Spider Dream Meaning

Dreaming of spiders can mean many different things. The spider can often come into our lives as a symbol or spirit animal to help us better understand and survive through difficult situations.

By interpreting your dream of a spider and understanding what this symbol means if you encounter it, you can often times have a better outlook on life.

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What Does it Mean to Dream About Spiders?

Many people are afraid of spiders. Spiders are right up there on the list of things people are most afraid of, such as things like being afraid of snakes and public speaking.

Fortunately, once you learn to understand the spider as a symbol and the positive characteristics of a spider, you may find you are no longer so afraid of them. You may even learn to love spiders, as I have!

spider dream symbol meaning

The Spider and Our Shadow Selves

Often times, we see a spider as something bad and negative, when in reality this is not typically the case. In nature, spiders have an important role in a balanced eco-system.

We can learn a lot from spiders in our dreams.

All of us as humans have negative characteristics – even though we may not want to accept this truth. We all have fears and anxieties, and we also are capable of experiencing negative emotions – things like hatred, disgust, greed, jealousy, revenge, and sorrow.

A healthy person must learn to balance these feelings. It is not natural to simply dismiss negative emotions – we cannot just remove the bad parts of ourselves, even though that seems like it would be the solution.

Dreams that involve things we fear remind us that the true solution is to learn to heal these negative feelings and transform them into positive qualities and strengths.

Only when we are able to balance the dark side and the light side with each other can we have peace in our feelings and thoughts.

We often associate spiders with darkness and the unknown – seeing a spider in a dream is often a sign that there are hidden aspects to our own emotions or in a situation in our life. The fear of the unknown is truly what most of us are afraid of.

Common Dreams About Spiders and Their Meanings

spider dreams meanings and animal spirit

If you have a dream about a spider, it is important to take into consideration all of the details of the dream.

For example, you might want to think about the location where the dream takes place, what people you dream about, or whether there are any prominent colors or numbers in the dream.

Paying attention to these sorts of details in your dream journal can help you better understand what the dream means. Learning how to interpret your dreams successfully will help you realize more often than not this symbol is not one to be afraid of but rather one that can help you better cope with challenges in daily life.

Another important thing to think about is how you feel about spiders and any feelings you may have experienced during the dream. Take some time to think about your own personal associations with spiders and how you feel about them.

If you are afraid of arachnids or any type of creepy crawly thing for that matter, you are going to have different feelings than someone who has a tarantula as a pet! 

When you are afraid of these web weaving creatures in real life, dreaming about spiders can sometimes mean there are other subconscious fears surfacing.

Often times these dreams can be a lot like nightmares. Spider dreams may be scary when you have them, but more often than not they serve an important purpose.

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Here are some common dreams interpreted for what they may mean for you:

Dreaming of a Giant Spider: A very large spider in a dream can mean there is something in your life that is becoming too big to ignore. This in many cases could be your own feelings and emotions about a situation. It could also be a message that you have been ignoring something for too long. You may feel as if things are out of your control.

If you see a spider weaving a web: Seeing a spider weaving an intricate web can often be a sign and symbol for you to remember how we are all connected. You may be trying to understand a situation in more depth. This could also mean you are thinking about design and planning. Are you starting something new and wondering what steps to take?

Being Eaten by a Spider: If you dream a spider is eating you, it likely means that you are being swallowed whole by feelings of anxiety or grief. You may be afraid of facing your true feelings about a situation. You may be facing a situation in life that you would rather ignore or avoid, but you are aware that confrontation is inevitable and you afraid of this confrontation.

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Being Chased: Being chased in a dream is a common theme for many dreamers, and it often represents that you are running away from problems or that you do not feel like you have control over a situation.

Killing a Spider Dreams: If you dream you kill a spider, it can mean that you are not afraid to confront your fears or your own darker aspects of yourself. You may be feeling victorious after dealing with an unpleasant or difficult situation. See related symbol: Killing dream meaning.

Rescuing a Spider: If you see a spider in a house in your dream and you do not kill the spider but instead carefully and safely move it to a different location outside, this could be a reminder to be gentle with yourself about your feelings. It could also suggest to find a solution for a problem you are facing that will be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Spider cobweb

Dreaming of Cobwebs: Cobwebs can mean there are things you are neglecting or are not paying attention to in your life. It could also represent something you still have feelings about in the past. It can mean that you need to take care of basic tasks and matters before moving onto new things.

