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Glass and Broken Glass Dream Symbol Meaning

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Glass in our dreams can manifest in a number of different ways. Maybe you have a dream about an object made of glass or even dreamt of breaking glass or shards of broken glass. Today we’ll share some common themes and meanings for glass as a dream symbol.

Glass Symbolism: What It Means to Dream About Glass

glass symbol meaning

Most of the time, when glass appears in our dreams, it is a symbol for one of these main central themes. While the details and experience are different for everyone, often times one of these main possible dream interpretations will fit pretty closely.

Possible Meanings for Glass in Dreams:

  • Transparency
  • Trust and Honesty
  • Clarity and Understanding
  • Change and Transformation
  • Handle With Care: Use Caution

Glass in most cases is transparent and see-through. For this reason, we often see underlying themes related to honesty and clarity on feelings, relationships, and even in business dealings.

If you have a dream where you cannot see the contents inside of a glass jar or box, it can often mean you are not seeing the truth. This can come in the obvious form of someone you know in real daily life who is lying to you, but it can also manifest in more abstract ways.

Dreaming of very tall buildings full of glass windows can also sometimes mean that you feel limited or you are trying to determine which opportunities are a good fit for you. See dreaming of buildings and architecture for more details.

Glass as a Symbol for Change & Transformation

There are many reasons why we associate glass as a symbol for change and transformation. Glass itself goes through a lot of change and transformation in the process of becoming glass. Glass starts out as sand. Only when it is heated to very extreme temperatures does it become glass.

Glass blowers, frequently manipulate the shape of glass into vases and decorative items by heating rods of glass over a fire. This allows for them to be able to easily change the shape and appearance of the object.

Another way glass can transform is when it breaks. Broken glass is a symbol that often shows up in dreams. When glass breaks, there are very few ways to truly repair it and put it back as it once was.

What it Means to Dream of Broken Glass

shattered glass dream
What does it mean to dream of shattered, broken glass?

Broken glass in a dream can have either positive or negative connotations, and it often depends on the experiences of the dreamer.

For example, in Jewish marriage ceremonies, broken glass has a positive meaning. It is not uncommon at the end of the ceremony for a couple to stomp on a bag of glass and break it. This tradition is a symbol for how once married they are transformed and forever changed to become a couple in unity.

Other instances where broken glass is something positive is if you are making final and positive changes in your life. For example, maybe you are in recovery overcoming addition to alcohol or other substances. In these cases, it can mean that you are moving forward to becoming a stronger and healthier person.

While these are very uplifting examples of glass breaking in dreams, broken glass does not always mean something positive.

For many people broken glass can also mean broken trust or lost faith. Trust is one of the most difficult things to repair once broken. When one loses trust in a person or situation, these associated emotions and feelings can be quite literally shattering.

Breaking Glass Frantically in your dream can sometimes mean that you are feeling trapped or even unable to control a situation. If you experience a dream where you must break glass in order to escape or survive a situation, this can sometimes mean you have a sense of urgency to make changes.

Have you ever noticed those fire alarm boxes on the walls in public buildings? They often read: If in emergency, break glass. Our emotions and spiritual development can sometimes be much like this! These types of dreams often mean that a sudden and drastic change is necessary to find a positive outcome in something that is bothering the person.

Walking on broken glass may mean you are afraid of the honest truth or are concerned about how to proceed in a situation. This is also the title of a popular Annie Lennox song, in which it is used as a metaphor for how it feels to have your entire life crashing down after the end of a relationship.

Fragile! Be Gentle and Handle With Care

fragile handle with care symbol

Since glass is often considered to be fragile material and must be handled with care, another common theme I see often in dream interpretation is an overall theme of needing to use care and caution.

Sometimes this will manifest in a dream as being in a room surrounded by glass objects, where one must exercise extreme caution to not cause anything to break.

If you get the feeling of needing to exercise care or caution in a dream, it can mean that you may need to proceed with some care and discretion in your life. It could also mean that you feel as if you or someone in your life is making reckless decisions.

Sometimes the invisible things which need the most care and attention when being handled are emotions. While we can’t control our emotions, nor can we send them away, there are ways to make “riding the wave” of ups and downs in life a little bit easier.

