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Crow Dream Symbol Meaning

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To dream of crows or to see them everywhere in your day-to-day life often means that you are experiencing some type of personal transformation or are going through changes in your life.

crow dream meaning

Crows are birds that are part of the corvid family and are closely related to ravens and magpies. They are generally known for their intelligence and mysteriousness,

The different species of crows that exist today vary in size and coloration, but they all share certain features found across all members of the family. They have curved bills, a short tail, glossy black plumage with white markings on their chest or throat area, along with yellow or orange eyes.

Let’s explore the different meanings we associate with crows.

The Need for Change

Many times we see crows in our dreams to symbolize a need for change. They are usually seen flying around and calling out warnings to make us aware that there is a need for change or that we are going through some type of transition in our lives.

Those of us who dream of crows are likely experiencing an end of a phase in our lives, or a need for us to make changes. The crows may be an omen that we are going through some transformation in our personal beliefs or even how we look at the world.

The symbolism of the crow is sometimes associated with dreams of death or dying. As we covered in our post on dying in dreams, death is a symbol for change and does not necessarily mean physical death.

Crows are often regarded as omens that have been linked to many different kinds of situations or occurrences. Sometimes dreams of crows represent relief from a burden, and other times crows represent a change that may be difficult but it necessary for growth.

Rebirth/Emergence from Darkness

As mentioned above, crows symbolize renewal and transformation. Their black feathers against the white parts of their bodies seem to symbolize a person who has emerged from darkness after being stuck for a long time.

Crows symbolize the rebirth of something new or emergence from a place of darkness. If you are going through a dark period in your life, crows show that there is something new emerging from this darkness and suggests that something new is going to happen in your life.

Crow perched with food

Intelligence and Creative Problem Solving

Crows are known for being among the most intelligent birds in the world. They use tools to help them find food and nests, they display complex social behaviors, and even have different types of warning cries to communicate danger.

The link between dreaming of crows and intelligence exists because of this association with problem solving and intelligence. Our dreams are often our minds way of helping us work through problems that we’re facing in our waking lives.

Seeing crows in our dreams can be a sign that we need to look at a problem in a different way. We might need to think outside the box or think more creatively.

It can also be a call for us to awaken our intuition. We may need to work on a problem in our waking life and the only way to do so is to use our intuition. Following your intuition may not make logical sense, but often leads us on a better path in life.

Crows are intelligent birds that have been known to be incredibly resourceful. This symbolism can help remind us that sometimes the things we have believed in for so long, may really just no longer fit us or our life as well as we want them too.

Mysteriousness and the Unknown

Because crows are the color black, they are often associated with things that are mysterious and unknown. The black feathers of the crow hide it’s true form, which seems to make the species mysterious and unknown.

There are many things we don’t know in life. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations or places where we need to feel safe and secure. Crows symbolize these feelings of the fear of the unknown.

Crows in your dream can signify you are going through something that is hard to understand. If you are going through a period of life where you’re feeling lost and insecure, dreaming about crows may mean that there is some sort of transformation coming up in your life that will help you gain more stability in these areas.

Now that we’ve covered the four main themes a crow represents in dreams or as a symbol, let’s take a look at some specific dream scenarios and the dream interpretation.

Crow Dream Examples and Interpretation

Seeing the Wings of a Crow

If the wings of the crow are prominent in your dream, it represents something we want to achieve but are unsure if we can or will be able to do it. This is usually a sign that you need to have faith and attempt the task you desire despite the uncertainty.

Reaching for the sky with your wings is promising yourself greatness and the willingness and belief necessary to make changes for success.

Holding a Crow

To be holding a crow in your hands in a dream means that you are keeping a part of yourself hidden from the rest of the world.

Crow symbolism in dreams also points to secret knowledge, self-improvement, and a philosophy that is not traditionally dominant but rather uncommon and distant. It can also refer to dark truths, as well as secrets kept from others by force or coercion.

To see a crow in a dream means you are looking for a creative way to solve a problem. Crows are very intelligent clever birds.

