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What does it mean to dream of a tiger? If you are wondering about the symbolism of the tiger as a dream meaning or spirit animal, learning about what the tiger means as a symbol can be very helpful for you in your life!

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Tiger?

tiger dream symbol meaning

The tiger is a large and powerful native cat to India. It is commonly associated with being present in jungle types of environments, although tigers may be found in other parts of the world. Today, it is not uncommon to see a tiger even in the largest of cities at the local zoo or animal park.

A tiger reminds us to follow our natural instincts and intuition. Often times, a tiger appearing in dreams or as a spirit animal means there is much energy and emotional work to do in order to fully overcome a challenge or to thrive in a situation.

The tiger has been a symbol used as a mascot for many companies, as well as in songs. The song from the Rocky movie, “Eye of a Tiger” and Katy Perry’s song “Roar” are all examples of how a tiger can be a symbol of strength and overcoming obstacles.

Strength and Power

tiger portrait

Tigers are very strong animals and so when we see one in our dreams it reminds us to think of our own strength and power in life.

There are many difficult situations in life that we go through that help us be stronger and resilient. The tiger appears to us in dreams to remind us we have what it takes to survive through the hardships of life.

Sometimes we will encounter a tiger in our dreams because we feel as if someone is overpowering us in a situation in life. This could be a co-worker, boss, partner or even an overbearing friend or relative.

Overcoming Challenges

Tigers are powerful creatures who come in our dreams to remind us that it is possible for us to overcome the challenges we may face in life.

You may feel it is hard to overcome your problems, but the tiger reminds us we are stronger than we think we are and have what it takes to conquer our fears.

Wisdom and Intuition

intuitive tiger wisdom

The tiger is often a symbol for intuition – for connecting with our own spiritual wisdom and higher self.

When a tiger appears in a dream, it is telling you to listen to your heart and your instincts – the right path is not always the most logical one.

Tigers remind us to think of the greater good in life – what is the highest, wisest, best course of action to take? What brings us closer to happiness and joy? What helps make the world a better place for others?

Here are some ways tigers may appear in our dreams:

Being chased by a tiger:

If you are dreaming that a tiger is chasing you, it is likely you are running away from your own personal feelings and emotions.

You may be afraid of power – either afraid to step into your own power or afraid of someone who has power and control over you. Learning about how to deal with nightmares and what it means to be chased in a dream can be helpful.

Dreaming of Tigers Sleeping:

A sleeping tiger might mean there is some hidden force in your life. This “hidden force” could be your own special talents and strengths – or it could mean there is something happening in your life that you are not fully expecting.

Tigers on the Hunt:

Tigers are at the “top of the food chain” so to speak and often are associated with hunting their prey. The hunter as a character archetype in dreams can mean that you are very goal oriented and working towards success in business or your personal life. In dreams, it may mean that you need to think about your “plan of attack” on a situation.

Dreaming of a White Tiger:

white tiger

White tigers are not common in the wild, and so in a dream this may mean something is of special importance to dream one. A white tiger symbolizes rarity and unique intuitive gifts. Understanding the meaning of colors in dreams can be helpful to understand more about what the color of the tiger can mean.

Dreaming About Baby Tigers:

Baby tigers are no doubt adorable and can often be a symbol for innocence in our dreams. You may be just starting to awaken your own inner strength or beginning a new project that will require overcoming obstacles and trusting your intuition.

Dreaming About a Sick or Injured Tiger:

To dream about a sick or injured tiger means that you do not feel like you have the power to change your life. You may be hurting in some way in your own life and feel as if your confidence is lost.

If you dream of a hurt or sick tiger, think about what areas in your life need improvement. What can you do to make positive changes? How can you feel stronger to face the challenges in your life?

Common Tiger Symbol Meanings

What does the tiger symbolize? Understanding the traits and characteristics of a tiger can often help you explore your own deep feelings and intuitive gifts.

tiger dream meaning

Here is the wisdom of the tiger symbol:

Trust Your Intuition and Instincts

Tigers are very instinctual animals. Seeing a tiger could mean you need to further develop your own intuition or that your natural instincts have meaning.