Now that we’ve explored these central themes for glass symbolism, let’s take a look at a couple of different dream examples of ways we may encounter glass and what it can mean in these specific situations.

Common Dream Examples and Their Meanings

Unable to Touch Something in Glass

Many times people share dreams with me where there is something inside a box or jar made of glass that they cannot touch or get to. In these dreams, the glass is a symbol for an invisible barrier.

These invisible barriers in dreams like this can sometimes be external or internal. If the barrier is something the person has no control over, such as the actions of another person, this dream can sometimes be a way to release and explore the feelings of frustration or sadness.

Other times, the invisible barrier can be our very own fears stopping and preventing us from reaching our goals. It may sound strange, but many people are actually quite terrified and afraid of success! Success can mean that things change, and many people do not always like change.

Occasionally, we sometimes may dream of passed on loved ones being separated from us between a wall of glass. These dreams are not quite visitation dreams, but instead are related to your process of dealing with feelings of grief.

Colored Glass or Stained Glass

While we usually associate this material to be clear and see-through, often times there are instances where the glass may have a certain tint or hue to it. Others may experience dreams of stained glass.

In these cases, it is very helpful to look up the meaning of the colors present in the dream. For example, a pink glass dish could mean healing or feelings of love and romance, whereas a green vase could mean jealousy or even finding financial clarity. Look up color meanings and symbolism here.

Dreaming About Something Made of Glass

The different types of objects we may experience in a dream can certainly vary a LOT but often times understanding a little bit about how the main central symbol themes relate to a particular object can help you find the best dream interpretation for you.

Dreaming of a glass table can mean that you are quite literally “putting it all out on the table”. You may be thinking about ways to clearly make your point or how to be transparent in your dealings in business or even with family members and in your relationships.

A Glass Lake can sometimes mean that you are trying to find clarity on your emotions. Bodies of water are often symbols for emotions and feelings. You may be either feeling separated from your feelings, or you may be trying to better understand something about your situation.

Glass House: Often times in a dream, a house is a symbol for ourselves. You may be feeling that others are judging you or that you are completely transparent on who you are. “What you see is what you get” is a very literal statement for you. There is also the expression, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

Vases Made of Glass: A vase or other type of vessel can sometimes mean that you are looking for ways to care or preserve something in your life. For example, you may be trying to find clarity on what to do for your children or an older adult you are caring for. You may be seeking some way to preserve a situation with truth and grace.

Glass Doorknobs: Crystal glass doorknobs are an interesting symbol, because it often means you are finding clarity about an opportunity that is presented to you. This symbol frequently appears for people who are exploring their own spiritual calling or even are considering career changes.

glass stones pebbles

Glass Pebbles: Often times glass pebbles and stones are used in various decorative settings. They are most commonly used in floral arrangements and crafts. These in a dream could signify paying attention to very small details to find clarity in a situation in your life.

Glass Box: A box of glass or a box made from glass can mean that you are looking for ways to understand a situation. You may be trying to find clarity on how to handle something that is challenging in your life. Often times, a glass box can mean that you feel as if there is something limiting you in some way. Thinking out of the box might be part of the message here!

How to Understand What Your Dream About Glass Means

In order to best understand your dream about glass and what it may mean, it’s important to think about ALL elements of the dream and of course explore your own feelings and emotions.

After you write as much about the dream as you can remember in your dream journal, here are some questions you may want to explore.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Am I being honest with myself?
  • Am I being honest with others?
  • Do I feel as if someone in my life may be hiding something from me?
  • Do I have clarity on a situation, or do I need to find clarity?
  • Are there any changes I should be making in my life?
  • Am I experiencing any recent changes that are causing anxiety, fear, or sadness?

