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Ice Dream Meaning

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What does it mean when you dream of ice? Ice comes in many shapes and varieties in our dreams, such as an icicle, an icy road, a frozen lake… the list goes on and on.

Because there are so many different ways we can encounter ice in our dreams, the context of the ice, as well as other details are important when trying to decode it. Let’s explore what some of these symbols might mean!

iceberg dream

As we learn as small children in science class, ice is water frozen into a solid state. It can appear crystal clear or opaque and cloudy.

Ice is abundant on planet earth, and in terms of natural occurrences, it comes down from the sky as snowflakes, freezing rain & hail and is also found as frost, icicles, glaciers and sheets.

Ice can be manufactured by humans as well, in the form of ice cubes & crushed ice – often used to chill beverages or keep food and other perishables cool and safe. We humans also create art with ice in the form of breathtaking ice sculptures.

What it Means to Dream About Ice

Just as ice comes in many forms, there are many different things your dream about ice can mean. Here are some common themes we see when dreaming about ice.

Feeling Stuck, Standing Still, Helplessness

Dreaming of ice could be a sign that you feel stuck somewhere in your life.

Do you feel frozen in your career, relationships, or your personal development? Do you feel blocked? A dream of ice could mean that there is something that needs to be resolved, and you are stuck, frozen in place.

You might feel stuck in another way though. Is there some circumstance in you life that you genuinely have no control over? The ice in your dreams may represent how you feel about this state you find yourself in.

You may be worried that something is hanging over your head, like a dangerous icicle, precarious, able to fall at any moment. Maybe you can’t do anything about your circumstances, but you can try to think of them in a more positive light.

Confidence, Faith, Fearlessness

frozen shards of ice

Ice is usually a pretty solid item, but it also melts pretty easily. You shouldn’t count on it remaining a solid state forever.

Ice in your dreams could symbolically represent your sense of confidence in yourself, or a situation, that maybe shouldn’t be so certain. You might feel rock solid, but consider your circumstances and dig deeper… is there something you are missing? Are you putting yourself in a dangerous situation by being so sure?

Positive Changes, Opening Pathways

On the other hand, melting ice in your dream can be a good sign. To say someone is thawing out can mean they are unwinding and relaxing. This could be representative of tough situations getting easier, a blocked way becoming free (a frozen stream thawing in the springtime) or a typically cold and rigid person warming up and becoming easier to work with.

Caution, Awareness, Discretion

According to the US Federal Highway Administration, 24% of road accidents each year are caused by ice. Puddles freeze and it’s easy to slip and fall while on foot as well.

Anyone who lives in a climate where the weather turns to snow and ice can attest that ice can be both annoying and dangerous. Did it feel like the ice in your dream was a dangerous slip hazard? Maybe you are feeling afraid of “slipping up” in some area of your life.

Your ice dream may be an indication that you need to be on alert for potential dangers. You may see them coming or not, but you need to proceed with caution either way.

“Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate,
To say that for destruction ice, Is also great, And would suffice.”

― Robert Frost

Types of Ice in Dreams

Now that we’ve covered some common themes it may represent, let’s take a look at some of the different types of ice you might encounter in a dream.

Frozen Lakes, Rivers, Creeks and Other Bodies of Water

Dreaming of bodies of water often represents your current emotional state. The state of the water is important to take into consideration when evaluating what it could mean.

A river or stream can symbolize the flow of something in your life, and if you see it frozen still in a dream, that could suggest some sort of blockage or obstacle in your way. A frozen lake or ocean can mean you are feeling isolated or frustrated.

For more insight on how water symbolizes emotion, see our article on water meaning in dreams.

Icy Road

As mentioned earlier, ice can make driving quite treacherous. To dream of an icy road may suggest you subconsciously know you have dangers ahead of you.

Driving on ice can also just be slow going, and in this way you just may feel hindered on your path, moving towards your goals slower than you would like.

Wrecking a car on an icy road in a dream can mean that you feel out of control about your current situation. Our post on car accidents in dreams covers this more in depth.


Icicles can look beautiful decorating the edge of a roof, but they sure can be unpredictable. The nature of melting ice makes it so they could come down at any time, and you don’t want to be beneath one when it falls! Seeing icicles in your dream can represent dangers, in real life or imagined.

It is common to see icicles in great groupings along branches or roof eaves. Groups of icicles could represent minor irritations in your life. But the nice thing about icicles is they do eventually melt and disappear, and so too will those irritations.

Ice Sculpture

ice sculpture

An ice sculpture is a beautiful and impermanent piece of art. It would be impossible to keep it in it’s original state forever, and this makes it even more special.

If you are dreaming of an ice sculpture, you probably feel this way about something or someone, and you are having fears about them disappearing. It could be a relationship, a pet, a job, a home, a state of emotion… Is there something in your life you fear losing? Do you fear the death of a loved one? Are you particularly content right now and dread the end of this happy time?


iceberg dream

Dreaming of a glacier could represent negative feelings or circumstances in your life that seem insurmountable. It seems huge and overbearing, like you have a literal glacier in your path. You may feel like it is impossible to overcome or improve. Could this be an invitation to regroup and rethink your problem? Is there an option you have not yet considered?

Glaciers are also known to be quite slow moving. This could be about something in your life you are focusing a lot of time and energy on, but is not progressing as you think it should. Are you just frustrated with your progress, or is it possible you need to give something up and focus elsewhere?