If you are facing a situation in your life where you “just have a feeling” about something, this is a hunch you most certainly may want to consider following when a tiger is also present in dreams or as a common everyday life symbol.

Sometimes, this could also mean you want to become more intuitive, but you are not sure how to trust your intuition. You may not think you have any special intuitive abilities, but the truth is science has proven all of us are capable of using intuition. Our intuition is like a muscle – it simply needs to be used to become developed!

Step Into Your Power

The tiger as an animal in its natural habitat is one of the most powerful animals in all of the jungle. Tigers are quite intelligent, and also strong. These two things make it very easy for a tiger to hunt successfully in its environment.

Think about your feelings about power and strength in your life currently. Do you feel as if you are strong enough to deal with your current challenges?

The tiger may be appearing as a sign and symbol to fully awaken and step into your own power. Ask yourself: What are my strengths in life, and how can I use these to benefit myself and others?

Face Your Fears and Weaknesses

Tigers are often associated with the shadow side of our human psyche. Each of us has things we are afraid of – whether its something emotional or physical in our lives.

You may also have weaknesses in life – such as a bad habit or a skill that is not fully developed. Often times, this means we must learn to accept ourselves as we are – flaws and all.

Learning to embrace the negative and dark sides of ourselves can help us become a fully conscious and developed person in this life.

Have you ever had a dream about tigers? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Hello I had a dream that a tiger grabbed me around my waist and the person with me tried pulling him off but I told them to stop and I just stood there and let the tiger hold me and it eventually began to fall asleep, it began letting me go and laid on the ground and went to sleep. We were out in an open field when this occurred. During the whole situation I was not afraid.

  2. I’ve encountered 2 tigers in my dream last night. There is one white and the other is orange. I see the 2 tigers are friendly but one pays the cost to protect me from a lady who slaughters the orange tiger but the orange tiger reappears to save my life from the lady. The white tiger is still ok and also protects me from harms way. I just don’t understand why wouldn’t the white tiger help the orange tiger if it was being hurt by the lady. When is woke up the only way I was able to awake myself was someone in my dream was tickling my feet and I don’t like my feet being touched because it’s my most sensitive part in my body. I’m very ticklish there and I don’t like it because I kick a lot and might hurt the person who tickles my feet but accidentally hurt them when I’m not trying to hurt them.

  3. Last night I dreamt of a huge majestic white tiger. He was the pet of someone. I was afraid of him because he was so big. He wanted to play with me and jumped on me. He didn’t realize his own strength and continue to Jump around trying to play with me. In my dream I try to stay calm and show no fear. I knew he did not want to harm me.

  4. I was dream tiger cuddle her baby tiger asking help for me because her baby tiger was sick,mother tiger thrown her baby to me and i catched and give first aid and the baby tiger was good and healed.

    1. I had a dream of a tiger I was taking care of, it was a medium size. It had taken the neighbors large rodent and killed it. It then got aggressive towards my friend. I remember feeling worried that the neighbor was going to get me in trouble but I was never afraid of the tiger.

  5. Hi Deirdre, I hope your family greeted you with open arms. I have two daughters that are bi-sexual. My husband and I love them just the same as we’ve always. We don’t care who there with, male, female, black, white or purple with pink polka dots, as long as they are good to each other that’s all that matters to us. I wish you all the best in love and happiness. God bless

  6. Hi I’m a Animal person and Love cats big and small and I 3 house cats and I’m working with big cats tigers being one of the cats I’m working with and with this horrible pandemic unfortunately one of the cats I’m working with white tiger she passed away and that broke my heart she was a beautiful white tiger I loved her and respect her so much and she saw it and we bonded together last night I dreamt about 3 baby tiger cubs it was a beautiful dream I have just found what this dream means so thank you

  7. Comment about Tiger dreams. I was in a hallway and someone’s tiger got out. Big yellow and black-striped Bengal tiger..I was afraid but it did not attack me. Still, I thought it should not be on the loose. It looked at me, then it ran down the hallway and jumped through the window. I was surprised it left only a small hole. Then I went outside because it should not be on the loose, it could be dangerous. I found it and put a leash onto its collar to bring it back under control.