Did you have a dream about glass that you would like to share? What symbol meanings for glass or broken glass resonate the most for you? Share your dream experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. Me and my wife been separated 2 months now after being together for 27 years, I dreamed my wife and I were on a building with friends, this building was probably 25 floors high my wife had a clear glass in her hand she jumped off the building, to how I see it she did not try to hurt herself but she knew that she could jump off the building without being hurt, when she landed on her two feet her legs buckle like a cartoon movie and I was so scared that I jumped out of my sleep …..what could that mean

  2. I had a dream where, after eating a bunch of people, I went to drink some water in the faucet where an old woman was operating it. She was managing the faucet, she would put water in our glasses, but somehow, she’s teaching us the “proper” way of holding a glass water. First, she taught a guy, then the guy started holding a glass and the glass started breaking but he still managed to put water. Next is me, the woman told me to take a different glass, and there was another woman on my right where the glass waters were placed. She handed me over a glass and placed it right in front of me. I took the glass, but the first time I held it, it did not break, then the second I took it again, because I placed it back, it did not break. The third time, because I placed back the glass for some reason, the woman stopped me, the woman in my right. She told me to hold the near at the bottom, so I did, it started shattering, with just a small contact I did the third time on the glass water, it started breaking, and I was somewhat confused, and still went to fill up over my glass with water in the faucet, and the water of course was not staying inside the glass. I tried drinking the water but the glass shattered into pieces and I was just very unhappy so I started picking the pieces and someone helped me pick the pieces up and I said something while picking the pieces up, “Whoops, the glass piece, it’ll be a waste if we don’t pick it up.”
    I literally felt how the glass broke, but I’m having an idea why.

  3. I had a dream I was try to reach for a step stool in order to reach a pair of shorts. The Step stool was high on a shelf in front of someone’s house. There was people sitting in a circle outside the house. Wood and wooden spears were stacked in front and on top the shelf. I slipped knocking a lot of the wood and spears down as well as myself. Then these waves of broken glass kept falling on me pushing me further into the center of the circle and the more I tried to stay up and crawl out the further I would sink. The glass was a rainbow of colors but mostly green. I struggled into the night and started panicking I needed to check on my 2 month old daughter. I continued to sink and begged them all to help and finally at dark someone I know and don’t really like helped pull me out. I ran to my daughter but on the way bumped into my grandma who I thought would be with her. My grandmother didn’t seem concerned at all which is completely out of normal for her and I woke up to myself saying out loud “Is she okay?!”.

  4. I dreamt a huge glass tower with bottles stuck on the outside from top to bottom.
    I was unable to see what the inside of the tower contained, although it was transparent.
    I also dreamt of people who have passed on, their faces appeared of a ghostly effect, yet thwy smiled and poised as I took pics.
    In the same dream, i saw two moons, vertical, as the atmosphere spinned vigourously, followed by a strike of lightning, and a beautiful sunset with a burst of clouds that followed.

  5. I dreamt that my mother was decorating a table on the outside of her home. I didn’t recognize the home but there were glasses and vases on a table that were spaced out on a table you had to look up at. I told her this is going to fall off the table because the table was slanted slightly & because of wind.. suddenly it fell off and broke. And then I dreamt I was walking around to the other side of the table and said this vase is going to fall and break and it started to fall so I caught it but it broke in my hands. I’m a florist and our boss is selling the business to new owners & I’ve been wanting to leave to open my own shop. My mom is elderly and also someone I trust who was always supportive. Could this be relative to something new starting?

  6. I dreamt of a girl I know and she was joking that she was trying to get away from a guy so she told me let’s go and I was following her at nite thru which looked like an apartment complex when some ransom blond haired lady had her come in her house shut the sliding glass door before I could follow her in & I felt scared for her so I pounded on the glass and it shattered and the lady had a blank look on her face. I remember saying she’s going to hurt you and she said yes I was then I woke up

  7. I had a dream that I opened a door in my house, looked down, and saw a small glass rabbit. That’s it! I am not sure what rooms the door was between. But I am thinking it means more about where I am in life now and that I am going through a transformative place where I need to handle my relationships with care. I think it is a rabbit as my goals for and current health, happiness, and abundance are also needing some careful care.

  8. I dreamed of seeing a glass etching (an art work, I am an artist) of Hiawatha. It was strong clear glass not colored, and the etching was white. (Also in the dream I was sewing aprons).

  9. My dream was simply that I was cleaning up broken glass. I don’t think I was able to get it all cleaned up before I woke up.

  10. I dreamt that i was traped in a glass room with no doors. The glass walls weren’t technically broke but more like a mosaic design wich was opaque glass.

    1. I’m a reception in the building residence and I had a dream that the receptions glasses around it and then everything broke.. what does that mean???

