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Eyes Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about your eyes or the eyes of someone else could mean a variety of things, depending all on the context of the dream.  Eyes are often described as “the windows of the soul” and can be an indicator of deeper reflection or connecting with your own unique spiritual beliefs.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Eyes?

This kind of dream regarding eyes may also be an indicator that your subconscious is attempting to caution you to be knowledgeable about something.

It can mean you have to look within yourself for the meaning of things. Dreaming of eyes could be an alert that you should trust your own instincts and impulses.

Here are a few examples of what eye dreams may mean:

Seeing Your Own Eyes: If you can see your own eyes, whether in a mirror or through other circumstances, it could mean that you have a deeper understanding of yourself  or that you are becoming more aware of your higher conscious levels.

Seeing Someone Else’s eyes: You may be feeling a special connection with someone, or know that you share a similar viewpoint, such as seeing “eye to eye”.

Dreaming of just one eye, or seeing just one eye in a dream, could mean that you are not “seeing the whole picture” or that your viewpoints are very narrow and you need to expand your perspective on something happening in your life. You may not be open to other’s opinions and views on a subject matter happening in your life.

Dreaming of Many Eyes: This could indicate you feel as if others are judging or watching you. You may feel that you are not able to complete a task or that someone may uncover a secret about you.

Eyes in The Back of Your Head: This common cliche could mean that you are able to see the truth when others may be trying to do something behind your back. It could also mean that you need to view things as a whole or that you are undergoing a form of mental transformation.

Black Eye: This could mean that you have an inner conflict, or that someone recently hurt you through an argument or other conflict.

Dreaming that you have something in your eye: This could mean that there are obstacles in your life you are currently facing. Something is in the way of you being able to see and manifest what you truly desire.

Dreaming that you have a 3rd eye: You may need to focus on your internal vision. Dreams of a third eye could mean that you are not listening to your intuition, or that your intuition is being ignored.

Closed Eyes: You may be trying to avoid something or do not want to acknowledge what is obvious. This could also mean something is preventing you to look at life in the way you desire. You may have feelings of wanting to escape, being anxious, or fearful towards a situation in your everyday life.

Eye Color: The colors of the eyes you see could also mean a variety of things. Green eyes may mean wealth, greed, jealousy, blue eyes may mean calm, clear, and peaceful, red eyes may mean anger or sadness.

Do you have any dreams about eyes you would like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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  1. I had a dream. it was at night, there was this gigantic monster but i could only see his eye.. this eye would be hidden in the ground under some leafs and stuff or in the ocean but not too deep because i could reach it from the land. something or someone was telling me to hit the eye but i don’t know why because everytime i hit the eye i wake up.. i say “everytime” cus i have a feeling i dreamed of this before but I’m not sure

  2. Good day all, hope all is well in this troublesome world. I had a dream the other night, and I can’t really vividly remember but I had all these eyes watching me and I realized they were surrounded me. They were all different colors I can’t remember where I was at but the place I was, was a peaceful place. Than all of a sudden I started itching really bad in my dream and started running from the eyes. I found myself scratching my legs and back as I was waking up, I know for myself seeing anything in a bunch that makes my skin crawl… but I don’t know what that dream was all about. I thought it could have been angles looking at me I don’t know but it was real and those eyes were ver very very very beautiful. Have a blessed one all God bless.

  3. I dreamed I had contacts in my eyes. When I removed them, all the colour in the iris was removed with the contact lens. What could this mean?

  4. Had a dream and saw 3 men talking they were all in black suit and as they talked one of them opened the eyes and I could see some kind of lines like lenses and unaware he opened the eyes and it took pictures of one of the men standing there in a manner that look like he was hiding it and he wen away only me saw it
    And I kinda told the man that that man whom in a dream had a shop like a lab did and he drove with me to meet the man but he wasn’t in his shop but wen we got to the front of the shop there was a camera that that captured us as the car passed too
    The man still drove through town to his house to see him
    While on our way I saw 2 men dressed in suit standing outside and 2 dogs too
    I got scared immediately and wanted to stop him from going to see this man but I was suddenly woken up by a phone call
    I think there’s more to this dream

  5. I saw a dream where i was hanging out with a lot of people and my ex was one of them. We didn’t talk but we looked at each other. When we were doing an excercise i looked at him and saw both of his Pupils dialating. I did feel like he still likes me a lot but keeps it a secret or etc..

  6. I dream about me changing eye color. On the left is the color of yellow and blue on the right. My eyeballs on the left is turning into a cat fur color of white and orange and on the right is turning into skin of a snake with blue green color. What does it mean? Also my skin on the chin part is peeling off showing bare flesh and blood

  7. I dreamt of a lady i know to be terminally ill, she exposed her lower abdomen to show me her scar ( her cancer is not in that area) and her belly has eyes which were looking at me and moving, i recall saying that’s weird i have never seen that before, I cant find any explanation online im stuck trying to make sense of it, any one ??

  8. I dreamed I had something in my eye, when I looked there was a white baby lizard in the corner of my eye. I then tried to pull it out but instead pulled its hand off and it got further into the corner of y eye so I couldn’t get it. When I pulled the skin underneath down to try and get to it I saw something black and it came out but the feeling was horrible I could feel it pulling from down by nose and I was gagging in the dream with the feeling. When I got it out it was about 3 inches long and was creature that was not slimy but looked like a slug in shape and I put it down, when I looked again it had gone so I was panicking about finding it and also still trying to get the lizard out of my eye. It was an awful dream and I woke up with fright but could not get the images out of my head and it has really disturbed me.

  9. I was dreaming I was at this party in a gothic looking home and this man makes eye contact across the room. He’s a deep chocolate color, a strong jaw and these dark ocean blue eyes. I end up sitting on his lap and he keeps telling me to look into his eyes and I try many times but can’t maintain it.
    Then I end up in a large cave on the beach then it starts tipping and flooding with ocean water and he appears telling me to look into his eyes again but I run to the back of the cave instead and see a small opening with and entrance into a grandiose looking room but I can’t quite fit but I see the beautiful blue eyed man inside now. The cave keeps filling with water.
    Then finally I’m standing in a gothic living room again and he’s just looking at me and I wake up

  10. I dreamed that I was on a white planet, there was no sky, just space (stars and stuff) I was layed back in a chair with a table in front of me and there was a big black wolf sitting next to me and staring at me. Then a big gray wolf with a third eye on it’s forehead appeared and was staring at me as well. Then a white wolf that was slightly bigger than the other two approached the table and stared at me but it had 10 eyes that were all rainbow. Then. I started suffocating. I woke up and was having a hard time breathing.

  11. My daughter passed away this past January I keep dreaming of her but in my dreams her eyes are white. I ask her in my dream if she can see she just smiles and says she sees just fine

  12. my young cousin of 16, explained that she had a dream about a creature of sorts with a bandage around its head that had sharp claws and empty black eye sockets, she explains that she felt as if this entity was protecting her, she then goes on to explain that she woke up in a hotel of sorts and as she left her room she saw a number 868 on the room next door and goes on to say that some person was telling her that she was no longer supposed to be there but instead was supposed to be on a flight to the chinese airport, she then says that the guy got angry with her and picked her up, ranting about music and knives, she feels that deep inside her she knows what he wants to do with the knives, but she has no idea whats going on

  13. I dreamed of my 2 year old having beautiful blue/green eyes but he has brown eyes his eyes were so big and beautiful that in my dream I said he has beautiful eyes when I close my eyes I can still see those eyes from my dream thats how beautiful they were ?

  14. I had a dream that I saw myself as a baby through my dads eyes. Like a first person video game. I just know it was my dad I was [being]. So bizarre … what does it mean??