Hearing Crows

Sometimes in our dreams we don’t actually see crows, but we can hear them. This sound may be a warning to make us aware of something we do not know or are unaware of.

Hearing crows in your dream can also mean you may feel ignored or not noticed by others. You may be trying to help or warn someone, but they are not listening to your advice.

Crow Close up

Feeding Crows

Feeding crows in our dreams, is a symbol for the need for us to change our lifestyle in order to better ourselves in some way. We may need to make healthier decisions in our lives.

Hurt or Sick Crow in a Dream

If you dream of a crow that is injured or sick, it can mean that the circumstances in your life will only grow worse if you do not make changes. This dream reminds you that while change can be scary and painful, it is necessary if we ever want things to get better.

Dream About a Dead Crow

To see a dead crow can mean that you are feeling neglected or ignored by others. You feel like your voice is not being heard or recognized.

You may also be afraid to face what is really bothering you in life. You may be avoiding a change you need to make but don’t want to.

This can also be a symbol that means you need to be careful you don’t repeat the same mistake twice.

Crows on Telephone Wires

It’s common to see crows on telephone wires in everyday life. The telephone wire is a symbol for how we communicate with others. You may feel like you want to tell someone your true feelings but are unsure of what to say or how to say it.

The crows that are on the telephone wires can be a signal for you to tell someone exactly what is on your mind. It may be hard, but what you need to say may be something important the other person needs to hear.

Dream of a Crow Following or Chasing You

To dream of being followed or chased by crows means that you are trying to escape some sort of problem in your life. You may feel like running away from your problems or are trying to avoid conflict in some area of your life.

For more insight on what it dreams to be chased by a crow, see the dream meaning of being chased.

Upside Down Crow Meaning

To see a crow hanging upside down suggests you need to look at a problem in your life from a different angle. Things may not be as they appear. You may be trying to work up the courage to ask for help in some area of your life.

Dreaming About a Large Group of Crows

Crows often gather together in large crowds because it benefits their survival. Likewise, seeing a large group of crows suggests that a problem in your life may be easier to conquer with the help of others.

You may be feeling lonely or like an outcast in your social life – a group of crows symbolizes that you can benefit from meeting new people who share similar values or interests as you.

Crow Flying with food

Frequently Asked Questions About Crows in Dreams

Many people have questions about crows when one appears in a dream or if they notice them a lot more than usual in life. Here are some questions we are often asked.

Are Crows Bad Luck?

It is common in stories and fairy tales for crows to be a sign for bad luck because the crow is black in color and was once associated with sickness and illness before people truly understood the physical causes. Long ago people used to associate crows with witches, who were also thought to bring misfortune.

However, there is no reason to think that seeing a crow in your dreams or otherwise is a sign for bad luck. If anything, it is a sign that things need to change. Yes, change can be painful, but it’s important to remember that change is necessary for things to improve.

What is the spiritual meaning of the crow?

Crows can symbolize your intuition or subconscious mind. As a symbol for mysteriousness, crows remind us of the mystery of faith and how there are some things we just have to believe in and trust.

Spiritually, crows can also symbolize the spirit of inspiration and enlightenment. Crows are often depicted as wise birds that are quick to teach or show us how to better our lives. They can also be a sign of how we may need to find a new path or direction in life.

Do Crows Mean Someone is Going to Die?

There are many examples of folklore where seeing three crows means that someone might die. This of course is not based on any kind of fact or science – it is merely superstition.

If you see three crows and find yourself thinking that something bad is going to happen to someone you care about, listen to your intuition carefully – be sure that you are not just feeding your fears.

Remember that crows symbolize change. While yes, this can include death, in most cases it means that we need to make some changes in our lives.

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I hope this dream interpretation on the meaning of crows is helpful for you. Have you had a dream about crows or are noticing them a lot more in your day to day life? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. Birds are fascinating, the crow, especially. I dreamt of a crow last night and it was up close and personal with me. It was speaking to me with it eyes. What I realized looking into its eyes was the eyes were a mirror of me! Something told me I was on the right course.

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