  11. I’m in a large room with glass objects on many shelves. The shelves are ground level to very high up. I find myself at the very top of the shelves trying to get back down. As I step down to the next level, I knock a glass object to the floor and I hear it smash. People below are watching me. Some are yelling at me to be careful. It’s a terrifying feeling that I may fall or knock more objects off the shelves!

  12. I dreamt that o had moved into a house that I’ve been to before (in my dream, that was my notion). Mom was upset in the kitchen. Odd, I don’t live w my mother in real life. She was up set because my father sent/left something there for me that she discovered. It was one of his crystal collection figurines from Bacarat. In my dream it was a huge tree of life. Crystal Clear !!!! I started cleaning it. Next to it was a mini version. In red. Red crystal tree. But I only picked
    Up the
    Large crystal clear one.

  13. Broken glass and cleaning it up and not letting anyone else help me. A family member had this dream called and warned me of Broken glass and cleaning it.

  14. i dreamed that the broken glass of the car window have fixed back without a scratch after I touch it gently.
    What’s that mean?

  15. Wanted to take a wagon, a young woman stopped me, & I asked why? She held it up on an angle & said it has a glass top & it might break. The top looked to be ornate at one time, but now kinda seedy. Not exactly too dirty, but could use a good wash. Even though if it was washed, it would not actually restore it. I looked at it sadly realized, then accepted this, turned & walked away.

  16. I dreamt of glass breaking in my home. I didn’t what kind of glass but all of a sudden a lot of glass broke and I was on it, had to walk on broken pieces that never cut me. I remember checking because I had to answer my door. I couldn’t talk all that well because I also had glass in my mouth. I think a family member & my older half sister were at the door.. I felt like they were empathetic with me. I kept taking chunks of glass out of my mouth with my finger. My mouth was super dry. I even remember looking in between my legs as I looked down checking myself to see if I was bleeding but I only saw how I peed on myself.

  17. It was a classroom/gym setting (we were doing obstacle course prior – foot shuffling Side to side). It was evening and time to go to bed. We were to lay I was laying under a perfectly squared sheet of glass? Everyone had to lay under it like a bed sheet. But the weight of the glass or unevenness created it to break in areas on my side. I tried to scream for help but had no energy or wasn’t loud enough for the teacher to hear. I was waving my hand out and trying to knock. I could feel the pressure of the glass on me. Finally the teacher came and helped me out. At this point I had shattered glass in my mouth, a scraped knee and indents on my sunglasses I was wearing.

  18. I had a dream that I was sitting on a bus look backwards talking to someone who I can not identify. The bus driver drove the bus into a building. Emergency service responded I was still on the bus then began to ask is there something in my back. I then saw there was glass and blood in my back. The pain of the glass in my back woke me up from my sleep.

  19. Last night I dreamt that the phone bought for me by my husband got broken in to three pieces, infact three halves , please I really need an interpretation

  20. I dreamt a cupboard with glasses inside and that cupboard wanted to fall down then I jumped and hold it but the glasses fell and broke please help what does that mean.

  21. My dream was about glass figurines, my ex-boss had given me all his glass figurines from his past marriage.

  22. I had a very realistic dream lastnight I remember broken glass being stuck all over my body but felt the most pain from it in my left ear. I could see and feel the broken glass just throbbing in my ear and feeling so much pain.

  23. Last night, after a meditation for clearing the chakras, I had a vision/dream immediately after closing my eyes for my nights rest.
    I was reaching for a glass of wine ( hand centered to the glass)and knocked it over spilling the wine…then a second glass of wine replaced it. I again reached for it, this time my hand was positioned to the left of the glass of wine (back handed fashion), when I knocked it over again, spilling the contents…One of the two glasses did break, but cannot clearly remember. I feel that it was likely the first one though. I am very curious as to the dreams meaning.

  24. i was sleeping on a couch and needed to get up, but all around me there was nothing but broken glass on the floor. my shoes were out of reach for just my feet. so i chose to put my left hand down onto the floor. then i picked it up and saw not only that i was cut, but that the rather large piece of a teacup was still embedded in my hand. i removed it and saw the cut and the blood oozing from my hand. somehow my shoes became covered with a towell so i could no longer see them. i stood anyway, and walked on the broken glass which was in different colors and hues, mostly teal. then i was talking to someone and woke up.