  15. In my dreams the situations is always different but at one point or another I look into a mirror and usually I don’t look like myself until somehow in my dream I start to think that doesn’t look like me and my face slowly starts to change. But even if I do look like myself in the dream, I always have 3 very large pairs of eyes that take up most of my face every time and the eyes colors are usually different or some colors alternating, but usually the dream will end a bit after seeing my 3 pairs of eyes when I go to finish whatever I had been doing. In these dreams no one notices the eyes but please say if you know what always having 6 eyes means.

    1. Never mind it was 9 eyes cause I just remembered it was 3 rows of 3 eyes but still what does having 9 eyes in my dreams mean?

  16. I dreamed that at my mother’s house in the cupboard she had the heads of my grandmother and grandfather and when we were looking at them to see family resemblances, my grandfather started to open his eyes and look at me with very pretty blue eyes.

  17. That same night I also dreamt that I picked up a little baby in the bush and behold the baby was speaking Chinese the baby keep saying three words repeatedly and I took her to my people and he or she keep saying the same thing and we all burst into laughter imagining such a toddler talking does mean anything?

  18. I dreamt last night that, my left eye was getting potruted coming out getting bigger and bigger like it almost want to explore please what does it mean because am getting nervous

  19. I took a nap during the morning around 8 am because i didnt sleep good so i dreamed that i was cleaning my eye and then i saw something white which is my eyeballl half way out my friend kept saying omg giselle blink blink i did so and found alot of hair inside my eye there was like a big space where the eye belong thats where i took out soo much hair out of my eye but my eye was still out of the eyelid i tried pushing it back and nothing . I freaked out and yelled to call the ambulance i didnt feel blind at all but i can feel half of my eye out and almost fully out

  20. I had a dream that my eyes were hazel. Like golden hazel and they were wide open. People would tell me how beautiful they were, I would thank them and talk about certain things I knew.

  21. After talking with my friend about my relationship with my mother and how she seems to be angry with me and jealous, in a weird way, I dreamed that my mom was the mom she was when I was younger. And I attacked her and began gouging her eyes out. As I attacked her I was shouting “You didn’t see!” over and over. Or it may have been “You wouldn’t see!”. I have no idea what that means, but it bothered me a lot and I can’t stop thinking about it. I would never hurt my mom. We used to be very close.

    1. So in my dream I was looking at a mirror and I saw my eyes they were colorful and sparkling once I realized I was dreaming my dream ended

  22. In my dream my recent passed uncle due to some health issues he was sitting on chair and he called me by my name Manju and than when i looked him that time I saw him with red eyes.

    Actually I want to know what he want to communicate with me

  23. In my dream my uncle sitting on chair near by my brother standing and one child at floor and my uncle he called me by my name Manju and I looked him with red eyes.
    He passed/ died due to some health issues last 11 days back on 24.05.2021.

    I would like to know what he what to say to me?

  24. I had a dream that at night, I was walking around a backyard (not one I recognized) with my dad and sister. Idk what we were doing there. Anyway, plants with no leaves or flowers started shooting up out of the ground, separating me from my family. A path formed to the top of a platform. My dad led me in a prayer to Odin for strength of will, with tears in my eyes. We tried to break the plants but to no avail.

    I walked up to the platform and sat down on a bench. A large cat-like eye was across from the bench. It looked 2d, but it had a yellow and red iris and a pitch black pupil. It wasn’t connected to anything except the side of the wall of the platform in front of me.

    I don’t know what was said, but I know that the entity and I talked.

    Then I woke up to three loud thumps from my cousin’s room that sounded like a hammer hitting wood.

  25. I was praying for my daughter who is always having convulsions and I saw in an eye white can you tell me the meaning?

  26. I dreamed I had an real eye on my
    Idk if it might be, because my ankle itch alot in real life.

  27. I dreamt that I was attracted to someone that was way too older than me. He had bright hazel brown eyes. And every time I see eyes in a dream or in real life I like to see them closely because I really love seeing eyes that are not of my same eye color. So I told him I wanted to see his eyes and that I really liked his eyes. He was like 38 years old, which is way too old for me since I am 17. Then I licked his mouth, and I don’t even know him. I have never seen that person ever. And that is the last thing I remember that I licked his mouth. And that’s a really weird dream for me.
    Someone tell me what that means PLEASE.

  28. In my dream, I looked in the mirror, one of my eyes wasn’t there. Eye lids were closed and dipped in to the hole of the eye. Then I tried to open my eye, and I could open my it and my normal eye appeared, I felt relieved.

  29. I dreamt I was looking through the chook yard gate and I spotted an eye looking at me, something big and black was hiding behind the mandarin tree and it had a big, orange, squinty evil eye, it was staring at me. I woke up scared

  30. I dream that there’s a girl that have white eyes I think she blind. her eyes like blind but she can see and her eyes have abilities and she likes my eyes she said she want’s to trade her one eye to my one eye. can you answer it

  31. I had a dream red eyed little girl with white dress straw sun hat pale red eyes can out of floor but never any hostility???

  32. I had a dream I was sleeping, then awoke to my husband staring out the bedroom window. The curtains were closed. (In real life he is black but in the dream he was white). He was talking, I walked up to him asking what he was saying. He ignored me and didn’t notice me. I assumed he must be sleep walking but when I saw his face turn — his eyes were bleeding. I can’t remember what he was saying but it was almost like he felt guilty or troubled. He never heard me speak or talked to me. But he kept talking to himself. Like his body was there but he wasn’t in reality. I remember he said the word “she”. The vibe of the dream was so evil, the bedroom tv was on. Just how it was when I fell asleep and I was in the same clothes I was in when I fell asleep. Nothing was out of place. First time I had a dream like that.

  33. I dreamt that it was a sunny day. I was in a strange house that was overgrown and ydillic, and I felt very nice, there. I was in the bathroom, looking actively at myself in the mirror. This wasn’t wasn’t what I was dreaming about; this moving image stepped in at random moments, where I’d smile at myself and admire my eyes, which were a lit brighter and deeper blue than they are in reality; and there was glitter inside my irisses. I was staring at it and I felt good about myself, which is a new thing for me. This scene became slowly dominant, until it ceased and I found myself in the garden, of the same house, probably. Have you ever been in France? Yeah, that kind of house. The garden bathed in afternoon sunlight, and it was overgrown, wth many flowers. There was a small paved path spread across the garden, making small plant aisls.
    I was admiring this garden; smelling the flowers and admiring their colours. I felt at peace; I felt completely accepted and felt like I belonged; which is the complete opposite of my life.
    Then I saw a woman. She leaned onto a half/Dutch door. Her hair was a grey variant of mine; with all the waves and a shade of ash blonde. I felt like she was me. I looked up at the windows, and the door where the woman stood, was overgrown outside with hanging tullips.

  34. I had a dream that the color of my eyes kept turning white. I could see them in the mirror and I tried to show others but they could only see if they were upclose.

  35. I dreamt I got shot alot of times but I didn’t die I got back up and then somebody tied me to a rope and throw me in the water but I didn’t sank.

  36. Well I dreamt I was sleeping then I woke up and saw a dark figure with orange eyes staring at me I was very close to my face I tried to move and then realize I was paralyzed and I tried to move and scream but nothing came in my dream I was sleeping with my sister and her feet was on me and was rocking and then I close my eyes then I woke up. When I was awake my sister foot was on me and was rocking in her sleep. I was scared I saw her rocking in my dream and woke up and she was rocking.

  37. I took a picture of my eye with a old school camera and my eyes in the picture was great and bright brown not hazel. Some parts a earthy green and some parts a light brown as if the sunlight or flash was hitting it.

  38. So, in my dreams I saw my own reflection in the mirror and saw that the color of my eyes changed to hazel like but a little lighter (original eye color is dark brown) and saw the sclera part looking red as if its exhausted

  39. i had a dream that my left eye turned to this ocean blue color but my right eye was still brown, but it was such a dark brown, maybe almost black. I don’t remember much, but i just remember in my dream that i opened up my phone and went to snapchat and my eyes were two different colors.

