Visitation Dreams: Dreaming of Someone You Know Who Has Died

Have you ever dreamed of someone who has died and wondered whether they are actually communicating with you?

These are something special that I call visitation dreams, and I’ve experienced them my whole life since I was a very young girl.

visitation dreams

Today I thought I would explain these types of dreams and help you understand them better. I also want to assure you that you are NOT crazy if you find yourself talking to dead people in your dreams.

It is perfectly normal, but it’s not something most people share or talk about that often.

So, if you’re looking for help in understanding dreams about a passed on friend or family member or other loved one, today I hope that my 30+ years of experiences will help you understand what’s going on.

First: What is a Visitation Dream?

dreams of someone who died

A visitation dream is best described as a dream experience where you truly do feel as if you have communicated with a deceased loved one.

Typically these dreams are of friends and family members who you were close with – but it can also even be acquaintances or even non-human loved ones, such as a pet dog or cat!

Many of us will experience both visitation dreams and release dreams at some point in our lives, and both are completely normal.

While the Visitation ones aren’t ones we talk about very often, they usually are the ones that leave a lasting impression and memory in our lives.

release dreams vs. spirit communication

Release Dreams Vs. Visitation Dreams

There are many different reasons why we may dream of someone who has passed away. Sometimes, our dreams are release dreams, where we are simply just processing our own feelings of grief or sadness when we lose a loved one.

As you may already know, we experience different types of dreams. Release dreams are a little bit different from true visitation dreams.

Release dreams help us process and understand the different feelings and emotions we are currently dealing with in life. They can help us to let go of past feelings we may be holding onto.

In a release dream, you are often processing your own feelings and emotions. Some of these dreams can be quite confusing!

These are the types of dreams where nothing seems to make logical sense. You can be driving a car one minute and flying to the moon the next.

Sometimes they can even be scary in some ways, especially if the feelings you are releasing and working with are ones of fear, worry, or sadness.

release dreams definition

Many times, dreaming of a person who has passed on can simply be a release dream in which your feelings about the person come to your conscious awareness.

You may have a dream about a person as a natural part of dealing with the emotions involved when you are experiencing grief.

The dream may also be one in which you are simply remembering the good things about a person or our subconscious way of expressing our love/sorrow for a person.

Let’s take a look at the 7 signs and characteristics of visitation dreams to help you determine whether your dream may have been a visitation dream or whether it may have just been a release dream.

7 Signs & Characteristics of Visitation Dreams

In the examples of these dreams I have shared, you will notice that some of these have very distinct characteristics.

In every visitation dream, there have always been some very clear characteristics of the dream for me to know it was truly a visitation dream and not just a release dream.

Understanding the common signs of a visitation dream will help you better be able to identify whether you are truly communicating with the spirit of a passed-on family member or whether your dream may simply be a release dream of processing thoughts and emotions.

1. The Person Will Seem Happy & Healthy

happy person in field

If the person in your dream seems sick, injured, angry or upset, it is more likely this is NOT a true visitation dream. In these cases, this is usually a reflection of our own feelings of grief. 

Losing a loved one is never easy. There are a lot of emotions and thoughts we have to process. Sometimes in our dreams we may surface up feelings of regret, guilt, sadness or even anger as we work through the healing of grief.

In visitation dreams, it is common for the person to seem younger and healthier. If the person was ill before their passing, you will notice in the dream they do not look sick. This is because illness does not carry over with us through death.

2. The Dream Will Have Logical Sequence

In most visitation dreams, the sequence of events are very logical. You know those dreams where you are flying in one place and then driving a car and then in some weird room the next minute? Those are more characteristic of release dreams where you are processing different feelings and emotions.

In dreams of the deceased, it is more common that the sequence of events will be very natural and logical. You know exactly how you get from A to B.

3. The Details of the Dream Are Very Vivid

If you have a very vivid dream where you remember fine details or even experience sensations of touch, smell, or sound it is very likely that it is indeed an actual visitation dream. 

