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Tornado Storm Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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A tornado is a destructive and violent storm that sucks up everything in its path. To dream of a tornado can mean a number of different things and will depend greatly on the context of the rest of the dream.

While dreaming of a tornado can be a scary, fortunately they are rarely precognitive and are a common dream symbol many people experience.

Wondering if a dream is going to predict the future? See our article on types of dreams to understand more on understanding if a dream is precognitive or a release dream.

Here are some common dream themes and meanings for a tornado:

Anxiety and Worry:

Anxiety and worry are common emotions that one might feel when faced with a tornado. If you feel worried about a tornado coming in your dream, it signifies you are worried about something that is coming up in your life.

You may be worried about your safety, your finances, your job security, an upcoming event, your health, a loved one…anything that may be bothering you subconsciously or consciously in real life.

Look for clues in the dream that may signify what else you may be worried about. For example, I had a dream where I was in my son’s father’s house and I could see a tornado coming. The dream happened days before a custody court case was scheduled that I was worried about.

Destructive Habits:

Tornadoes are sudden and violent storms that are extremely destructive. Are there any destructive people or events happening in your life? Do you have any self destructive habits that have been setting you back?


If in the dream you feel afraid or scared about the tornado, it suggests there is something in your waking life that is making you feel frightened. Pay attention to what other symbols in the dream there are, as that will help provide you with insight on what it is you are scared of in waking life.

Lack of Attention Span or Focus:

Tornadoes are air moving at very fast speeds and in all directions. Are your thoughts doing the same thing? If you have a difficult time focusing or concentrating, this could be another possible dream meaning for tornado. Tornadoes are very volatile storms that change quickly – do you often change your mind a lot?

Out of Control:

Whether it is your emotions or events going on in your life, dreaming of a tornado can also mean you may feel out of control. We are certainly no match against mother nature! Dreaming of a tornado might mean that you are feeling like a problem is too overwhelming.

Tips for Interpreting Your Dream About Tornadoes

Here are some additional tips to help you interpret your dream about a tornado:

What emotions did you feel during the dream? The emotions you felt during the dream will give you much insight on the emotions you feel in your waking your life. If you felt afraid, there may be something else you are fearful of in your life.

How Close Were You to the Tornado? There is a difference between seeing a tornado from very far away from being in the center of it and flying around. If you are far away from the tornado and see it nearing you, it means you are aware of the concerns in waking life. If you are in the middle of it, pay attention to your emotions and feelings – it may be a symbol of how you have been feeling in waking life.

What Other Symbols Were in the Dream? Paying attention to the other symbols in the dream will help you better understand the context of the dream. Think carefully about the setting of the dream, the people who are in it, and the other objects in the dream. These will all provide clues as to what the tornado symbolizes.

For example, if you dream of rebuilding a house after a tornado this could mean that you will be able to bounce back and recover from a setback. A house can also have many other meanings, so it can be useful to understand the symbolism of a house in your dreams for even more insight.

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Do you have any meanings for tornado dream interpretation symbols we may have missed? What dreams have you had about tornadoes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamt of a rapid moving storm that was uprooting houses and moving in the direction of my home. My first concern were my children. Was with 2 work colleagues but they were not phased by my concern.

  2. I had a dream bout tornadoes falling down from the sky I was in the countryside there was a red barn with a wooden fence surrounding it I was about 5 years old a rope was tied around my waist and I was pulling this blonde little girl about three years or younger .I had this dream in 1976,then I met my best friend Marisa and she said she had the same dream when she was bout 5 also that was in 1990. We both had the same dream

  3. I had a dream I had 3 kids by the way I actually have one daughter and one daughter I’m carrying but in the dream I had a son as well & I was with people I’ve went to school with in years like people and teachers I doesn’t see anymore. I’m not sure of the location I think it was a school then I know forsure I remember us hiding in these heavy set tints that the tornado couldn’t knock down but move around stuff that’s it . We used beds and a shelter in side of a Tint for safety But we did stay away from windows. The girls were acting mean not trying to make sure we was good . They was being selfish with trying to survive . I lost my second daughter first that I’m pregnant with now then I lost my son to the tornado like they just disappeared & I kept saying I’m not ready to die and I don’t want my kids to die neither . I can’t leave my kids and I can’t leave them . I had my first born with me she was the only one & this guy I talk to message popped up in the dream on my phone this person looked at it and was being disrespectful jus touching what wasn’t there’s and the same way I saved his number in my phone it was inside the dream. My granny & a cousin of mine was in it as well but I don’t understand why .

