Pisces Personality Traits and Characteristics Profile

The Pisces Zodiac sign covers everyone born between February 19 through March 20 . If you or someone you know is a Pisces, read on to learn about the different Pisces personality traits in this in-depth personality profile.

positive pisces personality trait

As a water sign, Pisces are very emotional and intuitive. Pisces is also ruled by the planet Neptune which represents spiritual unity and further supports their natural ability to be intuitive.

The symbol for the Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, which represents their constant struggle between balancing the physical and the emotional world.

If you read about a personality characteristic and think “that doesn’t sound like me or the Pisces I know at all” this is because they often can go in either direction in life. One Pisces you meet may be very organized and grounded in reality while another Pisces you meet may seem like they have no plan and no need for order in their lives.

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When trying to understand Pisces, it’s also important to remember their moods can be unpredictable as they are ruled by the planet Neptune and thus can be erratic and out of touch with reality at times.

Let’s dive into what personality traits are characteristic for those born under the Pisces zodiac sign.

Positive Personality Traits

pisces positive personality traits


A Pisces has a natural born instinct to be intuitive. They can often learn something very quickly with little direction if they are motivated enough. Their intuition helps Pisces to quickly learn new tasks and skills.

They often use intuition to help them solve problems and figure out what is really going on with a situation. They have a quick mind and this helps them make good decisions quickly.

Because Pisces are an emotional water sign, they are very in tune with how others feel. This makes it easy for them to pick up on someone’s energy and to quickly respond appropriately.

Many people who are Pisces have the uncanny ability to predict the outcome of an event.
They often “know” things without any logical reason to know them. This is why Pisces are often very good at tarot readings and as mediums.

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Pisces are very imaginative souls and often come up with novel solutions to problems. This is due to Neptune’s influence which emphasizes the dreamer in them.

Pisces like to daydream a lot and it can seem like sometimes they are caught up in their own little world. Sometimes they get so caught up in their own world they neglect important things.

When they are artistic, they often stun the world, such as Michelangelo (Born March 6, 1475) did with his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

If they are not drawn to artistic pursuits, we see the Pisces creativity take form in how they solve problems and look at a situation from a new perspective.

Many Pisces are very good at making plans, not because they want everything to be structured and orderly, but because it gives them an opportunity to imagine how something will play out.

positive personality characteristics of pisces


To be pragmatic means to be practical or reasonable. Despite their dreamer tendencies, Pisces can be very pragmatic people who are grounded in reality.

They are very rational in their decision making process often because they have a natural balance between logic and emotion. Studies show that all decisions are emotional – and it’s their connection to emotion that makes it easy for them to make decisions. When a Pisces is indecisive about something it is only because they aren’t fully being honest with themselves on how they feel.

Their rational approach to life makes them more practical than most people when it comes to looking at the big picture. They don’t obsess over the small details too much because many times the little things aren’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of life.

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The Pisces water sign is very in tune with emotions and therefore can be quite empathic towards other people.

An Empath is someone who can easily feel what others around them are feeling. They are very aware of what is going on in a person’s life and can read emotions like a book.

They are often good at helping others through difficult times and will often make the people around them feel better. In some ways they are very intuitive too because they know how other people feel so well.

In addition to understanding emotions, Pisces can also sometimes be very perceptive in other people’s non-verbal communication. With Pisces, you often don’t even need to tell them what you are thinking or feeling – they pick it up all on their own.

pisces are adaptable


As a water sign, Pisces are mutable and can quickly change as needed to adapt in almost any situation. They do not get upset when plans are changed, they just go along with the flow.

The Pisces is better than most signs at dealing with abrupt changes in life. While they can be greatly affected by traumatic events, they will still find a way to overcome almost anything and move forward.

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The Pisces is not an aggressive sign and they are not likely to cause conflict – more than often they will go to great lengths to avoid it. It doesn’t mean they won’t stand up for themselves, but they have a hard time fighting.

The Pisces will not intentionally cause harm to others – they are not vengeful like other signs. They would rather forget and forgive than allow anger and negativity to consume them.

Kind and Compassionate

Pisces are always kind to others – because they don’t like conflict, they don’t go out of their way to make anyone angry. They are sensitive to pick up on someone who is feeling down and will do their best to cheer that person up.

The Pisces doesn’t always notice when someone needs help, but they will always spring to action when they are asked.

Many Pisces signs love animals – they are the kind of person who literally would not hurt a fly if they could help it.