In most of my dreams, I can remember fine details of these more so than I would with ordinary dreams – and I’m already a very vivid dreamer!

In many ways, a visitation dream is every bit as vivid as a lucid dream. You will notice everything you felt and pick up on details that may not ordinarily be apparent in other dreams.

4. The Message is One of Love and Peace

Most often the message and feeling in the dream is one of love and peace. During a visitation dream, our loved ones most often simply want to communicate they love you.

They may have messages for others, or they may even want to clear up any unfinished business they may have on earth to make things right.

If you dream of a deceased person who is angry or yelling at you, this is more likely a symbol for your own feelings while you process the stages of grief. It’s important to remember this if the dream is not a pleasant one.

5. Other Symbols in the Dream Relate to the Person or Communication

symbolism quote

Symbols are the language of dreams. When we dream of a loved one, it’s not uncommon for other symbols in the dream to be something we associate with them. 

For example, in the dream with my aunt, we were sitting at the kitchen table because for me that was where we were very comfortable talking together in real life. 

The telephone in many of my visitation dreams is an example of an obvious symbol for communication. In your dreams you may experience a radio, a television, a letter, or other signs and symbols that relate to exchanging a message.

6. You Don’t Even Have to Say Words

It’s not uncommon to have full conversations with loved ones who passed in our dreams, but it’s also not necessarily required. 

A few years ago I had a dream of a friend who passed away unexpectedly after a drug overdose. In the dream, I was walking down a path through the woods when I came to a clearing where my friend stood. 

In the dream, we simply hugged and a huge washing sense of “everything we needed to say was not necessary to say” came over me. This dream confirmed it was not so much the communication, but the connection.

7. It Feels Real

If you have a visitation dream, you will have no questions of whether or not it was one. You will just feel it. 

Of course, saying, “you will just feel it” sounds pretty vague! But if you wake up from the dream thinking, “I saw grandpa last night” or questioning “how did I talk to that person? they are dead?” – it’s quite likely you had a very real connection with the person in the dream.

Can Deceased Loved Ones Really Communicate Through Dreams?

Are visitation dreams real? Can the dead really talk to us through dreams?

I have had many different visitation dreams in my life, and yes, I do believe they are real. However, there have also been times when I have dreamed about deceased relatives when they were NOT visitation dreams.

When you dream of someone who is deceased, it is important to look at the context of the dream and identify whether you felt a real connection or whether you were simply exploring your own emotions and feelings. 

Naturally, it is impossible for us to prove much about the afterlife. However, there is enough evidence to support the belief that yes, loved ones can communicate with us through our dreams.

If you read through the hundreds of comments at the end of this post, you will see many more examples of visitation dreams!

For many of us, the proof is not necessary. The dreams themselves are enough “proof” we could ever need, even if it is not something we could share or show to others.

A Few Examples of Visitation Dreams

One of the best ways to understand a visitation dream is to show some examples. Here I will share a couple of the different visitation dreams I’ve had, starting with the very first one I had as a small child.

Example 1: Dream of My Grandma When She Passed On

saying goodbye

My first visitation dream was when I was six or seven years old. I don’t really remember all the details of the dream (it has been over two decades since the dream now!) – but I do remember my grandmother coming to me, telling me she loved me and saying Goodbye.

In the dream, she didn’t actually say the words goodbye, but I knew in the dream that was why she was there. It is best described as a feeling or sense that just surrounded me. One minute she was there, and then she wasn’t.

I woke up at that moment, knowing she was gone. Sure enough, a few minutes later my mother called the house to let us know what I already knew from my dream.

As a six-year-old, I didn’t really understand much about what happened, or even what it meant for someone we love to pass away, but I still to this day vividly remember the dream.

Visitation dreams are very common in these instances as someone is about to leave this plane. Often times our loved ones wish to say goodbye to us before they cross over into the spirit realms.

Example 2: Messages From Spirits on the Telephone

communicate with the dead through dreams

Another visitation dream happened when I was 12 and involves my other grandmother, who called me on the telephone.

