Snakes Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about snakes can be scary. It is not uncommon to be afraid of snakes! This is why when we dream of snakes, it is very important to look at the context of the snake in the dream and how it relates to our waking life.

Your own personal experiences and beliefs about snakes will greatly depend on what dreaming about a snake means.

To Interpret a Dream About Snakes, Ask Yourself These Questions

The best way to understand what your dream about snakes means is to ask yourself some questions about your own personal associations with snakes.

How did the snake make you feel? Were you scared and anxious about the snake or were you feeling relaxed? The way the snake made you feel signifies your own feelings about a situation in your life.

What type of snake was it? There are many different types of snakes – dreaming of a boa constrictor for example would have a different meaning than dreaming about a rattlesnake or garter snake.

Researching the snake and its common characteristics can help provide further insight to the dream.

For example, if it’s a boa constrictor – something may be “choking you” – whereas, with a rattlesnake, something may be “rattling” you.

And if it’s a garter snake? Well, chances are whatever it is that may be bothering you is probably a lot less threatening than it appears.

What Color Were the Snakes? The colors of a snake can have great meaning also. A green snake might have a different meaning than a red snake. Learn more about color meanings here.

Once you answer these questions, it will help make it easier for you to decide what the snake means in your dream.

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Symbolism of Snakes

Holding a snake in your hand can be a symbol for overcoming obstacles and fears.

Understanding the symbolism of snakes can help you interpret your dream. Often times we will experience these different themes that are currently happening in our lives, whether it is through our relationships, our career, or current life circumstances.

Hidden Fears:

Since snakes are one of the most feared animals in society, dreaming of a snake can often symbolize other things you are afraid of. Think carefully about the context of the snake in the dream and what fears you may have that are holding you back.

Snakes as a Symbol of Betrayal:

Snakes have long been a symbol of betrayal, going all the way back to the first stories of mankind and in the garden of Eden. Is there someone in your life who you feel like you cannot trust or has wronged you recently?

Reminder to Be Flexible:

These creatures are quite flexible, and can go almost anywhere! Without legs or any rigid structure, they are able to easily adapt for a number of different types of situations. Seeing a snake in a dream may be reminding you to remain calm and stay flexible in whatever situation you are currently dealing with.

A Symbol For Feeling Intimidated

Many people are afraid of most reptiles, because it can seem they are very powerful or sneaky. Dreaming of a snake can sometimes mean you feel overpowered, intimidated or manipulated.

Snakes as a Symbol For Temptations

Snakes can also sometimes be a symbol of temptation. Think back to the story in the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve are tempted by the snake to eat the forbidden apples in the garden. Your dream about a snake could mean that you are feeling tempted to do something you know you should not do.


In some cultures, snakes are revered and can be seen as a great source of wisdom. This symbolism of wisdom may date back to the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Snakes are also sometimes thought to be very clever creatures who can quickly adapt to their surroundings.

Common Examples of Snake Dreams And What They Mean

Sometimes, it is helpful to look at some common snake dreams to better understand the context of the symbolism that appears.

Dreaming of Baby Snakes:

Baby snakes can be a symbol for feeling lost or confused in life. You may feel like your current situation is overwhelming, or you may be looking for some sort of external guidance in making your next steps in life.

Being Bitten by a Snake:

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake can mean you need to be more aware of what is happening to you or that you need a “wake up call” in your life and serves as a warning that you need to pay attention to what threatens you in waking life. Dreaming of a snake bite could also mean you are undergoing a painful transformation in your life.

Fighting a Snake:

Dreaming of fighting a snake could mean your resistance to change or your need to overcome fears.

Killing a Snake:

To dream of killing a snake in your dreams, can symbolize overcoming your fears. It can also mean overcoming betrayal or temptation in your daily waking life.

Dreaming of Having a Pet Snake:

If you have had pet snakes in the past, or currently have a pet snake, then the dream could represent your need for companionship. If you have never had a pet snake (and would probably never have one) – it could mean you have a hard time trusting new friends.

Snake Charming

To dream of charming a snake, or having control of a snake, can signify that you have control over your fears. You may also be wondering if you should “use your charm” in order to get your way in a situation. To dream of someone else snake charming, it could mean that person is a great source of wisdom or mystery in your life.

Two-Headed Snake Dream:

Dreaming of a two-headed snake can mean you that are have conflicting views about something in your life, or you feel pulled in two different directions. Snakes with more than two snakes could signify the number of fears you have that are holding you back in life.

