreamed about Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

    We were behind the scenes, and about to walk up the stairs which lead to the stage entrance (it was quite dark backstage, and there were several people lined up behind the Queen and I. The Queen was in front of me. And she was donned in a knee-length cream silk brocade dress. She wore neither hat nor crown. She did sport a matching handbag (purse) though.

    The Queen was giving me a bit of a telling off (she were admonishing me). She said things or something like, “I’ve chosen you especially for this, so please don’t show me up”. And, “you’re perfectly capable of doing this, I don’t see why you have the need to show-off and act the goat, so much”!

    I can’t actually remember me or the Queen landing on stage. But almost immediately, I was transported to a trendy party full of various family members, friends, neighbour’s and acquaintances. I can’t remember the Queen still being in situ. But some of my friends were whispering to me rather soliticously, saying; “I didn’t know you knew the Queen”? And I thought💭, “neither did I”.

  3. I was organising overnight accommodation for QE and her husband Philip in a very ordinary neighbourhood. When she was introduced to me, she was very sincerely grateful and shook my hand, smiled and thanked me for my efforts. Any thoughts, anyone?

  4. I dreamt we were in a receiving line by Queen Elizabeth the II. I was in the middle of the line and it was going around and around. She was receiving people because it was close to her death and she was dying. I switched around places with several of the people in the line. One of her servants came up to me and said you can’t do that. So I moved back up to where I was before. She was sitting in a chair surrounded by many officials. Other people gave her objects, but she just refused them. When it came to my turn I merely bowed respectfully and she merely acknowledged it by looking into my eyes and nodding her consent.

  5. I dreamed queen elizabeth had shoes that were hurting her so i gave her some lime green trainer shoes! She was very grateful

  6. I dream I was walking on the road with queen Elizabeth I told her I was hungry n she gave me a good coin I gave her a hug n we start talking then we went to a bar n we bought me a bottle of rum we drank n talk more

  7. I had two dream of Queen Elizabeth, the fist one was a month ago I saw like I was going into a wedding in my family and when I came in I saw Queen Elizabeth ( and I think her husband and Kate middleman were sitting next to her) at the front seats I went to talk to her she stood up and we talked and told her about things that bothers me in life then she hugged me, it was like we knew each other, we were talking like we were relatives, the second one was yesterday night, I saw her again she was wearing black or a dark colour I was sad and talked to her, she kissed me and hugged me, it was again, we were like relatives in the dream, I felt so comfortable after that, I don’t remember what happened next in the dream but I’d like to know what these dreams meant, talking and hugging and kissing Queen Elizabeth

  8. Last night I dreamed I was in church with someone I trust and she threw me to the ground of the priest who was a lady she said here is barbsheba I screamed nooo and woke up not having any knowledge of who she was I decided to go online thinking it’s a demon but found out she was a queen how odd

  9. In the dream the Queen wanted to spend time with the King she gave me and one other lady money I had more 17 coins rare not given at lot one coin was a lot The Queen told us not to come back until we spend all the coins on ourselves that is what we did I feed many got new dresses and ate some bread.

  10. The last 2 nights I have had the same dream, that Queen Elizabeth II is my grandmother. She is in the dream as is her late husband Prince Philip, and she won’t let me address as Grandmother, I must say Your Majesty. It seems in the dream our connection is legit but for some reason was never known by the world at large. So weird!! Two nights in a row!!

  11. I had a dream last night that I met the Queen by chance somewhere stately – I complimented her on her outfit . She thanked me and said it was one of her sister Margaret’s cast offs and that she had dyed it a different colour to make it her own. 😆

  12. I had a dream someone called me “my (their) queen” I have no idea what that would mean as the teller has been dead for years and I certainly didn’t look like a queen in my dream.

  13. I dreamt that the queen was being shown new houses that someone i knew had just built.
    She would say something like “I don’t think there should be shelves there”. Then I would say the opposite. I wouldn’t mean to but it would just come out. Then I would walk infront of her as she went to walk through a door. She was never irritated by me though. Then the wind would blow and the houses were swaying side to side and we were stood watching from outside.
    The next thing I knew I was trying to cross a busy road.

  14. I dreem the Queen of England Elizabeth (current Queen) that we like friends and we was walking on snow and i was guided her and telling her that everything is alright we going to manage and the people recognise her but it was like she was no more Queen of England like she had his notice or been fired. And all the walk and resurgence from myself to Her Majesty (all action) been on other country.

  15. I dreamt I was about to meet Queen Elisabeth. I was quite excited and was trying to be prepared for the occasion. I only felt the expectancy and did not really meet her.