While the Pisces is tender hearted in nature, they are not always the most reliable of people. They are emotionally available to you anytime you might need support, but that doesn’t always mean they can realistically spring to action when you need them most.

pisces zodiac traits

Loyal and Trusting

Pisces are very trusting of others, which at times can make them seem gullible. They can easily be manipulated if they let their guard down.

Pisces are very loyal and will stick with you no matter what – they are always willing to do whatever it takes to help you. They have faith in humanity and life in general, which is one reason they are often so spiritual. They might not understand everything that happens to them, but they believe it is all for a reason.

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Playful and Fun

The Pisces is a very playful soul and will play often with friends and family. They are usually very lively and entertaining, so it can sometimes seem that Pisces is more of the life of the party than they really are.

When you are hanging out with a Pisces, you will never feel pressured to be anyone but yourself. They are very accepting and can get along and talk to anyone because as a water sign they go with the flow.

Although they may seem outgoing due to their playful and fun nature, most Pisces are actually introverts. After big social events they often need their own downtime to relax and unwind and process all of their emotions.

Deep Emotions

Pisces is an emotional sign, but they are more likely to express their emotions in more indirect ways. They don’t like to highlight their feelings and often keep them inside. Instead of focusing on their feelings, they’ll often turn a conversation around so it is all about yours.

They might not often say what is on their mind, but they will do so through actions – it might be hard for you to understand where the Pisces is coming from if you aren’t in tune with their actions.

Much like other water signs, the Pisces is a very emotional person with strong feelings that show up in almost every aspect of their lives. They get particularly emotional about everything from people to pets to work and school and things they learn about on the news.

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Naturally Lucky

Pisces of course don’t have any more luck than any of the rest of us – but to the outside world it always seems like they have it made and that things just easily fall into their laps.

The reason this happens is because Pisces always goes with the flow – they don’t fight the things that come easily to them while the rest of us often struggle.

What Are Weaknesses? Negative Personality Traits of Pisces

negative traits of pisces

While there are many positive things about Pisces, naturally they have some weaknesses too. Sometimes their positive traits can actually be negative traits, as this is the duality of the fish who go in two different directions.

Unpredictable Moods

Pisces are ruled by Neptune and as such, their emotions are very changeable and can seem unreliable to those around them at times. They often pick up on the energy of a situation and it can quickly change how they feel.

With a Pisces, they may be all energetic and excited one moment and then reserved and disinterested the next.

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Forgetful and Aloof

Pisces tend to be forgetful as any tendency towards being a dreamer is supported by Neptune’s influence. They often get caught up in their own little world and quickly forget other obligations they may have.

A Pisces often forgets things when going out – they might lose their car keys, they might forget their wallet, their glasses. As Pisces grows older they quickly learn they need to give themselves reminders and take care to make sure they have everything they need before leaving the house.

Easily Distracted

Pisces don’t always follow through on things they set out to do – they can be very impulsive and often have trouble sticking with an idea once it has been put into action. They might have an idea of what they want to do, but once it gets hard it is easy for them to get distracted or lose motivation and stop short of achieving their goal.

Because of this the Pisces is not usually the best at getting things done at home, work or school. They might start on a project and just stop before they are finished – which can leave them feeling like they accomplished nothing.

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Avoidance Tendencies

The Pisces way of dealing with things they don’t like is to avoid it at all costs. They can definitely procrastinate in life – and can often avoid the things they don’t like to do for so long that they are left with no choice but to face it head on.

Pisces are not ones to take matters into their own hands – they would rather let things play out. This can sometimes be an issue in stressful situations where they need to take action immediately or else something bad could happen.

pisces constellation

Covering Things Up and Lying

While Pisces wants to be honest with everyone because they know it’s important, they can’t help but find themselves in situations where they are afraid to admit the truth due to feeling embarrassment or their own insecurities. They don’t like conflict so they also don’t like to deal with the consequences of their actions.

They often do not tell someone what they are really thinking – they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so they sugar coat the truth. They are prone to many little white lies which can eventually blow up in their face if they are not careful.

The Pisces doesn’t intentionally lie to people – it just seems that way. They often don’t know what to say to a friend or family member, they just avoid the situation or lie and hope the person will not find out the truth.

These weaknesses are the characteristics that can make it hard for you to understand why a Pisces would do certain things in life. Sometimes you just can’t understand why they do what they do, it’s hard for them to explain and may seem completely random.

It’s not fun to dwell on the negative characteristics of the Pisces but they are important to know. If you are a Pisces, knowing your weaknesses can help you avoid the pitfalls. If you care about someone who is a Pisces, it’s good to know how you can best support them.

