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School Dream Meaning

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school dream meaningWhat does it mean to dream about school? School is often a place we associate with learning and education. If you are an adult who is long done with school, it can also be a sign that you are currently dealing with parts of the past subconsciously.

Common Dream Meanings for School

Knowledge and Understanding

If you dream of going to school this may demonstrate your need for deeper knowledge and understanding in some area of your waking life.

You may be looking for the truth about a situation, and dreaming about school is a reflection of needing to research and gather more information.


Many people associate an education being a valuable opportunity for a better life.

It could also mean that you will have an opportunity to learn a new, valuable life lesson in the near future.

Memories of the Past

If you are an adult who has already graduated from school, you may find yourself having dreams that you are still in school. This can be a frustrating dream to have! Many times this dream is a subtle way to tell you there is something you are not ready to let go of from the past.

Things to Consider to Understand a Dream About Going to School

If you are dreaming about going to school, looking at the deeper details can help give you some insight on why you are dreaming about being in class, taking tests, or losing your locker combination. If you consider that many of us spend the most important developmental years of our life in a classroom or school setting, it should not seem unusual that we would have these dreams even decades later!

What Are the Details You Remember From the Dream? Learning how to remember the details of your dreams can make it easier to understand what a dream means. Are you able to recall details such as what subjects you were studying or what types of other objects were present in the dream? If so, you may want to look up these additional symbols in the dream dictionary for greater insight.

What grade level/class were you in? If you are dreaming about kindergarten, this is a lot different than dreaming of being in a college seminar class! Elementary grades might signify that you are ready to progress into a more mature area of your life, or it could mean you are feeling held back by some aspect in your current waking life.

Who Else Was in the Dream? The people in our dreams are often like actors and actresses in a movie. They can sometimes star as themselves, but more often they symbolize something else – sometimes even they stand in as aspects of our own selves!

What was the overall mood of the dream? Did you feel like you were anxious? Fearful? Happy? Carefree? Paying attention to your feelings in the dream can help you understand what feelings are subconsciously surfacing and how they relate to the current events in your life.

Do you have any dreams that relate to being in school? What do you think they meant? Share your dream experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. I dream that my daughter and I were visiting an elementary school. She was running for an elect position at her high school, and we went around posting flyers at other schools. When we visited this elementary school, I saw an old friend who was a kindergarten teacher, and I asked her if she liked working with kindergartners. She replied that it was boring. She seemed like she was afraid to talk to me. So my daughter and I proceeded to go to the principle office to get permission to post flyers around the school’s campus. When we went into the principal office, I asked the principal are they hiring, and she said yes, that she was looking to hire several new Teachers, and she asked me how many years of experience I have. I told her over 20 years. She proceeded to ask me to go and fill out the necessary paperwork, and she would give me a call. So my daughter and I went to fill out the application at another location, and before I could get home, the principal called me and told me to report to work on Monday to teach at the elementary school.

  2. Recently i’ve noticed i’ve had multiple dreams last and this year about going to school. Some reason i started to remember it.

    I always went to my classes that were somewhat near each other. 1 class downstairs and 3 upstairs. I remember the rooms and the tables but no students or teachers.

    The last class was odd because i dont recognize it. It was pretty far from the other class room i went and going to it would be in a long dim hallway. It was a dark and large classroom with some light coming in from the window. After that class i would leave the classroom and taking that long hallway again then i would wake up.

    Something about it makes me feel good but at the same time im curious about why i dreamed about that big dark class room and it made me feel pretty calm.

  3. On Saturday, 22.04.2017 I had a long dream and it still bothers me that some aspects of it are still not clear to me. The middle part of the dream took place in my kids’ secondary school. I volunteered; working with kids under 12 (for some reason!) One day I was in the cafeteria with other staff members, and I could sense/see the headteacher yelling at me that I shouldn’t be working there because it was a ‘conflict of interest because it was my children’s school! For punishment, he stamped a card and sent me with 2 entities; he told me they’ll fight for you and whoever wins will have you. We went to a lower world, to a room where the fight was meant to take place. Instead of fighting with the mysterious big guy, I kept staring at how my enemy was fighting. Suddenly I didn’t want to belong to any of them. I realised I had free will so I wanted to run away.

  4. I’m a 22-year-old man, and I’ve had these kind of dreams for the past few years. It usually starts where I’m in school, but it’s always in a completely different school from the one I went to in high school. I always see the same people, and they were people that I went to high school with, but I was never truly friends with them. My guess on what this means is that my situation in life is never changing, and I suppose I wanted to feel accomplished to a point to where I was noteworthy of their attention. Another guess I have is that I’m currently uncertain of what I want to do in life, and that I want to be back in school, because of how simple things were back then. If anyone else has any guesses, please feel free to do so.

  5. I have dreams that I’m in the future and the schools are huge and futuristic.
    Most of the time I’m not learning like in the dream I had today I was playing video games.
    In other dreams I remember going up a long flight of stairs and becoming friends with a teacher.
    Same with the one before that where I climbed stairs and saw a model car on the stairs leading to art class.

  6. I had this dream 2 dais 6/06/2021, 8/06/2021 i ws at my previous school with my old classmate i was standing in high building just as i was standing i almost fell down but i didn’ t instead a block fall down .. i didn’t understand why do have this dreams about school 2 times pls explain if u understand

    1. I know this is a bit late, and I can’t ensure the accuracy of this due to the fact that I’m not very well acquainted with you, but it could be that you feel that something is missing in your life or that you’re failing at something in your life. Depending on certain other aspects of your life, it could indicate that your mind is subconsciously uncomfortable of where you’re at in life, and that your conscience is suspecting something really bad soon or it is a reminder of something that did or could’ve happened earlier on in your life.

