Taurus Personality Traits and Characteristics Profile

Those born between April 20 and May 20 fall under the zodiac sign of Taurus. If you or someone you know is a Taurus, read on to learn about the different Taurus personality traits in this in-depth personality profile.

taurus bull constellation

Ruled by the planet Venus, those under the Taurus sign are often very sensual by nature. They value a sense of security and comfort in their lives.

As an earth sign, you will find that the Taurus is very grounded. They keep it real and aren’t ones to get too caught up in fantasies or crazy dreams.

The symbol for the Taurus is the bull, which represents their steadfastness and strength. They are protective of those they love, but can sometimes come across as stubborn and of course bull-headed.

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Understanding the different characteristics of Taurus can help you better understand why they do the things they do. It can be helpful to know how the Taurus personality traits can influence their career, relationships, and pursuits in life.

taurus personality traits

Positive Taurus Personality Traits

Let’s start with what we love about the Taurus and all of their good personality traits.


The Taurus is very protective in nature. They will stop at nothing to protect those they love and care about.

Like a bull in an arena, you do not want to confront the Taurus. They will be quick to defend what is right and will stand up for everything they believe in.

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Taurus can be very blunt and assertive. They don’t hold back their opinions and will voice their feelings and ideas.

This assertiveness can serve them very well in life – it helps them get promotions at work, to be respected and of course to get what they want.

positive personality traits of taurus


The Taurus is very grounded in their ways. They don’t get caught up in crazy schemes or spur-of-the-moment antics.

They stick to what they know and tend to be a little more conservative than other zodiac signs. This sturdiness can make them an excellent friend or partner.

The Taurus is very practical when it comes to things that truly matter. While they can sometimes let their emotions get the better of them, they tend to follow a steady and secure path rather than take unnecessary risks.

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Most Tauruses that you meet are very hardworking. They do not shy away from what has to be done.

Sometimes the Taurus works so hard they find themselves burnt out from exhaustion. When a Taurus is overworked, they can shut down for long periods of time, which sometimes makes them seem lazy or unproductive. The truth is they just need a very well-deserved break.

loyal taurus


The Taurus sign is very in tune with the five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. They love to be surrounded by things of luxury and enjoy exploring new things that awaken their senses.

You will find that those under the Taurus sign love to share good food and drink with their friends. They appreciate the finer things in life, although they are also very satisfied with the simple things as well.

The Taurus most enjoys doing things that make them feel good. They are the kinds of people who will light a wonderful smelling candle or take on home improvement projects to better their surroundings.

People born under the Taurus sign also strive to make their romantic relationships work, as they value intimacy and passion greatly in their relationships.

positive taurus personality


The Taurus is the good samaritan of the Zodiac sign. They are the kind of person who will stop and ask a stranger if they are okay if it seems like they are distressed.

They are always willing to lend a helping hand in almost any situation – you’ll find them doing a lot of favors for people, which can sometimes lead to the Taurus feeling used or taken advantage of.

Taurus’s protective nature means they do not like to see people in trouble – even complete strangers. They are the kinds of people who will always offer their assistance, even if its not the best idea for the Taurus to get involved.

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The Taurus is very emotionally strong and can handle almost anything life throws their way. They often experience a large amount of heartache and loss in life and while it may break them emotionally, they are able to survive through it better than most other signs.

Their strength is what also makes them able to stand up for what is right and to fight for what they love. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty if need be, which can make Taurus a great leader.

taurus astrology traits

Intuitive With an Excellent Memory

Taurus can be very intuitive and can sometimes see things only some people will notice. They are very good at reading people without knowing a lot about them – they can often just tell what they need to know about someone based on how they feel.

They also tend to have an excellent memory and are usually able to recall exactly what something was like in the past. This can sometimes be frustrating if you’re ever in an argument with a Taurus and you can be sure they don’t forget what really happened.

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Truth Detectors

The Taurus has a very low tolerance for bullshit and lies. They can almost instantly tell when someone is lying. They don’t easily fall for scams or cons – this makes them almost immune from being taken advantage of and being able to spot a scam long before it even happens.

They are very good at getting the truth to come out of others. Their stubborness and steadfastness means they will not give up until all the lies are dissolved and the truth makes itself known. People who are lying to a Taurus will soon find they cannot keep up the charade for very long.


A Taurus takes everything you say to them to heart. It’s not easy for them not to take things personally if you criticize something or blow up at them.

They take their feelings, especially negative ones very seriously and you’re going to have a very hard time getting them to forgive and forget after they’ve been hurt. You’ll often find their mood swings are amplified because they refuse to let things roll off their back.

On the bright side, their sensitivity also makes them amazing listeners. They have the ability to really hear out what someone has been saying and can often intuitively come up with solutions for someone’s problems.