Dreaming About Multiple Spiders: If you have a dream about a large number of spiders, it can signify that you are overcome with fear and feeling overwhelmed with your current situation in life.

Sometimes the location of the spider or cobwebs can also have meaning. For example, if you dream about an attic this could mean you are neglecting your creativity or spirituality. See related post: What it means to dream of a house.

The Meaning of Spiders as Spirit Animals

spiritual meaning of spider webs
Spider webs themselves can be beautiful meditative spiritual symbols to explore.

Many people wonder if spiders are spirit animals, since we don’t typically associate them with other mammals like tigers. However, they are a living creature – and yes, all living creatures have a spiritual presence and meaning!

Just as we might have a certain type of tree or element we identify with – these creatures too can have some sort of significance in meaning in your life!

When we see spiders, we should think of them as reminders to not be afraid of seeing a situation for exactly what it is. We may even want to ask ourselves, what is “bugging” me?

The chakra we can associate with spiders is the root chakra. This is the chakra which emphasizes everything about our feelings of safety, security, and general well-being. The color for this chakra is red.

When our root chakra is not balanced, we may find ourselves more prone to angry outbursts and feelings of sadness and fear.

The Message: Don’t Be Afraid to Face Your Feelings

When we see a spider symbol, it typically means that we need to look at our true emotions and bring them into our conscious awareness. There is likely something in your life that needs to be explored in more depth, even if it is something you would rather not deal with.

We also need to think about acceptance. Often times this symbol is a metaphor for what we may not want to accept in our lives.

For example, this might relate to feelings you do not want to deal with. This could be a fear of something that is causing you to avoid a situation. Sometimes it can even be a sign you are afraid of the unknown.

Do you have a dream about spiders you would like to share? Tell us your dream experiences and what the spider symbol means to you in the comments section below!

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  1. For months i dreamt of being swarmed by black spiders in great numbers every single night… I would wake up in tears. I started to pray and one night, multiple numbers of white spiders started to multiply and fight off the black spiders nightly. Every night the white spiders would grow bigger and bigger untill i only started to dream about white spiders w big blue eyes.

  2. I was amongst other people and they were screaming because this big wolf spider was running close to them. I told them it was fine and put out my right hand. The spider ran up my arm, around my neck and then down my left arm, where it stopped just above my elbow. By now it was just me and the spider. I wasn’t afraid but the longer it sat there, the more I was wanting it to move off me. Then I woke up and felt my arm to see if there was a spider on it!
    I’m not sure how to interpret this dream. I have never picked a spider up or let it crawl on me but I’m not overly afraid of spiders either… I don’t freak out.
    I’d like to think this was my spirit animal telling me not to get too comfortable with my present situation. Something also tells me it was a good omen but at the same time, I must put work into moving forward.

  3. Dreampt i walked thru a spider web and the web got caught on my left middle finger and a big oranger spider was getting closer to my finger i was trying to get the web off and it wouldnt come off and the spider got closer to my finger and just touched my finger as i repeatedly tried to get the web off eventually it did come off

  4. I dreamt of small, shiny rust colored spiders in a planter or something similar with prickly red and white cactus type things they were crawling on. I used salt to kill the spiders and the cactus things started moving and a tiny dragon looked up and smiled and I woke up.

  5. I was walking in the woods with someone and I seen a huge spiderweb and suddenly it started floating towards me and a 2-3 inch spider landed on my arm. It did not bite me and I wasn’t afraid, but I told the person with me to get it off of me. So they flicked it and if flew off, but like a boomerang it flew back at my face. Then I woke up. I was never scared, but I jerked my head back and hit my head on my bed lol.