Venomous Snakes and Poisonous Snakes:

To dream of a venomous/poisonous snake in your dream means that something is threatening you or you are feeling threatened in your life.

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Multiple Snakes: Seeing multiple snakes can mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation or that you are afraid you cannot handle the stress from current events in your life. There may be several sources of stress or people that are currently influencing your mood in waking life.

Snakes as a Spirit Animal

black madagascar snake

Yes, even though many people are afraid of snakes, snakes can be messengers of spirit in our dream! There is a lot of wisdom we can learn from snakes.

As a spirit animal or dream messenger, snakes are here to remind us to confront our fears. It does not serve us well in life to be afraid of making changes or to avoid confrontation when necessary.

Snakes are also able to adapt and move as necessary – they can often fit through tight spaces and into places we as humans could never imagine fitting into. The message from the snake is this: Be flexible!

This flexibility can be very helpful no matter what you are going through in your current daily waking life, whether it is a message for dealing with career changes or difficult coworkers or learning new ways to communicate in your relationships.

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Do you have any questions about dreaming about snakes? Any additional snake dream interpretation meanings we may have missed? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!

232 thoughts on “Snakes Dream Meaning and Symbolism”

  1. I dont really recall it in detail. All I remember is that I was sitting on a bed and my brother is not way far from me. And two meek snakes came across my legs. I was about to tell my brother but I couldn’t and afraid that if I scream it’ll bite me. Fortunately, it didn’t. It was just like passing by me. It happened two times in a dream. There, I wasn’t able to tell anybody

  2. I dreamed of someone I know who wants to be a parental figure to me, who is having relationship issues with my mother, and I finding a snake in the grass. It looked like a ball python at first, but when I went to pick it up it turned into a rattlesnake. It didn’t bite me or rattle, but it was identifiable. It didn’t bite the other person either when he carefully picked it up and threw it a distance away from me. What could that mean?

  3. I have dreamed about snakes ever since I was a child, sometimes I’m falling into a pit of snakes I have probably dreamt of snakes 200 times over 47 yrs, last night I dreamt about a orange, white and black snake, I was either a coral snake or the one that looks almost like it, I guess that I have a phobia of snakes I can’t even look at one on tv without shivering and feeling very anxious, I also am A very religious person if that helps, I be dreamt is snakes so many times please help me figure out why or what it means thank you in advanced…

  4. in my dream i was bitten by a snake on my right thumb finger, in a brown handbag which i bought from a friend and its was she who told me there was a snake inside the small pocket inside the bag.

  5. I climbed up with a clothe which serves as a rope and was swingging being pushed by my brother, and was about to heat a tree but then held with my both feet and the clothe that serves as a rope was touching the shallow water I was swingging over; which was what the snake held on to and climb to meet me up and I was trying to jump down but the weight couldn’t let me do so. I was then frightened even coupled as my brother was asking me to jump down and I told him I can’t until the snake burst the clothe and brought out its head and I was more frightened and woke up.

  6. I have 3 pet snakes (2 milk and 1 king) that are all about 5’ long. Last night I dreamt that my king snake and my second favorite milk snake were fighting and trying to eat each other. However, in my dream they were huge!!!! Like bigger than the largest anaconda. It didn’t scare me, I just kept trying to make them stop but they were too big for me to pull apart. Anyone have any ideas on this?

  7. I dreamed that I saw a black cobra and it was looking at me. I didn’t feel afraid. I then saw how the snake approached a man whom I’ve never seen but he extracted the poison out of the cobra, he pressed against its head and poison was dripping. The cobra didn’t seem to like it but it appeared tame.

  8. It was a long road I was middle of the road and I can see the grey carpet road very far. And a black snake is coming from that far towards me but I’m relaxed and I’m looking at the snake coming. Once the snake come just in front of me the snake starring at me and rotate his his head two times( like drawing a circle from his head) in front of me. And then I woke up. I don’t even scared when I woke up. So what’s the meaning of it

  9. In the dream I just saw that me along with my two kids resting in a old or I can say a half constructed multystoryed building.suddenly a snake’s tail apper moving here and there.i took my two kids and tried to protect ourselves.And the tail of the snake was greyish to black.