  25. I’ve dreamt of a house full of shards. Long and big shards. I can’t remember how it got broken, but I remember that I was a mastermind of a massacre in that house and everybody was dead. And I was never convicted because the police seemed like they didn’t care.

  26. In a quick nap I dreamt about a cracked glass jar. It cracked hard, and I could hear the sound of the crack that kinda resonated with my teeth. I even had to wake up to make sure there was no real broken glass around me.
    These days I have been reflecting a lot about my goals in life, and have thought about a big change for my long term goal.

  27. I dreamed it was a piece of glass with white letter writing on the other side of the glass. I couldn’t read what it said because the letters was turned outward. All I remember is the letter “C”. When I awaken I thought it meant someone is two facing me and not really for me. Then I thought God has granted me the gift to see on the other side not necessarily death but see things before it happens.

  28. I had a dream I was in a high rise apartment building. My ex lived there with his family and I was just visiting for some reason. A storm hit suddenly but it was quick. I don’t know how but the apartment glass windows shattered. I thought about telling people to get down on the floor and take cover. But I was already on the floor and I saw the shattered glass. I thought that wasn’t a good idea because I and other people could cut themselves with the broken glass.

  29. I had a dream that I reached to touch my iPad and as I grabbed and touched it it would break the glass but as soon as I released where I was touching it was fixed and I just kept touching the iPad and picking it up and turning it around and I remember thinking my mom is going to be pist don’t know why because it’s mine what does this mean?

  30. I dreamt when is saw a thermos on the floor of my room,I picked it up so that it will not break but when I opened it ,I discovered that it has break already but still have water inside and the broken glasses sinked at the bottom of the thermos.please interprete the dream for me

  31. I dreamt I was driving down the highway and missed my turn, I continued driving intending to take the next exit to get back to the right road, the section of road I was driving on turned to glass and the glass broke caving in revealing people living in an apartment below the road. I yelled sorry and continued. As I drove the road continued to turn to glass and break with more people below, I kept going knowing there was nothing I could do about it. Then I somehow ended up in a parking garage with someone else there the garage floor quickly turning to glass and I just kept going trying my best to avoid the glass and trying to get out and back to my road then my dog woke me up.

  32. I put a glass of water down 3 times. Each new glass i picked up and the bottom fell out, the water spilled, the top of the glass shattered. My very recent new romance was there, and he was understanding (they were his glasses And it was in his place on the bedside table) but I do feted how patient he could continue to be.

  33. I dream I walk into a trailer home and went to open the window the entire trailer turn into glass, lift over me and smashed in front of me. What does that means.

  34. My dream is about my daughter handing me over an empty glass of water, the glass is made of cola plastic with printed flowers color pink and light purple with white background. It looks like real because when I woke up my arms was forwarded to receive the empty glass of water as if my daughter finish drunk the water….

    The next day I dreamed of my daughter again calling me at my nickname and I woke up as I about to reply but I got surprised seeking my daughter sleeping just right beside me…

    What does it mean?….

  35. I dreamed my heart was made of crystal and my fiancee hit it with a hammer and it shattered into thousands of pieces.
    Am I just having weird dreams or is something trying to tell me not to get married or what does it possibly mean?

  36. I dreamt that i was at a party and someone gave me a glass, i put it in my bag and the glass i was drinking out of they said i could have. As i was leaving, i threw the glass i had in my hand, in the bin and the bin was made of glass. The glass that was in my bag broke then i threw that away too, and as i threw it in the glass bin , the whole bin broke and fell over . I was so afraid to tell the owner so i just ran away, i was in fear and shocked . But not long after that , i came back and told the owner that i was the one who broke his bin. I don’t know if this has any relation to the meaning of the glass in my dream, but the owner and i were attracted to each other in my dream.

  37. The momentary dream last night was of bare ground with some swirls, etc. in it. It did not seem necessarily dry o wet, simply bare, but it seemed important. It was completely different from any dream that I have ever had.

  38. I’m in my childhood house and I have shards of broken glass sticking out all over my body, I don’t know where the broken glass is but I am trying to suck it out of me with my vacuum and I’m bleeding. Meanwhile my deceased father is popping in and out and seems mad at me, and my ex Girlfriend keeps popping in and out too.

