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Kangaroo Dream Meaning

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kangaroo dream meaningDreaming of a kangaroo or having a kangaroo appear as a spirit guide or power animal can have several different meanings.

In dreams, the meaning greatly depends on the context of the dream and what types of things you might be going through in your regular daily life.

As a spirit animal and power animal, the kangaroo can appear to us to remind us to stay strong in our lives.

Kangaroos are native to Australia, however this does not necessarily mean you have to be from Australia for one to appear in your life as a spirit guide or in your dreams.

Today it is possible to see a kangaroo on books, films, television shows, or even in person at the zoo, so many people are quite aware of kangaroos, even though they may have never been to Australia to see one in its natural habitat.

Kangaroos as a Spirit Animal

The kangaroo can appear to us as a spirit guide with many important messages. The kangaroo is a reminder for us to be willing to leap into new opportunities and be ready to shift into new realities.

When a kangaroo appears in your life through signs and symbols, it is here to guide and support you through new opportunities and changes in your life.

There are many qualities and characteristics of the kangaroo that can be applied as wisdom in our lives.

Here is What the Kangaroo Can Teach Us

Take a Leap:

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of the kangaroo is the way it leaps when it moves. These leaps allow the kangaroo to cover a large distance in a short amount of time.

A kangaroo can suggest to you that you are on a path for fast development and growth and that your goals will be met swiftly and with ease. You are ready to start reaching new great heights in your life!

Stay Strong:

Kangaroos are surprisingly strong animals. Their hind legs used for leaping are quite powerful. A kangaroo may appear as a power animal for some, especially because it can help one learn ways to develop strength through difficult situations in one’s life.

If you are going through challenges in life, the power of the kangaroo can help you learn how to navigate through these challenges with strength.

Overcoming Challenges:

It’s common to see male kangaroos boxing each other – sometimes this is a form of playing but other times it can be a way for the males to establish dominance.

While seeing a kangaroo rarely means you will be in the boxing ring, it often is a sign for being strong and fighting against the opposing forces in your life. It may be a sign that you need to stand up for yourself in what matters in life.

You may also see a kangaroo when you are fighting a battle against illness, injury or addiction. The kangaroo can remind us to tap into our own willingness to fight and draw on the strength to put up the fight in overcoming these challenges.

Focus on Family:

One of the most interesting traits of a kangaroo is how the mothers keep their young in a pouch. If you ever watched the cartoon Winnie the Pooh, you may remember the characters Kanga and Roo. The kangaroo can remind us to tap into our mothering and nurturing instincts.

If you are a parent, the kangaroo can help you stay strong through the challenges of parenting and to nurture your own children. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, a kangaroo can sometimes appear as a power animal to help you stay strong through the process.

Be Involved in Community:

These animals are very social animals, and they live in large groups together. Being able to stick with a community helps them with survival. Kangaroos can live together in small groups of only a few kangaroos to very large groups of over kangaroos together! The term for this group is called a mob, and is usually led by the most dominant male.

Sometimes a mob will break up into smaller groups, such as when a group gets too big for the habitat to support the needs of the group for food and water. These smaller groups will move onto different areas. Sometimes younger males and females will move on to start their own new mobs.

The kangaroo serves as a reminder to us that we cannot survive by ourselves in this world – we need to learn how to work together and get along with others.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Kangaroo?

Kangaroos can often appear in our dreams. Since they can be commonly seen around the world, it is not unusual for one to show up in a dream, especially if you are experiencing something in life that would benefit from the wisdom of a kangaroo.

Here are some common dream meanings if you dream about a kangroo:

If you see a mother kangaroo carrying her baby joey: This could suggest you are having very maternal emotions and feel protective over someone or something that is important to you.

To see a kangaroo leaping great distances: This means you will be able to see fast and rapid progress and development towards reaching a goal.

To see a kangaroo hopping around: This can mean that you are continually starting new projects and not seeing them through to completion. Are you going too fast through something that demands your attention?

If you are kicked by a kangaroo: This is an indicator that you feel that you are under scrutiny or attack from someone in your work or social group.