  10. Had a weird one lately and weirdest part is I never dream religious motifs so not sure what it all meant.

    Was flying above a sea but down in the hardcore waves under me there were 2 huge virgin mary statues broken and tilted with snakes comming out of a hole in their chest (around above their heart) slithering out over the shoulder on their back and then dissapearing and another one would come from the same hole after a lil flash of red light.
    Few dreams later (same night) another snake appeared in another dream. This time it was a monster size anaconda in a populated area. People avoided it (closed their doors when it came near) but a cat went to him and he didn’t attack the cat instead he attacked a massive bug that was hiding in the bushes (after which I zoomed in watching the anaconda crush the bugs head in its mouth but that went graphic so won’t describe it)

  11. My dream fell into several of these categories and am curious to what you think. In my dream, I was in a small trailer that i have never been in before. And there were baby snakes everywhere. I remember trying to warn my family that there so many snakes but they wouldnt listen. And then I realized that some of them were poisonous copperheads. As the dream went on I ended up getting bit by a baby snake and I didnt know if it was poisionious for not but a small child grabbed my finger and started to squeeze the venom out and when she was done she pulled a small piece of cotton from the bite. The last thing I remember was right after that. I remember that a family dog started to chase some of the snakes away. And then suddenly there were no snakes I the house. Can you please tell me what you thi k this means?

  12. Hi,

    In my dream I was visiting an estate where one of my rented out property is. On the road and in the gardens there were lots of big, fat dead snakes everywhere. they were laying in groups, tangled together. I even remember talking to a neighbour who said they thought it was strange when 6 months previous they kept seeing baby snakes in the garden and this is what has become of them now. I have a snake phobia in real life, I felt quite disgusted by the body of dead snakes in my dream, but not scared. they were very fat too, which seemed unusual.

  13. Hi, I had caught one and trapped it in a container so later get rid of. A kid came in the room to try and move it out for me and the box started wriggling too much so he put it down in the corridor and the lid popped off. Dark coloured snaked came out, bit my foot and wrapped around my ankle.

  14. Hi

    In my dream I was in my house and sat downstairs on my sofa and There was a green snake with black and yellow outlines scales with bright yellow eyes, it was just sitting on my lap this snake was big with a thick body. I was just holding it and we kept looking each other in the eyes and I just felt a connection and really relaxed and then I let it go onto the floor so it could slither around and then my dream ended. Another thing I remember feeling people next to me but I couldn’t see their faces and they were frozen. Does this mean anything?

  15. In my dream I was running in a zoo type places with many many different snakes around as I was running g I was trying to avoid stepping on the snakes as they were all venomous according to the keeper
    The one type of snake was the main focus of the dream but for the life of me I cannot remember the name but I do know it’s a snake that lives around waters and is fat and black
    One of the snakes that i came in contact with and the reason for me running away was this particular snake the only thing difference was that it had large human eyes and was fixated on me
    None of the snakes bit me or got hold of me in anyway but it freaked me out as it was dark and could hardly see were I was running.
    The keeper warned me about going to the back of the enclosure yet I found my self there and trying to run back to safety
    The snake with the eyes was behind glass but the glass was not completely mounted to the ground leaving a gap large enough for it to get through
    The snake seemed to react with the way I moved and was heading for the gap in the glass my foot steps woke the snake and it looked me in the eyes as it unravelled its coiled body
    The dream has been playing on my mind and has left a very uneasy feeling to a point that the worn snake mentioned in conversation or just hearing it takes me back to the dream all over again
    Please I need help in figuring out what this means and should I be concerned

    Thank you

  16. I was at work and I caught this (cute) little light blue viper it was biting me more so Out of fear that I caught it and took it outside and went to release it when I saw a large green snake upside down (so it’s belly) in the bushes I Let go of the blue viper and ran inside (I have a mild fear of snake) As I ran through the doors it changed into my old house as I went to close the back door to darker blue (One small and long like the little blue one, one fat and short) snakes followed me in terrified of these two I told my son and nephews to run along with my sister I told my brother-in-law to catch the snake to get rid of them(He too has a fear of snakes) After all being trapped in a room I woke up

  17. I had a red snake with black stripes in my dream
    It was in my hose roof which is brown in color
    After some time it came inside my home and i went hide in my bedroom
    And my parents were sending the snake outside
    Then i don’t know what happened
    Is this wrong

  18. I had a dream last night I was at some kind of public event. I’m not sure what kind because I wasn’t there long. My dream then switched to me sitting on the floor Calling My Stepmom, a retired RN because I had two very large pimple type things on my left calf. When I began to pinch it a grayish tan garter Snake came out opening it’s mouth angrily. I don’t know if it was going to strike but it slivered off quickly and then I woke up

  19. Hi
    In my dream I was climbing a flight of stairs to reach a friend, that’s when I see a mesh of black snakes, interwoven just besides the staircase, all lit up by the daylight. There was an anaconda on one edge. I was taken aback at first, then I walk past them and go see my friend.
    How is this interpreted?

