Leo Zodiac Sign Personality Characteristics and Traits

The Leo Zodiac sign covers everyone born between July 23 and August 22. If you or someone you know is a Leo, read on to learn Leo personality traits in this in-depth Leo personality profile.

leo zodiac personality

The symbol for Leo is the lion, which hints at the powerful energy Leos possess. The lion in dream symbolism means one has the ability to conquer any obstacle, and this is a perception that Leos hold themselves.

As a fire sign, you can expect Leos to share many of the same characteristics as other fire signs such as Sagittarius and Aries. They are outgoing, independent and active.

Leo’s lucky numbers are 4 and 6 and their powerful vibes aid them greatly in their success in life. Leo’s main challenges are dealing with a lack of self-esteem, and learning the value of being good to others as well as themselves.

You will find that people who are born under the Leo sign tend to be very confident, determined, charismatic, and loyal.

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Positive Leo Personality Traits

Let’s explore the positive personality traits of Leo and their strengths in more detail.

positive personality traits of leo


The Leo Zodiac sign is very confident, and they know their worth. They love getting compliments, appreciation, and any other positive type of attention. Though they are very confident, they are never entirely selfish. This is because they’re very big on respect, and will respect you as long as you respect them.

The confidence of the Leo can result in many positive things for Leo. They are confident enough to make new friends quickly, and they are also confident in their career and business pursuits.

The confident feeling Leo exudes in the way they can be quite persuasive and charming. They can also work very hard, and are willing to make goals and work towards them, no matter how long it takes.

They are very patient, once they have decided on a goal or set of plans to follow, they will stick to them with determination.

face of a lion


Most of the fire signs are very outgoing, but especially Leo. They handle all interactions very well, because they love being positively viewed. They love going to public parties or events with their close ones. The reasoning behind this is because they like to know those around them find them attractive.

Leos make new friends quickly and can often strike up conversation with almost anyone. They do not really worry about what others think of them {because they know their own worth!} – so they aren’t shy when it comes to meeting new people.

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Leos, like other fire signs love to be free. While they appreciate the help, they could certainly and easily survive on their own. They hate when others try to control them.

Leos, despite their ego, are not that controlling themselves, so it really upsets them when others think of themselves higher than Leo with more power over them.

The Leo’s need for independence often flows into their careers – they make excellent managers who make sure everyone is treated equally.

In relationships, it’s important that you don’t try to tell a Leo what to do. They do not like to be controlled and need to have a certain amount of freedom to be happy.

leo the lion


When a Leo makes up their mind to do something, not much can stand in their way. They are very determined and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Determination often leads to success, and this is the case with the Leo also. They will work hard no matter what it takes to get what they want.

They are used to being viewed as a leader, and may not listen if others try to tell them how they should be doing something. They will do things their way no matter what!

Their determination also helps them in relationships with others. Where others may end a relationship when there are problems, the Leo will try their best to make it work.

fearless lion


As the lion is one of the animals at the very top of the food chain, they do not need to fear very much. As such, Leos are very confident in their abilities and seem to also possess a certain level of fearlessness.

Leos do not worry too much about the future – if they are worried about the future they know they will survive through it somehow even if it won’t be easy.

Yes, the Leo can have many fears in life just like everybody else, but the Leo is not afraid to conquer their fears. They will dive into something even if they don’t know what the outcome may be.

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Like a mother lion with cubs, the Leo is fiercely protective. They are always on guard for the safety and well-being for those are close to them.

The Leo often goes out of their way to make sure everyone is safe from harm. They will often do things for other people to make sure they don’t get into trouble. They will stand up for their friends and defend what is right and just.

The need to protect doesn’t just apply to their friends and family members – Leos will also defend their beliefs. They do not like to be wrong, so will make every argument they can think of to prove their point.

They are also very protective of their emotions. The Leo does not let their guard down too easily and only shares how they feel with those they really trust.


Leos are very compassionate and loyal. Compassionate means to be emotionally affected by the suffering of others. Leos are very concerned for those close to them and will do everything in their power to make them happy.

They will try to help out friends in any way they can. For example, if a friend is having trouble financially, the Leo would support them as best they can, often helping out with money and/or time.

Their loyalty to friends and family mean they will always do what is right for the people who are close to them. The Leo is the person you can text at 2am with a question.

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Leos are very fashionable. Their style is always unique, and different from the rest. No matter what they are wearing, others can’t help but notice.

Leo’s personality is very unique. They are confident, bold, and bold enough to take certain risks that other people wouldn’t and this often extends into the clothes they wear and how they present themselves to others.

They can master every style, because they simply make everything look good. When their confidence is combined with their fashion, they often get many compliments.

Now that we’ve covered the positive aspects of the Leo personality, let’s get into some of their weaknesses and negative traits.