  40. I had a dream where i was sitting in this chair 🪑 playing some game with this lady and what looks like a black glass mirror ball . She told me to hold it & that it was three parts to this game. The first part she told me to hold the ball to my face so i would see myself, then she said open my mouth and when i did it was a reddish orange color and she me to stare at it, then i was told to close my mouth, when i closed my mouth i saw these red almond eyes as my reflection and i had this scary feeling overcome me… i forgot the third part. Do you know what this could mean?

  41. I had a dream that I was in my bed looking out of my window looking at a building across from my house. It was a jailhouse. The arms of the prisoners were hanging out from them, then a mans head sticks out looking at me with big wide eyes, then slowly goes back in … I got up very scared. What does that mean

  42. I dreamt that I put on two colored contact lenses at the same. The second was chestnut brown. A lot of people complimented me because of how good the color fit me. Later on I decided to remove it, but I wasn’t sure how to. So I just peeled it off. Then all of a sudden that eye started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t even see with it. It then began to shrink in a very painful way.
    After that the pain would subside and the eye would swell with so much fluid in it. Then some sort of salty piece of flesh would come out from my mouth. It looked like a layer of my eye muscles as it also had what resembled eye lids.
    That happened twice with more shrinking and pain. Then I began to cry because I thought I’d lose my left eye. I searched for my sister for help but then I woke up with tears screaming her name.

  43. I dream of a person twice, there’s something on his eyes when I’m in trouble his the savior, and we even not talking in real life but one time in real life he looked at me the same eyes In the dream how he looked at me.

  44. I dreamed of a white women. she was a mother of someone (white skin,clothes and hair). Her skin was cowered in thin laier of white smooth powder. Her eyes where closed, an then she opened her eyes and i could not tell what color was they,because they also was cowered with white powder.

  45. I had a dream I was looking at a mirror, my left eye was fine but my right eye was shoved in towards my nose I could sorta move it back but it but it kept going back into my nose.

  46. I had a dream where I was in my kitchen and I was just watching tv
    And all the sudden I feel something in my eye I touch the part that feels weird and and pull my hand away and my eye
    Was bleeding so I go and see what’s wrong and I see that the white part of my eyes where bright red and now both my eyes are bleeding.

  47. My Dream I was at a gathering, cleaning up this room. A kitten had ran across my foot & under the bed. As I was bending over to look for it. A female came from out of nowhere in start feeling on me, kissing on me. Pushed me against the wall started kissing me. Took my straps down on my dress. She was like OMG you have an extra eye in the middle of your chest & your bone is broken. I started screaming in my dream in woke up. I would Definitely like to know what that means.

  48. I dreamt I had eyes in the back of me; not just in the back of my head, but on my shoulder blades, too. I could see what was going on behind me. I was happy to have eyes in back of me. However, 2-3 eyes in back were closed. I tried opening them but was having difficulty. That’s where the dream ended.

  49. I had a dream where I was given a baby but the baby looked like me but instead she was lighter with these piercing light brown eyes. I saw an old friend I haven’t spoke to and everytime I went to check on the baby her light eyes were piercing at me. I remember going around saying “look at me when I was a baby” but I don’t know if that was me or my future baby.

  50. I had a dream where I looked in a mirror and had solid black eyes (like demons in modern fantasy/horror movies and tv shows do). The veins around my eyes and my lips were a blackish hue as well. I remember saying something along the lines of “I’m good with it, could be worse”.

  51. I like to know about the eye with opaque or cloudiness. What could be the meaning of seeing someone in a dream with corneal opacity?

  52. I resently 2 nights ago had a dream, there was a giant black mans head in the middle grassy medium of highway with what appearedlooking at me. Driving as if ony way homeit was daylight. Then his eyes started shifting . Is this a caution sign. Why the giant head. Is it a curse.

  53. i dreamed i tied a string around both of my eyes, and when i took the string out a chunk of something clear and hard popped out. It scared me so i put the pieces in my pocked but then my eyes started sliding like they were going to fall out. I couldn’t look straight and i was terrified. I remember freaking out and saying “i need to call out, i can’t see right”… What does this mean because i can’t make any sense of it

  54. I had a dream where my little sister didnt take care of many things around the house and finally when I see she didnt wrap uo the vacuum cord I poked her right eye deeper into her socket. It was an accident in the dream and I immediately had the idea to hit her on the back of the head to fix her eye. I woke up right after though. I keep seeing her face like that when Im awake now and I really need to know what this dream is trying to tell me.

  55. I dreampt my eye color slid off my iris like contacts and i moved it back to its place but it slid side to side having a hard time putting it in its place.

  56. I have a cat who was feral when I got her. She had hurt her eye and it was like triple the other eyes size, until lne day it just popped and the vet had to remove the eyeball. I dreamed that Brookie, the cat grew back her missing eye. I wish I could interpret this dream as I really feel it has a significant meaning. Especially since I have the same dream every night. It’s hell, but this dream came out of nowhere and is not the dream I have every other night.

  57. I had this dream when i was sleeping in afternoon. I saw myself climbing stairs and then suddenly vomiting a grey color worm but in x shape qnd it had a big black color eye. I tried to have a close look but i couldn’t. I was even trying to click a photograph of it so that i can show it to doctor and ask what is it.

  58. What does it mean to have a dream about that your wife wants to donate her both eyes but you don’t want her to do so…?

  59. I dreamt I was looking in a mirror and one of my eye pupils kept getting larger and larger untill covered my eye, it changed from a four leaf clover to a triangle .

  60. My partner dreamt he was looking through my eyes and I was inside of an elderly man’s house and I find him dead. His name kept flashing up as Peter Smith age 74 , this kept happening even after he’d woken up.

  61. i dreamed of me looking into a mirror, and my pupils were so small that you couldn’t even see them that clearly

  62. I had a dream that I was looking in the mirror and my left eye was blue with swirls of white almost like the ocean and my right eye was amber and brownish grey. I looked very intense.

  63. What does it mean to have a dream about a baby with two different color eyes one of them being red with black pupil. I was holding the baby and it was talking to me but it was not speaking baby language I could understand what the baby was saying. I was more focused on the baby’s one red eye in the dream. In my dream i was thinking the baby was evil or the devil. Then i got scared and started looking in the mirror to see if any of my eye color was red but they were just their normal color Chestnut brown. And i felt better after seeing that my eyes were normal in the dream. Can you tell me what that means any why i continued to hold and rock the baby back in forth in my arms after seeing it had a red colored eye?

  64. I had a dream of one big eye. I was floating in the air and below me was a huge eye about the size of 2-3 big stadiums. The eye appeared to be gold and decorative on the outside. Pupil was white. When the eye was open, it almost look like a city. When it closed, it was pitch black and that scared the crap out of me. What do you think my dream mean?

  65. I dreamt of a bald demon with greyish blue skin and yellow diamond eyes with black pupils. I was stuck on a staircase with a stranger. We saw this demon walking towards us and when we looked up the apartment, we saw three innocent souls and we knew we had to protect them. He was walking towards me with a smile. The next moment I remember is we both had trapped him inside a strong door and the demon was banging the door asking me to let him open. And in the next frame, I saw him chasing me everywhere I went and he even disguised himself as normal people around me and the very next moment he would come back to his original form. Lately, I have been facing a lot of stress and hurdles in terms of my career. I was in a relationship with a person who claimed to have studied Demonology and believes in it because of his really horrible past. But I know I have a really strong soul and I believe in the higher power always guiding and protecting me .What can this dream mean ?

  66. So, my natural eye color is green. And I had a dream that I saw myself, not in a mirror, not in someone’s else’s eyes, it was as if I were standing in front of myself, and I saw that my left eye was normally green. The other eye was half green half blue. What does that mean?