  20. I had a dream where I was moving around the house trying to see where the snakes were. We had many(6+) snakes in the house. I had captured/killed 4/5 snakes. Clearly remember that I was aware of two more snakes that I wanted to stop. The weirdest thing was that I was the only one concerned. No one seemed to care about this. I also had three bite marks, two on my hand and one on my feet. Even showing that to people didn’t bother them. I also clearly remember killing a baby snake. All the snakes were just long black snakes. None of the bites were confronting, realised them after I felt the sting. I didn’t wake up in trauma because I had neutralised many of them. But I was still afraid of a big one that I knew was hiding under a bed.

    This doesn’t relate to any of the snake dreams I searched online. It was really weird. Went on for a long time. Made me panic but not to a level where I would wake up.

    What does this even mean?

    • That sounds to me like you are in a situation where you are trying to battle multiple stressful things in your life and even if you do manage to “kill” or take care of a few of them there are still more around that you don’t manage to solve and there is always that one big thing that terrifies you “under the bed”? The fact that the others aren’t phased by the situation also must be stressing you out because you feel like you are fighting all your problems alone and nobody else is even batting an eye?

      Problem with dreams is that you can’t interpret them by 1 major element you see in them even a random thing you might see can be a metaphor the brain makes for something else. Every single element that we dream depends on how we see things in life. I see snakes as amazing animals (all reptiles) with no fear whatsoever of them so when I dream of a snake it is mostly a situation where I follow it or observe it… which in make case can mean me chasing temptations but who knows.

  21. In my dream I had a bump on my arm near my elbow and then I noticed that the bump started to move. Then all of the sudden a baby snake came through my skin and then a second baby snake. Finally I saw a full grown snake come out. I stayed as still as possible and tried to stay calm. In my dream I just kept repeating “oh my God, oh my God” the baby snakes were kind of brownish in color and the bigger naked looked black. I just remember thinking, this is just a dream dont freak out.

  22. Hi me and my husband recently start a cupcake business,
    My husband had a dream last night, that i was baking the cupcakes and snakes were there to eat all, we were seems feared so we serve them cupcakes, they eat the whole,
    Is there a meaning to this?

  23. I had a dream about a large brownish-Black colored snake chasing me(and someone else was with me, but can’t recall who that person was) we were in my deceased parents house.(parents have been deceased about 13 &15 yrs now) But in my dream, My parents were alive, in their bedroom, as this was going on. So the snake was attacking me, wrapping itself around my arm, getting tighter and tighter! Somehow, I managed to get free in the bathroom and shut the door trapping it inside the bathroom. We ran out the house and I started to call my parents to let them know that the snake was in the bathroom, but then I woke up.. so I don’t know if I was able to warn my parents about the snake in the bathroom. ☹☹. Anybody know what this symbolizes??

  24. Hi, I dream of a place looks peaceful and wonderful. There was a stairlike fountain flowing with waters and each stairs has a pot with different plants. Some plants already have a flowers. Then, below the plants are clear water with white rice in it and below the rice are soil. I saw an earthworm swimming in the clear water and a lot of children is watching the fountain. Then, I saw something like yellowish but fat thing in the water. I thought at first, it was a cloth. However, when I used a stick to get it, it sounds like a snake and when I tap it again, it shows the head of a snake that looks like a rattlesnake but it is yellowish in color. Then it tries to attack a little girl and I stop it with my hand. I literally giving the snake a hand sign saying stay away and telling “Aye, aye, shooo! shooo!” Then, the snake tries to bite me but it couldn’t do so no matter how close my hands to its mouth. What does it mean? Can you please send to my email my dream interpretation please? Thank you!

  25. My dream was outside on green on green grass a pile of different snakes with a large green snake on top. There was a woman who was stepping on top of the green snake with a red high heel.

  26. I had a dream were i was on top of a bike with my cousin a female we wanted to pass under a rock, the more we try passing it d more d rock was covering us so d bike fell an d rock was on top of us I was able to move out from under d rock but a man was bit by a snake under d rock wen I came out from d rock I saw lots of snakes in silver like ashes colors but small an big I was putting on a very fine short gown with blood stains at d front an back

  27. This is the second day i dream about snakes. The first one i saw multiple snake at the roof of my house and one of them bit me. On the second day, i saw friend of mine being chased by many snakes and killed them. What does these dream mean?