  39. I dreamed I had broken a glass vase….and my mouth was full of the broken glass from the vase..

  40. I was sitting in my living room and my husband had brought in this neat looking piece of furniture made up of pretty glass. And when I went to touch it, it shattered. Leaving piece of glass stuck in my leg that was bleeding and I was picking shards of it out of my mouth.

  41. I had a very detailed dream. There where a lot of different things that I’m trying to solve. One part of my dream was arch ways at entrances that had hanging fruit some of the fruit was normal some had broken pieces of either glass or mirror there ways no reflection. The fruit I remember is peaches and cherries. I’m trying to find a book the can help me with dream interpretation, symbols and meanings if you know of one I’d love to look into it.

  42. Well…I dreamt that I was trapped inside a glass box away from my friends. I was trying to call them and to save me but they didn’t hear me. Maybe it’s because we fought. But forget about that. I also dreamt of knowingly knocking over a glass filled with pink liquid, after that I was in a glass cage again, but this time it was horizontal so I was sitting. The glass was cracking and then I think something hit with the glass and it breaked.
    What I want to know is, why was I trapped in a glass box?
    Why did I knock over the glass?
    Why did the different glass box break?

  43. I am recently seeing someone who I’ve reconnected with after 20 years. We were always friends In the past, but now looking for more from each other.

    We live in different states, and I went to visit Him for a week not long ago and things went very. Needless to say we’ve decided to make this work and soon for me to move back to my hometown where he lives.

    This morning I had a dream that he was holding clear big pieces of broken glass and showing it to me.

    Is this a good thing, is this a bad thing? Broken promises ? Me being afraid of making the move and dealing with my past insecurities with trust ?

    I’d love to know what this dream meant.

    Then oddly enough I play random music on my Alexa now, and the first two back to back songs mention broken glass!

  44. Today is my birthday, I dreamed of some ladies giving me A beer glass, a glass plate and a square light greenish opaque glass container that one could dish out food in. The glass and plate were of clear glass. I hugged and thanked them. Can’t make out what the dream is all about.

  45. I saw a dream many years ago that I was at home with few students and our biology teacher was teaching us. He told us about glass discovery. He said there were two brothers and they thought if glass is a teleport to another world so they jumped and hit their heads with glass and thus, glass was invented. And glass was not broken in that dream.

    I know it sounds awkward but I believe it means something.

  46. I dreamt that I held a crystal wine glass drank from it the white wine and the glass broke into shards in my mouth the more I tried to spit the glass out or grab slither of glass out of my mouth more glass was in my mouth and i was at a work event

    1. You are concerned with issues of honesty and transparency in your work or professional field. You are feeling unworthy for receiving a promotion or raise that you feel you are not worthy of due to your failure to speak the truth about a particular issue you feel speaking of would jeopardize your good fortune. Accept what us good, reject what is evil, and move forward with no regret. You deserve your good fortune, just be grateful.

  47. Dream of broken glass not sharp its rounded like crystall trying to pick it up then all of a sudden somehow it landed in my mouth i feel pain and i woke up. I dream it 2 x.

  48. I had a dream that I was creating a hand blown glass object. It was tranparent pink glass in the shape of a baby. It was beautiful.
    In my waking life I do a lot of textile art but never worked with glass. Also I have 3 grown children and hope to have a grandchild someday.
    What does this dream mean?

    1. Sounds like you will be raising your grandchild soon. Congratulations! You will be instrumental in the rearing and guidance of this child. Apparently the child’s mother is ok, your involvement is more due to financial or issues of preparedness for motherhood rather than anything bad or permanent. You can and will do this! Congratulations! Best wishes to all involved.

  49. My friend hada dream about aliens and the he saw a small clear glass bottleat the wall underneath sum garbage so he was trying to pick it up when someone grabed him from behind. He could not see what the bottle contained ore who the person was that garbed him.

  50. My dream i was moving a greenhouse fully erect on a trailer 1st i was in the woods i was looking for a clear path with no trees to take it through, i couldn’t, i woke up, once i fell back to sleep i was parked in a petrol station local to me but i didnt recognise it, i had to reverse my car with trailer and greenhouse on, onto uk roads, i realised it was easier that the forest, but needed help, just then my brothers friend was filling up fuel with his family, i asked his assistance to guild me out, i woke up when he was guiding me out.

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