Alligator or Crocodile Dream Meaning

A dream about alligators or crocodiles might be scary, but it can mean a sense of adventure, confronting your fears, and being able to recover quickly from setbacks in your life. Let’s dive in deeper on what it means to dream about an alligator or a crocodile.

Alligators Vs. Crocodiles in Dreams

Before we get too much farther into the dream interpretation for alligators and crocodiles, it’s important that we note that we do know that alligators and crocodiles are not the same!

However, they are closely related animals and many people often confuse alligators and crocodiles with one another. For these reasons, we decided it only made sense to cover them both at the same time.

For most people, the symbolism is going to be the same, whether you dream of one or the other. The key difference to consider is if your life might have specific personal meaning.

For example, you work with crocodiles at a zoo, or you live in a place where alligators are in your backyard, or you are on a sports team where your team mascot is a Gator. 

Still, you are going to notice most of these things are all very common for either type of animal. The key to helping you understand the most about this dream is the context in which the alligator appears.

alligator or crocodile

This is why it is important to first write down all of the details and the things you remember about it. The next thing to do is really think about how you feel about the dream and how you felt during the dream.

Are you afraid of alligators? Are you excited and happy about seeing a crocodile? Were you in a peaceful river, or were you in a strange place where reptiles are not to be expected, like on a subway train in the middle of the city?

Paying attention to your feelings and other symbols in the dream will give you a good start in interpreting the meaning of alligators and crocodiles.

What Does it Mean to Dream About an Alligator or a Crocodile?

crocodile dream meaning

In most cases, dreaming about a crocodile or dreaming about an alligator will have a similar meaning. While the two animals are different from one another, they both share a lot of the same characteristics and symbolism.

Alligators typically have a broader, rounded and U-shaped snout, whereas crocodiles have a skinnier and V-shaped head.

These large reptiles are well known for living in swampy areas as well as along places where there is water and tall grasses. They are very good at blending in with the environment to hide while hunting.

These animals can be quite aggressive and dangerous in the wild or even when held in captivity.

Research done by Dr. Gregory M. Erickson shows these large reptilian creatures could even be possibly more dangerous and threatening than a T-rex if a T-rex were to still exist today. How crazy is that?

Needless to say, for many people, dreaming of these animals can be a frightening and worrisome experience. If you have feelings of worry or fear when you see one in a dream, be assured that is definitely a very normal response!

Most of us who live in the cities and suburbs do not typically encounter a gator or croc while we are out and about in our regular daily routines, though we may occasionally see them at zoos, theme parks or even in different areas where we travel where the creatures are native to the environment.

Confronting Fears

I would say that 98% of people I talk to who dream about a crocodile are quite scared when one appears in a dream. Often times these animals come out of nowhere, have some very ferocious looking teeth, and they may even chase you in the dream.

If you have feelings of fear while you are dreaming with crocodiles, it often means there is something lurking in your daily life that you are afraid of confronting and dealing with.

It may be something you are not aware of – or you may be afraid of unexpected news or uncertain outcomes.

While it can be scary to face our fears, the message of this animal is to remind you to be vigilant and to not ignore any potential warning signals. Ignoring your intuition could mean not getting the results you want to achieve.

Many common nightmares involve these animals – and even I on occasion will see these animals in my dreams, especially when I am well aware there are things I’d rather not deal with emotionally or have a lot of challenges going on in life.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great ways to stop and prevent nightmares if you have a lot of dreams about these scary situations.

what does it mean to dream about a crocodile or alligator

A Longing for Adventure

If you associate crocodiles with risk and the unknown, it is quite likely that it may appear as a symbol in a dream when you are faced with making new choices or if your life has become a little bit too routine.

Alligators and crocodiles can symbolize a need for adventure and excitement in our lives. Think about popular adventure and action films and tv shows – often times a crocodile makes an appearance!

Pay attention to your overall dream mood and feelings – did you feel a rush of excitement when you saw the crocodile/alligator? Were you filled with wonder or awe? If you did, it could mean you are looking for something new or interesting to do.