  28. In my dream I saw a snake facing back to me but then it turned, made eye contact with me and started coming towards me. I tried running but by then it was too close to me and was staring at me. As much as I remember it looked like a milk snake with round eyes and looked non- poisonous yet I knowing that I was terrified and shouted for my mom. I asked her to drive away the snake from there which she did but then I was it returning towards me. That’s when I woke up. I really want to know what it means.

  29. I was in my bedroom holding a brown snake and i let the snake bite me on my left hand because I can formulate an antidote. Then as i was extracting the venom of the snake in the bathroom so i had to show its fangs it then suddenly bit my right hand. I attempted to get the snake off but it would not let go and it started to sink in more. I then got an object to press on its head to retract the fangs and i was able to hold on to its head and toss the snake away from me. Then i went to the living room to see my mom and told her i was bitten by a snake and my hands are on my side just feeling numb and swollen so we need to go to the hospital so i went and change my shirt to white. Thats when i woke up.

  30. I had a dream last night about a giant snake. I was kind of confined in a container or some small room. At first I was afraid but it seemed the snake wasn’t there to hurt me. It was just slithering around. Since it was a tight space I needed to let it just move around. I remember it being so big that when it slithered it brushed against my head and it was kind of heavy because the snake was so large. It just kept moving around and doing its own thing. I actually started being ok and not scared as I noticed it wasn’t after me. I don’t remember the color..Maybe it was dark brown or something. I just remember the snake being really big. What does that mean?

  31. Hi,

    I saw baby snake opposite to my house. Even snake saw me.. As we started to ride on bike. It was rightside road as it heard bike sound. It turned the head n saw us. Even I looked it. N we moved left side of the road.

    Now that baby snake is reflecting on my eyes. When ever I’m trying to close my eyes n sleep.. It was cute n I felt like I saw Lord Shiva.

  32. I dream about I am in a place with a car that i don’t about and there was a house and outside the house there there were 3 snake near the car and then there was a tiger standing on his 2 two feet trying to kill the snakes with the stick and his tail was clear to see but the snake was attacking anyone just staying in one position

  33. I had a dream I was fighting with an old friend I have seen for years in a pond filled with alligators and snakes but it later ate my friend .when I got out of the pond I found out that a snake bite my middle right finger . I ran to my parents and my mother sucked the venom out

  34. I had a dream that i was driving and there was multiple snakes on the road. The further i drove, the bigger the snakes would get. I did have

  35. I had a dream about a snake trying to kill my niece and myself and other ppl was trying to get her unwrap from this snake and I woke up shaking what could this mean

  36. I dreamed of finding a Tree, once I got to the tree, there was a huge puddle surrounding the tree, I saw a snake in the tree, vet huge, so I decided to see if I can get away, but the snake had somehow able to put my “Still” without moving. I thought It was going to wrap around me to attack me, but instead it just laid it’s head on top of mines. That’s it. I wonder if the snake is some sort of protector since I was going to try to get away by getting into the dirty puddle, but I don’t know, it can also mean the snake as a bad thing…. any ideas?

  37. My partner had a dream of a snake with four heads as its tail, all with human face. I’m wondering what does that mean?

  38. we heard gone for a function at our place with my friend then later i told her we should go shower then later after showering as we were coming the bathrooms were near a garden since its in the village we met a big black cobra snake and so it first looked at my friend keenly and didnot harm her and so to me and still it didnot harm me and our last born too, so we continued then again we moved then still met another black cobra big snake and it did the same to us. i would love to know the meaning. thanks

  39. I had a dream about a black snake that bit me on my left hand. I didn’t go to the hospital quickly as I was waiting for someone. When I did I remember what map I was looking at and went to the hospital and I could see my hands on the wheel and where I was going. Where the bite was it was swelling at each of the puncture wounds.

  40. My bf wakes up in the middle of the night at times and has these dreams that every one needs to get out of the house that something horrible has happened well tonight it was more like he was awake cause he answered my questions back correctly normally he confuses me with this to night my instructions was to wake all the kids up and get them out of the house and get them outside and he would b out n a bit he woke up saying f*** sh** f***f***f*** liv get out of the house and take the kids with u just do it and I got up cause he was freaking out I was just bit by a copper head I said were is it and r u really awake and he said yes I’m awake do as I said I have it in my hand get everyone out so I proceeded to do so I woke up all 7 kids and got them out they was having a sleep night n the living room I told the bigger ones to grab the littles and get them out and i went out and waited for a few mins didnt hear nothing in the house so I started yelling in the house at him then went in the house after giving our infant to one of the bigger kids and he was just snoring in bed I started throwing stuff at him to get him to wake up n move n nothing not even a flinch to get his attention I finally touched his foot I’m terrified that that might happen one night anyways it’s a fear that I have I finally get him up and coax him into the living room and I get it was just a dream and he went back to bed now I have to put the kids back to sleep and there fully awake and I’m a bit ticked off this has happend over and over again it happends atleast once or twice a month and its normally different scenarios each time can anyone give me an insight on what needs to b done so me n the children can sleep now I’m not going back in there till he wakes and checks the room or sonething