  67. My dream, last night I lost my own right eye dont remember exactly how but I was holding my eye that came out of my socket in the palm of my hand looking at it. Then I went to a mirror to look at the damage and I could see a red eye in place of my original eye that I had lost. I closed my left eye to see if I saw darkness but I did not see darkness. I could still see the world as it was but just with a blur out of my right eye.

  68. I dream about seeing my self with blue eyes, like the blue we see of earth from the outside. I was not understanding why I had those eyes. I’m brown eyes in real life… Weird

  69. I have a vivid dream almost since this year. I dream a tornado coming to her and his child and i told her to get out. Suddenly his husband came I saw my cousin and her husband hugging her then he cover his face and i only see one eye all white and just his iris. I felt that something going on like an eye of vampire .What does this mean?looking forward with your answer.thank you

  70. I dreamt of seeing myself in the mirror; the left eye has a large single pupil, dilated. The right one has several tiny pupils that are moving around. It is the 2nd time I had this dream.

  71. I dreamt of a place with a lot of people and a dark force threatening them and me. Than i saw into the eyes of a man standing next to me trying to help as well. They were shining blue eyes that gave me strength and made me feel good.

  72. I dreamed this dream twice maybe 3 times. Theres an old woman that I couldnt escape this time. She screamed in my face when she answered her door and she had yellow eyes, I ran off and she was at the car waiting for me. She had a blue house with many garden things casted as red eyes. When I locked the car it opened and she somehow got in. I hit her over and over with a book I got off the floor of the car, and she placed a red screaming eye towards me. I woke up after that

  73. 2 Nights ago, I dreamed that I was with my guy and another girl didn’t like it and took my eyes away. I looked in the mirror and only had skin, not even eye sockets.

  74. I had a dream of my own eyes. A friend told me that I had something under my right eye, i then go into a third person looking at myself, and my right eye has become my left so it was as if i had two left eyes. So i told her not to worry as it should go away. Any interpretations of what that could mean ?

  75. Iv had this dream for 3 nights in a row like and where its recurring I feel it has to mean something so I sleep facing the wall in my dream I’m also facing the wall but it starts to melt or have something black falling out on me when I go to move I feel this huge pressure in my head behind my right eye I try to touch it but my hands are stuck and right before my right eye comes out I wake up

  76. I dont remember much about the dream, all I remember is feeling something in my eye. So I looked into it and saw something inside. I then put my finger in my eye and pulled a slimy kind of rope, like a tendon, to the edge of my eye and then pulled it out. It was very long, around 40cm and had multiple knots in it. What does it mean?

  77. i had a dream my twin brother was dying and ivwent to see him. His eyes were taped open and his skin color was off like jaundice..what does this mean?

  78. I had a dream that my brothers eyes kept flicking back & forth between brown(his normal color) & Red. He couldn’t move when it happened. When we tried to run outside to go to a church in my reflection I saw this big dark figure standing behind me.

  79. I had a dream about a person I know who is very creative. In the dream when I looked at him one eye was blue and the other was brown.

  80. I had a dream that I was sitting at a picnic table and across from me was a blonde hair blue eyed older man sitting and I looked up and notice he had the same kind of blue eyes as me and we starred at each other directly in the eyes not saying anything, and at first I felt fear but then I felt calmness about it. And I woke up. What does this mean!

  81. Hi there,
    I just dreamt of myself sitting in front of my mirror with the sun shining in my room. As I leaned closer to the mirror I was in the sunlight and could see I have one brown eye and one blue. As I sat back in the shaded area, both my eyes would be brown (my natural colour). Being surprised I started moving back a forth watching my right eye turn blue in the sun.

    And then my cat and dog welcomed two purple ducks into my room.

  82. In my dream the girl had a dry green ish yellow ish color eyes ; the weird thing that amazed me was she had sometype of maze like lines in her eyes. And her pupils were deeep black.

  83. I had a dream I had patches of eyes were growing out my arms One patch of eyes was clear but the other patches of eyes look dead or rotten and I wasn’t able to take them off the second night I had this dream I was able to take off the rotten pair but not the clear patch

  84. I have had the same dream a few times. My left eye is in flames and I can feel the heat. I wake myself up hitting my eye to put the flames out. I hope someone can tell me what this is about thank you.

  85. I dreamt of people with black eyeballs fully covered and they were working out at a gym and then the people stopped and looked at me, so I walked to a peice of equipment and then my eyeballs turned black. I was a little scared, but then my eyes turned black and I had a sudden sese of understanding. I was scrolling on Facebook (I’m awake) and saw a video of a person with fully covered black eyes. I don’t know if its a coincidence or not.

  86. I dreamt that I had very black eyes in dream , I looked at them through the mirror and I started screaming in horror because they were very scary , and then in hopes of realizing that they are not as scary I took a flashlight and I directly pointed at one of my eyes and what I saw is a brown eye that looked like a mirror impacted by a rock which was thrown at it , this means my eye looked like a cracked mirror , any idea what this means ???

  87. Dreamed I saw both Eyes On top Of eyelid Pink. I saw both eyes just the Left Eyes WAS Pink at top en BOTH OF EYE.

  88. I just had a dream about my left eye not setting in my eye socket the right way.It was still attached to my head but not in the right spot in the socket. Like it wanted to come out. I attempted to put it back in the right place but ended being sucked in more than normal. I saw my face in the mirror and could see both of my eyes all tho the left was not right.

  89. I dreamed i was under the sea,clear blue waters and I saw something glowing at the bottom like good,so I used a magnifying glass to check and there was treasures of many sorts but I saw a ring that stood out to me and it glowed and as I gazed at it through the magnifying glass an eye a pared through the center of the ring then the light of the ring got even brighter and I couldn’t see the ring clearly cause the light was really bright

  90. I had a dream where I looked in the mirror and my left eye was my natural eye color(blue) and the other was a very very light grey(almost white.)

  91. Last night I had a dream I was speaking to people in a room and my daughter’s deceased father kept interrupting the conversations by stepping between me and the others, only to stare at me as if to say something but he would not speak. The white of his eyes were so white they were almost glowing. I woke up very frustrated and felt almost feverish and anxious. Any ideas what these things all mean?

  92. I had a dream that there were multiple eyes on my body and we(being me my ex and grandparents) had to take them out of me they were in my chest and on my face and they would always be more when we would take them out. They were red eyes and some were clear eyes amd some looked like bugs

  93. I had a really strange dream recently that I had a wound on my right thigh and deep inside the wound was a solitary eye which when I put my finger into the wound the eye fell out. I have no idea what it means but I awoke feeling slightly concerned and freaked out.

  94. I had a dream I had a baby girl with green eyes she was so pretty but for about 12 years now I’ve been trying to have a child and still nothing so to have a dream like that was a blessing to me because I seen something in me I have never seen just wish it could come true

  95. I’m African American. Caramel skin, brown eyes, dark short hair cut. In my dream I was standing in the mirror looking at myself. I was pale white, with collar bone length blonde hair, and I had blue eyes. When I blinked my eyes turned brown, then blinked again and they turned pitch black. In the dream I thought this was my true form. I just got out the shower and had removed my makeup. I had a lot of people over my house. I forgot my makeup bag downstairs and was worried that the people would see me. I thought when I put my makeup on(brown makeup) that I’d terrine to how I look in real life. But I never got to actually see the end result

