Virgo Personality Traits and Characteristics Profile

The Virgo Zodiac sign covers everyone born between August 23 and September 22 . If you or someone you know is a Virgo, read on to learn about the different Virgo personality traits in this in-depth personality profile.

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Virgo is an earth sign, which makes people born under this sign very down-to-earth, practical people. The ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury.

The symbol for Virgo is the maiden. The Maiden represents purity and youth. You will find that Virgos believe in staying true to themselves and have a youthful approach to life.

Let’s look into the positive traits of the Virgo and how it influences everything in their life, from their day to day activities, their career, and their relationships.

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Virgo Positive Personality Traits


The Virgo is very persistent when it comes to getting what they want. The Virgo knows what they want and are willing to put in the effort to achieve their goals.

Virgos will always keep trying, and never give up. They can have a hard time taking no for an answer. When they can’t get what they want, they will become resentful and constantly remind the person what they do want.

The Virgo strives for perfection in everything and will not stop at anything until their goals are met. The Virgo wants to do a good job at work, school, and just about any other activity they are involved with. They strive for excellence in everything they do.


Meticulous comes from the Latin word ‘metus’ which means fear. They are very concerned about everything that they do. The Virgo will be concerned about getting things done correctly and working in the right order. They are also concerned with being precise, accurate, and exact in everything they do.

The Virgo strives for perfection in their work. They want to be sure that everything they do turns out the way it is supposed to or even better than it was planned. They believe that when you do something, you should do it well or not do it at all.

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The Virgo is very detail oriented and often notices little things others don’t pick up on. These subtle observances often make them very intuitive.

Sometimes this Virgo strength of meticulousness can be a weakness, as it can cause them to take a long time to finish a project. They sometimes worry that what they do is not good enough.

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Virgos are brutally honest – they aren’t going to sugar coat things or just tell you what they want to hear. Like Sagittarius, they have very little tolerance for people lying to them.

Virgos will always seek the truth in a situation and approach any problem from all sides so they can view it objectively.

They will tell you anything without worrying about your feelings. Be careful of what you ask a Virgo because they take things very literally. You could ask “How do I look in this outfit?” when wearing a yellow shirt and they might respond with “Well, it makes you look like a banana”.

Peaceful, Calm and Collected

Virgos have a naturally laid-back and calm attitude about them. They don’t ever seem to be worried, even when something may be bothering them.

They don’t lose their tempers easily and they often approach problems with a lot of patience. When they are calm, Virgos can be very relaxed and are able to think clearly about what they are doing.

While it may be difficult to make a Virgo angry, when they do get angry they can be quite mean. This is because they are grounded in their thoughts and aren’t going to hold back on letting you know the truth of a situation.

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Virgos do not like violence and will avoid watching horror movies and or reading scary things. They believe the world should be a peaceful and harmonious place.

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Excellent Problem Solving Skills

The Virgo is an excellent problem solver and great giver of advice. They will sit back and look at a situation objectively and analyze it from all angles before responding or taking action.

Virgos are often self-taught in a number of different skills and interests. They are the kind of people who will read a lot on a subject that interests them and will spend a good bit of time on sites like YouTube learning how to do something they enjoy.

Because Virgos like to learn, they are very knowledgeable on a number of different subjects. This knowledge is then applied in almost any situation to help their friends and family come up with a good solution.

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Artistic and Creative

While the Virgo may not be good at expressing how they feel with others, they are able to express themselves quite well with their interest in the arts.

It’s not uncommon to find a Virgo spending hours doodling and drawing away. They are often very talented artists because of their persistence to do well.

If not interested in artistic pursuits such as painting and drawing or crafts like sewing or crochet, they may find themselves drawn to other creative interests: Cooking, Photography, Music and even theatre.

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A virgo is very kind-hearted and tender and will never purposely try to hurt someone’s feelings intentionally. They are very giving individuals and will do just about anything for those they really care about.

Virgos will often go out of their way to help others and are very compassionate even to strangers.

A Virgo is always trying to fix someone’s problems, help out a friend, or lend an ear. They love being helpful and will feel rejected if they aren’t needed or appreciated. This is a common Virgo fear – not being needed by others.

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Virgos are often quiet, sensitive people who can be quite withdrawn in the company of others. Because of this introvert nature and the fact that they struggle to make friends, Virgos tend to play alone a lot.

They don’t like being the center of attention and usually prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Alone, Virgos can be very introspective and ponderous on their thoughts.

While some Virgos can be quite outgoing with their close friends and even in crowded social scenes like a party, almost all of them need some time at the end of the day to decompress. It’s often thought that for every hour a Virgo spends with people, they need twice the time to recharge.

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Reliable and Faithful

You can almost always count on Virgo to be reliable and faithful to you. They are loyal friends you can count on.