A Symbol for Resilience

Often times we associate the skin of an alligator and crocodile to have very rough, scaly, dry and thick texture. (I’ve fortunately never touched one to find out!)

While this could mean that you are ignoring your emotions in some instances depending on the context of the other dream events, in many cases this is a symbol for resiliency. This means that you are able to deal with challenges, even though it may not be a pleasant experience.

The phrase “thick skinned” means that you are able to easily handle criticism and complaints. It is not easy to hurt your feelings. You don’t take things too personally and are able to understand that you can’t control others, but you can control yourself and your own thoughts and feelings.

However – keep in mind sometimes our dreams mean the exact opposite! Occasionally, this can also mean that are you being insensitive to what others might think or feel.

Insincerity: Not Being True to Yourself or Others

The phrase “crocodile tears” means to cry falsely. Sometimes when you dream of a crocodile it can mean that you are not being true to yourself.

You may act one way or pretend one thing when your true subconscious feelings are opposite of what you want to believe.

This could indicate you are not really being honest with yourself, or you are denying yourself from your true emotions about a situation in your current life.

Sometimes this symbol when appear when people are dealing with business matters and are not sure whether or not to trust someone.

Not too many people would willingly trust a crocodile or alligator, and it could mean that you are unsure about whether to trust yourself or someone else, especially in business dealings.

See related dream symbols: Dreaming of Being at Work

Hiding, Surprise and Concealment 

alligator water dream

Alligators and crocodiles often hide in the water, waiting for their prey. You never know what may be lurking beneath the surface!

Therefore, it is logical that your dreams may mean concealment or hiding of something. As mentioned earlier, this could mean that you are not sure if you can trust someone or something in your life. It might seem like someone is hiding the truth from you.

Are you Hiding from Yourself?

Sometimes, we tend to cover up our own feelings. It’s easy to bury these old emotions down deep and hope they never resurface – but that is typically not the case of what happens.

Usually these repressed emotions end up quite literally “snapping up” to the surface at the worst possible times.

However, not all surprises are bad ones. Sometimes this could be a sign that you are ready for something new or are willing to leap into new opportunities.

We also have many hidden talents and skills that we don’t always acknowledge or celebrate. The alligator and crocodile are often assigned as power animals in spiritual healing sessions because they are quite strong and mighty.

They may be there to help you feel more confident and resilient in your life and to take advantage of your own inner power and wisdom.

Example Dream Interpretations and Possible Meanings of Dreaming About a Crocodile or Alligator

There are a lot of possible scenarios where you might encounter this in a dream at night while you are sleeping. It is most helpful to see different dream examples and dream interpretations to best understand in context what different things might mean.

In our post on how to mind map your dreams for dream interpretation, we share this simple example of a dream involving alligators, as well as how we used a mind map to determine the significance of the dream.

alligator dream mind map

Doing this mind map shown here helped us understand what could have been a terrifying dream and how it related to the current events happening in life.

On our website, we have many different examples and tips for learning how to interpret your dreams successfully and use these interpretations for personal development and spiritual growth.

Using different dream interpretation techniques and tools, such as mind maps or even drawing a picture can help you understand a little bit more about what a dream might be about – not just for this dream symbol, but other dream symbols in the future!

Dreaming of Being Attacked, Bitten or Fighting

alligator and crocodile nightmares

To dream you are being bitten by a crocodile or alligator can mean that you are being warned about a looming threat or danger. It could also mean that you need to be more aware of possible problems.

Ask yourself: Are you ignoring something you should pay better attention to?

Snapping Alligator/Crocodile: If the alligator or crocodile is snapping at you, it may mean that something you have been ignoring needs your attention, or it could signify that you or someone you know has been irritable and easily agitated.

Fighting an Alligator: Fighting an alligator or crocodile in your dream can mean that you are facing and confronting your fears, or that you are not afraid of danger. It can also symbolize that your are having an inner struggle of some sorts.

Being Attacked: Dreaming of an attack can be a very scary thing! If you feel like you are being attacked, it could mean that you are unsure about whether or not you can trust someone or something in your life.

Remember what we said about crocodiles being thick skinned earlier? In these cases, dreaming of being attacked could mean that you are developing resiliency and being challenged in some way in your waking life.