  4. I dreamt I was on the roof of a skyscraper in a metropolitan city with my dad and a bunch of other ppl we didn’t really know. I saw it coming and it was full of thick gray dust bunny type of dust. At first I was like, “Oh great this thing is full of dust and is going to set off my allergies and v give me an sinus infection but then it floated over to the building across from me, hovered above a towering it’s roof and sucked out a lot of money. Multi denomination bills were being sucked out and some of it was scattering to land on the streets below. I said if that money hits the streets – ppl will be flocking to go grab it up for themselves which is dangerous by of the tornado. Then I got worried it would hit our building next be it was literally on the next building over from us. I know my dad can’t get up and walk fast so I told him, “Come on Dad. Let’s get inside be there is a tornado and it might hit this roof next. Just then it skipped us and went to another building that also had ppl on the roof. They got scared and ran to the opppsite side of the roof away from the tornado and all huddled together on a bacon which collapsed with all their weight and then caused the building to collapse and fall on that side as well. Then the tornado turned and came back towards us. By this time only a few ppl were inside the concrete tower with my dad and me. I stood next to him in effort to be with him and to help take care of him. Then my alarm went off and jarred me awake. I’m not sure what this dream really means be I was only worried for the strangers diving for dollars, my allergies getting triggered, and for my dad’s safety and well being because I love him and care about him. I always worried about him for decades and wanted to keep him safe so I guess I can relate to my loving protective self in my dream to waking life, but he passed from Covid 8 months ago. So idk why I’d dream this.

    1. Sorry there’s a lot of typos. The be was supposed to be bc* short for because* . And though dreams are oddly weird at times the ppl in mine huddled on a balcony* not bacon. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to edit b4 posting my tornado dream.

  5. I have a dream about tornado last 2 days . It was tornado in the first dream tornado was little and I can run away . But last night tornado was too big and almost caught me and I was stuck whit so heavy boots .
    What is it mean . And in my dream I lost my every family member in tornado.

  6. I dreamt of a very big tornado black colour, very big base enormous height,was very far away from me.I was neutral emotionally.I took shelter in a train with few empty bogies, with my sister inside,I was convincing her to leave the train bogies and go to a further safer place,but she refused.I knew tornado will pic the railway boggy up.emotionaly I was neutral, please interpret my dream.

    1. Hi . In my dream tornado was too big like what you said about it . In my dream I lost my all family member . Do tornado right go at you .

  7. so i guess i was at a mall but i don’t know were its definitely not were i’m from but the tornado was forming and it went past us but it didnt do nothing but me my mom and sister we ran into this red car but i never seen this car before and we went home and thats all im 12 and my emotions were scared confused and before happy the tornado was grey but all i seen was trees in the tornado it didn’t pick up any other thing

  8. When I dream about tornadoes there are always a lot of them, and I can see them in the distance. I’m afraid of them, and they’re very threatening, coming toward where I am. Last night I specifically heard or said that they were coming from the east. I was trying to get somewhere safe and there were people around but no one I know. I’m a person with bad depression and anxiety so maybe this is typical? I don’t know.

  9. I had a dream of a short about 3, or 4 foot tornado chaseing me an someone else I watch as it your through them an was headed for me but never have heard of a that smile of a tornado
    What would that mean! Anyone know.

  10. I was dreaming that a tornado all of the sudden came down went right by me while after getting in the car….took my deceased uncle, my dad and my daughter sleeping on the bed. But I wasn’t afraid but I was torn apart because the tornado took my dad and daught and I was crying for my mudaighterand my dad vaus3 we couldn’t find them since the tornado sucked the up as well the roof of the house was destroyed

    1. Hi Jerry, Tornado dreams can definitely be frightening sometimes! Without knowing a whole lot about you or your situation, I would try to look for what common traits your deceased uncle, father, and daughter may share. Is there anything about the three of them that translates to every day life? For example, maybe they share a common hobby/interest or a common genetic feature. Dream symbols are often quite literal, so ask yourself “what relates to this”? Is there anything happening in real daily life where you feel at a loss?

  11. I had dream was standing in Australia (no idea on why was there ) I live in Wales Uk. But I was standing in the rain outside a cafe all my family inside cafe auntys and uncles who don’t see often long side cousins they were having fish and chips! I was looking out in the distance and near the cliff 5 tornadoes came one after another with bolts of lightning in between I wasn’t scared thought was amazing to see, they weren’t coming closer. I went in to the cafe and said maybe should move further away and one my auntys said have some fish and chips it’s fine it’s no where near us, not long after they went and it was sunny and clear.

