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Moon Dream Meaning

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What does it mean to dream about the moon? Learning the symbolism of the moon can help you understand your emotions and feelings more clearly.

moon dream meaning

To see the moon in your dream represents some covert, mysterious element of yourself. It is usually connected with a female presence as well as intuition.

The moon can also indicates your changing moods. We often associate the moon with our emotional state. Just as the moon can influence the tides in the ocean, a moon can be a symbol that you need to be aware of your feelings and emotional well-being.

For this reason, it’s often useful to also look up the dream meaning for water, since water and moons often appear together in a dream.

What it Means to Dream About the Moon

Let’s explore some of the themes we often see in dreams about the moon.

Wisdom and Intuition

To see the moon in the dream often means you are seeking guidance about some situation in your life. You may not be sure what to do next in life and are seeking higher wisdom to help guide you on your path.

The moon in your dream may be telling you to follow your intuition and to remember that you have a deep spiritual connection with the divine to help give you the wisdom you need for your life.

Mystery and The Unknown

For many centuries, very little was known about the moon. For this reason, the moon is often a symbol of the things we do not know or understand in life.

You may be faced with some type of uncertainty in your life or you may be trying to understand why something has happened to you.

Peace and Serenity

If you’ve ever basked under the light of the moon, you know that it can create a mood of peacefulness and serenity. Many people believe the moon to be a symbol of serenity.

Dreaming about a moon can mean you are looking for calm in your everyday life. Think about things you can do to make your life stress free and find inner peace.

Common Moon Dreams Meaning

When you are trying to understand what the moon might mean in a dream, there are a few things you must ask yourself.

First, what sort of a moon was it? Where do you see the moon? Do you see the moon next to other planets in a dream? Next, consider what actions you are performing in your moon dream. What activities are you doing? What events are happening?

Are you flying to the moon? This could suggest that you’re attempting to escape particular responsibilities.

Are you able to reach out and touching the moon? This could mean you intend high and won’t settle for anything less then perfection.

Are you showering or basking in the moonlight? This could mean you’re not necessarily seeing things clearly. It could also mean you have a romanticized version of your life that does not really match with reality.

Did you dream the moon has exploded? This could mean you have a goal of doing something impractical. You may be feeling like you cannot fully reach your aspirations in life. Seeing a moon in a dream of an apocalypse could also signify your feelings about change or loss.

How We Experience the Moon in Dreams

We can see the moon in our dreams in a number of different ways. Here are some common examples and their interpretation.

Full Moon Dream Meaning

The picture of the full moon is often associated with feeling lucky or having favorable circumstances. However, this is not always necessarily a true indication of what a full moon in a dream may mean.

If you see the full moon in your dream, it could be an indication that while you desire more in your life you are also content with what you currently have and feel grateful for it.

A full moon can mean you are feeling complete, or you are fully aware of your entire being of energy coming into focus.

Crescent Moon

To see the crescent moon in your dream indicates cyclic adjustments, revival, as well as movement. You are proceeding smoothly towards your life course.

Two Moons

If you see 2 moons in your dream, this may indicate that you feel like you are being pulled in two different directions in life.

The expression “walk two moons” also means to take some time to think about a situation.

Lunar Eclipse

To see the eclipse of the moon in your dream signifies that your womanly side is being eclipsed. Or it may indicate that some covert aspect of yourself is concerning the surface.

To dream that you touch the moon describes your ambition. When it comes to your aspirations and also goals, you aim high. You can do anything if you focus your mind on it.

Destruction of the Moon

Dreaming that a massive asteroid or comet collides with the moon implies that there is a great deal of chaos in your life or that you are feeling out of control to the point of utter self destruction. You are giving up on  your intuition to guide you in the choices you are making in waking life.

Alien Life & Invasions

You may also sometimes have a dream of aliens invading on the moon, or seeing a spaceship or ufo flying in the sky. Looking at the dream meaning for aliens and spaceships can be helpful to understand more into what this dream may mean.

Dreams about the moon are quite significant to the dreamer’s waking life, so take the time to dig deep within your subconscious and current life situation if you happen to have this dream.

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  2. I had a dream of praying in front of the moon that has couples sleeping in peacefully.

    Couples are sleeping on the round moon.

