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Key Dream Meaning

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Dreaming of a key can mean many different things. Often times, keys are symbols for unlocking some sort of hidden knowledge.

Keys can appear in our dreams in many different ways – the key to a gate in a dream does not always mean the same thing as dreaming of the keys of a car.

What Does it Mean to Dream of Keys?

Hidden Knowledge

If you dream of a key needed to open a book or to access a library or even a box of letters, these keys can be a symbol for hidden knowledge. Often times, this is a message from our own higher selves to learn how to use our intuition and tap into our own deep inner wisdom.

Keeping Secrets

Seeing keys in a dream can also mean that you have been keeping a secret from someone. There may be some details that you are hiding are not fully telling others.

Keys can also indicate you may be locking away a secret life. If you feel like you are living a double life or you act differently depending on who is around, it could mean you are keeping some aspect of yourself hidden from others.

keys dream meaning

The Key to Power

We sometimes dream of keys as symbols of power. For example, the key to a jail cell could mean that some part of you is feeling controlled or oppressed by others. You may feel like you are being punished by others.

Having the keys to a car can mean that you are feeling in control about a situation. It can be a reminder from your inner self that you have the ability to take control of your life at any moment. The power is in your hands.

Problem Solving: Finding a Solution

Sometimes keys in dreams can mean we are looking for ways to solve a problem. You may be looking for methods to find a solution to something that is bothering you, or you need to find a way to overcome challenges and obstacles in your current life.

Seeking the Truth

Sometimes keys can mean a desire to know the full truth about a situation. You may want to understand why something is the way it is, or you may want to uncover the full meaning of a situation. You may be concerned others are not being fully truthful with you, or that they may be hiding something from you.

Other Common Key Dream Meanings

There are many other ways keys may appear in our dreams.

To dream of finding keys may mean you are looking for a solution to a problem or you are looking to find a way to access new knowledge or information.

To dream of something being locked away can mean you feel it is very difficult to reach your goals. There may obstacles between you and your success.

A Ring of Rusty Old Keys: This could mean that there is something you have forgotten or neglected, and this is why you are experiencing difficulties in something in your current life. It could also be a reminder of some sort of problem in the past and the resurfacing of feelings you need to release.

Being Locked Up: If you feel you are trapped and need keys to escape, you may be feeling like you are stuck in a situation in your waking life. You could be locked up in a jail cell in the dream, or you may find yourself trapped inside a house with no keys that are open. See meaning of being trapped in a dream.

The Keys to a House: If you dream about the keys of a house, it can be helpful to understand the symbolism of the house dream meaning. Often times this means there may be a part of your own self that you are hiding or wanting to keep hidden from others. This can also sometimes manifest as a wish type of dream, in which you are hoping to find a suitable house in your current life.

Giant Keys: To dream of gigantic keys could mean you are seeking opportunities. You may be wishing for something in your real life. You may also want to understand something in greater depth.

Losing Your Keys: This often relates to responsibilities. Is there something in your life that makes you feel as if you must exercise care and caution? Are you overwhelmed by the demands of a job or activity you are doing in your waking life?

Losing your keys in a dream can also mean that you have lost trust and faith in something or someone. You may no longer feel as if this person is loyal or that you cannot rely on a specific outcome.

Did you have a dream about keys? Share your dreams about keys you would like to interpret and understand the meaning of in the comments section below!

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  1. I dream the key in my house and in my dream it say that I need duplicate my keys maybe I lost one atleast I have extra keys.
    What is this mean?

  2. I dream my keys fall in a man hole of dirty water and I put my hand in the hole trying to get my keys the water was dirty but some money was swimming at the top of the water from my keys and I got the money but not the keys

  3. I had a dream where I was having a bunch of our house keys and anyone that wants to enter the house must come to me for the key and return it to me after. So I was playing without knowing that my sister has brought back the keys in my bag. When my dad came back and was asking about the key I told him that my sister went out with it and i was still playing with my cousin brother . My dad came out again to ask if my sister never still bring the keys and this time around he was angry. Suddenly I then realized that my sister put back the keys in my bag ,I quickly gave my cousin the keys to give my father because if I present it to him he will be more mad at me.

  4. I dreamed a lady gave me two silver keys to her house that was the same identical keys. I don’t know who the lady is, never saw her before. Out of all people that was there, she gave the two keys to me. I don’t know how or why I ended up at her house. The outside of her house was a white colonel house and I went inside the house, that’s when she gave the keys to me. She was a total stranger but very nice and talkative in my dream as if she knew me. Could you please interpret my dream? Thank You.

  5. I dreamt that someone showed me the hiding place for a large ring of keys and later in the dream when I walked past the hiding place there were three large rings of keys sitting there for me.

  6. Please someone explain this to me. I saw myself waking up and went straight at the door of my house then i took the keys and went back to my room and somehow I was trying to hide those keys in my bedroom, and then I went to another dream I saw myself locked up and some people I didn’t know was trying to keep me in there then i went to a window and saw an army outside idk but I literally started dancing and the soldiers some of them were laughing and then that’s all I remember please someone tell me the explanation of this please…

  7. I dreamt losing my keys! Like thrown in the sea and inwas with my friend and her husband but the husband refused to help me as I could see them flowing on top of the water and he could reach them but he refused to help me! Pls interpreter for me

  8. I had a dream of a black man taking me to the basement the church and handing me keys to unlock door to get out couldn’t find the keys at first that hit the door the light switch would not turn on the light and when I found the key man walked away and wouldn’t answer felt really uncomfortable about that dream can you give me some kind of thing it could be

  9. I dreamt that my husband was asking me to give him my spare key of our house. In actual fact I I don’t have the spare keys.

  10. In my dream i was getting read to leave my house – grabbed everything i usually do and walked out the door. I head the lock click and realized my keys were locked inside the house. I turned around to retrieve them and suddenly woke up. The clock read 2:34pm —

  11. I dreamt I was giving a bucket with several keys to someone (a woman) I am no longer in a relationship with to find one that matches a Door to her Apartment.
    Then; my daughter just walked up and have her a single key which was exactly the key the woman needed.

    What’s the Interpretation please? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  12. I dreamed of a lot.of keys my boyfriend give it to me and with mix of charms in a ring of keys. His house keys are there too

  13. My dream was that I was going to close the door but my father stopped
    Me from locking the door and he went in front of the door and told me to lock it I used a big silver key and locked it but then I found myself with another key in my hand smaller and bendable and I couldn’t find the original key . What’s that suppose to mean? Thank you

    1. Hi Feriel, the smaller key could be a symbol of not feeling prepared or capable, it could also be a symbol for trying to get approval from a father-like or authoritative figure in your life. Hope that helps!

      1. I dreamt that I snuck into my lovers house to steel back my keys only to be caught red-handed… The response I received was “that’s okay I forgot my shoes at your house.”

  14. I dreamt my cousin gave me many dirty keys to wash in the night but I told her I was tired and they will wash the keys in the morning.

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