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Gate Symbol and Dream Meaning

gate dream symbol meaning
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Gates are highly symbolic, and can provide a lot of insight into your current life if you have dreamed about one. If you had a dream about a gate, learning about the dream symbol meaning of gates can be very helpful in understanding a situation or event in your daily waking life.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Gate?

Gates can be used to keep something in – or something out.

They can also be the entrance into a place, such as the admissions gate at an arena or amusement park.

The dream symbol of a gate can have a lot of different meanings, so it is important to think about the context in which you saw the gate in your dream to really understand what this symbol may mean for you personally.

Common Gate Symbol Meanings in Dreams

To see a gate in your dream can represent opportunity.

It can also represent safety and security.

It can also mean a part of you that is guarded or “fenced in” from the rest of the world.

The type of gate can make a difference also. A metal gate may have significance compared to a wooden gate – is the gate strong? Can it be broken? Is it magnetic?

A broken and rusty gate might mean missed opportunities due to neglecting something, or it could mean you have neglected something that once was important to you.

Some Tips for Interpreting Your Dream About a Gate:

In order to fully understand what this dream is about, it is important to think about the dream as a whole. What was your overall mood of the dream? What purpose did the gate serve? What other dream symbols were present in the dream?

These questions will help you full understand the meaning to learn how to interpret your dreams and use this for creating the life you want.

What was the scene of the dream?

The scene where the dream takes place is very important to think about if you want to learn what this dream relates to in your waking life. As you might imagine, a gate with an open door leading to a beautiful garden is very different than seeing a locked prison gate!

What is the gate made out of? How do you describe the gate?

The words you use to describe the gate will give you insight into what it means in the dream.

Is the gate open or closed? Locked or unlocked?

An open gate means you are opening yourself up to new possibilities, a locked or closed gate symbolizes that you are not sure about sharing yourself with the world.

If the doors are locked, it’s quite possible that you may have some feelings associated with being trapped or losing control of a situation in your life.

What are your experiences with gates as dream symbols? Do you have a dream you would like to share? We welcome your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I recently had a dream that I was walking along a road and stopped in front of my great grandmothers house. She has a 3 ft high metal chain length fence. Watching me in her yard was my dog that passed away 3 years ago. I then noticed snow on the ground (she lives in Texas.) In the snow, someone had drawn an image of a bear and there was red spots from blood being dripped. I looked down the road and saw a brown bear standing on its hind legs with pieces of another animal hanging from its mouth. The bear turned its head and looked me in the eyes. I immediately ran for the gate to enter her yard. I couldn’t get the handle to open. I yelled to my dog concerned for his safety. As I was struggling with the latch, I felt the teeth of the bear enter my skin above my ribs and begin to compress my bones.

    I jumped awake in my bed inspecting myself for an injury because of how real the dream felt. I can’t shake the thought of how quick the bear reached me and the way it felt when he bit me. Also, what it had to do with my deceased pet… ?

  2. What is the meaning of a church bus hitting a church gate in a dream interpretation whel I was outside the bus?

    1. This morning I had a dream in which I saw 3 small dead fishes about to be cooked. Then outta nowhere a huge dark chocolate appeared and I was trying to go inside the packet, it was my fav one. Then I picked a bush of raspberries from other’s garden, it didn’t seem like stealing…IDK and I saw purple lotuses and plucked a few of them with my cousin sis & my lil brother. While I was leaving that place, I found myself in an open place, the garden was huge and from a distance a tall gate was slightly opened by which a male body was entering with his hands in pockets, seemed gentle & kind.. I couldn’t remember his face. Then I woke up being curious bout that man and all those happened in dream.

  3. I had a dream before, I was inside the gate of our school locked, we weren’t able to get out. However this morning, I dreamt about it again, except that this time, I was outside before they locked it and I was watching them(other students) being locked up inside the gate of our school.

  4. I had a dream where I guess you could say it was me but it was really a third person view of someone else, he died and didn’t come to terms with it and death showed him a gate that was guarded by an element I believe behind the gate respresented limbo, or hell not sure just been having trouble interpret the dream

  5. I dreamed that I was at a house party with a friend, and I was trying to get away because people started disappearing. The big tall iron gate closed before I could get out. There was a red pickup truck there, and I was going to climb on the hood of the truck and climb over the iron part of the fence. I took the truck instead, and drove through the gate, freeing myself. It was a dark and weary dream, very weird because I barely dream, and I know it meant something.