Dreaming of Killing a Crocodile or Alligator

If you dream of being killed by one of these large reptile creatures, this could sometimes signify that you feel out of control about a situation. You may feel like you do not have the ability to escape or change the situation.

Death in our dreams often relates as a symbol for transformation and change – and sometimes when this happens in a dream it can also mean we feel reluctant about changes coming up in our lives.

You could also possibly be scared that maybe you are in some sort of danger. Fortunately, most types of these dreams are not prophetic in nature, which means they do not predict the future.

In most cases, learning the symbols for the dream meaning of death will usually help calm your worry.

On the other hand, if you dream that you kill an alligator or crocodile, this could potentially mean that you feel like you are able to handle any type of challenge that may come your way. You may have confidence that even if something is difficult, you will succeed in the end.

If you feel relief or gladness, it may also mean that you recently overcame something difficult, and now you are feeling the accomplishment and satisfaction of knowing you were able to get through the challenge. Think of the slang term, “killing it” – this means to achieve success.

See Related: Dream Meaning for Killing.

Seeing an Alligator or Crocodile in or Near Water

Water in our dreams is almost always associated with emotions. If you see an alligator swimming in the water, it could mean that you are afraid of dealing with emotions or confronting fears.

If you see the crocodile or alligator is on the edge of the water, such as on a riverbank, this could symbolize that you are not sure of your feelings in regard to a decision.

To Be Swimming With an Alligator or Crocodile: 

To dream of swimming with an alligator or crocodile could mean your emotional needs are not being met, that you are afraid of expressing your emotions to someone, or are not acknowledging how you really feel about a situation.

Sometimes, this could also mean that you have feelings of being afraid of whether or not you can trust someone. You may feel like someone could sneak up on you or surprise you with unexpected news. You may also be afraid of facing the truth about a situation. Are you being honest with yourself and others?

Ask Yourself: What Are the Characteristics of the Water?

The type of water you notice can make a difference in what this dream could possibly mean.

For example, if you dream you are in a swimming pool and doing synchronized dives together, this is a big difference that what it means to swim with an alligator in a muddy river!

Muddy water could mean confusion or uncertainty. Crystal clear blue water could mean that you are allowing repressed emotions to finally come to the surface and you are ready and able to confront these fears and deal with the difficult feelings you may have been avoiding in the past.

Running Away From a Crocodile/Alligator and Being Chased

To dream you are running away from a crocodile or alligator means you are afraid of confronting a fear or you may want to try to escape a difficult situation you are experiencing.

Being chased in a dream is a very common theme that many of us experience.

What fear you are afraid of confronting will greatly depend on what events might be happening in your current life and other parts of the dream.

Feeling Trapped

You also may sometimes dream of a whirlpool or being dragged underwater in these types of dreams. This is especially true if you feel like your responsibilities are currently overwhelming. Maybe things at work or your home and personal life are starting to wear down on you.

Maybe you feel like you have no way to improve a situation. Maybe you are not seeing the type of progress you want to achieve with your current goals.

Understanding what it means to be dreaming of being trapped can give you a lot more insight on what it could possibly symbolize if this is a mood that you notice.

Ask yourself: Do you feel like you are stuck in a situation and are unsure of how to get out of it?

What it Means to See Baby or Mother Reptiles

Alligators and Crocodiles are extremely protective of their young. In ancient Egypt, these animals were once believed to be a symbol of fertility. Dreaming of eggs could potentially mean that you are excited about new beginnings or have some hidden worries about new changes happening in your life.

For some, an alligator or crocodile could represent being overprotective of a child, or it could mean something to signify your role as a mother in your life.

Related Posts: You may wish to look at What it Means to Dream of Babies and Dreaming of Pregnancy.

Sometimes, this could also be a sign that you are in need to get in touch with your own playful self. Are you spending too much time wrapped up in responsibilities? Do you need some time for self care? Could it mean that you are not having enough fun in your current daily life.

Sometimes, this could also indicate an element of surprise in your life. Maybe things are too predictable and you need a change.

Questions to ask yourself about the dream:

How did you feel?

