Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming of spiders can mean many different things. The spider can often come into our lives as a symbol or spirit animal to help us better understand and survive through difficult situations.

By interpreting your dream of a spider and understanding what this symbol means if you encounter it, you can often times have a better outlook on life.

what spiders mean in dreams

What Does it Mean to Dream About Spiders?

Many people are afraid of spiders. Spiders are right up there on the list of things people are most afraid of, such as things like being afraid of snakes and public speaking.

Fortunately, once you learn to understand the spider as a symbol and the positive characteristics of a spider, you may find you are no longer so afraid of them. You may even learn to love spiders, as I have!

spider dream symbol meaning

The Spider and Our Shadow Selves

Often times, we see a spider as something bad and negative, when in reality this is not typically the case. In nature, spiders have an important role in a balanced eco-system.

We can learn a lot from spiders in our dreams.

All of us as humans have negative characteristics – even though we may not want to accept this truth. We all have fears and anxieties, and we also are capable of experiencing negative emotions – things like hatred, disgust, greed, jealousy, revenge, and sorrow.

A healthy person must learn to balance these feelings. It is not natural to simply dismiss negative emotions – we cannot just remove the bad parts of ourselves, even though that seems like it would be the solution.

Dreams that involve things we fear remind us that the true solution is to learn to heal these negative feelings and transform them into positive qualities and strengths.

Only when we are able to balance the dark side and the light side with each other can we have peace in our feelings and thoughts.

We often associate spiders with darkness and the unknown – seeing a spider in a dream is often a sign that there are hidden aspects to our own emotions or in a situation in our life. The fear of the unknown is truly what most of us are afraid of.

Common Dreams About Spiders and Their Meanings

spider dreams meanings and animal spirit

If you have a dream about a spider, it is important to take into consideration all of the details of the dream.

For example, you might want to think about the location where the dream takes place, what people you dream about, or whether there are any prominent colors or numbers in the dream.

Paying attention to these sorts of details in your dream journal can help you better understand what the dream means. Learning how to interpret your dreams successfully will help you realize more often than not this symbol is not one to be afraid of but rather one that can help you better cope with challenges in daily life.

Another important thing to think about is how you feel about spiders and any feelings you may have experienced during the dream. Take some time to think about your own personal associations with spiders and how you feel about them.

If you are afraid of arachnids or any type of creepy crawly thing for that matter, you are going to have different feelings than someone who has a tarantula as a pet! 

When you are afraid of these web weaving creatures in real life, dreaming about spiders can sometimes mean there are other subconscious fears surfacing.

Often times these dreams can be a lot like nightmares. Spider dreams may be scary when you have them, but more often than not they serve an important purpose.

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Here are some common dreams interpreted for what they may mean for you:

Dreaming of a Giant Spider: A very large spider in a dream can mean there is something in your life that is becoming too big to ignore. This in many cases could be your own feelings and emotions about a situation. It could also be a message that you have been ignoring something for too long. You may feel as if things are out of your control.

If you see a spider weaving a web: Seeing a spider weaving an intricate web can often be a sign and symbol for you to remember how we are all connected. You may be trying to understand a situation in more depth. This could also mean you are thinking about design and planning. Are you starting something new and wondering what steps to take?

Being Eaten by a Spider: If you dream a spider is eating you, it likely means that you are being swallowed whole by feelings of anxiety or grief. You may be afraid of facing your true feelings about a situation. You may be facing a situation in life that you would rather ignore or avoid, but you are aware that confrontation is inevitable and you afraid of this confrontation.

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Being Chased: Being chased in a dream is a common theme for many dreamers, and it often represents that you are running away from problems or that you do not feel like you have control over a situation.

Killing a Spider Dreams: If you dream you kill a spider, it can mean that you are not afraid to confront your fears or your own darker aspects of yourself. You may be feeling victorious after dealing with an unpleasant or difficult situation. See related symbol: Killing dream meaning.

