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Owl Dream Meaning

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An owl is a bird of the night that is associated with wisdom and magic. When an owl appears to you in a dream or in other form in your life this may indicate that you are craving more knowledge or greater wisdom regarding a specific situation.

What Does it Mean to Dream of An Owl?

owl spirit animal dream meaning

Owls are commonly associated with wisdom, intuition, and our connection with the spiritual world. As a spirit animal, owls are often here to guide us into our full knowing of consciousness and wisdom.

Owls are nocturnal creatures of the night, and so this is also another thing to think about when you dream of an owl. Are you spending a lot of time awake at night? Are you drawn to being a night owl? Is there a night owl in your life who may be represented by an owl in a dream?

All of these things are some important factors to consider.

Common Meanings for Owl Dreams

To see a large owl perched: This could symbolize that your subconscious is expressing to you that you have a heightened sense of wisdom or intuition in an area of life.

To see an owl attacking you: Owls are birds of prey. If you dream that an owl is attacking you, this indicates that you may be feeling attacked in some way during your waking life. It may also indicate that you are nearing a major transition in waking life.

If you dream you are being attacked by an owl, you may also want to look up the dream meaning for birds of prey to see if there is anything useful for understanding what this dream might be about.

To see a dead owl: This suggests that your waking self is not in sync with your subconscious and that you must take steps to achieve greater self awareness.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

How did I feel after this dream?

Are there any areas of my life where I am seeking more knowledge and wisdom?

Am I feeling attacked in any area of my life?

Another thing to think about is the type of owl you see in the dream. Was it a snow owl? A barn owl? Were there any significant colors present in the dream?

You may wish to look up the different symbols of the dream in our dream dictionary to fully understand the meaning of what this symbol might represent in your dreams.

This information will shed light on why an owl appeared in your dreams.

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