What Are Taurus Weaknesses? Negative Personality Traits of Taurus

We’ve talked about how wonderful the Taurus personality traits can be. We could go on and on about how amazing they are, but of course no one is perfect.

Just like any other sign, the Taurus does have some bad traits as well.

taurus negative personality weakenesses


The Taurus likes being in control and secure. The Taurus has very little tolerance for things or people which make them feel insecure. They can often seem overbearing towards the people in their life and try to steer them in the right direction.

Part of this stems from their protective nature – they don’t want to see the people they love make mistakes or get hurt. However, they can sometimes be controlling over people and this can push the independent and freedom loving zodiac signs away.

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Self Indulgent

The qualities that make the Taurus sensual can also lead to the Taurus being self-indulgent in life. They may be prone to overeating foods that aren’t very healthy, which can sometimes lead to health problems.

Their self-indulgent tendencies can also affect their financial situation. The Taurus is often a spendthrift, which can often lead to problems making money. They may also go into debt quite easily.

taurus constellation stars


The bull of the Taurus tends to be stubborn in many ways. Arguments can often hit a stalemate where they are not willing to change or compromise.

The Taurus will stick to what they think is right until the end, regardless of whether someone else might know more than them. Sometimes they can get themselves into trouble by not looking at all the facts and instead just going off what they think is right.

They are very stubborn people who will not back down from their convictions and beliefs. Sometimes this can cause the Taurus to hold a grudge or hurt the feelings of others with their words.

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While most Taurus signs you meet are deeply spiritual people, they can sometimes get caught up in the material things of life. They can sometimes be concerned with status and prestige, never really understanding that’s not all that matters in life.

They may boast their wealth, which can lead to jealousy from other people. The Taurus will often not be able to live in a way that suits their spiritual needs if they are always relying on materialism for comfort.


The Taurus is known to confront people and will stare conflict straight in the eye. They often create a lot of conflict and drama in their lives because they will not stand for anything they don’t approve of.

If a Taurus doesn’t like something, they are sure to let you know. They don’t beat around the bush – they are direct and get straight to what is bothering them when they are ready for a change in life.

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Taurus and Money

taurus and money

The Taurus is not the best zodiac sign at handling their finances. Their tendencies to self-indulge can often get them into trouble with debt and overspending.

While they are hardworking, they often do not value how much they are worth and this can result in them feeling underpaid and overworked. They may give too much of themselves to others, leaving very little left over for themselves.

In their lives, they value security and stability, so they do not take many risks with investments. They are skeptical of the stock market’s constant ups and downs and also worry that whatever they would invest in might fail.

You’ll find that the Taurus who does invest in the future sticks to very safe and predictable investments. They are the people who stick with mutual funds and their 401k for retirement.

A great tip for Taurus to be better with their money is to set a budget and stick to it. It’s also important they start paying down their debts and stop taking on any new ones.

One positive thing about Taurus is you can always trust them with your money. If you give them money they will use it wisely and hold onto it for you as you requested. They will never want to break your trust with finances.

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Best Careers for Taurus

taurus careers

The personality of Taurus makes them excellent at a number of different careers. Headfast and strong, they are naturally good at positions of leadership. You can often find them in positions such as law enforcement, managers, and even politicians.

When it comes to their career, they will often value loyalty and reliability very highly. They are more likely to work in the same field or for the same company much longer than other signs can tolerate. They are not ones to quickly change jobs without a lot of meditation and thought beforehand.

Because the Taurus likes to tell other people what to do, they make for excellent managers and good bosses to others who need guidance in their work.

One thing to note is that they do well with careers that help them provide for their family and contribute to society as a whole. You might find Tauruses in teaching positions because they genuinely care about protecting and supporting young minds.

taurus bull symbol

Taurus In the Workplace

At work, you’ll find the Taurus is a dependable co-worker who shows up even when they aren’t feeling the greatest. They aren’t ones to call off frequently unless something is really seriously wrong.

They can sometimes be difficult to work with because of their tendency to argue and their stubborness. They do not like to change, so it can be difficult to get the Taurus to jump on board with new ideas.

The Taurus can be a very knowledgeable and experienced worker who is very sympathetic to others. They are able to assist the other employees in their work and feel more than happy to help them find ways to improve their productivity or quality.

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Taurus Health and Fitness

The Taurus is the kind of person who after a long hard day of work is a lot more likely to sit back and relax than to pursue a sport. However, they do enjoy a certain level of activity, especially if it awakens their senses.

Hiking and taking walks is a great activity for the Taurus because it stimulates their senses – there is always something new to observe and take in. They can also enjoy yoga, dance and stretching because it allows them to relax and express their physical selves.

Diet-wise the Taurus is pretty simple when it comes to eating. They prefer the standard American diet for most of their meals – something that they know will give them energy, but not too much and not too little.