In the dream, she left a message on the answering machine in the dream (yes, we still had answering machines back then!). She was very clearly leaving me a message!

Since then, I have noticed the telephone has been a very popular dream symbol for spirits trying to communicate, especially dead loved ones.

I’ve had many dreams of phone conversations with my deceased family members and friends!

Example 3: Conversation With My Aunt & Messages for the Family

More recently, I had an interesting visitation dream with one of my aunts who passed away. We were sitting at a kitchen table, and she looked good – much younger, vibrant, and healthy – how I remembered her when I was a young child.

We had an interesting conversation, where she explained how her physical body was just too tired to keep going in this world.

We talked about the day she died and how sad it was for her to leave her kids and grandchildren behind. Our family had been through a lot of losses, and so she mentioned feeling sad that she was also leaving my dad and the other siblings behind.

However, she told me that she knew her body would not keep up. She was trying to do a lot more in the physical world than that tired old body could handle. She could do a lot more by watching over for her loved ones “on the other side” so to speak.

Of course, she then laughed and said, now don’t give anybody any ideas – nobody better be doing anything dangerous or dying anytime soon! We don’t need any extra work around here!

How to Be Open to Having Visitation Dreams

how to have visitation dreams

The next question that most people have about a visitation dream is wondering how they might be able to have one, or if it requires some sort of special psychic gift or ability.

The good news is, anyone can have a visitation dream – you do not necessarily need to have a natural ability to communicate with spirits. While it can be helpful to practice your intuitive abilities, it is not required by any means.

If you are wondering how to have a visitation dream, there are some things you can do to help open yourself up to communicating with a loved one who has passed away.

This is called “programming your dreams” and it is a good habit to do at night anyways, even when you are not looking to have a visitation dream.

Practice Meditation Before Bed:

Meditation can greatly help you with calming your body and soul to help you be more open to receiving your dreams.

Guided meditation can help you get started with meditation if you have never tried it before. You can also just try some deep breathing exercises which will help relax your body and your mind.

Affirm You are Open to Communicating With the Person:

Sometimes you need to say affirmations that you want to see the person. This is because subconsciously you may be unsure or afraid of having such as dream.

Say to yourself, “I am open to dreaming about [insert person here] and would like to receive a message from them” or another similar affirmation.

It may take several attempts, but after several nights or weeks, this will increase your likelihood of dreaming about the person.

Keep a Dream Journal:

Getting in the habit of remembering and writing down your dreams will help you better understand the world of dreams. Keeping a dream journal is always a good idea – even if you do not always want to know the deeper meaning of dreams.

The simple act of writing things down will make it easier for you to remember dreams and process any emotions and feelings you might have.

It can also help you clear through any other “energetic gunk” such as feelings of sadness or fear that might be standing in the way between you and a loved one trying to communicate with you.

Why Your Loved Ones May Not Appear in a Visitation Dream

Of course, it’s important for us to cover that not all deceased family members or friends will appear in a dream. There are a lot of possible reasons for this – and it’s not because there is anything “wrong” with you!

One of the things that is important to remember is our passed-on loved ones have their own spiritual needs and goals. Some people who have died are not able to communicate through dreams – it’s simply not a skill they have. It may not even be something they would have a conscious awareness of being possible – even when they are a spirit.

Others simply may not want to. Free will is not something that we only have on earth – it is something that we have as a universal law in any type of manifestation of consciousness.

If someone you cared about deeply has passed on and you have not had a visitation dream, it’s possible that the person has already crossed over very quickly and is absolutely “done” with the physical world in which we live. They are very likely already onto the next part of their own spiritual development journey.

This does not mean that they are “too busy” for you – but it may not have any true benefit to them or you to communicate with you. Sometimes those who have passed on are simply done with this life and this world – and so in that reasoning, it does not make any logical sense for them to come back.

There are also a lot of other variable factors that can affect whether or not the spirit of a deceased loved one might not be present. If you need to heal from a traumatic experience or are in need to move into the present moment and your current life, it may be that the communication from the person would not help you do these things.