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Let’s move on to how the Pisces personality traits can affect their financial situation and career choices.

Pisces and Money

pisces and money

The Pisces can be a bit extravagant when it comes to spending money. When they want something, what it costs doesn’t matter. They can be dangerously close to maxing out their credit cards and the path to bankruptcy if they don’t take action to correct their spending and learn how to live within their budget.

While they are good at spending money, they are also good at attracting it. Their intuitive nature makes it easy for them to choose wise investments others may not have picked up on. This again feeds into the perception that Pisces are so lucky. It’s not that they are lucky, they just have a natural knack to feel their way through decisions.

If the Pisces is not making enough money to make ends meet or to get what they want in life, they can be very unhappy people. They may not always be willing to put in the work to increase their income because they know money isn’t everything. But they can get quite depressed when it constantly seems like what they want is out of reach.

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Best Careers for Pisces

Pisces signs are very people oriented and will often do well in a sales position because they naturally enjoy helping others and are good with their hands. They have a knack for empathizing with other people and understand what they are going through. This makes it quite easy for them to make product recommendations or find solutions for a client’s proble,

This natural ability to understand emotions can help them gauge what is going on in someone else’s life. Pisces make for excellent therapists and counselors – they are excellent listeners (even if they don’t always pay attention} and can find solutions for other people’s problems often better than they can for their own self.

Careers that don’t require a lot of hard work are ideal for the Pisces. While they want to be successful, they don’t always want to invest a lot of time and energy into making that happen. They may want immediate gratification but not be willing to do the work it takes to get there.

Pisces don’t like conflict and because of this they might not do well in some careers that are super competitive like being a professional athlete or corporate law.

pisces online profile

Pisces In the Workplace

Pisces in the workplace can shine like a star – they have creative ideas and always come up with solutions for a company’s problems.

However, sometimes Pisces can also seem like they are unmotivated and lazy – they aren’t putting in any extra effort to advance their careers. This isn’t true of course – but it’s how it can appear to the outside world when they seem to have everything just handed to them.

Because they don’t like conflict, they can sometimes avoid situations where people might challenge their ideas. They don’t take criticism well and if a job has a lot of demands or an employer mistreats them they will quickly find a new place to work.

Pisces do best when there is structure and routine to their job. They do not do well in situations where they are given unlimited freedom for how they spend their day because they will more than likely not spend that time playing instead of working.

As co-workers, you’ll find that Pisces are some of the most supportive people you will ever meet. They will always brighten the mood and are there to help you anytime you need it.

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Pisces Health and Fitness

Their intuitive ability can make the Pisces very successful at staying healthy. Because of their sensitive nature, they tend to be very aware of their bodies and what happens to them – which can keep them on top of their health routine.

Pisces are very sensitive to the nutritional needs of a body. They will make good choices for their health but have a tendency to overindulge in sweets, refined carbs or unhealthy snacks if not balanced properly.

Pisces don’t jump out at us as being super athletic, but that is because they often put their energy into other pursuits. When a Pisces wants to get in shape, they often have to put in a lot of effort to stay disciplined.

Because of their empathy to others, Pisces can sometimes neglect their own physical needs. It’s important that Pisces knows to take care of themselves and that it’s not selfish to take time for their own health and well-being.

pisces go with the flow

Pisces Hobbies and Interests

Almost all Pisces are naturally drawn to listening to music. Their musical tastes are often eclectic – as the saying goes, ranging from “You need to listen this to Please Don’t Judge Me.” You’ll find Pisces listen to a little bit of everything – from classical jazz to punk rock and country music.

Pisces can do well with creative activities such as photography, writing poetry, making art or having a blog. However, you may find that most Pisces you know aren’t particularly artistic or crafty at all. This is because Pisces is often caught up in their emotional and mental world – they don’t always feel the need to express it physically through creative endeavors.

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When they do choose a creative hobby, they are usually more likely to pick up something relaxing and mediative, such as coloring books or Zentangle.

Pisces often enjoy imaginative and strategy types of video games. They can build entire realms and enjoy role-playing types of games. When it comes to strategy base games, Pisces often beat their opponents in games due to their intuitive nature.

Another excellent hobby for Pisces is reading. They are like a sponge when it comes to knowledge and their imaginative personality trait makes it very easy for them to get caught up in a story. They often like movies and many different types of television shows.

pisces sand sculpture

Pisces As Friends and Family

The Pisces like to make others happy and will feel good about themselves if they have made a difference in someone’s life. This is one of the reasons they can be really great friends to have.