  8. So last night I can’t fully remember the dream, I can remember seeing a tiger in the Bushes watching me I can remember walkimh over and pulling back the bushes to see him clearer, I cannot remember if he attacked or I put l was confused but I remember him peaking at me in the bushes anyone have any insight if I can’t fully remember but this morning I woke to find a orange feather in my house

  9. What about a game where tigers chasing me but in the end, I remember tigers cannot chase me, I go to the high part of the bookshelves. Then, its mentor gives me a high number for not being chased by the tigers. It’s like I know how to save myself from the attacks of tigers.

  10. I dreamed of a baby tiger and I took it as my own. But when it got big it was showing me my pass life. I didn’t understand what was going on and then it changed colors to white. It was in this big beautiful house. Before it turned white it probably was showing me my future as well idk im still lost. Cause it was the same tiger but turned white. It didn’t hurt nobody not even me. No matter how you raised a tiger they can always turn on at any time. But this one didn’t it was something special about it.

  11. I had a dream where I saw two humans feeding white tigers poisonous food, I saw hundreds of dead white tigers and a few that survived were chasing some people in a building. I felt hate towards the humans but I wanted to save them. I’m not sure what it means.

  12. Hi,

    I too dreamed of a tiger attacking me but it was not like I was the 1st target. The tiger 1st attacked my grandma but I didn’t quite see him biting her or anything it was more like a pet dog trying to play, but i guess everyone was scared. Seeing my grandma in trouble I quickly did something and now I became the target for the tiger. The attack was a little weird. I think I chased it off. But i do remember that it was still in the vicinity so all of us made some kind of strategies to find the exact location. To say that it was an attack in the beginning but I was only aware of its presence in our vicinity.
    I don’t know actually about its meaning. I usually dream about alot of animals and they are most of the times related to the ones that i very close to(tiger, lion, orangutan, wolf)

  13. My tiger dream was last night – I was looking out the window into the woods outside my house and saw a tiger. I said to someone, “do you know we have tigers here now?” And then there was one inside the house – I didn’t see it but I knew it was there. My cat who was my best friend for 16 years died a few weeks ago, and I wonder if it has something to do with grief – the tiger outside was the fear and emotion of the months before her death (from cancer), e.g., knowing danger was out there, and then I realized the tiger was in the house, and her death was here. Maybe I’ve been in denial and coming to terms with the grief. Later last night I dreamed of a tidal wave. I was in a flimsy house or trailer of some kind, with someone else but not sure who or can’t remember now – a friend, maybe? And suddenly saw a giant wave come up from nowhere, and we both ran from it. I thought, “I have to get to higher ground,” and that is all I remember except a vague sense that I escaped the wave and my friend did not. I think maybe the friend was my sweet cat friend who I lose.

  14. Good morning
    I had a dream I was walking with men in a dry forest, I don’t know but I was happy and comfortable. One of them wanders off and I find him. I’m talking to him and the tiger and it’s owner were walking next to each other, the man I was comforting jumped over a tree brunch and I walked underneath it. The tiger lost it and started chasing me. It got so big, as big as a minibus. It was huge. I managed to hide under a bigger tree, and it started chasing other people that I was with. I started running and we came to a staircase made of bamboo sticks and when I looked down it was coming for me. Its eyes locked on me, I’m still running for my life and one of the men shot an injection at it and it went into his eye, it paralysed him then he died. The man who owned the tiger started crying and said he’s known the tiger his whole life. He was really sad. I was terrified.