It is not always beneficial for you to communicate with a dead loved one – sometimes this is simply a clear sign that it is time to move forward and begin to heal from feelings of grief or loss.

Lastly, it’s important to know that our passed on family or friends are not always necessarily good for giving us guidance.

Just because someone is in spirit form does not automatically make them a spirit guide or enlightened being.

Just like those of us who are in the physical world, there are many spirits who are still in their own phases of development of consciousness.

Other’s Experiences with Visitation Dreams

Since the date of original publishing, we have received thousands of comments and messages from others who have shared their experiences about visitation dreams.

We have imported the majority of these original comments from the old website because it can truly be uplifting to read through these and certainly validates that the experiences of a visitation dream are real.

Please take a moment to read through the comments on this article, because it can truly be quite interesting to read! And, if you would like to share your experiences or dreams, we would of course love to hear from you in the comments!

Have you had a visitation dream? What was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

604 thoughts on “Visitation Dreams: Dreaming of Someone You Know Who Has Died”

  1. I had a visitation dream last night of a former lover. In my dream, we made love and I could feel him laying with me in the spooning cuddle. It was wonderful. I’ve been missing him so much, lately.

  2. I had a visitation dream this week about my sister, Jill, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on January 24, 2022: I was sitting up in bed and a wind began blowing steadily in my face. I was surprised by it because I was inside the house looking out the windows in front of me. Then Jill said, “Hi Linda, it’s me.” I smiled, I could feel myself physically smiling, and I raised my arms in the wind, my clothes flapping. Then she was gone.
    Since then, I have felt lighter and more clear-headed than I had since her passing. Life is short.

  3. My husband died in October 2021. A couple nights ago, after a particularly hard day, I dreamed about him. We were standing together in a house doing something casual like making dinner and chatting together, just like we would normally do. I suddenly stop and realize what’s going on, turn to him and tell him that he is dead. His face becomes serious and he asked me what happened. I told him that he overdosed and died. He looks sad and then says something to me like “what should we do?” So I told him to stay with me as long as he can. He came up behind me and gave me a hug and we stood there holding each other. Then the dream began to change and he was gone. It felt so so real, I didn’t want to wake up. For context, my husband and I were separated but loved each other very much and his death was sudden and unexpected. What’s strange is that a few months before he died, he wrote something about a dream he had where he was visited by these beings who brought him to what he believed was some sort of afterlife. He saw one of his friends there who told him that he died but the memory of his death was erased because it wasn’t needed where he was going, but his death was sudden and not painful (which later became true) then he saw a bus pull up and all the people getting on were happy because it was going to bring them back to life but my husband felt like he was supposed to stay for a while. I thought it was interesting the way his death was seemingly predicted, how he didn’t remember his death in his dream and didn’t remember in my dream either. Things that make you wonder… All I know is I hope to see him again soon.

  4. Last night, I had this dream where my best friend, who passed away a few months ago was there, we spent time together, he seemed so healthy and happy. I even forgot that he passed away, I felt like he is still here with me. I remember his voice, laugh, and touch. We made selfies, talked about some things I cant remember. And in the end, he told me with a smile on his face ^ You are gonna wake up soon, hug me ^ he told me ^i love you^ and kissed me on the forehead. I felt so confused and I woke up in the next second. I didn’t know what was happening until I realized, that was a dream. I kept questioning myself, why did it feel so real. Usually, in my dreams, I cant feel the touch of a person and I can’t hear anything. I’ve felt anxious all day, and I’ll hope that wasn’t a goodbye, I am not ready for goodbye. I still want him to visit me, cause I miss him a lot

  5. Friday night I dreamt that my cousin had died. I could clearly see him, he looked at peace. I also saw his wife and his oldest daughter. Saturday morning I found out that he had died on Friday and his body was removed at 2am Sat morning. Does this qualify as a visitation dream? I am trying to understand the meaning of this dream.

