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Ants Dream Meaning & Symbolism

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Ants can have a number of meaning in dreams. Here we will go over some common and possible associations this dream symbol may have to help you with the interpretation of your dream.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Ants?

ant spirit animal dream meaning

There are many things that an ant can mean. And yes, ants can also be tiny but mighty spirit animals!


Ants in our life can often mean that we are working very hard for something. Ants are also a good symbol for strength – Ants are known to be good at lifting up to 5,000 times their own body weight!

If an ant is present in your life as a spirit guide or in a dream, it can be a good indication that you will have the strength to get through something difficult.

Another possible meaning is you will be able to do what you need or want to do in life. It can mean that you will be able to achieve the results you desire in a current situation in your life.

Mindfulness in the Present Moment

Ants as spirit animals also give us the wisdom to stay in the present moment. Ants can be fascinating to watch, and are often reminders for us to be more mindful in our day to day activities.

Ants are also very busy and industrious workers. If ants are present in your life, it can be a sign that you are working efficiently or effectively.

Ants in a dream or even noticing them in your surroundings can be a subtle message from spirit that the universe is always working miracles every day on your behalf.

Community & Connection

Have you ever noticed there is never just one ant? If you see one, you can be sure that another one is close behind it! Just as ants are always seen in groups of them, seeing one in a dream can sometimes mean it is time for you to connect with others.

Ants also work together to reach a common goal, which is to provide food for each other. Dreaming of ants or seeing ants can mean it is important for us to cooperate with others.

You may be craving connection to a community. It may be beneficial for you to start working with others on a project. Ants are here to remind us there is strength in numbers!

Common Dreams About Ants & What They Mean

Dreaming of ants working or moving:

If you dream of seeing ants at work in your dream this is usually an indicator that you are going to be faced with an important or difficult project, but that with sufficient help from others you will be able to successfully accomplish the task.

However, seeing ants working may also signify that you wish to explore something bigger as an individual, since ants are small in nature and work in a team environment.

Dream About Ants in House

If you are dreaming of ants in your house, it means there is an aspect about yourself or your life that could need some work or attention.

You may also want to look at the meaning of houses in dreams to understand the dream meaning further.

Ant Hills in Dreams

If you see an ant hill that has been destroyed, this suggests failure to complete a project you have taken on. If the ant hill is near you, it may suggest that you are afraid of tackling too large of a project. If it is far away, you may be concerned about work related matters that are on the horizon.

To see ants carrying food:

If the ants are carrying food in your dream, this could mean that you are on your way to seeing the reward of your hard work. It may also suggest you need to think about cooperating with others.

Dreaming of an ant on a flower: 

To see an ant on a flower means that you are moving toward a transition of change and growth. You may be working to bring new ideas into bloom.


Flying Ants Dream:

Flying ants may be a sign that you have feelings of breaking free from the routine and predictability of your career or life matters. If an ant is flying toward you, it may signify that something small is bothering you in waking life.

To have ants crawling all over you:

If you dream ants are crawling everywhere and all over you, this suggests that something is irritating you in your waking life. This dream could be a sign that you are ready to begin to take steps to resolve it.

Dreaming of Killing Ants

If you are stepping on ants or destroying a nest, this could potentially mean you are either changing your work or coming to completion of a project you found stressful or as a irritating.

Red Ants in Dreams:

Red ants, also sometimes known as fire ants, can mean that you are concerned about something “coming to bite you” – perhaps signifying regret or past feelings and emotions.

It can also mean that something small may be bothering you or “raising a red flag” to warn you.

Ant Farms in Dreams

An ant farm can mean that you seek organization and structure in your career or professional matters, or it can mean that you are doing work that you really enjoy. It can also mean that you enjoy working systematically and productively.

Other Considerations to Think About With Ants as a Dream Symbol

When thinking of your dream about ants, think of the context of the dream and what you associate with them in waking life. Using clues from other parts of the dream can greatly help with understanding the meaning. Remember: You are the best interpreter of your dreams!

Ask yourself: How did I feel during this dream? What did other elements of the dream mean? Are there other dream symbols I should look up?