  6. I dream about Being in a home did not recognize it., spiders that were fuzzy almost like tarantulas but they were convert from the little spiders to become a middle spider I was not afraid but I would move them around to make sure they weren’t getting next to the kids and they were little spiders everywhere and webs everywhere no one was afraid . It was kind a like I was grossed out to kill them.very interesting

  7. I saw a big black fury spider on a wall when I turned around. It surprised me! She fell on the floor and curled herself in a ball and rôle away from me

  8. I was in an unfamiliar apartment, looked like a city apartment and was moving my things in. It looked like the previous tenant hadn’t moved everything, so was still some stuff lying around in dust. Before I know it, a spider is crawling from behind the boxes, at first it was definitely a black widow running straight towards me, the fear of how deadly this spider is is hit me in one instant, so I grabbed what ever I could in attempt to squash it. The first thing I grabbed was a bucket which I twisted upside down, I seen the spiders eyes like it knew what I was up to, it just stopped, and suddenly began shaking its abdomen aggressively and the spider changed and become bright red and shimmered like red sequins, quite beautifully actually. However, I knew it was going to spit venom towards me, so I threw the bucket down as hard and fast as I could, which did squash the spider, however, some venom managed to be spat before fully squashing the spider, leaving residue on my hand, which I ran to wash off as quickly as possible in fear of infection leading to amputation.

  9. Last night I had a dream I was sitting on the center cushion of a couch. There was an unknown man to my right and the same to my left. At first, I saw a small pale purple spider climb up my hand and across the couch onto the man on my right. It very quickly traveled to the mans face, specifically his cheek, doubled in size, and its body started puffing up as if inflating and deflating. I looked on at him and he wasn’t affected. It’s as if the man was frozen, casually, mid conversation. I was terrified. As I sat there, I began looking around, inspecting myself. I realized the spiders were covering me. They had created a web inside the cross of my legs and were emerging from the web by the dozens. The man to the left of me was also covered with them. We were both also “frozen”. I remember feeling so afraid, but wondering who these people were and wondering why the spiders were “puffing”…I am not sure exactly what my surroundings were other than the couch. I only remember nightmares and they are always quite vivid. Thanks to anyone who reads and who may have the time to respond.

  10. I dreamed a spider was on my face. At first I remember being frightened but after a moment it felt calming. I felt like it wanted me to follow it. After that I don’t remember but I do remember feeling calm or maybe more at peace.

  11. I had a dream last night – not scary was outside and it was dark and a big spider just popped out in a corner and I just continued on. When I woke up this morning I was sitting having coffee and a spider slowly started to descend from its web above me about an inch from face! So weird

  12. I had this really weird spider dream and cannot find what it means anywhere online which is odd bc usually my dreams signify something important 🙁

    WARNING It might seem a bit nasty so if you don’t like spiders I recommend you don’t read this. Sorry in advanced if it’s long

    Okay, so I had this dream where I was sitting down and I see this whole in my leg and I start squeezing it softly and see it opening up a bit and then I see a brown spider crawl out and I think to myself “well that’s weird”. I continue to squeeze it and a few more spiders crawl out and I just remember turning to my mom who was talking to my aunt and I tell my mom “we need to go to the hospital and she was like “why” and I just remember holding a napkin over the hole and slowly pulling it off so she could see. As I pull it off I notice something sticking out my skin so I start to slowly pull it out and when it comes out it looks like some type of small bag made out of spider skin. Throughout the whole thing I was completely calm and didn’t freak out about the spiders crawling out my skin. After I pulled out the bag I woke up so I have no clue what happened after that.

  13. I was up high in a tree hanging on to the trunk. I was nervous about how high up I was. I looked along the branch I was on and saw a giant spider in its web . It came towards me and a man was in its path. The man welcomed the spider and it snuggled up to his neck. Than it started towards me and I was a bit creeped out but decided to let the spider cuddle up to me. It was very hairy. Literally. Than it walked away and the man and I were left with a large tattoo on our arms of the spider and it’s web. After that the spider shriveled up and was dying. I felt very sad.

  14. I had a Spider dream for the whole night even I was awake from dream but still I can see that it was hanging above my head It was a black colour giant
    Later in morning I could able to see a white giant spider it was hiding near Water tap.
    I went to my bedroom I saw a big web of spider so I started cleaning it but my mom wasn’t able to see anything only i was able to see it
    Later I checked in Google in your page I found the reason and clarification
    Thanks for the update

  15. I was lying down, had a white collared shirt on and several (4 or 5) black fuzzy spiders were crawling on me and my shirt. I wasn’t afraid but thinking I need to remember to find out about spiders in my dream.