Identifying our feelings and the tone of the dream is so very, very important. Often times feelings are all you need to begin to truly understand what underlying meaning could be. What we feel during our daily waking lives, even if subconscious, will usually manifest in some way in what we experience at night while sleeping.

Think about any thoughts and feelings that occurred. Were you frightened? Did you run away? Did you try to fight the things that were scaring you? Did you face it head on?

Being in tune to your feelings about the alligator can help you better understand what it means in your dream.

What Colors Were Present in the Dream?

Most alligators and crocodiles are brown, gray and green, but in dreams they can be a number of different colors. It’s not unusual to dream of something in a completely different color than what might be expected or normal!

In other instances, the color of the animal might not be all that important, but perhaps there is a color of something else that is extremely vivid. You might notice a bright red ball bouncing in the water for example, or you might remember seeing a big yellow sun in the sky.

Learning the symbolism of these different colors can give you a lot of insight on how it all may relate to your current daily waking life. See Color Symbolism and Meanings to understand colors in your dream.

What Are Some Words You Would Use to Describe the Crocodile/Alligator?

Try to describe the alligator or crocodile as much as possible. Was it big or small? Was it ferocious or calm? Did it snap at you or was it just there minding its own business?

Think carefully about what actions were taking place in your dream. These actions will often give you some important clues to interpreting what the dream could mean.

Is there anything happening in your current life?

Often times our dreams are a way to process our current feelings and all the things we encounter in our daily waking lives. Was there anything recent that made you feel insecure, afraid, anxious, uncertain, or challenged recently?

What are Your Thoughts?

It is always interesting to learn about what others might experience in their dreams. If you have had a dream about an alligator or crocodile, feel free to share what you might recall about the event in the comments section below.

We’d also love to hear if you have any of your own person associations for dream interpretation symbols for alligators and crocodiles. Is there anything we might have missed? Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed!

227 thoughts on “Alligator or Crocodile Dream Meaning”

  1. Dreamt that there was a fat alligator with tentacle like tongues in my house, it had about four tongues which it wrapped around its victims. In the dream, this strange creature attacked me and my family.

  2. I had a dream last night in which I had a yard that sloped down toward a fast-flowing river (moving leftward) with a line of trees along the bank, and between those trees and the house were a dirty old pool and a pond, side by side. I suddenly found myself holding a frozen block of ice about the size of a cinder block, full of tiny frozen baby crocodiles. I tried to throw it into the river, but came up short and it landed in the pool. So I went for help, and got a little buddy (some random young boy) to go in after it before it melted. He went to the pond and started fishing around for it with a pool strainer as I stood on the rock bed keeping an eye out. Then I remembered it was not in the pond, but the pool and told him to change course. When we got to the pool, the ice had already melted and the baby crocodiles were already growing in size and filling the pool, so there was no catching them and tossing them in to the river anymore. And then I woke up. Not necessarily the scariest dream, but definitely creepy. Menacing was the overall sensation, with surreal undertones.

  3. Dreamt about a small alligator in the house and I opened up the door and let it go free, then a gigantic alligator about 50ft long through the little alligator up in the air and swallowed it and just disappeared into the bushes

  4. I have dream of my dead dad is saving me from crocodile and I am running everywhere it about to bite me only and there are other people out there but want to attack me when ever I go to higher place to save myself

  5. I dreamt of a crocodile🐊 around 3am. I dreamt of a crocodile inside the house of my parents. In my dream the crocodile was being trapped underground for a long time then suddenly it shows up. My Papa wanted to keep it in our underground since it is not a wild crocodile. The crocodile is very quiet and behave. What do you think the meaning of this dream of mine?

  6. I dreamt that I sensed a huge alligator under the water where I was standing or trying to step in that water. The lake or pond water was greenish. So I stepped back up the stairs of that lake or pond and saw the silhouette of a huge alligator. It was little bit under the water so no one can see it clearly. Then it started to swim away from me along with some other smaller sizes of alligators.