  96. I had a dream that I was A teenager walking around in a basement with one wooden door and it was closed and I knew it was locked but it had no visible lock and there was other teenagers in the middle of the room there was a pillar we are all walking around it and hitting the wall with a hammer like objects and we were clearly practicing for something and then one of the kids announced that it was time for a break and we sat down and We start to read books. And the picture starts moving, it’s really weird. I look up and the room has changed now there is no door but there is an entrance and it is full of white light the room is covered in at least a foot of water and a big black picture. The book I’m looking at with the girl has the same picture but it has a woman in it, she is all white and creepy looking, it’s off putting to look at her but I can’t look away, the girl I was with grabs me in a protective manner as the Woman in the picture starts coming towards us crawling through the water and as she’s crawling through the water her mouth is spilling out black water changing the Clearwater around us. She goes away but reappears two other times in the room. Then it gets dark there is no door again and we see a half drawn eye on a piece of paper I look close at it and it gets finished and pops out from the paper, then it melts to the wall, A rapidfire of things or there’s glass panes separating me from the other people that were in the room with me before they start getting covered with tiny pieces of paper and no matter how much I try to move the paper away or they move the paper away it always comes back and each time the others move the paper away very pale creature gets closer to them And no matter how hard I try to break the glass or warn them about it they can’t hear me in the class doesn’t break then there’s a powerful sucking wind and it blasts me out into darkness but into the entire dream I’m very fixated on peoples eyes and circles

  97. I had a dream that I was in my bath, and my mum and another woman I don’t know were in the bathroom with me. The woman I don’t know told me to rub this lotion on my body, and I did. Instantly my body was covered in rashes. I got out the bath and looked in the mirror at myself and my whole body was covered in eyes!! At first they looked like massive pustules but they turned into eyes covering every part of my body. I looked away and patted myself dry with a towel, and when I looked back, they eyes had gone and instead my skin was left scaly like a lizard or something. The dream ended with my just looking in the mirror at myself with this horrible scaly skin. What does this mean ?????

  98. I dreamt something was wrong with my eye and my husband had to take it out. When I looked at myself after, my eye was still there but it was all brown like a very big iris that took up my whole eye. I couldn’t see through it either. I asked my husband what he did and he said he only took out the center of the eye not the whole thing. I then cried in my dream.

  99. I had a dream that I was having trouble with my vision (everything was in and out of blurryness). When I finally looked at my eyes in the cars visor mirror the lining around them (which doesn’t exist in real life) came out of place and was blocking my vision. My mom and I then rushed to find an Optometrist inside a huge mall to help place the lining back. We ran around frantically and then I woke up..

  100. I had a dream that I was running from something it was pitch dark all around me and I came to a mirror it was the only think I could see and when I looked into the mirror my eyes turned red like if I had red contacts lenses in but when I seen my eyes change I began to scream in fear.

  101. My dream was really gross and distburing. I’m going through a lot personally, and I’m hoping that it has some meaning because I feel deeply disturbed by the dream. Can anyone help interpret?

    I dreamt that there was something in my eye.So, I put my face close to the mirror to investigate it, and noticed that it was a piece of white cloth. I began to pull in out of my eye (the space around my eyeball, actually) and it kept coming out, almost like those handkerchiefs that clowns pull and pull and pull, if you know what I mean.

    I kept pulling this long piece of white cloth out of my eye. It hurt and it was covered in blood. Eventually I got it all out, when I realized that I had neglected my other eye. When I looked at my other eye, it was really gross. The opening of my eye had begun to shut and my eyeball was caked in some gross slimy matter.

    At the end of the dream, I decided to remove my eyeballs from my head so I could wash them in water.

    The dream ended when I tried to put my eye back into my head, but it wasn’t perfectly round and i couldn’t get it to fit back in properly, so it was uncomfortable.

  102. I don’t remember the whole dream… I just remember walking and talking and then I looked up at the wall and it was a Golden eye like the eye of ra looking at me

  103. I dream specific enemy put something in my baby eyes to burn it an she rubbed it so hard after like she about to cry

  104. Hello!

    I had a crazy dream about one of my eyes going bad and needing a replacement. In the dream I see another woman’s eye go white or turn backwards, not really sure. I don’t know this person in the dream but she said she was sick then left. That’s when I notice my eye was going bad and I ended up getting a replacement eye. In the dream I’m running from a man holding my new sets of blue eyes to hide them in the hospital so he couldn’t get them. I was able to run away from him and get the successful surgery. Once the procedure was done my eyes looked normal, except the new eye color looked different from my usual brown eyes. Could had been lighter or blue. This dream was kind of all over the place, does it have any meaning?
    Thank you!!

  105. Today on May 16, my dream was about me having one blue eye and a white eye. The white eye pupil turned smaller.

  106. I had a dream where I lost one of my eyes along with my eyelashes. The eye turned white when I looked at one side , and black when I looked from a different side.. Sometimes I could see my pupil but it moved . It felt real. I could still see from the other eye, but the feeling of discomfort from the eye I lost was real.

  107. I had thos dream where i sat in our back yard around this small, round table. To my left sat a man(in his 30’s) and to my right sat a women( in her 20’s) , both dressed in black cloths. At first I stared at both of them, analyzing them. The setting was rather dark and had this ominous feeling yet as i diverted my gaze from them and looked forward, I was looking at my bedroom window with the curtains closed and it was as if i could feel the presence of someone sleeping inside (that would be me). As i stared at the window, i noticed that on the wall, to the right, a green eye appeared. I felt drawn in by this one eye and i suddenly woke up with an uneasy feeling of being watched. It was around 3am/4am in the morning. I really don’t know the meaning of this dream but as a child i had this gift of sight were i could see spiritual beings and signs, then i saw the same green eye inside the house, but the feeling it gave me is very different then the one i felt in the dream and after. For some time i ignored this gift for thought i was strange for having it but i don’t think i can anymore and this dream may be a sign yet i do not understand it.

  108. I just woke up from a scary image in my dream. I dreamt that I was in the hospital after a terrible work related accident and then out of nowhere it goes dark and this face covered in bandages come out with one eye and it’s orange and black. Scared me enough to wake up and it’s hard for me to do that. Idk what that means. Help.

  109. I dreamt felling a scratching pain in my left eye. On seeing the eye in the mirror, it had a white patch at the pupil

  110. I dreamed I looked at my mom and her left eye turned green bluish hazelnut and had gotten surgery twice. Then I saw she went outside and burned her right eye in a grill by bending down to burn her right eye. What can this mean(

  111. My baby sister had a dream where she saw a person with brown eyes and red pupils. No one else in the dream was able to see the man. Wherever she went he followed her and attacked her. There were bite marks on her arm that burned. This is the second time she’s seen the man in her dreams.

  112. This is the second time I have dreamt of seeing a white man with the deepest and clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. They were so mesmerizing to look at them.

  113. I had a dream that my brother had purple eyes and was chasing me up and down trees and buildings. I’ve had this same dream occur twice. The first time it occurred is when I was only about 7 and I can remember it so vividly. What do you think this means? What do the purple eyes represent?

  114. So i had two dreams about seeing figures with eyes.
    Once, i was at my dads house and i was asleep. I woke up to seeing a black figure staring down at me with two red eyes. The last time was that i was at my mom’s and i saw the same black figure, but this time it had two white eyes.
    It happened around 3 to 4 years ago but i want to know the cause of it…

  115. I had a dream where i looked at myself in the mirror and my right eye turned red…then i felt like something was trying to escape from inside me or like i was changing… what does this mean??!!

  116. I had a dream last night I was with my family and son. My son was sitting on the couch the lights turned off and I looked at the couch but could not see him. I walked up to the couch and found him sitting beside the couch. I picked him up and looked at his face his eyes were such a beautiful light blue colour. Almost mesmerizing. I looked closer Into his eyes and then could see us swimming at some park and we were with my entire family. I think it was a future family event as if I was able to see the future through his eyes. The odd part was at the end of the water park I had to repel down on a rope, as I was doing this my son cried and I woke up.

  117. I had a dream that I was staring into a mirror and the lighting was how it would be at an old gas station. I was staring at myself and I felt panicked I looked into my eyes and they were glowing golden. No one was there, just me staring into my own eyes.