  6. Request for dream interpretation:
    I was at my aunt’s place ( my mother’s sister). There were lots of women sitting all over the yard wearing white, towards the left-hand side of the house. They were also facing the left side where there were newly constructed houses; but they were just walls without roofing. I seemed to be the main person, though I’m not sure what was the occasion. They were happy for me. I then left driving an orange bakkie ( l have the very same bakkie in reality). The gate I wanted to get out with was closed, then a man wearing black, looking like a security guard directed me to another gate, smaller than the first one. Actually it looked like the one used by people but I got out with that gate ( the first one was a normal double gate used by cars). They were both metal silver gates. The women waved at me as I was leaving.

    Among those women there was one called Stokie ( my aunt’s 3rd born). Stokie once went for ukuthwasa.

    What I don’t remember very well was whether someone shouted at me to give them my number as they were busy waving and I said they will get it from Stokie, or it was Stokie herself who requested my number.

  7. I had a dream in which the gate leading to my compound was locked, and each time I kept trying to jump the fence I fall down and start climbing again, the slowly the gate started opening by itself and as I was about going in ,I woke up. What could this mean?

  8. I saw a big dog In front of my house,I had to close the door,but when I woke up I saw the gate/protector to my house was stolen,I couldn’t see it,my door too wasn’t locked.

  9. Veronica Diaz
    I had a dream that I was behind a iron black gate. My family of some were suffering the pains of hell trying to deceive me to open the gate and I feel so bad for them, then a soft voice whispered if I open the gate I will join them and thell be no way back in
    I refused to open and had to see them suffer and I fell pain and dispare. I couldn’t not open as if God said don’t open it..

  10. I saw a black gate with a heavy rock of height the same as that of the gate shocking the gate behind so that it can’t be open by any force but the rock/mountain is so colorful and beautiful….
    And a road was to be channel through the gate….

  11. I seen my gate latch come out of my gate by itself from the inside of my property… and no one was there to remove it… but the gate remained shut

    1. My dream this morning was my iron gate opens from the left side (Street) side with a very large padlock attached to . Which is unfamiliar to me.
      What does it means??

  12. I dream about four sides iron light pole build over my house in my hometown and a light on top shining all over the house,càn some one make to understand this dream?

  13. I had a dream that I went through 3 gates they all opened. But when I got to the 4th gate it would not open. I didn’t know what to do. I thought about starting over. But then I woke up. The dream was so real. The gates were gold in color and iron gates and big.

  14. I had a dream I was walking through different sections of a huge space, in my mind I was walking through levels in order to reach a higher spirituality, I saw lots of nature, trees, pathways and rocky parts, then finally I found myself opening a gate, there were beautiful sections of pergolas with all different green plants growing and concrete walkways lit up, underneath were beautiful ponds and fountains, beyond that I could see a big canal surrounded by a fence and inside were very many white swans and ducks, the ducks were being noisy and along further some of the swans were surrounding one duck, by the time I got to it and shoo’d the swans away the duck was dead, I cried out saying no and I woke.

  15. When i was little I had a dream that was very often that i was loaded into a gun and fire at a wooden gate that was closed, before i hit the gate use to wake up screaming

  16. I had a dream about walking into a bank to withdraw money with my friends, but due the crowd at ATM point, a known security man called us to an ATM machine in their, house unfortunately, another security man closed the gate of that security house telling us that some people is coming to address us.

  17. I had this dream of huge, metal and heavy gates quite several times. I don’t remember the exact details and situations but every dream was different, except for the metal gates. Last night my dream was I was inside and trying to keep the gates from closing.

    1. I had a dream where i was in a graveyard and a ghost that i’ve seen in other dreams (kind of looks like the chick from The Ring) was killing every living person in there. My dream guy friend and i ran to the metal/locked gate and used a chain to get over it and escape. After that i don’t remember seeing him, so idk if maybe he sacrificed himself for me to help get me over or if he DID make it over and i just didnt see him.

  18. I had a dream about waking up in front of a closed, large iron gate maybe 40 ft tall. I had 2 companions as well but they are fictional characters as i know in real life. And i was trying to push it when it accidentally opened. When we entered the gate, some military men with firearms started to chase us and we ran through the whole town thinking where to hide. My heart was pounding when I woke up 🙁

  19. Dreamt of my ex husband that he came in my house and when he went to close the gate(metallic) it broke with him holding and he was staggering with it outside

  20. I kept on having dreams where I went to a big beautiful garden with a little girl and her mother, but every time I walk towards this one gate wanting to open it, I wake up. Do you know what this means?

    1. Hi Noon, you might want to check out our post on Characters as Parts of Ourselves. Many times in dreams seeing people you don’t know can symbolize an aspect of yourself. For example, the mother and daughter could represent taking care of someone or a desire to nurture your inner child.