  7. I had a dream last night.
    I was sitting next to a bunch of people that we were seem in trouble and being questioned by a person who walking back and forth I was front of us and then a person next to me pointed me and I felt betrayed so the person who questioning us is going to punished me. This person made me wear a red-orange T-shirt and put me to a place where there are water surrounded us and there is a dark medium size crocodile swimming near to the edge of the light brown water and I was in fear that I have to die and I have been ordered by this person to go closer to the crocodile so that the crocodile can eat me.

  8. Last night, I dreamt of seeing an alligator in a top view only seeing the head and I was looking at it calmly. It was dark almost black the water is normal river color. And it was just a few seconds then I woke up. When I woke up I was calm but I am curious about why I saw that in my dreams. I wish I could know what it means.

  9. 3 crocodile were in an open water, water was calm, colours were dark,; grey green, they were calm minding their own business. I was calm, observing them.
    next scene , I was in my grandparents place tried to clime up on the fence by the stairs, I was thinking I will be safe there and the crocodiles cannot reach me there.

  10. My dream was different i was on a high place which is kind of buliding and when I climb up there i saw water on floor then I saw Navy Blue Ocean at back of it where i saw 4-5crocodiles but one of them is so huge that I can’t believe, it’s big as whale, and i was running towards it I was fascinated by him i want see them I feel happy they were submerged in water not doing anything Just still.but then I saw my phone in dream and time was 1:11 and when I wake up I saw time it was 1:11 and I am also seeing this number alot

  11. I dreamt of a baby alligator which is very brown in color and has golden eyes….
    It’s on a dining table pushing all the things on dining table to fall down.. Like trying to clear the table.
    It’s size is reducing from medium size to small size(small enough to lift)….
    I’m not much afraid… I’m confused and little in awe… In the dream
    That’s it….
    I read the article and I can relate myself this to some personal decision I wanted to make…..
    Can you please make this interpret better….
    Thank you

  12. I had a dream that the crocodile/alligator (covered up with mud and cannot distinguish on which is which) in an underground dug up basement. It is a size of longer than a pickup truck. One was staying still and the other passed by my side and went to the other gtor/croc’s side. Just calm and staring at me.

  13. I dreamed that I was at my old house with my brother and daughter and we were watching tv! Until I saw from under the cabinet on the left side of us something black moving ! In my mind , I thought it was a snake but it turned out being a black alligator! I jumped and ran in my room but as I was running I looked behind me it was running fast but didn’t catch up to me . So I made it to the room peeked out the door , I was yelling at my brother don’t touch and he started playing with it like it was a pet ! But, it scared the mess out of me.

  14. Hi. I hope there is someone who can help me to interpret the meaning of my dream yesterday.
    -Few steps away from our house. I saw a Golden-Yellow Alligator in fact it was big and its color was so bright. Chased me. What i do that time is to get him inside our house. So i can lock him and run outside the house. When i get the chance to go outside of the house. I also got chased and bark by some puppies and dogs. Its like theyre not go nna passed me by and not gonna get out of the house. The last thing i remembered is that i cut the meat of the alligator. And just trying to cook it.

  15. Hi friends, I dreamt of an alligator big sized stood straight and was showing its white coloured down body…it was very fleshy and lines were there..I was coming out of his stomach..not through mouth…but directly tearing its skin and came out.. walking with a proud face like a very brave young man wearing a tight dress as in bull taming game…but I am a female. Once I came out, the alligator went back to the was a dark sea water.. The place was very crowded and noisy. I never feel scary in my dream. Can anyone interpret this ? Thanks.

  16. I dreamed I was in a lake. Water was calm. There where tons of large rocks and boulders. I was with my children. I was teaching them how to use a jetski. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. The crocodile came out the water, hid behind rocks. Somehow I become stuck unable to move. I yell at my oldest to grab the baby. He doesn’t see the danger. I keep yelling to grab the baby. The crocodile comes behind my baby and tries to bite his bead. Somehow misses. I am still stuck looking for some sort of weapon or rock. The crocodile makes a 2nd attempt to bite my baby I lunge at its eyes and woke up.