  16. I dreamt of a spider making a web but not a typical web it was thick and in a shape of a rim you would see on a car . I had my uncle come and move it or dispose of it, it was huge mainly brown with a big butt and i remember him saying she was trying to find somewhere to put her eggs. That’s how I knew it was female.

  17. I had a dream that I was in my childhood bedroom and there was a huge tank on the wall, with dozens and dozens of enormous spiders in it. I turned on a ceiling fan and the spiders all started escaping the tank. I was screaming and then I looked at the bedroom door, which was open, and one lone cricket crawled across the floor and out the door.

  18. I don’t remember much about my spider dream other than it being huge and my sister who I haven’t spoken to for 10yrs chasing me in a dark room I remember it being on a shelf and jumping on me then being chased with it . My mother recently died and I am in complete shock choosing not to reconize her death denying she has died. I feel the above interpretation to be very accurate to my circumstances.

  19. So I’m not a fan of spiders they really creep me out.
    In my dream I was at work and there was two colleagues with me. One saw this massive spider (about the size of a dinner plate) on the wall I freaked out and ran over to the other side of the room. The spider then crawled down the wall past my work colleagues and towards me. I could leave because I tangled my feet up in a vacuum cord. As the spider came towards me I’m yelling “NO NO NO DONT COME TO ME” the spider crawled up my body and when it reached my chest a grabbed it and threw it. Then I woke up!

  20. I had a dream I kept encountering a yellow, white and red spider. And each time I was taken aback and tried to fling it away, the first time it almost bit me, but it keeps persistently coming onto my hands, and I’m weird about touching animals. I awoke scared and sweating, what could this mean? Or am I just afraid of spiders too much?

  21. I had a dream that a spider was on my son and i knock it off him and then it jump on me. It didn’t bite him nor me and it was also another one on the floor trap up in a web. It was a big one. I woke up after that.

  22. I have had spider dreams 3 nights in a row now. I’m terrified of spiders. I won’t even kill them cause I don’t want to get to close. In my dream I’m at my house and when I go to walk inside there is a huge spider web blocking the way and when I yell for help the other person can’t see the web or spider.

  23. It was evening I believe as I walked outside. The web was huge, to my left. My foot or something snagged it and it was attached to my pants leg, my jacket. As immediately as I started to flail the spiders started towards me. A bunch of lil ones scampering, a few bigger ones. A really big one I was able to crush, it was crispy and dry. I was panicky and afraid of being hurt just don’t like so many things crawling on me, feel out of control. I know I am.afriad to speak up to my youngest daughter dad. I know I am sad and scared for her mental health. Worries that I need to face this fear so she can be free and not hate herself, him or me. There are other fears and anxiety as well.

  24. Fresh nightmare here , guys! Good morning 🙂
    I dreamt about being at home, and trying to fall asleep. Very interesting that I was sleeping within a dream and waking up within a dream. I was at home with my parents downstairs (in the dream). My mother and I have an extremely strained relationship because the person she married is my abuser (I chose a very far away university so I am safe.) In this dream, I ‘woke up’ to strange feelings, and immediately noticed a huge spider on my wall. I was immediately overcome with fear and anxiety and I wanted to run to my mother. But, I was exhausted and thought I could ignore it (I have the worst arachnophobia!!!!). Falling back to sleep, I woke up a second time, and there were spiders ALL around. An infestation!!! I woke up sobbing, realising they were all on my bed, many squashed because I had unknowningly slept on them. I called my mother in fear and anxiety upstairs, who wanted to come up, but her husband (my abuser) was barraging her with comments like “it’s just a damn spider. how old is she? ” For some reason, they mentioned angel wings which I hadn’t bought (?) But I think they were broken and he kept undermining my situation and said “the angel wings were expensive, leave them alone.” But maybe that was just a random part of the dream, the main focus was spiders after all. But what had happened was the spiders burrowed into my stomach, and there was a giant, painful bump, which I could feel in the dream. I was sobbing and crying and my mother was definitely psyched out too, and said “we need to take her to the hospital.” And I cried harder because I knew how painful the upcoming experience was going to be.
    Now, I am overwhleming with university work, and I generally experience negative feelings because I have a diagnosis of anxiety and depression among other things, so this article definitely explains some aspects of a situation, but considering the other aspects such as location, people, etc, it’s hard to pinpoint the dream exactly !