  3. I had a dream about me sitting on a sunny beach then I look up and see a full moon and a satellite circling it not long after a big wave come and I run away while it begins to flood the beach and a nerf shark is there at my feet swimming towards me. then I wake up. can someone please tell me what that means i never remember my dreams!

  4. 1 red moon on top 1 white moon and 2 red moon beneath it, just above the land in horizon. Then they slowly came together and just the white moon was shown

    1. I saw a full moon trailed by red moon through a window. And i ran away , scared. But next my father pointed to the sky to two moon. One small and slightly waning and another very big and growing. The night sky the second time was ridden with flurry cloud and that time both moon was white or golden again.

  5. i dream about the prom night that i got stabbed and then i saw a man but idk who he was but i have a feeling that i knew that man and then suddenly when we decided to go to his place i saw a biggg full moon shining perfectly without any stars around and then i woke up

  6. I had a dream of seeing a big peach moon on the ground covering an entire building can anyone mail me and tell what does that mean? The Moon’s some part was shining and some part was dull

  7. I Dream About 6 Different Moons And There’s A 2 Triangle in The Middle Of The Moon..
    What Does It Mean?

  8. In my dream, there are these people gathered with me to look up to the fullmoon. We also talked about what makes the high tides and low tides. I was about to take a video of it because I was being amazed that there are houses too up there. In my surprise, I did say hi to them. I forgot, who’s that one person sitting beside me, we’re like at the outside of the cafe.😍

  9. In my dream I saw a full bright moon in between it was a bright crystal. The light of this crystal was so bright that its brightness overshadowed the moon.

  10. I LITERALLY HAD THE SAME DREAM LAST NIGHT, THATS WHY I CAME HERE, except before that me and my friend were having a sleepover at my papa’s house, and so I fell asleep in that dream (me and my friend having a sleepover was a dream, so I basically had a dream inside of a dream) and once I fell asleep I had the SAME EXACT DREAM except a couple things were different it was the outskirts of earth, in this small little town and there was this lake, so instead of sitting I was standing, knee deep in the lake, and then I look next to me and see 2 moons, I was amazed, and so was everyone else in that dream, but my dream still continued, after that about 800 more moons started to come out of the water, nobody was amazed, they were scared, everybody started SCREAMING and ran into there houses, this was how the world ended, so everyone ran into there houses, leaving only me, so all the moons were floating about 3 ft above the water, and of course, they weren’t normal sized moons, they were much smaller, but still weren’t small, and they were all full moons, so as I stood there, with all the 800 moons spreaded across the lake, they start to float to the sky, and they all started going in different directions, until finally they spell out..
    “the end is near…

    And then I woke up and had a drea about M & M’s 😂

  11. i dreamed of 5 moons and 1 sun, but when we try to take a video of it, it hides in a thick clouds. there’s a church it was flooded over ankle. it also raining a little bit.

  12. I dreamed last night that the moon fell from the sky and landed in the street by my house and was rocky and the size of a softball. My husband was holding it. I couldn’t believe that it fell and landed so close to us!!! I shared photos of my husband holding the moon with co workers. Any thoughts on meaning??!

  13. 10/18/20
    I had a dream of a new moon that was a shooting star last night, it was so cook yet so weird! I wanted to know what it had meant.

  14. I dreamt i saw the moon turn into earth in the sky then exploded and the ppl on this earth saw it like fireworks and was amazed because it didnt harm us

    1. I had the same dream the moon was massive with orbit spinning round it it was so huge right next to earth it’s all we could see but it wasn’t frightening and I was being croggyed on a bicycle I think it means we’re going to have some good luck and to use our intuition

  15. I dreamed about two moons colliding into each other and then causing an explosion and earthquake that cracked the walls and then fireworks appeared. I saw this through a window. I dreamed about 3 different moons within a moon I tried to take a picture but I couldn’t. I dream a lot about moons.

  16. I had a dream that the moon was like gray-black and it caused a freeze in my hometown. I just kept playing some stupid game on my phone. Then I went outside and I saw the cutest little dog ever and I walked over to pet her and the owner asked why was it so cold and I said it’s because of the moon. Then I looked up to show her and next to the moon was a black dot and it got closer and closer until you could see that it was a nuclear bomb. I shouted it’s a bomb! Then the blast knocked me to the ground and I saw my sister crying over my mom and dads dead bodies, and then she was crushed by a falling pole. Can you tell me what that meant?

