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Cheating Dream Meaning

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Dreaming about cheating on your partner – or worse, your partner cheating on you – can be an upsetting dream but it doesn’t usually mean the worst. Today we’ll look at what it means when you dream about cheating.

cheating dream meaning

The first thing to remember is that people in our dreams are like actors in a movie. They are playing a role – and usually that role is not themselves.

In our post on characters in our dreams, we go over how a person can symbolize parts of ourselves. This person can represent our emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual self.

In most cheating dreams, the person you are cheating with represents a part of yourself. If you dream about your partner cheating on you, it’s important to remember in that case your partner and the person they cheat with represents a part of yourself.

It can be a little confusing to understand why you are having these dreams, so let’s explore some of the reasons.

Fear of Commitment

Cheating can bring our feelings about commitment to the surface. We can feel a lot of pressure to commit to a partner. You might be experiencing “fear of missing out” – even if your partner is great, you might have subconscious worries that they aren’t the one.

If you are afraid of commitment, it’s important to look at the underlying reasons why. Maybe you were abandoned in the past and you’re worried that you will be abandoned again and suffer all the heartache. It’s important to remember that what happened in the past is not an indicator of what may happen in the future.

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Feeling Disappointed in Yourself

If you don’t resonate with the fear of commitment, it’s quite likely that feels of disappointment in yourself are the more likely culprit.

When people cheat in games or in life, they often do so because they don’t believe in themselves enough to do it on their own. You might feel like a failure or that you aren’t good enough.

This is most likely the case when you dream of your partner cheating on you. You might subconsciously worry you aren’t good enough for your partner. Most of the times this is not true and just our own self-doubt. Take a minute to think about your relationship – is the relationship one sided with one partner doing most of the work? It’s important to remember that all healthy relationships are about give and take.

If someone has been unfaithful in a dream – whatever the circumstances (e.g., an affair, cheating, etc.), it is showing that you can’t trust them, or that you feel they have betrayed you. You may feel like this person is hiding something from you.

When Your Partner is Cheating On You In The Dream

If you already have suspicions that your partner is cheating on you in real life, it’s not surprising that you would experience this in your dream. The important thing to remember is it is not always true! If you dream that your partner is cheating on you, it might be time to think about how you and your partner communicate. Do you keep secrets from each other?

Remember also that sometimes the people in our dreams represent a part of ourselves: Is there something you’re not telling your partner?

When you see someone else cheating it can be a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Maybe you’re having thoughts or feelings but don’t want to admit them.

Sometimes, people cheat because they are selfish and never think about the other person’s feelings; this can happen in dreams too.

If you dream that you discover an affair someone else is having, it means that you are living in a problem-filled, unstable environment right now. You may be experiencing stress from your personal relationships and your work environment, or problems at home like money disputes or arguments with family members.

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When You Are The One Cheating in a Dream

What if you are the one who is cheating in a dream? You might find yourself involved with a coworker, friend, or even a mysterious stranger in the dream.

If you are having an affair in your dream, it means you don’t feel satisfied by your current life situation and you want to do something about it. You may feel like you are stuck in a rut – maybe not with your partner, but with your career or living situation.

This dream can also mean a desire to find new opportunities. You might be looking for happiness in all the wrong places. It’s important to remember that fulfillment and joy come from within.

You might feel like you are stuck in a rut – maybe not with your partner, but with your career or living situation. It is a wake up call to tell you it’s okay to change things up – as long as you are honest and upfront about it.

If you are cheating on your partner in real life, obviously this is a dream about your feelings of guilt. If you are dating someone else, it’s time for you to be honest about you really want. Why are you in a relationship with someone if you aren’t happy? Wouldn’t it be better to leave and be honest than to stay in a relationship that does nothing for you?

Other Forms of Cheating in Dreams

Of course, not all cheating is about romance. People cheat in games, on tests, and in other ways to get what they want.

If you dream about someone cheating in a game, this means you feel like life is not fair. You may feel like the odds are against you.

If you dream you or someone else is cheating on a test, it means that you are feeling underprepared for what is happening in your life. You might feel like you can’t succeed at something. If this is the case, it is helpful in your waking life to do what you can to reach your goals.

Having people cheat on you in dreams or to cheat in real life can make us feel angry, but it can also be about the way we relate with others. Sometimes we play games with people; sometimes they play games with us. We may not like what other people are doing, but how we react to this is what matters.

Have you had a dream about cheating? Tell us your dream in the comments section below!

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