  6. My best friend passed a year and a half ago. Leaving behind 4 kids and her husband. In my dream we are sitting together on the porch, she looks healthy her hair beautifully braided as I remember the last date night she had with her husband. Then as we sit there she’s staring straight ahead and says, “this place is going to burn, everything is going to burn.” I respond, “what do you mean?” No response, she stands up to walk away and I ask, “what is heaven like?” She turns to me and says, “I don’t know.” Then she is gone and I wake up. I can’t stop thinking about this dream. I’ve had many dreams of her before but, nothing like this. I can’t stop wondering what does this dream mean?

  7. So my grandpa passed away back in 2010. Me and my brother were really close to him. I have alot of feelings about his death because I was in tx while he was in FL. I didn’t get to go to his funeral. Do I basically didn’t get to day goodbye. I recently found out in pregnant again. Also my brother just dropped the news he’s expecting too. So I dreamt I was back in my grandpas apartment. There was a big party. Lots of lights. Music but I can’t recall what kind. I noticed in the dream it was his old apartment and started looking around for him. There was someone getting ready to come out the room. It was his old room. I took a peek inside and I saw him in the dark getting dressed. I backed away and began to wait for him to come out. I felt happy and relieved to see him. I’ve been missing him lately and after finding out my brothers having a baby it just made me miss him so much more. He never came out of the room. And then I woke up. So I feel like the dream was his little way of saying congrats. Could it mean more.?

  8. My husband passed away 1 1/2 months ago. I’m devastated. He passed from ALS. I was his 100% caregiver. There were issues with his ex wife manipulating and lying to his kids. She was evil at the end of his life. I do not get to have anything to do with his kids. This is so upsetting! His family has also turned their backs on me, for honoring my husbands wishes. I’ve lost so much.
    I had a dream last night. That my husband was alive, but I was shocked at this in my dream, because he should have been dead. He was with his kids. He basically told me that he really wasn’t dead, and the last month he has been alive and with his kids. And dating someone. And her name was Collie. My names Colleen, and his nickname got me was Colliebean.
    I did cry and get to hug his youngest, which was great!
    This is so confusing! What is going on with this dream???

    • [I had a very similar dream, in my dream he was kinda sad though and almost wanted nothing to do with me…

  9. Hey everyone , I’m not 100% sure if the type of dream I had but anyway here it goes .

    7 years ago the night before I went for a craniotomy I spoke to god within my own mind. I asked not forgiveness but to be ruled on my life choices I’ve made . If I fail to draw breath during or after surgery so be it . Anyway I went to bed around 11:00pm , when I finally reached REM . I noticed I was walking in a white hazy environment. I see a door and open it I walked inside the door and into a room that was dark yet seemed bright at the same time . I walk forward and see three people , they hear me approaching and turn around . No lie it was 3 of my closest friends who passed away . I turn to speak to my friend Andrew he passed away in Afghanistan at the age of 19 . I say to him and my friends Alex and Lucas . “ Guys looks I’ll be joining you all here shortly “. My friends Andrew says to me “ The hell you will I will not allow this to happen , your time on earth is not over yet . People need you “ ! My other friends Alex and Lucas both choke in saying , Chris it’s not your time to go “ ! The next thing I know after that is my brain kicks over to nothing but happiest moments in my life and the best times I’ve shared with my family and friend’s. The next day I go for surgery on April 13th 2014 at 8:00am , I went through my surgery and as I’m coming to all the nurses and surgical staff yelling oh my god Chris your alive . Oh my god he’s alive . My surgery ended on April 14th at 4:00pm . My doctor tells me
    6 months later I must of had someone looking out for my , because I should of died twice .

    Not sure if the dream I had before hand was a visitation or not , I had an intelligent conversation with my deceased friends and we all addressed each other by name . Also I was not on meds at the time , the doctor would not allow those kinds of meds to be used at the time.

  10. I think I had a visitation dream last night. I’ve been thinking about it all day, but I’m also confused because it was about my grandfather whom I never got to meet. It felt so real and I was very emotional in the dream as it was my first time meeting him, eventually he said it was time to go and he held my hand and said “I’ll always be with you.”