  118. I don’t remember the rest of the dream but the last part where I saw someone with complete white eyes. I got scared and woke up. I don’t know if I was lucid dreaming or not. Lately I’m having dreams but I’m aware of things going on and still unconscious I have no idea what’s happening.

  119. I have a dream of my left eye plastered and tried removing when I saw someone coming toward me. what does this mean?

  120. Last night/this morning when I was in bed with my eyes closed I saw the eyes of the one love behind my own eyelids. I am not sure if I was awake or asleep but I felt the person’s presence very intensely. I sometimes feel with this person that they are quite literally inside of me. Like they are also me. It’s not a scary/unpleasant experience despite the intensity. It is a sense of closeness beyond anything I can possibly describe.

  121. Way back when I was still studying, whenever I met someone new I often dreamed of being in a classroom. Always looking at the floor because whenever I try to look at the faces of the people inside the classroom it hurts my eyes! not like it literally hurts like being hurt or something. It’s just when I try to look at their faces I close my eyes because it is just tooooo bright! feels like I am looking directly at the sun. Too bright that I couldn’t help just to close my eyes. But now that I am already a graduate and already working, I don’t recall dreaming that kind of dreams anymore.

  122. I was trying to astral project. Not sure if worked but within the dream I lost an eye. Someone asked for a fake eye I gave it to him. Looking in the mirror my eye was missing but instead in it’s place was the universe it self. I’m calling it an astral eye. It was multiple eyes in one red, blue, green, purple ECT. With it I could see the spirit world. I think the dream ended up to be lucid than astral projection. There were a lot baby goats everywhere

  123. Hi.. I had a dream that i got extra two eyes generated on my two arms without pupil. One eye on the left side arm are well grown. Another eye in the right side arm was small. Both are closed. I was trying to show that extra eyes to some person, finally to my mom and i woke up.

  124. So I dreamt that I was a monster but nobody noticed I was in a classroom and I would have the ability to change people’s eye color which I changed them to the color brown I also had the ability to teleport sometimes. I was wanted by the police and my dad was trying to catch me. Do you know what this means?

  125. I had a dream that my younger brother, who, in reality has brown eyes, had these bright blue eyes, a shade of blue that I’ve never seen before it was a beautiful color. He had a projection of what looked like the solar system in front of him. He would move the solar system around and at one point, we both looked in amazement like we figured something out, but I noticed my brother had hair covering one eye (just like he does in real life) and the one I could see had the solar system turning or moving within his eye. My brother is really into astrology so not sure if that had anything to do with it, but I’ve never had a dream like that before. It wasn’t a bad dream at all but I told him immediately when I woke up and just trying to figure out what that means. It was so vivid and I just haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

  126. Last night I had a dream that I stared directly into the eyes of a man. He had dark hair and blue eyes. He wasn’t anyone that I knew. He looked kind of startled as if he was surprised that I could see him. I felt very uneasy about it .

    1. I had the same dream this morning except it wasn’t really an uneasy feeling. But I literally had the same exact thing as you in my dream…I’m tripping out right now lol

  127. I had a dream there was a dragon outside my door sleeping, nobody would take it serious but me.. when I went upstairs with my friends the dragon was watching us threw the window peeking from above and the sides too I told everyone to lay down n don’t move and I made eye contact with the dragon but I broke it off smoothly then it flew away I thought it was gonna attack the helicopter instead because yk its a moving thing but it just ignored everything else and it came faster and faster towards my window but I woke myself up because I felt so uncomfortable and scared🥶

  128. I dreamed of a man all in black with white eyes it looked like he had like salt or a white candle in his hand I straight up freaked out and woke up.

  129. I had a very realistic dream last night . In real life my natural eye colors are dark brown. In my dream , my left eye was green , and my right eye was brown. I thought to myself , both of my eyes were brown. I asked everyone in the dream if both of my eyes were always like this and they all said yes. (Friends , family and co workers). It felt so real I said this is insane my eye color just changed , and now I woke up and I’m like I knew it ! Lol

  130. I often dream odd dreams, were people jumps off buildings or I find myself in a burning meadow, but the most vivid was propably the dream I had last night. I dreamed that I saw myself in a normal bathroom mirror, and my eyes started to glow brown in a lighter shade. Then I started to touch my eyes, and then it glowed even more intense. And when I turned around I saw people dying. Then I saw myself in the mirror again, only to face my eyes had changed to black.

  131. I had a dream last night , and I recently met some girl at the hair salon (which is true) and the one with the one eye was the random girl I met at the hair salon. My dream was about me driving down the street I didn’t have license and I have got pulled over by the police , it wasn’t the police it was her (the girl from the salon) she I rolled my window she said Hi , I screamed and pulled off , I drove at least 2 blocks down from where I was stop and I stopped she followed me , got out the car again so I slowly rolled my window down and this time she had a baby girl in her hand , and said I need to tell you something….. she said ” I know what you did ” never finished the dream woke up

  132. I dreamed that my one eye become pure white.
    can you pls.help me to understand the meaning of that dreamed?

  133. I had a dream that my husband was caring for a baby and when he looked at me, he had one blue eye and one green eye. When I looked at the baby, the baby had striking ice blue eyes. He told me I needed to take of the child and that it was my child. I then picked the baby up and carried it every where. It was a sweet kind baby….that could talk and I kept insisting that the baby was very smart.

  134. I had a dream that someone told me they didn’t like my eyes like that. I asked what’s wrong with them? They replied they are black and I replied with a lie to cover up the fact that my eyes were black I got the feeling that they were referring to the white and iris or my eyes .

  135. I had a dream where a handsome guy in white visited me, i knew he was a dragon and could see scales on his arm. He asked me if my eyes were solid or translucent. I don’t understand what he meant by that.

  136. I’ve dreamt last night that I was getting ready as per usual and when I looked myself in the mirror I checked my right eye and it was normal and then I looked to my left eye and it was sooo red at the half top of my eye and the lid/lashes area was so weird as if leaving a very small gap that inside you could only see black/darkness and it reminded me of the black hole or something, my breathing became so scarce in it ’cause I couldn’t believe what I was seeing happening to my eye. My eyes color was the same as I have which is a very dark brown, and I was in the bathroom with lights on.
    I’m still freaking out with this dream because I have very bad eyesight already and it horrifies me having something like this or worse happening to my eyes, I’m spooked as hell.

  137. Had a dream…. Saw my eyes in the mirror. My eyeballs were black. I screamed “why are my eyes black??” In reality: my eye color is Brown. What does this dream mean ?

  138. in my dream I saw myself with the red eyes the other me looked at me with the red eyes “the background was black”
    What could this mean ?

  139. I had a dream last year that I walked past a mirror and caught a glimpse of my eyes and they were all black, it wasnt scary or disturbing, they looked mesmerising almost beautiful. And the shape of my eyes was kind of large and almond shaped, I can’t describe it.
    I always think about the dream, it gave me such a strange feeling.

  140. I had a dream where my wife did something to upset me, I don’t remember what it was exactly, but when I saw her eyes, one was red, and the other was white. I remember a feeling of hurt or betrayal.

  141. I had a dream about a black bird with two heads and three eyes and it was taking blood from me and my brother was there so was has wife and I don’t understand it.

  142. I had a dream that my friends baby had latex over its face but through it coykd still see. Also the baby spoke like an adult. I ve never met their baby. Dont know whar this could mean.

  143. Last night I dreamed that my eyes changed from my natural color, which is green, to white. My whole eye was white with exception to the pupil, which was black. In the dream, I tried to hide my eyes from everyone with sunglasses and I was trying to come up with a way to let my loved ones know my eyes had changed. The feeling I had in the dream was this eye color change was not good, but something to be worried about. As far a details of the dream, I cannot remember those.

    1. I had a same dream just today. I was bothered and scared then I immediately woke up after my eyes changed. I wonder what that means.