You may also want to think about words that sound like ant – such as a family member type of aunt.

If you have a dream about an ant, it could possibly be a way of your mind trying to tell you about an aunt in your family – sometimes our minds do confusing things in dreams, especially in release types of dreams!

Have you had any dream experiences about ants? Have ants helped you understand something in your life? Share your thoughts on our ants dream meaning interpretation and experiences with ants as spirit guides, power animals, and spirit messengers in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve had a recurring dream of ants lineup like little soldiers outside the nest paying attention to a “leader” in front with a leaf, they are all red aunts and I feel terrified by what I see.
    I think this dream may be related to a lot of stress I am having about a long hike in the mountains for 2 months. My anxiety is related to my wife’s reaction to the hike.

  2. I was in my childhood back yard and the ants were on this concrete part. Lots of black ants. They were carrying dead spiders and scorpions. I tried to stomp on them because I was scared. But the ants just took them away and destroyed their bodies.

  3. In my dream , I saw my property in an old flat that I didn’t pay for , and in the building there are a lot of people living there and unfortunately I saw some people that knows me from my village and when I enter the flat it was an old flat and when I look into the floor of the flat I saw small black ants and I rejected the flat because I didn’t like the place and I don’t know who parked my property in there and I had the same type of dream twice the same night

  4. Hi I was sleeping on my neighbours bed with a small baby and a red ant bite me when I jump there lots coming towards me and my neighbour’s son killed them with a hammer

  5. In my dream I was sitting doing something that I now can not remember but I clearly remember looking down at my leg and it’s covered in ants the little black ones. So I freak out go to the restroom and put my foot under running water and on the tub I can see that it was tons of ants.

  6. I dreamed of first seeing a black scorpion that flew away or disappeared, followed by some regular sized and gigantic sized black ants. The large ones were probably as big as a tarantula, which was also amongst them. It was weird because after the scorpion disappeared, the ants were the main thing that stuck out. I read scorpions are usually bad or a warning, but the fact that it disappeared and then the ants came to be front and center makes me think I’m finally turning a new leaf? I need to look up with a large spider (or a tarantula) means..

    I was outside several blocks from my apt in my dream.

  7. I dreamt about ant and it was coming small small I was kicking them but when it started coming in large group I had n choice dan to start sparing somethin in them and they where dying please what does it mean

  8. hi i dream ants was all over my left arm but did’nt bite because they was sweet ants i just brush the off and i woke up from the dream

  9. In my dream I was cleaning up to bed room, there was sweet wrappers on floor. I was telling the kids not to leave them on the floor as we will get ants. Others then appeared into dream sitting around the room as I was cleaning.

    Then next of all a sworn of ants gathered around a sugary large bin some where flying to get into the group but they all gathered quickly…I asked another person to quickly remove it as I gathered the sweet rappers…

    Found this dream strange… Wonder what it means…

  10. I had a dream that i was in my own bed and there was this one big red ant and it was crawling around my room then it jumped on my bed and i tried to put it on a piece of paper and it got on but when i started moving it away from me it’s ran super fast into my bedsheets and i woke up and jumped out my bed to make sure the dream wasn’t real.

  11. I have just a a similar dream twice about ants.

    Today I dreamt I was in another country that I love working with others and there seemed to be a lot of ants moving together with a lot of black centipedes. Naturally ants and centipedes irritate me..but I wasnt bothered at all in the dream. In the same house I really was in live with a handsome young men. Later came my boss and said *called my name I’m so impressed with you*

    Wat does my dream mean?