If you need someone to call and need someone who will reply quickly, Virgo is the best choice. They will always have their phone on and available for anyone who needs them.

As responsible humans, the Virgo will do everything in their power to do the right thing. They do not stand for injustice and so you will often see this characteristic shine through in different humanitarian causes.

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What Are Virgo Weaknesses? Negative Personality Traits of Virgo

While there are many good things we can say about those born under the Virgo zodiac sign, just like everyone else they can have their own set of weaknesses.

They Do Not Like Change

Virgos are rarely impulsive or spontaneous and they are very careful about the decisions they make in life. They often think of every possible outcome before they move forward with a situation.

You will find that Virgos do not like change, even when a change could greatly benefit them. They are not people you want to spring surprises on because it will likely make them upset. They like a routine and they like things to stay orderly and neat the way they want them.

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Not the Best at Expressing Their Feelings

When you are with a Virgo, you may find yourself trying to guess what they think or what they feel. While they are very honest with the truth, there is a lot going on in Virgo’s head that they don’t share with other people.

It’s not that Virgos don’t feel any feelings – they very much do. But they guard those feelings or they might get stuck in a loop of thinking/acting and not being able to stop. They prefer to speak their mind with actions, rather than speaking their mind with words.

This Virgo weakness can sometimes be a problem in relationships with family, friends and partners because they do not know how to express how they feel.

If a Virgo is upset with you, they may try to make it seem like it is your fault. This is because the Virgo struggles with expressing their emotions openly and directly to people.

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Critical and Choosy

The Virgo knows what they want and what they like. When they don’t like something they are quick to let you know.

They sometimes set very high standards for themselves and others. They are their own worse critic and can sometimes be harder on themselves that they should.

Virgos are usually very critical of themselves and their work. They can often be very picky about the kind of things they like to do.

They have an almost obsessive need to be focused on what they are doing and make sure things are done in order and perfect every time. They don’t like to delegate tasks and situations because they don’t know if other people can meet their high expectations.

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A Little Hard to Understand

Virgos are thoughtful and often put a lot of thought into things. However, sometimes this hard work and thinking can make you feel a little less than fully understood by them.

They are very insightful individuals with lots of knowledge about people. This can sometimes make them come across as being too complex to understand or too mysterious for you to get a grasp on what they are thinking at any given time.

Now that we understand a bit about both the positive traits of Virgo and their weaknesses as well, let’s take a look at how all of this affects their decisions in life for their career and relationships.

Virgo and Money

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Virgos are very pragmatic people and likewise you can expect them to be very smart with managing their money.

They can sometimes be frugal to a fault – they would rather go without than to waste their money on something that is not absolutely necessary.

This Virgo weakness of being critical can sometimes cause the Virgo to underpay others or even work jobs themselves that are not getting paid what their worth.

Virgo will feel a lot of stress if they are working a job and not earning enough money. Virgos are very conscious about money and how they will use it, so it’s likely you will see them put a large amount of effort into getting their finances in order.

They like to have security and that means they sometimes set aside their wants and needs for financial stability.

Virgo is also very good at budgeting their money – they might not be the best at spending it, but they are fantastic at saving what they earn.

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Best Careers for Virgo

The Virgo’s analytical nature makes them a perfect candidate for jobs in the fields of science, engineering, medicine and research. They also make great social workers, biologists and in some cases even police officers and detectives.

Virgos thrive when they are able to use their logical mind to solve problems or find solutions. They like to collect facts and data for analysis and then work on finding the best way to move forward with a solution.

This Virgo weakness of not being super open with their emotions can sometimes hinder them a bit when it comes to careers that require better people skills. If they are in a health related field, they can be excellent at diagnosing and treating disease, but one may find they don’t have the best bedside manner.

Because Virgos don’t delegate tasks too well due to their need for perfection, they don’t make the best of managers. However, many Virgos can succeed in business because of their hard work and perseverance.

If running their own business, you can be sure that the Virgo will make sure every detail and aspect of the business is well planned and thought out. They will always be up to date on making sure they have all the necessary permits and licenses and will keep very good records of their business income and expenses.

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Virgos In the Workplace

They’re hard workers who always give 110% no matter what they’re working on.

The Virgo is very detail-oriented and is incredible at noticing the little things. These observations have helped them greatly in their work-related tasks, but these small details can sometimes be a burden on their personal life.

Hardworking describes someone who works harder than most people. When a Virgo tells you that they will do something, they will follow through with it.

They are committed to their work and value their position within an organization.

The Virgo strives to be the best in whatever career they choose and is usually very successful at the things that they do. They like to work independently, so a career that suits them would be working at home or going solo on a particular project at work.

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Health and Fitness

Virgos are very interested in maintaining good health and staying physically fit. Because Virgos do not always express their feelings to others, exercise can be a great release for stress.