  25. I had a dream last night that my son had spiders all over him. I told him about the spiders and he was trying to swat them off. What do you think this is about?

  26. I Am afraid of spiders i dreamed about alot of spiders most was small but there was one big one with a type of tale thing as an scorpio and i tried to get away cause its one biggest fear of mine and then the spider climbed on to mw so i haded too stand still and i tried but i paniced and than i cant remwber what happend but a person in my family came to help me and kill it but the moment the person came in the spider stang me and i wwoke up almost out of breath it was terribke

  27. I had a dream I was in an old classroom with my current teacher talking about when to use commas. The class was full of people I didn’t know.

    The person at the end of the wooden table we were sat at flung a plastic lid at the person sat to the left of me as I was at the sat at the head of the table.

    There was a giant spider on the back of the lid and we all gasped. I remember feeling frozen in fear hoping he didn’t fling it at me. He flung it across from him toward a girl that had her back to us on the next table and it got bigger. Green with a huge back!!

    That’s all I remember

  28. I dreamed of a rather large spider that was first in my garage living on some kind of large square, black object on the wall – the object could have been a painting as it was in 3D. But the spider could hide in it. The spider had a rather large web that looked like spaghetti when it did have a web (in most of my dream, there wasn’t a web). There were several people in my dream but I didn’t know any of them. Some of these people would walk past the board and the spider would jump and attack them on the back of their neck. – it would sit there, on their neck; it was as big as their head; the people were in a frozen state. Several of us would try to get the spider off its victim but couldn’t. In one part of the dream, I was in bed next to the board and the spider would tell me he was going to attack my leg. So, I made sure not to place my leg near the board. At one point I was able to get a close look at the spider and it had the face of a dog, even barked once! Then the dream jumped to an amusement park ride for children, and the spider was there threatening all the kids on the ride. Several of us tried to kill the spider but to no avail. Luckily, it did not attack anyone on the ride. I then awoke from my dream.

  29. I had a dream that a ton of little spiders entered into me through my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears in a house. Once I sat down and took a picture with someone they all went back out the same way. It was not painful at all when they left.

  30. I had a dream that I saw a wolf spider (huntsman spider) suddenly, and I started to turn to the right and as I did there were more and more wolf spiders. It got to the point there were so many it scared me awake. They weren’t threatening or moving. I believe it is symbolizing my fears and anxiety for the future because a lot of things are changing in my life right now.

  31. I dreamt at first of a large spider rising up and spreading or extending their legs out. Then it went from that to them, small spiders coming out of my ears. ( I have had a bug, a corn wasp in my ear). It’s one of my fears from my childhood
    I have recently befriended a spider so to speak, it’s a orb weaver and creates a web to catch other insects. I left it alone and am often intrigued by its web. At night it’s gone but in the morning it beautiful in all it’s webbed splendor.
    Anyway, I also think I dreamt of maggots and my daughter. It was a cluster of dreams I think. I can’t describe it all.

  32. I had a dream I was cleaning a room at work I went into a gentalsmans room he was in his 20s and I saw a yellow spider with black legs and a white spot on it. ( yellow is my favorite color) I smashed it with a broom and then another one just like it appeared a foot away from it, I did the same I told the gentalman spiders are here. Next to the gentalman a bed was his door to his bathroom and the curtain to the shower moved I remember saying that’s a big spider he said no it’s my dog. Then his dog came out of the curtain and when I looked down there was the spider again, only this time it jumped into the air then started to float and landed on my mouth I freaked and then woke up.

  33. I dreamt I was in my kitchen with my mother. We were talking and she saw a spider under the a stool at the table. She stepped on it to kill it but when she did she also broke a sac and released hundreds of spider babies. The babies went toward me and started crawling all over me, going into my ears and nose. Needless to say, I woke up frantically slapping myself trying to get them off of me. It was terrifying.

  34. I don’t remember what the spider was really doing but the details on it are kind of clear still. It was a smaller spider I think in the corner of a room – black with lots of white stripes with pink and yellow accents kind of in an hourglass shape on the centre of the abdomen.