  12. In my dream someone left a bag at my house and my friend inspected it! As he opened the bag several ants crawled out! On further inspection we discovered another bag inside! When we opened the second bag hundreds of ants crawled out and it contained a parsnip which was where the ants seemed to be coming from! The ants crawled up the walls and rested along the edges of the ceiling! My friend tried to use a flame to get them to leave which only caused them to swarm from the ceiling to the the floor again and they then proceeded to swarm on to to the couch I was on, where I was resting my head on the couch arm! As they arrived at the arm of the sofa they swarmed all over my head and hair! At this point I freaked out

  13. Hi I dreamt about ants in my garden by the fence and I was with a friend just stood there watching them all come out but i wasnt scared or shocked i was just stood smiling telling my friend look how many there are to the point where some was on me and i woke up

  14. hi, i dreamt of ants on my kitchen floor, the floor was covered with them. i didn’t know what to do. kill them all? i didn’t feel i can face them all. and i felt i have to deal with them all by myself (the false belief that i can’t ask for help i’m trying to transform). i felt like it was an invasion.
    from the explanation about the meaning, i do see myself with the need of connecting with others, and the need of miracles so i can fulfill my dream. however the idea that i need to kill them, is very very sad.

    In reality, there is a nest somewhere in the kitchen. i don’t like them honestly. the ants in the kitchen, and cockroach, are the only living beings, i kill…. 🙁 the ants are not scary, however i don’t like them around in the kitchen.

    what do you think?

  15. Dreaming of Black Ants on my Dream a cousin of mine was giving me a bunch of fresh spinach and after I received it from her a colony of black ants came out spreading and some of it are on my body.. what does it mean? Is it a warning for me?

    1. Hi Mercy, most dreams are not necessarily a warning in nature – ants are very industrious so it’s possible it could be a dream to symbolize feelings of eating healthier foods or making changes in your diet. You might want to see our dream meanings for food and for some additional insight in what the dream means for you.

  16. i dreamed of alot of red ants coming from everywhere . I’m so terrified because they are following me

  17. dreamt of a lot of black ants in my bedroom and some had slept over them in my bed. when i woke up they started crawling away,

  18. Goodday!!! Wow thus explaining of Ant dreams are so clear… honestly in my walking life my sister in law doesn’t get along with her in laws fekm her fiance’s side… so i get aling very well with them and so just yesterday 4 March 2020, i had a outing with her and suddenly she tells me to be careful of her in law to which i got irritated and angry but i didn’t show her my imotions and since it was bothering and so i dreamt about ant and surprisingly you explain so clearly.
    Never in life tell people to choose sides just because you don’t get along with the next one

  19. I dreamed of fire ants in the snow. We were cutting into the ice to go fishing and huge colonies of fire ants would emerge. Nobody got hurt, we just kept trying new spots, but always the fire ants would emerge.

  20. I dreamed​ about going g to the theater and before went to buy a cup of decaffeinated coffee, the booth of the hot drinks was attended by an old lady and a blind man, so the lady collected the money and the blind man gave me the cup of hot water, suddenly after paying and receiving instructions of where to find the drinks additives like sugar and cream I saw ants on my cup moving, I felt disgusted but also sad about the two people working there, that they could be fired if I report the incident, so I just removed the ants and second thought I just trowed the cup to the garbage.

  21. In my dream, i plow the soil where fire ants lived there. And I found beautiful queen ant, 3-4 inch long, yellow in color but when i pull it out from the ground I noticed her left arm was missing its half.

  22. Went into an hotel room in my dream and as I opened d bathroom I saw a lot of ants on the floor and I went back to wash my face in the sink outside the bathroom and left the room

  23. In my dream I was walking on a concrete path and kicking an ant as I walked along tormenting it absentmindedly … Then it retaliated and started to chase me jumping up at me … I backed away up the path and found it confronting in the dream but unafraid of it .

  24. In my dream, I was out in a field with a group of people doing some type of agricultural work when suddenly I realized my legs were covered in ants. I stopped the work and started to warn others around me but realized their legs were also covered in ants and they didn’t care. They were not biting us, just crawling on us. I didn’t feel any sense of urgency…

    1. I was asleep and ants were clawing all over me ! But when I jumped to and remover my bedding when I went back it was noting there this happened two time In the early morning .

      1. I was asleep and ants were coming into the house under the front room window sill and it was raining outside. The next day a person called and described my dream however it was actually happening in their livingroom

    2. In my dream, I was out in a field with a group of people doing some type of agricultural work when suddenly I realized my legs were covered in ants. I stopped the work and started to warn others around me but realized their legs were also covered in ants and they didn’t care. They were not biting us, just crawling on us. I didn’t feel any sense of urgency…

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