  15. In my dream I have 7 outside cats they were moewing something was wrong. So I looked outside there were dogs eating the cat food so I stepped outside to scare them off and to the right of my near my carport was a tiger just sitting up. That is where my late husband parked. The tiger just looked and staired at me just with his eyes his head or body nevered moved so I ran inside to get a camera I took a picture and it just nevered moved from that spot

  16. I dreamt of a tiger as my pet but it was trying to attack my pet dog. I had to keep them separately. As far as I think I don’t think I felt like the tiger would attack me but I just felt frustrated since the tiger would try to attack my pet dog and would never get along.

  17. I had a dream last night. In the dream I was lying down and a figure appeared with a tiger. The tiger was let loose from its leash. I wasn’t afraid at all. The tiger walked right up to me and came close to my face. It went to my ear and whispered to me to be careful of my choices. I asked why and it said that I would be dead in 3 weeks otherwise. Then I woke up.

  18. I only recall the tiger, placid, on its belly, paws out in front and licking its massive fangs clean with its tongue
    I feel it had bits of raw meat that it was cleaning away
    And once clean, these giant fangs became silver or metal and shiny
    I really only remember them as being from the bottom jaw

  19. I dream of a tiger chasing me but I surrounded and say to him he can have me and eat me .instead he become my friend .after I noticed it was she and ready to have 6 babies tigers .

  20. Last Night, I dream of 1 tiger chasing me first and I go closer to a lion and the tiger was stopped chasing me but the tiger was waiting for me to run and at the same time he chased me again until we go to our house and feel like I’m a jungle I can go up to big trees like a ninja and so fast like but the tiger can go up too so until a celebrity (Ivana Alawi) say she doesn’t lose hope and but before that, I need tiger to look at us before she says that ( i don’t know why but deep inside me the tiger can understand us because some of it the tiger has feeling for Ivana) someone can explain this this

  21. I dreamed of two yellow orange 🐅 🐅 with black stripes last night.
    In my dream, I was trying to go down the river. I got out of my car, then carry my car with my right hand as I went down the beautiful river. When I got down the water bank and looked to the right, I saw two tigers approaching me. They’re not threatening but both looking at me. I put down the car and grabbed my camera and starting to take pictures of them as they approached me. Then I woke up. 🐅 11/19/20
    What does this dream mean?

  22. Last night I dreamed about petting a Tiger cub and a crossbreed Jaguar and Tiger. They seem pretty comfortable with me and they are really playful and I just let them run and play in the crowd and show the people that they are not harmful, once I call them they immediately run and jump at me and sleeps on my shoulders. Then suddenly I saw a flashback where I saved the Tiger cub in an abandoned Zoo in the middle of the Jungle and it seems like his parents were killed. But there is no flash back about the crossbreed Jaguar and Tiger cub.

  23. I just had a dream about many things but one that sticks out is that I had a dying tiger in mine. There was a woman guiding me outside near the trees when I felt something near by. I looked and saw a dying tiger on the ground making noise. The woman in my dream went up to the tiger and pet it’s head talking to it saying it was okay, I then went a little closer and went to pet it’s leg. The woman in the dream said it was something like intuition that told me the tiger was there.

  24. I dreamed of a Green Tiger as my pet. The tiger is calm and sweet and i pet him like a dog. But I am thinking of surrendering him to a zoo or someone who is capable of handling him becouse im afraid the the tiger will attact us. Becouse he’s getting biger ang matured. And the next day I dreamed about typhoon , earthquake and tsunami.

  25. I dreamt of a tiger in my backyard with my dog, I saw from inside n ran outside to get him away from it but my dog unknowingly wanted to play until it realized this animal was much faster n larger he pretended to ignore the tiger n the tiger went to my direction since I had gone outside, it ended up knocking over my door and coming inside after I tried to lock him out, I told everyone in my house during the dream and we all went to a room where the door was much stronger but he was walking around the house n knocked over that door, we all escaped through a window outside, all I remember is going back inside for my dog and my mom telling me to leave my dog but I went anyways. The tiger was also kind of calm walking around as if he knew we were afraid even when it was calm

  26. I dreamed of a white tiger with black stripes. He/ she was in a gold cage with the door open. The tiger walk out the cage and came to me and was lovingly wrestling with me. I felt a little fear as the tiger pinned me down but I realized the tiger was just being playful with me in a loving way. Then the tiger ran away.