  35. I dreamed I was in my room and it was after a bunch of people had left and I was waking up, I roll over to the floor next to the bed and all of a sudden I see a red spider on its little web. I was with a friend and I told her to give me a slipper and I killed it.

  36. I had a dream that i walked into my brothers room (previously my room) there were little webs in the corners and a small black hole in one corner where a few tiny spiders then a medium spider and then a huge spider (The size of a medium dog) came out. The biggest spider (All looking like tarantulas) followed me everywhere not hostile so I wasnt too scared more intrigued until it climbed on my back and I had a moment of panic before calming myself and hesitantly getting out from under it. The spider watched me but didnt try to climb on me again. I pet its head and the dream ended.

  37. I dreamed that a huge spider (resembling a black widow) lifted up into the air and the first set of its legs started spinning like a fan (the feeling was it could cut like a blade)…to the point it was flying. I could see myself sleeping in the dream as if I was conscious of both the dream and sleeping (an out of body experience). The spider was flying so close to my face as I slept and I was trying to wake up to keep it from running into my face. Seemed as if I could literally feel the wind coming from it on my face. But I was more concerned with my face getting cut than with the spider itself. As I actually became conscious and woke up I saw a black spider lift upward on its web above my headboard and disappear in thin air. In real life I hate spiders but I wasnt afraid or felt danger in this dream. However I badly want to know what it meant.

  38. I had a dream where I was in a garage and playing around in a car with my friend, and I tried to get out but there was a huge spider. I distinctly remember it being very bulbous and it’s back End was bright red and had black dots, and the head was black, it was hanging off of the ceiling , and I was screaming for my friend to get me out of the car.

  39. I have this dream where at the end there is always a big black spider sitting a top my head It’s a poisonous one and sometimes the people in my dreams says it controls me and that I can’t take it off other times it gets taken off but somehow gets back to its original position

  40. I had a dream that about 20-30 spiders got into my home and started making webs for themselves. I was taking care of my toddler, and asked my husband who’s opening of the door had let the spiders in to take care of it. During these times, I think this is about fear of the unknown. This dream occurred in my father’s house, where I’m staying because my family and I have been stuck outside of the country’s here we live since February. Now, we could go back, but I’m still planning to wait until the end of the fall semester to return because returning in the middle of the semester seems like too much work. But many of my colleagues are going back right away, and I think I’m afraid my choice to wait is a bad one. Just so many uncertainties. Am I making the right choice? Also I think my Dad’s house isn’t an ideal place to keep living and it feels like… I could be home soon. Why am I still here? But I also feel like I’ve already my choice, and for good reason, so I should stick to it. I just don’t know.

  41. I had a dream that a two inch long shiney black and red spider was crawling just under my skin, on my leg. It cut through the skin on my shin and started coming out. I woke up screaming.

  42. I had a dream about a spider last night. It was white and had a giant egg sack on its back as it sat in its web. I hadn’t even remembered my dream until I saw a large black spider on my windowsill this morning. That coincidence led me here for some insight!

  43. I had a dream that my bangs caught on to cobwebs. And at the end of the cobweb a spider was moving and I was scared of it starting to move down and into my hair. Also I remember a different spider but in a different location maybe a few feet above the one I caught onto. I saw two spiders and two cobwebs to be exact. Then in blurred out I can’t remember how I dealt with the web or if I broke it or something I simply Don’t know. I think I just shook it off. It’s pretty strange because I haven’t been exposed to spiders much. Now that I live in an actual house there’s so many spiders outside but none are really spinning webs just a bunch of jumping garden spiders. And maybe a few long legged spiders crawling outside.

  44. I dreamt multiple spiders of all sizes all over my home …none hurt me… just so many of them and the only other person in my dream was my mother and lots of furnished rooms all covered in spiders

  45. I was dreaming about a bigger spider wich I was talking to in a very relaxed way ( even I usually don’t like spiders ), followed by seeing more small spiders crawling around in my room which felt uncomfortable

  46. I dreamed they was a tan spider in a hotel across some railroad tracks.. it attacked me and I cut it in half with a sword in the first hit it almost split the second hit cut more and they was a blue white light shinning so I swug again and cut it in half. I reached in and took this star looking blue white light and eat it.. what does this mean..


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