Because Taurus tend to be self-indulgent, they are sometimes prone to making unwise health choices. They may drink and eat too much or neglect their own physical needs.

taurus traits

Taurus Hobbies and Interests

The Taurus generally do not enjoy doing anything very flashy and loud.

Buying new clothes is an activity they enjoy – they like to look their best. They tend to be quite methodical in their approach to shopping, and they like to spend plenty of time choosing an article of clothing.

They are often very supportive of local businesses – things like farmers’ markets and boutiques are great for the Taurus. They may even choose to make their own things as a hobby, such as baking or sewing. They can be very resourceful in DIY projects and inventing solutions for things they need.

The Taurus is a very artistic person who can enjoy watching the arts or creating art themselves. If they are not inclined to pursue art or music, you will find they often love watching good movies and appreciating the creativeness that goes into the production.

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Taurus As Friends and Family

When you know the personality traits of a Taurus, how they interact with their friends and family starts to make a lot more sense.

As a friend, the Taurus is always there to listen and support you. They are the kind of person who is excellent at giving advice and giving you guidance through rough spots in life.

A Taurus can also be someone who will go out of their way to help another in a pinch. For example, if you are the one helping someone move, they will show up with extra muscle to make things easier for you.

In relationships, the Taurus is not quick to let go of a fight or disagreement. They may hold onto grudges and arguments for far too long, which can be difficult for them and often annoying for others.

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As housemates, the Taurus can sometimes be difficult to live with. They are not very fond of tidiness and organization, which can make things difficult. However, they are also some of the most generous and helpful people you’ll ever meet.

The Taurus is a great friend or parent because they will always go out of their way to help you when you need them. They just want to see their loved ones happy. It may seem like they are overbearing or controlling, but know they just have your best interest at heart and they want to protect you from heartache.

Love and Relationships as a Romantic Partner

taurus in love

The Taurus is a very affectionate person so their partners can expect to be treated with a lot of love and attention. They will do anything to please their loved ones and want to be sure they are happy.

They are very loyal partners, and they value a good relationship with someone who will appreciate them for who they are.

When it comes to relationships, the Taurus is someone who wants to spend most of their time with their partner. They don’t get excited about going out and having parties to meet new people. They are perfectly content with a romantic night in.

You will find that in your relationship with a Taurus you should not lie to them. It’s important to always be upfront and direct and tell them exactly what is on your mind. They have a very low tolerance for playing games or being manipulated and will always catch you if you lie to them or are cheating on them behind their back.

The best way to love a Taurus is to show them loyalty and commitment, just like you would expect them to show you.

Taurus as Children

The Taurus child is often inquisitive and curious. They like to ask lots of questions and want to learn more about the world around them.

They are motivated and will work hard in school if they feel like they are being given the right tools and support. They will not let any obstacles stand in their way when it comes to learning.

Because of the Taurus child’s curiosity, they may find themselves easily bored or distracted. They need plenty of things to captivate their attention – games and an interesting atmosphere work best for them.

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The Taurus child will either have many friends due to their helpful and understanding nature or perhaps only a few close ones because their tendency to be stubborn and confrontative. They can sometimes get in arguments with their peers, parents and teachers.

taurus zodiac bull

Taurus as Parents

As parents, the Taurus can sometimes come across as being overbearing and controlling. They may meddle in places they would be better to avoid, especially in the lives of their adult children.

On the other hand, they also make excellent parents because they are always there to support their children in whatever they choose to pursue. They often encourage their kids to become independent and self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean the Taurus parent isn’t there when needed most.

The Taurus parent is also a very good listener and because of this has the ability to earn their child’s trust. The child of a Taurus knows they can always say what is bothering them to their Mom or Dad.

The Taurus parent is very good at spending quality time with their children, teaching them all the things they can do. Their children are encouraged to follow their own dreams and do what makes them happy, while never leaving them feeling confused or alone about anything.

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Tips for Having a Good Relationship with a Taurus

taurus profile

If you want to really show a Taurus you care, you need to be there for them and listen to them every time they need something or just want someone to talk to.

The Taurus is not the kind of person who will give you a lot of criticism unless it is completely warranted, so if you are going through a tough period where you feel your Taurus can offer nice words of advice, take advantage of it.

It’s also important that you avoid getting in arguments with the Taurus. Take care to not do things that will intentionally make them angry or you will pay the price!

Don’t hide things from them or try to lie to them. You can’t expect a Taurus to show their love for you if they don’t know what is going on in your life.

Be honest especially with all your problems and issues and do not be afraid to ask them for help or advice when you need it. They will always have your back, even when they don’t think they should be doing it for whatever reason.

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Are you or someone you know a Taurus? What are some of your favorite personality traits of Taurus? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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