  12. I had a nightmare last night, I can’t remember what was happening before… I was holding someone’s hand and a tornado was coming. We were clinging to the branches of a tree but got swept up, I remember praying to God as we flew up in the air to the sky, then all of the sudden we were falling head first back to the ground, I couldn’t see anything and I prayed harder, we were falling so fast I felt like my head was going to explode and then I woke up. Not a pleasant wake up.

  13. Mine is not fearful its a welcoming feeling, and when I wake up I cant still feel what it felt like being pulled or sucked away

  14. In my dream I was in my bedroom, tornadoes kept coming off of my body. The first three were like a novelty, but the last one scared me, since I realized that I could not control it. There was no damage from the tornadoes until the last one, where the winds picked up greatly.

  15. In my dream I was inside the center of the tornado attempting to walk to one room and then another room and then into a closet. All I remember from the actual tornado was that it was late at night and everyone else was asleep and then I woke up…

  16. I’m trying to figure out what my dream means. There was a small white tornado levitating beside me I ran my hand through it and it ended up spinning on the palm of my hand. I started closing my hand and it started shrinking until my hand made a fist I through my hand in the air and the white tornado separated. It looked like bright white smoke that comes out after smoking a cigarette… and started forming a pattern and started spinning and shape shifting in a circle.I felt relaxed and happy the whole time.

  17. I’ve been trying to analyze my dream from last night that’s bothering me but I just can’t think straight. The dream was that I was in a desert some place and me and the kids were in the car, the car breaks down, but for some reason, in the middle of nowhere I man happens to be there. He was working on his own vehicle because now we were magically in front of his house. The kids were playing when all of a sudden a tornado came out of no where my kids went running for this hut like thing while I was being dragged to the the actual shelter. I ran over to where the kids were grabbing them and literally tossing them in the shelter as they got to safety the door flung off behind me and next thing I know the guy catches me before I fly into the tornado. I was yelling for my kids which they came running over to me and held on. The guy told me I was going to be okay, I looked at him blankly and told him to let us go and next thing I know I’m sucked into the ever twisting tornado.
    And for some reason due to this I’ve been feeling really sad today. It felt like I was saying goodbye to something that meant a lot to me. The guy seemed very familiar, like I knew him. Just want to be over this sadness I feel today!

  18. A couple of nights ago, I had a dream that I was in my school band practice, and a tornado warning went off. BUT, everyone was so calm and collected as they slowly put their instruments down and crawled under the tables while I was freaking out and I rushed to a spot where I thought I would be safe. After that, I yelled at everyone to hurry up and take cover somewhere safer than where they were, but they all just looked towards the window of the room as the tornado was getting closer to where we were. I tried and tried to convince them to hide in a safer spot, but they still wouldn’t listen. What really scared the crap out of me was when the tornado broke through the windows, they all got out of their hiding spots and walked slowly towards it causing them all to get sucked up in the huge, black tornado. Everyone that I cared about, and everyone that I loved just disappeared from my sight all while I was watching. After that, I woke up in an anxious and fearful trance and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before I fell back asleep. Then, the dream freaking continued! but this time, it took place after the tornado and I was in a different house than what I live in now and another tornado was on the horizon, but instead of cowering from the black tornado, I marched outside and I screamed things at it. After that, I woke up again and stared at the ceiling with a calm feeling. I fell asleep again but the dream ended and I moved onto a different one……. I am confused and scared of this dream because I have never had one like this before…. I mean, what the heck? I saw everyone I love die in front of me! What does it mean?!

  19. Last night I dreamed that I was a grocery store. Apparently, this was a new store for me so I was really confused as to what was happening. All of the customers were kneeled down taking cover, but the wall was nothing but huge windows. One of the ladies mentioned to me that it was a “code 0” (tornado coming this way) so no one was able to leave. My thoughts immediately raced to my daughter, who is 17 and was at her friends. I look at my phone and was not able to get any service. I just couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter. At one point I asked a little girl to hold the door open for me while I stepped outside to make a call…she refused. I didn’t know what to do. So, I yelled out “would anyone like to start praying? We need to start praying.” Just as a man started to pray, we saw the tornado coming right for us. There was nowhere to go. It came and as I was going up I started screaming my daughters name, as if she was with me, one of the ladies said “there she is” and she slowly was going past me. We were reaching for each other, crying, and screaming.All along all the people were like singing my daughters name so angelic in the background. The wind took her higher and I couldn’t see her…then I woke up! Now…I’d like to mention, I also have a 13 yo son and a husband that I did not think of once in this dream.