What are Leo’s Weaknesses? The Negative Traits of Leo

negative traits of leo

The Leo is fierce – and that fierceness can sometimes get the Leo in trouble. The very things that are positive can sometimes cause problems for the Leo in life in their career and relationships.

Let’s explore some of these Leo negative traits in more detail:


They may be fierce and independent, but that doesn’t mean that Leos don’t get hurt. Leos have a tendency of overreacting to a situation because they don’t always show their emotions underneath their calm and confident exterior. Instead they tend to bottle up their feelings and then snap at the slightest of things.

Leos also do not like when others criticize them, which can result in their anger and the feeling of being insulted. If you are going to criticize a Leo, make sure it is done constructively and you break it to them gently.


Leos can get jealous because they’re so used to being the center of attention. Because they are fiercely protective and loyal in their relationships, they can easily become jealous of someone else who might be innocently interacting with someone they love and care about.

Many Leos fall into the thinking that the “grass is always greener on the other side”. It doesn’t matter what success they may achieve in life, they will always wish they can do something else or have what someone else has.

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Easy to Manipulate

Leos are very trusting of others and take what others say at face value. They can sometimes even do foolish things, like giving their full bank card PIN number to someone they just met.

They don’t see how anyone would gain from lying to them, so they are very trusting and can often be conned out of money by people who are not trustworthy.

The Leo needs to realize that as much as they can trust others, others will also be able to easily con them. They need to take a little more time to get to know someone before fully trusting them.

leo lion symbol


Sometimes the confidence of the Leo can come across as Egotistical. They don’t purposely try to act like they are better than everyone else, but sometimes it easily comes across that way.

They always think they are right and everyone who disagrees with them is wrong. The Leo can greatly benefit from looking at a situation from a different angle and realize that there is often a lot more to the world than just seeing it black or white.

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High Standards

The Leo often holds themselves and others to high standards. They give their all in any situation and want others to do the same.

These high expectations however can sometimes be impossible to meet. This can cause feelings of failure and disappointment. It can also put a lot of stress on the friends, family and partners of the Leo – they may never feel like they’ve earned the approval of the Leo.

The Leo can also sometimes beat themselves up if they are not succeeding in life. They want the impossible and then get angry that they can’t do it.

Leos and Money

leos and money concept

Those born under the Leo Zodiac sign are responsible with money and understand the value of hard work.

They can sometimes be viewed as cheapskates because they do not want to spend their hard earned money on frivouslous expenses. While they may not be big spenders, this makes them excellent savers.

The Leo is often planning for the future and so they will work hard to invest their money and build up their savings. They are not big on risk, but they will take reasonable gambles in the stock market and often come out ahead. Leos are good at handling money and know how to invest wisely in order to make more money.

If a Leo does spend a lot of money on something, it is usually something that can be seen as an investment. For example, they may purchase real estate or equipment for a business or go into debt to pay for their college education.

It’s important for Leos to remember that money does not always bring happiness, but instead can create more problems than it is worth.

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Leos in the Workplace

The Leo is happiest when they are working, doing what they love and doing something that makes them happy with their job. They need to stay focused and clear-headed in order to get the most productivity from their workday.

They will feel great when they achieve success and enjoy seeing the end result of their hard work come together into something wonderful.

The Leo can be competitive in the workplace and will often do what they can to outperform and outshine others in their field. This makes them dedicated and ideal employees, although their personal life may suffer if they do not have a good work-life balance.

Best Careers for Leos

Leos are very responsible people and as such do very well in jobs where responsibility is necessary. Whether it be the office or a factory, a Leo will usually do an excellent job and enjoy the work.

Good careers for Leo include supervisory, managerial, and executive positions. They do not like to be bossed around, so it’s important that are in a position where someone is not yelling at them constantly about their work.

Because Leos love being the center of attention, they can easily do well with the public on television or radio, writing, acting, performing music or art. There are many famous Leos in Hollywood and in music.

Teaching is also a good option for many Leos, because they enjoy being the center of attention and sharing their authoritative wisdom with others. Their natural charismatic personality makes it easy for them to connect with their students. Their leadership ability helps them to motivate and energize those who study under them.

Leo Health and Fitness

Most Leos live a very healthy and active lifestyle. Diet is important to them and they often take great care to eat healthy and make wise choices with what they eat.

The powerful nature of the Leo also requires a positive outlet and for this physical exercise is a great option. Leos like to have some routine in their lives and exercising on a set schedule can help them release a lot of their pent-up energy as well as helps them be more healthy.

Leos sometimes have a tendency to be less aware of their surroundings so they often do not notice health problems for a longer period of time than other people. They can ignore a lot of symptoms for weeks, months and sometimes even years.