  17. I saw 3 full moon in a straight line i try to take a picture of them but as soon as i click one of the moon get coverd by clouds

  18. I saw a huge moon is blasting and a new same huge size moon appeared right after the 1st one is still blasting.

    The new moon took old one’s place.

    What does that mean ?

    Please reply

  19. My dream: I was on like the outskirts of earth. Bare with me-
    There was a few people there too. Being i was sitting on the outskirts or earth put us in atmosphere. I went to lay back and it was dark but calming. As I laid back I saw two moons. One on each side of me and I felt weird and needed to sit up immediately. I grabbed someone’s hand to set me up and as I looked back at Both moons I began to feel like I was in a whirlwind in the atmosphere in the middle of the moons. Idk I’m still like wtf…

  20. I got a dream that I saw all the sorts of moons that is transformation of full moon to new moon or vice versa..that too like individual moons at a time in an ellipse orbit..do anyone got this kind of dream..please explain..

    1. I had a dream kinda similar it was all the moon phases around the full moon with a astrological chart in the sky which the moons where also around it it was so shiny and colorful I took a picture of it in my dream and I was kinda amazed but freaked out about it and it lasted for a while then at a certain time it disappeared and everything went back to normal

  21. I had a dream about the moon but it was a dark grey colour over looking Nottingham and I was singing and skipping down this street to go and touch the moon. But I woke up by my phone ringing, so disappointed that I did not get the chance to touch the moon. Could someone explain the meaning x

  22. I dreamed about the sun and the moon collided as one creating a big shiny blue full moon with a crescent moon at its top. What does this mean?

    1. I dreamt the same thing last night, I looked out of my window and the moon was larger than life in-front of me on the floor covering the whole of the outside and either the moon was on fire or it was turning into the sun… no one acknowledged it but me…. ?!

      1. I had a dream about three moons the full moon the red orange moon and a colorful moon but the red orange moon came out the water in went into the sky in turn the full moon eclipse the the red orange moon turn colorful in I started praying to the moons

    2. I dream 4 moons shinning and 1 sun in it 2 star brightly shine behind the 4 star,
      But then latee on I see 5 moons feeding away

    3. @Christian, same dreams. it was the last scene of dream then i woke up cause it cames out the moon are getting strange and i saw multiple moons.

  23. I Dream About 6 Different Moons And There’s A 2 Triangle in The Middle Of The Moon..
    What Does It Mean?

  24. I dreamt that I was outside and I saw the moon and the planets around it and I wanted to take a picture of it. What’s weird to me was that the moon was in the middle and the planets where around the moon. The planets started to move around the moon and that’s all I remember. It doesn’t really make sense to me.

      1. I dreamt of two moons, one white and a decorated one upon the white. Then the decorated one started moving coming down towards me. I alerted people and at twinkle of an eye it disappeared. What does it mean?

    1. I had a dream last night that I was looking at the moon and the moon was coming at earth at a high speed and barely missed and after the moon left it was day time??

  25. In my dream I saw that I was watching two moons from Window one was half moon and other was full and both were blur

  26. I found myself on barren type of land on the moon which is just like many parts of our mother earth. I was in between dried mud along with a little bit size of red stones.

      1. Same. I also dreamt of 2 moons in the sky. It was quite extraordinary because it was so clear and beautiful but that is the only thing I remember in that dream, nothing more.

  27. I’m had a dream I was bringing the washing in and my dad came out and said I’ll play a game of football with you if you get on the trampoline before me and then in the attempt to get on the trampoline I looked up to the moon which appeared huge – bugger than a house to look at and I asked my dad if he saw it and he said he never. I don’t know if this bit is any significance but before dad came out I was singing fly me to the moon ?

    1. That’s crazy. Last night I dreamt I was outside of my house and then looked up at the moon and it was there all normal. Then I saw another one that was big too. So I was amazed to see two full moons . And then at the corner of my eye fai fly towards the mountains an even bigger moon was there. But this one wasn’t shiny. I was really grey and I could see the craters on it. It was almost resting on the horizon but I could see it fully. So I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of all of them and then the grey one started opening. It started going I to the cycles a normal moon does and after that it opened and all these thoughts came k to my head. I was excited but then I kinda got really anxious. I then tried to show everyone at home but I woke up. I don’t know what this meant but it was amazing to dream of it. I can only imagine the curiosity you have of your dream it sounds cool too.

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