  20. I had a dream a tornado was near. I don’t know where I was but I yelled for everyone to get downstairs. When I got there a tornado was pushing through violently into the window and there were others watching me as I held up my hand and stopped the tornado from pushing through further. Of course I woke up so I don’t know what happened other than I was standing about 3 ft away from it and holding it back. I can’t seem to find any interpretation of protecting others in a tornado.
    Thanks for interpreting this for me. I seem to have a lot of these kind of dreams.

  21. I have this dream where my guy friend makes the tornado disappear at the last minute when he appears. Im not sure how to interpret that.

  22. Whenever I get really stressed, I find I tend to dream about tornadoes. Not just one tornado hitting but many. They are always all around me and they are always coming my direction. I usually manage to hide from them. This last dream I had was pretty strange. I had just dropped a friend off at work. When I came out of the building I no longer had my car but was on foot. I remember looking at the street sign thinking I didn’t have too far to walk to get home. After a couple of blocks I came to a store. I looked up at the street sign again and realized it said north not south so I had further to walk. I stopped in the store to get something to drink. When I came out it the sky was dark and in the near distance there was a tornado striking down from the sky. Then several more came down. I ran back in the store and warned everyone to take cover. I was hiding under a table along with another person. The tornadoes hit the building, ripping through it. Then veered and went on it’s way. I crawled out from under the table and walked outside. The tornado seemed to sense I was still there and turned around. I ran back inside. I ran to the back and found a room next to a tub. There were old people all around…it reminded me of a nursing home and not a very clean one. I remembered I had to get to where my mother was at her nursing home but it was so far away. I crouched next to the tub while tornadoes hit all around. I once again went to look outside. The sky was blue. I thought I was safe so I started walking again. I had to get to my mom. The sky turned dark and more tornadoes showed up. I ran into a auto shop and hid under another table. The tornadoes hit the building and came within inches of me. My shoe flew off. Then I woke up. I recently was laid off from my job and I am worried about my finances, my health and if I am even going to be able to find another job since I am in my 50s. Like my father, who lost his job when he was my age, he never found another one. He also had health issues. I am worried the same thing will happen to me.

  23. My dream had lots of tornados some huge some skinny some starting and some finishing up one of them shot a purple liquid I was in a car with my boyfriend and a friend I had just dropped the kids off in a underground building for safety. I my dream a huge tornado was coming my way and I got trapped in the middle and we were able to drive right out of it. Anyways all I remember is that at the end of the dream we were all safe and I picked my kids up.

  24. The past two nights I have dreamed about escaping a tornado. I have never dreamed about tornadoes in the past. In both dreams I was trying to find all my kids and get them safe. In the dream they were small. In reality, my youngest of 12 children is 18 and will graduate in May from high school. I’m certain my dream is a letting go process. I couldn’t find my kids because they are now independent. I believe my dream is about my stress to the adjustment of the impending empty nest and the inability to help them as they navigate their chosen paths that are laden with many mistakes they could have prevented. Instead, they have to learn on their own.

    1. I just woke up frm a nap and I couldn’t if been asleep for more then 30 min. I never remember my dreams ever but I did this one .me and my 2 kids which same as u in the dream they where young around 5 and 6 yrs old (in real life there 20 and 21yrs old) but we were in the middle of the front room in a old house we lived in when they where around 5 and 6 it got really load and i had my arms around them kind of covering them w my body they where screaming but I was as clam as ever telling them it’s ok God is holding us ,God has us I just kept saying that and I felt his hand shielding us when the tornado was over my kids and I where standing in the same spot as we where but the house was no longer there but we where untouched I fall to my knees and then I was scared I think or was unsure of what just happened then I woke up. What does that mean?

  25. I dreamed that I saw a tornado. I screamed tornado. I gathered the people who were with me n I directed them into the basement of a house. The house shook a little. I looked up n the house was spinning a little. It stopped n when we came out we were on 5th Avenue in NYC. We all were walking arm and arm down the street thru the rain water but we incurred no injury. I woke up.

  26. I want to submit my dream for interpretation. I had a dream I was locked in my house and the tornado picked the house up and I ended up on the other side of town. I survived, but the house was a total loss. I walked down the street to find help. It was a lot of people there willing to help,but my feeling was like I was fooling them and getting help by making them feel sorry for me when I wasn’t really hurt. What does this mean?

  27. I could see a tornado from my home window, and it was coming my way. It was really big and it was so white and spinning so fast.