  11. I had the most amazing but confusing visitation dream back in 1999/2000 about my father that was killed in a car accident in 1985 when I was 10 years old. In the dream I was with my fiance and we had stopped at a gas station/service station. We both went inside to get something to drink. When we walked in I saw my stepmother behind the counter. I was instantly confused because she was a teacher, not a service attendant, and I had not seen her in over 10 years. I said hello to her. Her response was “you’re Dad’s not here right now but he’ll be back shortly”. I was so confused but before being able to ask her what she was talking about my Dad had walked in but had walked right past me like he didn’t know me. At that point I had started crying. I went running up to him, calling out “Dad!!”, and gave him a hug. He pulled back at first as if he wasn’t sure who I was. As he looked at me he said my name and had this amazed expression as he said “wow, you have grown into a beautiful young woman!” He asked who I had with me and I introduced my fiance to him and they shook hands. At this point I was crying so hard that I was sobbing. My Dad asked why I was crying as I was hugging him again. As I started to ask him how was it possible he was there and where had he been that is when I woke up in tears and sobbing. The dream felt so real that I have actually cried about it on and off for years. Actually, I occasionally cry about it still to this day.
    Does anyone have any possible explanations or possibly know what this dream means?!?!

    • This dream is powerful, I was crying as soon as you wrote he had an amazed expression on his face and I am still crying writing this. My own personal observation, I think the forces had you two come together so he could see you grown and well and to give his blessing to your fiance. This is truly beautiful 💖

  12. I lost my mum 9 months ago.. I have Dreamt of her a few times since. a few were I was desperately trying to save her
    🙁 I think these were my release dreams.
    I have also had a couple of visitation dreams one was I could hear her calling me from a room and in my head I knew she had passed on so was telling my self no point going in there she’s gone.. but her calls got stronger like get in here! So I walked in and she hugged me so tight we gently touched each other’s faces and she said I love you I’m okay love I’m okay!
    And again similar last night she appeared I held her I felt her just as she felt before such a slight person I real hug, were we reminded each we love one another and again she told me I’m okay! I only ever say I love you I miss you, just after her passing amongst the release dreams in one of my dreams we were kind of arguing but screaming at one another I love you! And she was saying marry me! I don’t know what that one was all about but it was nice in away. my more recent ones that I mentioned are a big comfort to me knowing she okay and still letting me know how loved I am x

  13. My husband passed early Feb 2021, had he lived we would have celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on 5/16. We had dated 4 years before we married. A few weeks ago, I had not slept well on 6/28. My grandfather I had been extremely close to birthday was 6/28. I do not believe it had any relation to my dream. So was up early 6/29, had a cup of coffee and laid back down around 7:30am. At that time, in my dream, my husband was standing behind me calling my name. He got a little louder as if I had not heard him. I thought he was at a distance but when I turned around he was right behind me, close enough to touch. I clearly remember length of hair, Style of mustache and beard, exactly what clothes including color he had on. But when I turned and he was right there it seemed so real I sat straight up in bed and woke. I feel he was trying to tell me something

  14. I often have dreams of my stepfather who passed away from cancer 9 years ago. They are always so vivid and he is always happy and healthy. I think it’s his way of telling me he’s okay and also guiding me through tough times. I treasure these moments as he was definitely taken from us way too soon.

  15. I Dreamt of my baby brother who passed away at the age of 38 from diabetes & Sadly A Grave Marker is still needed at his gravesite.
    In my dream, my baby brother is a youngen in a diaper, smiling up at me, sitting on wet soil in a planter,
    picking at the single red petal.

  16. Last night I dreamt of my ex-husband who died in 2006. I hadn’t seen him in 40 years & we’d had a difficult relationship. He was abusive. In my dream he’d aged as he might look now. I had no animosity toward him, which I don’t have. The other in the dream, all strangers, told me they liked me but couldn’t invite me anywhere if he came to. I didn’t defend him, merely told them he & I had had a difficult relationship. Any idea what the dream means? Thanks

  17. My ex dad comited suicide. From time to time I dream I am in the home he did it and I see him he never talks just there but I always dream of seeing him and my ex but I know he’s dead but in the dream he’s alive is so weird he never tells me nothing just there. I have always wonder what does it mean. He passed away 15 years ago and yet till this day I still have dreams of him.