These are just a few of the common types of ice that may show up in your dreams. Now that we’ve covered some examples of ice, let’s take a look at a few dreams scenarios you may have found yourself in.

Frozen in Ice

If you find yourself frozen in ice in your dream, this suggests there may be something in your life that is causing you to feel fixed in place. Is there something going on in your life that you feel is holding you at a stand still? Do you feel like you are no longer making progress and are simply standing in place?

Walking on Ice

You dream you are walking across a frozen lake. Does the ice seem thick and sturdy or is it cracking beneath your feet? A dream like this speaks of instability in your life, uncertainty and fear. You never really know if the ice will give way and you will plunge through to an unknown resolution.

Falling Through Ice

Did the ice break and you end up in the freezing waters below? The sudden action of the shattering ice and you falling could be mirroring your emotions. Is there something happening in your life that threatens to come to a crashing outcome? You could be suppressing some negative emotion, and this rarely ends peacefully. Stifling your emotions can lead to unexpected outbursts that can be quite as unpleasant as falling through the ice.

Melting Ice

To dream of ice melting is often a good thing! A river once frozen solid, melting and freeing up it’s flow can mean obstacles and challenges are leaving you. A melting icicle could mean that you are working hard to resolve problems in your life, leaving those irritations in the past. Ice melting likely means that your circumstances are changing.

To understand more about what your dream means, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel about ice in everyday life?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Do you feel stuck or frozen anywhere in your life?
  • Are there major obstacles in the way of your success?
  • Are you bottling anything up?
  • Do you need to thaw out and relax?

Did you have a dream about ice? Tell us about your dream and what it means for you in the comments section below!

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  1. I dreamed that I was in the back seat of a car as someone else was driving. We were stuck in ice. Like being snowed in. The was ice to our left and right blocking the way. Like if you are in a cave and the rocks are blocking the entrance. Somehow we got out and as we are driving down the road, the ice is melting and the water is flowing. There are blocks of ice floating in the water.

  2. I had a dream that I was staying in a holiday village where there was a very large swimming pool that was frozen, it suddenly started to melt with a huge chunk breaking. The water cascaded further back then expected, to the cottage where I was staying I wasn’t scared but felt calm.
    I then met a man, he owned the pool and the hotel where I was staying with my family. I had instant attraction and asked him out on a date. He also had a daughter, who started to brush my hair.

  3. I had a dream that I was walking in a known road but the road was a running very clear ice and my sisters was with me including one that is dead. Also I was pulling a horse with a child I didn’t know mounted on the horse. Half way through I mounted the horse and rode on the ice but it wasn’t slippery.

  4. My significant other, me, and a group of nameless people were sleeping on frozen lake ice for unknown reasons. The ice broke in segments and the one my SO and I were on dumped us in the water. We got out of the water together and went back to sleep. Then that sheet of ice started to flip in the water with him, me, and some of the faceless people but we held onto each other and righted it. That’s when I woke up.

  5. My dream was weird first I had a fight with someone’s sister but I killed her under the ice then I went to her family’s house but they were upset bc I killed the sister and in their house was a way into like a very deep ice lake which I had to go into so I swam very hard and only just got out in time but I don’t know what that means

  6. My dream was kinda wild but the part that really stuck with me was I, as Ben, and the rest of the losers from IT chapter 2, were battling with the demon lady who was stealing children. We had to go through freezing water, a river I think, and there were large pieces of melting ice in the water. Up above on the rocky walls all around the body of water was more Ice and I was the only one in the water. Then just as a large sheet of Ice had broken from the wall and was falling towards me I woke up.

  7. My dream was walking on a lake with a lot of snow and ice it felt very stable then all of a sudden I started falling through at first there was fear then I felt like i just said “okay” and released the fear and when the break through was complete I could touch the bottom of the lake!

  8. I had a dream there were square bags of big cubes of ice and a man whom I have never seen was putting them in my freezer till there was no room left just bags of ice showed in my freezer. I interpret this to mean I will he fortune and an unexpected windfall of monetary abundance with lots of entertainment in my fortunate lifestyle.

  9. I was under ice in a lake and I’ve was to thick to get threw I saw a person above the ice also unable to free me and I was both of these people

  10. In my dream I walked out onto a bumpy frozen river. I wasn’t scared or nervous and trusted the ice completely. I remember feeling happy when I laid down on it.

  11. I had a dream that I was walking across a bridge and it was all cloudy and ice and the railing was very hard to hang on to because it was so slippery and ice. The water below the bridge was blowing icy water over the top of the bridge so I could hardly walk or hang on, and you couldn’t see ahead , it was so blowing ice y water so high over and on the bridge, I woke up before I could finish dream, but it was horrible trying to hang on, water was so scarey

  12. I had a dream I was on the river on a boat. Then it disappeared and I was walking on the river but it turned to ice. It was like walking on ground wasn’t afraid or scared.

  13. I had a dream about frozen ice pieces floating in mid air. I was with my two sons and we were running through them. The pieces were all fairly large. Some would fall so we were being careful. In my dream I wanted to stop and take a picture with my phone but I didn’t get a chance. We turned onto another street and then we realized the ice was only suspended in one street.

    1. @lily, I’ve had that dream twice now! Icicles suspended in mid air but high in the sky-really beautiful images. When I took a photo (within the dream) from last night, it changed into moving fireworks (hmmm). Wish I understood what these kinds if dream means.

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