To see kangaroos boxing: Is there something or someone you are fighting in life? This could be a literal translation, such as if you have been quarreling or arguing with a partner or friend – or it could mean you are fighting something else in life – such as battling to overcome illness or addiction.

If you dreamt of a kangaroo during a challenging time in your life, ask yourself what steps might help you in overcoming the obstacles or resolving the conflicts?

Remember, you are the best interpreter of your own dreams. Consider your current life situation, your feelings toward kangaroos and experience with them as well as the use of your own feelings and intuition toward the dream.

Did you have a dream about a kangaroo? Do you feel connected to a kangaroo as a spirit guide or power animal? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream I was in a room with people I didn’t know, suddenly there were 2 white kangaroos laying in front of me, one small one (maybe female) and the other a large white male, I was surprised/scared.. he pulled me close and started to groom me and nibble and wouldn’t let me move away, this continued for some time until the dream was interrupted by my nurse for my 2 am stat’s..
    I am currently awaiting confirmation on a transplant and have been doing many hours of chakra meditation πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

  2. My strange dream of a Kangaroo is it was riding as a passenger with me and my grownup children, on a road trip. We were lost at one point finding our direction, the Kangaroo was positioned in the middle backseat with a child on either side. We drove out of a library! all together like that. Then once arriving to a quasi destination we each dispersed in different directions, foot loose and free to go on our separate paths. Only one of my children got lost from me, so when I backtracked to find her. A clerk in a shop mentioned she seemed like a happy person, then said the name of someone who she might have gone off with I didn’t know.

  3. I had a dream that I found a white, almost translucent, figurine sized mother kangaroo sitting in the grass with a baby in her pouch. I thought they were baby rats in the dream at first bc they were small and translucent. Beside them was a whitish gray box and I opened the lid to find it occupied by tree rats. I tried to put the small kangaroos in the box with the tree rats, but the kangaroo hopped out and I then realized she was actually a kangaroo, not a rat. The tree rats couldn’t get out of the box and appeared slow, meek, and confused; they couldn’t figure out they were in a box. The mother kangaroo knew at once I put her in a box and with no hesitation she jumped out and looked at me. I feel like there’s some deeper higher consciousness to the dream. Very interesting.

  4. I had a dream that I seen a kangaroo and I felt scared and I felt scared and then it started chasing me and then when it got up to me it didn’t do anything

  5. I am Australian and live in Australia. I had a dream of seeing two or three baby kangaroos separated from their mothers and lost. Oddly they were different colours. Red, pink and blue.

  6. I am Australian and live in Australia. I had a dream of seeing of seeing two or three baby kangaroos separated from their mothers and lost. Oddly they were different colours. Red, pink and blue.

  7. Just last night I had a beautiful dream. I saw myself in a hallway in a house and there was a small green tree next to me it looked like a cedar tree, then all of a sudden I saw a kangaroo came infront of me and was hopping up to my chest like wanted to play, it was amazing. This is my first time I dream of a kangaroo and never seen one in real life. Don’t know what that means!

  8. I dreamt about finding a baby kangaroo after its mother had been killed by a big snake and taking it home to look after it, i was looking after it whilst i was waiting for a vet to come fetch the baby kangaroo but it was taking a long time for this vet to come it felt like a real challenge which in end I felt I was at my wits end my dream ended where I was crying because I couldn’t cope with looking after this kangaroo anymore what does it mean

  9. This is the second time I am seeing two kangaroos carrying their babies. The first one was in 2015 and the second one was last night. In both cases they’re just standing on their two legs staring at me. Please what does that mean

  10. I had a dream recently that there were quite a few Kangaroos hopping along and they were of all sizes from very large right down to the size of a Rabbit.
    At no time did I feel a threat from them in any way.

    I do live in Australia and I go out bush to take bird photos. In the last 20 times doing this I have seen Roo’s as we call them here 17 or so times in this. The numbers can vary in numbers from 1 to 5 .

    My last time out I seen them we a few days ago. I seen 2 of them. Then about an hour later seen 3 moving off in another direction. As I was about to leave I then seen a very large Red Roo hopping of fast away from me.
    I went to a new spot to take some more photo and got a little side tracked. and this is when I fell and broke my left wrist.