  28. In my recurrent tornado dreams, the tornados are very close and in different, vivid colors.The background and everything in it, including myself and others, are in black and white. I’m always looking for my kids or grandkids..and cannot find them.

  29. in my dream, I had no idea a tornado came thru until my family woke up and saw the damage to our neighborhood .
    My neighbors homes were destroyed and we’re going to be rebuilt. Ours wasn’t nearly as bad, so ours just needed to be “fixed”.
    What could this mean?

  30. For several years now, I’ve been having reaccurring tornadoe dreams. Typically it’s a similar senario involving one chasing me, as I’m frantically running up my parents back yard trying to get into their house, while ensuring all the pets and my family are safe. Gathering all of the family is usually the biggest challenge and not being able to get to someone or an animal in time before disaster strikes. For the first time in almost 10 years the setting changed tonight while having this nightmare of a dream. Instead of it being at my parents house or involving my family members, it now was chasing me and best friend through a city involving high rises while we tried to save her daughter and my dog. Strange that for the first time in the history of having this dream, it changed. Thoughts?

  31. I often have dreas of tornados. Most of the time I’m in a house or a car and then in the distance is a twister, then more and more of them show up. Going in all different directions. I’m always so scared they are coming to get me and whoever is with me. Always scared to death. If my kids are in the dream I’m holding onto them for dear life so the don’t get sucked away. 9 times out of 10 I wake up right before the tornado hits and a few times I wake up with wet eyes from crying. Each dream had different people in it but most of them I’m alone trying to find my family. I drempt of tornados last night and my kids and my best friend were in it. one of the tornados did hit the building c we were in but no oNE was hurt and nothing destroyed. My friend and her youngest child were fine and all three of my girls were fine. But after it was over. We went out side and we’re surrounded by many different big and little tornadoes and we were in awe but so scared. Then I woke up….. so confused….

  32. I had this strange dream I’m having a BBQ on this beautiful day with my family. For some reason we are at the local school having our BBQ. Clouds begin rolling in and the temperature begins to change. I then scream “Tornado!” as the winds pick up greatly. I run inside and take cover, but everyone else is too awe-struck by the tornado. Finally to my relief,my boyfriend comes sprinting in. The tornado hits the school, right where he is. I begin to panic and I am screaming and crying and I go to him And try to hold him with me. He lets go, just as I wake up. (my boyfriend is a kind,shy, quiet and gentle soul and he absolutely means the world to me).

  33. I can create tornadoes sometimes by holding my hand up and spinning my finger. They usually grow out of control and turn on me, though.

  34. I dreamed that I was actually in the tornado. When I was inside it I saw the water/air whatever getting clear, then it throuh me out I was inside my car which I actually was inside my car under a tree trunk (which was still.standing and my car nor me didn’t get crushed I got.out and was able to tell my story

  35. Last night I dreamed I was trying to help people get inside and when I went to go inside behind them the tornado took me away.

  36. I dream about tornados all the time. I will admit that I am somewhat of a control freak and am often anxious about the future. I am always pushing myself to be the best and can’t stomach the idea of failure. Usually I am in the middle of the tornado or desperately trying to save someone I love from the situation. This dream was different. I mean, the beginning was the same. There were crazy tornados happening all around me and I had been able to evade them for awhile. Usually, i make sure my loved ones are safe before finding safety myself. This case was no different. As the tornado was tearing up the building on both sides, I ran from side to side to find a way to escape. When I couldnt find a way out, I took hold of a narrow aspen tree (that for some reason was growing out of the middle of the building). I grabbed the tree as close to the ground as I could and held on for dear life. Although the tornado was right on top of me, I could see the sun shining and it was a very bizarre feeling. As the bark was pealing off the tree, time slowed down and I looked to my right. I was sharing the tree with a little old lady. I remember telling her I didn’t want her to die because I couldn’t let go and, as everything around us was moving in slow motion, the sun shining down on us, she told me it was ok to let go. I looked at my hands. I looked at her. And for the first time EVER in my dreams, I let go. I flew up in the air, my stomach dropped, and my heart rate went wild! It was the most free I have felt in forever. Then, as I was floating around, basking in my freedom, this anoying ass dude starting floating next to me and I couldnt get away from him and then I woke up.

    1. I had a dream about a tornado too! Here it is:
      I woke up at night and was going downstairs to get a drink-my brother was there too. I saw a tornado and my family took shelter in our basement. But everyone got sucked up by the tornado except me and I was super scared. And then I woke up.

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