  18. I normally have visitation dreams from my grandparents who have passed but last night it was of a young woman who I grew up with and who took her own life (highly speculated). I haven’t seen this girl in a few years, and I was sad when I heard she was no longer in this physical world. She has a small child that she left behind that made me even more upset with her leaving. She had a lot of demons in her physical life and her husband passed away a few months before. In my dream I saw her jogging and looking very happy and fully of light. I stopped her and immediately hugged her. In my mind I knew she was dead and I wanted so much to ask her about her son. She looked so happy I didn’t want to cause any sadness to her. That’s all I remember so I’m not sure if it was a visitation dream or just a dream.

  19. I recently had a dream I’m trying to understand about a very close friend that passed away. In my dream I sent her a text asking if she was home where she responded Yes so I asked if I could come come over and visit where she also said yeah come over. I immediately woke up and I started to get up to get ready to go over her house when I remembered how can I go see her I’m in Florida and she’s in New York. Then it suddenly also hit me she’s no longer with is. I’m so confused why I was so ready to go to her house and why it took so long to realize I couldn’t just walk over and visit her anymore. If anyone has any insight into this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

  20. I had a dream of my father after 2 weeks he died. I was just so flushed up with my emotions i was crying and telling him how much i loved him, how much I missed him and how sorry i am that i could not even say him a goodbye. He was continuously saying “i know” and “don’t be sorry”. And we were hugging. I’m in tears right now again.

  21. My grandpa passed away in August, 2020. I was 16 years old at the time. I never got to say goodbye to him. I could tell he was getting worse and worse. I was painting my room to cope with the pain that my grandpa might die, then I got the news he had passed. My cousin was 3 years old at the time, so he never understood what was happening. when I would babysit him, he would tell me, “grandpa went into the hospital and never came home, is he Okay?”, I would hold back tears and hug my cousin and tell him, he is in a better place now. I never had him show up in anything until I started taking medication for my shoulder after a go-kart crash I was in. in my dream, I would be sitting down at this bench that I have never seen before, and he would be walking up to me and he would laugh and tell me “tell your mom i said hi, and tell grandma that I love her”, I would break down crying in my dream, and wake up to my face wet from crying. This has gone on for a week now of him telling me this. sometimes when I am babysitting my cousin, I would hear him laugh and he would tell me that grandpa made a joke about my car. (I drive a 2005 Subaru legacy with a turbo engine) My cousin (who had never bin in it when It was running or moving) said “grandpa said you never wanted a Subaru, but you have a car that goes so fast like lighting McQueen”, I told him that he has never ridden in the car, and that grandpa has never seen my car, and he told me that grandpa drove him in it. I know that I have had other experiences when I was little talking to dead people, and it stopped after my dads girlfriend died in a car crash. I though i was going through a faze, or that I was crazy. But seeing my grandpa with him laughing and smelling like cigarettes, telling me to tell my mom hi, and tell grandma he loves her, makes me think he wants to stay and watch us grow up. I do miss my grandpa, everyday. I just wish I got to say goodbye to him.

  22. My mother passed away in 1993 from cancer. I don’t believe she was ready to leave this earth, however she woke up one morning and was hurting and we took her to the hospital, where she passed away about 24 hours later. I was extremely sad and depressed, and I would dream of her almost every night, however she would never speak to me. She would just be laying in the bed, staring at me. She was 75 at the time of her passing ( looked pretty old, due to the cancer, weighing only 75, plus being a heavy smoker from the time she was about -14). This went on for approximately 6 months. Then one night she appeared in a ( Dream), she looked about so much younger, had make-up on and she had a cloud surrounding her/in the middle of it. She said to me, “ Sheila, don’t worry anymore”, I asked her then “ But Mom, are you happy@. She replied “ Yes, I am very Happy now”. I woke up, however it didn’t seem like I was sleeping, so I am convinced that she did indeed visit me, to help me and herself with what we both needed. I have not dreamed of her bad or good since around October/November 1993.
    Now, since my husband left this earth , so unexpectedly going on 3 years, at the end of this month, I have dreamed of him, hugging me, a couple of times, plus receiving so many, many signs, appearing on there own, as well: when I have asked for a specific sign, it appeared!!
    However, in my dreams, he didn’t say anything, the touches, the hugs were so real, but I would love to hear his voice.