Rescuing a Spider: If you see a spider in a house in your dream and you do not kill the spider but instead carefully and safely move it to a different location outside, this could be a reminder to be gentle with yourself about your feelings. It could also suggest to find a solution for a problem you are facing that will be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Spider cobweb

Dreaming of Cobwebs: Cobwebs can mean there are things you are neglecting or are not paying attention to in your life. It could also represent something you still have feelings about in the past. It can mean that you need to take care of basic tasks and matters before moving onto new things.

Dreaming About Multiple Spiders: If you have a dream about a large number of spiders, it can signify that you are overcome with fear and feeling overwhelmed with your current situation in life.

Sometimes the location of the spider or cobwebs can also have meaning. For example, if you dream about an attic this could mean you are neglecting your creativity or spirituality. See related post: What it means to dream of a house.

The Meaning of Spiders as Spirit Animals

spiritual meaning of spider webs
Spider webs themselves can be beautiful meditative spiritual symbols to explore.

Many people wonder if spiders are spirit animals, since we don’t typically associate them with other mammals like tigers. However, they are a living creature – and yes, all living creatures have a spiritual presence and meaning!

Just as we might have a certain type of tree or element we identify with – these creatures too can have some sort of significance in meaning in your life!

When we see spiders, we should think of them as reminders to not be afraid of seeing a situation for exactly what it is. We may even want to ask ourselves, what is “bugging” me?

The chakra we can associate with spiders is the root chakra. This is the chakra which emphasizes everything about our feelings of safety, security, and general well-being. The color for this chakra is red.

When our root chakra is not balanced, we may find ourselves more prone to angry outbursts and feelings of sadness and fear.

The Message: Don’t Be Afraid to Face Your Feelings

When we see a spider symbol, it typically means that we need to look at our true emotions and bring them into our conscious awareness. There is likely something in your life that needs to be explored in more depth, even if it is something you would rather not deal with.

We also need to think about acceptance. Often times this symbol is a metaphor for what we may not want to accept in our lives.

For example, this might relate to feelings you do not want to deal with. This could be a fear of something that is causing you to avoid a situation. Sometimes it can even be a sign you are afraid of the unknown.

Do you have a dream about spiders you would like to share? Tell us your dream experiences and what the spider symbol means to you in the comments section below!

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  1. Before my dream, in the past years it seemed I was bitten almost once a month 11 months. Hadn’t happen in almost 2 years. This morning seemed like I was waking and there was a large thin white spider on my shoulder, and I kinda freaked out jumped outta bed looking for it

  2. I had a dream where I was opening my second shop. Two friends and I were in the shop getting it ready to put the stock in. When one my friends and I moved a shelving unit there was hundreds of small spiders running out from underneath the unit and they all ran out of the door. Does this mean I’ve overcome my fears and the business will succeed I hope so

  3. I recently found out that my father isn’t my biological father. He passed away nearly 3 years ago now. I’m waiting to do a dna test with the man my mother claims to be my bio dad.
    I dreamt that I was in a room with my father and there was a light fan in the room. I went to turn the light on but accidentally pulled the fan on when I managed to turn it off I was covered in spiders, I’m terrified of them, my father got them all off me, one however went up my short sleeve and onto my breast, I took the top off whacked the spider onto the floor and squished it. The number 13 kept appearing too I don’t know why as to me 13 is a lucky number. (I was born on Friday 13th)

  4. I had a dream of a spider…… it started with my rash on my chest when my anxiety kicks in I come up in a rash between my breasts but in my dream it came up with lumps this time I had been so uncomfortable and found a big lump I was convinced was a spot I tried to burst it but it was difficult a friend suggested cutting the top off then trying again to squeeze so I did and a little gunk started coming out then I see a little bit of black so gave it a massive squeeze and then put came a tarantula but it was dead what can this mean

  5. My dream was when I was going to fix my house, I opened the door and there at the doorway I had to take down a whole thick layer of cobwebs with my hands and arms. But when I did take them down, I tryed taking the spiders and thier webs off but couldnt. I really tryed and ran to my Honey and only she was able to take them off of me.
    I woke up after, told her what I dreamt and went to work. Lunch time came, and she asked to use the main vehicle the rest of the day so I let her and used my child’s vehicle to work. Than after work I came home and she said the what seemed so strange to us, was that when she went out, that she had to take off alot of spiders.