    2. I had a dream once that I was in the bathroom, and when I put my foot inside the bathtub that was filled with water, by eyes started glowing a pretty blue color. My natural eye color is dark brown. When I took my foot out of the water, My eyes started turning brown again, but there were flecks of blue and green in my eyes and my eyes were a lighter brown color. I closed my eyes, opened them, and they were dark brown again. I repeated this process a few times when I realized I was looking into a mirror, because I could see myself and my eyes changing color. There isn’t a mirror next to my bathtub, so that’s when I had a funny feeling that I might be dreaming. Last thing I did was put my foot into the water, looked at my glowing blue eyes in the mirror and smiled. The dream didn’t feel creepy, it was sort of cool, like I had superpowers or something. My pupils were still black. The thing is, I don’t know what glowing blue eyes could relate to in the real world.

  144. I dreamt i feel asleep behind a den of sheep while running away from someone , and when i awoke ,at my foot was a coiled snake with a seashell (like the little mermaid one) propped ontop with an eye that was watching me.

  145. I dreamed I was in a video game fighting something and winning when suddenly my mom and husband were there, I said something to my husband then turned and looked back and my mom and she had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl with 3 brown eyes. The eyes were went straight across in a line (not like a triangle with an eye on the forehead) It was weird cause she hadn’t looked Prego before and shown no signs of labor. She said I don’t want the baby I im too old to raise a baby. I instantly wanted it and took the baby and held her and loved her immediately I asked my husband if I could keep her and he really didn’t want me to I didn’t want to push him but I really wants the baby then I woke up

  146. Its the first time dreaming about eyes. I was going somewhere and all the sudden i picked the left eye for my sister which was pricked. I followed her so that i rush with her to the hospital only to find that she has already put an eye for a goat . Then i asked ” are you able to see with that goat eye? ” she responded by nodding her head that ” no”. I was very sorry for her. What could this dream mean?

  147. I was trying to bury somebody’s (victim’s) eyeballs; I took them out from my drawer and wrapped them with a paper sheet. And I was looking for a place to bury them, wondering where to bury them.

  148. I dreamt of my deceased mother having one eye n other was completely hollowed n blood coming from it.. I immediately woke up.. what does this mean?

  149. I dreamed I look my self at the mirror and when I look my eyes a pupil grow faster to the sclera so the whole two eyes turned into black colour what does it mean!?

    1. I’m just searching for an explanation for a very similar dream: a lady said we’ll put smth in our eyes in order to grow our pupil. Then I look myself in the mirror and I had big, dark grey eyes.

  150. well i had 2 dreams first i didnt pay much attention to it, but its a child this time girl with pure black eyes just looking at me and watching, the second which just happened today is i went inside an elevator with 2 other people when all of a sudden this child phased through the elevator wall, a child now a little boy around 6 years of age pure black eyes of night tried to bite me and it did before i woke up.

  151. There’s this boy who I had/have strong feelings for.
    He was on stage singing and I was backstage. I had gotten on stage and he told me,
    “I’m on stage. I can’t hurt anyone off stage.” But I responded with,
    “Just because you’re on stage doesn’t mean you can’t hurt the people off stage.” Then we stared into each other’s eyes and he started talking about how he could figure out how I’ve felt over the years I’ve known him. His eyes weren’t as pretty as they are in real life. His eyes in the dream were like a nice clear brown or a dark hazel color. It was strange…

  152. 3 or 5 days ago i still thinking about this dream and it buggy me.. So, i want to know what does this mean? I was looking at the drawing picture from someone drew it and i was surprised that it was my younger brother’s ex girlfriend face and she had Red Eyes in the comic cartoon face? but i never meet my younger brother ‘s ex girlfriend in person but i mean her on the Video chat.. Can you interpreter this dream mean?

  153. So. I had a dream about an hour ago where my mother and some other people were involved in a huge fight with the women’s side of another family. (They’re Jamaican) I realized one of my mothers friends on my moms side of the fight. I kept trying to close the door because I didn’t want them to get inside (my aunt,cousins & brothers were inside the house) but they kept busting inside of my house, they were all fight with knives and whatnot. About three of em ended up inside at one point and I remember begging and pleading for them not to hurt the kids and they just left. There were Jamaican men there too, they were fighting with knives/guns also and I was really scared. I remember at the ending I looked through the peephole of my house door and I seen a mans eye, I backed up then looked again the whole front of my house was filled with Jamaican men.

  154. I dreamed that I seen a set of green eyes in front of me with debris in it. At first, i thought it was my own set of eyes but then i noticed they were of lighter skin. What does this mean?

  155. I dreamt that I was trying to change my eye color by closing my eyes and imagining that it was changing color. I want it to be blue. But When I opened them, they turn out to be same as my asian eyes which is dark brown or black but with white ring around the pupil. I was satis though with the change. I think it’s pretty.

  156. I had dreamt of a glowing Red eye staring at me from a distance without any body or face all the time !!!!

  157. I dreamed I went to a relative house and I was socializing with them. Turn two light skin male and female walked toward me and she I noticed their eyes 1st it was light green and yellow. The male eyes change from blue to light green and yellow really don’t know what it mean but I have some relatives with color eyes..

  158. I dream i have 2 pairs of eyes…2 small eyes below my eyes…look at mirror.
    What does it mean.
    Eye balls is black.

    1. Hi,

      I dreamed that I was sleeping over my best friends house (he’s a guy and I’m a girl). We were waking up in the morning to start the day and go to work. I was getting ready to go to a cooking competition that I go to daily. When I looked at myself in the mirror I saw I had two huge yellow eyes. You could see the black pupil and the yellow ness of the eye. What does the meaning of the yellow eye mean? I’ve also had this dream two nights in a row.

    2. Hi there hope u can help me.
      I was walking with my brother and he tried to smoke a cigarette that he build himself and it was falling apart. And the next i think I saw just an eyeball was covered then he burnt the lid a think. Then the blue eyeball, could see. Weird I tried looking it up please help thank you so much for ur time.

  159. What does it mean when you dream of seeing someone’s eyes closed or like closed because of infection and that person is someone who you love so much but may not be the one for you?

  160. Please i dreamed about my girlfriend who i want to marry having three eyes. Can anyone help me with the meaning

  161. I had a dream I was in the house with my sister and mom. We was throwing a party for the children as the children was leaving I noticed the lights kept flicking so I’m telling them its a ghost in the house. So I walked over to my sister she was coloring she looked at me her eyes were white so I was scared and I ran to my mom and her eyes were white and I woke up. My mom been deceased for 4 years so I’m trying to understand my dream please help me

  162. I dreamt of a dear friend who passed I seen a lot of green fields I clean her glasses that were covered in green paint and a seen beautiful brown eye what does that mean

  163. I dreamed my son that past away. He was murdered, when I saw him in my dream I was so happy. I told him son you didn’t die you didn’t die. As he looked up at me he had blue eyes. But in reality he had brown eyes. Can someone tell me what the meaning of blue eyes I saw on my son.?

    1. Death in most dreams means transformation {as that really is all death is – it’s a change from physical to non-physical} – changing eye color could have something to do with perspective or changing viewpoints. The best thing to do is to keep writing down dreams and to see what meaning holds true for you. You are the best person to understand your truth! 🙂

    2. The same exact thing happened to me in my dream with my aunt. I questioned it for a long time whether it was her or something else trying to communicate with me. Then I had another dream she had the same blue eyes and I did not believe it was truly her and suddenly I saw her with a stern face and her normal dark brown eyes pointing up to the father. I was scared straight! I know the messages I’m getting from her are straight from the source! I view her as my guardian angel. With that being said, I’m sure your son is watching over you as well and letting you know all is well!

