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Umbrella Dream Meaning

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Did you dream about an umbrella? Let’s take a look at what this dream means.

Common Dream Meanings for Umbrella

  • Protection and Security
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Self Care
  • Prosperity and Abundance
Red umbrella on rain
Red Umbrella On Rain

An umbrella is often used to shelter and protect us, whether it’s from the pouring rain or harsh sunlight. As such, it’s not surprising that when we see an umbrella in our dream it’s a symbol for protection and security.

Dreaming about an umbrella can also often mean needing to take care of yourself. You might need to work on setting better boundaries to protect yourself from getting hurt or being taken advantage of.

When you see an umbrella, you are going to want to pay attention to the color, condition, and location of where it is in your dream. A broken umbrella full of holes in the mud is going to have a much different meaning than a brightly colored umbrella shining in the sun!

Seeing an umbrella can also be a symbol for your current financial situation and prosperity and abundance, as well as a symbol for your current health.

Think of an umbrella sort of like a thermometer that reads the current state of your affairs – if it’s doing great, you’re doing great. If it’s not doing great, there are probably some things you will want to work on.

Colorful umbrella
Colorful Umbrella

What It Means to Dream About an Umbrella

Let’s take a look at some common ways an umbrella might appear in your dreams and things it may mean.

A bright and colorful umbrella in your dream symbolizes creativity and new opportunities coming your way.

Sharing an umbrella with someone else in a dream can mean that you are looking to compromise or find cooperation and common ground with someone. It can also mean you are looking to be closer to someone in a relationship.

Dancing in the rain with an umbrella can be a sign that you need to be more spontaneous or look for new opportunities for joy and happiness in your daily activities. You may have a new opportunity that improves your financial situation.

Dreaming of buying an umbrella can mean that you are exploring different choices in your life. You may be worried about being prepared enough for the future or are looking at new options and opportunities that will be prosperous. See shopping in dreams.

If your umbrella blows open in the wind, you may be in a situation where you are afraid of losing control or feel like things might be unstable.

Dreaming of a torn and tattered umbrella with holes can mean that you are in need of self-care. You may feel as if someone has taken advantage of you or misused you in some way.

Umbrella shattered by the wind lying on the ground of a snowy street.
Umbrella Shattered By The Wind Lying On The Ground Of A Snowy Street.

Hitting someone with an umbrella in a dream means that there may be unresolved feelings of anger or frustration towards someone. You may need to work on defending boundaries with others in a more creative and positive way.

Opening an umbrella indoors is often considered to be bad luck. You may be counting your chickens before they hatch or being too zealous about something.

An umbrella getting stuck in a tree suggests that you are feeling trapped or unable to move forward in a situation.

Dreaming of a broken umbrella that keeps collapsing when you try to open it: This may represent feelings of vulnerability or instability in your current situation.

Losing your umbrella can mean that you are struggling with setting boundaries or feeling unprepared for some type of difficult situation ahead.

Have you had a dream about an umbrella? Share your dream in the comments section below!

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