  6. I dreamt of a very large spider that had a huge baseball like body that was metallic green running past me but not noticing me or reacting to me at all. I hate spiders and was afraid as I saw it approach but it just continued on its way.

  7. I had a dream last night of me going into someone else’s place and not u deters ding how dirty the place was… and how it got like this. I also was washing my hands so much, then I walked to a place of the house and there was a cat and the cat said to me look up and grabbed a spider and said they are all here… I couldn’t see it at first until the cat showed them to me. Then they were all over me and I was desperately trying to take them away. I then left the room because I came back to the house to get vitamins that were really discounted and then the girl said to me omg u too, there goes another one and made the comment “her aunt died that way”. When I heard this I though stem and me removing them in this bathroom would work and so I looked in the mirror and noticed that the spiders weren’t as bad in me anymore , I started removing the rest and then I took a chair and tried to put it over a spider- they were huge animated and non threatening… but don’t remember seeing any die. It’s focusing because on one end I see creativity, there might have been a slight fear but I solved the problem to get them off me and not die like the aunt… but then I tried to suppress in it was so big I couldn’t really but I never saw them die and I’m sure I could have killed a few- on my body they were big and small so idk!!!

  8. The dream I had was one of a large spider, about the size of my hand. It was letting itself down from a web and as it came down, it was opening and closing it’s legs, like a hand flexing open and shut.
    As it was doing this it kept changing colors, and as it was changing colors it started to change into forms of crystal and precious stone, yet keeping the same shape of a spider. Pink rose quartz and crystal clear quartz was what was so fascinating for me to see in spider form. So beautiful!

    • Interesting although I read a lot of spider dreams meaning negative things- fears and insecurities… perhaps, the good characteristics of spiders are what is important here. Where, a spider symbolizes some fear but also that they show up that after completing their web or before making one they are working out the problems and fears you may have. In your case for love and spiritual guidance and clarity in your life, relationships—— everything starts with love and then you can see clear and u will feel like in your dream amazed at what u can see… all the wonderful colors, the wonderful life u are going to fulfill…

  9. I had a dream I was going to give birth and 2 large (5 inches) spiders came out of me I was frightened but concerned if there was still a baby inside.

  10. Im having reoccurring nightmares where I’m convinced there is a huge black spider crawling towards me in bed. I’ve actually badly injured myself as I jumped out of bed and banged my legs on the wardrobes whilst in a terrified frenzy, desperately trying to get away from it. I’ve also hurt my husband as I’ve scrambled over him to get away on his side of the bed. I wake up screaming and absolutely terrified. I’m almost at the point I’m scared to go to bed as it doesn’t feel like a safe haven anymore. I’m really freaking out to be honest. Can anyone relate? What can I do to stop them?

  11. I had a dream about black spider chasing me and i try to kill it but he keeps chasing me and i am afraid the spider will bite me.

  12. I dreamt of 3 spiders 1large 1and 2 medium sized ones the big one caught a fly and ate it I felt sick and woke up

  13. The only thing I can remember about this dream was that this spider was skinny, brown and big, it can almost be described as one of those long-legged cellar spiders but only it wasn’t and i will say it might have been a brown recluse spider but something about it appeared different than the usual spiders. Regardless, I was in my dream watching it crawl and I woke up scared. Because usually when I dream about something somewhere near; for example, I dreamed about ants crawling everywhere, and when I woke up to take the trash out, there were ants all on my back porch. LOL!

    • I just woke up from a dream that a large brown celler spider ran across my hand when I reached for the outside trash to take it out, I pulled my hand back at lightning speed and woke up instantly freaking out.. . I’ve never ever dreamed about a spider before!

  14. I had a dream I was running thru a field to the lake with my oldest daughter when a spider jumped on my hand I tried to fling it off but it used its web and attached to me as I’m trying to get it off and it’s not flinging off it bites my hand then I am able to fling it off. It was a large fat spider with brown and tan markings


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