The Virgo is very meticulous and will take care of themselves to ensure that they have good body image. They will take great pains to be fit and healthy in mental and physical ways.

If you’re looking for a Virgo, look for someone who has an excellent diet and exercise routine which includes both yoga and pilates.

Hobbies and Interests for Virgos

There are many hobbies and activities Virgos can find enjoyable. Their desire to learn new things often helps them discover all kinds of different pastimes that they can enjoy.

Virgos are naturally curious and this can help the Virgo to be interested in almost anything. This curiosity will also help them learn many different skills that they can use for the rest of their life.

Virgos tend to have a very active mind which is always thinking about something and always looking for new information about things that interest them.

Virgos enjoy playing games that require them to use strategy. They also enjoy many creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, writing, and music.

Virgos As Friends and Family

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Virgos are very practical people, who are the first to tell you that things don’t always have to be perfect. They love to spend time with their families, and will always make time for family reunions and events. They love quiet time at home with their favorite people, where they can cook a great meal and just relax after a hard day’s work.

Virgos are very close to their family members and enjoy spending time with them. They love traditional family activities and celebrations so they will be expected to show up for these sorts of things when needed.

The Virgo can be reserved with many people in life, but it is their closest friends and family who they will be most comfortable around. They can be quite social, but in a reserved way. When they meet someone they like, they often warm up to them without even realizing it.

Virgos are pretty good at keeping secrets for others, which makes them a good confidante. Not many people know this Virgo weakness of being secretive because the Virgo is so open about other things in their life.

Virgos like a neat, clean space so they will also make for good house mates. While they may get distracted or put off house work, they are sure to not neglect things for too long.

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Virgo In Love and Relationships as a Romantic Partner

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In relationships, the Virgo is the one who does what is needed to keep things going smoothly. They will always be there for the other person in their relationship.

Virgos can be very practical when it comes to relationships. They will not invest their time in a relationship that won’t go anywhere, but once they see potential, they’re all in.

Virgo is very affectionate and sensitive with those they love. They may take some time to warm up, but once they do sparks can fly.

Virgos can be very devoted in their relationships. They will go above and beyond for the person they’re with, so that their partner will always know that they are there for them.

They sometimes will put their partner’s needs over their own because they know how important it is to support someone else.

They make for faithful, trustworthy partners and thanks to their honesty personality trait are not prone to cheating.

Virgos do best when their partners are not judgmental of them and do not use unnecessary criticism. Virgo have high expectations on themselves and may expect more from their partner than they actually deliver, which can lead them to get frustrated with their relationship and give up.

Virgos need space in their relationships, but they also need a sense of intimacy. If you’re going out with a Virgo, you won’t see them publicly showing affection to others.

Virgos as Children

As children, Virgos are very unique. They are very quiet, which can sometimes make them seem shy. However, they have a great sense of humor about themselves and can always see the funny side of situations.

They often fit in very well with their peers and will have very close friends throughout childhood. They are also very skilled at making friends, but it’s not something they necessarily seek out. The Virgo does not mind being alone, and in fact sometimes craves it.

Many Virgos will be introverts as children but they will still make for loving and loyal friends to whoever they befriend.

They are very persistent in their school work and will do well to earn good grades. Sometimes parents of Virgo children even worry their child takes school too seriously and is too hard on themselves.

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Virgo As a Parent

Virgos tend to be loving parents and will encourage their children to succeed at the things they enjoy. The Virgo personality is very patient and they will always let a child learn at their own pace.

The Virgo is very determined, so they’ll ensure that their kids learn the hard work it takes to succeed. The Virgo has high standards for themselves and will expect their children to do the
same. This can sometimes make Virgo parents seem critical, but doesn’t mean they don’t love their children unconditionally.

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Tips for Having a Good Relationship with a Virgo

Now that we understand a lot more about the personality characteristics of Virgo, we have a few tips and pointers to follow that will help you have a good relationship with the Virgos in your life.

Be Patient With Them

The Virgo can sometimes be slow in completely tasks because they are so meticulous and pay so much attention to detail. You will need to be patient with a Virgo to give them the amount of time and space they need.

The more patient and understanding you are of your Virgo friend or partner, the better off your relationship will be in the long run.

Give Them Their Space

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo, try to spend some time together without doing anything. Just spend time together, talking and laughing about nothing in particular. If you give them space before you ask for affection, they’ll be more likely to give it to you.

Don’t Change Things on Them

Virgos like a lot of routine and structure in their lives. They do not like unexpected changes or surprises. Try to stick to the plan anytime you are doing something with a Virgo. If you do it on a spur of the moment, they will be likely to get annoyed.

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Are you or someone you know a Virgo? What are some of your favorite personality traits of Virgos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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