    So does any of this make some sort of sense to you?

  11. I dreamt I was a kangaroo and I was fighting another kangaroo- he clawed open my chest above my heart and I became a spirit
    Once I was a spirit I realized I could say goodbye and energetically hug my family so I did
    Once that had occurred the kangaroo came back turned into a human and we all understood we had been great actors in a play

  12. β€’ I was at some type of park and people wouldnt leave out of a building thag going to gass everyone. We got everyone out. But there was a dead body folded in half. He had a small square pan and for some reason. I picked it up. Later I was laying on the grass ?? And something landed near me. Some guy was talking to me then after he left a kangaroo came up to me. Then another. I told them to leave GO. But that didnt work. They were coming towards Me n picked u p something laying on the ground and threw it at them. They picked it up and it was a dead baby kangaroo. Then I ran. He chased me Into my grandads corner store. But it looked different higher nicer colors were more enhanced. Shelves were over stocked. And I was pulling the door tho keep the kangaroo out. He didnt even notice. I was like let’s close early and leave. He was like ok it is close I suppose none is coming. Then I see the kangaroo jumping down the street and on some Amazon prime trucks and then the kangaroo and a guy start fighting.

  13. Interesting read, especially after just managing to leap up a stranger’s fence in response to an oncoming leader kangaroo who jumped an opposing fence from an empty grass lot where he and his mob were grazing just to head straight towards myself who was on an afternoon stroll through our country neighbourhood!! This is the third and closest notable sighting of a wild animal in the last 3 weeks or so. First a Wedge Tail Eagle really close to one’s car driving to work, then a wild fox crossing the road in broad daylight in a similar spot on the way to work and now this Kangaroo. Wonder what it all means??! They are gorgeous animals and lucky to have them so accessible, but perhaps not quite so close as the last one πŸ™‚

    1. Definitely sounds like there could be some themes happening there! Are there any major construction or real estate projects happening in the area? Where we live a lot of the wild animals sadly are losing their homes to real estate developers, so a lot of times there will be an influx of bears, coyotes, and other critters because they no longer have anywhere to go.

  14. I had a dream about a kangaroo.
    It was very friendly. We locked eyes and with three gentle hops, it jumped under my jacket and wrapped itself around me. It’s head was near my neck and it licked me lovingly. We walked around like this happily for some time.
    We may mutually decided it was time to seperate an with that, the kangaroo slid out and hopped away.
    I was smiling as it left.
    Great dream. Very vivid.
    I don’t dream very often.
    Does this mean anything?
    It feels like it might.
    Thanks in advance for any insights.

    1. It sounds like it could be a bit of a lucid dream {many people have them without being aware they are even lucid} – Our post on lucid dreaming might be helpful. To understand what a dream means it can be helpful to think about whether the kangaroo may symbolize someone or something in your life. Could also be a visitation dream of sorts – either with an animal spirit guide or perhaps a form of a person you no longer have contact with. Sounds like a very positive dream, and thank you for sharing it with us!

  15. i had a dream of scared baby kangaroo with mother in front of my house & i was found then i rescued & caring both of them. Baby kangaroo was talking with me. they were both happy with us.
    so now tell what i mean for this dream

  16. I had a dream i was walking in a neighborhood and a baby.kamgaroo came hopping up to me we looked around.for the mother but she waa no where in sight the it followed me to mt house and started to leave but stayed on the steps what does that mean?

  17. I was in a dark forest trying to get to my home my ex was there but he left me and I was lost and alone then a kangaroo come along and showed me the way it was really friendly and kept cuddling me it felt like it was my best friend and I felt safe and secure

  18. I had a dream where I met a sentient talking kangaroo that I was trying to protect. These people had to press four buttons all at once that would kill the kangaroo. I ended up stealing a button and running away and getting trampled. I have the best dreams

    1. I had a very Similar dream, dead kangaroos kept appearing but I was taking care of one which got very clingy and it was almost kind of scary, it kept following me everywhere. I even tried calling animal control but they didnt care… weird, it felt so real. Trying to figure it out

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