    3. The strangest thing coincidently. In childhood I remembered seeing a pure white furry cat with piercing blue eyes one night, no one had a cat like that in my neighbourhood, I then forgot over time. But as an adult my dad whom adored past away peacefully a year earlier. I was going to have my first child and was pertrified of giving birth when I started expierencing alot of pain in the night and could not sleep but somewhere I sort of drifted off and then I saw him. It felt so real. My dad was outside my window pacing up and down in an agitated manner he was looking at me with that same piercing blue eyes I had seen that white cat had in my childhood. My father’s was also brown when he was alive. I gave birth the next day, baby came abit early but was healthy and it was the shortest normal delivery I was less than half an hour I entered the hospital my baby was born. I just feel like my father’s spirit is with me and when I in trouble he will be there for me.

    1. In my dream, I was in a crowd with people I “knew”, even though I’ve never seen them before. I started to rub my left eye because I felt something there. One of them either said “Woah, your eye is red” or “Woah, your eye is bleeding”. A few minutes later, my eyelashes started to turn mossy green and fall off.

  164. I hardly a dream where I walked over to myself cooking. I sat on the counter and then “myself ” looked up at me and “my ” eyes where completely black. All I remember has haunted me for years with no answers

    1. I had a dream I looked into a mirror and pieces of my one eye looked crumbly… almost like how the crumble on Apple Crumble looks. I touched it and bruised pieces fell out into my hand. It scared me but I went about my day (went to movies). Later, I looked into mirror and my whole eye looked like it was going to crumble away.

  165. A ghost said “don’t kill me officer, I have eyes” in my dream. The ghost was turning the lights off in the house

  166. I dreamed there was a ghost turning the lights off in the house . I was getting ready to give two kids a bath. Then I attempted to turn the lights on. They wouldn’t turn on. I looked out a window and seen the ghost wearing white . Next I dreamed a police tried to kill her. She said don’t kill me officer! I have eyes

    1. You are going through an internal struggle. The ghost turning the lights off represents an aspect of your character that you are not paying attention to – intuition and instincts. The kids being present in the dream means this struggle involves the children and your home too. The policeman is your sense of morality and ethics. So, when the ghost turns the lights off it means your instincts are asking you to finish something, or have the last word in an argument. But when your sense of morality, or the fear of what others are going to say about you is trying to kill your instinct or passion or the part that you are trying to hide, the ghost is screaming “Don’t kill me officer, I have eyes”, means that your instincts and willingness to be true to yourself is not illogical, you have wisdom and an ability to see things differently by perception. Sometimes we do funny things even though we know others may frown down upon us, because ultimately it’s what we think about ourselves that matters. But seeing a policeman is also a strong sign of righteousness. You’ve got to decide between these two, or find a way to combine them, your choice!

      1. I had a dream that I was back in school but my bestfriend summer was missing but asides from that everything was fine. We all sat down at the dinner hall and my ex James comes and sits next to me and we start talking about my bestfriend Millie and him breaking up and then he asked me how are you and linden? Linden is one of James’s many friend. I replied and said were over we’ve been over for ages and at that moment we turn to eachother and we stared it it each others eyes and it was like it used to be like when we were together. I know I’ve been missing him but that all felt real. Please help me understand this dream

        1. Hi-I had a dream of a ghost with one small eye and big eye, first she was talking about my uncle who’s a teacher who was bad at her and that time the daughter was there too so she said no my dad is good what’s your problem?and the ghost touch her trying to get her but her husband hold her and the ghost being nice and changed her name and and say something..then get near to us and saying somethings and she was being nice talking and then she suddenly rub her big eyes in my hand, I felt weird and scared so I woke up.What was that mean? Thanks

        2. I dreamed first of one woman with a circle on eye then there were two. Both had this sign on eye and warned me to watch out for something. I don’t know the word. Oshiba oshiwa ushiba something along those lines. Please help. Fealing anxious since I woke up

        3. I see myself getting ready for some event and doing makeup applying pink blush, keeping loose powder for touch-up later. Thaen doing eyeshadow of purple and black and application of sparkles on it. Very thick eye makeup only one eye shown. and lastly smiling on seeing someone

      2. I had a dream about a fish lure that when I looked at it eyes for eyes it was two black dots that looked like eyes and it spoke to me and said something like “keep looking through these eyes” i was on a plain area at the time and there was 1 to 2 trees what does this mean?

        1. I had a vision the other night of thousands of crosses in the sky going up and above them were clouds so thick it looked like sheep’s wool. The the night after I had a dream, I’ve been sick and I dreamed that I looked into a mirror and my eyes were grayish white with a reddish tone around it and the whites were really white.

      3. I had a dream I was playing with my dog then looked up and my room door was open so I went into the hallway and it was a lady figure that popped up behind me with glowing light green eyes and mouth and she just made a face like she was screaming

        1. I had a dream that I couldn’t open my eyes, then I looked down and I was holding my eyeballs in my hands.

        2. I dream going to an old friend I haven’t seen in 5 years to borrow a dictionary. When I got home the dictionary had lots of dirty used ear buds.
          All of sudden I looked for a mirror and every mirror I picked up got broken until I managed to pick small piece and my left eye was just white it had no black round thing every eye has. But my girlfriend didn’t see what I was seeing so I went to my flatmate checked in his mirror and I was fine but that eye was very dirty.

          I must say usually I’m always blind in my dreams. It doesn’t matter what is the dream I’m always blind man or partially blind.

      4. In my dream I was in the restroom washing my face and one of my eyes turned black and I couldn’t see through it and saw it when i looked in the mirror and was about to tell my mother but then a demon was in the bed sitting and I grabbed something and stabbed it and my eyes where switching black and regular and the. They both turned blacked and I woke up sweating.

      5. I had a dream that I was a goddess or maybe a queen and all these colors were in the background and everytime the color changed my eyes changed that color …I was seeing myself in the dream almost like looking in the mirror. Some of the colors I remember is green orange red and blue

        1. I was wearing a crown that reminded me of a Nubian queen and it had so many pretty jewels on it and it came down to my collar bone ..I wish I could explain better

      6. Hi I had a dream last night someone telling me I need to check the daughter so I said nothing is wrong with me am good and healthy I said to the person what if you keep seeing someone trying to harm you in sleep and u keep seeing that person that Person they said yes and then they tell me I have spiritual eyes

    2. You need to pay attention what’s going on in your home(affairs in your home,family). You continue normalcy, but subconscienciously you know something is wrong or unsettleling. The lights off mean to keep you in the dark, you can turn them on and face the truth.

      1. Idk if i was dreaming but i was feeling sick and i took a pill for my troat and as i look out the window i seen a black eye it was dark outside i was thinking that i was probably a leaf but it was way to close my window for it to be a leaf

    3. i had a dream about a spirit who wanted my eyes. i knew a story where such a spirit was very friendly until she asked for your eyes, to which she would take them and you would be left blind for few moments with the side effect of hearing faint whispering. in the dream, she only kept following me around, and until i said “go away,” she seemed very kind. then she repeated my phrase and went all poltergeist on me, and that’s when i woke up. what does this mean?

    4. In my dream sb put her finger in my right eye deeply. It was extruciating. Then it got red gradually, and everyone was scared when they saw me. When I looked in the the mirror, my eye was horrible. It’s white was virtually outside and the pupil was in the right corner. I really couldn’t see well and wished it was a dream. Btw still I didn’t wake up and so believed it was all real. I even wanted to punch myself hoping it was a dream and thought it was ridiculous. After some time the pupil got into its appropriate place, but the eye wasn’t straight and edged to the right. Still looked red and scary. I hoped it will be okay just like before and then I woke up! I was more than grateful it was a dream and started to appreciate my eyes more. What does that mean I wonder. PS. I am usually pretty satisfied with my eyes

    5. I had a dream that we just found out that my brother had another kid out of wedlock she was a little girl old enough to walk and my son was kicking at her so picked her up to protect her and that’s when I seen her eyes one was blue and the other purple and I felt so much love and peace when I seen them.

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