  41. It was a HUGE human sized rattlesnake that I fought with a medieval axe that broke when I tried killing it and then when I grabbed the other axe I chopped it into three different sections. It was fighting me and I spotted it first in the grass after the first part of my dream.

  42. In my dream I was on a farm in the late evening with a lot of my family and friends around. I remember the evening grew late and we needed to find somewhere to sleep. I was standing in the entrance to the barn with my cousin bill, and looked to the left and there was a huge room that I looked in. When I looked into this room I saw my sister sleeping with her two dogs and a cat, my nephew sleeping with his cats, and someone I don’t remember who was
    sleeping alone. The dirt floor of this room was completely covered with huge boa like copperheads and rattlesnakes laying against each other in wavy lines that were asleep. Each person was circled by the snakes. I remember the fear I felt and what was I going to do to help them get out. Bill said he knew how to get rid of them and he went into the room and then he was bit on the arm and came out. I remember the horrible fear I felt of the snakes and my sister, nephew, and whoever the other person was in the room.

  43. I had a couple snake black in colour dream and multiple snakes of dark shaded colours like brown n ol. while riding a bike with my boyfriend at my ex address area that is my old to old house colony
    May i know what this actually means please please help me because i m scared pf these dreams i saw snakes many times in my dreams almost always…🙏🙏

  44. I had a dream this morning and I woke up. I saw many snakes in the bed i was sleeping. A yellow snake under my pillow was the first one I noticed followed by white in the floor and a red headed in the table nearby one was black in colour and was crawling in the window. I even saw many death snakes and some were killed infront of me by my family member. I saw a white snake chasing a red headed snake in railing of my bed in which I was sleeping. I was very frightened and tried calling my parents but they weren’t there for help.This is not the first time am going through such dream I often see snakes in my dreams some times only black snakes everywhere I go chasing me.What does all these snakes indicate.?What is the drean actually about.?

  45. I just woke up from a dream that started at my old job (a nursing home). I remember being in a patient room that had 3 male residents (where its usually 2 people to a room). They kept having toileting accidents and the moment I got one cleaned up, another would have an accident. So I started getting upset at that and out of nowhere, I see myself going around the nursing home looking for my purse so I could leave. In the dream, I realized that I was holding my cell phone and my wallet and decided to call my mother to come get me because I was upset. Then the dream flashed to my mother and I leaving the job in a car. We were talking and out of nowhere, we pass by two small green snakes coiled together hanging from a tree branch. I asked my mom (in the dream) if she saw the two snakes and she said No she didn’t see them. What could this dream possibly mean?

    • Hi Nikki, in this dream the snakes could be a symbol for choosing between two paths {leaving the nursing home job and your current life} and your mother could be a reflection of the caretaking aspect of yourself – are you taking care of your own needs as much as you are currently caring for others in your life? Our posts on characters as parts of ourselves in dreams and the dream meaning of old workplaces and jobs might give you more insight on what the dream means. Hope that helps and thank you for sharing your dream with us!

  46. My snake dream experience was not frightening at all. Instead the snake on my dream was just trying to be friendly with me and trying to say something, maybe asking for help. The colour of the snake was dark black. Does it create a life treat meaning?

    • Hi Sayan, not all snake dreams are scary and it’s nice to hear about your dream with a friendly snake, thank you for sharing it with us!

  47. I dreamed of a Red belly Black Snake (venomous) came towards me I was laying on the ground I closed my eyes and froze thinking it would bite me I was a little scared but the snake slithered around me and I could feel it against me and slithered off…

  48. I dreamt a yellow,red, and black snake crossed my path. It then attacked me biting me on back of hand and arms about four times. I remember being afraid but then angry so I picked it up and strangled it to death. There seems to be a lot of symbolism within that small bit but I’m trying to decider the meaning. The yellow and red stuck out and why did I pick it up and strangle it?


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