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Office Dream Meaning

New cubicle spaces in office interior.
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Dreaming about an office often represents how we currently feel about our career or business. We may be thinking about ways we can work towards improving our lives.

It is common for us to dream about our jobs and workplaces because we often spend a lot of our time at work. Many of us struggle to have a healthy balance between work, family, our relationships, and our other needs.

When you dream about an office, it’s important to ask yourself how your life is currently working. Do you feel productive? Do you feel like things are well-balanced?

office dream meaning

What It Means to Dream About an Office

To dream about working in an office means that you thinking about how to be more productive in life. You may be thinking about steps you need to take to reach a goal, or you may be thinking of ways to do something more efficiently.

To see other people working in an office means that you are comparing yourself to others and you may worry about not doing a good enough job. You might have feelings of worthlessness or you may be overly competitive in trying to get what you want in life.

To dream of a boss in an office signifies you are trying to take control of some aspect of your life. You may feel like someone is trying to tell you what to do, or you may wish you could control someone else’s actions.

If you stand up to a boss in a dream, it means that you need to stand up for what you believe in. You may need to confront something that is bothering you and you may need to take control of what is happening in your life.

Office workplace with laptop on the desk

To see a desk in an office often represents your goals and plans. You might be thinking about how you might achieve success and work towards getting what you want in life. See desk dream meaning for more insight.

To dream of a messy or cluttered office means that you may be struggling with what you need to do next in order to get ahead. You may feel overwhelmed about a situation and need to ask someone for help.

If you are working with numbers in your dream, it can mean that you are thinking about how to improve your finances or some other area in your life. Your dream may be trying to help you solve a problem. If you remember specific numbers from the dream, see the meaning of numbers in dreams.

office building

Dreaming of an office in a city can mean that you are thinking about building your future. You may be looking for new opportunities, or new opportunities may appear in your life in the near future. See meaning of cities for more.

To see the outside of an office building can signify that you feel like your problems are external, you may not be taking responsibility for your actions or blaming someone else. It can also mean that you feel overwhelmed in trying to reach a goal.

Windows of an office building mean that you are trying to see something in life more clearly. You may be trying to create a better vision for the future.

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Dreaming of an elevator in an office can mean that you are going through the ups and downs in life. You may be going through some changes in life.

To dream of stairs in an office building means that you are thinking about what steps are necessary to reach a goal. You may feel like it is a lot of work, but it is usually worth the effort! See stairs in dreams.

To dream of an earthquake happening at an office can mean that you are going through some major upheavals in your life. You may have recently received some earth-shattering news about someone. Learn more about earthquakes in dreams.

Gossiping coworkers

To dream of co-workers gossiping means that you are worried about what other people think of you. You may not feel like you belong, or you may feel like you are not good enough for someone. It can be a sign that you need to work on your relationships and it may be time to cut toxic people out of your life.

If you dream of an empty office, this represents how alone you may feel in your own situation. You might not have anyone to help or support you in a time when you really need it. If you feel alone in life, remember there is always help.

To dream of a fire at an office building means that you are consumed by work. You may not be giving enough time to your family or taking enough time to rest. You may also feel like something in your life isn’t working out or that you need to make a drastic change. See the meaning of fire.

How to Interpret Your Office Dream

Businesswoman writing in notebook in office

If you have a dream about an office, pay attention to the details of the office. Is the office bland and boring with white walls and beige desks? Or, is the office brightly colored and cheerful?

I once had a dream about an office for a company where the walls were a deep dark green color. In that dream, the deep green color was a symbol of my subconscious fears about not making enough money and not being good enough at my job.

Learn about the meaning of colors in dreams here.

It also makes sense to think about what people appear in the dream. People in dreams often represent parts of themselves. Think of them as actors in a movie. They usually represent someone else.

Here are some questions to explore:

  • What is currently working in my life? What isn’t?
  • What steps am I taking to reach my goals?
  • Do I feel organized and productive or do I feel chaotic and unfocused?
  • How did I feel during the dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?

You will also want to check out our interpretation of what it means to dream about a job or workplace for more insight in what this dream means. If you were wearing business attire in the dream, it can also be helpful to look at the meaning of clothes.

Did you dream about an office? Share your thoughts on what you think your dream means in the comments section below!

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  1. I have a recurrent dream in which I am working as a social worker in a mental health center. I am looking for my boss and cannot find him. I was in fact a social worker. I suspect that the offices are part of myself which are not full at this time and I am retired with little direction in which way I can continue to be productive with the knowledge I have.

  2. I had a dream at the office and saw a large snake. Quite scary for a short while, but read that snakes are not always negative in a dream -https://depthdreaming.com/snake-as-a-dream-symbol/

  3. My dream was a huntman spider was in the bath tube when I entered the bathroom. Went looking for flyspray but couldnt finf any to kill it .wake up end off my dream

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