    I do not know why the tiger came to me in my dreams. I just know it was powerful and and the love it had for me was powerful as well.. For a moment I thought to myself in the dream that I should feel threatened or fearful but I was not because the tiger kept showing me signs of affection. As if the tiger belonged to me. The tiger was also protective of me and very loving towards me and the love was a powerful one. I don’t know where the tiger ran to. I think my husband was somewhere in my dream but I can not pin point where. Like I was looking for him for protection but realized I didn’t need it…I was ok.. the tiger was just being affectionate and then ran away. ( more of a walked away then a run away )
    I hope that this is enough for you to make sence of this dream for me. Thank you, Maggie

  27. I had a dream I was in a place (indoor but not an apartment) I saw drake( the music artist) being like a big brother figure in that dream trying to pet 3tigers but the tigers seem ferocious and he seemed not really interested in those tigers but I was really drawn to the tigers in my dream.. It felt like they were my pet. Can someone explain?

  28. I had a dream I was in a sky blue painted house and I have a young child in my left hand about 6 months old and a tiger was coming at me, but it seems the tiger was trying to tell me something and as I started moving backward and using my right hand with a sheet to chase him off. I continue to move backward towards the door and open the door the tiger ran out the door and I went out side behind it and saw and enemy of mine and two other men I didn’t recognise. I ask who set the tiger in my house and one of the man I didn’t recognise point toward my enemy and said he was the one who set the tiger on me. I looked at him from head to toe and just walk away and that was the end of the dream.

  29. What do you think it means to be in control of a fierce white tiger in your dream? I dreamed of people trying to come into a place where I supposedly lived and getting attacked by my tiger. I had to keep telling it not to kill them, specifically to lay off some random woman who was about to be clawed to shreds. And the tiger listened…

  30. Hi last night I had a dream I came home from somewhere and there were two tigers fighting each other and I remember in my dream I wasn’t scared of them I just found it odd and walked around them to get into my house what does that mean?

  31. I had a dream of me and my mom owning two tigers as pets and having them around and playing with us… I really don’t understand what that means but at first I was scared of the tiger but it walked around me and snuggled up next to me

  32. After crazy dream Awakening I had a vision of a white stripe tiger with a human face what could that mean it was like a hallucination kind of waking up

  33. Thank you for these interpretations, and what you do <3

    Last night I had a dream I was running away from , and very fearful of a tiger (ironically, in waking life, tigers have always been my favorite felines). This included me breaking a thin glass window (shattering into billions of pieces with a sound effect of heavy rain – this i'm not sure about) but I knew that it would keep chasing me, and it did. All i wanted to do was run, and hide. Eventually, at a music store in a town, I stopped running, allowed the tiger chasing me to finally come and find me, it came so close to my face, and I extended my arm to pet it, and all i can say is that, face to face, we became love. I faced it, whatever I was running from (at a music store which means a lot about my resistance to expressing through music), and embraced it. This beautiful and powerful message was direly needed, as I have been running from my talents and power (with all my might, hiding behind "i need to learn more, i am not enough", my fear of stepping into my power is a deep one. I got the message that I need not fear it, and embrace it with love (and awesomely enough, through the tiger..) I remember before waking, hearing the message "embrace the tiger" repeatedly. I'm thankful to have received that message, and to come across this page to reassure me of the meanings.

    Thanks again, much love

  34. I have an ongoing dream of a tiger. It is always near me or beside me and although it isn’t attacking me, I’m very aware I’m with a tiger and feel it could turn, but hasn’t. I’m very aware it’s a dangerous animal and we are aware of each other. It’s like my intuition is it could attack so I’m wary of it. I had dream it was in my house and I had to lock it in downstairs so it didn’t kill my cats or anyone. It’s always in my vicinity.