Being around Pisces is uplifting because they bring happiness, so if you have friends who are Pisces, then you will always have someone to hang out with who brightens your day.

Friends and family are very important to the Pisces because they know how to make people feel loved and special. They can bring joy into your life by organizing events, hosting parties or by simply accepting your love.

Living with a Pisces can sometimes be frustrating because they are prone to forgetting things and leaving a mess. They don’t always pay attention to how they look and often just throw on the first thing that comes to hand.

Pisces can be very dreamy and unpredictable – but this is why most people love them. They are the kind of people that will never let you down. They will always be there as a sympathetic and supportive friend and family member.

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Pisces In Love and Relationships as a Romantic Partner

pisces personality in relationships

A Pisces, like any water sign, is naturally drawn to romantic relationships. In a relationship it is important to keep these feelings in check so they don’t overwhelm someone else or cause them difficulty – if they do not maintain their focus and balance their emotions, then everyone around them will feel it and it can get quite messy.

If a Pisces feels understood, then they can become extremely loyal and caring partners. It is important for them to feel secure in the relationship, as Pisces signs can sometimes be insecure or unsure of where they really stand in their partner’s eyes.

Pisces thrive on feeling validated and loved by their partners – so don’t forget to spend some alone time with them. It’s all about balance in this relationship, so make sure you also give them their space when they need it.

As dreamers, those born under the Pisces sign can sometimes seem flighty and unreliable to their partners. They may forget important things like anniversaries and birthdates, or wait until the very last second to do anything for them.

The dreamer nature of Pisces can also cause them to lose focus in how they communicate with their partner. They may not get their point across very clearly or answer questions in a way that their partners doesn’t understand.

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Pisces also sometimes have a hard time sharing their real feelings with someone else. They don’t want to hurt your feelings or fight with you, so they’re just going to go along with whatever you say. Obviously, this can often lead to some difficulties in a relationship and can make things feel one-sided.

If you are dating a Pisces or thinking about dating one, know that they may have a hard time committing at first. They can be very friendly to others, which can sometimes come across as being flirty. This can make the partner of a Pisces very jealous if they do not realize it’s just how they act.

The good news is once Pisces is ready to settle down, they are committed for life. They are going to be trusting of you, so be sure you don’t let them down.

Pisces as Children

As children, Pisces are often the center of attention. They make new friends quickly and easily and do not worry too much about what other people think of them.

Pisces children are very sensitive and caring, but at times they may become moody and sulky when they don’t feel validated or heard. If something happens that upsets them deeply, they may retreat inside themselves until they’re emotionally ready to face others again.

In their youth, they may be interested in art, music or sports and become very good at that. Pisces often love to read as well, so you may find them enjoying novels more than picture books.

As the parent to a Pisces child, it is very important you give your child a structured and stable environment. They can get easily distracted and will do better if they have a routine. Keep in mind your Pisces child will always be sensitive to what is going on around them – so try to do your best to provide them with peaceful and relaxing experiences.

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Pisces as Parents

Pisces as parents are usually very kind and supportive. They want to give their children the best they can, and often set a good example by living life in a positive way.

They also try to teach their kids about compassion and empathy for others. Sometimes, as parents, they can be too permissive with their kids – not wanting to set any limits or boundaries because they don’t want to seem mean or hurt them.

Pisces parents have a tendency to go off on their own and do their own thing – this can sometimes make their children feel neglected and left behind. If you are a Pisces parent, it’s important you reach out to your kids when you travel and to set aside some special quality time together.

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Tips for Having a Good Relationship with a Pisces

everything you want to know about pisces

Pisces are known to be very sensitive, so it’s important you give them a lot of attention, love and affection. They can sometimes be insecure, so be sure you affirm that you care for them not only in your words but also your actions often.

Be sure you are aware of what is going on in their lives – show them that you care about their every day activities and they will be more than happy to meet your every need.

Pisces are sometimes moody, so don’t take this personally. They won’t always tell you if they’re feeling blue, and may retreat from you much like a turtle into its shell. Remember they like to avoid conflict, so it’s important for you to pay attention to whether what they say and do is really want they mean.

As Pisces love new experiences, so don’t get too stuck on any one thing for long. They love travel and exploring new things. Keep your relationship fresh by suggesting new activities and breaking out of a rut.

You’ll find your Pisces friends to be the kind of people who are always there when you need advice or a good vent session. Make sure you regularly show them how much you appreciate them, as it’s all too easy to take them for granted.

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Are you or someone you know a Pisces? What are some of your favorite personality traits of Pisces? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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