  23. I’ve had several one was one of someone I didn’t know but she was supposedly a aunt of my husband’s we were going to visit in my dream. When we got there and walked in she told me you are the one I’ve been waiting for and gave me a huge hug to where I felt as we floated off the floor and it made me feel real happy like the happiest I had ever been in my life. Let me add at this time I was very sick in pain going through depression do to my illness and pain. When she hugged me all of that went away for that moment and she said u don’t know me but I’m ur spirit guide you’ll get through this.

  24. Please can anyone help me understand what this means I’ve just lost a very dear friend and on the night I found out I went to sleep woke up thinking that dream was real. In the dream my friend walks in laughing me joking like he always was and saying it’s only a joke I’m not really dead we were just winding you up. That’s all I can remember then I woke up what can this mean

  25. Ok so kind of freaked out rn. I’ll start by saying I’ve had visitation dreams since very young my father passed when I was a baby and my mom would tell me id wake up in the morning and tell her about dates and things that her and my dad did together that she had never told me about things I couldn’t have known except from him telling me in my dreams. Throughout my life I’ve been visited by my father many times dreaming and not dreaming. There’s been times I feel his presence beside me and can physically feel his hand grab my hand or touch my shoulder irl. I had a dream a few years ago I was at one of my family members funeral and I knew that someone’s brother had died but everyone was upset and crying I didn’t want to ask who’s brother it was because I knew it wasn’t my brother. A few months later my cousin died he had two siblings ie he was the brother who had died. After his death irl he had visited me in my dreams twice. The first time was about 6months after his death and I was at a house looking through old pictures laughing with my mom sister and brother and his mom dad brother and sister were out looking for him trying to bring him home with us. He walked into the door of the house with all this light surrounding him with the biggest smile I ever saw and he said to me “tell them to stop looking for me. I’m okay. I’m happy. Tell them not to worry” and he truly seemed happy and at peace. The second time was this week it was another family gathering like a family reunion and he came in and everybody was happy because they missed him and he came straight to me again and he hugged me so tight he lift me up and spun me around. When I woke up I still felt the squeeze of that hug. It made me feel safe. So I say that to say I had a premonition of his death and his death was very tragic and sudden he wasn’t sick he drove his car at a really high speed into parked cars and died. I personally believe it to be suicide but it wasn’t officially ruled that. So I had a premonition of his death and I was visited after his death. Tonight I had a dream it started off weird I had a baby (which I don’t currently have any children) and I was in a house with my brother and we were tryin to lock all the doors because people were trying to get in to kill us and I was trying to protect my baby. Then all of a sudden someone told me my mother died and in a blink I was at my moms funeral and I didn’t see her but I knew she was dead and everyone was sad and random people from my past were with me comforting me. I recently irl had a conversation with her about her helping me pay my medical bill and in the dream I remembered that I still need to pay that bill and that she had told me to use her medical card and I started crying because she was supposed to give it to me and now she’s gone and I knew I couldn’t bring myself to find the card myself. It was extremely weird and I’m scared because of the premonition that came true about my cousin. Like I don’t want my mom to die it’s very scary to me. And the fact that I had that part about the medical card made it kind of real because that’s something that is in real life. Idk I’m just scared and it’s 4:00am I don’t want to call her and freak her out so I started googling and found this page so I’m deciding to comment this in hopes someone can help me to understand this?? Has any one had visitations and premonition dreams?


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