  17. In my dream, which was about 4-5 diff parts, one part that (to me) none were related.

    I was trying to get across the water into the boat – water was sea color, blue, my brother was sitting right at the “board walk” or the bridge to the other side, then a croc cralled out the sea water with a big ugly head, he was short and then instead of a tail it was another head. A 2 headed croc, I wasnt scared, I just couldnt pass, maybe a lil reaction but not strong. Any thoughts?

  18. I dreamed I was buying a house and there was an ex coworker with me and my husband some reason? Anyways she showed us the side of the house which had a pond with two alligators. At first I thought it was cool and then feared for my kids and hoped they wouldn’t go near the pond. Some neighbors were playing basketball and it has fallen in a couple times and my ex co worker retrieved it – prior to seeing the alligators. Then as we were going back in she turned around and returned to the pond, and I told her to get back but the alligator instantly pulled her under. One of the men who was playing basketball worked the pull the alligator forward to the point that I was the. Able to get on top of it and open its mouth to try and pull her out of its mouth. She was already fully in and by opening its jaws I was trying to get her head out but I couldn’t keep the mouth open and pull her out at the same time, then I woke up. Feeling afraid and not sure if I was able to save her or not.
    Then I woke up.
    Not sure if the dream wAs about me or if I should call her?

  19. Hello

    During my meditation/hypnosis I met with my angels. I was sitting on a stone bench in a beautiful garden looking up at my angels. I then recieved an alligator. He was pretty big, but I was holding him across my lap. I then received a ring that had a star on it from my guardian angel. All of the things Im reading about alligator dreams are negative. I would really like my dream interpreted. I believe everything in it was good. I just can’t find anything about my friendly alligator! 🙂

  20. I had a dream that I was on a field trip to a huge green waterfall. Then this girl pushed me into it and when I was at the bottom of the waterfall i saw a alligator/crocodile. It didn’t try to attack me nor was it snapping at me, it was just submerged in the water watching me and i tried to get away and was running from it because i was scared. Does anyone know what this means?

  21. We were in a house with a sliding back door. Apparently there were Aligators by that door and my daughter kept teasing them by way her foot across the glas. One of the gators would snap everytime. And it’s like I blink in the dream and when I open my eyes the gator grabbed her. And it was like I was moving slow motion and couldn’t save her in time cause. No matter how fast I tried to get to her by the time I get the door unlocked. The gator nipped her main artery and she went limp and was bleeding heavy.

  22. I dreamed that I was in a Rushing River riding on top of a crocodile’s back and in the river was hundreds of other crocodiles and at the end of the river was a huge Pond full of crocodiles.. At first I felt really really frightened but then I learned to trust my crocodile that I was riding and none of the other crocodiles tried to attack me I woke up as soon as we hit the pond

  23. I always dream of a crocodile that is as big as ferocious and as formidable as godzilla, its always like that whenever im experiencing emotional turmoil in my life. Dream of it so much that i was able to interpret my own dreams. 6 yrs ago i dreamt of killing it coz it got too small, but after 6yrs it came to hunt me again, my reality is.. im in a situation which is really worrisome that i hope to escape from… I hope to have a life without ever dreaming of that crocodile again….coz itll mean for me a happy life and trusted people around.

  24. My dream was a crocodile amusement park…first me and my sister was excited bec we saw people swimming with them, then when we entered it was scary bec we had to do obstacle where they were in the green water and some fear came.

  25. I dreamt about having 3 crocodiles (maybe about a meter long, because I could carry one at the time.), as pets, and took care of them, one got taken, but I got it back, and later one other got killed, and eaten. What does this mean?

  26. I dreamt that my mother was drug into a cave by an alligator (i know the difference) I retrieved my younger brother for help but we couldn’t save her. A little while after the dream she was diagnosed with cancer. Then three years later she died.