  21. I had a dream that I requested a friend at work to build me 3 garage doors for some space at work. My friend wasn’t convinced that they could do it and I was quite persistent. I think the garage doors symbolized a gate…

    1. My request for dream interpretation please. I had a dream where I and my family went out, as we were back reaching to our gate, the gate fell down on it own then we went inside. Pls what does it mean.

  22. I saw about a black iron 20 foot gate opening, there was green landscaping in the background and in front of opening gate.

  23. I dreamt of a cow blocking my way, the cow was black in colour and when I looked properly, it’s horns were cut off, so I had something that I scared it with so that I could be able to escape into the door that appeared next to me, so I managed to Lock myself in that door and the cow couldn’t come in. So I continued with my journey.

  24. I dreamt about closed and locked metal gate. I remember that i was staring in the key on how could I possibly open it. I was outside of the locked gate facing the people on the other gate. I was trying to make way to avoid the situation but suddenly the ceremony was ended and the gate has been unlocked.

  25. Hi, I had a dream I was walking with a person I knew in the dream but can’t recall in a road but factory looking place… I then bought this oval shaped ball which had a verse in the Romans book. As we walked down this road the ball magically bounced and rolled under this gate that had a much bigger space bellow it than usual gates… I then rolled under this gate and found this ball and this time it had tripled itself (I now found 3 balls) I picked them up and continued walking and we now got to my favourite icecream place and as I sat inside the shop, I realised I had to catch this bus that was outside the shop. However, I kept telling myself I could still catch it later and it eventually left but it was going to take a U-turn and I now had to run around the block to go catch it…

    What does this mean?

  26. I had a dream of a stair case with little to under 10 steps. The staircase was all black like outer space with the outline shine like diamonds accompanied with a rail in the middle with the same description.
    The stairs lead up to two giant doors matching the stairs and rail; all black, with a diamond outline that stood about 2-3 stories high. Next to those doors was a guardian match the same description, except, he didn’t not have a face. He stood strong. Once I noticed him, after being stunned with the beautiful and awe of the staircase and doors, he looked down at me. Without saying a word, a sense of unreadiness and, or unworthiness over came me. Not allowing entry or not denying it, I was turned away or turned away willingly. I’m so grateful just to have dreamt of it.

  27. I’ve been having dreams for about a week now of me basically in my bed outside next to my black iron gate on the inside of it. Some nights I just watch what goes on during the night but last night I was dreaming again but this time I was asleep at the gate in my bed and I felt a dog jump on me or so it seemed to be one and it scared me so I automatically woke up from shooting up in my bed

    1. I had a dream where my dad who passed away in 2011, he was telling me that he wanted to put a gate at home and i told him that i will put it. what kind of a gate was he talking about?

  28. I had a dream a short dream.I saw a black gate with numbers as i remembered L4 11L.My Uncle was there and with a young girl and a baby.The gate was made in black metallic and it was open automatic then while it was opening a young girl was helping to open the black metallic gate.

  29. I had a dream my grandfather who passed away 15 years ago was haveing a fun day on the farm with us and as we were leaving the pasture he looked at me and said, make sure to always close the gate softly. He then handed me a rock with the date 1988 and all the family names written on it.

      1. Thank you, after reading your article on visitation dreams, I do believe that is what I had. Now to figure out what closing the gate softly means because that is what I took away from everything it was an important message for me. I believe the rock was a sign that all my ancestors are with me

        1. Glad our post about visitation dreams helped! I am sure the answer will come to you in all divine timing and thanks for sharing your dream experience with us!

        2. Hi I’m zee, I dreamt about a parents meeting in a big school, as I was about to enter, so many people came in through the gate, but I was able to enter through to the parking lot. . I was looking for my car at the parking lot. And couldn’t find it until I was rescued and I find it.. As I was leaving the school, there was construction of the road and I got lost as there were big machines constructing the road. No rod signs on the road. Please help with meaning

      2. Every night I go to sleep, the dream always starts off at home, then there was drama, I get my out house under control and stops in a hall and turn right and there’s a door. I turns the handle and it opens. Once I opened the door there’s a metal gate more like the kind you have to push but this one was like a puzzle you have to figure out how to take apart one piece at a time in order to get through. Once I got the gate figured out there’s a stairway that leads up to a balcony, which also have to do go around and down some more stairs in order to see pass the wall. Every time I dream this dream im standing in a field looking to my right and there’s a house and I look to my left there is a restaurant and I look straight ahead and there is a store like building but on the other side of this store like building is a glass door with silver long handles that you have to push but the other side of the glass door was dark. I wakes up wondering what that means

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