  7. I’ve had this dream that I’m in my old high school trying to find my locker and have lost the combination and the class I was supposed to attend also was told that we weren’t getting out for the summer, I felt angry and said to someone that I wasn’t coming back to school

  8. I often dream of seeing myself in high school after graduating for over 16 years. I was trying to find my locker and chain in my last dream. I was assisted by a guy to find chair. It was a mathematics class that was handled by my dad. It was as i got disconnected with the happenings in the class.

  9. I saw my self in my dream then I think I was in ss classes in the school the teacher gave an assignment and we all came to summit it some people didnt do theirs and I was among so we where looking for how to do it I and one girl so we saw a girl she has plenty of the assignment the assignment is just like doing something it’s not a writing thing it’s something you make with your hand it looks like somehow a sweet like the way it decorated so we took it from the girl and I was asking her I’d its correct and legit then she disappeared I was now looking at it so I saw myself again where some of the people I no they where playing it was already dark I was like shocked that wow that person disappeared so I saw my mum in the gate talking to some student I called to her and asked her if we are going yet she said I should wait a bite she has packed already with her bag even locked her office so I was like how to get my bag because that person entered my class room so I was looking for a friend to eacort me and then i weakup.

  10. I was dreaming that I’m in school I’m grade 8 but the school that I’m dreaming is my school in elementary but in my dream I’m grade 8 and in my dream there was my friend we are happy but some scene in my dreams bothering me because in my dream i can’t walk on the stairs I’m so afraid but i still walk on stairs but slowly because i think I’m going to fall and there also scene that my room is beside my crush room

  11. I dreamt that I was back in my high school class room, and I can’t do anything in dream and my Teacher was making the class fun in the dream

  12. It’s been like a two months now and am constantly waking up from schools dream and mostly that am in exams and i don’t know what to do because i haven’t read so i become so fearful that even when i wake up i still feel the fear and aches in my heart, it’s so frustrating because i thought am almost fearless and let go most of things 😔😔

    1. I have the following recurring dream (maybe once a month).
      similar to mine Jessie. I am 66 years old and graduated from law school 35 years ago. I was a very good student. My dream is that I walked into the classroom and there was a final exam (only one exam per class so each final is your whole grade) that I did, not know about. I was not at all prepared. I couldn’t pass it and so I was three (3) credits short and was unable to graduate. It was crucial because I was already a practicing attorney (illegal in NY…. need to graduate from law school and pass the bar exam). That’s as far at is goes.

  13. So some background about me before I get in the dream I am a 20-year-old female I dropped out of high school at the age of 15 years old. I had a dream last night that I was a 20-year-old back in preschool until I realized what the hell am I doing in preschool made a whole scene and let the principal know I was dropping out as I was talking to the principal I could feel this sadness as I was leaving I remembered I forgot my yearbook the principal said she would run back and get it for me but when she came back all she brought was a pink mask like what we have to wear these days to go anywhere. It was a very odd dream I really wanna know what it means

  14. Ive been having bad dreams for a couple nights now… Usually of people betraying me. My last dream was of an old friend making me angry I was fighting everyone, I was with a group of friends almost like we were hanging out after school I remember leaving with a bunch of kids as if school was over. I am 25 now…There were different days in my dream I was at school I remember jumping over a big wall to leave school or the bad friends that made me angry. I keep telling them to leave me alone but they were the ones that kept being mean or betraying/stealing from me some friends were on my good side tho but I still did not trust them I remember trying to find shelter with them as well or to hide from something bad that comes in the dreams day after school…

  15. I had a dream where I murdered someone (I think it was a stranger) and I was trying to figure out where to dispose of the evidence….I went back to my elementary school. I was under the influence with my eyes really red and threw the evidence away in a trash can inside the school. Lol.

  16. I have been out of school for 4 years now, ever since graduation I have had many, MANY dreams about being in high school. All of them are good dreams, I am happy and I am with my friends. I dream of this a couple times a month. Am I holding on to something in that time of my life?

  17. I constantly dream of being in around middle school I’m 20 now. And I’m usually never in class I’m usually finding other things to do and the school seems to change the more I start to make out the details of the dream itself. I feel mostly carefree

  18. I had a dream that i was at a different school than mine, and our teacher was Theo James and was dancing shirtless in front of the class.

  19. I was dreaming I was back in my old high school very happy mood and moving from class to class ,every one chose to go through school corridor to get to class and I alone chose the shorter route through the parking and when I got to the class I wanted to say something and I couldn’t speak & I was filled with great fear and woke up

    1. I saw the same thing in my dream too. Could you plz give me any significant answer here. I’m curious to know about what does it means and what future says about and I spoke to one of my old high school teacher as well and during my conversation with her suddenly one small child disturbed between us and her mother also school one of child and she got very angry to her child and I woke up suddenly.

  20. I honestly see myself in a classroom and most times, it’s usually on exam periods and i often don’t do well. I’m always fearful. The dream has been repeatedly recurring for over 5 to 6 years now. The last time was last month and i sat for the exam even without knowing what to write because i didn’t read, then along the line i saw the questions before the exam started, copied the questions and did malpractice.. That was how i passed the exam for the first time

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