  27. I was on top of a truck with a bunch of police guys getting ready to release the alligators/crocodiles. To feed them I was excited but also scared of being bitten so I move from in front of the wood that was keeping the aligators in and move to the side of the truck and wrapped my legs around something so I would not fall. They released the alligators and immediately the came out on guy was yelling at the other guys to hurry and get out of i the way because these were very hungry small/big alligators. The alligators immediately started to attack and eat they guys that were left on the ground. Some alligators went up stairs and I was afraid they might get my sister so I started scream for her for a while then finally she came down she looked a bit confused until I told her what happened I saw my mom. On the ground and I yelled and told her to get on top of something she climbed into something with a police officer. My brother raned down the stairs and hopped on top of a table near a window. The window was half opened so I told them to hurry up and climb out the window before the big alligator/crocodiles come brandy slid out the window my brother on the other hand almost fell of the table backwards his head was dangling of the table so I frantically started to lift him up because I could feel the crocodile/alligator coming. I finally got my brother in the position o finally get in out the window but her could not fit and the croc/ alligators was getting closer. The window was either to small or to narrow as I kept sliding the window up and down. Finalljy I got it to where I can pull him out. So me my brother and sister are out in the truck my mom and the police officer are on the ground discussing how to get away we were in some small old town very windy and lots of brown dirt. The office and another lady were talking about spirts and I heard the lady say the alligators/crocodiles are noting going to stop feeling hungry until we pray for the lost spurts that had been attacked by them years ago. What had lookes to be a bar/ restaurant. The lady started to pray and it got really quiet I did not hear anything coming towards us. And then I woke up

  28. It is 2am, and I just woke up from a Crocodile dream. It was a foreign setting, from what it felt like (and the swampy, hot, yet beautiful environment around me) maybe Cambodia, or Thailand, and I was with a group of people. We were at a demonstration…almost as if it were a facility raising the creatures or an crocodile reserve that held group “show and tell” presentations. Anyways, we all gathered in a semi-circle around the two speakers, a man and a woman, but for some reason, it was too crowded so I stood on the part of the deck that was slightly submerged in the water around us. I stood there, in my sandals looking down in the water at several small, baby crocodiles. They were deep greyish green, one with a spotty skin … probably 4 or 5 small ones that were “nipping” at me…I didn’t seem to upset at first, I stayed in the water moving about to avoid being bitten. But then, there were just too many at one time and soon I found myself jumping about in place,
    Yet still in the crystal clear water, asking for help! Then a large crocodile sprung up and tried to get ahold of me! My reaction in the dream was to ask for help from the two people holding the demonstration and do my best to fight off the crocodile. I was fearful but for some reason didn’t move until the very end of my dream, when I finally got on the dock with the two people whom were having the demonstration. I was safe, away from the crocodiles, but even they were messing with me and I didn’t feel safe around them, as if they were going to throw a crocodile at me or push me back in?. my adrenaline spiked and as they kept offering more experience with these animals I kept saying “no”…. finally, I was able to feel relief in the dream when I removed myself away from the two people holding the demonstration, the shallow broken deck submerged in the water with the crocodiles is when i leaped onto the dock which was stable and out of the water with the other people , that was when the two people tried to scare the group by tossing some sort of limp crocodile, dead? At the crowd… it was listless and a joke, but after what I had just Felt, cruel!!… I woke up… heart racing and irritated!

    • Hi Allison,
      I can definitely understand waking up irritated after a dream like that! If it were my dream, I would probably ask myself whether there are people in my life I’m not fully able to trust and explore more on why that might be. Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

  29. Last night i dream i was going to buy food at this Chinese restaurant and after leaving and having a seat out side a crocodile/alligator came out of no where and was chasing me, i climbed up onto of a pole and was looking down at it . I remember sliding down the pole and kicking the alligator/crocodile on it’s jaw .In the dream it look as if it had bit me and there was blood, but when i closed my eyes and opened it back there was no blood and it didn’t seem as if i got bit the alligator was not even there any longer in the dream. But when it was there i remembered screaming for my dearest life. Can someone help me please ,what does this mean ?

  30. Dreamt about a giant gator wrapped in what appeared to be sack cloth. It was being kept in the vehicle. Yet it was alive. I didn’t seem to have fear but the gator was still wrapped in the vehicle when I woke up

  31. I had a dream that there were many different alligators and of different sizes and i was terrified even tho they did nothing to me and were roaming around my house and as there were many of them some were in the rest room however there was a white colour baby alligator and that was the most weird thing and a family member even killed the two but they didn’t die


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