  35. I had a dream in the early hours last night the 26/07/2020. I was driving in my housing estate, I stopped the car. The next thing I saw a tiger running up the road, saw my car came up to the passenger window which was down a little, all of a sudden I’m looking at this tigers face and teeth, trying to paw at me. Then I woke, at this present time I have the fear of coming out gay to my family and friends, I’m scared but I know I have the strength to keep fighting. Is this linked to me seeing a tiger in my dream.

    Please can someone explain this.

    1. Hi Deirdre, if it were my dream, I would see the tiger as a symbol of your fears about facing your family, but also as a totem animal to give you the courage and strength you need at this time. Hope that helps!

  36. I dreamed I had an alligator it was a pet and it was making sounds of fear I went in to check on the alligator and the alligator signaled me to a large dark red with black spots tiger like animal hiding. The alligator scurried out and I quickly left and shut the door. I called to my husband he came I carefully opened the door to show him and the animal came towards the door slowly. I opened the door further and the animal carefully raised its front paws and put them on my shoulders like a hug. It was scary and comforting at the same time. Then I realized the animal was scared and wanted care. I was instantly in love with the animal and we were bonded. Others remained scared of the animal and thought I was crazy for caring for it. even though it had never tried to hurt me.

  37. i have had a few dreams about Tigers. i had a dream that i saw a Tiger dying. These people told me i had one more day to spend with it. i was bawling my eyes out. i had a dream that i was running against Shaakan the Tiger off Jungle Book. i saw baby tigers too, along with that dream.

  38. I saw a white tiger which is certainly,not an adult she is playing and making me cheerful and looking at me not afraid at all,i am quite near her thats all

  39. In my dreams the tiger was chasing my dog and I was chasing the tiger and I kicked the tiger a lot than at the end of dreams the tiger made a gash on a face of my dog and my dog was dying:( my aunt was Just there standing with a evil grin on here face cuse it was her tiger😡

  40. I had a dream where I was standing near a truck & a few feet away I noticed that 2 white tigers had locked their gaze on me. Scared,I ran to the truck, jumped in but as I was about to close the door one of the tigers jumped in and sat on my lap. I coukd feel its weight & feel its fur. It was completely relaxed. When ai looked out the window there were several more white tigers circling the truck. I opened the door & let the tiger off my lap & out

  41. I dreamt – 3 or 4 tiger cubs, i found in wild in Australia – not meant to be in wild Australia.  No adults.  Very young like kittens.  I took home & adopted as pets. They are not native. No parent tigers around. No clue how tiger cubs got out there, in aussie wild. None escaped or kidnapped from any zoo.

    They were cute, very sweet, loving. Creamy White cubs, & very soon developed black stripes.  They have free rein of much of house & backyard most of time.  As they age, get bigger, & creamy ehite slowly turns to orange,  on the back 1st, then sides, leaving tummy creamy white still, but not till they are bigger older cubs, who are getting restless.

    As older larger cubs, halfway to adults, they start getting aggressive & destructive & breaking doors down & going in rooms, like my bedroom, when they are not allowed, sometimes even get  aggressive,  trying to attack. I calling for help to stop it / them attacking.  We talk about, now it’s time to call, see if we can put them in zoo, as they are getting to big to safely handle now.

    I wake up, as 1 is trying to attack me.  I am in my room, it is at my bedroom door, breaking it down, jaws open to attack me, I’m calling out for help, but no one comes – they are like – you chose to keep tigers, your problem not  ours. If it kills you or puts you in hospital,  we will call the zoo or animal control,  but until that happens, you are on your own.  I was in both fear, but more of confusion – like why are they family & also the aging tiger cub doing this? I don’t understand, after all the help &  putting my life on hold to help them all & others, why ae they doing this to me? Why wont they help me? They are not scared & they know how to handle the attaing, they see it as harmless rough play, which they could always handle, but i never could.  The cubs in past months listen to them now & not me. What is goin on? I don’t understand! Why?

    It was all 1 dream.

    Any idea what this means?

