kangaroo dream meaning

Kangaroo Spirit Animal and Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a kangaroo or having a kangaroo appear as a spirit guide or power animal can have several different meanings. In dreams, the meaning greatly depends on the context of the dream and what types of things you might be going through in your regular daily life. As a spirit animal and power animal, … Read more

food dream meaning

Food Dream Meaning

Food is something we all need to survive, and a common part of everyday life. It is not surprising then that we might dream about food! Learning the symbolism of what food means in our dreams can help us navigate through the current challenges we are facing in life. What Does it Mean to Dream … Read more

hair dream meaning

Hair Dream Meaning

Sometimes in our dreams, we will notice the details of hair on a person or animal. It may be our own hair, or the hair of another person, or even the hair/fur of an animal or mythical creature. Hair itself can be very symbolic, and if there is a detail about hair or the presence … Read more

Radio Dream Meaning

What does it mean to dream of a radio? If you have a dream where there is a radio, it is very likely that something is being communicated. Many times our dreams are symbolic, but sometimes our dreams can also be message types of dreams, in which spirit is trying to communicate something with us. … Read more

being trapped dream meaning

Being Trapped Dream Meaning

Having a dream about being trapped can be a frightening experience! Many times these dreams will manifest when we are feeling stuck or are not sure of what we should do next in our lives. What Does it Mean to Dream of Being Trapped? If you dream that you are trapped and cannot escape this … Read more

snow dream meaning

Snow Dream Meaning

Dreaming of snow is common, especially if you live in a climate where snow is a regular part of life. Snow can have a lot of different symbol meanings in a dream, so it is important to think about what it might mean for you if you have a dream about it! What Does it … Read more

boomerang dream meaning

Boomarang Dream Meaning

While the boomerang is not always a common dream symbol, it is certainly possible you may have dreamt of one, especially if you have had an experience repeat itself or if you are recovering from a situation. Understanding the meaning of a boomerang in your dream can be very helpful to understand more about what … Read more

owl dream meaning

Owl Dream Meaning

An owl is a bird of the night that is associated with wisdom and magic. When an owl appears to you in a dream or in other form in your life this may indicate that you are craving more knowledge or greater wisdom regarding a specific situation. What Does it Mean to Dream of An … Read more

axe dream symbol meaning

Axe or Hatchet Dream Meaning

If you see an axe or a hatchet in your dream, it is important to understand what this symbol means. An axe in a dream can often give you valuable insight about your career, relationships, and other aspects of your life. What Does it Mean to Dream of an Axe or Hatchet? An axe is … Read more

Arms Dreams Meaning

Dreaming of arms can have a number of different interpretations and meanings. Our arms are used in a number of ways – we can hug others, hold something, and raise or lower them to signify something important. To interpret this dream symbol, think about what the arms are doing and why you remember this symbol … Read more

road dream meaning

Road Dream Symbol Meaning

We often see roads in our dreams, and the experiences you have in dreams about a road can have a lot of meaning in your life. Understanding what this dream means can help you with your path in life. What Does it Mean to Dream About Roads? A road is often a sign of where … Read more

teacher dream meaning

Teacher Dream Meaning

Teachers in dreams are any type of person who is there to give us information or teach us a lesson or provide us some sort of insight and wisdom about a situation. What Does it Mean to Dream About a Teacher? Dreaming about a teacher can have a number of different meanings. Often times, a … Read more