  16. I dream of Queen Elizabeth.Something was wrong all i know i was on my knees and pray to God.

  17. I dreamt the current queen visited me at home with her was Nigel Hager’s and we spoke of his career and the queen spoke openly other than that the dream was a mystery

  18. I dreamt that Qe2 was in mortal danger and managed to get the message through to her, for which she thanked me.

  19. In this dream I saw Queen Elizabeth was behind me and asking me to make way for her I said sure! I was wondering why I didn’t say YOUR Majesty. She walked upto the bathroom and some one gave her a bathrobe light green in colour she took it and offered it to me. I looked at it and said no thanks because it looked smaller in size and Queen Elizabeth looked a bit skinny too. I thought it would fit her well and not me. Then I went through humongous doors to the right where there was another bathroom for common people and I waited for my turn and had my shower in a huge bathroom which didn’t look very tidy. There were huge doors everywhere and it did look like a Palace…
    Could you help interpret this dream please?

  20. I had a dream that Queen Elizabeth was my best friend and we were happy and singing and joking about, when I woke up I realized how silly that sounds hahah

  21. I dreamt that I am not sure The Queen of the UK or Margaret Thatcher were selling me drugs like real drug dealers. One or the other was at the first floor of the restaurant or bar sitting at the table with the view of everybody entering the bar. Then I walked up the stairs, I would sit at her table and she would pass me a small pouch of drugs (might have been heroin). I don’t remember paying but as soon as I would take the pouch I would get up and go. It happened a few times. Strange dream…..

  22. I saw a queen in her palace showing me someone is my husband but the person dressed like knight and I asked the queen how will I meet him since we are not in same country she said soon then I woke

  23. I had 2 dreams of Queen Elizabeth. The first one I and a friend was at this shop, it was like a clothing shop but only important people shopped their and I was looking at a emerald green velvet robe with gold trim and it was beautiful. That’s when the queen walked up to me and said “only a lady of fine taste would even glance at this” and grabs it off the rack places up against me and then say “and it looks as though it was made for you!” And places it in my arms then politely say “therefore you must have it so I will get it for you.” My friend and I was standing there in disbelief and when I gathered my thoughts I go to bow and she stops me and says “there is no need for formalities” smiles and ask me to walk with her through the store. I agree to of course and My friend and I was still in shock that we was with the queen. She asked me some questions but I don’t remember what they were. And we had a great time with her but then she turns to me and says “well this is where we part ways because you need to wake up” helps me put on my robe she bought me and says “perfect! Now don’t forget me” and I woke up! The dream felt so real and I hate I really dont have that robe! LOL!

    Now the 2nd dream was strange because I was about to leave my house and my mother comes rushing into my home with the biggest smile on her face and was talking to me extremely fast (like she does when she is excited) telling me to pack my bags and do it now! She drags me into my room and started packing for me, I’m standing there confused trying to ask her what’s the rush and why I need to pack when she stops and says ” YOU didn’t see the news on BBC!” I look at her crazy as if saying “YOU know I dont watch the news” then she grabs my remote and turn it on and straight to BBC then points at the television as to say “look for yourself”. So on t.v. they was announcing that Queen Elizabeth was taking a trip to the U.S.A. to pick up a special individual to bring her back to the UK. Something about important business that this special someone had to complete. Right when I was thinking my mom has lost it because what did it have to do with me a picture of me was on the screen and the man said my name but called me princess and proclaimed I was whom she was coming to the USA to get. I stood there in shock and had a confused look on my face then mumbled “Princess…… Wait! I’m not a princess” turned and looked at my mom that was smiling big still and I said to her “mah why are recalling me a princess?” She says “I don’t know why but you don’t want to keep her waiting when she comes!” Then my cell phone starts ringing as I answered someone else was beeping in, it was my family and friends calling me cause they heard the news. My close cousin was on the line asking me why I didn’t tell her I was a princess and I said “I’m not… At least I don’t think I am!” My husband comes barging fast into the house and now there are reporters and people outside our home. He smiles and says “well looks like you are center of attention today! I was bombarded with questions I couldn’t answer” I ask him “like what type of questions?” Then I woke up! This dream also felt real! I don’t know what these dreams mean and I had them years apart.

  24. I dreamt that I was with the current queen of England by accident. We were kind of stuck in each others company, at first in a in a car and then in part of her palace (like a bedroom) until something was resolved. I have no idea what had to be resolved. She was kind and she was interested in me. She showed me things that meant something to her and a jewel encrusted hair comb with red stones was one of the things she showed me. I felt like she was going to offer it to me but was in 2 minds about it and then I woke up.
    It was a nice dream.

    1. In my dream the Queen showed me her personal library her collection was quite impressive to be honest all sorts of treasures and manuscripts but there were 5 other people with me and she handed out necklaces made of bronze that looked kind of like a tick and we were all asked to protect the queen from harm we were all honorary members of the queen and even went into combat by slaying a giant wolf I’m not sure what my dreams are telling me on that one.

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