  42. I am going through several important battles, one a civil suit affecting the parent child relationship, and one where a surgeon improperly did his job when operating on my back. Then yesterday, I bad a very uneasy, queasy feeling in my gut, that didn’t quite make sense, as I am generally a very healthy person. Then the dream I had was about building a house with iron bars in the windows to protect me from the tigers, and the person helping me said he would kill 25 of them at a time. So I feel this dream was two fold, in that it showed me that my enemies were many, but being done away with, and that I needed to be wise, and meek, yet strong and swift in my countering of what they launched against me!

    1. That sounds like a great interpretation of your dream Ken, hopefully things will get better for you soon!

    2. I also had a dream of a great orange tiger chasing me and I was running with someone, my partner, and we also hid behind metal bars and the tiger went away. The themes of civil suit affecting parent/child is also in my life via my brother and my partner had a back operation recently.

      My interpretation is that the person offering to kill the 25 tigers might be someone in your life that can help you deal with all your big battles. Try to remember in your dream who it was helping you.

      In my dream, my partner was helping me hide and in real life they’re definitely helping me with my “grown up” problems

  43. I dreamed of a beautiful, huge, white tiger the other night. It wasn’t aggressive, but beautiful even though i was trying to get away. I keep thinking of this dream.
    Yesterday, all of a sudden, I’m facing a parent’s worst fear of my child. I’m going to need even more strength than i imagined i could have or thought i would ever face.

    1. @Sonya Walker,
      The other night I had a very similar dream about a giant white tiger I was feeding it something and when I was out of food it softly tried to nibble my hand a voice said now im gonna eat you i feel sort of panic and run out of the room i was in and into a closet I hear stomps towards me and hear sniffing including feeling it on my feet through the crack at the bottom I sit there for a sec and i hear a door open a scream and it goes away very unusual but ive had many crazy vivid dreams after years of psychidellics dmt gave me very vivid dreams sometimes lucid dreams after use hope we all figure out the meanings and manifest clarity!!!!! Peace

  44. Last night I had a dream of two tigers. They were as pets to a person who lived in some apartments of a neighborhood that I grew up in. I got into a confrontation with the young man and he threatened that he has tigers and would have them attack me. He then brought them out on two leashes. They seemed calm at first. Then began to get riled up. I didn’t feel scared, but I felt out numbered and powerless. I think I had my 1 1/2 yr old son with me or somebody with me younger and I was trying to protect them.

    The young man (older teens) began to come down the stairs from a two story balcony apartment with the two tigers and approach me. I remember already walking off. Before then I told the young man that he was lucky I didn’t have a gun on me or else I’d shoot the tigers if he tried have them attack me.

    I remember walking into the neighborhood and as the young man was approaching me he had a hard time holding on to the leash of the tigers that were now very aggressive. Suddenly, the tigers got loose and began running towards me. As they quickly came towards me, I noticed I didn’t run but awkwardly they ran past me and started to chase other people in the neighborhood. I then began chasing after the young man who let the tigers loose as he tried to run from me. He was quickly knocked down with a blow to the head. He ran back to his apartments where I’m assuming were his father and uncles waiting out front realizing the tigers were loose.

    I don’t recall much more of the dream but I remember that the tigers either came back on their own or the men had caught them and put back on a leash and taken back to their apartment.

    I’m really not sure what this dream represents, but I know it means something. I do remember them being two orange and black striped tigers.

    1. I also just dreamt of 2 tigers as pets or like guard dogs outside of the apartment in the neighborhood I grew up and still living in! They were chained so I looked at them in the eye as I walked passed by them.

      1. i had the same thing and they never attacked me and they where my best friends when i was at Israel they gave me this dream i believe that the tiger spirit send it to me, when i moved to Canada i got the second part of that dream and thats when a another tiger killed me. and my two tiger friend killed that tiger for me

    2. It kept his paw on my chest so I could not move. Was it trying to guide me somewhere or give me information I didn’t understand. Juan says:

      I’ve had a dream about a white tiger that had my hand in his mouth. It was not biting me but would not let go of my hand. It kept his paw on my chest so I could not move. Was it trying to guide me somewhere or give me information I didn’t understand.

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