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Leos As Friends and Family

As a friend, you can count on Leo to be fiercely loyal. They will not betray you and will always do what is right, even if you may not agree with them about it at the time.

Leos value their time with their family and will often go to great lengths to make sure everyone stays connected. They will call you just to see how you are with no ulterior motives like asking for a favor.

You can count on Leo to be dependable and honest. They will not tell you something if they do not want to, but they will if it means keeping you in the loop or because of their sense of honor.

Leo friends are always up for adventures and life is one big adventure to them. They enjoy spending time together and are very loyal to their friendships.

Specifically when dealing with children, they can sometimes be too intense or push them too hard. Leos hold very high standards for everyone, and this can often make it challenging when your parent is a Leo. It’s important to remind Leos with children that kids are still learning and it’s okay for them to make mistakes – it’s all part of the learning process.

Leos in Love & Relationships as a Romantic Partner

lion couple as symbol for leos romantic traits

The Leo is an outgoing person and they will want to be with someone who is outgoing as well. The Leo just needs a partner that they can feel comfortable expressing themselves to. Leos are very protective of their feelings, so its important that their partner is someone they can trust completely.

Loyalty is important to a Leo and they generally will not cheat on their partner, no matter how horrible the relationship may be. They are more likely to be honest and end the relationship first than. to go sneaking behind their partner’s back with someone else.

Leos are not the most detail oriented people, so they can sometimes seem aloof and unromantic. Don’t count on the Leo to remember your birthday, anniversary or even notice if you recently cut your hair or made other changes to your appearance.

This doesn’t mean the Leo doesn’t care about you – the little details just aren’t as important to them as the big things. Their feelings are powerful like a lion – they have a way of making you feel like there is no one else in the world.

Leos do need to feel good about themselves and if they don’t, they can lose interest in their partner pretty quickly. They are not likely to be attracted to someone who makes them feel inferior or unhappy.

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Leos as Children

As children, Leos are very confident, bold, and outgoing. They are not afraid to try new things and they will naturally attract friends with their outgoing and confident personality.

They will do anything to get attention. They like to be at the center of it all, which can sometimes cause Leo children to act out. The Leo child will put just as much energy into getting negative attention as positive attention, so as a parent it is important that you do your best to reinforce the positive.

They can be rather bossy and disobedient when they don’t like something or someone else doing something they want them to do. Leos can sometimes be bullies, so it’s important as parents that you teach them to be kind and caring towards others.

Leos as Parents

Leos are natural teachers and will usually make quite an excellent parent. They lead by example and show children the right things to do in life.

As parents, they are also very protective of their children and will never put them in a dangerous situation. They are extremely loyal to their family and will do what they can to help their family out at all times.

There is a tendency for Leos to be impatient with their children, so it’s important that they remember to slow down and let things happen naturally. Pushing too hard or rushing things can sometimes backfire and cause the child to shut down with you as a parent.

Leos can have impossible standards, so it is difficult to live up to their expectations as a child. If you are a Leo parent, it’s important to realize that your children are just that – children. They need to be allowed and encouraged to make their own mistakes and mess-ups.

Tips for Having a Good Relationship with a Leo

When you are dealing with someone who is a Leo, it’s important you consider all of the personality traits we’ve covered. Understanding what makes them tick will help you have a better relationship. Here are some things to remember:

Leos Want to Be Respected

They don’t like it when they are criticized or made to feel inferior – so make sure you treat them fairly and kindly.

Remember that respect is a two way street – you will earn the respect from a Leo when you show them respect.

You Can’t Control Them

Do not try to control the independent Leo. They will not listen to you and it will likely just push them farther away.

You need to give them the freedom they need, and they will be far more likely to want to spend time with you.

They Want the Best for You

The ridiculously high standards of Leo can sometimes make you feel like you are not good enough for them. This simply is not true even if it feels this way. What the Leo is really trying to say by wanting you to do better is that they care for you and they want the best for you.

Communication is Important

Leos are guarded in nature and so they will not naturally just tell you what they are feeling. You will need to communicate with them honestly and directly.

Remember that underneath Leo’s calm and collected confidence they can be very sensitive to the things you say and do. Make sure you communicate to your Leo how much you love and respect them.

Leos Are Easily Manipulated – But Watch Out!

Leos are very trusting and gullible in nature which means some people may try to manipulate them. While it may be easier to manipulate a Leo than others, they do not tolerate lying or deceit so do not try to pull a fast one over a Leo.

When a Leo is betrayed – watch out! They can quickly become explosive and even vengeful at times. Consider what might happen if you were to double cross a Lion – that is exactly what you will get!

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Are you or someone you know a Leo? What are some of your favorite personality traits of Leos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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