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Purple Color Meaning and Symbolism

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Purple is a color of spirituality, imagination, intelligence, and the unknown. This article explores what it means to dream about purple and what purple can symbolize in your life.

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We find purple in nature – flowers, trees, rocks, seas, sky – as reminders of life’s cyclical change. The color itself has many cultural and historical meanings.

As the color of the crown chakra, purple is a reminder of our connection with the divine. This chakra is not located in our body, but instead right above the top of our head.

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Spiritual Connection

Purple is the color of intuition and spiritual development. It often symbolizes love, truth, faith, wisdom, and devotion.

Dreaming about the color purple often shows how we currently feel in our spiritual development. Connecting with spirit can help us develop our intuition and creativity while increasing our sense of peace.

Receiving or wearing purple symbolizes a higher calling, and is a reminder of spiritual peace. Purple often appears in the dreams of people who feel called to become healers.

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Purple often appears in the dreams of people who love reading, writing, or art and can be a. color of creativity. People who dream of wearing purple often feel involved in creative projects or activities that bring them inspiration to do something meaningful with their lives.

Dreaming of purple can mean you are looking to create something that is meaningful in life. You want to connect others with their deeper spiritual truth. You are imaginative and creative and want to share these gems of wisdom with others.

Purple dreams can also mean you are trying to share your creativity with the world. You want to express yourself on a deeper level and allow yourself the space to do so.


It is common for the color purple to be associated with royalty. Not surprisingly, purple is a color that symbolizes emotional strength and authority.

Purple is also associated with authority. Many people wear purple to indicate the authority they have within their work environment, or as an indication of level of responsibility within their company or organization.

Seeing purple in your dreams can symbolize how you feel in your roles with others. Are you in a position of power? Do others look up to you?

While there are all types of authority figures in our life, the highest authority we can answer to is God. Those who have gone through 12 step programs know that it is only by calling on a higher power can one overcome their problems.


Purple commonly appears in dreams as a reminder of how we feel vulnerable when we are in love or our emotions. It can also represent the love we feel for others.

The color purple is said to represent spontaneous passion and passionate loving, and can be a reminder of how we feel while falling in love.

Seeing purple in your dreams shows you how you feel about your relationships with others. It can be a reminder to open up your spiritual side to connect with others on a deeper level.

Purple is the Color of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of our head and directly above the physical body. It is the seat of our spiritual power and connection with the divine and is connected to all of the other chakras.

The crown chakra connects us with a higher power. We are developing our intuition and being led by a greater force that knows what is best for us. It is the chakra for better understanding our spiritual truths.

Wearing or dreaming of purple can symbolize our daily connection with the divine. It reminds us how important it is to utilize our intuition in our life on a daily basis.

Have you had a dream about the color purple? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. My dream was about me and my kids father we are friends I help him out by letting him shower and change clothes ,eat at my home when he needed. Him and I was together in the dream and we stepped into a bar with two of my long lost friend children that are grown now and I haven’t seen them in a while. everyone was getting high… on the way out we met up with my kids father blurred blood Cousin and we all walked out together and he told us. That the people in The club was speaking on us. and wonder who were.We get that a lot when were together…
    His cousin was holding a piece of purple cloth and offered it to me. I can’t remember. wearing purple. But I do remember him saying that they liked how we were dressed alike in purple (me and my kids father)…What does does dream mean

  2. My dream was a a huge water fall in the middle of a city. I was riding a train on top of the mountain when all of a sudden the driver decided to change direction and take the train down in the middle of the water fall. He didn’t tell anyone and the front door was unlocked, people started falling off and the scenery was purple and violet.

  3. I had a dream of purple it surronded something which was not clear andnthere was a Man of God sppearing in this dream

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