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Boat Dream Meaning

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 Boats come in all sorts of styles, shapes, and sizes, and as a result there can be a number of possible dream interpretations for boats.

What Do Dreams About Boats Mean?

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Dreams about boats can suggest it is time for us to explore our true thoughts and feelings.

Types of Boats & Their Dream Meanings


To dream of a canoe can symbolize that you are not afraid of hard work. It may also symbolize peacefulness and a simple way of thinking.

Cruise Ship:

A cruise ship is large boat, primarily for fun and enjoyment. To dream of being on a cruise ship is often a wish fulfillment dream.


A ferry is typically for short trips across a bay, and can be a sign that you are afraid of commitment or taking on too much at once.

Fishing Boat:

If you dream of a fishing boat, you may be “fishing” for something in your waking life.

House Boat:

A house boat often represents yourself and your personal beliefs. Think about the details of the house boat, do any of these resemble characteristics in how you might describe yourself?

Kayak: A kayak is for the adventurous type, and it could symbolize your need for adventure or experience.

Ocean Liner: Ocean liners are massive boats for shipping cargo. You may feel as if you have important business to take care of.

Pontoon Boat: A pontoon boat symbolizes your need for taking it at a slower speed. It can also symbolize family for some people, especially if you remember taking family trips on a pontoon boat.

Power Boat: A power boat can be a symbol of an out of control ego. It can also mean there is a need for more power and control in your life.

Sailboat: A sailboat can be a symbol for beauty and grace in your life. “Smooth sailing” means to coast through something easily, which is symbolism that you are at peace with your life. Sail boats, which rely on the wind, may also symbolize your need to be adaptable to situations.

Sinking Ship/Boat: To dream you are on a sinking ship symbolizes that you feel hopeless or out of control about a situation in your waking life.

Tug Boat: To dream of a tug boat could symbolize that you are feeling “tugged around” or that you may be “tugging” something around behind you. You may be carrying emotional baggage or pent up resentment.

Yacht: A yacht in your dreams symbolizes that you are free from worry and are enjoying yourself in life.

Tips for Interpreting a Dream About Boats

Think About Your Personal Experience With Boats: If you love boats, having a dream about a boat can be exciting and a lot of fun. If you’re afraid of boats, the dream may symbolize other fears and anxieties you have. Your personal experiences with boats will also influence your meaning for boats.

Describe the Boat in 5 Words: Use 5 words to describe the boat. These 5 words will help you better identify the feelings and emotions of the dream and help you understand the context of the boat in the dream.

Look for Other Symbols: Water is another symbol often associated with boats, and the type of water can help you better understand the meaning of the dream. Just as there is a difference between an ocean liner and a canoe, there’s a difference between dreaming of a pond and an ocean! If the boat is not on water, it could symbolize a lack of emotion or flow in your endeavors.

Are there any types of boats we may have missed or any boat dream interpretations you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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  1. I had a dream like it was the end of the world. And the water is rising. All families boarded on a very big boat to be transferred to a super big metal ship. The journey was smooth the water was clear but when we landed to the ocean where the big ship was docked our boat sinked under water but managed to be at the surface again. The water was calm but it was dark blue makes me terrified. Our boat was like a rice grain compared to the big ship.

  2. I am in a small boat waiting for sailing. The water was calm but there was a fog slowly building up. There are many boats aside from mine. The sky was dark, a night i think so it gave an eerie feeling that made me anxious in that dream. What does this mean?

  3. I dreamt that I was sitting with family and looking out to a view of a bay or something. The water was rough and there was a dog and a blue bag on the driverless boat. The boat was white with dark green stripes. I jumped in and saved the dog and when I was bringing it in, I found another dog under the dock that I was climbing up. Then I awoke.

  4. Last night I dreamt of being on a canoe with no paddles on top of a large polluted lake. What does this mean?

  5. the last three nights A deceased loved one/husband was in my dreams. last night he was helping me out of a boat onto a dock. Please help me determine what is my subconscious trying to tell me.

  6. I dream that my sister and her kids is in the boat washes by waves away from me. And I screamed to hop on my side to be in safe but she never listened. I never seen them and later on I saw my niblings sitting and playing and they are safe. And im with friend we are in standing near the wild water that took their boat away from us.

  7. Dreaming of fishing boats like 5 of them lined up on the shore
    These are brightly colored but they happen to be small on nature than my competitors whose look plain but big

    1. Dreamt of being on a ferry, which at first was riding through a small town and then down a slipway into the water. The waves in the bay were slightly high and I was on the ferry with my family, asking my partner to pass me my youngest son to hold for the bumpy ride…

    2. I dreamt 3 colourful small boats heading in one line to the shore. There were people waving to them holding sparklers. The boats had circular like fireworks going around in a circle. I was quite emotional when I woke from the dream. (Tearful)

  8. What does it mean seeing an unknown person hitching a small fishing boat out of the water onto a full size black Ford truck?

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